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  1. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    If you use bricklink or google drive. You can post the lxf file there and share it with us.
  2. Takanuinuva

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    I have a bunch I ordered a while back. That I'm not using. Though I'm from Canada. But if you want we might be able to work out a trade.
  3. I like to think it's more his NRG form showing through again. Seeing as they never used them past the Snake Season. I like to think its a subtle way of having it return without giving Cole a new power.
  4. Takanuinuva

    [LESTER] - The Black Crow

    You think you could do a how to? I kinda want to build one for myself.
  5. Takanuinuva

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Well then does anyone still use the mindstorms mode?
  6. Takanuinuva

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Does anyone even use the standard or mindstorms LDD mode anymore? I'm wondering if Lego should just get rid of them and make Extended the only version.
  7. Takanuinuva

    Why hasn't Johnny Thunder come back?

    I guess the only other places left to explore that wouldn't be retreading old ground would be A roman setting. Atlantis And maybe Australia?
  8. Takanuinuva

    Why hasn't Johnny Thunder come back?

    Oh I though you meant in the movies. I knew about those.
  9. Takanuinuva

    Why hasn't Johnny Thunder come back?

    Wait where did he appear in Scooby doo and the Ninjago Movie?
  10. Since 2011 there have been several sets and themes that were inspired by Adventurers. Pharoh's Quest, Dino, And the city subthemes. Jungle and Arctic. Yet not one of them included Johnny Thunder as a minifig. Pharoh's quest had Jake Raines who is similar to Johnny in name and Josh Thunder from Dino is a descendant But why haven't Lego thought to include Johnny in these Adventurers inspired sets? They had no problem updating him for the Lego Movie in the Super Secret Police Dropship set.
  11. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Any idea when this 4 pack will be released? I might get it along with the throne room set if it's this year. I heard Canadian Toys R Us is fine
  12. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Oh are only the US ones going out of business?
  13. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I'm glad were getting Kabuki Nya but the picture I found says. Exclusively at Toys R Us. Aren't they going out of business or is this only exclusive at Canadian Toys R Us?
  14. Same as in no banner art?
  15. I noticed that the action figure forum doesn't have banner art. Is it being replaced. Or is it just my end and I need to clear my cookies.