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  1. Perhaps a return to the lego Rc cars Have a small chassis part that can have bricks built on top of it to create your own RC racer. JangBricks already did a concept using a Rc car chassis that has a removable body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4D2vNrDhTI&feature=youtu.be Though the real dillema with this idea is trying to not make it terribly expensive
  2. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Most modern Lego Mech sets don't have knees and the UCS Hulbuster doesn't have forward and back hips. If this Voltron is going to be a combiner. Removing those for stability is a likely hood.
  3. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    At that price point. The Lego Voltron is guaranteed to not have knees. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have hips or elbows either
  4. Is that the canon explanation?
  5. Was there any leaked pictures of the Super Battle Droid and Clone Trooper Walker?
  6. Perhaps Lego should give CCBS sets a break for a few years. Maybe come up with something later on that would re-energize the theme
  7. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Surprised this hasn't been shown yet Another Nya variant I have to get. Edit: Scratch that. Its the same body as the collectible minifigure one just with Nya's old hair. Don't need to collect this one. (Like how I didn't bother with getting both TOE and Possession Samurai X as they were the same just with different shoulder armor colors.)
  8. Does that mean the Han Solo Movie CCBS sets will be the last Star Wars Constraction sets? Were there any leaked pictures of the Battle Droid and AT-RT?
  9. Considering Ninjago started in 2011. It's got two more years to catch up to Bionicle's run before it could end. So if history repeats itself. Ninjago will end in 2020
  10. Mechanism Help

    Your mechanism worked. Thanks so much.
  11. Mechanism Help

    I'll have to try this idea in real life. But I think it should work.
  12. Mechanism Help

    Can you show me an example?
  13. Please move if in the wrong spot I'm trying to rework the indiana jones jungle cutter to have a popout blaster. One that periscopes upwards. Any ideas how I can make that work but be compact and secure? Here is the lxf file of the model and how it would look with the blaster popped up http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/takanuinuva/mc/jungle_cutter.lxf