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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Digiverse was converted to become Prime Empire
  2. Nadakhan can still return if someone frees him from the lamp. Whether or not he'll remember the events of Skybound like Nya and Jay did however will determine how he'll act as a character Though I think it would be more interesting if he did remember as it would lead to some interesting Character development. As for a future villain team up. We got the Overlord and Pythor still around somewhere. Add in Nadakhan and the return of the Time Twins. And we could have a interesting confrontation for the ninja. Garmadon is planning something. But I doubt he would want to work with the Overlord again. He seems more like the villain to want Ninjago for himself and not work with other villains again.
  3. Thanks I'll go with that head and torso for Pippin I've decided to stick with Kilroy's original head but might add the santa beard on for detail. As for his torso. I still would like it to be white. But I'll see what bowtie torsos bricklink has Any good printed red or green legs for Pippin and Kilroy respectively?
  4. Takanuinuva

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    So with the recent Blizzard controversy. Does that mean the Overwatch theme will be cancelled?
  5. I'm making a moc of an updated Scorpion Tracker set and I have the updated Johnny Thunder from The Lego Movie that I'm planning on using with it. I want to add Dr Kilroy and Pippin Reed but would like them to look more updated. What head and white torso would fit a modern Dr Kilroy (Original fig for reference) https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/MN/0/adv035.png What head green torso would fit a modern Pippin Reed https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/MN/0/adv034.png Edit: I know what to use for Pippin Reed. I might wait on Dr Kilroy for a bit but I will be using his Orient Expedition head with maybe a santa beard. Pippin will have this head https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PN/3/3626bpb0529.png With this hat https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PL/35660pb01.png This torso https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PN/6/973pb1963c01.png And these legs https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PN/5/970c00pb0716.png She'll have the bag accessory along with her camera https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PN/88/61976.png
  6. This is the only true Ninjago Filler episode
  7. Takanuinuva

    Ninjago Nya Collection

    To be honest. I prefered Nya when she was Samurai X and not a Ninja. It meant when she got Minifigs they felt more special. Having to keep up with the new one each year feels tiresome since they sometimes come in the more expensive sets so Bricklink prices will vary.
  8. I kept putting this off cause each new Ninjago wave introduced a new Nya figure I had to get. So before 2020 comes out. I'm going to post my display stand for my Nya Minifigures along with revamps of both Samurai Mechs Not linking all pics here to keep it less cluttered. The rest of the pics can be found in the gallery http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=578206 First off my display stand for my Nya Minifigures The middle part is made from pieces of Nya's Water Strider along with the weapon stand from her Spinjitzu SOG figure The card holders are based of this polybag. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?S=2856134-1#T=S&O={"rpp":"500","iconly":0} The fountain in the middle contains Nya's icon from the Skybound Djinn Blade along with the Samurai X card from the Dragon Forge All of Nya's Samurai X Suits All of Nya's Red Ninja Suits All of Nya's Grey Ninja Suits And Nya's Other Minifigures including her dress from Once Bitten Twice Shy Nya's various spinners including a custom FS spinner set since she didn't get one Now for the Samurai Mechs. First the 2012 one, Mainly the same look just more show accurate and articulated And the 2019 Legacy Mech. This one was custom made as the original didn't resemble the set it was based on. So I built a larger one around the Nexo Knights Cockpit and made it resemble the original more while still using pieces from the Legacy Set. Credit to badchriss for the inspiration. If you wish to build these yourself. Here is and lxf file. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/takanuinuva/Ninjago/Nyago-Rebooted/samurai_mech_revamp.lxf
  9. Takanuinuva

    Chima 'Chi Up' Art - Spider and Scorpion

    There are these from bricklink.
  10. What about two of these wheels side by side? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=59521&idColor=34#T=S&C=11&O={"color":11,"rpp":"500","iconly":0}
  11. They could have had Lloyd find the bag of tea only for it to have been destroyed when the Land Bounty crashed. That or Lloyd did find the tea. And cause he hasn't gotten back to the other ninja. Doesn't know they found more.
  12. The Shuircopter was shown with the Never Realm background. Think it'll show up in the Ice Episodes?
  13. So with the Never Realm. That brings the total of realms revealed to 10. (11 if you consider Nexo Knights a realm)
  14. Takanuinuva

    Unable to check out on Bricklink

    I've tried with multiple different sellers. It seems to be something to do with Google Chrome as I can checkout on Internet explorer.
  15. Please move if in the wrong spot. I don't know why but whenever I want to buy from a bricklink store. Whenever I hit checkout. The rotating colored square loading thing under order summary. Never goes away. It never updates to let me pay. I contacted Bricklink about this a few days ago and never got a response. Anyone know why this is happening?