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  1. Takanuinuva

    Mei's Dragon Mech (Wip)

    Well calling this the final LDD build for now. I have to get Zane's Titan Mech in the new year and test an IRL version before doing anymore changes. I have a majority of the parts already for the mod. What I'm mainly considering is how the knees will handle the extra weight of the new head wing pack and tail. I might have to abandon the mixels joint and go with regular ball joints if the knees don't hold up. It has been a while since the last update but main changes have been a sturdier sword design and a better designed tail. Also while it's really big I made the wing pack detachable to be used in minifgure form. Just to get in that extra play feature a set might have. I do wish I could add more blasters to this build but I can't find any good places to attach them other than the arms.
  2. Go to one of their thumbnails in the side bar. Click the 3 dots. Click Don't Recommend Channel. Worked wonders for me and video game spoiler channels.
  3. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Considering Big Figs likely inflated the price of a set. I'm fine with them being gone. Though I do hope that special big fig head for Thanos still gets use. Could be used as a head for brick built bigfigs.
  4. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I'll probably get 2 of the sticker sheet of Mei's Jef for my Dragon Mech
  5. Takanuinuva

    Bricklink questions

    Anyone else having bricklink load slowly? I can't view my orders to update them. But I can view my wanted list just fine.
  6. Takanuinuva

    Need help to make figure's legs able to rotate

    No idea. There really isn't a build that would work like that while keeping the same proportions and design.
  7. Takanuinuva

    Need help to make figure's legs able to rotate

    Well you might want to test that build in real life first. Looks a bit fragile. That is if you want to make this irl. If it just for use in Stud.io This design should work
  8. Takanuinuva

    Need help to make figure's legs able to rotate

    Rotate at the upper thigh or at the knee? As if it's the knee. Just swap out the hinge for a mixel ball joint.
  9. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Ninjago 2023 Discussion

    Very interested in Cole's Dragon but probably won't get it until it goes on sale. What with the Price per part being worse in Canada Also hope that new giant sword piece gets made in silver. They're the perfect sword shape for Lady Bone Demon's mechs. Probably also collect the bone warriors or at least their weapon pack. Also want to see what Nya's dragon looks like. Jay's Titan Mech is amazing and I hope all the Ninja eventually get Titan mechs. (3/6 so far)
  10. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    That new sword piece is really cool looking! As are the new dragon horns. Bit odd promobricks didn't show Nya's set.
  11. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    Curious where yall are seeing these. As not finding anything on instagram
  12. Takanuinuva

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I am curious why after Zane's Titan Mech and Nya's Samurai X Mech. That they went back to no knees on this. (Maybe the jet attachment made it too top heavy?) But shouldn't be too hard to give it the same knee build as Zane's Titan Mech.
  13. Are more EVO parts coming in this update? Such as the armor and chest pieces?
  14. It can but I wanted something I could more easily hide in a terrain build.
  15. Alright. Guess I'll have to think of something else. Mixel joint won't hold it up.