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Found 20 results

  1. I remember how was fun and addicting to play LEGO Universe when it came out more than 10 years ago. I still think it's the best LEGO game ever, basically you can do everything you wanna do! Sadly after a while they closed... and It was so bad 😢 Some years ago discovered that it's still possible to play it! Even with friends!! Now I'm also able to add custom items and do more things I couldn't do in live... 😄 I'm so sorry if only today came in mind to share this possibility here!
  2. The microscale Venture Koi spaceship (that's the red vessel in background, minus the white stand parts) from the LEGO Universe cinematic trailer is complete, and so are the Nexus Force faction leader's mini figures. "Answer the call, and save Imagination!" The rear of the Venture Koi space exploration vessel. From left to right we have the four leaders, representing their respective factions: - Vanda Darkflame, ninja of Paradox faction - Hael Storm, captain of Venture League faction - Duke Exeter, knight of Sentinel faction - Dr. Overbuild, master-builder of Assembly faction Notes on the build: The ship's design in this scale was originally from in-game rocket, but modified to be buildable and with the seat removed. Also, I had been waiting ten years to make this ship in real life, and the new ratchet joint bricks in the Optimus Prime set made it possible to finally build the Venture Koi in the real world. I am also happy I was able to get the founders built as close as I did to their in-game counterparts, as they originally used custom parts / prints never available in the real world. Thoughts / comments / concerns appreciated!
  3. Arachnophobes look away now, because the Maelstrom spider boss is BACK! As seen in the cinematic trailer (link to Youtube) for LEGO Universe, The Spider Boss was imagined by Baron Typhonus as a creature of pure chaos in the Mythran Temple and brought to life by the power of the Imagination Nexus. The Baron created the Spider Boss to demonstrate the possibilities of Imagination without rules. The Spider smashed a Robot Dog (that had just been created by Doctor Overbuild) and moved to attack Duke Exeter, Dr.Overbuild, and Hael Storm as Baron Typhonus laughed in triumph. However, creatures of chaos serve no master; the Spider turned on Typhonus and dragged him into the Imagination Nexus. This action corrupted the Nexus and mutated it into the Maelstrom. I recreated this MOC from instructions on Rebrickable by user Brigs, as seen here. I had to change some parts' colors around (as it wasn't buildable in original form without selling a kidney), and other parts were weakly attached. For example: Those two black wedge slopes on the rear of the body were originally purple, but couldn't be bought in quantity due to them being from one 2014 X-Men set. This made it impossible to get them at a reasonable price. That's all for now, thoughts and comments are always appreciated!
  4. admiral_typhoon

    Venture Koi SHIP from LEGO Universe

    I started this last SHIPtember, but it actually took me a long while to finish it and have all the pics rendered. [MOC] Venture Koi by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr I chose to basically make an upscaled version of the iconic Venture Koi from the Universe MMO since it's been (now more) 10 years since its closure. I managed to roughly follow the same proportions, but getting it to be at least 100 studs long meant the front section was the one that got stretched the most, and I really enjoyed doing a mix of adding more greebles and upscaling some of the original ones, especially in the engines. Venture Koi - Teaser by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr [MOC] Venture Koi by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The other thing that I wanted to improve were the pods and accessing them, since the original ones were just connected via technic beams - now there's a 2x4-sized tube/corridor where a minifig can slide down, with a 2x3 tile hatch and an actual interior. [MOC] Venture Koi - Pods by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr [MOC] Venture Koi - Pods by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr As for the ship's interior, that's where I had a lot of creative freedom since we only ever saw part of the bridge in the opening story cinematic, with Hael's Imagimeter and the shards searching for Planet Crux. I added the chairs, and I did the planet hologram display at the back as a reference to Duke's Crux Prime hologram in his room in Nexus Tower. [MOC] Venture Koi - Bridge by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr behind the bridge is where the crew quarters are located, with beds, kitchen, bathroom, and a roundtable for the 4 explorers, and then there's 2 sets of stairs that lead to the rear section of the ship and the cargo hold with (crew-coloured) crates. [MOC] Venture Koi - Cargo Hold & Quarters by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr In this rear section is where you'll find the engine room and the 2 tube entrances for the pods. The Venture Explorer and Nexus Tower's interiors were a big inspiration for the overall look. [MOC] Venture Koi - Engine Room by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Time management issues aside, I'm really satisfied with how everything came so well together, and I hope one day I get to build this in actual bricks.
  5. Led by enigmatic eccentric Dr. Victor Strangebuild, the crew of Pioneer-74 is on a long-running quest to document the mysteries of deep space. Their goal is to explore unknown worlds, encounter fantastic creatures, and meet brand-new civilizations. Thus, they boldly venture forth into the great final frontier, never looking back towards home. THIS IS THE STORY OF PIONEER-74! So I built this spaceship Halloween in about two hours. I call it Pioneer-74 because I like naming things after old space probes (Pioneer, Odyssey, Voyager, etc.) while the "74" part of the name is because that's what year it was launched. (It has a certain retro look to it, almost like it came from Space: 1999) The brick separator solar arrays and engines have been built IRL for years with nothing interesting to tack them onto, so finally doing something with them makes me happy. The rest is heavily inspired by two CITY space sets (60227 and 60349, respectively) in orange for the LEGO Universe-inspired space theme, the Nexus Force. Pioneer-74 is completely modular, so it can be extended if I wanted later on. (This should also make transportation easier when built in real life.) A look at the vessel from above. NOTE: two figures are missing from the above picture... and it seems one of the finished ones has to get his head in the game as well! Credit where credit is due: @jan kusters ongoing space epic inspired this build, and to my brother for the two awesome renders! UPDATE 12/7/22: It's done! Sorry for the cruddy picture, it was the best I could do. It's far too long for my normal picture taking places! More pictures to come as soon as I can! Thoughts?
  6. The Interstellar Zephyr transports Nexus Force personnel as a very high-speed, high-security ground transport between the northern-most city of St. Nicklaus and north-pole-hugging outpost of Ice Station Odyssey, around 500 miles away. (this all takes places on the ice-bound planet of Beta Polaris, which orbits what we here call the North Star, far away from Earth.) Unlike the slower Earth trains, this Zephyr type of space-train is super-streamlined, and can go up to speeds of up to 110 MPH (135 is the loco's top possible speed) on it's special track, with super-elevated curves and long straight-a-way's over hundreds of miles, all while using Positive Train Control (PTC) on the the mostly double-track mainline, where all vehicle crossings are flyovers and switches virtually non-existent once out of St. Nicklaus city limits. This train runs along with nine other identical versions of this train (10 total trains in all) on the route with up to seven in running order on the route and at least two in the maintenance shed / in emergency backup storage at any one time. You may have noticed the train model is NOT in the original light gray "stainless steel" of the original Pioneer Zephyr on which is was (kind-of) based. The orange and white color scheme is because it's for my Nexus Force theme... to be honest, it's not even really a Zephyr that much anymore. It's more of a mix of the Pioneer Zephyr and several other concepts that began in the 1930's - '50's era, like the dome car. (To call it a hodgepodge would be accurate!) This model features three joined cars, with the power car up front, a coach, diner-dome in the middle, another coach, then the observation lounge at the rear. None of the car's roof sections come off, and their is no interior, to save on costs when this model is built in real life. The repurposed 2014 CITY Arctic logo slope on the rear of the lounge car is a missing print, as are the three dark bluish gray "donut" tiles on the loco unit. (these parts should have a engine fan / rotor print) The train uses only a few magnets to sperate the train in the middle, as having Jacobs bogies throughout with my current storage setup would have been unwise. This also leaves open the possibility for future expansion of a car or two... maybe a dome car could be in the cards somewhere down the line? (Yes, I know no shovel-nose Zephyr ever had domes... but this isn't a normal Zephyr, now is it?) You can see more details on the arctic / space base shown above in this thread in the Sci-Fi forum. Be warned, it needs to be updated with some newer pictures of stuff I designed! Thoughts on this model? EDIT 5/10/22: model completely revised and updated. EDIT #2 5/11/22 Three hundred parts found, 737 left to go on my space Zephyr. (the wrong colored window glass will be popped out an replaced when it's needed) The dome car, is not included in the totals either way as I'm still not sure it would work out to build it... even if I did make it work, I would be buying almost every single part on it. So, basically, it won't even be attempted for a while. Also, I got the shovel-nose built except for two orange slope parts.
  7. Anyone rememberes LEGO universe? ninjago, the quests, the races, nimbus plaza, the nexus force, paradox? it was such a complete and fun game to play, cheap per month (cheaper than many other games), was not pay to win, challenging, thrilling story, cool character creation, PvE survival, building in plots, the music concert in nimbus plaza, the weapons, the consumables and lots of cosmetics that did nothing but where fun, such as radios, guitars and more!!!!! and it was more fun and addictive than other RPG out there, then and now. it still is the most difficult and insane RPG i ever played, there was no grinding, and there was always something new to do!!!! anyways, hope someone feels the same about LU. Thanks, and lets bring LEGO Universe back!
  8. Just so you know the lingo, SHIP = "Seriously Huge Investment in Parts" (or, a large spacecraft over 100 studs long). Usually built in September as part of a month long building spree. (it's more like a mad dash, really) The month usually involves a digital poster created at the end for all participants who took the correctly facing pictures and followed the rules. Join the new SHIPtember group here. They also have a discord going created by Simon Liu but I don't have link for that. Anyway, I designed a MOC in early 2017, as seen here that later became a Classic Space version with a very long body called "Project Upsilon". I have decided to tear apart the original orange vessel linked to above that proceeded the CS project I built for SHIPtember 2018 and expand upon it with features from the Upsilon design... which was recreated for the new orange colony ship I'm posting about due to the Upsilon file being lost. …If that's not confusing enough, it was all based on a 2016 MOC by @dr_spock as seen here. Now that you head is probably spinning so fast it's probably nearing escape velocity, here is the lowdown on this ship's lore: This is the "Separation Anxiety", one of four Nexus Force colony ships for cryo-frozen colonists headed for the Andromeda Galaxy at full 9.0 warp from Beta Polaris. The bridge crew is still awake, and will be for the whole journey due to a small time-stasis field enveloping the bridge only. Why do that for them and not the passengers, you ask? Simple: the ships' on-board power is fully devoted to colonist life support and engine thrust only. (They couldn't power the time field even at full power!) The eight large arrays on either side of the ship power the field, and can draw energy from the microwave background radiation present all over the universe since the Big Bang.... endless power drawn from the Universe itself, so to speak. NOTES: A removable cockpit roof is standard here, although the colonists area is empty and unopen-able. This should be finished IRL by October 1st, at which point it will be added to the "SHIP's: WIPs and Discussion" group 2021 thread for use in the poster. (hopefully it will exist this year!) The nose features the bridge crew area, with a single weapon attached to the very front. This was actually an advanced heat dispenser for the microwave arrays that can be quickly re-calibrated to cut through dura-steel up to a 30 feet thick like butter.. and anything organic nearby cooks thoroughly or is incinerated to ash from the radiation as well. (depending on distance from beam impact) This weapon has never been tested to full power, as it might destroy the ship in the process. The two extremely high-power Nuclear-fusion engines get the ship going in a hurry. They are capable of Warp 9 - which is just barely sub-light speed - but require half a solar system's length to slow down to atmospheric-entry speed. (You really don't want to incinerate the planet's crust your are trying colonize with your engine's high-energy backwash!) Parts left to find after doing a cursory check of the pervious IRL model. All in all it should cost $65 (before shipping) according to BrickLink's wanted list feature a it stands right now. I'm not entirely sure I trust that number 100%, but it should be somewhere in that general ballpark. Comments are welcome from everyone!
  9. I am delighted to share my first 2020 MOC! Let's first take a look at some of the images and the how's and the why's of this build will follow along the way. The build The so-called money shot. A lot of post-production involved here, more on that later. The actual thing. In short, this is the result of trying to answer the question "how do I fit an entire game/theme into a somewhat feasible set?". There are the four most iconic lore/NPC characters: the Faction Leaders, who, as the name implies, represent the four factions that players could join in the game, as well as two bad guys. Also, there are four worlds/areas more or less related to each faction, plus one for bad guys to hang out. Total part count: 1382 pieces. And it including the following items; from left to right: Brick-built Spiderling & Stromling (Maelstrom), Faction Leader Vanda Darkflame (Paradox), Duke Exeter (Sentinels), Dr. Overbuild (Assembly), Hael Storm (Venture League), Brick-built mini Venture Koi. The other named items: Inventor Goggles, mini Hidden Dojo and mini Assembly turrets ("Assembly Personal Fortresses" to be exact). The rest should be easy enough to identify yourself. Now a bit more into detail for each world, with a bit of build process background: Forbidden Valley, the first world I started designing, March 2017 (there were a number of steps that came before, though). However I it was way too big, so in April 2018 I found myself redesigning it from scratch. Most important change was that I made the Great Tree (with Hidden Dojo) mini/micro scale, instead a heavily downsized minifig scale. The floating rocks parkour was inspired by the in-game area "Perilous Path". Two things that stood out to me from this world (other than the tree) were the candles, and a high abundance of places infected with Maelstrom energy, hence I included candles and dark energy crystals. I would have liked to carry over the shrine and the refinary installation from my initial attempt, but couldn't due to space and parts constraints. Gnarled Forest was the second location I tackled. First I redesigned the mini Black Seas Barracuda (I made a full prototype prior to starting Forbidden Valley), end of April 2018, still. I worked on the floating island, sporadically but intensely (my workflow in a nutshell ) in May and August of that year, by that time it was about 70% complete and moved on to the other worlds. The final submodel features the pirate ship stuck in the the tree, which can be rotated and removed, with a small beach, seen in the "Pirate Camp" area. The broad waterfall is open for interpretation, but in my mind it is the sea with an 'infinity' edge: water is continuously falling off and indefinitely replenished, a common theme with floating islands. However, with the smaller waterfall, it is also similar to pond at "Tortoise Terrace", so really it is what you make of it. The skull can be seen in "The Ravine" and on promotional artwork. The back side is even more abstract, but with a bit of imagination it could pass as The Ravine too, imo. Crux Prime was rather easy to make, just a collection of rocky platforms with glowing lava underneath, as seen in "Caldera Mar". Built it in September 2018. I did have an idea for them to sit on 'arms', attached via ball joints, so you could adjust and position them in the air however you wanted, but in the end that would add a lot of extra parts, and perhaps those would be too unstable or unsightly, so went with three loose islands. Btw, I do have a physical build of the Dark Spiderling, it's a fun little thing. I might sometimes play with it, sometimes... But then I took some time to charge up for the largest submodel of the build: the 2-in-1 Nexus Tower & Assembly Lab. With "some time" I actually mean that things started to progress at the beginning of January 2020... What took the most time was figuring out how to set up the interior (the Assembly Lab) of the island, especially with the gate and landing platform as well. What didn't help was that I couldn't find much about Assembly-specific in-game areas, so I improvised. I made an Inventor Goggles charging station and a big monitor. And added danger stripes. The Nexus Tower is in-universe actually located on Crux Prime, but in-game you can only play in the tower itself, not on the terrain around it. I based my design mostly of promotional artwork, where the tower is often in the distance, sitting atop an especially spiky chunk of rock. In this submodel, the terrain can be lifted up on either side of the tower to peek into the lab, but can also be removed entirely with the tower. I splashed some green onto it for the sake having colour instead of only grey, sprinkled some micro Assembly turrets here and there, and added the mini Venture Koi on the back. The silhouette of the Nexus Tower at this scale was challenging to achieve, but I'm very satisfied, and I even managed to recreate the energy beams found at the observation deck/landing bay. I also found a great part for the beam of Imagination Nexus: the spiraling fire station pole! All in all, the build, without the custom decorations, was finished in February 2020. Decorations and rendering My largest uncertainty and greatest concern while building were the decorations: I had no idea how to apply them, and I would have to make some of the myself. I saw a tutorial in the LDD forum, but I didn't understand how to get into the LDD files (and still don't). I found comfort in the thought that I got support form @Umbra-Manis, who showed me he could make some excellent renderings of custom minifigs, though. In the end, I didn't have to rely on his help for it, because of the newly released program Part Designer, an extension for, which allowed me to quickly and easily decorate any part with any decoration. Only thing left to do was obtain the textures for the figures from the LU fandom wiki, and create the rest myself, in Inkscape. After I finished the custom parts I and incorporated them in the models, I did some rendering tests and then made a lot of renders. Post-production First I did colour- and light adjustments to the renders, same as I do with actual photos, that's where it usually stops. But now, I also wanted a more 'cinematic' shot, as the main promotional image (the first image in this post). Thus, I went to Inkscape again, made the background from scratch (taking inspiration from the amazing promotional wallpapers for LU), and applied various effects to the render. My ambitions didn't stop there, either... Promotional video Yes, that's right: I became a Youtuber just for this build. Sort of. The perceptive reader must have taken note already of the fact that this whole MOC smells a bit like... an Ideas project. In order to convince even more people of how cool LU really was, I figured I had to do a video to stir up some nostalgia with former players of the game, and give people who are unfamiliar with LU a quick taste of what the lore was like and what the game was about. So I downloaded an open source video editor program, OpenShot, as well as the old trailers and music, and spent another one and a half week tinkering. I also found a great site to distort static images: This is the result: A final word I like to ramble about my builds, and I am glad I can do so here on EB. If feels good to write this in objective speech, not having to keep everything short and filter out anything that is not relevant for promotion. I'm still planning to add a collage of my build progress to this topic (as I did with my Eva 02 build), but for now this is it. I hope you enjoyed, thanks for viewing and reading, and I'll leave the all-important link below. Links Ideas page: Reddit: The comment with which it all began: Tags Just going to tag a few people here that will probably enjoy this: @Peppermint_M @Dorayaki @Bricknave @Umbra-Manis @Murdoch17 @Robert8 @PenPlays , sorry if you didn't want to be tagged! Also sorry if you wanted to be tagged, and were not!
  10. These two trains comprise my space-train fleet for the Nexus Force, one streamlined passenger train, and one generic freight train. You can see more the Nexus Force stuff in this thread here in the Space sub-forum. It features a modular base, trucks, crawlers, and several spaceships, along with the mini-figures. (human or otherwise!) The Moonlighter train is owned by the Nexus Force, and is a retro-futuristic stream-liner mix of old-school steam technology, but with hyper-modern safety features designed specifically for use by Nexus Force personnel as a very high-speed, high-security ground transport between the northern-most city of St. Nicklaus and north-pole-hugging outpost of Ice Station Odyssey, around 500 miles away. (this all takes places on the ice-bound planet of Beta Polaris, which orbits what we here call the North Star, far away from Earth.) Thus this makes it a space train! Unlike the slower Earth trains, the Moonlighter type of space-train is super-streamlined, and can go up to speeds of up to 110 MPH (135 is the loco's top possible speed) on it's special track, with super-elevated curves and long straight-away's over hundreds of miles, all while using Positive Train Control (PTC) on the the mostly double-track mainline, where all vehicle crossings are flyovers and switches virtually non-existent once out of St. Nicklaus city limits. This train runs along with nine other identical versions of this train (10 total trains in all) on the route with up to seven in running order on the route and at least two in the maintenance shed / in emergency backup storage at any one time. They are numbered 200 through 210. The Nexus Force logo on the nose of the Moonlighter streamlined casing, (near the smokestack) and the rear of the observation car, while the engine's number (207) goes under the cab windows. The two forward tanks are for oil, and the rear tank is for water. The engine is equipped with a water scoop (like on the old New York Central steam locomotives) for refilling the water tank on the fly. There is a ladder from the tender-top deck to the coupler level behind the engine for access to the trailing passenger cars, and two ladders on either side of the steam loco for entry into the enclosed control cab. Three of these passenger cars go on the Moonlighter, with two before the dome car and one immediately after it. The recessed panels are the platform doors. One of these vista-dome cars goes in the middle of the train. (You may have noticed there are no exterior platform doors on this car. I decided not to add them because they didn't look good with the dome.) The rear observation car is currently missing it's rear curved windows, but it will have them when built IRL. The Nexus Force logo goes on the rear of this car, as previously mentioned above. After 45-ton locomotive 2011 has arranged a freight train in the Nexus force spaceport's yard, a electric main-line loco has arrived on scene to pull it's train to the some 500+ miles distant city of St. Nicklaus. This larger locomotive is numbered 99, and is running with a mobile armored cannon unit for the journey ahead, as it runs through some areas that could be ripe for an ambush by enemy forces, as you never know where the Maelstrom might have agents in deep cover or have planted ambushes alongside the line. A train was derailed and attacked last month in Avalanche Canyon by pirates, which is why the railroad is taking no more chances while it's position is being currently fortified all along the route. The other cars being pulled are: a flatcar carrying Commander Bob's 1960's sports car (going for it's yearly tune-up in town), a fully-loaded gasoline tanker, bathtub gondola with ice boulder load, and a bay-window caboose for the train's rear-end crew and a few more soldiers... just in case! This orange and white electric locomotive was inspired by the preliminary version of set 60198. (2018 Freight train) The inside is accessible via the removable roof sections. This model was inspired by this armored train MOC, that was itself inspired by the movie "Castle in the Sky" and it's armored train therein. The road vehicle model is partially inspired by Lola the car from the TV show Agents of Shield. (although this one doesn't fly) The sports car doesn't have great off-road capabilities, so it has to be trucked in on a flatcar to the remote space base. This fuel tanker is filled with gasoline or diesel fuel for use in the space base's land vehicles. Usually two or three tanker cars are sent into the base every couple weeks for refueled the on-base supply. This bathtub gondola is filled with ice boulders that have frozen ancient lifeforms trapped inside. The Nexus Force is sending them to a specialist laboratory off-world to have the DNA decoded and the beings themselves studied. Due to height clearance issues in St. Nicklaus city, regular-height cupola caboose types are forbidden. So, the bay window type is used instead. This moon base-like space base model is where the Moonlighter travels to, and was inspired by set 60036 (Arctic Base Camp), with a rooftop shield generator partially lifted from set 75098 (Assault on Hoth) and a sensor array inspired by set 76157 (Wonder Woman VS. Cheetah) The base consists of eight separate, interchangeable, modular sections, all of which have opening roof / wall sections for ease of access. These sections include (but are not limited too): a common bunk room, a spaceship control tower, a fusion generator, communications room, break room, and several more. As you can see, I joined the base to the rail-line with a short siding for freight deliveries, and for the servicing of steam locomotives on services such as the Moonlighter.
  11. How come LEGO Universe never got a line of sets? Considering it had a story, the factions and the Nexus could have been the main focus, with spare pieces to use on customizing minifigures. Heck, when the game was out, I envisioned LEGO adding a line where you could buy packs of minifigures that featured different weapons, armor, clothes, and accessories that either fit into LU generally or where part of a faction, like a proto-Minifigure line. I forget if my idea was based around mystery bags or not, but another idea I had was a set that had a collection of minifigures and small builds with tons of weapons and armor from in-game like the boxed collections of minifigures. But childhood ramblings aside, why didn't they promote it like they did with the LEGO Movie with sets? At the very least they could have added onto the price like it was a licensed line and diverge the extra money to the game itself to pay for moderators and admins (maybe even give some free time in the game so kids could try out the wider game, and maybe give their characters a collection of pieces to add to their existing collection in the freebuild islands, cars, and rockets). I remember seeing all the cool gear you could get in-game and how cool the enemies looked, and wondered why they didn't at least make the pieces available in some smaller line so kids (i.e. me and my friends) could use them in their builds and allow them the feeling of making stuff in the game. Wouldn't you like making a mech while having official pieces that had your faction logo and had a 1-to-1 recreation of your actual character's appearance and high-level gear with his pet skunk co-piloting? The only reason I say this is because there were instances where elements would show up in LU and there wouldn't be any real life equivalent, either because the designers took liberties with the pieces and their connections (even though ironically some could have been made real easily as the pieces were just edits of existing ones) or because they designed stuff, like the faction and enemy pieces, that don't have a clean, official real life counterpart. I don't even care if LU can't come back as an MMO, considering how hard it is to run a family friendly one without the world's best team of mods, admins, and (because it's LEGO) software algorithms, but considering how popular it was in general, making the move to sets and another medium for story, like a single player/local multiplayer game, tv show, or full line of comics wouldn't be outside the realm of a possible success. And it wouldn't have even been a bad idea to release the full code (I wouldn't even care if I had to pay for it) for the game to more easily let its own community continue hosting the game by letting them set up their own servers a la Minecraft. I just feel that there was too much wasted when the game ended and TLG left it fully in the dust with little to nothing salvaged.
  12. Adventurer in Gnarled Forest This vignette is a tribute to LEGO Universe. It depicts a chunk of the pirate-themed world Gnarled forest, and a brave rookie who's going on an adventure on his first day of play. Provided that he survives his armourless journey, this fella will be a perfect Venture League recruit! For those that have never heard of LU, it was a massively multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) that released in October 2010 and got closed in February 2011. It is without a doubt the most ambitious Lego game ever; it had a multitude of inspiring fantasy worlds, quests, factions, minigames, in-game Lego building spaces, never-seen-before gear and one main goal: defeating the evil Maelstrom. You can check out the , the gameplay trailer and the wiki. Two promotional sets were released: .On a side note, Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated!
  13. IN REALITY: This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship (x3), with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. Oh yeah, and it's orange now! I was inspired to build this model by this cool ship by Oran Cruzen as seen here. IN FICTION: The Bright Future was designed with help from Benny the 1980-something space guy. This heavily armed ship was designed to replace the lighter Bright Hope, which was heavily damaged in a firefight between two Maelstrom Void-Ships. (The enemy was defeated with help from the allied Nortsa sister ship Shining Star and the Odyssey II space laser, but at great cost.) The glaring problems in the design of the Bright Hope led the design crew to the master space-designer Benny, who in turn took his original SPACESHIP(!) design to the next level with more armor and sleeker wing profile. The wings were then redesigned to reduce hyper-space speed but allow for greater range. Bob was even given an office where the wing extender mechanism was! The rear of the ship has three engines. The rear of the ship has three engines and a rotating, elevating quad-gun turret. This small and nimble fighter was designed after looking at a Classic Space model I found on my hard-drive. (I think it was inspired by a model my brother bought off Brick-Link a couple years back.) Anyway, I then tore the model apart and have added four guns, larger wings, and the larger air intakes from my Nexus tower rocket. The ship features an enlarged cockpit with controls and seating for one figure. The rear of the model features one tail-fin and two engines exhaust ports. The rest of my Neo-Nexus force stuff is seen in topics here and here. Comments, Questions, & complaints are always welcome!
  14. This car was mostly inspired by the 1969 Chevy Z-28 in set 75874 (Chevrolet Camaro Drag Race) and partially by my orange first car for Bob from 2014. (That first model was taken from the LEGO City Undercover video game.) Oh, and set 75912 (Porsche 911 GT finish line) also has a bit of say in how this model looked with regards to the middle of the car. This is Bob's car, so of course he gets at least one picture with his car. As you can see, the car features a orange paint scheme with black bumpers. The rear of the car features two tail-lights, spare tire, and the Neo - Nexus Force logo (actually the re-purposed CITY arctic logo) on the roof. The inside of the car can fit one mini-figure as the driver. Here is Bob's original car from 2014. Thoughts, questions or complaints are always welcome!
  15. The LEGO snow speeder design from Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) of Star Wars fame has been using basically the same design for over a decade (since 2003's set 4500, actually) and I think I may have created a new way of doing it. Here is that 2003 set for reference. ....and here is my version: The models features a newer cockpit canopy courtesy of the Speed Champions theme and a nose made out of part 6153b. Yes, I removed the gunners seat / harpoon gun and added a astro-droid socket, but it's the same basic cockpit design and the look is still present if it were 100% screen accurate.... you could even back convert it into it's Episode V state quite easily. The roof of the canopy comes off to place the figure inside at the controls. The ship features two engines and two laser cannons, plus a astro-droid fits where the gunner usually would go. Okay, confession time: This model was made for use with my LEGO Universe - related Neo-Nexus Force stuff, and as such the wings should have this logo printed on the 2 x 2 curved slopes: http://alpha.brickli...68pb004#T=C&C=4 The model is featured along with the rest of the LU models in this thread there, but since it is also Star Wars related, I brought it home to this topic. Here is the LDD file in case anyone wants it: http://www.moc-pages...1462716991m.lxf Also, if anyone wants to see my other topic and it's models including the space base, its in the sci-fi forum at this link: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=106512 EDIT: Version 2 This version features less slopes and a more angular roof canopy, plus a different rear windscreen. Comments, complaints, and questions welcome!
  16. Sorry, that was a long and odd title, I couldn't think of anything really catchy. Also, I put this in town forum because it involves land-based town vehicles with some sci-fi features thrown in for good measure. (I hope this is okay, but you mods can move it if you want!) Also, I will update this thread when need be to prove these have been built in real life and are not just digital models. Classic Space car (Benny the Blue astronaut) This is Benny the 1980-something space guy's car while on Earth. It was used to travel to the movie studio when making the LEGO Movie, and is now normally parked at Benny's summer home in Bricksburg. The model features a row of space-ship styled seats and "double" tail lights. (I used a trans-red grille to create a nice effect.) the white tile above the rear bumper is supposed to be Benny's license plate. This part goes on the sloped rear of the car: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=30363pb021 Here is the car in real life. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1434990478m.lxf Neo-Nexus Force automobile (Bob from LEGO Universe) Here we see Bob's car for use on Earth. Bob uses the car to travel from his Military Surplus shop in Ironwood to a classified location where he then moves on to his base, Ice Station Destiny, which is located in Polaris star system. This car can seat one figure and is supposed to have this print on the 2x2 slope situated on the trunk: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=15068pb004 Bob's car can also fly using the same basic STARK hover technology as Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D. car does. (Bob is a good friend of Tony Stark and is also on good terms with Bruce Wayne, as he tests out their new tech for both of them) (real world picture goes here when I build this model) LDD file for the car: http://www.mocpages....1437422963m.lxf Treasure Raider (Johnny Thunder) This is Johnny Thunder's car, and has been used from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Great Wall of China, to the depths of the Amazon jungles of Peru and even to places not listed on any map where dinosaurs still roam the Earth. The car features seating for two an full-size spare tire (perfect for those times when you jump over a cliff and cause a dented wheel hub while trying to make your getaway from the approaching enemy forces) Here is the real model of the car. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1404178315m.lxf Evil Intentions (Lord Sam Sinister) Here we see the car of Lord Sam Sinister which may or may not have been involved in stealing artifacts and treasures the world over, and was definitely not involved in the botched attempt to ransom the Great Sphinx of Giza's nose. It also was never anywhere close to being hauled onto a battle-cruiser named the HMS Vladeck, which by the way, is not from the country of Ogel. It most certainly was never photographed headed to Antarctica, where it won't locate the lost City of the Ancients. (also known as Atlantis) The car can seat two people, and is supposed to have this license plate where the white 1x2 tile is: http://www.bricklink....asp?P=3069bpa1 Here is the photograph I wasn't talking about before. The LDD file is available here: http://www.mocpages....1436387276m.lxf This concludes the post for now... more vehicles may come eventually.
  17. This space station orbits the ice world of Beta Polaris, pointed at the direction of the trans-dimensional rip in space-time that leads to Lego Universe. The station is really an advanced weapons platform, capable of vaporizing any enemy fighters or heavily damaging Maelstrom star-cruisers. The station features a large ionic plasma cannon at it's nose, with re-purposed solar panels (they are now giant chaos-energy sensors) taking up space just behind it. The next section is the crew quarters. This section rotates to provide gravity, but the battle computers and command bridge are further towards the nose and do not rotate, thus they are in zero gravity. The space behind the crew quarters is the engineering department, which also lacks gravity. This section contains the nuclear fusion reactor power plant, which provides power to the station, while also powering the ionic plasma weapon at the other end of the station. The name of the platform is Space Station Odyssey II, after the near-identical first station was destroyed in a freak accident involving the ionic plasma weapon. NOTES: This build was heavily inspired by Doctor_Spock_888's brick separator hyper-drive model, seen here: Also, two of this print should go on the slopes on the crew section: The ldd file is here, if anyone wants it: Any thoughts, complaints, questions and / or comments are welcome!
  18. I first started posting this story in February 2013, with the last segment being posted March 23, 2015. It tells the tale of Bob and his past, present and Future. This may or may not be the same Bob that runs the Neo-Nexus Force, but of a possible alternate universe Bob. Also, this is space related, and so I posted it here. If it needs to be moved eslewhere, feel free to move it. Bob, famous for his smile and being the new leader of the NEXUS force, was not always famous. He was first mentioned in the historical record in 1978 when he bought a house at 376 Garden Heights for him and his wife. (Her name is unknown at this time) At this time in his life, he was 20 years old, and was looking for work in the space exploration industry, notably working with Albert Overbuild on the plans that would eventually become the Venture Koi. In 1990, Bob was stricken with grief over the recent death of his wife (name still unknown) due to her accidental exposure to high radiation levels. (She was working on what eventually became the Imagination Reactor for the Venture Koi.) With her irradiated remains shot into space, Bob built a monument dedicated to his beloved wife and pledged to help further their dreams of space exploration. Here he stands in front of the marble monument located in Zorillo Plaza while putting on a brave face for the camera. Around 2006, Bob signed up for a possible crew assignment onto the recently finished Venture Koi. He was not picked, as the entire ship was rented for a voyage to find the Imagination Nexus, funded by Baron Typhonus. After the ship was destroyed in orbit around planet Crux, Bob built more ships of bigger and better designs, and eventually was assigned as captain to the Venture Explorer. He was on his 20th flight to the Crux system in late 2010 when he was attacked by Maelstrom forces, and forced to flee. He is the picture of him fleeing the corrupted vessel. After fleeing, he was kept a secure location by Dr. Albert Overbuild in order to train him for the evacuation of the Crux System, just in case the Maelstrom got the upper hand. Little did they know what would happen next... (the following segment happens after my current story-line, where the maelstrom takes over LU on January 31st 2012 and the Nexus Force flees to our universe through a now-closed inter dimensional portal in February of that year) Bob had suppressed the Maelstrom by flying into our universe. Peace reigned for 26 years before the evil Baron Typhonus found a way to open a indirect pathway to the Nexus Force's new home: our universe. By using his powers of corruption, he manipulated a world of insect-like creatures to attack New Crux, the Nexus Forces' new base of galactic operations, consuming it whole. Bob, leader of the Nexus force was on Earth at the time, and watched as the Insects established a based on Earth's moon. From there, they opened a portal to allow the Maelstrom to enter our universe. Needless to say, the stress on the moon caused it to implode, killing the insect swarms instantly. Bob, now without any formidable fighting force, was left stranded on Earth as the Maelstrom bombs fell. There was one hope left, however: Bob had been given several weapons from the old Nexus leaders designed as a last resort: Imagination powered swords, staff, and an war ax. When thrown into the Maelstrom, their incorruptible nature would end time & space itself in a huge explosion destroying all that existed in the Universe. Bob, the fearless leader, adventurer, & husband, took the weapons and hurled himself into the gaping maw of the Maelstrom from the top of the Empire State Building... When Bob awoke, it felt like he'd been sleeping forever. Suddenly, he remembered: the Maelstrom, the four weapons, falling from the Empire State Building and then... nothing. He sat up, which was weird since he should be dead, and the universe should have ended. Bob was then distinctly aware that he was being watched. He reached for his blaster, which was not it it's holster on his cybernetic leg... which wasn't there either, for that matter. He looked around and saw someone he thought he'd never see again except in his dreams: his wife. She didn't say anything, and didn't have to. They ran together and embraced each other. It didn't matter where he was or whether he was hallucinating in a hospital bed or not, at least he was with her again. And that's only where he wanted to be. the fading light of the sunset on a unknown planet, a certain Baron pays his last respects to a brave mini-figure... Any and all thoughts are welcome on this story!
  19. I've run contests before, but since I want to spread my outreach for this contest, I have decided to post this one here. So, without further ado, let me introduce the... This new contest is being run in conjunction with a current animation project, titled Project U! So, what is this contest, you may ask? Well, read on to find out! Official Rules 1. You will create a new and original character and cast them into one of the four Nexus Force factions: Sentinels, Assembly, Venture League, or Paradox. 2. While the character is restricted to one of the four factions, they are not restricted to the classes of each faction (ex. A Sentinel character doesn’t have to be a knight, samurai, or space marine). 3. You will submit a five-point turnaround of one and only one character (unless it is important for the character to have a maximum of one companion). In addition to this, you will also submit details that tell the character’s name, age, personality traits, and any other important information. 4. When submitting a character design, there is no restriction on the medium used. You may use actual LEGO pieces, LDraw, LEGO Digital Designer, pencil and paper, pen and ink, paint, digital paint, vector drawing, 3D Max, Autodesk Maya, etc. 5. You will not be restricted to actual LEGO pieces (as the characters in LEGO Universe were not). However, if you want to be more inventive, it is recommended that these pieces are modeled after pieces that can be bought from third-party vendors (Brickarms, BrickForge, etc.). 6. Mustache Maniacs Film Co. staff members cannot participate in this contest. 7. All entries MUST be accepted by December 31, 2014. 8. To submit your entry for this contest, make a reply in this thread that contains character description and all of the required images. All live posts will be considered submitted. Prizes 20 finalists selected from the different branches of this contest will be featured in the final Project U film, Legends of the Universe (scheduled release: 2020)! 1 grand prize winner selected from the 20 finalists will play the part of the character they created! With that said, be sure to have fun and good luck! P.S.: I haven't entirely dabbled in minifigure customization, but have created several animated brickfilms (this contest relates to one of my in-development films). If you are not familiar with my work, here is a link to the official Mustache Maniacs Film Co. website.
  20. Johnnyred

    Heyo! Johnnyred here!

    Hey all, I joined a while back but I've never actually posted anything. I'm Johnnyred, I've been a LEGO fan for literally all my life. I played with Duplos until I was 3 and shortly after I was 3 I got my very first LEGO set, the #6538 Rebel Roadster. Since then I've faithfully played and built with LEGO. In more recent days I use LEGO as a media for my creative writing, inventing Adventure Comix, a unique webcomic that blends LEGO fandom with the LEGO world itself, focusing on users on the LMBs and the LUCL as some of the main protagonists of the series. This series aired on the LUCL early in 2009 and shortly after the Phoenix Command Group was founded by myself along with two other users, Ianrobert732 and Legotrain587. This group originally only intended to be meant for we three users expanded to include over 150 users from the LUCL. The Phoenix Command Group is a Star Trek/LEGO fan group that creates canon and non-canon starships, shuttles, fighters, ground vehicles, personnel, etc. We also have numerous online roleplays and stories that we have written. If you are intrested in more information on the PCG contact myself or a fellow Eurobricks user here known as Flipz. The primary reason that I'm starting to utilize Eurobricks is simply just to get in touch with Flipz, I'm an admin on another LEGO fan forum (which shall remain nameless) and a user that joined around February told us that Flipz had gotten in touch with him here. So, until I have enough posts to utilize the private messaging, I will have to wait for him to contact me. I am, however, greatly looking forward to connecting with fellow AFOLs and discussion LEGO with them. I do have a Brickshelf account, username Johnnyred, here's a link I don't have much up right now, I'm in the process of re-organizing and re-photographing. For now, thank you for listening to me babel on, I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you! Johnnyred "J-red"