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Found 17 results

  1. HarrisBricks

    [MOC ] LL-997 Viper

    A couple of years ago I built a Neo-Classic Space display for Brickvention which I called A-83 Exploration Base (you can see photos of it here if you are interested.) as part of the display I built three ships of varying sizes/purposes and this one is my Viper, LL-997. It was designed to be a single-person fighter. More photos here for those interested, and I have also recently submitted it to LEGO Ideas if you would like to support it (and I personally hope that you will!). Thanks!
  2. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    LL-527 Falchion

    I present my first ever Neo-Classic Space MOC: the LL-527 Falchion, a prototype attack craft cobbled together from experimental stealth technology and captured Blacktron fighters. This build came out of nowhere as I was experimenting and tablescrapping with greebling parts, and I just let the greebling take over. A starfighter body just took over and I added some wings to it, as well as landing gear on the bottom. The cockpit area was finished with the very few blue parts and looked like a true Classic Space craft, but new. More pictures on my Flickr album
  3. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] 5T0-MP3R

    Hi all, I’ve been making a fleet of Neo Classic Space inspired attack craft. This is the 5th craft in my fleet, the 5T0-MP3R. The story behind this one goes like this: When ground assault is the only option some serious hardware is needed. With an armour piercing chaingun on one side and a metal melting flamethrower on the other, the 5T0-MP3R flattens everything in its way. So don't get in its way! For anyone interested there are loads of other angles on this moc in my full album here (It also moves and splits in two): Thanks for looking. :)
  4. cimddwc

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Hi everyone, while I usually build houses, I felt the need for a big spaceship - and I decided to use the letters S P A C E for the shape: The back is mostly open so people can look inside: And there are lights, as you can see - pulsing/blinking in the warp nacelles, blinking position lights at the top of the P. A few more views: Schematic: Since Flickr has problems today, I uploaded all 40 photos here to my blog (where you can also click to zoom and browse through them - no per-picture comments, though). Hope you like it...
  5. Hi, for my first step here, I'm glad to introduce my proposal for this contest. First thing was to choose the right set... I thought it could be funny to cross two opposite universe, so I choose something very far from Benny's habbits : the Lego Ideas 21316, The Flintstones Is it the end of the world ? Run Fred run ! Hi, sorry to interrupt your farewells, but I have an idea that might save us all... SPACESHIP ! SPACESHIP ! SPACESHIP ! Please, set your belts and don't puke on my toolbox !
  6. GameyRaccoon

    Neo Classic Space

    I don't think a topic for this exists on EB, so discuss this building style here! You can post your MOCs here, too.
  7. ZCerberus

    LL 302 Hornet

    The FireMoth proved to have enough firepower to serve its role as a “cruiser killer”, but after making a successful debut, Blacktron altered its tactics to target FireMoths with concentrated attacks. While durable and stable, the FireMoth’s large wingspan hampered its ability to avoid concentrated fire. Frustrated by the mounting losses inflicted on the FireMoths, OrionBlu enlisted Cerberus Systems to create a new cruiser killer to replace the FireMoth. In the dossier submitted by OrionBlu to Cerberus, OrionBlu requested a ship with the weapons capability of a FireMoth combined with the elusiveness of a Blue Jacket. The ultimate solution was a blending of the cockpit and fire power of the FireMoth with an engine and wing design similar to the Blue Jacket. While officially named the LL 302 “Hornet”, the ship quickly earned the nickname “Fire Jacket” due to the blend of the two designs. The Hornet featured a similar two person cockpit to the FireMoth, but changed the seating configuration so both the pilot and gunner faced forward. The cockpit was also set at an incline to allow both crewmen to see forward without obstruction. This configuration also allowed manual aiming of forward blasters and emergency piloting from the gunner’s position. The Hornet was also the first Cerberus Systems craft to feature automated rear-facing defense weaponry, though the undercarriage mount made the weapon only effective from attacks from directly behind or below. The Hornet was not as powerful as a FireMoth nor as maneuverable as a Blue Jacket resulting in mixed reviews from pilots. Due to the mixed reaction, the Hornet was not a full replacement for the existing FireMoths, only replacing destroyed crafts while FireMoths still in service were not phased out nor reassigned to non-combat duties but they were instead retrofitted with additional shielding and external, wing mounted maneuvering thrusters to compensate for their perceive lack of maneuverability.
  8. TheLegoDr

    Benny's x-wing X-Wing X-WING

    I started building this last summer, but never was able to take pictures of it. When I finally did, I revealed it on AFOLs of Facebook to much fanfare, but I thought I would share it here as well. First picture is an angle shot. It is a modified 9493. I extended the nose, modified cockpit and engines. But I used that set as a starting point, then changed things as it came along. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr This is a rear shot of the engines. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Cockpit area. Added some extra decals so Benny knows his surroundings better. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr With s-foils in attack position. Front view. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Side view. I think this is one of my favorite angles. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Rear view. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr I know I've seen many classic space inspired X-Wings, but I liked doing it myself as well. It was a big hit at the few local LEGO shows I've taken it to. I have since built a 48x48 landing pad similar to the 928 landing pad, but no pictures taken yet. I have also built a classic space Y-Wing and currently working on another station/landing area for an A-Wing. Anyway, let me know what you think. Plus, any critiques. I'm new to classic space inspired builds. I don't have a lot of these colors, so it is all new purchases for me, so I don't always have the greebling needed. I have given thought to going back and smoothing out the wings better and exposing less studs.
  9. Jorel

    [MOC] NCS Outpost

    Hi everyone! My first post here in... well, some years. I want to share with you this Neo Classic Space inspired outpost. I'm not exactly from the blue-grey CS generation, I grew up with Blacktron II, Ice Planet and co., but I really like the aesthetics in NCS, so I decided to give it a try, and I hope you guys like it! Nova Ceres Sigma (Ʃ) outpost A class C facility for scientific research, installed on the barren side of Nova Ceres, one of the 5 moons of the exoplanet Crivs VI. This is my second build in the Neo Classic Space theme. I confess that I'm not totally pleased with the photography, I think it looks better in person, but still, I'm happy with the build. : ) It will have an interior, with all the scientific paraphernalia needed for this kind of mission, but that is still a WIP. And inspired by vintage touristic (fu-touristic? ) posters, and the amazing series by Nasa "Visions of the Future", I tried my hand on a poster promoting the exploration of Nova Ceres - a fantasy moon of some exotic exo-planet, lost somewhere in this galaxy. Jorel
  10. Hi folks! Year 2090. The colonization of the planet Mars is a reality. To develop an autosufficent civilization is important to find a solution to recreate the flora in the planet. So, here it is the botanical research center. It consist in a laboratory, four greenhouses (temperate forest, tropical forest, crops and fruit plants), a control room, a meeting room and some services. Each minifig colour represent its division: - green: laboratory; - blue: supervisor; - red: forests greenhouses; - yellow: crops; - black: fruit plants greenhouse; - white: technics; - grey: director. The model it is not a 100% neo classic space theme, I've changed some colour scheme due to the lack of yellow trasparent pieces; also, we're in Mars not on the moon! ;) P.s. the spherical classic space logo is a recreation of ones that I found on google. I've just changed the colour and added a plant, to represent the research division. Here you can find the LDD file:
  11. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] HMT4

    After many unsuccesful attempts to build small transporter and avoid windscreen problems like these: I have finally managed to build this little tracked-truckish-thingy. I hope you like it HMT4 by Horcik Designs, on Flickr HMT4 by Horcik Designs, on Flickr What's more, the cab is modular, in some way. Cab Separators by Horcik Designs, on Flickr
  12. WoutStopmotion

    [MOC] LL-116 Spacecraft

    Well, i finally went and photographed this one. I already took it to the previous LowLUG meet where a lot of people could see it already. I didn't feel like photographing it because it has the wrong canopy colour, and i'm super picky when it comes to that stuff. But i haven't been able to get my hands on one, and i decided to photograph it without it, as it's still a cool MOC and i want to share it with everyone. Enjoy! Be sure to check the full album on Flickr!
  13. slacker int


    Stepping away from Blacktron 3 and trying my hand at Neo Classic Space. I've always loved the smaller "scooters" and other various "patrol craft" type sets (885,891,1557,6803) from the classic space range. Felt it was finally time to build something along those lines... the XT-1 Surface Scooter. Thanks for looking, hope you like it - feedback and comments welcome!
  14. WoutStopmotion

    MOC - LL Gouw - Neo Classic Space

    Lego Classic Space - 1665 - LL Gouw by WSM_, on Flickr I finished this spaceship about two weeks ago, but as you know, the Neo Classic Space colorscheme is very strict, so i swore by getting myself a Trans-Yellow canopy before taking pictures. I hoped the guy i bought it from would attend the LUG meet i showed this model at a week ago, but sadly not, so i had to show it there with the wrong canopy (a Trans-Black one). So here it finally is! There's way more photos on Flickr which are definitely worth to check. :) Enjoy!
  15. Hello MOC Neo Classic Space with a small reference to star the futur If you have any comment, . Thanks
  16. SamuelHKHon

    MOCs: Small spaceship and rovers

    Hi everyone, haven't had a chance to do any new MOCs, thought I would post some I did quite a while back. These all use very basic techniques, as I am still learning. Would love to know how you would do things differently (e.g. I feel the MR-401 vehicles should have been wider with a lower centre of gravity). Thanks. :) LL-459 Stellar Observation Craft (SOC): Equipped with Doppler Shift detection gear, cargo pod, and StarShield Technology (Mk I). StarShield protects pilot by blocking up to 75% of unexpected outbursts of stellar energy and radiation. More photos: MR-301 Soil Analyzer: Used for scientific analysis of a planet's topsoil. Equipped with soil scooper, camera, and a mid-range data transceiver. More photos: MR-401a Supply Transport: A short haul vehicle used to transport supplies between outposts. The supply container typically holds commonly used tools and equipment. More photos: MR-401b Outpost Patrol Vehicle (OPV): A military variant of the MR-401a Supply Transport, the MR-401b OPV features thicker rear wheel guards and a reinforced driver's cage. Armaments consist of a roof-mounted auto-track missile launcher and a rear-mounted dual laser cannon platform. Not suited for intensive combat, OPVs were generally used to provide security for small outposts during the Pre-Blacktron days. More photos: