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Found 4 results

  1. 10497 Galaxy Explorer is set to retire at the end of this year, 2023. Any ideas on how well or badly it sold? If it sold well, that would encourage LEGO to produce more Classic Space sets. If it didn’t, that would augur badly for CS. It’s known that some LEGO designers have a soft spot for CS, but if sales have been below target, they’d have a hard time making the business case for more. Where I am in the southeast of the UK, most LEGO stores are out of stock of 10497 with no prospect of getting more. You can still get it on gb the last time I checked. How did it sell where you are? Well? badly? Please say where you are when you reply - thanks.
  2. Hi all! I made this Galaxy Explorer Ground Base from the leftover parts in set 10497 after building the smallest One Man Space Ship alt build. This is the original: Here's mine: In addition to the command base & comm tower, there's a power station, small landing pad, some craters, a small speeder, and a rover. Command base: Comm tower: Power station: Landing pad and speeder: Rover (which I think is hilarious because the truck/storage bed is under the driver's seat): Anyway, I had a ton of fun building this. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi all! I've built a spaceship using the leftover parts from 10497 alt build 1. I call it the Galaxy Roadster. I was able to make the space ship along with a landing pad, landing beacon, and parking enforcement robot. More pics here if you're interested. Thanks!
  4. Operacion Saturno

    Galaxy Explorer 10497 is a great set, but...

    Let's stablish something before I start typing. I love 10497 and I think it pays homage to the 1979 version. So I'm not saying it was bad, but it could be epic.Here are some highlights to prove my point. 1.- Too many G.E. redesign MOCs. I´ve seen maybe a hundred Galaxy Explorer remakes in the last 5 years, but I saw one in particular reviewed in a youtube channel, before they released the 10497, which had almost the same features and even had retractable landing gear. So for me the 10497 is the perfect Galaxy Explorer MOC. But was something we been seeing for years. 2.- "Too small" remake. 1245 pieces is a lot of pieces for a set, but, if you compare that amount of pieces with 10305 Lion´s Knight castle's 4514 pieces castle "remake", it feels short. Imagine what the designer would be capable of if he had those 3250+ pieces to work with? 3.- Landing pad and base. The achiles heel of 10497. The ship design is magnificent, However, even the designer of the set stated that he had to leave out the base and landing pad. A true shame. 500 more pieces and two 48 x 48 baseplates would made a world of diference. 4.- New trans yellow pieces. We already had a large 13252 trans yellow windscreen from 70816 Bennys spaceship..... also all the other trans yellow pieces in the set had been released previously. Something Classic Space fans are always looking for are new elements in trans yellow color, since is rare Lego Group uses them in sets and even more rare realeases new ones. Let's be honest here, wouldn't you like the set even better if there were 1x4x3 panels or a large curved windscreen never before released in trans yellow? 5.- Shock and Awe factor. The helper droid was a great add on and the best option they had since benny already used the other type of 80s droid. The rocket sleds were a shock and awe add on to the original ship. So I have nothing against those new features, but it could be even more features in it. Ever felt butterflies when entering the toy isle at your local walmart or Kmart back in the 80s the first weeks of january? You didn't knew what to expect form the new Classic Space sets back in the good old days. New features, new designs, new pieces.... That's the problem with the 10497, you already had a prelimilar idea of what to expect and that was the main problem with 10497, I feel the base had more potential to include new features than the spaceship itself: Retractable dome roof landing pad, modular base, maintenance machinery, loading-unloading crane, new color astronaut, minifig, a small blacktron spy vehicle, I can go on. Bottom line, 10497 is a great Lego set, but knowing what Lego designers are capable of creating, it could be even more awesome.