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  1. A Great Builder

    [MOC] New Classic Space Redesigned (Intergalactic Patroller Space Ship)

    ha ha, now that you mention it it kind of does. The story behind it is I was trying to add some decoration without using stickers and the shape was a nice angle for me.
  2. A Great Builder

    [MOC] New Classic Space Redesigned (Intergalactic Patroller Space Ship)

    Hey Feuer Zug! Thank you! I never had a set of M-Tron but the color scheme was amazing too. But... I did render this for you. I hope you like it!!! (and support the project too...)
  3. A Great Builder

    [MOC] New Classic Space Redesigned (Intergalactic Patroller Space Ship)

    Thank you! Appreciated!
  4. I love classic space ships from the 80's and 90's and inspired by the rrecent release of the Galaxy Explorer set and the Blacktron remake I created this MOC as my version of a modern loking and redesigned Classic Space Ship. Will Lego launch a new Space theme? Well... you can make it happen. If you like this model; crowd support is open for voting until 3/31/2023. Intergalactic Patroller Space Ship Yes I am talking about the Bricklink's Designer Program Series 1. The contest required some limitations related to parts available and color selection. I decided to use a new palette to keep it within contests rules, but I also rendered a few options in "classic" colors. Support if you like what you see. Here is also a link to the video Showing all functions of the model: And here are the color variations just for Fun
  5. A Great Builder

    [MOC] 42124 B and C models

    I'm Glad You like them!
  6. I created 2 alternative builds for 42124. They both use the Control+ app to operate the vehicle. Instructions for B-model Monster truck: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-84177/A_Great_Builder/monster-truck-42124-b-model/#details Instructions for C-model Hot Rod: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-88925/A_Great_Builder/hot-rod-42124-c-model/#details Hot Rod:
  7. Great to hear I am not the only one who wants to see the Batmobile! in regards to the transforming car my guess is for 2 motors (trust and steering) and a function that allows the car to "lift" something upon crashing a wall. Sweet tooth from Twisted Metal Black?
  8. I like this second list (I hope I am not the only one! ) If The Batmobile it's true this open the door for more variety within the Technic line. It could be the first of many fiction vehicles and it would be good for us as customers. (There are tons of vehicles from video games or movies I would like to see in Technic) A Formula E would be nice and it could be a return of Formula cars. It's been a while since the last Formula 1 technic set (2022 F1 will renew the entire design of the cars and this could be a good opportunity for TLG) Finally the 18+ is always something to look at (specially at that price range) And I don't lose my hope to see a new Pneumatics backhoe... maybe a 18+ one?
  9. If the list is correct. What will be the flagship of H1? 42139?
  10. Probably true. And if that is the case I am a little disappointed as I've been waiting for a good size backhoe using pneumatics. On the other hand, price is attractive...
  11. Thank you! I am glad you like it!