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  1. I have noticed your Ariane 5, it looks superb. Studio file is wonderful, thanks! I will add it. Was it built in real life already?
  2. Chha: Thanks! I am happy you liked it, and thanks for the additional info, web is updated. It is my error I put scale 1:110 there. Maverick9154 claims this scale: "Custom LEGO SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 with Crew Dragon Instructions ONLY (Saturn V Scale)" However I am building classic Eiffleman's Falcon and I know the 4 stud width is optimal for this scale and the complex structure visible on Maverick's images cannot be Saturn V scale. I have seen it many times - author makes a nice MOC, but only by eye and the scale is quite off. This is the reason I did comparisons of V4, Soyuz and working on others.
  3. It is there already: "Download source code or linux, windows binary, read help and how to on the source page:" Maybe grammar is bad? I am sorry I am not native speaker.
  4. I could copy all the informations from the project webpage here, together with detailed how to use with all the images. The issue is, if something changes, I have to modify it on the project webpage and also here. This often leads to outdated information, just take a look at forums of other software, there is a lot of outdated things. But to click on the link and to read that for latest version one can download either source code or binary for windows and linux takes about five seconds. So I understand you want more informations here, but you should also understand that I like to keep data on one place.
  5. Thanks. The most important thing - let me know what you liked and what needs improvement. I have no idea what is workflow of other people.
  6. In the beginning I didn't understood why this particular one shuttle should be better than other 1:220 models. There are several models of shuttle in this scale already done, so what the heck? But later I did some scaling and calculation and understood... The issue is in propagation. For example all the people are building the falcon by eiffleman, because it was first falcon MOC and is most known. However it is inaccurate in some parts and there are better models. But people do not understand why other models are better than the first one (or more evovlved, anyway most falcon MOCs are based on the eiffleman's one). This is the reason why I made the comparison of soyuz model, so I could select between suchshibeinu's and techniek's one. And the same with the 1:220 shuttle. One have to understand that 4 stud bay is too wide for 1:220 scale. But this important information was not shown by Arkaitz nor any comparison made. So I believe there was lack of attention because no one understood why this design is unique in comparison to already developed designs.
  7. applyBLorder What it does: applies Bricklink Order to a Bricklink Wanted list in correct way, works with downloaded files. Output: new Wanted list with increased have count, new Order with decreased ordered count. When to use: If you have one or more orders for multiple Wanted lists. Help: step by step how to is on the project page. Project page: https://gitlab.com/KaeroDot/applyblorder/ Interface: GUI, console Availability: source code, binaries OS: Linux, Windows License: MIT (open source free software) Details: Software applyBLorder applies Bricklink order to a Bricklink wanted list. Generates a new wanted list with increased have count, and a new order with decreased ordered count. Software can handle bricks with any color. A table summary is generated to show the status of the newly generated wanted list showing you which and how many bricks have been assigned from the order. Using this software, you can apply bricklink order onto first wanted list, then the newly created order (with decreased amount of bricks) apply to second wanted list etc. till the order is empty. The first wanted list will take most of the bricks so you should select the one most important for you. The software generates new wanted lists that you can upload to bricklink and continue with ordering of new bricks for your wanted lists. Motivation: Bricklink gives you possibility to have multiple wanted lists. Also you can easily plan buying bricks from multiple wanted lists. Unfortunately, if you try to apply your received order to first wanted list, and than to second wanted list, you will find that you own more bricks than you ordered. Why? Because applying order adds have bricks to the wanted list, but do not remove bricks from the order. Screenshots:
  8. So, in the end, you say that the range of hairstyles is insufficient and you want more of them. That is definitely understandable. But in such case the discussion should remain on this level: TLG, please, make more hairstyles. It does not implicate a race in actual minifigure. "Often" is not "always". Often is relative. The connection you are trying to make is very weak. Is hairstyle indicative of certain ethnic group? I do not think so. My feeling is that every woman changes her hairstyle once per year. More of the hairstyle indicate fashion - 80s were all curly. So, you presented the hypothesis, you should now show the facts to support your hypothesis. After this, you should show facts to support the next part of the connection - that insufficient hair styles on yellow minifigs is offending someone. After you show the evidence, than we will know. But now you talk only about your feelings and present only your subjectivity. (Ad licence sets - this was already discussed on the beginning, why to bring it out again? License sets are not the question. If Londo/Harry is/not black, ask movie maker why.)
  9. I just do not believe my eyes - some people here are purposefully introducing race into the world where race is not existing, based only on hair or clothing style. That is wrong on so many levels... Back to the facts - the example of black girl with white hair and white girl with afro hair is the only fact that was placed here. All other was only about some feeling. Some objective facts please.
  10. It seems to me that you wrote that some hair style belongs to some race. Do you mean this woman with typical "afro" style?: Or maybe this typical representative of blonde hair?:
  11. Thanks, I try to add all MOCs that have instructions added into the files section of the FB page. Unfortunately my time is limited, so I do it only from time to time.
  12. LEGO creates yellow minifigs to prevent race questions. You say LEGO should change it. From my point of view, your thinking is racist. You want to bring race issues into the world without any race. Please, do not stop here. You can ask why girl stuff is more pink than boys. You could ask LEGO to create pink firefighters and black flowers in elven gardens. Oh, really? Yet you cannot even answer a simple problem you have presented: which races would you put into a set with one cop and one robber? You should answer this question and only then you should ask LEGO to acquire more races in non-licensed sets. (Yeah, maybe I am stupid, I just do not get negative nor positive discrimination of black people or Inidians or asiats or others. It seems to me that your questions and ideas are part of the problem. From my point of view, you should feel ashamed.) You are just being racist. Where you see black family, I see some family. People in the world are changing their hairstyle as they like, wear wigs, changes even their body as they like. And, only based on hairstyle, you consider some minifigs as black family? Really? This is problem in your worldview, not mine.
  13. So the problem is solved. I wrote myself a simple utility. Next I thought maybe someone other would like it, so I made a graphical user interface and windows build. All help is in the linked webpage. Enjoy. The software is tested, I have used it myself, but please be tolerant, I use linux 99.5 % of my time and something can be different in windows. If you are bold to try it, tell me your experience. https://gitlab.com/KaeroDot/applyblorder/