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  1. Certainly many builders selected the 1:110 scale. But I have heard from few that usually it is better to make an arbitrary scale to better fit actual size of various lego cylinders. If you will find something that I missed, just let me know, I will add it.
  2. The Aggregat 4, short A4, was the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile. The V-2 rocket MW 18014 reached an altitude of 176 km, becoming the first man-made object in space. Numerous support and supply vehicles were required to launch the rocket. The model is in scale 1:110 (same as LEGO Saturn V 21309-1) and is a recreation of a V-2 preparation scene according historical photo. The model contains V-2, numerous support and supply vehicles and a base simulating a road. See instructions for descriptions of model parts. Some elements are easy to detach therefore the model is intended for display. Original idea is by Wolfram Broszies, see his wonderfull books: http://www.ametria.org/lego/ Please take a look into pdf instructions for all the details: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-33001/Kaero/a-4v-2-rocket-with-support-and-supply-vehicles/
  3. A joint development by Mark Balderrama, Adam Wilde, Sebastian Schön, Matthew Hildebrand, Wolfram Broszies, Nico Daams and me resulted in quite nice addition to the Saturn V set: Apollo recovery mission: During the Apollo 8, Apollo 10, and Apollo 11 missions, Helicopter Sikorsky Sea King SH-3D with number 66 was the primary recovery vehicle which hoisted returning astronauts from the spacecraft command modules. The model is based on following historical photo: All details are in the pdf instructions on the rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-33162/Kaero/apollo-recovery-mission/
  4. Kaero

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Improvement of the Apollo landing scene with instructions here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-33162/Kaero/apollo-recovery-mission/
  5. Many updates, and things from Bricks In Space Vol. II. Take a look at the books, these are wonderfull!
  6. Actual status: about 148 rockets, 78 payloads, 34 launchpads/other. The last missing large LEGO web is MOCpages, however it seems people do not put instructions there.
  7. List was substantially enlarged (Bricklink almost finished) and improved thanks to the informations of MoppeW40k.
  8. It is working now. I have no idea what happened, maybe some error on the hosting server. I have added many projects from Bricklink. Still many projects on Bricklink are missing.
  9. Page with list was updated. I know I miss some other Launch Umbilical Tower designs, but these eludes me somehow.
  10. Hey, thanks a lot for info! I will fix during next evenings. I will rename saturn, take a better photo, and fix the rovers. I wondered that these two rovers are too similar, but different nick - different row of table. However the main question remain - which nick to use? Muscovitesandwich & smazmat should be renamed to Black-Brick? Is it correct? And thanks for the Delta II with tower, I would like to build it. Thanks, I think I will add them to the table, just for reference. At least a lot of pieces were used in shuttle MOCs.
  11. I tried to create a list of MOCs that are based on real rockets, spacecrafts or probes (or at least designs of planned real rockets, spacecrafts or probes) with instructions, either free or for money. The list was growing and growing and now it is far greater than I expected: https://kaerodot.gitlab.io/lego-rocket-mocs/ Due to the nature of the universe, this list will never be complete and perfect, so please contact me with ideas for improvements and additions. If you are offended and you do not want your work to be included in the list, please contact me also. Tables can be sorted by clicking on the heading. Some statistics: there are instructions for: 97 different rocket and spacesihp MOCs, of this: 5 different MOCs of Spacex falcon 9; 3 Spacex falcon heavy; 6 saturn 1B; 3 Soyuz rockets; 3 V2; additional 52 different MOCs of spaceprobes; additional 26 launchpads, launch complexes, drone ships etc. If you want to build e.g. mercury rocket, you can just select by the pictures.
  12. I have built this model, it is wonderfull! I would like to thank steph77 and and Ivan Moc for the work on the model and instructions. I built this model as a way to show my kids how a helicopter works. Therefore I modified it a little. I have removed some elements so the motor can be quite easilly removed - when showing functions, I needed to change position of rotor there and back again, slowly, and with motor this was hard to do. I have also made top plates covering the mechanism more easily removable. I had a piece Technic Ball with Grooves (2907) that was too tight and was hardly moving on the axis, therefore the collective control was too hard. I was forced to file it a little to make movement easy. Ivan Moc: could you please upload digitial model, that was used for instructions, to the rebrickable? Thanks.
  13. Why on earth the Control+ motors cannot be controlled by Powered Up controller? Is really lego making two new incompatible electric systems?
  14. Sariel: The (hypothetical) question is, how would you rate the spider crane if the outriggers would be working correctly? (Of course I do not know if such a modification is possible without total overhaul or in this scale.).