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  1. danth

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Robots and dragons. But yeah, that is unquestionably a spaceship, which (like you said) is a first in Creator.
  2. My god, those classic style helmets look amazing!
  3. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Exactly what I thought! Now for some awesome Chibi/Super Deformed stuff by STICK KIM. Battlestar Galactica, Cowboy Bebop, Macross, Star Wars, and some real jet fighters for good measure: OH MY GOD SOMEONE MADE BATTLE BEASTS! Did anyone else have these toys in the 80s? Battle Beasts by Garry: Here's an awesome mech called the Tyrannosaurus Jump Jet by Bongobert:
  4. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Space Defender by Gregory St: Bench Fighter by Chris Giddens:
  5. danth

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    Apparently the 2018 Lego Employee Gift set includes a Blacktron minifig. https://candidbricks.com/2018/12/11/2018-lego-employee-gift-lego-4002018-revealed/
  6. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Aw dang. I knew I was going to do that eventually! I didn't even notice that! Yeah, very different look with just a minor color swap. Part of me thinks M-Tron would look better with more gray and less black. Funny how white is only used on the minifigs and the control panels.
  7. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    I've been derelict of duty for too long! Hammer Fighter by Ben Smith: SP1 Y Wing by Elephant-Knight: Fire Fighting Mech by Khairul Nizam M-Tron Scout by Damien Labrouse By the same person, R2-D2-X: Surfer Van Mech by DVD Star Hopper by Rodney Bistline:
  8. Ohhh man, how I hope the sets I want end up in stores before Christmas!
  9. danth

    Do kids today like Classic Space?

    Broken image link. I really want to see what you were comparing this to! Interest piqued. Oh, was it the red Galaxy Squad guy?
  10. danth

    Do kids today like Classic Space?

    Wow, when you say it like that, it sure sounds like there are a ton of adult oriented sets released every year! Honestly I think a once-a-year Classic Space and Classic Castle themed Creator Expert set is an absolute sure seller. You've got nostalgic adults in their prime earning years, Star Wars fatigue (and general license fatigue I think), and no traditional medieval/fantasy sets available. Plus the 40th anniversary to kick things off if they launch them soon.
  11. danth

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    Whoa...surprise Classic Space anniversary set in 2019? IT COULD HAPPEN!
  12. I love how Jet Patrol makes no sense. There's a thief stealing a gem from an airplane fuel tank because that makes sense. Better have the Sky Police buzz him, that'll show 'em!
  13. danth

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Also they made the chinstrap thicker in the 80s too. So making it a little thicker again now seems appropriate.
  14. danth

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    I think those giant transparent pieces might be new in trans purple.