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  1. danth

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    That would be really cool. I'd settle for what you said even without the dual molding. Space Police 1 was the first Space theme that really mixed colors on figures (black & white) and it looked really cool with the red visor. But they didn't match their spaceships. I kinda think Lego always tried to have the minifigs stand out and therefore didn't have the same colors as their sets. Although that was not the case for Blacktron. Hmmm...Yeah I might have to try something today and report back.
  2. danth

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    Well it shouldn't be white since that's been done recently. Definitely don't want more green for the same reason. For new colors, grey would be cool, or purple. Otherwise I like red. What I really want is a remold of the classic space helmet. Like Benny's but no crack.
  3. danth

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    Well. I'm totally fine with Peter Reid having two of his sets made into official sets. As many as he wants really...Supported!
  4. I don't think any of those were revivals. None of them were really stylistically or thematically related the their predecessors at all. Space Police might be close although stylistically it looked more like Futuron and the bad guys were rag tag space bikers/pimps and nothing like Blacktron. I'm not even sure it was deep space and not future city what with the flying cars and that city-esque police station. And they flopped? Really? All of them? Mars Mission flopped, so then they did Space Police 3? And then that flopped so they did Alien Conquest? And that flopped so then they did Galaxy Squad? I'm not sure LEGO would be that suicidal. Also nobody has the sales figures so it's all speculation.
  5. danth

    [MOC] Transformer Sewing Machine aka Stitchmaster

    "Sewing is lame and for girls!" Sewing machine turns into badass robot. "Sewing is awesome!"
  6. WHOA, those are awesome, especially the "super deformed" planes on the right.
  7. Yay, another BGC fan on Eurobricks! I remember getting the VHS tapes in the early 90's and now I have it on Blu Ray. Cyberpunk + transforming motorcycles; what's not to love?
  8. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    The giant white swords as skis look perfect on that Blizzard Barron. And of course the T. Nex is amazeballs. The name alone requires it to exist.
  9. This might have been the best time to be alive as a LEGO kid. The last year of the Legoland banner, great set designs, new headgear, tons of variety. Multiple Space factions (Space Police, Blacktron, M-Tron), multiple Castle factions (Forestmen, Black Falcons, Lion Knights), and PIRATES which was a newish theme at the time.
  10. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Febrovery 018 by Frost Hammer Fighter by Ben Smith Octan Eagle by David Roberts Abugida Spaceport by Geoff Horswood Space Trucking by Horcik Designs Jeticopter by Rodney Bistline All of GBailey NA's Classic Space stuff: Mars Mission Miner Mech by Redondo Fuentes
  11. danth

    [MOD] Lunar Patrol Craft

    Wow! Your designs are getting better and better! Loving the last few iterations especially.
  12. That last one, with Kings Castle and the Robot Command Center really tug at the old heart strings. Will LEGO never give us something like those again? Innocent, whimsical, and archetypal themes? Also, LEGO could make an AWESOME modern Fabuland theme with the all new Friends/Elves elements.
  13. You picked well; those are two of the best sets from the Theme. Bug Obliterator is a spaceship/ground vehicle combiner so you can't really beat that. The Titan is sort of the same idea but it can't take off into space when combined. The Hive Crawler is probably the most impressive of the theme from a design/engineering standpoint due to the walking mechanism. Plus the human speeder is way cool.