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  1. danth

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    FabuSoldier01 by Mako:
  2. Oh dang! I meant to post to the Inspiring MOCs thread. Er, sorry all.
  3. FabuSolider 01 by Mako: EDIT: Moved to the Inspiring MOCs thread.
  4. danth

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Well, I've completed my trifecta, and have built all three versions of 10497. I really love all three builds. They're all gorgeous. My only nitpicks would be minor coloring things like a bit of a white brick peaking out in a few spots but you just can't complain about alt builds these good over something that petty. Although I did notice the white ingot pieces in the cockpit of the mid-sized ship (added in step 155 on page 94) interfere with the closing of the cockpit. You simply can't close the canopy all the way without removing those two white parts.
  5. 100% agreement on all of that! 😁
  6. I have to agree with TeriXeri. And I don't think they need to stick with blue & grey & trans yellow. An Ice Planet or Blacktron themed Creator set would be amazing. Or just any other Classic Space color scheme (white & trans blue for example). Oh and I think Creator Castle and Blacksmith were same year too, or very close.
  7. Still hoping for a Space themed Creator set.
  8. danth

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    People say this, but I disagree. The AT-AT is obviously a giant cat. Whereas the Alien Moon Stalker is more like a mechanical dinosaur. I rest my case. 🙂
  9. danth

    Disappointed by the new Galaxy Explorer

    This was great, I was cracking up immediately. I'm kind of sad you gave the game away at the end; I would have loved to see the angry responses!
  10. danth

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I can only think of one well known counter-example, Fry's Electronics. But they went out of business so...
  11. danth

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Yup, same here! And the other computer tile has a blue dot out of place. Didn't notice either issues until now.
  12. danth

    The Betrayal of Captain Magenta

    Oh man I love these recolors!
  13. danth

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I would love to see a re-imagining of 6970 with the new track; it's an amazing set. I finished the alt build for 918 (One Man Space Ship) last night! It's just amazing. I did a similar mod to @icm to get the pilot & steering while upright. Pretty trivial mod. But I noticed the Technic brick used to hold on the main thruster is red! And the red is very visible from the back. There's another red brick used in the removable antenna unit that is also visible. I can't remember if others complained about this...did they? The weirdest part is there are blue versions of both bricks that aren't used! So I just swapped them out for blue, solving the problem. But why didn't the instructions use the blue bricks? Weird! Also...boy is it tougher to build the alts! I had a hard time finding a few of the smaller parts. Can't go by bag number. And I didn't really have enough room to sort all the pieces out ahead of time...there are a lot!
  14. danth

    Classic Space Color meanings

    However, we have something better than the designer's commentary: the actual sets themselves. As early as 1978 we have red spacemen driving buggies, and in 1979 we have white spacemen piloting space ships. So the red & white job assignments go right out the window, pretty much immediately. It is true that the bigger spaceships from '78 to '81 were always shown with a red spaceman piloting, but that didn't last. And the red dudes were just as often grounded. Yellow astronauts being scientists doesn't make a lot of sense considering in 1983 they were piloting the flagship, and the red spaceman was in its science lab. And try to find any indication from the sets themselves that blue or black spacemen had any specific duty. There's none. So while it's fun to hear the designers recollections, those job assignments didn't make it into the sets themselves, other than the reds generally piloting the bigger spaceships in the first couple years. Any job assignments, if they were even official at all, were lax in the beginning and abandoned totally pretty quickly on.
  15. danth

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Interesting. I'm gonna need some examples.