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  1. I was super disappointed that this doesn't have the trans light blue cockpit as seen in the movie previews. It looked very cool (literally) with the white, but the clear cockpit is boring.
  2. Classic Space Mobile Laboratory

    That walker is adorable. It's so refreshing to see a Classic Space MOC that is actually designed for exploration and not death and destruction! So many MOCs these days are just war machines in Classic Space colors.
  3. Lego (TLG) 's economic woes

    Total speculation: Improved automation technology is allowing Lego to eliminate 1400 jobs. It's better PR to blame the layoffs on a drop in profit, however tiny.
  4. Ohh yeah baby! So many great MOCS will be made!
  5. In total agreement! If I saw that yellow Legoland banner on a new set I would probably faint!
  6. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    I've seen the catalog and there are no Space/Castle themed sets.
  7. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Okay. Personally I don't believe these will be themed. I'm guessing they are just generic boxes of bricks.
  8. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Is this confirmed? Source?
  9. (MOC) Space Construction Mech

    This is awesome. The only thing that would make it better is space for a pilot.
  10. I guess I should add a non-smart aleck answer. I like the U-Wing mainly because it's a fresh design that still feels like Star Wars.
  11. For real though, Star Wars designs have such boring colors.
  12. Mine is the new one with the giant transparent yellow canopy. 'Cuz down with Star Wars, up with Classic Space!
  13. Like a wild-card, Tim Gunn save kind of thing?
  14. I'm going to make a few alternate accounts to make sure my favorite in the Elf vs Scarecrow competition wins! Also Itaria PMed me that he's just going to wait until his favorite wins the tie and then end the vote.
  15. I was literally looking at the same thing last night and had the same thoughts! I don't think we'll know for sure until it's released, but I'm hoping for stickers in this case. I don't think prints generally touch the edges. For example I know the print on U-Wing fighter canopy doesn't.