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  1. danth

    [MOC] Cyberpunk Hoverbike

    Nice job! Always cool to see larger Lego figures used in MOCs like this.
  2. danth

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    How are parts sourced for these sets? Does Lego crank them out to order?
  3. danth

    Lego Creator Cyber Drone Multi-Builds

    Thanks friend! Glad to hear the builds are "spacey"! I think it's the open cockpits that make them feel like Classic Space for me. I really wanted to use the cylindrical pieces as "stands" for a base. The old bases were typically up on stanchions so it just felt right.
  4. danth

    Star Catcher: Transforming Space MOC

    Thanks! That means a lot to me!
  5. danth

    Star Catcher: Transforming Space MOC

    Here's a not-very-good stop motion gif showing the transformation: https://imgur.com/a/S2coDYz
  6. Hey guys! I have a MOC I want to share. I call it the Star Catcher. It transforms from this: To this: More pics in my flickr album. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys. I did some "multi-builds" of Lego Creator set 31111. Each of these was made only with parts from 2 copies of the set. First is a Moon Rover: Second is a Satellite Outpost with Hover Scooter and Generator: Nothing spectacular, but I thought these were fun and wanted to share. Thanks!
  8. danth

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Imagine what you could build with 10 copies of a modern version of this set: https://brickset.com/sets/5929-1/Knight-and-Castle-Building-Set Years ago I found out about this set and wanted to buy 20 copies just to build a huge castle. But I couldn't find very many available, so that didn't happen.
  9. danth

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I think Lego needs to realize that Classic-Themed Creator 3-1 sets don't have to be 1000 piece sets. Imagine $20 Creator Castle set with 2 minifigs with totally different gear. That gives you way more minifig bang for the buck with mix-and-match potential as well. Castle wall, armor shop, tree fort. Done. Throw in an ornamental armor set and now you have even more options. A forest man with a hood becomes a knight with a helmet.
  10. danth

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    We're getting a Countach??? YES. Damn. I only have one Speed champions set. Now I'll be forced to buy another. And them I'm afraid I won't be able to stop.
  11. Wow. Creator NASA-style space sets using the Classic Space logo was confusing to me. But now they're expanding that to City Space! They're basically merging Classic Space and NASA-style Space/City Space. Do I like it? Yes: This means new Classic Space torsos to use in Space MOCs. And it's kinda cool to see some kind of legacy for Classic Space besides just oblivion. No: This means Classic Space is basically "grounded". It's a signal that the future for Classic Space is the present-day, on or around Earth. But I want deep-space Sci-Fi, not NASA-style sets. It also means, most likely, boring colors. More white & orange ships with clear wind screens. Anyway, I see a blue jumpsuit and a lot of "scientists". I project that they will be in an Earth-bound, "research" Moon base set.
  12. I mainly made that prediction because 1) I was trying to be as cynical as possible since that's been very predictive so far and 2) I was thinking of the last City Space moon rover which, according to the box art/instructions, was actually a test rover that was shown driving on earth. I know the recent Rover Explorer creator set was shown on another planet and also had a base alt build. Not sure what that means for my little theory. It could have something to do with being a creator set, or being something close enough to a real, current NASA project, or that my theory is just totally bunk. Or maybe they got some legal clarification on what exactly is allowed. Ooh, I have a response to this somewhere...*shuffles through notes*... Ah. Here! I would say the unwillingness to do a real Sci-Fi/Classic Space Creator set is yet more mounting evidence of this. They've done Pirates, they've done Castle, and this year they're doing...Vikings? WTF? How long can people deny that Lego really, really doesn't want to do non-licensed Sci Fi space sets?