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  1. You cannot possibly believe this. The first year ever, after 20+ steady years, that there were no Lego Space sets was 2000. This was immediately after the first ever Star Wars sets in 1999. Then, in 2001 when Space sets returned, they were on Mars. Firmly in the real world, in our own solar system. Not deep space, not out in the galaxy. Not anything that could be confused with Star Wars. Then nothing for six years while Star Wars movies were in theatres. Finally, in 2007 we got Lego Space sets again. On Mars...again. And just in time not to compete with the Revenge of the Sith sets. Then we get pretty steady Lego Space on the shelves until 2014. Guess what happens the year after? The Force Awakens. Every shred of evidence points to some non-competition strategy to keep in-house Space sets off the shelves when there are Star Wars movies being made.
  2. Star Wars is an old school sci-fi theme. The designs are from the 70's...same as Classic Space and Kubrick. The space ship designs from all three are from the same era and very similar. Star Wars fandom is all nostalgia...What's the difference? And it's not even what kids want that matters. It's mostly adults buying SW sets and teaching their kids to like them. You're right about kids not wanting blue and gray wedge ships. They want just gray wedge ships...like Star Destroyers. Or plain gray hamburger ships like the Millenium Falcon. Or the same Jedi Starfighter wedge ship over and over again. The fact is people will buy whatever they see in movies or on TV. Benny's Spaceship sold just fine because people saw it in the movie. The reason we don't have Classic Space sets is because Star Wars is a huge cash cow. Not because kids wouldn't like them. Anyway. We all know the answer to this. Creator sets. Just make one decent, non-licensed Castle and Space creator set each year. Give it enough parts to be versatile and people will buy them in multiples.
  3. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Another by Kobalt, this has a real 80's sci-fi vibe to me. Space MultiTool:
  4. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Heck yeah, man! You always find the coolest retro/art deco MOCs. I would never stumble on to these. That LL111x NOZ has a such a beautiful shape. I wonder how fiddly those clipped-on tiles are. Obliterator Rex with Storm Raptors by Garry: Drillmaster by Moko:
  5. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Great color scheme! I like this Cat Mech by Kobalt:
  6. You know, I already poo-pooed this idea, but it's a pretty interesting point. I will say that the Arrowhead and Scavenger are some of the most interesting and novel designs to come out of the SW universe for some time. I'm pretty tempted to get the Scavenger to be honest.
  7. I'm just saying don't count your roosters before they hatch. We can't claim that something that has yet to happen proves that Lego cares about us Space fans.
  8. Flying police cars: not space City space/NASA: space but not what we mean by Lego "Space" i.e. not sci-fi Star Wars: not in-house Nexo Knights: not space Bat Man: not space, not in-house Rumors: not space
  9. I tried to add a space background. Meh, looks ok.
  10. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    Solar Power Transport Remake by Frost: Also by Frost, this GREY:Tron Monorail: Hey @LegoMonorailFan did you get a load of the above? :D Cool mech by kenny_yan: Gentle Starman by Erik: Dart by Tyler Sky
  11. Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    This one is great! Love the red stripe. It matches the red on the printed panel. I like this Super Rover by Bongobert:
  12. Time To Charge!

    Adorable. Reminds me of this guy:
  13. Best Lego Ideas projects

    I could go for either of these. That Inn would go well with the deluxe Castle sets like the Village Raid and Medieval Market. And that exploration vehicle looks pretty Spacy...
  14. Thanks guys! And @Digger of Bricks, this was the first LEGO contest I've ever entered and it would not have happened had you not mentioned it in The Embassy. Also having discussions with people like you and @LegoMonorailFan really inspired me to get back into building.