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  1. 2018 Creator Sets

    The three vehicle sets look really cool!
  2. Wow, I am jealous of your childhood! You had almost everything! And your pieces look very well cared for. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Survey: New parts and new colors

    Yeah those are all good picks. I'm surprised you guys didn't include this one though. I've wanted that in trans yellow ever since it was on a Lego Movie poster with Benny.
  4. A pair of darts

    A very similar part exists in trans red: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=x224&colorID=17&in=A It's two studs shorter though. I like the red stripes in the black sections. It nicely accentuates the "Police" printed pieces.
  5. Survey: New parts and new colors

    That piece is legit amazing.
  6. [MOC] My broken heart.

    Nice parts use.
  7. [MOC] My broken heart.

    Haunting! NPU for the eyes.
  8. Got it on the first try! Anything Classic Space or Classic Castle. The minifigures we got recently were great, but something with a small build (small spaceship or castle wall) would be amazing.
  9. [MOC] RSS Korolev

    That is insanely cool!
  10. LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Space Dacta set: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/143418-lego-educational-dacta-discussion-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2859477
  11. I didn't notice the window panes. Awesome! As for the roller coaster, the cars grip the track much like a monorail grips its track. But I don't see any way to motorize it. Also I don't even see wheels on those cars -- maybe they just slide along? Also the cars are too small.
  12. Galaxy Commander > Galaxy Explorer?

    Wow no love for the Commander around here. I have a soft spot for it. It looks wintery in white and blue, and the transparent green, yellow, and red pieces almost look like Christmas lights. So if you don't like the Galaxy Commander, my question for you is: why do you hate Christmas? Also it's modular. It has a command base that attaches to the main craft, and the fore section can detach into a very swooshable twin-seated fighter. What's not to love? The Galaxy Commander, in my mind, is the set that proved that Lego Space was an institution. The first wave with the Galaxy Explorer was the introduction, and the second wave with the Starfleet Commander was a continuation, but the Galaxy Commander meant the Space was a theme that had lasting power and plenty more tricks up its sleeve.
  13. Void Raven

    Yeah, on second thought I would for sure complain about that. Maybe trans purple? That would probably look amazing on this model.
  14. Void Raven

    This is insanely cool. I would not be disappointed at all if Blacktron 3 looked like this.
  15. (MOC) 2780 moon rover

    Those wheels. Only a mad genius could come up with those.