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  1. Hi, here some of the machines built for using in the Æmilia Brick Farm: Hi, here some of the machines built for using in Æmilia Brick Farm
  2. helos

    Æmilia Brick Farm

    Hi, pleased to present the latest Æmiliabricks Lug work, a typical farm of our country. It required a long work and many buckets of pieces. This version is a work in progress as we still have to refine many details. Hope you all enjoy it.
  3. helos

    Renfe 252.057 - Spain

    I like very much this machine and its livery. Great interpretation with good job on the top. Can't wait to see your next creations Well done as well the cereal hopper, high detailed and of course the choice of that nice and brilliant color scheme which emerge from the typical matt gray of these wagons.
  4. Sara, a friend of mine and a "Friends" entusiasth like you, was not very happy when I went to her home searching for inspiration but, above all, pieces among her collection. Nice and colorful places in your Home Country! The baseplate of the Old Fishing Store and the other baseplates are on the exhibition tables. It's the sea who is lowered of 2 bricks. We developed this simply solution for giving to the harbor a more realistic look, to increase the tridimensionality. This is the scheme:
  5. Thank you so much guys for your comments. I very appreciate them and I'm glad you like the details. I try to capture the elements that characterize a scene or subject, perhaps because I was also a modeller , even if with Legos it's more difficult. Recently I was on an island and of course went to the fish and fruit market. I thought: this seems to me like I've already seen it somewhere! There were also many beautiful big umbrellas with hundreds color. You can't have everything! I also couldn't imagine positive comments for using old, discolored and scratched bricks as many people do not like these mixes to give an aged look to buildings. I think instead that they work well if used with moderation. Now there are a couple of buildings missing to complete this little village, some little scenes and a small fleet of fishing boats. The only one there is came out by modifying a Creator set . Thank you all again.
  6. First time I post here. I generally build trains moc, related buildings and accessories. Now I'm courious to know what do you think about this moc I made to complete the harbor area in our diorama city at Model Expo, our lug main event which was on March 17 / 18th. (you can see something else, a huge Dolomite mountain here in the Train Tech ) When we made the project, we had an harbor full of cranes, containers, hopper wagons, industrial plants and so on, but nothing for reproducing something like a little village of fishermen or something else to put near the new Lego set of fisherman house. While my daughetr and his boyfriend were building up that set and I had only to watch them (it was MY Christmas gift ), I thought to build a market of fish and vegetables to put beside. At least something to build on the topics with the instructions only on my mind! It was funny and unusual to me searching into BL for finding fishes, lobsters, cherries, carrots and other "strange" Lego pieces that I never considered before. I went to a fellow of my group for rummaging among the peces of her "Friends" collection . Found watermelons, juice packs, commercial insignias and other usefull pieces. I also found a very interesting box full of white old used Lego pieces ready for the trash. As I experienced yet, did a mix of new and used pieces for the buildings with good effect to my taste. Found even a shark head into an Harry Potter big mix: at first I thought it was a broken piece but at the end found a reusage. Unfortunately we had only a day for setting up the diorama of nearly 30 meters full of moc, trains, carousels and a reproduction of a Dolomite, so we couldn't finish well the pier to merge the old fishing store and the market as we lost the little bag with pieces. Two months for gathering into a large box the pieces I thought suitable then five evening sessions of building up. Thanks to my fellow Jader who supplied the minifigures, as I'm not so teached about. Of course lots of particular to improve and your comments to consider. Well here it is: the fish work and exposure area great catch and a very kich insignia the vegeables and fruits area The people The ice creams and sweets vendor machine An old warehouse needed a modern refrigerator to preserve the fresh fish. A quicly solution came out with a container from my trains collection, a bit inclined for liquids draining.
  7. I'm back home then gathered and posted here some behind the scenes shots and some techniques used. Two modules I realized with a mountain shelter. Behind you can see a previous module for supporting the monolithic rocks. We swithched to a wood support for security reasons. The solution I used for the arch of the double rail portal The double portal built upside down for using a large combination of normal slopes which are easier and cheaper to find instead of the inverted ones. The slopes inverted have also a lack of types.
  8. This creation required 105,000 pieces plus 8,000 pieces for the tunnel entrances. I can full understand your love for the Dolomites as I'm a climber too. I think those wonders of our Earth astonish everyone at first sight, but as you did, be in a close touch with those unique sceneries grows a special feeling inside you. That's why your subjective view. Your're a skilled moccer and this beautiful and huge fair offers the opportunity to be a great team of enthusiasts! Each presence is a value added. funny with a too shortly final. We'll improve the next. Hit the subject! The model is by Massimo Bmacro. He realized it some years ago: His gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/95725803@N07/ Thanks Zephir! For the trains, great show thanks to an enthusiasts big team!
  9. Yeah, I thiink a good show but unfortunately without your presence my dear fellow. Great picture wich collects many trains fan at once. Regarding the avatar, that is shot to another mountain. Thanks Kieran The portals are built in two different techniques. The archs in the single portals are simply realized with a proper angle turn of the 2x2 tiles. The double portal arch required lots of test for finding a proper bend of a brick pile to follow the shape obtained with slopes. The whole structure is built upside down then reversed onto the first rows of the base bricks. The two portals required nearly 8,000 pieces. The mountain is divided into two main assembly: the green base and 3 monolite tops. The green base is built on modules of 2 baseplates each which make easy the transportation of them. Unfortunately I do not have posted pictures anywhere. I’m currently abroad and can’t do this. I can only post this video of the placement. The 3 tops were originally placed on a support made out of Lego bricks and plates but we had to switch to a support made out of wood. The Lego pilons well support the static weight but if any pushes occur the Lego structure collapses. (if it doesn’t glued)
  10. I’m not sure about the mountaineers. The UFO certainly crashed on the farm roof after a nvigation system failure caused by interferences ot the big Dolomite. I’m pleased you like the build, thanks. The whole mountain required lots of hours of twelve afols work. I think nearly 30 building sessions along 6 months. Several nice trains were present ad the show -I posted randomly some of them. Thanks for your reply. Thanks Thomas. I also agree that sometimes is nice to see the face behind an avatar. Thanks my dear fellow.
  11. Hi everyone, after a long time I'm back here to present the Tre Cime of Lavaredo, a Unesco World Heritage in the Dolomites, Italian Alps. A creation I built with some fellows of our CLV Lug. Well, I thought this huge moc built with thousands of bricks fits well on a diorama if there is a proper tunnel for trains. I built two portals for a double track with 2 different solutions. I developed a large arched classic portal for two rails inspired to those on the 5 Terre line in Liguria and a double portal inspired to the North side of Sempione tunnel. Hope you all would appreciate these solutions. The Tre Cime of Lavaredo were presented last weekend for the first time at the Model Expo Italy in Verona. This big mountain was positioned on the CLV diorama city of about 30 meters. Below you will find some images shot at Verona venue which are part of our Lego Trains show. The west portal is inspired by those of the Riomaggiore station, a railway that winds along the Ligurian coast of the Mediterranean Sea and runs through mountains, bridges and terraces just up on the sea. Here a double heading of R4C Vossloh Mak G2000 The East portal is inspired to the one at the North entrance of Traforo del Sempione, a railway between Italy and Switzerland. The ÖBB 1216 020 "175 Jahre Eisenbahn für Österreich" built by Massimo Bmacro The E414 heading a Frecciabianca built by Matteo MapuDJ A lego version of the ÖBB Feuerwehr Taurus Another Taurus in black MRCE livery A G2000 in a livery of a Company of my Town. A special thanks to Emanuele LT12Volts wich has developed an excellent interpretation of this machine which is apparently easy to built in Lego. He gave me his project. Here a video of some trains in action Finally, please allow me to post a shot that is very dear to me. It was taken at the Model Expo 2017 and collects many Italian lego train fans. Emanuele this year could not join us. Bianchino, LT12Volts, MapuDJ, Bolto@, Legofan99, Helos,Bmacro, Roby, Ex cinno, Jaymz HD
  12. helos


    Well my dear friend, nice to see again this reproduction and some enthusiasts who appreciate it and share interesting suggestions. I think for the next step the Gran Confort coaches might be increased in lenght up to 56 studs and a more updated solution for the on board devices low cowling. For the turtle some studs more and might be checked the proposed new windshield and front I'm longingly waiting for TLG prints this in dark blue so this loco might be built in DB, a more proper color . We pretend that this loco in Lego standard blue is a weathered version.
  13. helos


    You all have already made comments about this excellent Lego reproduction. As this train has a particular charm I just want to write a few curiosity about it and its some unique features considering that the Settebello project was born in the late forties and appeared in 1952. It started running in the midst of steam locomotives onto railway lines that unfortunately were not proper for a such modern machine so limiting its performances. The shape come obviously from aviation rules, the excellent boogies for high speed and comfort were designed witout the use of computers, the panoramic lounges for passenger at each extremity side but above all, the whole train had a climate control and unbelieveble. ...... there was a public phone booth for passengers !!! At that time half of the population did not even have the phone in the house. The Arlecchino, smaller vrsion with 4 carriages instead of 7, takes its name from the character of traditional comedy Harlequin with a multi-colors costume. - each train carriage had tapestries and coatings with different colour from the others. Very trasgressive at that time . Well done Bmacro.
  14. helos

    BR 59-035

    I have to repeat myself: you always astonish us with your creations. As usual all the secrets are revelead by well detailed pics. You are great for doing this and won the challenge realizing and giving us an interesting subject of a climber steam loco. Yes it was a slow unit but it was a no rack solution It's amazing to see a Lego six aces in action with the rod linkages in motion. Your well-proven system of double engine works really well. Who knows if this model can climb a steep ramp Well done again my dear friend and thanks for the videos.
  15. helos

    BR 41-360

    I'm really impressed for this new creation. What I have to say? Simply thanks for delighted us again . Above our fellows have expressed lots of builder lovely emotions I'm really happy you've built one of my favourite steam machine. I like the graceful shape of this nearly big loco. Thyese machines worked hard before and after the war pulling each type of convoy They were so versatile and working easily in pair pulling heavy freight trains even. The BR41 had their best time after the renovation during fifthies at the head of the most luxury trains like the Alpen Express, the mithic Rheingold, the Italien Skandinavien Express and Touropa. You've built :thumbup: one of the lastest version, suitable for those famous trains. It is recognizable for the absence of the steam dome on the boiler upper side. The new boiler like the one you've posted above was made in welded steel and the machine was oil fueled instead of coal. So if you want complete your creaure you can choose widely. What are you waiting for? Take tthat wheelbarrow of bricks then start :laugh: