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  1. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Ideas Treehouse Review

    The LEGO ideas Treehouse gets a 60 second review
  2. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Overwatch Bastion

    I love that LEGO is making Overwatch sets so we made this animation of bastion
  3. We got our hands on one of the largest sets from LEGO movie 2. Here's our review
  4. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Spider-Man: into the LEGO verse

    Thanks for the kind words! and thanks for the embedding, I wasn't sure why that hadn't worked. It's pretty spectacular to create movies with LEGO bricks, I'm glad to be able to share our latest project!
  5. DigitalWizards

    Waffles and Milk

    This looks delicious! had to do a double take, I thought you used real syrup!
  6. Here's our love letter to Stan Lee and Spider-Man
  7. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Overwatch Review

    Who's excited for the LEGO Overwatch sets! I had the chance to look at all the LEGO Overwatch sets in great detail. Here is my review
  8. We created the first stop motion in VR180. This is a love letter to the Last Jedi Throne Room scene. Pls tell me what you think of this format
  9. To reduce flicker you should: blackout windows, wear dark clothing, set your software to blackout during capture. If you still have flicker you can use Deflicker plugin for Premiere. It does cost some $$$ though.
  10. We use a Canon 5d or Canon Rebel T7i, Canon L Series 100mm lens, Omni Slider and Omni Head for Motion Control and Dragonframe for capture.
  11. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Batman in VR

    Ever wondered what a LEGO City made from 250,000 LEGO pieces looks like? LEGO Batman takes a spin through Gotham city in this fun filled VR adventure video.
  12. DigitalWizards

    Jurassic Disney World

    This is what happens when Disney world opens a Jurassic World ride. Tell us what you think in the comments
  13. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Spiderman

    Spiderman and Green Goblin face off in the City. It took Master builders from all over Southern California come together to build a 15 ft long LEGO City. Enjoy! What do you all think? Who would you like to see fight Spiderman next?
  14. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Overwatch House

    If you like Blizzard's Overwatch video game you will love Overwatch House! Lots of custom MOCs and minifigs throughout this 5 part web series we created. What video game should we animate next?