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  1. Seltz

    Favorite Space Line?

    Blacktron 1! Wonderful prints on the minifigs, and the simplicity of black+trans yellow+sparse white+accented trans red is a very appealing color scheme to me. The sets were very well designed too imo.
  2. Seltz

    2016 UCS Reaction

    I would love another minifig-scale UCS craft, but I doubt that'll happen.
  3. Absolutely beautiful. I have no criticisms.
  4. Seltz

    [MOC] Delta Class DX-9 Stormtrooper transport

    Is it supposed to be this? If so, it's slightly off but it's still bearing great resemblance. Either way, the detailing is fitting and the overall build quality is as great as your AT-ST and AT-DP.
  5. Seltz

    Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One

    nono, it's just that everything rey did had no bearing on any divergence from a male lifestyle or any specific male or female experience or *anything at all* that could be considered exclusive to a female character. you could seriously swap boyega with her and have the same story with pronouns swapped. disney admits that a female protagonist has bearing in a truly artistic story, but taking such a risk in attempting to be objectively respectable as a sci-fi work will be a shady bet for all their investors. RO has the same "hey look it's a girl, we're feminist now ok hehe" feeling to it. again, no recognition of female lifestyle that is shared with life in reality. boyega's character has the expectation to be a strong, stoic, unfeeling strongman, like 90% of males in reality, but rey has none of that. despite living on an impoverished slave planet, she is PERFECTLY kept and astoundingly beautiful. wouldn't an orphaned, neglected, seasoned warrior woman of an outer rim planet look out of place in a fancy photoshoot? not in disney's star wars, at least. [i'm done ranting about the new star wars btw, no further posts will be on this subject as it's completely divorced from the thread topic. legos from here on out.]
  6. Seltz

    Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One

    it won't be. the mouse will remind you that the only quality you see in their star wars works is there to coax people with standards to see it because it will have competently choreographed action and good cg. they know they can't let their toy-selling cash cow get too hard to understand, so they took their masculine-written main character and swapped the pronouns because kids don't care if femininity is treated as an accessory instead of something special, interesting, or a source of pride. they took what is supposed to be a terrible, galaxy-wide civil war that claimed trillions of lives and destroyed entire planets and turned it into some nonsensical social obstructionism where you "just rebel". i've always liked gareth edwards as a director, but it's obvious that all movies supervised by disney will have to hit certain arbitrary overtones that nobody wants in star wars. i almost feel bad for buying licensed star wars LEGO, but it's not like anything else i buy won't have money going to an equally terrible corporation. even if there was, they'd have to really screw up to make stuff like this not eye-catching.
  7. Seltz

    Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One

    Vader is kinda-sorta in the movie, and iirc it's already been confirmed by the mouse that there will be no force/lightsaber users as major characters.
  8. Seltz

    Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One

    RIP Kyle Katarn
  9. Seltz

    Future Star Wars Sets

    YES, this. Grey flight suits would be better though IMO, we already have so many different variations of the orange suit (which are still readily available in the lower priced sets).
  10. Seltz

    [SWEU] - Cat. B - I-7 Howlrunner

    I've always loved the Howlrunner but could never find a good LEGO rendition. Until now. 10/10 boi
  11. Seltz

    Future Star Wars Sets

    We really do need a big set filled with new molds/prints for specific aliens. I'd love heads for Aqualish, and new patterns for the existing Trandoshan, Rodian, and Mon Calamari head molds. Maybe it could be a big Cantina-style set that only features the characters and interior features of the cantina? Mandalorians with mottled grey armor like the newest shadow trooper incarnations and no specific colorization would be great too.
  12. Seltz

    [MOD] Y-TIE & TYE-Wing: Galactic Uglies

    These are really good! Great to see that I'm not the only guy who likes uglies here.
  13. MOCs like this are why i still drop by here. 10/10 my man, keep being rad
  14. Seltz

    [MOC] Yet another UCS AT-AT

    this is the best UCS AT-AT I've ever seen. i wish LEGO would release something like this. would have no problem with a $500+ price point.