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  1. Yissam♥ hops into the speeder, keeping a hand hovering over the magical power unit on her armor. "Remind me to squeeze some extra out of our employer, would you? This briefcase seems nearly as valuable as the speeder!"
  2. Yissam♥ disables the grav lock mechanism and takes a peek at each other folder in the following order: HIGHEST BIDDER, In, and Out.
  3. Yissam♥ quietly tiptoes over to the work bench and attempts to access the computer.
  4. "I suppose we do!" Yissam♥'s indignant whispering was a little rushed. She'd been hoping to sabotage the truck somehow, but she can't seem to come up with a decent way around the fence. With a sigh, she follows Kirwin, Prism Gauntlet at the ready. Getting ambushed was not on today's agenda...
  5. Around the corner, Yissam♥ waves her hands on the periphery of Bers' sightline, wincing and gesturing wildly for him to bring it down. Just a little. It seemed like Merei and Kirwin had their way in, but it didn't seem quite right to leave Bers all on his lonesome. Of course, if he manages to get in...she might have a new problem. Sneaking in was still very much an option, just not a very enticing one. Yissam♥ skirts over to the warehouse's side, trying to get a good look at the fence and barbed wire, as well as what might be behind it.
  6. Yissam♥ looks around the corner at the thugs, sizing them up with a critical eye. They definitely weren't winning any Scintillating Streamer awards anytime soon. Pulling her head back, she gives Bers a pleased grin, and nods. "It's dramatic! It's decisive! You sir have the Yissam♥ seal of approval. In fact-" She reaches to her belt, unclipping the AV Rig and reprogramming it at lightning speed for a bass-heavy volume synthesizer. Activating it, she hands the sticker-plastered device over to Bers so that he can equip it. "Here, just let this lil guy hover over your shoulder. If you need to give 'em a scare, it'll give you a liiiiiittle bit more punch, guaranteed!"
  7. "Well, sneaking around really isn't my forte. I'm much more of a planetary center-of-attention kind of girl. But if we do, Kirwin and I miiiight be able to toy around with their security systems. I'm a-okay with trying to sneak up to the warehouse."
  8. "Sounds like you ought to find a better line of work, hmm? Maybe start with an apology to the people working down at the Red Comet! I'm sure they'd appreciate it." Yissam♥ turns her head towards the group. "For now, it sounds like we've got places to be, and not a lot of time to be in them. I'm ready to move out whenever you guys are!"
  9. "Hey, I've filmed WAY worse!! Trust me, I learned from my lesson from FLATLINE! That was by far the most poorly received segment in my channel's history. Anyway, that'll fix itself up in no time! If you notice any weird planar distortions around your wrist, do NOT move, Phantasmagoric magic is finnicky like that." "Oh, don't let us interrupt! Go on. Really."
  10. Hey, half of Akharif are rock people, blood may as well just be a funny shade of paint there! Views will quadruple as chat tries to smoke out the BBEG of every mission. It'll be great.
  11. "...Good thing I invested in an automatic censor." Yissam♥ awkwardly rubs the back of her neck. Then quickly turns to shoot a fingergun and a wink at the AV Rig. "Looks like we're in a heck of a pickle, huh? We'll hit you with PARTY BOMB next time, Ssamies! Byeee!" Quickly shutting the thing down, she looks a little exasperated. "Can you cool it with the screaming?! You are MURDERING my show's vibe..." With a grumble, Yissam♥ rotates the glowing core on her armor and she inputs some more code with one hand. Reality starts to bubble around Sid's stump as she attempts to cast Entropic Mending for a momentary reversal of the bleeding.
  12. Same. Life busy. "There's a time for thinking, Merei, and a time for explosive, beautiful action." Turning to wink at the camera, Yissam♥ waves to her fans as she enters the elevator, AV Rig follow close behind. "Keep an eye on Bers, everyone! He's a party machine."
  13. I thought it was obvious we were headed here from the second I introduced Atramor. My grand scheme is complete.
  14. "Easy! Tune that terminal into Ætherspace Channel 745.711.198, would you?" With a grin, Yissam♥ fiddles with the AV Rig, having it float over to the side of the desk to get both she and Uliz in the frame. With one hand, she pops open the fizzing tab of her Essence of Glibness, sipping it with the practiced poise of someone who's done many soda advertisement. With her other hand, she gestures the party to come over. "Alright gang, get in the shot, get in the shot, looks like we're doing this!! Ahh, the fans are gonna LOVE this. Everyone speak up if you've got something to say, their attention spans are like plasma mosquitos. We are on in five-" Wiping a smudge off of her stony hair and adjusting her cape, Yissam♥ takes a very deep breath. "-four- three- two- HAAAAIYAAAA!! WELCOME BACK, SSAMIES!! You are watching YES It’s YISSAM♥ on Ætherspace Channel 745.711.198, Akharif’s 45th most popular streaming sensation!! 20 hours a rotation, 7 days a week, 100 times the Yissam♥!!!" She flashes a wink at the AV Rig and sweeps her cape behind her to show off her surroundings. On her eye-watering Ætherspace Channel, there are dozens on dozens of flashing animations, filters, and flying icons every time Yissam♥ so much as lifts a pinky. The screen is shaking in time with non-existent bass as colored lights that are definitely not actually there flash in the background. "I am hitting you up LIVE from the sprawling capitalist hellscape of Cosmopli! But this ain't your average everyday Oblique Politique Critique stream: this surprise stream is courtesy of The Squad, my elite team of shock-artists, floor-busters, and rabble-rousing Party Lords! BERS, the Minibar! KIRWIN, the DJ! MEREI, the Spotlight! And we're joined here for this stream by our ultra special guest, ULIZ, the GUARDIAN OF PARTYTIN'!" The names and designation she's spitting out fly by on stream. When she reaches Uliz, the screen seems to shake and explode, detonating as though as it was at the heart of a supernova. The pieces of video footage rapidly re-assemble themselves afterward. The visual effects are impressive if migraine-inducing. "And as you might have guessed, we are here today to drop a PARTY BOMB!! On two VERY special guests waiting just upstairs! To get there, Yissam♥ needs your help, Ssamies! Uliz is bound not to let us up with anything less than Extreme Ultra Maximum Party Levels- so do your favorite Stratitarian streamer a favor and FILL! THAT! CHAT!" Yissam♥ points to and winks at the camera. Indeed, even on this short notice, the stream's chat is utterly flooded in response to her performance.