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  1. I have to go take care of some stuff so I'll be back later, but thanks for a great game Hinck!! And great work to you too, jimmynick, you did excellent for being alone most of the game.
  2. 1. Will be on vacation for three or four days, but it falls within the 21-27 timeframe. I take that back, it's been moved from the 31st-3rd. I'll have phone access still but my main focus will be on vacation. If that's an issue I understand if it would get in the way of the game. 2. I'm a fan of BioShock. 3. None of you're business, none of they're business.
  3. Amazing. Town nailed a scum on day one and immediately started getting lynched over it. Sorry to everyone I helped directly or indirectly get voted off as a result of suspecting McCoy. Almost handed them the win over that decision. Whoops. Thanks for a great game Bob and all the other players. Been a long time, but I remember why mafia can be so enjoyable.
  4. Vote: Dr. McCoy (Umbra-Manis) Yeah, your insight would actually be greatly appreciated here assuming you're townie. Which one of us do you find most suspicious?
  5. I seriously can't believe that Uhura was town after all that analysis on day four and her reactions yesterday. Neither do I, honestly. Uhura's going to be pissed if it turns out her day one target was actually a scum. So we lynch McCoy today, cross our fingers and pray even harder tonight?? I'm seriously going to throw myself out an airlock if there's a day seven.
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and Vote: Uhura/Chromknight for...reasons posted yesterday and whatnot. I'm tired.
  7. Hell yeah! I'm thinking Uhura. Based on what Chapel and I analyzed yesterday, I think it gels a lot better. It's like a tremendous weight has been beamed off my shoulders...
  8. Yeah, it's a pretty miserable possibility to contemplate.
  9. That's your secret, Lieutenant Commander. You're always paranoid. This goes with what I said a minute ago: If we lynch Sulu and he's town, then it's you, me, Chapel, Uhura, and McCoy. I really don't think it's Uhura and McCoy. So that leaves either Uhura and you/Chapel, McCoy and you/Chapel, or you and Chapel. I'm not laying the groundwork to lynch either of you, but am I wrong in saying we're going to have to analyze the hell out of eachother either way if we're wrong about Sulu?
  10. I have to admit, that's a pretty compelling reason....damn it, I should've been looking at the scum this whole time!
  11. That last part is probably why McCoy is still around at all. Speaking of which, why is he suddenly off the list after three days? Because people have your feet over the fire? If this is your best answer to my one question, you're confirming a lot of my concerns about you. I'd sooner believe it's you and Chapel than believe it's Uhura and McCoy. But I don't want to get to the point where anyone has to make that kind of choice, if we can avoid it. I don't think anyone wants to have to suspect their only townreads. I voted Sulu.
  12. My analysis was made to total Uhura's contributions and look at the context around them to get a better idea of her mindset here. While she looks more suspicious in hindsight, as I said, I find you more suspicious because of what went down yesterday. Might've been lost in that post, but let me re-iterate. I found you as initially suspicious as I did Chekov. Your response to his poke (well, your response was to Scotty, after you entirely ignored Chekov's poke) was weird, and you seemed oblivious to the problem in your defense: townies should not be rolling over like that. Every accusation (and particularly ones involving actual votes) need to be taken seriously unless we want to spend our time lynching more of us. That, and I think Chapel's considerations about team make-up to be some valuable insight. As she said, I don't think there's a chance in hell it's McCoy and Uhura. You're the common denominator among the other two. If you come up scum, we're in great shape. If you come up town, it...means I need to re-evaluate pretty much everything and start looking at Chapel and Scotty. Really unclear wording on my part here, sorry. While I find Uhura more suspicious than I did previously in hindsight, I still find you, Sulu, more suspicious overall.
  13. Because of how dumb quoting is now I'm going to make three different posts in quick succession and pray they merge. Wish me luck. So....Uhura is correct about Uhura. This sort of behavior is pretty typical of her. I feel I've spent some time with her in the past. Not to make that sound weird or anything. But the idea that only Romulans push for particular outcomes is...a weird idea to have. Townies push for the outcome of getting scum lynched. They don't all sheep along...I get that you're not a particularly active member of this crew, but this is just patently false, Uhura. People don't act in reverse when they're scum. They'd at least attempt to go about their regular routines. I don't like that your answers here boil down to "I know you're active Scotty, but I'm not and that's why I'm townie". Granted, I don't really know what to expect out of your answers. Also, as I type I realize McCoy just said this. And Scott, so...this ain't particularly revealing. It looks like some of Uhura's contributions have already been laid out here (clearly didn't take very long) and looking back...well, as I said, this is all pretty typical of her. But as Scotty put earlier, apparently acting normal is no longer a townread. I will say, the day one vote is an kind of an interesting light now. Uhura's been skating along on relatively low activity, a change of pace from casting the first real vote on day one. I said in past days that's a pretty townie move. Like, it's been the main reason I've been discounting Uhura, personally. But it...contradicts how she's been acting since then. That's not a lot to go on, but we spent so much time focused on latter votes of the McCoy bandwagon and never at the originator...since, why would a scum be there? You know...pushing for a particular outcome? The other thing, admittedly also kind of thin, but maybe not: who has Uhura spoken about that wasn't an immediate lynching concern? Since it's such an insignificant investment of time I went back and got the recordings of everything Uhura has ever said until today. Fluff, whatever. The notable day one first genuine vote. Okay, an actually interesting tidbit. Not damning quite yet, but good to note for the proceeding posts. Fluff. Last post of day one. Moving onto day two: Defending her last day one post against McCoy. Fair enough... Here she's responding to Chekov's post, actually. He questioned why she had to be the one looking for a new lynch candidate "particularly when you were banging the drum for McCoy." She doesn't respond to that particular line. Hmmm. McCoy called out the weak last post of day one and says she'd be better off staying silent lest she confuse future analysis as to who she voted for. So in response, she becomes critical of the strategy that is pretty much her defense today. The one she's actively embracing as her "personal playstyle." Hasn't aged particularly well. She also apparently regains confidence in suspecting McCoy as she hops on his bandwagon, this time being the third vote on him. And this is kind of the only reason why. So she goes from casting the very first stone against McCoy in early day one to becoming ambivalent about his scumminess and supports Spock's lynch at the end of the day. The next day, McCoy pushes her about this last post and I guess that's enough to turn "ambivalent about his scumminess" back to "I'm going to vote for you." I know we were struggling for a solid candidate at that point, but it feels more like a flimsy excuse to jump on easy bandwagon than anything. Here Uhura is talking about something Sulu said about the lynch bandwagons and the scum and townies on them. The first paragraph regards his "small possibility" that both Kyle and McCoy are town, the second regarding what he already said was highly unlikely, both being scum. That's whatever. The rest of what he said you can glean from what I've bolded. It is kind of stating the obvious. Last post of day two. Day three. A change from "ambivalent about his scumminess", but I guess since he's her easy vote now... See? I don't deny I see her point, but she hasn't offered any analysis, or made any real effort to question him, or done...anything about these suspicions she's suddenly a lot less ambivalent about, other than vote for him and make that little exchange on day two (that McCoy initiated). It doesn't take being super active to at least do that much. If he's so scummy now, and he's such an easy target, and she actually wants to get McCoy lynched, why isn't she pushing anyone about it??? It's like slow motion tunnel vision. Uhura corrects Chekov about her day two vote and then makes a really vague observation about something Scotty said. As someone who talked a lot about Chekov and Sulu on day three, as far as I'm concerned? The only reason Chekov got lynched over Sulu is because he completely blew up and Sulu didn't. That little saga pretty closely intertwines the two of them. They were both valid candidates (as far as the exchange I outlined was concerned) until Chekov destabilized. I don't know what to take away from this second sentence, maybe she's trying to poke Scotty, if you find two people suspicious, you're going to have to pick one to lynch. In any case, that wasn't the case here,'s just a weird thing to ask. And then legitimate concern about the Chekov vote. Then again, it's not like she's been actively trying to get McCoy lynched, she just unvotes him and switches it after an actual case is brought up against somebody else. Once more, I get the point, but...let me put it this way. I keep saying I'm ambivalent on McCoy. The only reason I ever voted for him was to "close the case", I think was the phrase I used. Looking back...nobody ever really investigated that case. Uhura OPENS the case, and then suggests that people not actively wanting to CLOSE the case might be scum (valid point), but she has provided pretty much nothing whatsoever to the case itself. I might actually suspect McCoy if anyone, maybe the person that votes him every single day, does some analysis on him or...something. It seems like nobody else is going to carry the burden of actually trying to get McCoy lynched for Uhura, and she seems worryingly okay with that. Obligatory unvote McCoy and revote. I will point out that this unvote un-hammered McCoy. But I will also point out this is after I stated my willingness to switch to Chekov and after it became obvious Scotty was gunning for him. Chekov was an easy lynch at that point, but I waited, and guess who made that first real (discounting McCoy who didn't really have a choice) vote against him? Uhura. Again. Who seemed...surprisingly open to the idea of another non-McCoy lynch. Throw off accusations of tunnel visioning? Keep her easy target alive? After a lengthy analysis of everything you have ever said Uhura, I have one main question for you. Why do you find McCoy scummy? All I can come up with is that day one nonsense, him being mean to you on day two, and you said "third time's the charm" on day three. Do you have an argument to make? Do you actually want this guy lynched? Because my takeaway is that all you've been doing is finding an easy place to dump your vote and occasionally throwing people off that scent. Fine, Chapel, I suppose you could go back and neatly and concisely summarize everything, but that's not as fun. Way to undercut all my work. Also, the last post of day two. Uhura called out something Sulu said as trivial and unhelpful and pretty much never brought his name up again. That said, Uhura has so few thoughts in the first place, so... I'm a fan of these teams Chapel has laid out. As much as I just posted on Uhura, I'm still more suspicious of Sulu (not going to go back and do every single thing he's said, I spoke about him enough yesterday), and I'd be on-board with a lynch for him today. I really don't want to think about the possibility of my only townreads being scum right now. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping my expectations will be subverted, that the people acting scummiest are actually scum this time. Sorry all my activity keeps ending up in the very end of my day. I will be back on before end of day tomorrow. I'm going to Vote: Sulu/Tariq j now, but if we lean Uhura I'm alright with that as well. Well, while you were busy staring at Recently Browsing and refreshing I was doing the Uhura analysis you keep promising. I was joking when I said it was an insignificant investment of time, alright? That stuff takes time.
  14. we're still getting nowhere. I'm not sure where to look at this point. McCoy's been skating by for days, I don't find him particularly suspicious, but he's the question that's never going away. Sulu, while obviously not in cahoots with Chekov, still didn't really make a lot of sense. But then, none of these townies have been making any sense. I guess Uhura should get some more attention, nothing pinged me on her but she's been very quiet and in the background, minus day one. An easy place to hide after casting the first stone? Scott I don't have a lot of reason to suspect, but that could just as easily because he's not a person that slips up often. I'm just gonna go ahead and lay out my reads as McCoy is doing, I just want to figure all this out. I find Chapel, Scott, and McCoy all pretty on the level and actively seeking out scum. I'm conflicted about that last one because he's such a person of interest, but I just...don't feel it, personally. We talked about Sulu to death yesterday, and I guess I should go back and take a look at Uhura's contributions when I have time. I feel like we're repeating days one and two if we lynch Sulu. But would it end the same way?? I'm nearing the end of my rope here.