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  1. With great interest, Yissam♥ enters the training center, whipping her AV Rig about and making sure to get the facility from every angle. Roderick seems bemused, perhaps, at her desire to stream her own training, but allows her to do so all the same. Sadly, even with all the athletic equipment in the world, she ultimately gravitates towards the various Holo-tomes stacked about, turning what would've been golden segments of long-untouched workout segment Powerstone Regimen into somewhat quieter and infinitely more chill segments of Datadive. Spending the vast majority of her time analyzing the available Holo-tomes, it's easy to appreciate how much of a selection is available, and if nothing else she's definitely got even better ideas of how to make reading look entertaining.
  2. CMP

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Trade Bazaar

    Yissam♥ is quick to swing through the bazaar on her way back to Heroica Hall, fending off one of two eager fans in her way with pre-prepared digital autographs. She unloads the Modified Laser Blaster for 50 credits first off. Then it's a trip to Eb's for a Holo-scroll (Alter Form) at the cost of 100 credits, filming all the while as she browses the various wares, much to the consternation of the proprietor. Finally, rounding off a segment of Cultureshock!!!, she scoops up 2 Essences of Glibness, an Essence of Intellect, and an Æther Brew for a combined total of 50 credits.
  3. All things that I appreciate. That was definitely the idea. It was one thing I appreciated quite a lot during this mission. Sure, we're adventuring around and interacting as ever, but there's elements of the setting that you can't really gloss over like in Heroica OG. Technology, societal advancement, planetary mechanics, all that fun stuff. I thought I'd toy with that as Yissam♥ and it's a lot of fun, if an occasional logistical headache. I would agree with that. I do some tabletop gaming these days, but having a casual RPG to just relax with was something I did not realize I kind of enjoyed having. Having the familiar faces back is definitely a highlight for me, but it makes me very happy to see such awesome new players in the game. Hanging out with the old ones is always going to be great, but the health of the game depends on the new blood, and I think it's in great hands given what I saw on that mission. All fair. I see now why Kint wanted a decent pilot on this mission. I'm liking Kirwin a lot, I'm definitely seeing the support side of them (something I'm also aiming for) and I'm excited to see where they develop now that they've got some great characterization established. The same goes for Bers, it's shocking how easy it is for our resident combat bot can go from chilling in a diner to kill mode. Would love to figure out more about them at some point down the line. You can blame my sad, gay little pile of LEGO for HYPE. I have no parts to build with. A sure sign that I need to scoop up more Collectible Figs...
  4. Loved the mission. Style was top-notch and it rolled over into some fun mechanical challenges and combat. In my opinion, I think the speeder chase hit the sweet spot for boss battle length, but I can understand the reticence in splitting it into two halves (though it was well-advised considering the mechanics we had to learn.) My one suggestion would be to allow for some sort of auto-pilot when we don't have the actions to spare for driving. It seems to be like being in the driver's seat would be a bit of a one-note affair and I did feel a little bad about leaving Kirwin there the whole fight. Very much enjoyed all of our NPCs, definitely look forward to seeing if any of them pop up again. Had a hell of a time with all my fellow players, thanks for putting up with Yissam♥ ya'll. Excellent work as always Kint.
  5. I used my Essence of Glibness when we were trying to get into the condo. You might also want to toss our payment in there too. Thanks for an awesome first mission. "Thanks kindly!" Yissam♥ grins, waving at the departing Antony and pulling her AV Rig close. Already, she's rifling through the various clips filmed during the mission, making notes to censor personal information, the many swear words of RKO, and gratuitous violence. And making a mental note to get back to JanineXoX about crossover potential. "Now this is the sort of thing that'll put YES IT'S YISSAM♥ in the thirties. What say we get some takeout and catch the late night shuttle back to Ebria, gang? I could murder some Pluvvon noodles right about now."
  6. Dusting off her hands, Yissam♥ grins at Antony, collecting her share of credits and giving him a wink. "Much appreciated! Fair warning: if you're gonna go on another joyride with your boyfriend, try not to leave things in the glovebox. I'd HATE all our hard work to have been for nothing over a bag of chocolates!"
  7. Yissam♥ sighs with feigned exasperation. "So picky! And after a high-octane speeder chase, no less! Well, nobody say Yissam♥ doesn't come prepared...." Clapping her hands together and provoking a spark from her spell core, she lays her hands on the hood of the vehicle and casts Entropic Mending at a powerful, Enabling Reversal to buff out what mechanics she can.
  8. Either weapon is fine with me, I will definitely be selling it. If Bers wants the Energy Cell, I'm fine taking credits. "See? This is why I like you, Bers! Exact same wavelength, frequency and all!" "Oh, don't worry your fiery little head about it. It's the hard-working realists like you that leave room for more explosive personalities!" Whistling to herself as she reads over Merei's shoulder, Yissam♥ grins at her friend. "Send me a copy of these, wouldn't you? For all the fuss over this stuff, I think the real victim here is whoever's got stock in Haast! If there's one thing people hate, it's getting out of the comfort zone." She throws her arms around the shoulders of Bers and Kirwin, looking from one to the other. "Speaking of which, I owe you one, gentlemen! Very easily could've been me eating a bullet or two there. Trust me, chipped stone is a lot harder to fix than swapping out a few wires. I'll have to brush up on my welding for next time; maybe give HYPE a few upgrades..." Yissam♥ reaches over to the briefcase, laying a finger on the lock and casting Entropic Mending upon it in an effort to fix the lock.
  9. Yissam♥ nods, swiveling the AV Rig away but mere inches away from shoving her head in the briefcase out of her own personal curiosity. "What are we thinking, gang? Exotic animal? Smuggled contraband? Tiny adorable model of this speeder?"
  10. Alrighty. Sounds like a plan. Yissam♥ moves to E5 and attempts to cast Entropic Mending on Merei. HYPE moves to C5 to strike at Gheyns.
  11. If Bers can strike and step back to F5, I can move to E5 and heal Merei. HYPE won't be able to hit Cavrac, I'll have to swap his target to Gehyns, but it means we form a wall long enough to where she can't get to Merei.
  12. Yissam♥ once more rallies HYPE. "Go on, put on a show for us!!" HYPE doesn't let up, pursuing Cavrac to B5 and slashing at them again.
  13. "Hey! HEY!! COOL IT ON THE CUSSING, YOU'RE ON CAMERA!!!" Yissam♥ keeps her swearing internal as the second car pulls up to the Haast, but focuses on the wall of dubiously-real static between her and Cavrac. "M'kay, bud, I hate to relegate you to windshield wiper, but you're the best shot we've got! BRING ON THE HYPE, HYPE!" She Rallies HYPE. With a garbled, modulated roar, and a lot of encouragement, HYPE attacks, swinging one of its massive Static Claws at Cavrac.
  14. It doesn't look like you've updated Kirwin's health at all. "...Thieves?!" Yissam♥ grins menacingly. "You have a lot of nerve for a two-bit chopshopper! Let's see if you're so smug when your fury drowns in our fame!" Projecting another spatial rift in front of her, Yissam♥ attempts to invoke her Spirit Ally by summoning HYPE as a Lesser Familiar in square C6.