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  1. My character's been done but I'm waiting to get back from a family visit so I'm not missing out in nonsense in the Hall.
  2. CMP

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    I really appreciate the message here. You can get across so much in one sleek little set- makes me happier than I can really put into words seeing LGBT+ visibility promoted in the form of LEGO, of all things.
  3. Maybe mana itself is a little more tangible this time around. Our magic space resource that keeps everything working properly. Every science fantasy universe needs its Tiberium.
  4. If it's ancient history, then what's it matter? I do think that's the sort of world-shaking thing that would be best experienced by players, and I like that idea, but a more nebulous and "lost" past helps ease the transition of species extant in Heroica to this. We don't have to figure out every detail of what happened, it's forgotten to time. Well, humans are the exception. I'm talking more about generic fantasy races like elves and orcs. Humans are never not prominent, it's just kind of the nature of things.
  5. Relax. I don't see what's so inherently miserable about all that. The destruction of Alderaan sucked, but that tragedy didn't drive the rest of the original trilogy into existential agony. Personally, I'm a fan of having generic fantasy races in the background. It reminds me of the sci-fi RPG I'm most familiar with, (that WBD also mentioned), Starfinder- those races absolutely exist, they're just not really the driving elements of things. As someone who spent the better part of Heroica writing orc lore, I think it's a lot more interesting to have new aliens take the forefront. Trying to list every race is, as seems to be generally agreed on, an enormous and pointless expenditure of time. Part of the fun of Heroica was everyone compiling their own lore (even if I do think that sort of thing needs more oversight). I'm down with establishing either some basic categories that species fall under, or some standardized mix-and-match traits (pick three, or whatever). I think Legacy would either make a good species category or a good trait to implement, personally.
  6. Her now, but yes, I'm still around, and yes I do still have all of the content I wrote for Heroica. But as WBD says... All of that. Part of it is that, generally, I think aliens should correspond to some of the more populous/available LEGOs at the time to make collecting the more ubiquitous races easier. If you ask anyone these days to dig up some orc-looking figs, you'd be a little more out of luck than back in 2010.
  7. I have to go take care of some stuff so I'll be back later, but thanks for a great game Hinck!! And great work to you too, jimmynick, you did excellent for being alone most of the game.
  8. 1. Will be on vacation for three or four days, but it falls within the 21-27 timeframe. I take that back, it's been moved from the 31st-3rd. I'll have phone access still but my main focus will be on vacation. If that's an issue I understand if it would get in the way of the game. 2. I'm a fan of BioShock. 3. None of you're business, none of they're business.
  9. Amazing. Town nailed a scum on day one and immediately started getting lynched over it. Sorry to everyone I helped directly or indirectly get voted off as a result of suspecting McCoy. Almost handed them the win over that decision. Whoops. Thanks for a great game Bob and all the other players. Been a long time, but I remember why mafia can be so enjoyable.
  10. Vote: Dr. McCoy (Umbra-Manis) Yeah, your insight would actually be greatly appreciated here assuming you're townie. Which one of us do you find most suspicious?
  11. I seriously can't believe that Uhura was town after all that analysis on day four and her reactions yesterday. Neither do I, honestly. Uhura's going to be pissed if it turns out her day one target was actually a scum. So we lynch McCoy today, cross our fingers and pray even harder tonight?? I'm seriously going to throw myself out an airlock if there's a day seven.
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and Vote: Uhura/Chromknight for...reasons posted yesterday and whatnot. I'm tired.
  13. Hell yeah! I'm thinking Uhura. Based on what Chapel and I analyzed yesterday, I think it gels a lot better. It's like a tremendous weight has been beamed off my shoulders...
  14. Yeah, it's a pretty miserable possibility to contemplate.