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    MOC: Small Trawler (Cuusoo project)

    Very nice, I hadn't seen that one before! There are many details on yours that I'm almost tempted to steal -- like your detailed cabin and all the stuff on the roof -- my steering cabin did not have room for much more than the giant Pirates' steering wheel... And there is something to say about simpler solutions for the hull -- although I think I would like my trawler to be 12 studs wide at the widest, whereas those bow pieces you have used only seem to allow a 10 wide hull, if I'm correct. But there is one 12 wide bow piece (47404) that I'm curious about... although I guess some people would like my snotted bow too...?
  2. SevenSeas

    MOC: Small Trawler (Cuusoo project)

    That is actually supposed to be "normal" green, but you are not the first person to be mistaken, so I guess my rendering is off the color chart somewhat... and I'm very open to new color schemes for this boat, maybe we could vote about it in the Cuusoo page comments? Building in real bricks is certainly something I will consider, especially if I can garner a decent amount of votes for this proposal first!
  3. SevenSeas

    MOC: Small Trawler (Cuusoo project)

    Thank you, though I wonder about that last thing you said in small letters... I see no pink...??? Thanks! Great! I will need every vote to get somewhere with this... I posted the ldraw .mpd file on the mocpages page . The only real complexity that I see is the SNOT in the whole front part. The side panels are fastened with the help of a technic axle that is joined to 1x1x1 technic bricks with holes in, sitting in two directions, the ones that are upright standing slightly turned so as to be aligned with the diagonal side of the 3x12 wing parts that define the incline of the boat side... phew, I guess it's easier for you to look in the file than trying to understand my explanations... I guess there are more solutions to this though than the one I found out. I actually only finished the digital design for the snot of the starboard side, and there are some other mistakes in the mpd file, like the life rings are not actually connected but should be so, through the simple use of technic bricks with holes in. Sorry about that, will update the file soon... Technically those two sides would be like one small ldraw unit higher than they should, due to the use of technic bricks with holes in, but I guess that is legal since they don't connect to something else on their part. Then there is the very front, which actually is made of two separate submodel parts in opposite directions, as you can see if you think of it a bit... one holds the wing plate which makes up the forwardmost piece, if you understand what I mean, and that wing should be exactly in the middle, which means both front submodel parts should be offset by half a plate sideways, which complicates the snot connections to the rest of the ship. I think I successfully created a Snot connection for the port side front submodel, but the starboard one needs some work, it currently is made of a clip connection that doesn't match the measures totally. But I have no doubt that that can be solved... So I guess, yes, there is some complexity to it... Maybe, if my model against all odds would get 10 000 votes, the Lego company would try to simplify the design... but I would try to veto a completely prefabricated hull if I could! Maybe I would let them use those boat front pieces though, if you know which pieces I mean (?).
  4. SevenSeas

    MOC: Small Trawler (Cuusoo project)

    So, here comes another Cuusoo project of mine, this time a professional fishing boat at a reasonable scale, 600 pieces. I added this to Cuusoo since there has never been any real fishing boat in Lego, like ever! There are several play features, and the trawl is supposed to be possible to trawl with like with a real fishing boat. Please check out this Cuusoo project! At the link you will be able to see more pictures of all the features and interior, and perhaps even vote for it... Also feel free to add a comment, either here or there or both...
  5. Thanks to you and the others above for your nice words! I will consider making it "western" themed...
  6. Thank you for your nice words! Here is a cross section that I found of a sternwheeler, which shows the boiler and firebox far to the stem, while the engine, which means the pistons I believe, is of course close to the stern. And a long long pipe connects the two. I believe it was done so for balancing reasons. So I had some historical prototypes for this. These things had/have several rudders actually, placed inbetween the hull and the paddle wheel. I have modelled them somewhat, but my rudders are unfortunately not moveable at the moment, but just 3 pieces of downsloping bricks contrasting the general inverted slope of the stern. I wanted to use a certain trapezoid flag piece as a rudder, but unfortunately couldn't fit it there above the water level.
  7. Hi! This is my new Cuusoo project, a river paddle steamer! It has an interior and several play functions, like an automated paddle wheel without any motor ("push driven"). Please check it out at the link, and perhaps vote for it, or leave a comment! Thank you!