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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been building the past few weeks. For Skaerbaek (event in Denmark) I want to have a small landscape inspired by the catalogs. I've build a Shark Scout. The first module for the landscape is finished as well. I wanted to create the rocks from the catalogs. This module can be taken apart in smaller modules for transport. Feedback is appreciated.
  2. For my upcoming Aquazone project, I built a small submersible for the Aquanauts faction. It is intended to be a multipurpose utility submersible, short to medium range, operated by a single Aquanaut and space for one passenger. Specifications are as follows: Powerplant: Four 6.5 kAh Hydrogen fuel cells Propulsion: Single propellor, dual maneuvering pump-jets, max speed: 30 knots Communications: Dual Enhanced UHF antennae, dual short-range VLF voice comm antennae Armaments: Dual harpoon launchers Oxygen supply: 60,000 liters of compressed air, redundant dual 20 m3/hour carbon scrubbers The submersible (though technically almost a submarine) in all its glory. Three powerfull LED-lamps provide ample lighting for navigating around the seabed. The propulsion system, fast but not very silent. But it's not meant to be stealth anyway. The trans-neon antennae are a piece of revolutionary sci-fi technology that allows high-bandwith communication over long distances, something that's impossible in current era submarines. Basically it's like underwater 4G with a 300 kilometer range from the cell tower. And the bill being paid by the Aquanaut admiralty. Sweet. Top hatch, for use when the sub is surfaced only, for obvious reasons. It even features a small window with electrical defogger! Emergency escape hatches, operated via explosive bolts. Be sure to put on a diving suit first though! Also, it's for easy playability access. Clearly visible are a tool clip, a control panel, and the diving hatch. It can even hold an Aquanaut diving suit and the doors will close just fine. The diving hatch, technically it doesn't fit a minifig but oh well. This deep in the ocean, pressure inside the cabin would have to be very high to stop water flowing into the sub, but minifigs are tough! Try smacking one with your hand as it's laying on the table, you'll get my point. The pilot, operating the sub via dual joysticks. The harpoons are laserguided, and have an optional explosive tip. But surely, there's nothing to fear in the deep seas except maybe huge sharks, giant squids, and competing factions, right? Since the yellow numbered tile is available 1 through 4, I built four identical subs. They're multipurpose anyway, and there's a lot of work to be done for these fellows, and a lot of stuff to be built! Additional pictures in the Brickshelf gallery (when it's public) http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=561086 Thanks for viewing, more aquazone builds will follow!
  3. If you're anything like me, you were probably struck with awe when the 1995 Lego catalogue hit the stores. The Aquazone theme was something different entirely, and the diorama pictured was totally awesome. A whole new world opened up for us legomaniacs, literally! Arguably the most realistic, and in my mind the coolest submarine was the cargo sub that came with the 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab. Of course, at the time I never actually owned the set. But now I do, and after building the little sub I was a little disappointed, because it only looked good from several angles. From the pictures in the catalogue, I somehow imagined it being much, much beefier. So I set about building an improved version, another vessel for my Aquazone project. It serves as a medium range cargo sub, features a long-range com antenna, storage bay that doubles as airlock, redundant air-supply systems for those extended trips, electromagnetic container hook-up crane, dual harpoon launchers, and ofcourse aquazone-mandatory magnet & gripper arms. I tried to remain close to the design of the original 6195 sub. The yellow flags that probably functioned as hydroplanes were copied, as was the "pontoon" layout on the underside of the craft. The main prop located higher up on the sub, two manuevering pump-jets on the sides, just like the original. The dark grey clips that hold the yellow flex hose have since been replaced by black ones. Inside the cabin, a seat for the pilot with steering controls, and one for an engineer with joystick controls for the manipulator arms. Behind them, a torch and pire extinguisher, and the airlock door to the cargo bay. The cabin will fit three minifigs comfortably, altough the rear crewman actually has to remain standing during the entire trip. Or, he could just go lie down in the spacious cargo hold. The cargo bay, big enought to even carry one of the cargo containers used by my Aquanauts. Although, that's what the extending magnetic crane on the back is for. Hydrogen refueling in progress. The container has a hydrolator crystal powered electrolysis device, which generates hydrogen from seawater. Hydrogen is then used in the subs fuel cells. Larger submarines actually have these devices built in. With the huge power durability of the crystals, these submarines would be analogue to present-day nuclear submarines. Ofcourse, radioactive isotopes and hydrocarbons for fuels are a thing of the past in the aquazone. A side by side comparison of the two cargo subs. My version is just a couple studs longer but probably has four times the cargo capacity. Overall, I think it would be instantly recognisable for anyone who owns the 6195 set. I did replace the neon orange lamps with regular lamps on the 6195 sub in the photo however. More pics on the Brickshelf, and more Aquazone moc's coming in the future! Thanks for viewing, and please consider building and posting more underwater ceations in the Action and Adventure forum!
  4. So, I decided to dust off a project that had been set aside for quite some time, due to how the first version had some major design flaws (IMO) that I just couldn't seem to work out. Well, after going to BrickFair last month, I decided to take another crack at it (in between various RL stuff that has been keeping me constantly busy), and after tinkering around with a few ideas (one of which, even though I initially liked it best, I had to discard due to two of the key parts being discontinued & never publicly released in red), I finally came up with this. I figured that I should post it here, rather than in the Sci-Fi forum, because it's about as much inspired by the Atlantis & Aquazone themes as it is RL Navy stuff, so without further ado: EDIT: Last week, after almost 9 years since I first started messing around with this design, I finally finished building this thing in actual bricks! Behold, the Federal Navy Ship Black Pearl, Black Seas Barracuda-class fusion-powered fast attack submarine for my crazy crossover sci-fi/fantasy LEGO setting. It is the third ship of the Black Seas Barracuda class SSF (Fusion-powered Fast-attack Submarines), the first two being the Black Seas Barracuda and the Jolly Roger (wonder if anyone will get the references), and all ships in the class are named after infamous pirate vessels. This one just happens to have the commander of its namesake vessel for its CO.... The FNS Black Pearl is mostly deployed as part of the Federal Republic of America Navy's Caribbean Squadron, patrolling the mostly lawless waters of the Caribbean League for pirates (conventional & submarine), hunting down notorious sea monsters and giving Neo-Confederate commercial shipping & commerce raiders nightmares. Armed with four twin-laser cannon turrets (for engaging airborne targets & smaller surface vessels while surfaced & close-by underwater threats when submerged), dual axially-mounted torpedo tubes (each can carry two Mk 56 supercavitating homing torpedoes each), as well as a semi autonomous drone (also serves as a remote active sonar platform) and sometimes Federal Special Operations Command Underwater Demolition Team members, these medium subs pack a mean punch for their size. As is typical of most submarines, the interior is cramped, but provides adequate living for its crew. The forward-most compartment houses most of the air cylinders as well as an airlock for UDT divers & the remote probe to be deployed or retrieved. This sub's fusion power plant, in addition to providing electricity for propulsion & equipment, also is used to separate hydrogen & oxygen from water, thus the sub can remain submerged indefinitely, crew provisions being the only limiting factor (although some enterprising crews have been known to deploy their SOCOM UDT teams and/or remote drones to harvest seafood to extend their time below the surface when trying to remain undetected deep in enemy territory) The relatively minimalist bridge, where the captain & duty helmsman take the sub where it needs to go. The FNS Black Pearl's brave, but somewhat rowdy crew Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this LDD project. I DO fully intend to build this thing for real (and bring it to at least one Lego show), but unfortunately, my budget is such that I've only got the barest bit of the bottom section done as of yet. This build clocks in at over 860 pieces, most of which are rather small, so you can see how it could be a bit on the expensive side, however, it is getting my top priority for my LEGO budget from now until I have it finished. EDIT: I hope you all enjoy seeing the completely final version, and I know it took me long enough to finish this, but I've been going through some serious stuff in RL over the past 4 years that has kind of gotten in the way of many of my more ambitious LEGO projects, and finishing this one has been a huge confidence booster, let me tell you...
  5. For a set revamp contest at lowlug, I’ve rebuilt the 2160 Crystal Scavenger. The Crystal Scavenger is a small submarine of the Aquaraiders subtheme of Aquazone. I’ve rebuilt this set with the parts now available. That means I’ve changed green to dark green, and added some grey parts. Overall, my version has the same functionality as the original one. I’ve added two adjustable rotors at the left and right side of the submarine. And added two arms beside the cabin. Some pictures: 01_Crystal_Scavenger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Crystal_Scavenger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Crystal_Scavenger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 05_Crystal_Scavenger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 06_Crystal_Scavenger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr More pictures at Flickr : Hope you like it!
  6. It's been a while since I've been on Eurobricks, but as you know, after some months on non-Lego duties and interests, at some point the itching becomes unbearable... So picking up where I've left off, I present to you another Aquazone MOC in the underwater quest for hydrolator crystals: The Hydrolator Recovery Vehicle / Submarine Terrain Recon (HRV/STR) It is of course heavily based on one of my favourite Lego sets ever released. Now, why would you drive a lumbering vehicle over the ocean floor when a submersible would be infinitly more swift and practical? Because Lego Aquazone, that's why! Its role is to provide a long range mobile base of operations for the recovery of the much sought-after Hydrolator Crystals. It has long-range communication capabilities, a submersible docking platform, armaments, and carries two multipurpose container units. The Utility Sub firmly locked in place on its platform. An Aquanaut can enter and exit the sub through the airlock. The cabin opens up to allow placement of the captain, pilot, and engineer. Guided harpoons offer defensive capabilities. The sonar/underwater-lidar array keeps the window in place and is used to steer the vehicle, exactly like in the original set. The airlock door at the rear of the vehicle. The lower pair of propellors offer additional thrust, the top one is actually the sub's prop. Notice the license plate, gotta have that valid registration for those bureaucrats at the Aquanaut admiralty! The container units are interchangeable and fulfill different roles supporting the Aquanauts. On this expedition, they equipped themselves with a maintenance unit and an armoury unit. The armoury especially is very neat, the speargun rack folds nealty into the container. First rule of Aquanaut admiralty spending: Why build just one when you can build two for twice the costs? More Aquazone mocs to come, and more pics in the brickshelf!
  7. The Time Twister Twins have gathered all the greatest villains in Lego history such as Captain Redbeard, Baron Von Barron, Basil the Bat Lord, Ogel, and Lord Garmadon to destroy the heroes once and for all! From their evil fortress guarded by a skeleton army, they have created a giant time portal that is twisting up the Lego timeline! Minifigs from across time and space are pulled through the portal and structures from various eras are colliding. Imperial soldiers are fighting cowboys, pirates are fighting bandits, and samurai are fighting mummies! Can the Time Cruisers Tim and Dr. Cyber unite all the heroes against these villains and save the timeline? On the left you can see the Pirates and Western time zones. Fort Legoredo has fused with an imperial fort, much to the dismay of the Brits and Yanks who are fighting each other. Meanwhile, the Islanders and Native Americans, two factions that were being called "savages" by some of the other minifigs, are meeting by King Kahuka's throne for peaceful negotiations. Out on the water, you can see a small pirate ship engage in a shootout with the bandits of the Coyote Gang while some Aquanaut and Atlantis divers are fighting off skeletons. Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!! On the grounds surrounding the Time Twister fortress, minifigs from different eras are fighting the skeleton army while the Time Cruisers are flying in on their latest time machine, the Time-Rift Raft. It has a play feature that causes the propellers to spin when it is rolled across the ground. On the right of the battlefield, a Ninja temple had fused with an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Classic Kai, Pepper Roni, and Johnny Thunder and his friends are fighting skeletons while the Rock Raiders and Power Miners are fighting over a power crystal. Baron Von Barron swoops in from above the temples in his remastered Bi-Wing to attack his rival Johnny. Sorry for all the dust. This MOC was sitting around for a while before I got around to taking these pics and I didn't notice the dust until after the photo shoot. Up on top of Time Twister Tower, Ogel oversees the battle while the Time Twister Twin operate the time portal machine. The portal design is inspired by that of Piotr Machalski and Milan Sekiz. I included some interior in the buildings as you can see in this back view, although it's not much since I ran out of time (ironically). I hope you liked it. This was my entry for the Lego Legacy Battle contest on Lego Ideas from a few months ago. Unfortunately it didn't even make it into the voting phase, but honestly it's not my best work. I had to rush to get it built within a month to meet the submission deadline and it ended up being more quantity than quality. Still, I had fun building it as it is essentially a tribute to all the action themes that I loved growing up. What's your favorite Lego action theme? Let me know in the comments!
  8. As you might have guessed from my previous Aquazone moc I'm putting together an Aquazone world, and what is this 1995 Lego theme without the eternal bad guys - the sneaky, stealthy Aquasharks? The "Spurdog" Fast Attack Submarine - A mobile base of operation with ample offensive capabilities. Powerplant: 35000 kW Hydrolator Crystal powergenerator Armaments: 2x harpoon launchers, 2x Mk 71 torpedo launchers Oxygen supply: Mk 4 artificial gill system and redundant CO2 scrubbers Complement: 5 to 10 Like its real-life counterpart, the jointed frame allows for superb maneuverability, though unlike its counterpart it is not used for propulsion. This single hybrid pump-jet propellor pushes the sleek submarine along at a speed of 45 knots, max. Obviously, I had to incorporate the Aquashark cockpit piece in the build, but it's designed for smaller craft. This solution works rather well. The crew is pulling 16-hour shifts, and the bloody espresso machine still hasn't been fixed! Oh well, maybe they'll snatch one off an Aquanaut sub sometime soon. Gullwing doors for playability access to the crew quarters. The action on these doors turned out perfect. Various hatches provide airlock access for the Aquashark divers. Does this submarine look somewhat modular to you? Is it? Of course it is! Can the sections be rearranged? Of course they can! The submarine still looks sleek, and the separate module acts as a small stationary base. Inside it are storage containers, diving gear, a maintenance station and diving pools... ...which also allow access to the two modified Aquashark Scouts and extra scooters. This sub has everything you need for those oldschool Aquashark raiding actions! More pics in the Brickshelf folder (when public). Thanks for now, more Aquazone to come!
  9. My latest creation;'s another submarine . It's a small one, I do hope to build a really big submarine one day. The observation dome on top, the printed transparent dish, came from some Star Wars set. Lots of canopies to give the operator a complete view of the surroundings. I hope you like it. I'd put it on Ideas but who am I kidding, people are only interested in yellow submarines .
  10. Peppermint_M

    Aquazone Index

    Dive into the briny deep and seek out sunken treasure! Tags --- Reviews: - Aquazone Reviews - Aqua Raiders Reviews - Atlantis Reviews MOCs: - Vehicle MOCs - Submerged Scenes - Sea Creatures - Seabases, Structures and Layouts
  11. Lego Atlantis. Released after the 1995 Aquazone theme, but set somewhere before the Aquazone theme, this 2010 underwater action theme revolved around a team of daring scientists and adventurers, searching for the lost city of Atlantis. Their main submarine was the 8075 Neptune Carrier. A very cool set, loaded with play features, such as a small rover and detachable minisub. But the major flaw, that you can really only partially blame on the design team, is that the interior of the submarine only seats one single minifig. This is their main submarine, mind you! So, I set out to build a better version, and have it take a place in my Aquazone project. The idea would be, that this submarine is a former military sub, refitted for civilian use and sold off to an adventurous group searching for a lost underwater city. As such, it has been around for a while and is actually quite an outdated machine in the sci-fi Aquazone universe. I present to you the Technical specifications: Powerplant: 73000 HP Hydrolator Crystal powered turbine reactor Propuslion: Twin hybrid pump-jets, additional dual maneuvering pump-jets Top speed: 40 knots Armament: Dual torpedo tubes, storage for up to six Mk 59 torpedoes Oxygen supply: Dual redundant Mk 2 artificial gill system Crew complement: 10 to 16 The design is somewhat classic, reminiscent perhaps of a nuclear powered submarine (which it actually used to be, before the conversion some years ago to the hydrolator crystal powerplant). The additional thrusters and hydroplanes provide for ample maneuverability. Main pump-jets.. ...that actually steer left and right. This thing is actually four studs short of the magic one hundred. But, it does come with interior, because after all, you need a place to eat, sleep and relax. If Lego sets can't have that, AFOL creations should. From left to right: Torpedo room, control room, laboratory/EVA room, crew quarters, sanitary facilities/engine room (imaginary, gotta cut some corners sometimes) "Wait, did you say torpedo room? But you said the submarine was converted to civilian use!" Yes, well, these guys are proper rednecks. If you buy a piece of disabled military hardware, you enable it. Gun law enforcement is a joke in the Aquazone world. "Load torpedo tube one!" A torpedo is lifted using the overhead crane, and swung into the tube. These torpedoes are quite large, they require two crewmembers to load 'em. "Open tube one outer door!" "Tube one, fire!" (insert your best torpedo launch mimicking sound here) Notice the flick-fire missiles, as these were an integral part of the Atlantis theme I was obliged to incorporate them somewhere, but they're just for show. The control room. Visible in the front are the steering and weapons stations, and in the background, sonar. Captain Blackpool checking the plotted course on the digital navigation chart. Behind him is the ladder leading up to the conning tower. Up the ladder, through the hatch, you can access the observation platform. The conning tower also features the sub's communication arrays and an airlock. The lab, where reasearcher and crew physician dr. McEwan is studying one of the mysterious Atlantis maps. The EVA lockers and equipment, and the hatch leading to the detachable utility-sub (more on that later). The crew quarters, with bunk beds, dinnertable and small kitchen. In the rear, the door leading to the aft compartments. The lower deck has the rover bay in front of the ship, and a small observation room in the rear. Just like the original "Mk.I" set, this sub has an extra sub and a small car. The front of the submarine hinges open when the sub is perched on the seabed, allowing the rover to be driven out. The rover bay also functions as an airlock. The rover has storage for flippers under the bonnet (or hood), spearguns, a spacious boot (or trunk), windshield, and even a license plate! The utility sub, connected with magnets, and accessible via the hatch in the EVA room. The sub has its own airlock and even has space for a diving suit. "Let's go find this lost city!" More pictures in the brickshelf folder (when public), and more Aquazone mocs to come!
  12. Orange Leader

    Three Little Subs

    Every space colonizing corporation, group or private company, needs their own submersible to explore, harvest or kill the deep ocean floors from planets, moons and comets. The following three submersibles are build to represent their own faction. My own submersible for AG back then, was the Kaito Mk1 from Kawashita. I did some subtile modifications so it does not break as easily (its still not recommanded to play with it, though). Octan GUPPY かいと (Kaito) Mk1 Stealth Sub V2
  13. johnfilmsia

    Attn: Fellow Space fanatics

    Hello, Eurobricks! Longtime lurker, first-time poster, etc. I'm diving into the forums for one reason, and one reason only: To track down and exhaustively understand the LEGO Space shared universe. In particular, the "Golden Age" from 1987-1999, when LEGO went launched multiple factions and concurrent themes. The Space Timeline thread has been tremendously informative, and I expect to spend more time following that discussion. In addition, some day my dream is develop a short animated series set within the LEGO Space universe, spanning every single one of the classic pre-2000 space themes (including some Aquazone and Seatron, of course). I look forward to getting more involved now! Oh and while we're on the topic, here's a small MOC from my Flickr:
  14. RacerRabbit

    [MOC] Aqua-Kitty

    Seeing Oky's Steampunk Unikitty inspired me to make a Unikitty of my own. So allow me to introduce to you......... AQUA-KITTY!! Comes complete with wetsuit, mask, snorkel and flippers! The mask is made up of a red 2X3 plate in place of Unikitty's pink 1X3 plate, 2 1X2 Trans-Clear plates and 2 1X1 Trans-Clear plates make up the lens and a red 1X3 plate on the bottom. The snorkel is made of a round 1x1 plate and 1x1 plate with clip holding a tommy gun which I thought would be best for the snorkel as the magazine can be used as the clip that attatches the tube to the mask and it's also at an angle as snorkels tend to be. And finally topped off with a lightsaber handle for the top of the snorkel. Now for an undersea shot! I hope i've put this in the right forum..... Please let me know what you think. Thank you!
  15. Peppermint_M

    Beware the Briny Deep...

    For there lurks the Spurdog! Eurobricks member and Aquazone builder Pimbo has created this impressive submersible. Check it out in Action and Adventure Themes
  16. sander1992


    Hello all, I have built a small creation based on the Aquazone series from 1995-1996. The landscape is 48x48 tall and it contains several sets from the series. I tried to create the landscape according to the pictures from the catalogs from that time. I used a lot of blue slopes and modified bricks to create the rocks. The landscape was also shown at a small event Megabricks in the Netherlands. A few pictures of the landscape. Here a picture from another angle. Next pictures gives a better look of the base and the surroundings. I also used a few lights in the caves. The next picture shows the light in one cave. More pictures are on my Flickr account. The pictures are also on my Brickshelf account. Questions and comments are welcome. Sander
  17. Sebeus I

    The Carmen

    The Carmen Taken by the sea... What was once a glorious galleon now rests below. The remains left for the sea life to overtake and grow upon. This is the final resting place of the Carmen... Or is it? I've been wanting to do this kind of MOC for a very long time. Previous attempts were never satisfying. However in the easter holidays I managed to accomplish something I'm happy with. (Although I've been thinking of redoing it already). This MOC is part of a much bigger diorama, I do not have the space to set it up at home but I will take pictures on the next event I'm attending. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures . Some close-ups of the details; I'm going to redo that figurehead sometime I think. Gold! It's all of it yet I thought it would have been more...
  18. Deep in the briny depths sits a treasure only those of the aquazone can find. Eurobrick's member Sebus I has shared his excellent MOC. Take a look, peer into the deep waters of the Action and Adventure Themes forum.
  19. This project is the culmination of everything I have ever wanted to build. The Aquazone theme will always hold a special place in my heart, and Lego Technic and Mindstorms have solidified my lifetime addiction to Lego. I know this is a bit of a blast from the past using rcx's but they are cheap (as am I) and readily available on ebay. Not to mention they fit the color scheme ;). I got 10 between 2 ebay auctions and after a few hours of cleaning battery acid and a few solder joints i was left with 6 working units. I sold off some of my collection (bye bye maersk train), mostly minifigs to finance my ebay findings (hello dacta control center). Most of the Aquazone sets were bought years ago on ebay once I got my first job, I was able to snag one of most every original aquazone sets that i couldn't afford as a kid. Now that the history is out of the way on to the building! Features so far include: 2 sets of LED's given a random power level every 10ms, to give a nice flicker effect in the cave. 1 Lamp (more coming from bricklink!), randomly goes between power level 6 and 7 on a slow cycle. This is designed to catch the eye and add realism. Cant wait to get more to light the entire model. Power station in back powered by classic 9v non-geared motor, The propellors spin at different speeds thanks to different sized pulleys mounted on smooth axles, the smooth axles a carefully pushed through the friction pins of the propellors. Automatic air compressor using a rotation sensor to stop at max pressure, and a touch sensor and pneumatic cylinder to trigger start at min pressure. Also features manual override touch sensor to start again. Power functions RC robotic arm, doesnt quite fit in yet, but it will eventually, again this is a work in progress. The picture below is an overview of a somewhat recent picture, for the most recent work check out the brickshelf link. I will eventually post a video of the completed model without all the technical jargon. But if you are in to technical jargon the youtube videos below go in to detail as the model has progressed. Brickshelf Folder http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=546905 Worklog Videos with Commentary part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6
  20. Update 28/06/2014: third submarine coming up (surfacing ). Two exploration submarines, The yellow one is named Leviathan and the blue one goes by the name Mantis. The Swordfish, a reconnaissance submarine: I created the underwater effect by placing a transparent blue panel in front of the lens . The top of the submarine is detachable to reveal the interior, not that there is much interior, just enough room to fit a minifigure. I hope to inspire atleast someone to join me in my quest to get the Aquazone back up and running . We need more submarines and underwater bases. More pictures can be found at my brickshelf Gallery: Leviathan Mantis Swordfish
  21. Sebeus I


    I made a submarine in Lego Digital Designer, I rarely use LDD but I had this design in my head which I couldn't realize with my current lego collection. So I decided to make a Cuusoo project out of so hopefully I will be able to buy my own set one day. I don't really like these LDD screenshots, I hope I manage to render it at some point, I didn't have succes rendering so far . More pictures can be found at Mocpages. Since I posted it there I found out that a lot of people prefer a different color than blue, so I'm counting on you to speak out which of following colors you prefer for this submarine. Blue is my own favourite color, luckely it's very easy in LDD to change colors; EDIT : technical problems, for now check out the alternate colors here Yellow Red Sand green Gray For the interested; the Cuusoo Project. This is actually my first serious cuusoo project, considering I would want to buy this set myself .
  22. Hey folks! I just recieved a package yesterday with a set I longed for a long time and thought I put a review together. I was always a sucker for underwater themes and this submarine is one of my favourites, the Hydro Search Sub. It’s a member of the Aquazone theme line where Hydronauts and Stingrays were fighting for the crystal under the sea. I bought the set used without the box so unfortunately I can’t show it to you. Now let’s see what this set can offer to us… Set Information Set number: 6180 Number of Pieces: 273 (Some websites mention 289 parts but in most places I found 273) Number of minifigs: 4 Year of Release: 1998 Recommended Age: 8-12 Original Price: 50 USD Set I begin with the minifigs because they are awesome, mostly because of their kickass scuba equipment but the printing is great too. We have 3 hydronauts (aka the good guys) and a captive stingray. First I thought all 3 hydro faces are identical but I only noticed the differences when I browsed through these pictures . Also their torsos are different too, but none of them comes with back printing. Now this what makes these figures outstanding, the full chrome scuba helmet, it’s not the simple silver chrome but a bluish one and it’s in perfect condition after 16 years. :wub: Here are everybody with helmets, the stingray fellow has a nice mold too, especially the back of the helmet has some really great sculpting. Now let’s move on to the set and see the interesting parts. First of all we get a bunch of trans green pieces, which plays a huge role in shaping the color scheme of the Hydronauts. We have some special parts as well and I realised that I haven’t included a trans green part in the prevoius pic, sorry for that. And I was really happy to see that there are no stickers in this set, loads of great prints and not even a little sticker… good old times. Also we have a special print, that 2x2 black tile with the circular shape has a bit rougher texture and it lets the suction-cup to attach to it. After a pleasantly long build the submarine is finished and ready to search the bottom of the ocean for crystals. The full vehicle looks very great, it has a spectacular and unique shape with lots of areas. 4 cockpit, a prison cell and some hidden storages. Here is a shot of the „cage” for the captives, it has enough place to store 4 minifigis easily (maybe you can push a 5th one in there too). Also there are cockpits on both sides at the middle of the sub with control panel to do water-searching-science stuff. And also there needs to be a pilot for the detachable submarine. It also has a little control panel but it’s quite minimalist, there is nothing in it just a box behind the pilot. Play Functions As I said the back section has a detachable submarine which is the main play function of the set, but it has lots of funny things. Let’s see the bigger sub first. It looks empty without the small one IMO. On the back when the little sub is away you can immediately notice an opening hatch which contains a bit of equipment for the figures. I think it’s a dual reflector for the figs to see in deep waters. The back of their helmet has 2 studs where it connects. Moving away from the back there is another hidden place which hides a crystal, yaaaaay! Now let’s move on to the other part of our sub. It looks a bit bulky and it gives a cute shape to it, I think it looks great when it’s separated. It also has another 2 reflector sets, so every Hydronaut can have one. It stores 2 spearguns too which can also put to minifigs hands. And at the back there is even place for the diving flippers (The big sub has 2 too on the front). And another great function, there are flexible tubes with sunction-cups at their ends which connect to the trans green boxes and can transport them. They work perfectly and hold the boxes well. Rating That quite sums up the whole set, I’m sad that I don’t have the box with those silly alternative builds on the back, but that’s not gonna work down the scores. The submarine is beautiful with loads of special and interesting pieces, great figures and plenty of play functions. It also has that inimitable old-school feeling with the blocky shape all around the vehicle. There are a few flaws of course, at some places the ship is fragile and a few parts always come off if you don’t hold it properly, other than that I can’t say anything bad about it. Maybe the price, I only found info about the original price on Brickipedia and 50 dollars sounds like a lot of money for a near 300 pieces set. Scores: Build: 10/10 The build was fun, classic parts, the BI was short but there were loads of things to do at each step (I missed that, and without the needed parts in a little box at the steps you always have to pay attention carefully, I miss that too…) Design: 9/10 The whole submarine is beautiful with great color scheme, the only minus is for the fragility at some points. Price: 8/10 I got it for 40 dollars but without box and 3 parts were missing (in spite that the store I ordered it from stated that it’s complete…) but those are easily replacable through bricklink, and that’s not the set’s fault and still, I think it worth it. Playability: 9/10 Loads of storage places, accessories and openable areas, also sucker-cups and detachable little sub, there is plenty to do, only the little fragility brings down the score here too. Minifigs: 10/10 I gave it max, in ’98 you didn’t bought the Lego set for the figs (which nowadays is too common with the weak vehicles and sets, mainly in licensed themes), but they look awesome. Great torso and headprints ahh and those chrome helmets. The overall score is 46 out of 50 which is really good, I can recommend this to anyone, especially to somebody who is crazy for the classic underwater sets like me. I hope you enjoyed the retro review, comments are welcome, thanks.
  23. Since I haven't posted it here, it's new to you and maybe old but still kicks ***! AC
  24. (The background image was found here) The AquaShark, a one-person submersible, for undetected approach and inflicting critical damage to larger seacraft. It is equiped with two (mini)torpedoes (the shark's eyes) and a double harpoon cannon (for penetrating the hull of an enemy ship). I'm very happy with how its mouth (water jet) turned out (that's a spoiler from a racecar). I'm happy with the tail as well, except for that black hinge plate, I wish I could replace that by another color, yellow if possible. AquaShark docked in secret underwater base. Accessing the interior isn't easy I have to admit (it's pretty hard to get a minifigure in it by only using the top hatch). So I did a little cut-away to show it off anyway. Another picture of the underwater dock: And for the fans a comparison picture with a classic Aquashark: I loved the Aquasharks, dating from the time when a human lego minifigure could still be a bad guy . More pictures can be found in my Brickshelf Gallery (along with pictures of the first version and the hangar). Building Instructions can be found at the end of this mocpage (LDD format). And while you're here you can support this Cuusoo project as well, it's a submarine, not this one but one I'd really like to have. Edit: this submarine is now also on Cuusoo.
  25. projectINO

    Comic: Project INO

    Taking a look back at the many themes Lego has introduced over the years, it can be truly mind boggling... but at the same time, there is a sort of internal logic and evolution over the years. Project INO is an attempt at a long form dramedy comic series using a multitude of lego themes. While still in its infancy, there are many plans for this series. Check out more at But in the mean time, here is a quick little sample. The background Earth shots are created by Paul Wellington as part of his Brickville project ( and are used with permission, while the ships and photographic sets are original to Project: INO. For those wanting to continue where this leaves off, the comic index can be accessed from the 'archive' button on the side bar at