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Found 27 results

  1. Hello :) I'd like to share with you my first submission to LEGO IDEAS - Rocky Reef Restoration (link). The idea is about saving the coral reef but with futuristic twist in form of a giant jellyfish submarine :D It is 1500pcs build full of marine life and with many play features. If you'd be kind enough to spare few minutes please check out the link above and I really hope you'll like it enough to click the support button! I leave you with the main picture and a promise that the rest is equally interesting :) Cheers!
  2. socalbricks

    [Freebuild] The Kelp Harvest

    My entry for the Summer Joust 2022 "12 x 12 Vignette" category! In the coastal waters of northwest Avalonia lie dense forests of giant kelp. Fueled by long daylight hours and cold, nutrient-rich waters cycling in from the north, they provide a bountiful ecosystem supporting all forms of life, from giant stingrays to diminutive hermit crabs. The forests are also home to large populations of merfolk, who harvest the kelp for food, garments, medicine, and much more. Merfolk communities will often have designated “kelp harvesters” (a prestigious position due to its importance), who go through the forests with ivory sickles. Other merfolk forage for clams. One such mermaid is Katalina, who has spotted a large one under a rocky outcrop. Excitedly reaching under, she fails to spot a lobster next to the clam – the crustacean will make sure that she pays for her carelessness! From left to right: Petra A kelp harvester with a love for the dark red algae that grows on the kelp forest's rocky terrain. It can be found in her wardrobe (such as her skirt and cuffs) and even in her hair! Some merfolk chafe at the “monotony” of harvesting kelp all day, but Petra actually enjoys it, as it gives her time to think and “unwind”. Plus, the prestige for holding such a valued position doesn't hurt! Katalina Young and headstrong, Katalina's recklessness has often gotten her into trouble with the village elders. They figured that assigning her to clam harvesting duties would teach her patience and keep her out of trouble – they were wrong! More Images: I finally found the time to post this to Eurobricks! I had a bad case of COVID during the end of the Summer Joust - thankfully, I had already completed the MOC, so I only had to photograph it! I've made a full, so I figured I would belt out a backstory for it! Background This MOC was inspired by the kelp forests that line the west coast of North America - particularly those off the coast of Southern California. I snorkeled amongst these kelp forests while on a school trip to Catalina Island (also the inspiration for the "Katalina" name). Most of the creatures in this MOC are inspired by the local wildlife, such as garibaldi (represented by the orange fish), hermit crabs, the giant pacific octopus, lobsters, various anemones/starfish, and stingrays. Katalina's accident with the lobster was actually inspired by an incident involving one of our snorkeling guides. We were night snorkeling, and our guide (seeing a lobster in a burrow) wanted to dive down, grab it, and bring it up to show it to us. As he was about to reach into the burrow, he noticed (at the last possible second) a scorpion fish next to the lobster! He quickly drew his hand away; had he not noticed it, he would have likely been "stung"! I was inspired to create the "ocean surface" when I saw Grant Davis's "Seaside" at Bricks Cascade 2022! This is the largest MOC I have ever posted online. I've mostly stuck to "figbarfs" in the past, but I'm trying to broaden my horizons. Creating it was a lot of fun, and it has inspired me to add even more to it. I have already created several more merfolk, and want to develop a village scene of some kind! This challenge was incredibly fun, with some great entries from everyone. As we continue into the "judging period", I wish everyone the best of luck! Previous MOCs: Cobold's Crusader's (REVAMP) Citizens of Historica Figbarf CDC2 CMF: socalbricks
  3. Redhead1982

    MOC Coral reef

    The inspiration for this little MOC came from the bright light yellow brick (47115). The odd-shaped brick reminded me of the old baseplates which were 1 brick thick, and I thought of it as a base for something. Since I was taking apart my previous coral reef inspired MOC, I started imagining this bright light yellow brick as a sand-based sea bottom full of underwater life. Considering the fact that many coral reefs are at risk due to water pollution and that coral reefs are considered as underwater rainforest, I tried to include versatile underwater plants and animals, contrasting in color, shape and size. The fact that TLG made new animal moulds this year was also super helpful. All-in-all, parts used in this creation were made by TLG as early as 1995, so basically, this MOC is a mix of old and new. To conclude, at least in my opinion, life is much nicer in color.
  4. So, I decided to dust off a project that had been set aside for quite some time, due to how the first version had some major design flaws (IMO) that I just couldn't seem to work out. Well, after going to BrickFair last month, I decided to take another crack at it (in between various RL stuff that has been keeping me constantly busy), and after tinkering around with a few ideas (one of which, even though I initially liked it best, I had to discard due to two of the key parts being discontinued & never publicly released in red), I finally came up with this. I figured that I should post it here, rather than in the Sci-Fi forum, because it's about as much inspired by the Atlantis & Aquazone themes as it is RL Navy stuff, so without further ado: EDIT: Last week, after almost 9 years since I first started messing around with this design, I finally finished building this thing in actual bricks! Behold, the Federal Navy Ship Black Pearl, Black Seas Barracuda-class fusion-powered fast attack submarine for my crazy crossover sci-fi/fantasy LEGO setting. It is the third ship of the Black Seas Barracuda class SSF (Fusion-powered Fast-attack Submarines), the first two being the Black Seas Barracuda and the Jolly Roger (wonder if anyone will get the references), and all ships in the class are named after infamous pirate vessels. This one just happens to have the commander of its namesake vessel for its CO.... The FNS Black Pearl is mostly deployed as part of the Federal Republic of America Navy's Caribbean Squadron, patrolling the mostly lawless waters of the Caribbean League for pirates (conventional & submarine), hunting down notorious sea monsters and giving Neo-Confederate commercial shipping & commerce raiders nightmares. Armed with four twin-laser cannon turrets (for engaging airborne targets & smaller surface vessels while surfaced & close-by underwater threats when submerged), dual axially-mounted torpedo tubes (each can carry two Mk 56 supercavitating homing torpedoes each), as well as a semi autonomous drone (also serves as a remote active sonar platform) and sometimes Federal Special Operations Command Underwater Demolition Team members, these medium subs pack a mean punch for their size. As is typical of most submarines, the interior is cramped, but provides adequate living for its crew. The forward-most compartment houses most of the air cylinders as well as an airlock for UDT divers & the remote probe to be deployed or retrieved. This sub's fusion power plant, in addition to providing electricity for propulsion & equipment, also is used to separate hydrogen & oxygen from water, thus the sub can remain submerged indefinitely, crew provisions being the only limiting factor (although some enterprising crews have been known to deploy their SOCOM UDT teams and/or remote drones to harvest seafood to extend their time below the surface when trying to remain undetected deep in enemy territory) The relatively minimalist bridge, where the captain & duty helmsman take the sub where it needs to go. The FNS Black Pearl's brave, but somewhat rowdy crew Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this LDD project. I DO fully intend to build this thing for real (and bring it to at least one Lego show), but unfortunately, my budget is such that I've only got the barest bit of the bottom section done as of yet. This build clocks in at over 860 pieces, most of which are rather small, so you can see how it could be a bit on the expensive side, however, it is getting my top priority for my LEGO budget from now until I have it finished. EDIT: I hope you all enjoy seeing the completely final version, and I know it took me long enough to finish this, but I've been going through some serious stuff in RL over the past 4 years that has kind of gotten in the way of many of my more ambitious LEGO projects, and finishing this one has been a huge confidence booster, let me tell you...
  5. Diplomatic work can be both taxing and time consuming, with long periods of waiting for reactions. To pass time and cater to his scientific leanings, Montoya has coaxed Cooke into another mission of submarine exploration. As so often before, this has left Cooke working hard at the pump for the diving suit. Underwater, Baker is in his element at the forefront of practical science, rustling through wrecks, sea weeds, sea shells, and other fascinating submarine treasures. ______________________________________________ Overall view of the build: It was originally built for one of the challenges, but never was finished. I didn't want to have it go to waste, and I quite liked how it turned out, so why not send Montoya and Baker on a little scientific exploration? :) C&C welcome.
  6. My latest creation;'s another submarine . It's a small one, I do hope to build a really big submarine one day. The observation dome on top, the printed transparent dish, came from some Star Wars set. Lots of canopies to give the operator a complete view of the surroundings. I hope you like it. I'd put it on Ideas but who am I kidding, people are only interested in yellow submarines .
  7. I'm very happy, to present you today something, which I worked in the last 12 month on! The project is probably one of my craziest MOCs! At first I suggest you to watch this video, if you understand German. It was made on Zusammengebaut 2018. In the interview I tell the story of the creation. If you don't understand German, then please, read further below the video! The idea came into my mind at first in approx 2012. That was the first time, when I swam alone in deep water, in Lake Balaton. And during swimming I saw these ships, and I saw, what people usually are doing on the deck. They are sunbathing, while they hold a smartphone in one hand and something alcoholic in the other one! :D I thought, that it would be cool to copy the scene! The second thing, which influenced me, was our summer holiday in Venice, in 2017. That was the first time, when I swam in the see. And the present from the see was a jellyfish-bite... Well, under the water surface would be three jellyfishes a little bit too few, so I decided, that I make fishes, scuba divers, and a whole coral reef! You can see some crazy plants among the corals: broomplant, flipperplant, hairbrushplant, skeletonarmplant, etc. Some of you know, that in the last 1.5 years I had a store on Bricklink. So I saw usually all of the new elements, and colours. Sometimes I thought, that a part would be cool for corals, so I didn't sell it :) A lot of things, which I did or do in my life, helped to create this MOC! We can see sometimes on exhibitions things, which imitate flying. The solution is usually something trans-clear (Lego bricks, glasses), but I wanted nothing between water and corals. So the only one way was me to hang the whole construction from the ceiling by string, which is used by anglers, so almost invisible! Finally the experience: the visitors often push the tables. If the ship sits on glasses, the first push means a disaster. But with this method the ship is independent from the table, so I was completely calm during the two days. That's the story of my newest creation, hope you like it! :) Thanks for visiting!
  8. I don't know if anyone else remembers when @Sebeus I posted LDD images of his Lego Ideas Submarine about 5 years ago, but it inspired me to take a stab at making something similar in real bricks, with a number of modifications to make it look more like an actual WWII German midget sub called the Seehund (the sail design & external torpedo racks on my version are heavily based on what was actually used on the Seehund-class). I completed the LDD mock-up about 2 years ago, but various circumstances, namely trying to scrape enough money to hire a lawyer to get divorced from my ex-wife & my mom passing away last year after a long battle with cancer, always ended up preventing me from being able to buy the parts I needed off BrickLink until earlier this year. So, without further ado, I present: The CSS Piranha SSM-1 Lead boat in the Piranha-class midget submarines used by the Neo-Confederate Navy Piranha Starboard Side by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr From Jayne's Ships, 2118 edition: "Due to increased success of Federal Republic & Lone Star naval bombardment of Neo-Confederate coastal cities, the New Confederate States of America government realized that they'd need some cheap, relatively fast & stealthy means of coastal defense, thus the Piranha-class midget subs were born. Equipped with an air-independent drive able to operate submerged for 18 days with fully-charged fuel cells, and packing two MK-54 heavy torpedoes, the small, two-man boats proved their worth when they sunk a Federal Navy frigate sailing close to the Alabama coast in an attempt to bombard Mobile with its 3" coil guns." Piranha Hatch by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr Top view of the Piranha, with external torpedo racks visible & hatch open. In the nose of the sub are twin, repeating harpoon launchers that used compressed air to launch explosive-tipped harpoons at any sea monsters attacking the sub. The sub uses harpoons instead of lasers for discouraging overly ambitious sea life to conserve the limited power of its hybrid bio-diesel/hydrogen fuel cell Air-Independent Drive. Torpedoes Away! by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr "While these subs were originally designed with coastal defense in mind, a task they're well-suited for, Captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach of the Heavy Cruiser, CSS Baton Rouge found a way to turn them into effective offensive weapons: He simply removed 2 of the ship's boats from the port-side boat davits & secured one of these subs in their place, extending its operational range to wherever the fusion-powered cruiser could take it. Since then, all Neo-Confederate Mobile-class Heavy Cruisers have had Captain (or rather Commodore, since that idea earned him a promotion) Teach's modification applied, making these already infamous 'pocket battleships' even more of a pain in the allied navies' necks." Piranha Interior Aft by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr The 2-man subs are equipped with a combined engineering & torpedo control station in the aft (next to the single bunk for whomever is off-duty to get 6 hours of sleep while the other crew member pilots the sub. Both stations are only manned when the sub has located a target for its heavy torpedoes). Piranha Interior Forward by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr The pilot's station in the forward section of the boat also has the controls for the harpoon launchers, so that any sea serpents or kraken thinking the sub would be a tasty snack can be dispatched without having to wake the other crew member. Hope you enjoyed this project, and as a nice little bonus pic, here's the sub on display at BrickFair, VA, my first time attending as a registered participant :D My Stuff by Ben/Laura Bonebrake, on Flickr
  9. I have quite a few denizens of the deep - both good and evil - in my display collection, but only currently have a picture of the latest ones using parts from the Disney, Ninjago Movie and TLBM S2 CMFs. I imagine the skeleton-ghost as a soldier who died at sea in tragic circumstances. In due course, I hope to photograph all my deep sea dwellers. Feel free to post your purist and non-purist underwater MOCed minifigures in this thread .
  10. This deep sea underwater display uses many official sets as well as MODs/ MOCs. It was inspired by Jang Brick’s underwater display but I wanted to give it more original layers and textures. I wrote the following backstory for this display: This deep sea area is at least 100km far out from Brick Beach (my main LEGO town), in the middle of the ocean. The deep sea display has three distinct areas that flow organically into each other in a single space. The highest level represents a part of the seabed. This level consists of a double shipwreck scene where two ships have seemingly collided and sunk to the ocean bed. The incident happened recently; in the last year or two. A team of deep sea investigators was sent down to investigate the cause of the accident. However, as they explored the wreckage, they noticed that the sea bed drops down to a deep chasm and an old ship wreck lies at the far bottom. This prompted the investigators to set up an underwater base on the higher level and send a bigger team down to investigate the old wreckage. As the expanded team explored the old ship, they discovered another smaller wreck but more importantly, a deep cavern that hides an ancient city lost for centuries underwater. Little do the explorers know that a sea dragon lives behind the walls of the ancient city. The twist is that all the shipwrecks were not caused by accidents or bad weather; but were in fact attacked by the dragon who has taken down dozens of ships over the last few hundred years. The underwater scene features a deep sea background on 3 sides. It is a custom-sized backdrop meant for aquariums and large fish tanks. There is also a combination of white and blue LED light strips for the lighting. The blue LED lights are on the floor, on three sides. Bricks built as rock formation hide the light from view and it looks like the blue light emits from behind the rocks creating a very cool effect.
  11. Severus A


    I've used the shipwreck from 60095 set, 60091 set and the landscape module from 60092 set to create a LEGO based aquarium landscape. It took me around two months to create the optimal equilibrium between substratum, background, plants and fish population. Now everything is ok and the Neon Tetra group members found their night shelter under the shipwreck's cabin. LEGO Aquarium_5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Aquarium_4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Aquarium _2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Aquarium_1 by Severus A, on Flickr
  12. As some remarked, Baker was preparing for a dive while underway to Quinnsville - luckily, in a period of calm, they had a chance to survey one of the reefs. While a sovereign monarch on his own quarterdeck, Cooke's authority means little to Montoya once engulfed in scientific endeavour To the Editor of the Proceedings, Journal of the RS of Nat. Phil. Dear Fellows, Luckily, (which I say at the peril of rebuke from my good friend, who is ever in a tearing hurry) we were becalmed in one of the bays on our way to Quinnsville, and we had a opportunity to exploit the diving suit I had procured in Arlinsport long since. While our initial respite was taking up by furious surveying from the seamen, and we could not even procure a boat, when the bay had been measured and sounded meticulously, Cooke graced me with his company and the jolly-boat. On an aside, he has shown a very acute understanding of the physics behind the suit, something I have never managed myself. I knew he was a prodigious mathematicians and astronomer, but that physics came so natural to him surprises me. If ever possible, I shall invite him to join Señor da Pontelli's lecture on flight! Young mr. Baker is a natural too, and he fairly glows at the prospects of going down again. And from what I can see, and the specimens he brings up and his descriptions make it clear why. The wealth of the coral reefs around Cocovia is unfathomable, and while our world above the surface still offers many discoveries, it is not to be compared with the novelty and diversity below the waves. Such wealth! I have enclosed a preliminary paper on some of our discoveries and hope you will bring it in the proceedings. Sincerly Don Isaac Montoya Fellow RS of Nat. Phil. Enclosed: "Preliminary findings on the reefs of Cocovia - A study in diversity" - Montoya, Don Isaac & Baker, Charles The wealth of the underwater world is fantastic, as is the colours. And an overview picture Thanks for looking - C&C on story and build more than welcome. Hope you enjoyed it!
  13. Captain Jonathan Cooke had a habit of taking a morning swim, as life on the quarterdeck does little to maintain one's physical fitness. This day was no exception. His command the HMS Athena had just anchored nearby an uncharted island, and the crew was preparing the launch for an expedition to explore the island. In the meanwhile, Cooke had dived off the quarterdeck head first, and taken a long underwater swim. As he jumped, he had just missed the lookout shouting "Boat on larboard bow!", and had inadvertently headed directly for the strange boat. As he surfaced, a curious sight met him, as he saw a large canoe with four rowers and a helmsman at the stern. On the bow, a raven-haired, exotic beauty was standing in perfect balance with the waves, playing a strange flute, sending out harmonic tunes. Cooke was thrown into a trance-like state for a moment, until an oar missed his head by inches, and he was pulled back to reality. The natives seemed unaware or indifferent to his presence, and rowed on. Cooke placed himself low in the water and took care to observe every conceivable detail. He knew Montoya would appreciate any detail he could give. The canoe was outfitted with nets and weights, obviously for fishing, and the men all had painted faces. All wore adornments of brass or gold and their attire was made of a multitude of materials including both hides and cloths. Back on the Athena, Cooke shared his observations with Montoya, who had been observing the spectacle closely through his looking glass: "…but I wonder what that music was for… It was obviously a fishing trip!" Young mr. Baker suggested with an enthusiastic smile: "Perhaps it was to keep the rhythm of the rowers?" Cooke shook his head: "There was no particular rhythm to the music - it was more free flowing, like a song." With a fascinated look, Montoya leaned in: "It is probably part of a ritual - perhaps to please the gods of the sea to give them a good catch. Such is seen in many primitive cultures… Even the fishermen and farmers of Oleon are known to host similar rituals!" Suppressing a joke, Cooke the added: "And the canoe was of a most curious design… Long and slender, but very steady on the waves… I could not quite discern the construction techniques…" Baker and Montoya took elaborate notes as the discussion went on, while the crew was making the final preparations for the expedition. An expedition that now had a goal - the cove from which the canoe had come! _______________________ Thanks for viewing - I will be looking forward to your feedback - this is my first try at an underwater scene. Originally, I only had the surface part, but it seemed a little bare, so I added the scene below. Considering all the diver-sets I had as a kid, I really need to find a use for all those sea creatures!
  14. gurusql

    [K-B06] - Sorn in Focus

    Location: Sorn Tags: Science, Exploration Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my thirteenth weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to go back to the waters of Sorn and continue to work on understanding how Awesomium interacts with the environment. While swimming in the open water letting the built in instruments in my suit collect data, my eye catches a possible Awesomium vein directly below where I was swimming. My passive scans so that I am not alone. It appears that Matris also has interest in this Awesomium vein. Time to head back to the base."
  15. Hey all, this is my first post here and my first Lego moc. Lots of firsts. Since the Lego Ideas site can't approve my project, I wanted to share it with some true Lego fans. Please check out the rest of my project pics here: and like me on Facebook https://www.facebook...646432325635280 - where I'll be posting a lot more Zissou Lego over the next month. Here's a hint ..... it was a long range sub hunter. Here it is...Lego Life Aquatic. Zissou Deep Search Sub. Also here's what I wrote for my Lego Ideas submission description that will never be scene : This is a – Brick – Adventure !! Lego Steve Zissou wants you on Team Brick Zissou. Included in the set is: Our topnotch research sub The Deep Search. Coral reef (it's teeming with marine life). Two Albino Dolphin Scouts that swim with the ship. They're supposedly very intelligent... although I've never seen any evidence of it. Plus all kinds of radar and sonar and under water movie gadgets Minifigs Included: -Steve Zissou - Captain, videographer, frontman -Wolodarsky - physicist, original score composer -Klaus Daimler - engineer, calm collected, German -Pele dos Santos - speedo wearing, safety expert
  16. Hello! Hope you like this one Newest entrance to the phantasy Realms series. what you think of it? Let me know and if you like this feel free to support it at - Cheers
  17. Location: Lorstan II Tags: Science Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my sixth weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to confirm that Kawashita groups work on this planet is not messing with the ecosystem. Since this planet is mostly water with multiple island over the time that we have been here we built multiple docks around the planet that have very similar characteristics. I am taking measurements from under the docks to compare them to the baselines that have been taken when the docks were first built." While Dr. Livingston is under the water Donald the engineer from his last mission is repairing some electrical connections and Ender is fishing off the dock. Comments and criticism are welcome. This is idea for this dock came from a build by Wedge09 here on Lorstan II
  18. soccerkid6

    [M-B06] Aquatic Exploration

    Location: B06, Sorn Tags: MANTIS, Vehicle, Exploration Job: Driver Start Log: Another water mission this week, but I got to drive a boat for the first time. And not any standard boat at that, the HC-2 is a pretty nifty piece of machinery, or maybe I should say pieces of machinery, as it's really two vehicles in one. Plus I got to see one of the new MANTIS subs in action. Our task was to chart as much of B06 as possible, to decide on best locations for future MANTIS bases, refineries, and comm stations. Even though it's mostly water, there's some pretty scenery on Sorn. See more pictures here: http://brickbuilt.or...tic-Explore.php Thanks for looking
  19. Mr Greeble

    [M - B06] Gone Fishing

    - Agent G here, Sorn proves to be a relatively un-hostile planet, with the few animal encounters being small reptiles. The real face of Sorn lies beneath, in its icy depths. Fish frolic peacefully here, flitting in and out of the abundant sea-bushes, while white crab like creatures scuttle around in the sifting sands of the ocean beds. My high-tech equipment seems so out of place, cold and lifeless, unlike the bursting ecosystem of Sorn that survives so well without the nutritoxin and Smogg That gets pumped into the air and the water on the more "civilized planets". While we think only of how we may further our reach in the endless reaches of space, we never stop once to think of the life that lies beneath us, choking on our progress... - Comments and Criticism most accepted!
  20. soccerkid6

    [M-F02] Underwater Plunder

    Location: Lesser Drigo, F02 Tags: Vehicle, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: For once I had two missions in a row on the same planet, though this time I got to use the MW-4 Mech to do some underwater pilfering. The MTD's that Double D had snuck into Octan's water purification plant had given us the location of several other Octan water filtering devices. It was an easy matter to access some of the shallower locations, and then use my mech's powerful arm to grab some Octan machinery. I'm sure our scientists will enjoy tinkering with it, and when they're done, MANTIS will have a pre built water purifying system. The MW-4 mech features moving legs, a working claw and missile launcher. It was fun using a bunch of assorted parts in 4 different blues for the landscape. C&C welcome
  21. "Oh Centurion, Stedor has extinquished their lighthouse again. It will be a dark night like always..." "Hahaha, our Centurion will not hear you. We are in the middle of a sea... Come on, let's sleep some... Aisha, it's your turn to watch out for coming lights" And so the Ulandian Navy Soldiers in the Ghuba-ya Biashara closed their eyes and started sleeping... A few hours later: "I saw something in the water!! The ship is moving!!" Aisha yelled, "Shut up Aisha, it's a shark swimming around the ship. Even in the moonlight you can see it is a shark. And beside, we are anchored" Aisha was right, there was a shark in the water. But also a whole bunch of Mermaids who removed the anchors of the Patrolling Vessels so they could move them to another territory. A guerilla against Ulandus together with Bregir for Square J15 For the glory of the High Council!! Long live the real Kaliphlin!! C&C ofcourse welcome!! Also UoP for: - Hydrology : Underwater - Landscape: Sideaways Rocks
  22. This is model I have built back in the first half of 2012. I don´t have the physical model anymore, but I just found the pics I had in my archive and decided to finally post it. It´s a steampunk submarine, originated from a former pirate ship that was converted. It had no interiors. It was simply a tryout into this world I quite love and admire for its aesthetic richness but to which I had never dared to dive. So, here's my first steampunk adventure! :) There´s more pictures of it on my flickr. Just follow any of the links of the pictures! :)
  23. Update 28/06/2014: third submarine coming up (surfacing ). Two exploration submarines, The yellow one is named Leviathan and the blue one goes by the name Mantis. The Swordfish, a reconnaissance submarine: I created the underwater effect by placing a transparent blue panel in front of the lens . The top of the submarine is detachable to reveal the interior, not that there is much interior, just enough room to fit a minifigure. I hope to inspire atleast someone to join me in my quest to get the Aquazone back up and running . We need more submarines and underwater bases. More pictures can be found at my brickshelf Gallery: Leviathan Mantis Swordfish
  24. jetboy

    Through seas and oceans!

    This ship floats on the waves, here is the video: There was a contest organized by Kris Kelvin on and LUGPol to build realistic ship. I dont like building realistic things, so i didn't care much about it, but then i got this idea. Unfortunately it was late enough to miss the deadline. But i finished it and here it is. This was a hit at Pyrkon 2014 and you will ne able to see it on Lego Fan Weekend this year.
  25. Sebeus I


    I made a submarine in Lego Digital Designer, I rarely use LDD but I had this design in my head which I couldn't realize with my current lego collection. So I decided to make a Cuusoo project out of so hopefully I will be able to buy my own set one day. I don't really like these LDD screenshots, I hope I manage to render it at some point, I didn't have succes rendering so far . More pictures can be found at Mocpages. Since I posted it there I found out that a lot of people prefer a different color than blue, so I'm counting on you to speak out which of following colors you prefer for this submarine. Blue is my own favourite color, luckely it's very easy in LDD to change colors; EDIT : technical problems, for now check out the alternate colors here Yellow Red Sand green Gray For the interested; the Cuusoo Project. This is actually my first serious cuusoo project, considering I would want to buy this set myself .