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  1. DanSto

    Effective High Speed

    At such speeds, crashes occur often and these videos are essential because we need clearly to improve (i) the security of the visitors by using higher plexiglas protection and (ii) the braking ability of our trains. As said, I hope that videos of these trains running of the LGV will be available soon and I will post them. Some recent videos by Denis H. : Fana'briques 2015 : Briqu'Expo Rhone-Alpes 2017 :
  2. DanSto

    Effective High Speed

    You are right : I meant braking and I corrected it. Many thanks. The trains breaks or explode into parts because it does not brake enough
  3. DanSto

    Effective High Speed

    After this long break, I give you some news. After Fana'briques 2012, the LGV has been installed in 2013 and 2014 without my participation. The main improvement concerns the power supply which allows now to reach 60 V with a fine control. The other improvement is a 40 cm higher final loop connected by a bridge to the lower tracks; the 40 cm denivellation helping to break the trains. During Briqu'Expo 2013, taking advantage of the new power supply, the 4511 official set train of Denis H. reached the speed of 25.07 km/h being the first official 5 cars train running at a real speed larger than 25 km/h since the runs of 2009 in Saint Rambert where the best run reached 25.59 km/h. There are no videos of these runs but there is this one displaying a long Horizon Express running on the new LGV. Next year, during Rail'expo 2014, the same train reached 24.98 km/h showing that the 25 km/h speed can be now regularly reached but seems to be a limit if you do not want to burn the LEGO motors. Again, a video with the Horizon Express on the LGV In 2015, during Fana'briques 2015, my AGV Italo 5 cars train MOC was particularly efficient reaching 27.47 km/h with an applied voltage of 44 V after having overcome 4 times the old record of 25.59 km/h during the weekend. This shows that MOCs are definitively more efficient than official sets. I hope that some video of these runs will become available soon. It was also the first time my new train, a white AGV, could run on the LGV but it needs some braking improvement as you can see into this video (from 25 seconds) The most recent installation of the LGV was last september during Briqu'Expo Rhone-Alpes 2017 in Lyon and, after some secret improvements, my AGV Italo reached a high speed of 30.67 km/h, being he first train ovecoming officialy the 30 km/h. No video up to now but, again, my white AGV had some braking problems Definitively, I have to improve this train
  4. DanSto

    NY Hearst Tower

    Thanks. A view of the inside exhibiting the 1x1 bricks with handle and the 1x2 plates with handle for the main sides, the 4L bars around the corners and the way the triangles are fixed in the corners. NY Hearst Tower (nude) by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr
  5. DanSto

    NY Hearst Tower

    The Hearst Tower in New York is a very nice combination of an Art Deco stone building and a modern tower built on it base on a triangular structure ( http://www.fosterandpartners.com/projects/hearst-tower/ ). In this MOC, the triangular structure is suggested using the equilateral Road Sign triangular part but, because the triangles of the real tower are not equilateral, I have introduced more levels. NY Hearst Tower (AVD) by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr NY Hearst Tower (ARG) by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr NY Hearst Tower (base) by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Enjoy
  6. DanSto

    RIP Princess Leia

    So sad, and both are gone Front view by Daniel Stoeffler, onFlickr
  7. DanSto

    Château of Cheverny, and more...

    Ha, ha, even on the side view you display, the main stone appears white. Taking into account the available parts, the reddish brown/brown mixture is the best choice for rendering the various colour of Notre Dame de Strasbourg because, contrary to you, I do not fall into slovenly ways by painting parts . But a white stone is ... just white .
  8. DanSto

    Château of Cheverny, and more...

    This castle is made using the « pierre de Bourré » a tuffeau stone which is white (and becomes more and more white during the centuries) and should not be tan Could you imagine the Chambord castle in another colour than white .
  9. DanSto

    [MOC] (WIP) Odysseus-like ship

    Tribute to the Odysseus by GolPlaysWithLego, on Flickr
  10. DanSto

    [MOC] Facehugger and egg

    Thaky you . This MOC is exposed this weekend during Fana'briques 2016 with other Alien's MOCs.
  11. DanSto

    [MOC] Facehugger and egg

    My new MOC, a life size face hugger with its egg FaceHugger and egg by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr As you will certainly notice, it is an evolution of the egg and of the facehugger . The facehugger is inpired by the one of AL13N163NA ( ).It will be displayed during the next Fana'briques exhibition in a few days and more photos will come after the exhibition. Enjoy.
  12. That's a review ! An ultimate Review Thanks, Jim. Concerning the price, there are something like 1000 various pins (which cost nearly nothing to TLG) in this set : I found that the 1700 remaining parts are clearly too expensive .
  13. DanSto

    [MOC] BB8 mid-size (and friends)

    Nice to see that you have build the pair . For the top of the head of R2, you could also use the same build as for BB-8 with a Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Groove and 1 Stud in Center (ref 87580) instead of the 1x1 plate .
  14. DanSto

    [MOC] Manta Ray

    Thank you all. The manta is on BrickBrains : http://brickbrains.com/2016/05/manta-ray-lego-dan_sto/ Mantastic