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  1. As Dfenz said, we will be in Gunzburg two days beforehand so regretfully we will not be attending this year's event. However, we will look forward to next year in Billund. Meanwhile, we will try to leave something behind in the Fabrik shop!
  2. JanetVanD

    [MOC] Phoenix at Sunrise

    According to legend, the phoenix lives for many centuries. When at last it is old and tired, it flies to the city of Heliopolis, alights atop the temple of Ra and builds a nest of cinnamon bark. The following dawn, the sun god sends a spark which ignites the nest, turning it into a funeral pyre which consumes the bird. Later, a new phoenix emerges from the ashes of its predecessor. This model consists of 2,705 elements, took seven days to design & build and was completed in December 2018. Phoenix at Sunrise 1 by Jessica Farrell, on Flickr Phoenix at Sunrise 2 by Jessica Farrell, on Flickr
  3. All the accommodation around the Legoland area would be a lot more expensive during the holiday weekend, wouldn't it?
  4. Question: if more than one date suits, do we check both or just the one that suits best? Also, when is the deadline for voting? I'd like to double check the lad's exam schedule just to be sure but I can't do that until Monday.
  5. Oh no! We would really like to go but that date clashes with other stuff already booked. Also, my son has exams until the 14th so that rules him out even though he'd love the HP studio visit. What a pity, one week later would have been fine but I understand its impossible to suit everyone.
  6. JanetVanD

    MOC: In the Temple of Time

    The sword pulls out but it is a bit shorter than it should be, due to the height of the stone
  7. Depicting one of the most memorable scenes from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, featuring Link and the Master Sword, this model is comprised of approximately 400 pieces and took two days to design & build. It was created on request for a gaming convention and was my first attempt at building a human figure.
  8. Okay thanks. I'll give them a call; don't want to be locked out or without bedsheets!
  9. 18:00 seems very early for the check-in to close; most of the people in our chalet won't be arriving until later than that. (unless, Calanon, you're arriving earlier and can check in for us) Surely people arrive on late flights all the time. Does anyone know what to do in that case?
  10. JanetVanD

    Inspirational Modular and Castle MOCs

    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I'm currently working on a MOC of another iconic London building which I started in December and hope to have completed in July. It will be quite large, measuring at 60cm high, 60cm deep and just over 3 metres long. With five floors to reproduce in full detail, both inside and out, it is quite a challenge. Actually, the sheer size of the build, the level of detail I've committed to and all of the technical problems I've had to overcome so far (I'm approx half way) had me feeling a bit overwhelmed but the comments on this thread has given me a confidence boost just when I needed it. Thanks, guys!
  11. JanetVanD

    10. LEGOWORLD in copenhagen

    I'll be there in the fan zone too, with my Jurassic Brick display.
  12. Our Wild West chalet is now full: 1. JanetVanD 2. Son of JanetVanD 3. Nate Dias 4.Friend of Nate Dias 5. Caladon
  13. We have booked a Wild West chalet with Nate & Steve, so there is room for one more male non-smoker. Calanon, are you still looking for a place?
  14. JanetVanD

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    Jim, I hope PR is not your day job!!
  15. JanetVanD

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    I'm in for sure, with my son. Looking forward to it! Not sure about how our accommodation will be arranged just yet, should know in a day or two at the most.