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Found 10 results

  1. The RogueBricks Summer Contest is currently open for entries and this year's topic is "Steven Spielberg": I recreated scenes from three Spielberg movies as 16 x 16 studs vignettes, starting with Jurassic Park: Continuing with Jaws: And of couse there has to be an Indiana Jones scene: I hope you enjoy these little MOCs!
  2. divingfaces

    [MOC] JAWS

    This is my latest JAWS MOC - It's on LEGO IDEAS if you wish to support it - I tried to get in as much detail as possible at mini-fig scale to make it as model like as possible.
  3. Michael0071


  4. eurotrash

    MOC: Jaws

    MOC: Jaws I went through four earlier versions that weren't up to scratch so they got thrown overboard in the chum bucket. Come on in - the water's fine!
  5. divingfaces


    This is my JAWS build. It's on LEGO IDEAS if you have a spare moment you can support it here (if you wish) - I hope you like it. I've re-designed the boat (ORCA) and the shark a few times, trying to make it better each time.
  6. divingfaces


    This is my JAWS MOC. It can be supported on LEGO IDEAS here if you have a spare minute -
  7. Just something fun I whipped up today. I'd had the notion for a while, I was just waiting for the right head to come along. Thank you HP CMF Series 2 Dumbledore! :) The maestro... And posing with some of his most famous musical inspirations... One could perhaps wish for a better black tuxedo jacket with black bow tie. (If I weren't hoping to keep it "purist," Citizen Brick makes a decent one.) But this fits the bill!
  8. Lucifer Adams

    JAWS Movie Poster in 3D (MOC)

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you my latest MOC and one that has been a real passion-project for me. I'm a huge movie fan and Jaws is probably the film that I love the most. So creating a Jaws MOC is something that I've been thinking about for quite a while. The poster measures approximately 15.75" (40cm) tall, 13.5" (34cm) wide and 5.25" (13.5cm) deep. I estimate the finished model is likely to be in the 3300 – 4000 parts range. It took about eight hours to put it all together and about 20 hours to design in LDD. The water effect is achieved by pouring 1x1 round transparent clear plates in between a solid brick wall and a wall made up of Transparent-Clear panels. The gap between the back wall and the Trans-Clear plates is a single stud. The gap on the left and right is four studs wide. A view from the side where you can see how it sits inside the black 'box' A view from the other side. Dinner time? You can view the full set on Flickr at THIS link UPDATE I have made a couple of tweaks to this piece. The first was a minor change to the top of the 'W' in 'JAWS'. I had capped it off with two 2x2 red tiles but they did not go all the way to the edges, so I replaced the 2x2s with two 1x3s and this makes the 'W' look better. The second modification was more significant and is based on some feedback I received below from Clone OPatra. I was never truly happy with how the shark's nose jutted out over his top lip. To solve this, I made the shark's head one brick wider but kept the nose where it was. This leads to a smoother transition from lip to nose. Finally, whilst I had the camera out, I took the top off to allow for a 'cross-section' view, showing how the various 3D elements look when viewed from above.
  9. Hello, I have created a MOC of the Orca from the classic Steven Spielberg film, Jaws. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts, opinions on it? I have tried to be as close to the original ship as possible, including getting the sheer and camber of the vessel. Some bits were quite difficult to put in, such as the curved railings heading down to the bow from the pulpit. I also couldn't find a rope on LDD for the barrel on the transom, so I decided to use a chain. Thanks for viewing!
  10. Building Drive: Secret Agents Contest Entry Villain Vehicle: Jaw’s Chomp-er Blofeld wants to get rid of James Bond! So it's time to call in some mucscle to take care of him--Jaws--and his amazing Chomp-er! When having one set of steel teeth is not enough, Jaw's uses his Chomp-er, a vehicle with large razor sharp teeth to bide down on rival vehicles or the rivals themselves! CHOMP! CHOMP! ~Nemo