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  1. slackware

    Lego Aquarium

    Lego Aquarium two small fish,water plants from top viewing zoom view light brick insige
  2. slackware

    A popsicle

    want a A popsicle?
  3. slackware

    Simple quiet village life

    1.Positive point of view 2. Positive point of view 3.Vegatables 4.A hammock 5.Another viewing Angle 6. Side view 7.zoom view I named this Small scene as "Simple quiet village life"
  4. slackware

    Lego mini vac cleaner

    1. 2. 3. 4. mini vac cleaner
  5. slackware

    My Lego Wine Bottles

    Wine Bottles with ice cube many bottles many bottles via my flickr