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  1. TheUtilityBelt

    [O - G10] Catching up with Odus Dillberg

    Great story! I do feel the landscape on Onix is a bit overcrowded with things, but the rocky formations are great! (I can't build large rocks well) I'll be awaiting the next installment! P.S. I like the Holo-Long!
  2. TheUtilityBelt

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Alright! I just remembered that my sigfig is in Mitgardia for a family reunion of sorts. I'll start building there later today, and I might work on that challenge.
  3. TheUtilityBelt

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Well, looks like I might be back! I probably used all my Octan sick days for 3 years, so good thing I'm immune to most diseases, being a cyborg and all. If anyone could fill me in on the important things that have happened, that'd be great. I hope that I'll be back to building soon, if I can find my motivation somewhere in my room.
  4. TheUtilityBelt

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Oh how I miss building for Kaliphlin. I plan on building again, but i just don't have the motivation. Could someone fill me in on some of the things that have gone on since I left? Hope to build soon, ~TheUtilityBelt32
  5. TheUtilityBelt

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Hello fellow Octan employees! I did not end up making a build for last week because of wheat harvest here in Kansas. And I probably won't get one in the next two or so weeks to come, so yeah. I'll be checking in every so often like so though.
  6. TheUtilityBelt

    [O - H09] Octan's New Dry Dock

    Cool sub! The cockpit area is my favorite.
  7. TheUtilityBelt

    [O - E01] Mission Crystal

    The story is awesome! I also tried to use the washing machines and then remembered cyborg parts don't wash well.
  8. TheUtilityBelt

    [Challenge 1] Slithering Around on Wastyria [O - H09]

    Wow! I'll definitely be using that curving motion technique sometime.
  9. TheUtilityBelt

    [K - E11] The Starship Separator

    Nice ship! I was also thinking of a way to incorporate the brick separators into my builds...
  10. TheUtilityBelt

    [M-AO6] Drone Testing on Guinevere

    Nice rockwork and drone!
  11. TheUtilityBelt

    [O-E01] Through the Looking Glass: A Lesson in Chirality

    Very depressing story. I like it! Yes, we will need to conduct more experiments on EO1 until we know what went wrong.
  12. TheUtilityBelt

    [Challenge 1] Birth of a Fire Wasp [K - A06]

    Yeah, I wouldn't want to be there either! Great bug and I love the description!
  13. TheUtilityBelt

    [Challenge 1] Feast when you can [O - G03]

    Awesome creatures! Quite a developed (at least for a little while!) ecosystem "New California" has!
  14. TheUtilityBelt

    [Challenge 1] [K - A06] Guinevere

    Great 'cano! The trees are a nice touch as are the tilted landscape plates.