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Found 26 results

  1. Backstory of Mr. Incredible super villain "Kodachrome": Originally from the far future of 2525 where expression, color, and are virtually outlawed and emotion heavily suppressed in order to achieve prefect uniformity, Simon Paulson was a rebel since birth, quite literally. His eyes had a strange birth defect that let to them changing hue constantly. His parents hid him away in the mid-1940's using experimental time travel technology after he painted their city's mayor's house purple. The parents were supposed to pick him up again in 20 years (their time) but an accident after transit destroyed them and the time machine, stranding him in 1946. He gained a reputation in the intervening twenty year's time as non-conformist, rebel, and eventually an outright villain for painting buildings, streets, people, and even the local sky colors they shouldn't be. He does this using very advanced technology he cobbled together himself, and the colors even can affect people's minds - blue makes them depressed, red = angry, yellow is fearful, etc. Mister Incredible has faced Kodachrome (his adopted alias since 1946) multiple times during commission of his crimes which have included: - painting the Statue of Liberty blue and causing tourists inside to become severely depressed - turning the Golden Gate bridge purple to cause jealousy incidents across San Francisco - turning Frozone and Mr. Incredible's suit's yellow (intense fear) to allow him to sabotage a early US rocket launch un-hindered. (stopped by Elastigirl on this occasion) - robbing several banks, museums, and laboratories to create a time machine to cause colorful havoc in ALL times (coalition of Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Gazerbeam stopped him and his army of mind-controlled civilian minions) Actual Name: Simon Paulson Super-Alias: Kodachrome Villainy Grade: A Status: At Large Mental ability: Genius level intellect, criminally insane The truck Kodachrome uses for his colorful criminal caper's when they need to be mobile. Rear of the truck, which is a MOD of set 70921 (Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack) from The LEGO Batman Movie's third wave. Under the hood, showcasing the engine. (Two blue slope parts are missing from this area, while the 4 x 4 dishes on the laser cannon are missing this print as well.) Yes, this is 100% build-able and will be constructed IRL for use with Mr. Incredible and his car I've just finished building. (sneak peek above in B&W) Also, if you can guess the song and it's artist I was listening to when I created all this, you win a cookie. Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  2. This model was originally used with Mister Incredible from the LEGO Incredibles II video game, and was reverse engineered by a builder named @hachiroku. The instructions for the original version remade by that user are seen here. I first recreated the car in LDD from his video instructions and revised it a bit, especially in the paint job department. I gave it a more current Incredibles look, instead of the original dark azure with red dot on the hood. This was needed because LEGO hasn't made a prologue / glory days version of the Mister Incredible super suit and I wanted it to match perfectly. I consider the car to be a post-Incredibles II repainted version as it is shown to be back in the Parr family's ownership at the end of that film, yet it was still in the original paint scheme. The redone hood logo looks pretty good this way, don't you think? Flaming exhaust is able to be placed on the rear tailpipe. I also added a small spoiler to the rear just above the tailpipe, as it looked weird with nothing there. The inside controls with a bunch of dials / gauges and a steering wheel. The roof is easily removable because it isn't connected at the front of the car. I've also created a color-based enemy and his vehicle for Mister Incredible to fight, which you can see here in it's own thread. Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  3. Hello! It’s-a me, Oky! And I’m back with another special review! For many years now, Mario, the stereotypical Italian plumber, has not only somehow evaded cancel culture, but also has been delighting the hearts of gamers everywhere with his simple and fun series of video games. One of the most influential entries in the franchise was Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 as it was the first Mario game to make the jump from 2D to 3D as well as one of the first successful open-world 3D platformers ever made. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the game, so after the success of the NES set, LEGO decided to celebrate this occasion by releasing a brick-built version of the iconic yellow ? Block that appears in many Mario games – which is ironic since Super Mario 64 was actually one of the few games where this block didn’t appear in. It may seem like a strange choice for a set, but these ? Blocks are always full of surprises, so perhaps there is more to it than just a big yellow box? Read on to find out! Let’s-a go! Set Number: 71395 Name: Super Mario 64 ? Block Theme: Super Mario Year of Release: 2021 Ages: 18+ Pieces: 2064 Price: $169.99 The Box The box of this set has the same kind of branding as every 18+ set nowadays with a glossy black background and a white strip of greebles made out of various plates and tiles running along the bottom instead of the white background like all the “regular” Super Mario sets. If you have read my previous review you will know that I’m not really a fan of LEGO’s decision to market all adult-oriented sets with such a depressingly dark box art. It usually detracts from the set, although in this case I think it kinda works. The darkness adds to the mystery of the ? Block. There is not much else on the front of the box except for the set name, the Super Mario 64 and LEGO logos, and some numerical info about the set which also adds to the mystery. To uncover the secret of the ? Block, you don’t have to punch it like Mario, just simply turn around the box to its backside. This side of the box reveals that instead of a powerup or coins like in the games, what comes out of the top of the block is a bunch of microscale Super Mario 64 levels! How cool is that! There are several little close-up shots of some of the details, the transforming feature, and a schematic showing the measurements of the set. The main image and the schematic hint at the fact that there is another flap on the front of the box, but don’t show what’s behind it. What could it be? The mystery continues! The top of the box shows a lineup of all the characters included in the set along with some closer looks at Peach’s Castle and Bob-omb Battlefield. There is also a side view of the Princess Peach figure for size comparison. The bottom of the box shows some choking hazard warnings and other legal info on top of the white greebles. It also reiterates the number of pieces in the set – just to let you know exactly how many pieces you can choke on. The left side of the box features another closeup of Peach’s Castle - which is fitting since previous rumors for this set only mentioned the castle. Maybe whoever spread them only saw this side of the box? The right side shows the set name in different languages and a seal certifying that this is indeed an “official Nintendo licensed product”. Contents Inside the box there are 19 numbered bags, one bag with the instructions, and one with large plates. Some of the build stages are split into multiples bags which is not unusual. For some of them it makes sense, like for the bags with the number 2 since they contain a lot of parts, but for the bags with the number 9 it seems wasteful as the bags are less than half full and contain the same kind of parts, so I don’t understand why they didn’t just put them all into one bag. The bag for the large plates also seems wasteful as it is so big that it could have fit a 32x32 baseplate easily (I had to fold the bag twice to fit it into this picture). I thought TLG wanted to get more ecofriendly, not less? Instructions The instructions booklets starts with a few pages of the set’s designers talking about their love for Super Mario 64, the design of the set, and comparisons between the set and screenshots from the game. It’s always great to get such a little look behind the scenes at LEGO and at the talented people who develop these sets. The instructions themselves are nice and easy to read thanks to the new light gray background they’re using for these adult sets. There isn’t a lot of repetition in the build, although step 183 on the following example page asks you to put inverted 2x2 tiles onto a 16x16 plate 64 times. You don’t see such a high number every day in these callouts. Notable Parts There are quite a few parts in new or rare colors and even some new molds in this set! New molds include a downward 2 stud long bracket and a 2x3 plate with a 1x1 gap in dark brown, although each of those debuted in one other set recently. The only mold that I have never seen before is the 2x2 corner plate with the corner rounded off which is used to extend the bottom of the 2x2 curved corner slope. The latter appears for the first time in yellow, as does Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi’s crown and the 2x2 inverted tile. We also get not one, but two new colors of the cattle horn, red and yellow, plus some in tan which is a color it hasn’t been produced in since 2009, so anyone who is trying to assemble a Mola Ram will be pleased. Other new part-color combinations include a support beam in sand green (which is odd since it is hidden inside the build, so there is no reason to cast it in a new color), moldy (dark green) ice cream , 1x1 inverted bracket in lime, 1x1 brick with studs on 2 adjacent sides and telescopes in bright green, 2x2 round tile in green, 1x3 tile in nougat, 2x2 inverted dome in brown, and 4L bars in trans-clear, so if you want your Jedi to have a colorless lightsaber, you’re in luck. There are plenty of other parts in rare colors that have only appeared in a handful of other sets. If I missed anything new, let me know in the comments. I have some good news for all you sticker haters out there: Almost all the decals in this set are printed, and the only one that is a sticker, the barcode/star pattern on the yellow round 2x2 tile, is already pre-applied like in the other Mario sets! There is a large assortment of printed 1x1 tiles, the printing of which is impressively detailed. Figures It’s no secret that many Nintendo fans have been clamoring for proper Super Mario minifigures ever since LEGO acquired the license but so far all the Mario figures have been brick-built ones at a different scale. This set is no different as it comes with a slew of microscale brick-built representations of the characters similar to the ones in the LEGO Cuusoo Minecraft sets. Unlike the Minecraft figures, however, they made the odd stylistic decision not to print eyes on any of the characters (except for Mr. I for obvious reasons). Even the Bowser sliding puzzle in the previous picture doesn’t have eyes. Let’s take a closer look at them, starting with the good guys: Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. The only one out of the three that has any kind of printing is Mario with his iconic mustache. They are all very recognizable despite the lack of detail. I always like it when designers can pull off a minimalistic design like that. It reminds me of the figures from LEGO’s old “IMAGINE” ad campaign. Still, I kind of wish they would have given Peach just a bit of detail as she looks a little plain next to the others, be it her lips or some features of her dress or something. Also, I’m not sure the part used for Mario’s hat was the best choice. It’s a bit large and looks as if someone had pulled Mario’s hat over his eyes. Or maybe Cappy is swallowing him?! Oh wait, wrong game. Yoshi looks good for the most part, although I wish they could have incorporated some white into his color scheme. Next we have the neutral characters: a Lakitu Bro, mama penguin and baby penguin. The penguins are not much different from other brick-built penguins that have appeared in many sets over the years, but you know what they say about things that aint broken. The Lakitu Bro has a simple yet clever design for his cloud that even includes his little camera. Lastly, we have the enemies: Mr. I, Big Bully, King Bob-omb, and a Chain Chomp. King Bob-omb is easily the best-looking character in the set as he is not blocky like a lot of the others and looks very accurate except for his lack of arms and eyes. The use of that new wheel piece for his body is perfect. The only downside to him is that he is stuck to the Bob-omb battlefield ground. I had to disassemble him and loosely stack the pieces here for this picture. Big Bully on the other hand just might be the worst figure as he just looks like a brick with horns. He should have been round like the others and some indication of his green feet would have been nice too, although I’m not sure how they could have achieved that with legal building techniques. Mr. I and Chain Chomp are fine – again, except for the odd lack of eyes on Chain Chomp. Actually, there is one more secret figure included in the set! The designers intended it to be a surprise for you to find during the build, hence why it isn’t in any of the official images of the set, so I will put it in spoiler tags. If you want to see it, click below, otherwise skip to the build section. The Build It’s time to get building! Here we goooo! First, you build the inner structure of the block, then the back panel. I struggled a bit putting on the rubber bands that hold the back panel up as they get stretched to their limit. Hopefully they won’t snap any time soon. There is a gold star like the power stars that Mario collects in the game placed inside the structure above the purple tile. It has no purpose and is no longer visible once the build is finished; it’s just a neat easter egg included by the designers for you to discover during the build which is pretty neat. Next, you build the front panel. As I mentioned before, there is not much repetition in the build since the construction of the front and back are completely different despite them looking the same from the outside. Never judge a block by its cover! After that, you can put the block aside for a while as most of the rest of the build is the top panel with all the microscale vignettes on it. You start building each vignette by building the base, then the scenery, then attach it to the rest of the build. Each vignette is very different, but all of them are constructed very intricately. I like how going from a big, rough support structure to such small, detailed scenes makes the build feel like it is getting more challenging as you go. Once the whole top section is complete, you just drop it into the block from above. The last step is to build the side panels which are identical, so unfortunately you end the build with some repetition, but it’s not too bad. Spare Parts There are tons of little 1x1 bits left over after the build, including extras of a lot of the printed tiles and other new/rare parts! Since there is an extra mustache plate, you can build a second Mario out of the spare parts, one that looks closer to the big LEGO Mario. Alternatively, you could also build his brother Luigi, even if poor Luigi was never in Super Mario 64. The Complete Set Yeahoo! The build is finished! The completed block looks sooo smooooth! Except for on the question marks, no stud is to be seen, and the rounded edges and corners really add to the smooth feel. They even managed to cover up all the transforming functions very well. Usually, you only see such large, tiled surfaces on MOCs and it looks fantastic. It looks so accurate to the ? Block in the games that it’s not much different from any other replica of it. The only difference is those studs on the question marks which give them some nice texture and remind you that this is indeed still a LEGO set. The block looks great from all sides – except for the bottom where it’s just a big hole. It looks dark and ugly and makes the block hard to hold up from the bottom. This is not a huge issue and I understand why they made it this way as you will likely not see the block from this angle very often and it makes easy to access the interior of the block to fix any potential mechanical errors, but I still wish they would have made this part of it a bit more sightly. Once unfolded, the block becomes a great display stand for the four microscale maps. If you thought the block looked too boring before, it definitely becomes more interesting in this form! Let’s take a closer look at each of the micro-builds, starting with the first level and the hub world of the game, Peach’s Castle, which fittingly hovers over all the others. There is lots of nice part usage here such as the cattle horns as flags, the moldy ice cream scoops as trees, and the telescope as the warp pipe through which Mario enters the game. The castle itself looks nice and accurate, although it’s a shame there is no inverted version of those 2x2 wedges they used for the turret roofs that they could have used for the underside of the turrets instead of the cheese slopes. And in case you’re wondering, no, unfortunately Mario does not fit through the castle entrance as it is one plate too short. The backside of the castle is not so interesting as there is only a small tile indicating a backdoor, although to be fair, I don’t think there is much back there in the game either. The only fun detail is Yoshi hiding behind the tower at the top where you can meet him after you beat the game. The next level (if we’re going by the order in which you visit them in the game) is Bob-omb Battlefield. This is probably my favorite of the micro-vignettes as it is sprawling with details and it really feels like they managed to recreate most of the map in this little 14x14 space. The cannons, the bridges, the trees, the tree stumps, the patches of yellow flowers, the floating island with the red coins box; it’s all there. They even managed to include one of the cannon balls that roll around behind the gray bridge using a microphone piece. There are no secret hidden areas or play features in this vignette, although you can aim the cannons vertically. They even included the little nook you can use as a shortcut to teleport to the top of the mountain where you fight King Bob-omb. Next up is Lethal Lava Land which is mistakenly named Lethal Lava Trouble in the description of the set. There is a fair amount of detail here as well even though part of the transforming mechanism takes up a lot of this space. The printed platform tiles and the Bowser sliding puzzle really add to the authenticity. This is also the only level with a physical representation of one of the power stars that Mario collects. Lastly, there is Cool, Cool Mountain. I don’t think it’s all that cool, though, since it looks a bit plain compared to the others. That’s not to say that it’s bad however! The designers managed to represent most of the level fairly faithfully. They included the log cabin at the foot of the mountain, the wooden bridge suspended over the abyss next to the cabin, the top and bottom halves of the snowman that Mario has to unite, and even the ropes of the ski lift. I just wish they would have included some face printing for the snowman, even if it’s just the mouth. On the back of the mountain, you can see the snow slide leading down from the small cabin at the top as well as the penguin and her baby that Mario has to return to her. Play Features The last few 18+ sets that I reviewed didn’t have many play features, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this set has more than expected! Of course, the main play feature is the transforming function. It is very simple and works as smooth as the block looks. To reveal the vignettes, instead of punching the block from below like Mario, you push down from the top. The vignettes flip up, and once they’re on top, you give Peach’s Castle a little push which will cause it to swing back, pushing down the side vignettes in the process, and that’s it. Pretty easy, although once the vignettes get to the top, it doesn’t stop, so you need to balance it a bit before you push it open. I wish they would have added a stopper so that they don’t turn too far. To fold them back in, you just pull the castle forward again, flip up the sides to hold the castle in place, and push the whole thing back. Both of these motions work so smoothly and flawlessly, it feels very satisfying to do, so you may find yourself transforming the block over and over. Every time it flips, the back panel of the block gets pushed open by the edges of the side vignettes and gets pulled closed again by the rubber bands inside. Brilliant. You can see it all working in the video below. Some of the vignettes have a hidden interior! The entire front section of Peach’s castle can be removed to reveal the entrance hall. It features the paintings that serve as portals to the three other levels in the set which is a nice touch, even though in the game those paintings weren’t actually in the entrance hall, but locked behind doors. In case you didn’t know, the story of Super Mario 64 is that Bowser trapped the inhabitants of the castle in paintings, so Mario has to jump into them, fight enemies like sentient bombs, and collect power stars to power the doors of the castle and free all the little mushroom people. The Mario world is weird, yo. You can also remove a chunk of the back of the Cool, Cool Mountain to reveal the ice slide inside the mountain that Mario slides down to win a race with a penguin so that he can get a power star from him. Again, Mario is weird. Lethal Lava Land has different play features. The volcano and its surrounding low-poly ring are built on top of a turntable, so they can spin like in the game. There is also the log that Mario has to roll to get to one of the power stars which is attached to a rail so that you can push it back and forth. The following animation shows the two features in action. There are a couple more features which were teased on the box, but the designers wanted these to be a surprise, so I will put them in spoilers too in case you want to discover them yourself. But that’s not all! Even though this set is a completely different scale, it works with the electronic LEGO Mario and Luigi figures. You can use one of them to go on a hunt for 10 power stars hidden around the set by scanning the barcode inside Peach’s Castle, then scanning certain parts of the vignettes. There are clues where to find each star at the beginning of the instructions booklet. Some of the hints are fairly obvious while others you need to be familiar with Super Mario 64 to get them. Unfortunately I don’t have either of these figures, so I can’t test it out for you, but I’ll let you figure it out for yourself. I’m not into the “regular” Mario sets, but it’s pretty cool that they make them compatible with other Mario sets like this to expand your play experience. Ratings Design: Great looking, accurate, and very unique design with lots of great detail in the vignettes. Build: Fun build with nice surprises that gets more and more intricate but ends on a bit of repetition. Playability: Transformation works great and all the vignettes have some kind of play feature, except the Bob-omb Battlefield. Figures: Nice minimalistic approach; most are recognizable, although some could have been better and had eyes. Parts: Lots of new/rare parts, everything is printed. Price: $170 for 2064 pieces is a pretty good deal, especially for a licensed set. Overall: Honestly, I am hard-pressed to find any faults in this set. It’s a fun build with lots of good parts and a great looking result that even has several play features. It’s a set unlike any other and makes for a nice piece of nostalgic gaming memorabilia as well as a detailed display piece. Like with the Diagon Alley set, it was a nice surprise to find features in the set that were not advertised. My only gripes with the set such as the figures or the bottom of the block are mostly just nitpicking. It may not be the minifig scale set everyone’s been asking for, but it's an unexpected and innovative set that we didn't even know we wanted which is even better, so I applaud the designers for that. If you’re a Super Mario fan, you will enjoy this set. If not, you will probably still enjoy the unique design. Thank you for reading and thanks to Lego for sending me this set to review. It will be available on October 1. What do you think of the set? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above. To conclude this review, I will leave you with some wise words from Batman: Some days you just can’t get rid of a Bob-omb.
  4. Hello everybody! This is the first MOC I present on Eurobricks. My most popular MOC yet is the 3 speed auto gearbox ( But now to this gearbox: At first ask yourself this question: Which sense has a normal D-N-R gearbox in a manual technic car? It has no sense. It makes no difference if you are in the forward gear or in te reserve. But with this D-N-R gearbox it makes a difference, because if you are in the forward gear, you can not push the car backward and if you switch in the reserve gear, you can not push the car forward. If you want to build this gearbox into a technic car, you have to connect the grey connectors to the wheels and one of the black ones to the fake engine. For more information check out this MOC on rebrickable (maybe it is not approved yet): No I wanted to ask you, what you think about this D-N-R gearbox? Here is an video of my gearbox:
  5. Hoth Rebel

    The Hulkbuster UCS MOD Topic

    This topic is made for everybody who wants to modify their UCS Hulkbuster Ultron Edition (setnumber 76105). I will update the OP when new mods are posted in the topic. There are a few points people would like to see modded, which are (credit to @Scarilian): Here are a few mods I've spotted recently: MOD by NYESSbOss on Reddit MOD by CX52J on Reddit Potential moving leg solution MOD by @Leewan MOD by Chezzymann on Reddit Mod by @Warbinator Mod by @chubbybots2 If you have a modification you want to share, post it here so everyone can enjoy it.
  6. Bricks Feeder

    [MOC] TAS Batmobile (1992)

    This Batmobile appears in the best TV show ever (for me)! This Car is very closed to the minifig's scale. Special Thanks to OneBadawan who inspired me for some parts of this Batmobile. Number of bricks : 345 Building Instructions (PDF) on my website ( : 5€. Parts list on Rebrickable : YouTube Video : Next to my Rebirth Batmobile and my Modded LUCAS's "The Batman" Batmobile^^ A quick shot on a display and lights! I made a display for it on LDD (Free file : Thanks to tpetya (on Rebrickable) for this picture. Let me know what do you think about this MOC? :) If you have build my MOCs, could you send me a picture? I will be very happy to see if my work is around the world! :D Keep on building in a free world! [UPDATE] BTAS Batmobile version 2 !! More accurete to the DC Collectibles Batmobile and more stable ! Building Instructions and details here on Rebrickable: You can see my other topics about my MOCs: TIE Fighter (SW Rebels Design) ITT TIE Advanced Prototype A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech Speeder Bike 614-AVA Peugeot Spinner From Blade Runner 2049 Rebirth Batmobile
  7. Texte original en anglais: Bonjour, c'est mon MOC du Destructeur Super Star Executor en lego, commencé en juillet 2016. Je l'ai réalisé en partie avec les pièces du modèle collectionneur 10221 plus une très grande mesure pour atteindre 1,80 m de long. Je n'ai utilisé aucun logiciel et l'ai construit de manière semi-empirique (avec un travail de réflexion préalable, cependant). Du coup, je n'ai pas le nombre exact de pièces, pour l'heure, mais sans doute entre 6 et 7000 briques. Sans compter qu'il est encore inachevé. Pour l'heure, le château arrière et les réacteurs n'ont pas encore été montés. J'ai toutes les briques et sais comment je vais plus à la réserve pour le parfaire. D'ailleurs, il m 'Arriver encore de reprendre et de corriger quelques détails. Mais, dans l'ensemble, et sur le principe, et sur l'essentiel, il est "réglé". _________________ Traduit: Bonjour, ici, vous pouvez voir mon MOC de Super Star Destroyer Executor dans lego, je n'ai pas commencé à construire en juillet 2016. Je l'ai fait en partie à partir des pièces du modèle 10221 UCS, mais l'ai un Changer lourdement Pour le faire 1, 80m de long. Je n'ai utilisé aucun logiciel, je construis tout semi-empiriquement (avec un peu de planification à l'avance, bien sur). Par conséquent, je ne sais pas maintenant que la seule pièce compte à cet instant, mais c'est sans aucun doute entre 6 et 7000. C'est sans tenir compte du fait qu'il n'a pas été encore fini. Actuellement, la ville à l'arrière et les réacteurs n'ont pas encore été ajoutés. J 'Ai toutes les briques et je sais comment je vais continuer, mais je prendrai mon temps de faire tout simplement. Je dois encore revoir et corriger quelques détails. Mais dans l'ensemble,
  8. Let’s see you guys’ go brick me custom Brickheadz. Here’s mine: (me and my monster) .
  9. Bricks Feeder

    [MOC] Rebirth Batmobile

    This Batmobile appears in the Rebirth Detective Comics #1. It takes lightly the design of the TAS Batmobile. Special Thanks to Lucas who inspired me for some parts of this Batmobile. Number of bricks : 314 Building Instructions (PDF) on my website ( : 5€. Parts list on Rebrickable : YouTube Video : Let me know what do you think about this MOC? :) If you have build my MOCs, could you send me a picture? I will be very happy to see if my work is around the world! :D Keep on building in a free world! You can see my other topics about my MOCs: TIE Fighter (SW Rebels Design) ITT TIE Advanced Prototype A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech Speeder Bike 614-AVA Peugeot Spinner From Blade Runner 2049
  10. Ron Dayes

    Classic Town supercars 4 wide

    4 wide is the good ol' desgin we all probably had played with quite a few years back. However, due to limited space and options, i found designing some accurate cars not that easy. I still just gave it a try to see how much detail i can crank in there without it being unstable. The aim was too keep the spirit of 4 wides intact, yet have the car recognisable. I decided to go 5 wide (allthough the inside chassis is the classic 4x10) since supercars tend to be a lot wider than regular cars. I did two variants for two brands. Perhaps this is to someones liking - instructions are availiable. (per mail) and yes, they fit a minifig! ...there is also some detailed dashboard and steering wheel inside. Ferrari Classic Town Ferrari.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Lamborghini Classic Town Lamborghini.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  11. fuggoo

    LEGO Batman Movie MOC's

    Hi Everyone! This is a new topic to share your LEGO Batman Movie MOC. Enjoy it! :) Here is my first two LEGO Batman Movie moc:
  12. MrHerofan


    So anyone else here on Eurobricks watch tokusatsu? Well if there are what tokusatsu shows/movies have you seen?
  13. Hey guys, I have another custom pad printed minifigure that is available now on my website that we are excited to share with you all. Here's the information and pics for you, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on him below! I'd love to hear what you think! American Super Soldier by Phoenix Customs Minifigures Product Description American Super Soldier is a superhero who uses his stealth movements, super strength, speed, and agility and specially crafted shield to take out enemies that threaten his country. Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 Dark Red - Star Pattern Shield Printing This figure is professionally pad printed, just like official LEGO® figures. Features top quality head, torso, back, and arm pad printing.
  14. For details on my customs and pictures link here: Wants: • AoU AVENGERS FIGS *(new, no defects, knicks or misprints please)* • AoU Captain America • AoU Nick Fury • AoU Baron von Strucker • AoU Black Widow • AoU Iron Man *(Mark 45)* • AoU Vision • AoU Quicksilver • AoU Ultimate Ultron • AoU Iron Legion • AoU Ultron Sentry • AoU Ultron Sentry Officer • AoU Ultron MK 1 • Electro *(polybag)* • GotG - Rocket Raccoon *(polybag)* • GotG - Starlord *(closed shirt)* • GotG - Gamora • GotG - Drax • GotG - Ronan • GotG - Nova Corps • TLG CMF Pizza Guy • TLG CMF Bart Simpson • Other custom MARVEL figs considered
  15. Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly Green Giant. Model features highly detailed cockpit and interior, rotating main and tail rotors with adustable blade pitch, main rotor moves in 2 axis, folding main rotor blades and tail boom, opening crew door and rear ramp, and retractable landing gear. HH-53C Super Jolly Green Giant
  16. Reekardoo


    Hello... Just a MOC I had been planning to do for a long time. So I reserved a pair (well lots of pairs) of hours to do this. This is the end result: I'm happy with the overall shape and style but the inside is quite a mess so NO PICTURES will be posted until I get to work it out. I might just rearrange the structure to make it stronger. Playability will contain two machine guns that come out of flanks, top hatch with ladder, cockpits come ou to place pilot inside, living room... well sort of... heros need a place to drink their coffee and stuff... Hope you like this. More MOCs on my flickr - Cheers
  17. Hi all, Here's my model for competitive! function - Function steering - Doors and hood open / close my model has 191 parts. POV-Ray: I hope you like the model, and I am counting on you! Jakov!
  18. Thor and Ironman MKII custom parts and armor. Please check our flickr for more photos. flickr user: breakthrough army
  19. As with my last few Super Hero polls, what do you think are the best and worst Super Heroes figures? As for my opinion, I think I'd say the new Green Goblin for least favourite-the head is decent (and you gotta love the olive green) but the outfit just looks like a 1920's bathing suit with silver plating on top in my opinion. And I don't really like the upcoming Wolverine or Magneto, as the colour scheme on Wolverine looks a bit weird in my opinion, however the overall amount of detail is good, and I appreciate that. Not sure which one my favourite is... Oh wait... HULK!!! -Lady Godtshep.
  20. This is a crisis, even the Empire, drafts remain unpaid and that's expulsion ... the SUPER HEROS take control of the DEATH STAR (Structure 10188) For Brique Expo Diemoz VADER escape in STARSPEEDER repo "RANCOR and Co" and the BAT-CRANE Face 1 Face 2 Face 3 Face4 All in details in my flickr IRON MAN'S pool SCARECROW'S garden EMPEROR OUT HULK Junior's bedroom Loft of Mr FREEZE and PENGUIN SUP’HAIR Illegal weapons factory of the JOCKER Meanwhile at SPIDERMAN… The secret cave of MEGA BOB, SUPER PATRICK and AQUA-CARLO
  21. I recently added one of my all-time favorite Technic sets ever, the 8420 Street Bike. The 8420 features many unique parts such as the rims and staggered width tires, printed windscreen, brake discs and rear shock. The overall look is that of an Italian superbike and the designers were obviously influenced by the Ducati 999 but also the Gilera CX as seen by the front and rear single sided wheel mounts. I added panels to the gas tank area to fill it in and a gas cap on top. I would do a full review but there is no way I could match the already excellent write-up by Starstreak found here. Having bought this set used I was curious if the set came with the rubber tires already on the rims in the box? I noticed the tires on my set are opposite of each other, with the tread pattern in different directions. It seems like a lot of 8420's have this same issue since many photos show the same thing.
  22. Captain Nemo

    MOC Series: The Legion of Doom

    MOC Series: The Legion of Doom I love the Legion of Doom! Personally I think they’re one of the coolest DC organizations and one of the most underrated and underused ones out there. While most notable for its appearance in Challenge of the Super Friends series, it also appeared (Though not in name the behest of DC comics themselves) in Justice League Unlimited series two—which my builds are mainly based off of. Anyways after that short history lesson we get to the important part—the Legion itself. I love the legion, and it’s many members, and the Darth Vader shaped building, but rarely seen are the actual rooms within their headquarters. That’s the point of this build series, to see where those villains actually live and hang out when not being (totally) villainous. I have a chunk of rooms done now, but will add more in this thread when they are built. So enjoy the progress and the Legion of Doom and its rooms grow! (Click on the picture to find out more information on said room) -------- "The Legion of Lunch Room" The Legion’s Lunchroom; where villainous villains come to feast during the hours of 12:00 to 1:00, and again at 6:00 to 8:00. Closed on Sundays. ----- "Meanwhile in the Men's Bathroom..." Ahem, are you going to wash your hands? …No, 'cause I'm evil. ----- "Grodd's Office" ----- "Luthor's Office" ----- "Archery Room" ----- Enjoy--and more to come! ~Nemo
  23. This isn't the most useful topic, but I think it will be a fun discussion. I was thinking today, if we were not going to get set(s) based off of an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, which one would it be? Because, in reality, I do not think LEGO will make a set based off of ALL of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe films... It has to be one of these five films, which are the ones confirmed: - Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) - Gaurdians of the Galaxy (2014) - Avengers 2 (2015) - Ant Man (2015) If I had to guess, it would be Ant Man. I really can't see sets based off of the film due to size limitations for the ant man. Unless he was a trophy piece. And, which one would y'all not want sets based off of? I really would not care too much if we didn't get Thor: The Dark World sets, to be honest. I don't think the movie will be too exciting... Oh, and can a mod change the title from "If we weren't to get sets based off a new Marvel movie, which woul" to "If we weren't to get sets based off a new Marvel movie..."?