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Found 9 results

  1. Hallo Eurobricks! Because of my dark ages I missed the great Milano 76021 set. So I bought the second Milano 76081 and rebuild it like the first Milano. I also did some modifications like the color theme, used the new canopy and the small wings are in brick build because of the missing panels. I hope you like it and comments are welcome. MAG85 Milano_1 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_2 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_5 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_3 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_4 by MAG85, on Flickr
  2. AlexDoesLego12102

    MOC: Another Milano Combination

    This is my MOD/MOC of the Milano. I originally did it just after seeing Vol. 2 in the summer, but I thought you guys might appreciate it. I originally planned just to swap colours and update the cockpit, but as I worked I decided to improve and expand more parts of the ship. More Guardians meant even more accessories, so I added cupboards and holds under the wings. How could I not represent this bit? The updated interior. And of course, the stereo saw some updating! I hope you liked it! Comments and criticisms are more than welcome!

    MOC Mini Milano

    This is my first MOC that I've uploaded to Eurobricks! So, this is my miniaturised Milano. The Milano is a ship from Guardians of the Galaxy. Anyway, when I created this ship, I was aiming for something similar in size to the ship in Ravager Attack. The final model was a bit larger but I still think it looks pretty good. When I started to build this, I realised that I could turn this into a batwing (also because I lack angular blue and orange parts)... I realise the photo quality is pretty poor (as well as the background) but bear with me. Front View Cockpit Interior And you can fit Batman in....just Underside Trying to work out how to do the fins was a struggle, but I got there in the end! Nose cone build. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out! More detailed pics. I made use of one of these pieces and added a rod through them. New rock-band now touring! So, what are your thoughts on this creation? Let me know in the comments below! More photos can be found on my flickr Cheers
  4. benderisgreat

    Custom GOTG 2 Gamora minifigur.

    After seeing review on 76081 Milano vs Abelisk I noticed that battle suit Gamora minifigure is exactly the same as Starlord! No traditional curves that are usually present on female minifigures are present on that torso. So I'm dissapointed with official minifigure and want to make custom Gamora. Any suggestions on which existing female torso to use?
  5. This is the real Warbird, which I took me quite some effort. I spent quite some time researching on the net, and found quite some photos of the spaceship Rocket rode on, but most of them were concept art, not the final version. I also bought the book "GOTG: Art of the Movie", and it did have some useful images and sketches, but still the older version, which has two pairs of wings. I finally looked at the movie and got some shots of the final Warbird... And here it is, the final Warbird, which is part of the Ravager fleet. The wings are the hardest part since I really want to get the profile as close as the real thing possible. I am glad that it turns out great in the end. The back is also beautiful, with the twin engine jets. I also control its size by comparing its size to the Milano, taking the same ratio of the planes from the book and applying them to the Lego version. And you can also see I used some of the sticks from the Raccoon polybag. Perhaps to make it even closer to the real thing, the windshield will need some more special stickers, but I won't do that now, haha! Hope you all like it! :D
  6. Can you believe that it's been one year since Guardians Of The Galaxy was released? I can't! To celebrate, I'm uploading a small MOC that I've been wanting to show you guys for quite a while now. All comments and criticisms welcome, hope you enjoy it! Here's a link to the album on Flickr Hope you guys like it as much as I liked building it! Rinzler
  7. The Collector's Relic Room by Sir Brickalot, on Flickr
  8. TNT apples

    [MOC] Star Lord CubeDude

    Hello all! This is my latest MOC, a CubeDude of StarLord from the Guardians Of The Galaxy. The CubeDude design is of course based upon Angus Maclane's Cube Dudes: Now, onto the MOC itself; Front view Side view, with a better look at the blasters Hope you liked it, I may do the other Guardians of the Galaxy members soon, if people like this enough. Thanks for looking at my MOC, any comments and constructive criticism are welcome.