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Found 24 results

  1. 2019 is here and we've seen this set around since March 2018. Marvel LEGO fans are thrilled when the UCS Hulkbuster is finally announced but when it actually arrived, I sensed hatred more than love towards this LEGO mech. So, please leave your comments whether you agree or disagree of the 10 reasons that I gather from the internet. This set is still available in 1. BLUE TECHNIC AXLE PIN AWKWARDLY PLACED AT THE SHOULDER. All those red and suddenly a blue technic pin showing at the shoulder is quite awkward in this scenario. Maybe a new red coloured pin can be a better alternative? Or we can substitute this Technic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise coded 43093 in bricklink with a tan or grey coloured part to make it blend into the shoulder pad better than this basic colour contrast of red and blue. 2. WRONG COLOURED CHEST LIGHT BRICK. The light brick in this set is a great bonus for us all and I understand that LEGO only produce red and yellow light bricks in the past. Why not make a new blue light brick for this iconic set of LEGO mech? I'm sure the exclusiveness of a blue light brick in this set will make this set more popular. 3. RESTRICTED ELBOW MOVEMENT. To make this pose, I had to remove the arm at the elbow, and then place it directly on the shoulder and fortunately it works quite well for the photo . Now if you notice the right arm (the intact one), the gold plate at the outer part of the elbow is blocking the arm to be moved side way as well as the grey round plate at the inner part of the elbow. This actually defied the purpose of the ball joint at the elbow which suppose to make the arm more flexible. 4. WEAK GRIP OF THE HANDS. He is holding the fire extinguisher? Or the fire extinguisher is sitting on his last finger? I would say it was a hard time balancing the red can of powder in his hand. Other than that, I like it that Iron man can sit inside nicely without any stud so that he can be easily taken out from the seat. I'm not a MOCer so I can't really suggest how to make another extra finger for him. Longer finger would help in the grip too I guess. 5. LACK OF KNEE JOINT As you can see, the designers traded the stability of the model with the flexibility of his knees. The long brown technic axle is to be plunged into the lower part of the leg so that the weight of the whole model will be directed straight towards the heel. I think there must be another way out for it to be able to pose better. 6. RESTRICTED HIP MOVEMENT. This pose took me 30 minutes to make it balance. As you can see, i removed the knees, and connected only one of the double click ball joints to the hip. The thigh parts are only resting on the lower legs. Luckily the sole of his foot is wide enough to support the 'running' pose. Modification is direly needed. 7. INSIGNIFICANT GLOW IN THE DARK PIECES. Yes! We have glow in the dark parts in this set! But the proportion of the pieces and the size of the model is not right. More pieces or larger parts would be nice. 8. UNABLE TO STAND UPRIGHT. Look at the ball part between the sole and the lower leg, they are suppose to stabilise the model but the space is a little bit too much so the Hulkbuster is kind of leaning on the respective ball part of the leg instead of standing up straight. 9. TOO SKINNY. Hulkbuster in the movie is very bulky and large to be sturdy enough to fight the Hulk. Here he looks a little bit malnourished. 10. STICKERS! The UCS label sticker is very hard to apply without creating air bubbles. The decals for the model is not very abundant here, why not give us printed ones? Alright, now that we are done with the downside of having this model, but to me as a collector, this set is still a must get to complete my collection of LEGO Hulkbusters. For MOCers, this set provides a good framework for you to do modification for a larger and better Hulkbuster. Other than the model, the platform build is impeccable with large black 8x16 tiles, lots of 2x4 tiles, and the side builds of yellow machine arms. The comparison of 76031, 76104 and 76105 Hulkbusters heads. The prints are very nice gold and they are exclusive to their respective sets. This is my previous review of 76031 and 76104. Mark 43 suit with a transparent head. This looks like an unfinished work of Tony. But the details of the suit is definitely magnificent. This suit is exclusive to this set too. The accessories of the set. Veronica is amazing with the stand. The fire extinguisher is my favourite here as it looks so similar to a real one. A comparison with Smaug. He looks like the gold dwarf statue in the movie. I mean the size. More to compare with old Hulkbusters. The height of them are just at the waist of the UCS version. More buildable LEGO figures. Now Smaug doesn't look that big. Conclusion Despite the bad aspect of the Hulkbuster, I still feel that this is a good buy before it retires. As I mentioned above, there are lots of room to make it a better version of Hulkbuster, so this set can become an official collection, or you can modify it to become a bulkier, more flexible version of a LEGO mech. Review Summary Playability: 6/10 - This model is more of a display model on the platform provided. Playability score actually decreased along with the lack of the ability to pose him properly. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - The design is very nice but it can be better. Too skinny. Still a high score because it can be a good foundation for MOC. Minifigures: 9/10 - Great minifigure! All the printings and the details are marvelous! But why not put a Tony Stark minifigure as well? Overall: 7.5/10 - This set is still available in store. Get it before it retires. Hope you enjoy the review, do share your thoughts in the comments!
  2. This is my custom Hall of Armor. It took me 18 months and contains 56 minifigs and a bunch of little stories and Easter eggs. Check out the entire gallery at: Or
  3. "Cut off one head, two more shall take its place." "Hail HYDRA." This is my 31st reviews in Eurobricks and I'm very happy to present more LEGO set reviews here. I enjoyed it very much and hope you like them too. Overview Name: 76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack Theme: Marvel Super Heroes Year: 2016 Pieces: 335 Minifigures: 4 Price: £29.99 / $29.99 The Box The box art of the set is showing a mission of Iron Man saving Captain America that was captured by Iron Skull. The battle occurred in the ocean and red skull seems to be able to breath underwater without any breathing apparatus. Cap is saved! Here you can see a few play features in the set build and the fight around the submarine. Side panel features the 1:1 Scuba Iron Man. The Instruction Booklets There are two instruction booklets here and one comic book. (My first book was crumpled when I put them in my bag..) The parts list. To me, 4632100 and 6135470 is quite special in this set. I've put the comic book in this GIF, stay a little while here to read the comics and it kinds of promoting the other set 76049 Avenjet Space Mission which I still don't have.. Stickers, not a lot and they are quite easy to apply as they are required at large pieces. The Build Let's start with this small build of the underwater vehicle piloted by this Hydra Diver. It is a simple build with matching colour of the minifigure. The weird looking submarine has a fierce and menacing look from the front. Red eyes with orange teeth. Let's see what's inside. It is actually a very brilliant build using these three parts combined to look like teeth which I like it very much. Side views. They looked very symmetrical from both left and right. The panels open this way and there is a storage box for you to put those extra ammo for the stud shooters. The back view. As I mentioned, the ship is very symmetrical. Captain America's cell is clipped to the yellow part near the Hydra sticker and chained so that it won't float away. that yellow part under Iron Skull's seat is to hold the cell in place. It can be taken out by removing the clip quite forcefully but the body of the ship is quite sturdy so it won't fall apart so easily. Captain's cell in trans red door panels. The space is just nice for cap and his shield. But if he is inside with his shield, he won't be inside anymore, right? The Minifigures Iron Skull. Johann Shmidt is the leader of Hydra, a terrorist group derived from the Nazis. He was powered by an early and unstable version of the Super-Soldier Serum, and adopted the identity of Red Skull. Since then, he has battled Captain America and his fellow heroes for years, without ever achieve his goals of global domination. He is bald so he can't have alternative face. His torso is nicely done with red and black. The front and back printings resembles that he is wearing an Iron suit around him underwater. Hydra henchman. Underwater Red Skull's minion. Not much information on who is this loyal supporter of Hydra who's willing to fight to the death for the bad guys. He is wearing a pair of shiny goggles, green suit with a batman utility belt with a H on the buckle. He is equipped with a Scuba Breathing Regulator and lime green flippers. Steve Rogers. Captain Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is a World War IIveteran, a founding member of the Avengers, and Earth's first known superhero. Rogers was the only recipient of the Super Soldier Serum developed by Abraham Erskine under the Strategic Scientific Reserve. He has a breathing apparatus and a pair of red flippers and he is holding his Vibranium shield as usual. This print is quite cartoonish but it looks nice and muscular. His head print is also very detailed with the back of the helmet also printed with silver base. Scuba Iron Man. The Mark 37 (Mark XXXVII), also known by its codename as "Hammerhead", is a Deep Sea Suit, and was one of several new Iron Man Armors created by Tony Stark as part of the Iron Legion. The armor was created sometime after the Battle of New York. This suit is in Iron man 3 preparing to fight the Extremis Soldiers. I LOVE this sand green Iron Man!!! This armour piece is so well designed and the printed trans clear round tile on the chest is a very nice touch to the minifigure! To me this design of iron man is impeccable. You think that's all for this minifigure? The torso print under the armour is also amazingly done! I really love the bronze-gold colour stripes printed on this sand green figure. Don't forget there is a turbo jet printed at the back of the torso too! Minifigures only without anything attached. They are perfect. I am not so sure why this set is unpopular. Look at these minifigures, as a Marvel fan, this set is not to be missed! Conclusion This is a very nice set for Marvel fan and Iron man minifigure (List of LEGO Iron Man) collector. The minifigures are colourful. Maybe the downside of the set is the submarine build which kind of hard to relate to any Marvel movie. Review summary Playability: 6/10 - The submarine is not really playable unless you want to store minifigure in the cell. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 -The design of the sub is good and nice part use of the orange teeth. Minifigures: 10/10 - Perfect minifigures! They are so nicely designed and printed! Price / Value for money: 9/10 - The value goes to the minifigures. Unless you like to display a scary looking submarine on your shelf. (But we can always put it beside the haunted house right?) Overall: 8.25/10 - Not bad overall score for an underwater set. Again, very nice minifigures! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. My reviews in Eurobricks. Review: 76060 Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum Review: 60134 Fun in the park - City People Pack Review: 70911 The Penguin™ Arctic Roller Review: 70818 Double-Decker Couch REVIEW: LEGO 76051 SUPER HERO AIRPORT BATTLE REVIEW: Short comparison of various sized Antman. Review: 9469 Gandalf Arrives Review: 31015 Emerald Express & 31054 Blue Express Review: 79018 The Lonely Mountain Review: 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep Review: 21029 The Buckingham Palace [Review] 30611 R2-D2 Polybag Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria Review: 41103 Pop Star Recording Studio Review of City of Wonders Gift Sets in Malaysia. Review: 75030 Millennium Falcon Review of 76084 The Ultimate Battle for Asgard and 76088 Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash Review of 76099 Rhino Face-Off by the Mine and 76100 Royal Talon Fighter Attack. Review of 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash and 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash Up Review: 75230 Porg [REVIEW] 5005254 - Harry Potter Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) [REVIEW] 5005255 - Jurassic World Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) [REVIEW] 5005257 - NINJAGO Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) [REVIEW] 5005256 - Marvel Infinity War Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) Review: 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition Review: 70841 Benny's Space Squad Review of 76039 Ant-man Final Battle and 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers Review: 79003 An Unexpected Gathering The Fellowship of the Ring Collection. Review: 30452 Iron Man and Dum-E Polybag
  4. Hi it has been a while since my last review of 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition on 24 January. Endgame will be showing in the cinema this 24th April and I'm very excited for the movie! Let's put on the Quantum Realm suit and go time travel! The Polybag I got this one as a gift from @makoy and it's my precious now. Thank you so much my friend. The bag looks pretty clean with white background like those Quantum suits and the front art features Iron Man Mark 85 and the content of the bag. Here is the two paged instruction of a small build of Iron Man in Quantum suit and Dum-E. As you can see, there's still room for advertisement of other Avengers Endgame LEGO sets at the top right corner of the first page. The Minifigure. Here is the main character of the set featuring Iron Man in Quantum suit. This is the exact same Quantum suit (torso and legs) of the other sets so it is not so 'exclusive' to the set as you can take the helmet and mark 50's Tony Stark head to put on other Quantum suit. Tony's head is also the exact same Mark 50's head. But this will be exclusive when you need to take a group photo of all of them wearing the same suit with different heads. About the suit, despite being so common in this series, it is actually a very clean and nice looking suit with the matt finish of the center part of the torso, Avengers logo and a pinch of reds sprinkled on the torso and legs. Good thing is the legs are also printed makes it look cooler. The Build Dum-E. This is a simple build of Dum-E that assists Tony in his lab. The design of this build is simple yet wonderful. The base is actually resembling its wheels with the use of two black 1x1 round plate. The connector between the arm and the base is kind of 'decorated' by some yellow bricks and connected with the blue technic pin in the middle. The mechanical arm of this build is actually one hinged arm and can only be moved upward and downward. However as it goes nearer to the flame, the articulation improves by the use of this Light Bluish Gray Bar 1L with 1 x 1 Round Plate with Hollow Stud which makes 360 degree rotation of the flame possible. The Light Bluish Gray Bar 1L with Top Stud and 2 Side Studs which connects the flame part also helped in articulation of the mechanical arm. The 'play' feature of this polybag is kind of making Iron Man fly with the help of the Trans-Clear Bar 12L with 1 x 2 Plate End Hollow Studs and 1 x 1 Round Plate End and the Trans-Clear Dish 4 x 4 Inverted (Radar) with Open Stud which is labeled NEW part in Bricklink. I really loved the dish and bar here which can be used to make lots of other things fly and helped a lot in LEGO flight photography! Conclusion This set features the new design of Dum-E which can be easily MOC out and the 'exclusive' Iron Man minifigure. To me it is quite special that the Iron Man here uses the round trans blue tile instead of plate which is quite surprising yet interesting. Other than that it is a quite simple polybag to me. Review SummaryPlayability: 6/10 - Very simple posing features of Dum-E and flying Iron Man.Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - Very simple build.Minifigures: 8/10 - The Quantum suit is actually very nicely designed and printed.Price / Value for money: 8/10 - It is a free promotional item. But it is a priceless gift for me by a very good friend.Overall: 8/10 - A crucial polybag to be collected if you really need a complete Quantum suit Avengers. It can still be replaced by putting iron man head on the other Quantum torso and legs. After some research in bricklink, the NEW Dish 4 x 4 Inverted (Radar) with Open Stud is actually exclusive to this polybag! So it's a worthy polybag after all. Hope you enjoy the review, do share your thoughts in the comments!
  5. The emerging of custom and bootlegs minifigures made a lot of us confused in which ironman is actually official LEGO Iron Man. So let's compile this up. There was an idea. To make all LEGO Iron Man to fight Thanos in Infinity War. There are total 18 figures here including hulk buster and the nanofig. 76007: Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack 76006: Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle 76031: The Hulk Buster Smash 76032: The Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76038: Attack on Avengers Tower 76029: Iron Man vs. Ultron 76051: Super Hero Airport Battle They appeared in these sets. 6867-1: Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape 30167-1: Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone 6869-1: Quinjet Aerial Battle 10721-1: Iron Man vs. Loki 76008-1: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown 76083-1: Beware the Vulture According to bricklink, the torso and legs are the same. Even the head inside also have the same code number. So I assume they are the same iron man. Thanks Bo-Ching Su for asking! There is a very nice comparison by Jay's Brick Blog about these two minifigures and they are more or less the same. 76042-1: The SHIELD Helicarrier 76072-1: Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. Thanos 76077-1: Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes sh027: Iron Man (Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive) 76048-1: Iron Skull Sub Attack 76049-1: Avenjet Space Mission 5002946-1: Silver Centurion *Added on 3rd April 2019 5005256 2018 Bricktober Marvel Infinity War Minifigures 30452 Iron Man and Dum-E 76107 Thanos: Ultimate Battle 76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76131 Avengers Compound Battle Added 76125 Iron Man Hall of Amour for Mark 50. Thank you @Feng-huang0296 from Eurobricks. 76105 The Hulkbuster Ultron Edition Thanks @q_159 from Eurobricks for reminding me of this one that I missed. *Added on 3rd April 2019 *Edited Mark III to Mark V. Thank you @Feng-huang0296 from Eurobricks. 76125 Iron Man Hall of Amour 76031: The Hulk Buster Smash *Added on 3rd April 2019 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash-Up 76105 The Hulkbuster Ultron Edition 76124 War Machine Buster 41590 Iron Man Brickheadz. Thanks @Edwinder Singh for pointing this out! *Added on 3rd April 2019 41604 Iron Man MK50 41492 Iron Man & Captain America - San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusive Thanks to Zheng Hong Xi in facebook for pointing out the 41492 Iron Man. 4259: Iron Man Thanks @林子崴 for adding this! 76006 Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle 30168 Gun Mounting System polybag 76038 Attack on Avengers Tower Thanks @Unknown for notifying these War Machines! *Added on 3rd April 2019 5005256 2018Bricktober Marvel Infinity War Minifigures 76124 War Machine Buster To me, my favorite ones are Heartbreaker, Mark 45 and Silver Centurion. Now that you got this information, go get them! Do leave a comment if I left out anything. Thanks for reading! Do like and share our page and follow us for more LEGO! Goldbricks Images taken from Brickset and Google. Batman LEGO Compilation.
  6. I am selling a 100% complete NYCC/SDCC/NYTF collection that I am willing to split up and sell the pieces individually.Condition:All items are mint unless otherwise noted. These are probably the best condition you'll be able to find anywhere as I pride myself on only offering the best. Shipping (US+WW):Shipping within the continental US is free + extra cost if you want insurance. Shipping outside of the continental US will be charged at cost only. You will be invoiced after the item has been shipped so that you're only charged exact cost.Pictures:More can be provided upon request, just ask!Pricing:Some items were listed on eBay by other sellers, in which case the price I listed below is cheaper than theirs. Some items are not listed on eBay or Bricklink, therefore I had to estimate my own prices mostly based off of previous sales. A LOT MORE TO COME! I'm clearing out almost an entire 100% complete Super Hero/Marvel/Batman collection. There are minifigures, polybags, and sets (NIB) galore. The minifigures are either loose or come in gorgeous plastic cases with a comic backdrop. I haven't had a chance to go through and inventory everything yet, so stay tuned. I've posted a few pictures of the polybag/minifigure offerings to come in the next few weeks at the end of this post.Items: #sh028 + #sh027 NYTF Iron Man and Captain America Mint PM for Info #41491-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41491 Batman and Joker no 0984 Mint 155 #41492-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41492 Iron Man and Captain America no 0894 Mint 190 #41493-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41493 Black Panther and Dr. Strange no 1363 Mint 145 #41490-1 SDCC 2016 Brick Heads 41490 Superman and Wonder Woman no 0590 Mint 165 #comcon050-1 SDCC 2016 ATOM Mint 195 #comcon029-1 SDCC 2016 Steve Rogers Mint 245 #comcon048-1 SDCC 2015 Throne of Ultron no 0380 Mint 140 #comcon047-1 SCDD 2015 Action Comics #1 Superman no 0981 Mint 330 #comcon045-1 SDCC 2015 Arsenal Mint 200 #comcon046-1 SDCC 2015 Sam Wilson Captain America Mint 220 #comcon034-1 SDCC 2014 Rocket Raccoon's Warbird no 0413 Mint 220 #comcon035-1 SDCC 2014 The Collector AFA 8.5 Stan Lee 800 #comcon037-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile no 0127 Mint 400 #comcon036-1 SDCC 2014 Batman Zur-En-Arrh Mint 490 #comcon028-1 SDCC 2013 Spiderman Mint 2800 #comcon027-1 SDCC 2013 Spider Woman Mint 2000 #comcon030-1 SDCC 2013 Green Arrow Mint 1600 #comcon029-1 SDCC 2013 Black Superman Mint 1450 #comcon013-1 SDCC 2011 Green Lantern NM 300 #comcon014-1 SDCC 2011 Batman NM 750 #comcon020-1 SDCC 2012 Shazaam NM 400 #comcon022-1 SDCC 2012 Bizzaro NM 400 #comcon021-1 SDCC 2012 Phoenix NM 400 #comcon023-1 SDCC 2012 Black Spiderman NM 350 #comcon018-1 NYCC 2011 Batman AFA 9.0 850 #comcon017-1 NYCC 2011 Superman AFA 9.0 1200 #comcon052-1 NYCC 2016 Batgirl Mint $30 #comcon038-1 SDCC Bard the Bowman NM $65 #comcon040-1 SDCC Unikitty NM $110 #comcon049-1 SDCC Bionicle Skull Scorpio Mask NM $35 Thanks for reading.Again, please stay tuned for a nearly complete collection of NIB Super Hero/Marvel/Batman sets, other sets, and more rare items.Thanks,Samuel
  7. HI! My name is Robert and I am I a collector of legos, I have many sets and mini-figures, and always open to a conversation anytime! If you would like to buy or sell superhero related parts, figures or sets, please message me!
  8. cs417

    [MOC] Ironman Hulkbuster

    Update: Just got approval for Lego Ideas for gathering Support Support it and share it if you like it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My latest version of Hulkbuster, enjoy it by HKer Tung / cs417
  9. I'm not the best customizer but thought I would post my work anyway Bullseye Mk1 Ironman Mk5 Ironman Gambit Wolverine Superior Spiderman Karnak Black Bolt Cable Wip Groot Constantine Hulkbuster The Watcher
  10. flyingflames13

    Loose arms on Hulkbuster?

    I got my Hulkbuster just yesterday, and it's arms are kinda loose. Any way to fix it? EDIT: Knees are also kinda loose
  11. FinalFeature

    Ant Man

    The brilliant inventor Hank Pym aka Ant-Man is tasked with developing a cure to save Iron Man. Little does he know that by messing with a substance known as Anti-Matter, he will draw unwanted attention to himself from the feared god of Apokolips, Darkseid. Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Cliff Thompson as Ant Man Coulter Rail as Darkseid SuperKaiokenX as Captain Amercia Josh Lambright as Desaad Sean Polite as Kalibak How did the Blackbird get damaged? Find out in the Avengers and X-Men team up here: How did Darkseid find himself in the Marvel Universe? See the beginning here: Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! https://www.facebook...lFeature?ref=hl Subscribe for new videos and watch the DC/Marvel crossover series unfold!
  12. Blagnet

    Iron Man 3

    Hi all, I've just posted my first Cuusoo creation, it's the Iron Man Hall of Armour from the upcoming movie. There are 7 pods for Iron Man suit variants, rotating central platform with articulated assembly arms, display screens and storage units. I'd be interested what you guys think and any tips you have to offer. Thanks Ryan
  13. jokerjester

    My Iron Man Hulkbuster

    The CUUSOO project for this build is now up. You can support my project clicking this link: I’m a huge fan of the Iron Man Hulkbuster armor and when I started to collect Iron Man minifigures I’ve decided to create one to add to the armory. My first attempt to create a Hulkbuster armor that can be piloted by an Iron Man minifigure is when I got my hands on a Kai’s Fire Mech set from the LEGO Ninjago line. As you can see in the first picture I only modified the hands and ditched the gun right hand design. I was already happy with what I came up with but I was not satisfied with my final design. After looking at the other Hulkbuster builds from other LEGO enthusiasts in different forums I’ve decided to rebuild the armor, this time using an additional Fire Mech set and parts from the Iron Man Ultrabuild set. My challenge now is to create a sleek Hulkbuster Iron Man build using only parts from these 3 sets (2 x Fire Mech, 1 x Iron Man Ultrabuild). Thanks to the additional parts from the Fire Mech the minifigure is now fully enclosed except for the head. I'm also quite happy that I was able to add more design elements thanks to the Ultrabuild's chest armor and the curved blocks and vents from the mech sets. The reasons for me not adding more parts are: 1. I want to keep the costs to a minimum (cheaper to produce and at the same time more (again, budget friendly to consumers) 2. I really want a design that doesn’t tower too much from the minifigures. 3. I want to use parts that are already available to the market (again, cheaper to reproduce. No need to create new blocks). Please support this CUUSOO project if you want this set to be produced by LEGO. This set would look great next to your Iron Man minifigures. For my next project I'm thinking of building an armor for Captain America or War Machine just for the fun of it. It may not be comic book canon but I just want to see a mech with integrated designs from the Captain America Ultrabuild.
  14. Thor and Ironman MKII custom parts and armor. Please check our flickr for more photos. flickr user: breakthrough army
  15. Custom Ironman MKII and War Machine minifig Which one will you choose? Please check our flickr for more photos. flickr user: breakthrough army Thanks for watching
  16. Breakthrough Army

    Ironman MK 42

    Ironman MK 42 custom minifig by Breakthrough Army Please check our flickr for more photos. flickr user: breakthrough army
  17. Please support at :laugh: "Focus up ladies. Good evening, and welcome to the birthing suite. I am pleased to announce the imminent arrival of your bouncing b@d@$$ baby brother." - Tony Stark This is my rendition of the Hall of Armor, reproduce in 2 minifig scale and staying as close to the original design as best I can. Hopefully with your support this can be owned by many other enthusiast! If you like what you see here, don't forget to check out my other projects: Details of the single modular unit, designed to be combined into a set of 7. Set of 7 with movie accurate Iron Man suits design, starting with Mark I to Mark VII. Note the single wall in between each modular unit. Should the budget allows, a full set equipped with the center circular stage can be included. Of course, it would be best if the budget allows for the inclusion of Dum-E the robotic arm and the rest of the equipments, allowing fans to recreate the iconic movie scene. Please support at :laugh:
  18. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Ironman Mech

    This is my first Ironman Mech MOC by using the parts of MIXELS. The parts of MIXELS are useful for building mech. Hope you all like my creation.
  19. Breakthrough Army

    Ironman MK II (armor set)

    Ironman MK II (armor set) by Berakthrough Army With fine detailed armor, finished with silvery paint. Enjoy
  20. car_mp


    It´s been hard to get all those chrome parts, but finally I have been able to build Ironman in all his metallic glory.
  21. somelegothings_

    (MOC) Tony Stark Learns To Fly.

    Hey guys! Today I'm going to highlight a small MOC I made from Ironman when Tony Stark tests out his thrusters, Model: EDIT: I fixed the ARC reactor problem and then added scrap onto the floor (I also am working on making the wall taller) Minifigures: Arm Robot: Tony: Pepper: Mark 1: (Sorry the pictures were really small so I posted links to photos. ) How could I improve this build and what is your favorite part?