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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody! This is the first MOC I present on Eurobricks. My most popular MOC yet is the 3 speed auto gearbox ( But now to this gearbox: At first ask yourself this question: Which sense has a normal D-N-R gearbox in a manual technic car? It has no sense. It makes no difference if you are in the forward gear or in te reserve. But with this D-N-R gearbox it makes a difference, because if you are in the forward gear, you can not push the car backward and if you switch in the reserve gear, you can not push the car forward. If you want to build this gearbox into a technic car, you have to connect the grey connectors to the wheels and one of the black ones to the fake engine. For more information check out this MOC on rebrickable (maybe it is not approved yet): No I wanted to ask you, what you think about this D-N-R gearbox? Here is an video of my gearbox:
  2. I think I have enough F1 models designed by RoscoPC or not? In the living room, LED lighting for lower models from LEGO: I know the wheels are hanging, inherent to the design and display solution. Otherwise not possible to have 12 in the living room. I will find a solution some day. I don't like the 3 missing models much, so that's why I did not build them. May be I will add Luca's next model but it has to be spectacular :)
  3. Hi all, since 7777 book came out, I've always wanted to integrate Trains and Technic worlds. Back in the 80's the problem was the complete lack of train wheels with a Technic axle hole. It was solved with RC trains a lot of years later. Therefore, I can convert a 9v train to PF without too many problems (aesthetically speaking). But for 12V trains it is different. Wheels are made in a specific way, they have the hole for connecting rods, they're more "fat" than RC/PF wheels. Frankly, I do not like 12V trains converted to 9V/PF standard bogies. But I like the PF motor, its speed, the possibility to increase speed gradually...and the fact it keeps the central hole for third wheel. So, in these years I repaired a lot of 12V motors...and some were really in bad shape. Look at the right wheel, it is completely destroyed inside. So I decided to try to implement my solution to connect standard, intact 12V wheels to technic axleholes (which I do not list here, since it was not satisfying). First, I got a standard Technic bush, and cut it a bit. Then I put it inside the damaged wheel hole. It fits fine, but needs to be glued. Once glued, it is time for some testing. The 6-long axle goes right in - but the red ring coming out from the wheel is too thick. So I prepared another wheel (gray bush). This time I cut the bush a bit shorter and fits right. The 5.5 axle is perfect , so I'll need to cut two 6-long axles to the right lenght. And this is the result - this is my 7740 no°3, totally converted to PF. It works fine, but as you all can imagine, it is all made by hand and bushes are not machinery-centered. Therefore the locomotive is not stable as I would like. For the moment, better than nothing!
  4. Hi! Sometimes we can hear in different Lego communities, that it's an exciting activity to build out of our comfort zone. And it's completely true! Well, it's my second creation at this scale, but the first one, which is a model of a real vehicle. (My Johnny English Truck was a replica of the functions only.) I'm very curious, what you think about it. The bus is a completely remote controlled 1:24 model. (length: 64 studs, width: 14 studs, height: 17 studs, approx 2050 elements) It's possible to drive it, to steer it, and to open and close the doors separately. You can find the technical detailes and a short text about Credo buses below, after the video. Nowadays Credo buses are well-known in Hungary. They are produced by the Kravtex-Kühne group. At the beginning, the group used a Czech license, but the Econell 12 (presented at the end of 2011) is completely Hungarian development. I often travel by Credo buses between the place where I live and the university. Unfortunately, they are usually older types. But I have already travelled by the Econell 12, its very comfortable. Picture of the real: If you search on Google for Credo buses, you may notice, that the wheels look very small. Its the speciality of Kravtex-Kühne group, some of their buses are produced with smaller wheels, so they are lighter and they dont need so much gas. Big buses with small wheels looked a little bit strange, but I think the Econell 12 looks great with the big black mudguards/fenders. I think the new front and rear panels with the black frames around the lights are fantastic, too. Behind this link you can find a lot of pictures about the real Econell 12 and other Credo models, too. Choose option 'Galéria'! And now pictures: The most tricky part of the bus was the front. It's only 3 stud long, but contains as many crazy building techniques as possible, and one more! I'm really proud of it. I will show you later, how I built it. I think it's the minimum. Technical details: The driving mechanism contains two L motors, both motors drive one axle and this axle drives the differential. I used a servo motor for the steering. The doors are opened and closed by two M motors. The chassis is very long, but I had to put two holes in it, because the doors need space. Due to the holes it was impossible to find place for everything at this level. But there are a lot of space under the roof, so the really interesting things are under and around the air conditioner. The spinning of the motors is slowed down by worm screws. The 1x3 technic half liftarms convert the spinning to horizontal motion. The video shows how it works, these pictures below show how it looks like. More pictures on Mocpages, as always! If you visit Hungary, don't forget to try to travel by old Ikarus buses and new Credo buses! Thanks for watching!