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  1. Someone should upload the individual photos so that People can see all the details. I can't because I'm on my phone.
  2. They do, you can see it very clearly in the individual pictures. Scrooge also has the tail in blue with white paint on the tail itself (I don't think that's dual molded).
  3. I like the figures, but it doesn't look that impressive while comparing it to the original series. Maybe because they used less iconic characters (even though I really like them).
  4. I will only buy the HydroMan set and BrickLink Nick Fury + Stealth suit. Maybe on a sale, but I won't be building NexoKnight man or the plane anyway.
  5. Hoth Rebel

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    They're the same as Germany (€89.99 in the Netherlands).
  6. Hoth Rebel

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    VIP release this Saturday and general release on april first. Day one for me, looks really nice as a display piece.
  7. Hoth Rebel

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    I assume we get the official reveal tomorrow, but I really hope that the set can be motorized. The feature looks good, but turning it manually isn't my cup of tea
  8. Hoth Rebel

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    Nice set. I think €80 for a 700 pieces licensed set is pretty standard so I'm not complaining.
  9. Ridler looks childish, but nothing can really beat TLBM variant. Two-face his head looks really cool, I just hope they give him a nice torso printing.
  10. Hoth Rebel

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Buckbeak and patronus (deer) are on instagram (The_Real_fcl2.0) in their story.
  11. Hoth Rebel

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    The problem is not that you talked to him and he posted it, but more that you act like it's a big deal, announce that something will get posted and pretend that you're the greatest 'leaker' or 'friend of a leaker'. Nobody really cares and most of the times it's really annoying. Anyway, the heads/hair don't really do justice to the characters so I still have hope that they were placeholders.
  12. Alright, thanks. Now I have to get the 2019 one and just modify it :)
  13. Alright, so something else entirely.. If I was to build a minifig scale Quinjet, does anyone know what the dimensions in studs should be?
  14. Hoth Rebel

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill reports that a Stranger Things set is coming (D2C or some big set).