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  1. Hoth Rebel

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Firestartoys has some printed Mandalorian arms for sale!
  2. Hoth Rebel

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Put the Wyldstyl legs from TLM2 sets on the Mando from the BP that doesn't have leg printing.
  3. Hoth Rebel

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Dear Designer, We love the creativity that the Studio Gallery fosters amongst all of our designers. There have been over 17,000 creations uploaded by all of you! Many of these designs are incredible original creations; however, we have noticed a number of submissions in the Studio Gallery that are Intellectual Property (IP) related subjects. In order to allow you to continue to show off all of your creations in the Studio Gallery, we will be setting designs that are IP infringing to Display Only. This means that all of your images and description will be visible, but the Studio file cannot be downloaded, and the parts list will not be available. If any of your designs in the Studio Gallery are related to IP subjects, we ask that you please go ahead and switch them to Display Only. How to switch your design to Display Only Navigate to My Studio and click the name of your design. Uncheck the “Allow downloads” checkbox, and then click Save at the bottom of the page. Screenshot of My Studio page Thank you for understanding, and we hope to continue to see your wonderful designs in the Studio Gallery! The BrickLink Team -------------------------------------- Here is the information. I found it on Reddit. IMO this is understandable because LEGO needs to protect itself from any kind of trouble with a IP holder, but this is exactly why I wasn't fond of them buying BL in the first place. If they can only show it it's like the Lego Ideas set 2.0. I know you can still get original content, but this wasn't a problem if BL stayed independent. It's a matter of time before they change other things in their favor.
  4. Very nice. Probably my most anticipated set/moc of the year.
  5. Hoth Rebel

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Any update on an updated instructions/parts list? I really want to buy the instructions and start collecting for this MOC, but I'll probably wait until there is a up to date partslist or list with parts that you can substitute for the expensive ones.
  6. Yes, I'm practically an employee myself there. To be clear it's not an official Lego Store, but simply a specific Lego selling store. The fact is that there is no buzz around this release while other releases have way more interest from people (even when they're not officially released or shown to the public yet) hence the lower amount of boxes. Usually when this is the case they/we always have more boxes left then sold after a few months. That's not really a problem because you'll sell them eventually, but you simply don't want to sit with a lot of boxes you can't sell. We don't have discounts like in the US so there is no sale or something like that. The interest for CMF series like Disney and WW were so high that it wasn't even possible to order more as every store has a limit they can order (from Lego). I don't think this has something to do with 'getting through the development stage' as a lot of sets / themes have gone through that process and were bad ideas from the start. I think TLG wants to test the waters now that Mattel doesn't have the only rights for DC figures anymore. However, my personal opinion says this series is too close to the Batman Movie CMF series 2 (those didn't sell at all), the character selection just isn't appealing to people who don't have anything with DC and the price increase doesn't help it either. Don't get me wrong, I love DC and was looking forward to this CMF series but even I don't care for more than 3-4 figures. I know DC is part of Warner like Harry Potter, but that doesn't say much to me. The budget for the Wizarding World sets were way better than any DC related Super Heroes set so they could just have different licenses fees.
  7. It has to have something to do with the license. I can't imagine that Lego thinks a $1 price bump for a CMF series that isn't as wanted as let's say Wizarding World, Disney and probably even a regular CMF series is a good idea. I do agree that the printing on all the figures is very good and most of them look great, but the character selection isn't the best (generally speaking, I'm sure a lot of people like that we get random variants of heroes). The local Lego store here has only bought 40 cases for sale while they normally get 100+ and there isn't even a price bump here. The interest is just very low. I wonder what that and the extra dollar does in the US for this series.
  8. Hoth Rebel

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I'm currently also on the quest of buying Firestartoys arms for all my figures instead of the one-offs. I hope they make some Mandalorian arms soon
  9. Even though I don't live in the USA, those prices are out of control. There is no way a minifigure 'blind' bag should cost $5. These and others in the future will probably be on clearance really soon.
  10. Probably the best Maul yet. In what book is he coming and when is that book to be released?
  11. Hoth Rebel

    Army building issue?

    I don't think price is that much different between the new and old stormtroopers, so if you're new to army building just choose what you like the most. The best way is probably to start army building the newer ones due to the most chance of them being released in the future. For older collectors I think that if they like a newer design they'll probably sell/trade the older versions to get the new unless you have like 100+ troopers, in that case I would probably stick with the old design. You can also, if you already have a decent army, buy the new ones if you really like them and use them for a different MOC or display.
  12. It also has something to do with rehashes of sets that are not interesting at all except for maybe the X-Wing. The A-wing has a lesser audience, but could also be considered okay for a remake. They could make more playsets, but kids probably love to play with vehicles and adults buy them regardless for either the figs or the build. The fact that the 20 year sets were also remakes and there is a new MF every 1-2 years now doesn't make it better. I think the discussion would be different if they remade the AT-AT, MTT, AT-TE, Republic Gunship and stuff like that. I don't hear anyone complain about the Mando AT-ST while that could also be considered a remake (Rogue One 2017) and that's probably because it's reminiscent to OT stuff (because it is). Personally I don't really mind the remakes as it saves me money and give other people the chance to get some sets they missed out on. The minifigures aren't exceptional anyway so they won't go for high prices on BL which also makes it easier for me to not buy the sets.
  13. Hoth Rebel

    Buiding Technique question

    Ah yes, sometimes it's so simple you can't see it haha. Thanks!
  14. I recently stumbled upon a great MOC by the builder Bartosz on Flickr. He has a very nice way of building and was hoping to use some us his techniques in MOCs of my own. Anyway, I really like his clean border and sideways building technique and I'm trying to figure out how this is accomplished. I usually build with SNOT, but how he does it the black border is the same height as the middle section (in this case the Tan sand). Is it simply not connected or is there a way to do this? I figure it has something to do with the line on the left side, but if I try plates with studs on the side I either have to sacrifice the black bricks on the left side or it won't fit. If anyone could help that would be great haha. I've tried asking him about the technique, but didn't get a reply.
  15. Hoth Rebel

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I see this as a dangerous development. I liked the fact that Bricklink was independent and gave us another option to buy parts. I don't think they'll do much in the first months/years and simply update some things, patch some bugs and integrate links to their website, however in the long run who knows what they will do. They also state that they probably won't allow third party parts like realistic guns (I don't care for these, but there was no problem when Lego wasn't involved). I assume they see as a follow up to LDD which could be nice if they keep supporting the application. They probably bought it for all the data BL provides.