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Found 3 results

  1. Backstory of Mr. Incredible super villain "Kodachrome": Originally from the far future of 2525 where expression, color, and are virtually outlawed and emotion heavily suppressed in order to achieve prefect uniformity, Simon Paulson was a rebel since birth, quite literally. His eyes had a strange birth defect that let to them changing hue constantly. His parents hid him away in the mid-1940's using experimental time travel technology after he painted their city's mayor's house purple. The parents were supposed to pick him up again in 20 years (their time) but an accident after transit destroyed them and the time machine, stranding him in 1946. He gained a reputation in the intervening twenty year's time as non-conformist, rebel, and eventually an outright villain for painting buildings, streets, people, and even the local sky colors they shouldn't be. He does this using very advanced technology he cobbled together himself, and the colors even can affect people's minds - blue makes them depressed, red = angry, yellow is fearful, etc. Mister Incredible has faced Kodachrome (his adopted alias since 1946) multiple times during commission of his crimes which have included: - painting the Statue of Liberty blue and causing tourists inside to become severely depressed - turning the Golden Gate bridge purple to cause jealousy incidents across San Francisco - turning Frozone and Mr. Incredible's suit's yellow (intense fear) to allow him to sabotage a early US rocket launch un-hindered. (stopped by Elastigirl on this occasion) - robbing several banks, museums, and laboratories to create a time machine to cause colorful havoc in ALL times (coalition of Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Gazerbeam stopped him and his army of mind-controlled civilian minions) Actual Name: Simon Paulson Super-Alias: Kodachrome Villainy Grade: A Status: At Large Mental ability: Genius level intellect, criminally insane The truck Kodachrome uses for his colorful criminal caper's when they need to be mobile. Rear of the truck, which is a MOD of set 70921 (Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack) from The LEGO Batman Movie's third wave. Under the hood, showcasing the engine. (Two blue slope parts are missing from this area, while the 4 x 4 dishes on the laser cannon are missing this print as well.) Yes, this is 100% build-able and will be constructed IRL for use with Mr. Incredible and his car I've just finished building. (sneak peek above in B&W) Also, if you can guess the song and it's artist I was listening to when I created all this, you win a cookie. Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  2. This model was originally used with Mister Incredible from the LEGO Incredibles II video game, and was reverse engineered by a builder named @hachiroku. The instructions for the original version remade by that user are seen here. I first recreated the car in LDD from his video instructions and revised it a bit, especially in the paint job department. I gave it a more current Incredibles look, instead of the original dark azure with red dot on the hood. This was needed because LEGO hasn't made a prologue / glory days version of the Mister Incredible super suit and I wanted it to match perfectly. I consider the car to be a post-Incredibles II repainted version as it is shown to be back in the Parr family's ownership at the end of that film, yet it was still in the original paint scheme. The redone hood logo looks pretty good this way, don't you think? Flaming exhaust is able to be placed on the rear tailpipe. I also added a small spoiler to the rear just above the tailpipe, as it looked weird with nothing there. The inside controls with a bunch of dials / gauges and a steering wheel. The roof is easily removable because it isn't connected at the front of the car. I've also created a color-based enemy and his vehicle for Mister Incredible to fight, which you can see here in it's own thread. Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  3. NOTE: This car was NOT my design as I used the awesome video instructions made by @hachiroku as seen here based on the Lego Incredibles video game. I just wanted to build it real bricks too, and since he didn't have a topic already opened about this model, I thought I'd start one instead. I DO NOT want credit for the car! After I get my Classic Space base stuff done around this Christmas, I think I'm gonna work on a superhero team to go onto my town. This team will be the Parr family, consisting of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and of course, Jack-Jack. The rear of the car features a place for flame jet booster exhaust. The car seats one figure in the drivers seat. I'm also debating using the Clayface Splat Attack (set number 70904) set's parts minus Batman (as seen above) from the LEGO Batman movie line together with the Brick villain mini-figure (from Incredibles 2, as seen below from Bricklink) as kind of a she-creates-a-monster-and controls-it scenario. The scenario I'm envisioning is a train derailment (using my period-correct Aerotrain model, from the same time frame as the movie's: the early 1960's-ish) as a disaster caused by the two, whom I'm calling Brick and Mortar. They want to stop the train on it's way to a science convention, in order to steal the blueprints for a secret invention of an prominent scientist... along with kidnapping the scientist herself! (I'm going to use the Mayor McCaskill figure as the scientist in question, I think.) So, all in all, does this sound like a cool idea or not? Comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!