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Found 52 results

  1. Hi there, I made a new superhero related movie trailer with stop motion animation. It's a project just for fun and I hope you will enjoy watching it too. :) I am always happy to hear any feedback. :)
  2. gryffindorbrickkid

    My customs

    Hi This is where i am here to post my CMFs and art. Its not the best but i hope you like it My first was from October a horror series I have Improved since
  3. Mandaci

    FOENIX - Warrior [MOC]

    Hi Everbody, Here I want to show you MOC Builds of the FOENIX - Warrior. The FOENIX - Warrior is a combat fighter against injustiuce in the year 2245. His Story is told with LEGO bricklink Bricks. The First Project is the FOENIX ,,emn-17" Truck. This vehicle is given to the FOENIX - Warrior by the United Nations. The vehicles of the United Nations hava a Different colour sheme in the FOENIX - Warrior Story, than we know from today. The Vehicles of the United Nations hava a Blue - White - Grey Military Camouflage colour, to sembolize the friendy Mission of the United Nations. Here is a Review of the FOENIX - Warrior Truck. This vehicle has a Brick Modular building, which allows to repair the (imagination) Motor in Front of the Truck.
  4. Hello everybody, I've been looking at some threads here, and I found some pretty nice ideas for the thing that I like the most, minifigure customization. I like making purist figures more than anything, and I'm specialized in Marvel Comics and Star Wars minifigures. What I'm looking for is some parts to use to make rather obscure villains of the Hulk; The U-Foes. I've been searching for many ways, and could come up with nice designs, but I would also like to see what people think is good. The U-foes are Ironclad, Vapor, Vector, and X-Ray. You can give me ideas, whether they're based off the regular comics design, the ones from the Video-Game, or even a custom design of yours. Every idea would be appreciated!
  5. Navyfriend

    Spider-Man 3 Final Battle

    file:///C:/Users/Cole Kennedy/Pictures/iPhone Pictures/Building Instructions [Spider-Man 3 Final Battle].html# <-- Here is the link to see the build. The reason I joined this site was so I could show off this build. This build was inspired by a build I found on here that was created by CM4Sci. His was a bit smaller, but still looked very good. However, I wanted to try and make one that I thought would fit the set better. This build contains 471 pieces and features 5 minifigures.
  6. Inspired by the Purist Superhero Figures thread, I created this thread for everyone to show off their brick-built superhero figures. Obviously, some characters just don't work as a minifigure, so a brick-built figure is required. I have created quite a few, and I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to post whatever creations you have made. All of mine are from Marvel, but DC is just as welcome. My only request is that you limit your posts to characters who need to be rendered as brick-built (for example, don't post a brick-built figure of Captain America) Here are links to all of my creations. M.O.D.O.K Lockjaw Colossus Ego the Living Planet Blob and Juggernaut Man-Thing Surtur Man-Ape The Living Totem Marvel Contest of Champions' King Groot and Morningstar Lizard and Kingpin Iron Man Mk 38 and Iron Man 1872 Korg and Miek Abomination Micro Yellowjacket Dormammu Uatu the Watcher Galactus Red King in Battle Armor from Planet Hulk Giant-Man Hope you enjoy and show me some of yours! ~Schwa
  7. We've recently started a YouTube Channel, and amongst other content for families, we have a couple of Lego based videos. It would be so helpful if any of the Lego lovers here would care to take a look and throw us some feedback. Thank you for your time! We are excited to join this community to hear about the latest Lego and Euroblock trends and news! Thank you for all the fun and excitement in the world of Lego!! And...
  8. PublicPlaytime

    Meanwhile in LEGO City...

    Batman: "Not that I don't want to get involved, but its really more of a licensing thing..."
  9. TheLegoExperience

    superhero Need Help with Odd Robin Head

    This Robin head is not within any databases on Lego, BL, or anywhere else; and it really has me perplexed. I bought this one off this site not too long ago. It definitely is legitimate, it has the Lego stamp and doesn't show obvious signs of being a bootleg, and the one I own came straight from Lego. Though I thought it originally to be unique, through some research though I've found two other instances of it; one was even found in a set. I need to know if anyone else has found it by any off chance? I really want to know if this is some test/variant head Lego used, and just how uncommon it is.
  10. Do you ever use parts from the Collectable Minifigures (CMFs) to mod your DC and Marvel superheroes? I used the CMF Series 3 elf's head and Series 16 dog show winner's hair for Aquaman. Spider-Man benefited from the Series 16 wildlife photographer's arms. Are there any dual-moulded blue legs with red boots that match Spidey's colours?
  11. blackleaf

    [MOC] Titan Joker

    Hi all, Sharing my latest MOC - The Titan Joker. Inspired by the video game "Batman: Arkham Asylum". When I first saw the evil clown Jestro from Nexo Knight, first thing from my mind was that this Titan Joker gotta be done!!! So I bought the key chain and then here he is. This will be featured in my next Batman MOC project as well. Compare to my previous Bane MOC. Hope you guys like it^^
  12. LEGO Superman Classic Life-size Statue, more than 17.300 LEGO bricks are used The project took nearly six months to plan and build. Each of the 17.324 LEGO bricks are brand new and were glued together for better stability. LEGO Superman dimensions; 1,8 meter - 70,8 inch high (nearly 6 feet tall) Weight 20 kg - 45 pounds. I hope you`ll like it!!! 3 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 4 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 5 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 6 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 7 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 8 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 9 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 11 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-07-01 15.44.43 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  13. terryfay1983

    Big Bang Justice League

    please move if this isnt allowed in here.. wasnt sure where to put it.. how many people have done this to their big bang set? The Big BANG Theory Justice Legue by Terry Fay, on Flickr
  14. xmattwhitex

    Matt's Decals

    A while back I posted my first decal of the new Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I've spent a bit of my free time tweaking that first attempt and making some more. I'll probably add to this topic as I create them. Any feedback/criticism would be great. Enjoy! Suicide Squad (2016) The Joker Harley Quinn Final Fantasy Series Terra (Final Fantasy VI) Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) Zidane (Final Fantasy IX) TV Shows Ash (Ash VS Evil Dead)
  15. Hi! This is one of my first minimovies (so do not be too harsh with the assessment). Its "old comedy" style..but i know it could have been a little sharper picture. But still - im pretty satisfied with the result. Have made some other movies and trying to improve for every new one!
  16. HI! My name is Robert and I am I a collector of legos, I have many sets and mini-figures, and always open to a conversation anytime! If you would like to buy or sell superhero related parts, figures or sets, please message me!
  17. Here's our other release: A hero without fear, a protector in the night, villains beware - Demon Vigilante is here! One of two new custom minifigures available, Demon Vigilante will feature front head, torso, and leg printing, as well as back torso prints - all in glorious pad printing by professional printers. The coolest features of this fig are: a) the wrap around leg printing (featuring a holster on one side) and b) the dot pattern throughout to give that feel of texture to our hero's suit. He will come armed with two black LEGO light sword pieces for weapons, as well. Thanks again to HJ Media for producing this great render! What do you guys think? Demon Vigilante
  18. flailx

    [MOC] 1966 Batmobile

    I have always loved the 1966 Batmobile which is easily the best Batmobile of all time. I had the die-cast Corgi model when I was a kid and I just love this vehicle so I had to make one! I tried to capture the look and shape as close as possible to minifig scale. It's a 7-wide with a good amount of 1/2 stud offset throughout. I also added some custom stickers. I have a brick built front grill which I will probably share at some point but the stickers look better IMO. Pictures are here.
  19. Hey guys, I have another custom pad printed minifigure that is available now on my website that we are excited to share with you all. Here's the information and pics for you, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on him below! I'd love to hear what you think! American Super Soldier by Phoenix Customs Minifigures Product Description American Super Soldier is a superhero who uses his stealth movements, super strength, speed, and agility and specially crafted shield to take out enemies that threaten his country. Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 Dark Red - Star Pattern Shield Printing This figure is professionally pad printed, just like official LEGO® figures. Features top quality head, torso, back, and arm pad printing.
  20. On the heels of our first successful custom, Techno Girl http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109139 agoodfella minifigs and bricks raminator are proud to present our second custom minifigure: DANCING QUEEN Sure to bust a move on the bad guys while singing a perfect tune, Dancing Queen will be a produced in a very limited initial run. This custom minifigure will feature: • High quality digital UV printing. • Printing on front and back (pics of the back and alternate head to come shortly) • Double sided head printing. • All minifigure parts will feature genuine LEGO parts. • No accessories will be included (the picture above shows microphone, bracelets and roller skates but the figure will not include these accessories) Now accepting Pre-Sales! First come, first served. Please send email interests to: Thanks everyone for looking :)
  21. This my first MOC I've posted on here. I have already posted this same MOC on Lego Ideas. The TV show Gotham on Fox is about Gotham City before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. The scene this Lego Creation shows is from episode 17: Red Hood. It shows how the Red Hood gang has robbed a bank, and Detective Gordon and Harvey Bullock are trying to stop them. I created minifigures versions of many important characters in Gotham. The minifigures not on the black stand are Detective Gordon, Harvey Bullock, a civilian, The Red Hood, and a member of the Red Hood gang. On the black stand, from left to right, the minifigures are Bruce Wayne (Batman), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Victor Zsasz, Johnathan Crane (The Scarecrow), and Jerome (The Joker?). Here are some more pictures. The Bank vault can open to reveal the money. If you want this to become a real Lego set, please support it at Lego ideas. Here is the URL Thanks for looking! Please support this creation at Lego Ideas so it can become a real Lego set!