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Found 15 results

  1. I made a smaller Hulkbuster from Mishima's Design, so.. full credit goes to him, I just built a modified version of his MOC with what I had and I think.. it looks pretty good. It's mostly made with piece from 76104 and other pieces from 76168 and 76171.. among other Cull Obsidian and an Outrider for scale ^^ And a bonus.. Iron Man in the Hulkbuster
  2. 2019 is here and we've seen this set around since March 2018. Marvel LEGO fans are thrilled when the UCS Hulkbuster is finally announced but when it actually arrived, I sensed hatred more than love towards this LEGO mech. So, please leave your comments whether you agree or disagree of the 10 reasons that I gather from the internet. This set is still available in 1. BLUE TECHNIC AXLE PIN AWKWARDLY PLACED AT THE SHOULDER. All those red and suddenly a blue technic pin showing at the shoulder is quite awkward in this scenario. Maybe a new red coloured pin can be a better alternative? Or we can substitute this Technic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise coded 43093 in bricklink with a tan or grey coloured part to make it blend into the shoulder pad better than this basic colour contrast of red and blue. 2. WRONG COLOURED CHEST LIGHT BRICK. The light brick in this set is a great bonus for us all and I understand that LEGO only produce red and yellow light bricks in the past. Why not make a new blue light brick for this iconic set of LEGO mech? I'm sure the exclusiveness of a blue light brick in this set will make this set more popular. 3. RESTRICTED ELBOW MOVEMENT. To make this pose, I had to remove the arm at the elbow, and then place it directly on the shoulder and fortunately it works quite well for the photo . Now if you notice the right arm (the intact one), the gold plate at the outer part of the elbow is blocking the arm to be moved side way as well as the grey round plate at the inner part of the elbow. This actually defied the purpose of the ball joint at the elbow which suppose to make the arm more flexible. 4. WEAK GRIP OF THE HANDS. He is holding the fire extinguisher? Or the fire extinguisher is sitting on his last finger? I would say it was a hard time balancing the red can of powder in his hand. Other than that, I like it that Iron man can sit inside nicely without any stud so that he can be easily taken out from the seat. I'm not a MOCer so I can't really suggest how to make another extra finger for him. Longer finger would help in the grip too I guess. 5. LACK OF KNEE JOINT As you can see, the designers traded the stability of the model with the flexibility of his knees. The long brown technic axle is to be plunged into the lower part of the leg so that the weight of the whole model will be directed straight towards the heel. I think there must be another way out for it to be able to pose better. 6. RESTRICTED HIP MOVEMENT. This pose took me 30 minutes to make it balance. As you can see, i removed the knees, and connected only one of the double click ball joints to the hip. The thigh parts are only resting on the lower legs. Luckily the sole of his foot is wide enough to support the 'running' pose. Modification is direly needed. 7. INSIGNIFICANT GLOW IN THE DARK PIECES. Yes! We have glow in the dark parts in this set! But the proportion of the pieces and the size of the model is not right. More pieces or larger parts would be nice. 8. UNABLE TO STAND UPRIGHT. Look at the ball part between the sole and the lower leg, they are suppose to stabilise the model but the space is a little bit too much so the Hulkbuster is kind of leaning on the respective ball part of the leg instead of standing up straight. 9. TOO SKINNY. Hulkbuster in the movie is very bulky and large to be sturdy enough to fight the Hulk. Here he looks a little bit malnourished. 10. STICKERS! The UCS label sticker is very hard to apply without creating air bubbles. The decals for the model is not very abundant here, why not give us printed ones? Alright, now that we are done with the downside of having this model, but to me as a collector, this set is still a must get to complete my collection of LEGO Hulkbusters. For MOCers, this set provides a good framework for you to do modification for a larger and better Hulkbuster. Other than the model, the platform build is impeccable with large black 8x16 tiles, lots of 2x4 tiles, and the side builds of yellow machine arms. The comparison of 76031, 76104 and 76105 Hulkbusters heads. The prints are very nice gold and they are exclusive to their respective sets. This is my previous review of 76031 and 76104. Mark 43 suit with a transparent head. This looks like an unfinished work of Tony. But the details of the suit is definitely magnificent. This suit is exclusive to this set too. The accessories of the set. Veronica is amazing with the stand. The fire extinguisher is my favourite here as it looks so similar to a real one. A comparison with Smaug. He looks like the gold dwarf statue in the movie. I mean the size. More to compare with old Hulkbusters. The height of them are just at the waist of the UCS version. More buildable LEGO figures. Now Smaug doesn't look that big. Conclusion Despite the bad aspect of the Hulkbuster, I still feel that this is a good buy before it retires. As I mentioned above, there are lots of room to make it a better version of Hulkbuster, so this set can become an official collection, or you can modify it to become a bulkier, more flexible version of a LEGO mech. Review Summary Playability: 6/10 - This model is more of a display model on the platform provided. Playability score actually decreased along with the lack of the ability to pose him properly. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - The design is very nice but it can be better. Too skinny. Still a high score because it can be a good foundation for MOC. Minifigures: 9/10 - Great minifigure! All the printings and the details are marvelous! But why not put a Tony Stark minifigure as well? Overall: 7.5/10 - This set is still available in store. Get it before it retires. Hope you enjoy the review, do share your thoughts in the comments!
  3. Ransom Fern

    [MOC] Mini Hulkbuster

    I wanted to do something in big fig proportions. He came out looking a little too big still but this is as small as I could make it. gotosleepgotosleepgotosleep Instructions:
  4. This Moc follows up on my other Hulkbuster. He’s a lot more posable and playable and fits a whole minifig this time
  5. Hoth Rebel

    The Hulkbuster UCS MOD Topic

    This topic is made for everybody who wants to modify their UCS Hulkbuster Ultron Edition (setnumber 76105). I will update the OP when new mods are posted in the topic. There are a few points people would like to see modded, which are (credit to @Scarilian): Here are a few mods I've spotted recently: MOD by NYESSbOss on Reddit MOD by CX52J on Reddit Potential moving leg solution MOD by @Leewan MOD by Chezzymann on Reddit Mod by @Warbinator Mod by @chubbybots2 If you have a modification you want to share, post it here so everyone can enjoy it.
  6. Since I saw the official pics for the set, i decided that, I must mod the shoulder area. I know there are a lot of cool mods and rebuilds of the set, but I like keep the sets in original form as possible. The overall design of the Hulkbuster was good looking and sturdy, but the gaps at the shoulder bothered me much. Those gaps are there to give space for 360 degree movement of the arms. After the instructions of the set become available, I build it in LDD and then I started to change the build.Mostly I just took out some parts, but it has greatly improved the look. Guide to the Modification: Required Patrs: For this simple mod you only need this 3 parts. For the black arms you could use the outriders arms, because the don't need 6 arms, I think. 1. The mod is begins with disassembly. You need to take off the upper part of the body and the right arm. 2. To get the arms closer to the body you need to leave out the black gears and to change the axle. Than you could take back this arm and take out the another arm. The left arm is on a shorter axle, so you just need to take out the gear. 3. Next comes the upper part. You need to take out curved pieces from the top and the layer of black plates to make it 1 plate high lower. Then you should swap the to black L plate with the gray 1x4, for sturdier connection. 4. Because the height reduction the minifig should stand lower to let the dome close, so you need to take out the 1x2 plate from under the standing piece. 5.Last thing, you could take the 2x2 transparent blue cylinder out to reduce the size of the wheel, which operates the arm. The bashing-arm function is still working after the mod, but it's a bit limited in motion by the shoulder armor. You should be careful with it because you could accidentally knock off those parts, if you raise the arm to high. Fixing the arm with the wheel on the back is workig still too and then you coud posing the arms. After this mod here is our extra parts left: Comparison: I hope you like this small modification.
  7. PriorMarcus

    My Hulkbuster UCS MOD

    Here's my MOD of the Hulkbuster UCS set. Hope you all like.
  8. 'The end is near.' Are you excited to see Thanos destroy half the universe this April? I am! So let's snap our fingers and start this new combo review of mine. Six sets to collect is quite heavy to my pocket so I start with this much sought after set, plus a combo with the previous Hulkbuster set as a comparison. Is it too much to hope for a support set (UCS Hulkbuster) from LEGO for me to review? Hmm... 'I hope they remember you' Introduction Tony keeps making new suits for himself and Hulkbusters with Banner to contain Hulk that lose control. Here we got Hulkbuster Mark I from Age of Ultron and Mark II from Infinity War LEGO sets. The main build of these two sets are the Hulkbusters itself and a small build of the partial Hulk cage and a ball shooter piloted by Proxima midnight and outriders. Let's start. Oh, spoiler alert, the soul stone is here! Overview Name: 76031 The Hulk Buster SmashYear: 2015Pieces: 248Minifigures: 4Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / 34.99€ Name: 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash-UpYear: 2018Pieces: 375Minifigures: 4Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / 34.99€ The Box The front of the boxes featured the Hulkbusters in action and the minifigures included. The size of both sets are the same but the 2018 version is with 375 pieces at the same price. No wonder it had become a hard to find item in my place. At the back of the box you can see Bruce jumped out of the Hulkbuster and grab the soul stone. I thought he is supposed to Hulk out? The outrider looks scared and ran away, quite weird of what's happening here. The old box features scarlet witch and ultron in the battle but in the movie, the fight is only focused on Hulk and the huge iron man. So is it telling us that the new box art is not that accurate to the movie? I guess we'll know this 25th of April. Proxima Midnight and Iron Man Mark 43 in actual size. I think the super jumper (minifig leg destroyer) is not being included anymore. The Content The comic book is very nicely printed and I'm glad that sticker sheet is so small. Hulk is still in the plastic and three numbered bags. In 76104 we get four numbered bags with a sticker sheet. bag one, bag two, bag three, and bag four. We get four infinity stones in bag one still attached to the sprue. The Build These are the small builds in the sets. I didn't pay much attention to them as I'm very excited to proceed to the Hulkbusters! The turret shoots a ball by pressing the serrated arm. The center of the arm is flexible enabled it to squeeze out the ball. For 76031, the cage for the Hulk is built with a trans clear bar to make scarlet witch fly above the Hulk. There is a compartment storing the soul stone at the back of the turret. So the stone is with the outrider all these times? How confusing! Here you go. I love the trans orange new part for the infinity stones. Can't wait to get Thanos and the gauntlet along with all the stones! The Minifigures Iron Man Mark 43. He is with a round chest piece and the gold red prints. The torso is very detailed as usual and Tony's face is similar to most of other LEGO iron mans. A comparison with a later version of iron man in civil war. Mark 46. Tony added blue lights all over the torso and covered part of the chest circle. The helmet is pretty much the same. Blue lights at the back too. You can check all previous versions of iron man here. Scarlet Witch. This is a younger version of her that serves Ultron to avenge her parents. I like the dark red jacket here but why her power is blue instead of pink? The civil war Wanda has longer hair, a skirt and a more matured look. The faces and red eyes are the same, but the torso changed. But where did the leg printings go? Hulk! Now you are outnumbered. We have two Hulkbusters. This is the angrier version of Hulk affected by Wanda's magic. Seriously, what did she showed Banner made him so furious? Compared to previous versions, this one actually have a line at the collar bone area indicating that the head is shaped by new mold just to make his hair like this. But it is not separable from the torso. The skin tone is similar to the Ragnarok version. Only the pants changed color after two years in Sakaar. Pollution maybe? Ultron Prime. This is the Ultron which amputated Klaue's left hand. I like the overall printings on his head and torso and legs. The red lights also looked glowing like fluid flowing through his body. Bruce Banner. We have another Banner in human form after Ragnarok. All things similar but there are some dirt on his shirt in my copy. Can anyone clarify? Or is it a minute difference that makes him exclusive to this set? Falcon. He is another highlight in this set who had a new brick-built wings. They are attached to him with the trans clear 1x2 rounded edge plate. Underneath the plate the printings also resembles a closed wing as a backpack. The brick built wings are actually quite heavy for him as a minifigure, but the trans red cone fire gave quite a good support for him. The wings are awesome as it is flexible in horizontal way! It can now folded in front of him to block bullets. Thanos does give the Avengers some level of stress making Falcon's suit darker than the civil war version. He is in Wakanda in the trailer with Cap, does that means that the wings got vibranium upgrades too? No more carbon fibre? I think the brick built wings are so much nicer than the previous one. Proxima Midnight. One of the Black Order of Thanos. She gets a bright blue hair treatment in LEGO form and a sweet smiley face. However, you won't like when she is angry and holding her spear. Pearl gold arm and the white colored arm is very nicely matched with the armor printed torso. Do you think the grandmaster would show up in Infinity War? Hmm..His melt stick would be a great weapon against the mad titan, no? Thanos's new minions, outriders. He has the other four arm attached to this new part that attached to him like a backpack. I love the black and gold color combination here. He does look like spider from the side. The back also printed very well underneath the four armed backpack. Bad guys army. The head does look like an eye, right? Go get the Avengers! The Highlights of these two sets. Are you ready for some Hulkbusting? Let's start with the most exclusive part in the set. The dome shaped head with gold color printings. Mark II have more lines and the eyes looks angrier than the previous version. Side by side. Wow, just wow. Both are very fine build of the robot but I prefer the Infinity War version as it looks bulkier and detailed compared to the skinnier version. Mark II also looks 'complete' with the stickers applied. Let's open up. The first version is with a brown 2x4 tile inside, looks primitive. Mark II looks more technologically advanced as it got a interconnected gear inside the pilot's seat. Spoiler alert. It's a bit late for this spoiler though. Now everybody knows Banner is the one piloting the latest version of hulkbuster. I like the fit of a minifigure inside the space. Just nice rather than spacious in the first version. Sideways. Mark I have a straighter posture. Mark II kind of lean forward but both are very stable. I really love the trans blue knob that turns his right arm 360 degrees creating a hurling action. It can be locked just by clutching in the knob. Mark I is using the bionicle shoulder pad while Mark II has a shinier buildable figure era shoulder pads. The back looks nice too as the antistuds are quite covered up. Sitting position. Mark I has a better articulation at the hip area enables him to sit more properly than Mark II. Mark II kind of lack one angle at the hip area. Some modifications are needed to help him sit. Comparison of LEGO buildable figures. Mark II is taller than Mark I and quite similar height with Giant man. Sadly I don't have the UCS version to compare here. Tree beard and K2SO are way taller than them. The sole of their foot is quite wide enabled them to stand with one leg and dance off! Conclusion Both sets are so nice and I can't find a reason not to have them in my collection. The Hulkbusters are so nicely built and they looked great standing next to each other. Review Summary Playability: 9/10 - They are very nice to play with especially the posability of both Hulkbusters. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - The design is very nice but not really movie accurate. They look quite different from the movie and still very skinny even for Mark II. Minifigures: 9/10 - Great minifigures! All the printings and the details are marvelous! Except for Proxima who looks a little bit cartoonish. Overall: 9/10 - These two sets are must buy for hulkbuster fans like me. They are really nice to pose and play and photograph with! They do make me kind of ignored the existence of the minifigures in the sets. Haha. Hope you enjoy the review, do share your thoughts in the comments! Superhero Landing!
  9. Avengers Infinity War Hulkbuster Falcon Proxima Midnight War of Wakanda fight scene Lego Stop Motion Full video link: Hope you like it :D
  10. Veronica - Hulkbuster Armour Module by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Veronica - Hulkbuster Armour Module by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Hulkbuster, Jackhammer Arm (Full Reveal Tomorrow!) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: Hulkbuster: ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  11. Gilberto_Aguilera

    2015 HulkBuster redesign to be in scale.

    Hello gents, in this topic we would discuss modding options to redesign the avengers age of Ultron Hulkbuster, i would advise all those who have the model and have already modded it to thoroughly describe the process. We advide to only use pieces from the set, but if you do have to use another piece, please do specify the piece number and colour so the rest of us can then purchase it if we wish to follow your steps. Furthermore i advise please not to be greedy, this topic is about sharing, so we can all have a good definitive hulkbuster. So please if you have a good design then don't hog the design.
  12. cs417

    [MOC] Ironman Hulkbuster

    Update: Just got approval for Lego Ideas for gathering Support Support it and share it if you like it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My latest version of Hulkbuster, enjoy it by HKer Tung / cs417
  13. So I got the Hulkbuster Smash set last week and was really impressed by it. One of the main draws of the set for me were the minifigs, specifically Ultron and Scarlet Witch. Ultron was great, but I felt the Scarlet witch figure was a bit generic and didn't really represent her movie portrayal as much as it could have. I decided to give her this dark brown hair with a part in the middle that falls down on both sides. I also gave her some red elements because I wasn't really sure why she had blue magic stuff in the set (but then again I haven't seen the film yet, so maybe she does use different colored spells or something). Her right hand contains a translucent red "spill" piece I got from BrickForge. Movie pic for reference: It's a pretty small change, but I think it turned out pretty good. Thanks for looking!
  14. Adeel Zubair

    MOC: Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster

    My LEGO Iron Man Hulkbuster MOC has been brought straight out of 2015's biggest blockbuster 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron.' The Hulkbuster is fan-favourite from Stark's hall of armour. The Mark XLIV Armour (codenamed Veronica, also known as the Hulkbuster) is Tony Stark's forty-fourth Iron Man suit. The suit was designed to match the incredible strength of the Hulk should he ever need to be taken out, being powered by over eleven Arc Reactors in order to grant the strength required for such a task. It's a modular suit this is operated from within while being linked to the Mark XLIII Armour. Using an independent propulsion system, each limb can fly to the user and automatically assemble into being composed of individual parts, the XLIV is still able to sustain extreme damage from the Hulk, unlike the XLII. Iron Man strides forward to grapple with the green-skinned Avenger, leg pistons cranking and his right arm stretching out to make contact. While the resemblance to the classic Iron Man armour is readily apparent (especially in the dark red and pearl gold colour scheme), the Hulkbuster takes it to a whole new level with a towering frame, thick armour plating. The Iron Man Hulkbuster stands nearly over twice the size of the Hulk bigfig to tower over his allies and enemies alike. Stark's latest and greatest battle suit lumbers across a brick-like display base, punishing the ground with it's terrible weight. I believe the Hulkbuster is one of the most impressive display pieces I've ever designed. This Hulkbuster MOC started when the initial pictures of the 'LEGO Marvel, Super Heroes - The Hulkbuster Smash' set were released. I understand that LEGO has to make their sets study and have plenty of play features to keep the kids entertained but as a movie accurate model it wasn't quite right: too simple and bulky. From then on I set myself a task to build a definitive Hulkbuster using the printed dome that is included. My first goal was to get it in scale with the Hulk bigfig however when I approached the end of the design process I realised that it was slightly shorter than the LEGO Hulkbuster. After having a look at a few other LEGO Hulkbuster MOC's I realised that when using the printed dome piece at the scale of the Hulk would make the final model look chibi and not realistic; therefore I stuck with my outcome. The inspiration for the presentation of the final model came from Kotobukiya's model statues of the Hulkbuster and the Hulk based on 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' movie. I was originally going to just use the Hulkbuster since the Hulk bigfig is way too small and has very limited movement. I guess putting it in context and pairing it up with the Hulk bigfig creates a fierce battle scene! Credit and a big thank you goes to Hot Toys for providing extensive views and details of their movie accurate model of the Hulkbuster which made possible to get it movie accurate as I could. 'LEGO Avengers: Age Of Ultron - Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster' Album: I really hope you enjoyed this in MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  15. jokerjester

    My Iron Man Hulkbuster

    The CUUSOO project for this build is now up. You can support my project clicking this link: I’m a huge fan of the Iron Man Hulkbuster armor and when I started to collect Iron Man minifigures I’ve decided to create one to add to the armory. My first attempt to create a Hulkbuster armor that can be piloted by an Iron Man minifigure is when I got my hands on a Kai’s Fire Mech set from the LEGO Ninjago line. As you can see in the first picture I only modified the hands and ditched the gun right hand design. I was already happy with what I came up with but I was not satisfied with my final design. After looking at the other Hulkbuster builds from other LEGO enthusiasts in different forums I’ve decided to rebuild the armor, this time using an additional Fire Mech set and parts from the Iron Man Ultrabuild set. My challenge now is to create a sleek Hulkbuster Iron Man build using only parts from these 3 sets (2 x Fire Mech, 1 x Iron Man Ultrabuild). Thanks to the additional parts from the Fire Mech the minifigure is now fully enclosed except for the head. I'm also quite happy that I was able to add more design elements thanks to the Ultrabuild's chest armor and the curved blocks and vents from the mech sets. The reasons for me not adding more parts are: 1. I want to keep the costs to a minimum (cheaper to produce and at the same time more (again, budget friendly to consumers) 2. I really want a design that doesn’t tower too much from the minifigures. 3. I want to use parts that are already available to the market (again, cheaper to reproduce. No need to create new blocks). Please support this CUUSOO project if you want this set to be produced by LEGO. This set would look great next to your Iron Man minifigures. For my next project I'm thinking of building an armor for Captain America or War Machine just for the fun of it. It may not be comic book canon but I just want to see a mech with integrated designs from the Captain America Ultrabuild.