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  1. Seriously? Comply with TLG Fair Play Policy and TLG Brand Values - this must be understood correctly! Tomorrow the boy will look at his review and go buy an analogue, because it is cheaper. The guys do not listen to what the conversation is about in the review, they read the video captions
  2. Nikolay, you missed the main word in my post! Remember, this is written by AMBASSADOR of LEGO!
  3. Even worse when ambassadors think of doing clone reviews This is best he could do help the ambassador to choose, he does not know which one choose for review http://
  4. If a young man can not understand what everyone requires of english. Therefore, I explained to him in his language, which he knows perfectly. More over, in his last message, he thinks that he is being infringed. I decided to relieve stress and explained more accessible. There is no problem for me to communicate in three languages (english, german, russian), but I think that soon will need to learn chinese
  5. Артём, тут в другом вопрос. Никто не шумит по поводу "много фоток". Ты загружаешь фотки напрямую на еврокирпич и поэтому фотки получаются мелкие. Их приходится увеличивать, при этом теряется качество фоточки и ничего не понятно. Загрузи картинки на другой фото-хостинг, а сюда кинь ссылку. Здесь будет отображаться картинка, а даты будут хранится на том сервере. с уважением Яков.
  6. It was joke The beginning is very good, I hope there is a competitor for you
  7. For a long time I have not met GAZ-themes I like these trucks, and the pickup is space AHD - power, LTR -...
  8. Bad, had a good idea! What for? The original does not have such a function. Make every effort for the body, steering, engine. Just don't drop this project.
  9. super-jaschka

    [TC18?] Plymouth XNR

    I like This contest is an oldsmobile parade
  10. Flying start There will be many good mocs in this contest
  11. super-jaschka

    [TC18] N-Box

    I do not impose, but KIA is easier to do front or not...
  12. Trabi? very good idea, and good start