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  1. super-jaschka

    [MOC] “Challenger” The Supercar

    very well! Seats super!!!
  2. super-jaschka

    [MOC] “Challenger” The Supercar

    very pretty Just do not open the door! I was killed from the seats
  3. super-jaschka

    [MOC] 2C Sports Car - Complete

    I already want to build this car boxes open
  4. super-jaschka

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I am sure it will be 1000 times better than BrickLink
  5. super-jaschka

    [WIP] CLAAS Challenger 95E

    Good choice and the beginning. I want to see the finished tractor. And that's my little tractor I had no details "Bright Yellowish Green"
  6. super-jaschka

    [MOC] Mini Hovercar

    It looks good, but it's still not clear what it is? If it's a slipper, this is the best lego slipper
  7. 14. Powerful Racing Truck 420 parts Pullback motor V-12 engine by Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers) Heavy-duty front bumper Large rear spoiler LDD files
  8. super-jaschka

    [TC13] powerful Racing Truck

    Ja, ein wenig sorry... Yes a little, this is not on video. I was in a hurry and forgot to get the axle out of the beam
  9. Hello everyone! I watch a good party out here. I could not resist and also decided to take part in a race Truck. The model only took 419 parts + pullback engine. For better visibility with a racing truck, v-12 is being installed by Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers). Heavy-duty front bumper, large rear spoiler and huge chunky tires. Activate the powerful pull-back motor...
  10. it is terrible! has to wait another two weeks ...
  11. super-jaschka


    I was not here for a long time, but here is such a beauty!
  12. super-jaschka

    [MOC] Subarute

    The beard grew), and the cars are getting better every year
  13. попробуй, может быть и получится. только т-ссс никому файлик не кидай. окай? ) 

    Jim редиска всё переделал, ты не знаешь как загрузить файл?


    1. VKTechnic


      Нет, не знаю :sceptic:  Если хочешь, можешь переслать на

    2. super-jaschka



  14. A fantastic truck, and axles are amazingly realistic