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Found 83 results

  1. Hey folks, I want to share with you one of my current projects, the RC Superbikes. It is another of those self-balancing motorcycles, but has some nice additional specs which might have considered to not work in the brick-universe. Unluckily I couldn't finish the superbike project this summer, final highspeed runs will have to take place in the next summer to have some warm tarmac again for giving some additional grip. RC Superbike Series - FREE Chassis - RELEASED in v1.0: Specs Scale 1/6.5 Weight ~650g Single swingarm construction for the rear wheel Working transmission via chain Powered by Buwizz 3 Two buggy motors 1x Custom 5L Liftarm made out of aluminium with a ballbearing included Theoretical topspeed should be astonnishing 62 km/h, basing on the 2500 rpm with BW3 at 12V peak (which by its scale would translate into 403 km/h) Real world maximum speed may be lower due to physics kicking in (wobble, weave) Pictures All together Kawasaki H2R - black/chrome Kawasaki H2R - white/green (tuned BuWizz Edition) Ducati Panigale V4R Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade Videos Videos related to the RC Superbike Series can be found in my Youtube playlist: What are your thoughts?
  2. (name still in progress of choice). Well, this is my first ever severely approached motorcycle MOC. Well, I tried to build some in during the last two years, but none of them was successful. Hope this one will be different. Nothing is final, everything can chance, pictures shown below are just R&D test mules (eg the front fork on blue framed bike is just quick mockup). Goals (optional, not mandatory): - fake wannabe trellis tube frame, main design feature - wild angles - load bearing engine/transmission block - engine with integrated rear swingarm mount? - as stiff design as possible - torsional, transverse, longitudal - try to make realistic steering geometry for the type of the bike I build - realistic proportions in area of saddle (ducati was too wide for my taste) - 2 cylinder ICE or EV drive (maybe hybrid or easily interchangeable*?) - belt or chain drive? (chain tensioner?) - No structural or modal FEM analysis needed! Yay!* - and one hardcore: COG in approximate correct position. ____________________________ * just to clarify it, my final project and thesis concerned motorcycle frame design that would use maximum common parts for both drivetrains variants; not real success, I would not recommend it to anybody to design or build similar frame, but I learned something about bike design, and would like to try to build bike like this at least from bricks. :D Wish me luck (or not in case you do not like E-bikes)
  3. I created a police motorcycle last year. Now I changed the color theme to British Police livery. The building instruction is included in my video: More MOC on my homepage:
  4. Hi Everyone, As the weather's taken a turn for the worse here, I've been unable to get out on my bike, so today I decided to do the next best thing, and make a little model of it! I had no exact scale or requirements in mind for this other than that it be feasible to buy, as I think it'll look nice on the desk. Without further ado, here's my attempt at a, maybe, midi-scale Royal Enfield Bullet 500! And for reference, here's my real one: It took several attempts to get the headlight gasket to be a reasonable shape that I wanted, and have it be able to connect to the rest of the body. Here's the graveyard of failed attempts! I reckon some of them could be put to good use by a MOC-er better than I, in particular I was happy with the top right one, which used that Overwatch Gun piece as a base, but I just couldn't figure out how to level out the angle of the grip 😅 I'm quite happy with the look of the rear headlights and indicators; that black 2 x 1 tile would have a registration number on it. The connection to the rear wheel is probably quite flimsy in reality, but I like that it "technically" would work like the swingarm on the real thing. (It's just a 1 x 4 tile attached to a blue technic pin.) I think I've captured the exhaust's shape pretty well, except where it connects into the engine. But overall i'm happy with this, and it kept me occupied for the day instead of pining at the rain! Finally, because I can, here's other nice colours its possible to buy it in, I quite like the dark blue one's look, may end up purchasing it as well as the dark green one. Thats all! It's not perfect, and i'm already seeing ways to improve upon it, but that's half the fun anyways.😛 Any suggestions or thoughts are more than welcome, and thank you for looking! 😁
  5. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Batpod UCS

    Hi everyone, today here I am to show you my version of the Batpod. When 5004590 was released, everyone was thrilled and tried to replicate one on their own with their parts. However, 5004590 looks just strange when you compare it to the real one. I bought the book The Dark Knight Manual to understand the design more, and research on the Internet for a month, and finally I built a version that I think is closer to the real Batpod. The original Batpod is an escape pod from Batman's Tumbler, and the mechanism is based on the S-shaped axis. Each of the two wheels are connected to the body by one-sided arm only. 5004590 set does not do this while mine follows that design. The shape of the Batpod is also in a reverse V-shaped manner, without any horizontal element. The LEGO set did not do that at all, and my version tries to follow that original profile, with rear part elongated as well to match the proportion. Front view, which shows the asymmetrical design of the wheel axis. The front view has mounted 3 pairs of weapons, with headlights on the sides too. Middle part, which retains some of the details of the original 5004590 set. I like this part the most, which keeps the original design of the Batpod: mudguard between the two pedals. I tried to add some wiring to mimic the original, but it looks too busy and so I ditch it in the end. The whole exercise was started as an MOD, but with my design goals to rebuild the form in the most realistic way, I redid the entire chassis in the end. Looks like an MOC at last! Anyway, there is one technical issue that prevents the front wheel guns from holding permanently, but as a display model, this is perfect already. Thanks for watching!
  6. Release June 2020. Price 59.99 EUR. Special features and new parts: - New large front brake discs - New shock absorbers with internal springs (damping, not only bouncing) - Rear brake disc and wheel mount of the Bugatti Functions: - Steerable wheel suspended - Rear wheel suspended drives V-fake motor Go nuts
  7. Hi, After end of TC19 I started scratch building more motorcycle parts. Originally just to modify my TC19 entry, that got very early very wild, when I found out that I can 3D print parts that visually satisfy my visions of that MOC (should I call it still that way?). How it's transfornation into hybrid monster, Darth Vader of MPCs, goes on could be seen in it's separate topic here on. But I desperately wanted to build proper caferacer, that I could later usr as a template for my first motorcycle instructions. It had to be visually attractive, pure LEGO (or at least from 95% - I love that 3dprinted dark silver disc brake), and light and clean build. So, here it is. All photos : Its engine is inspired by Honda CX500. Under it is leg-operated 2 speed transmission. Hope you like it. 😉 And here a little comparison between The Purist and The Heretic. I plan to make instructions for the caferacer.
  8. First drag bike race, four drag bikes compete on a 19’ drag strip! Real action with special effects and voices!
  9. Over the past few days I worked on another bike meant to chase the one I'm participating with in TC19. @Thirdwigg: It became something different then I originally had in mind, so your swingarm design wasn't used yet - I simply didn't find a way to include it. But I expect more bikes to come in the future and your design just cries for futuristic bikes! The VICE Maverick is fully suspended and uses a dual chain drive instead of shaft drive like the other one - one chain just can't handle the power . It is nearly as wide as the Renegade but I think it's ok for the scale and it's also very stretched. It's not yet finished in all aspects (frame coloring, exhausts, lights, etc.) but I wanted to share what I have right now: More pictures on Bricksafe. It has a few quirks though: As you might have noticed it has zero to negative caster angle which is not ideal but I wanted to keep the front fork design as is and the suspension works really great with that quirk. Unfortunately the drive train works much less smooth than the one used in the Renegade. Exchanging the newer bevel gears against older LBG ones helped a little, but it's still not ideal. Maybe having less tension on the chains could help, I don't know, but it looks better with tension. Maybe just too much gears and up-gearing: rear wheel - 24z => 16z, 40z => 24z => 8z => 8z => 8z, 20z => 12z => 12z - turbo shaft. The latter is still missing, as I don't have a long or short enough axle to use. So I might need to change the length of the turbine or the place of the direction conversion.
  10. For TC19 I really wanted to do a motorcycle with an extended swing arm, I really like the aesthetic: Here's what progress I made in LDD. I want the motorcycle to be as narrow and slim as possible, hence the V6 is positioned longitudinally. And in real life. Because the elagonated swing arm produces higher forces, it's held in place by two small turntables, which eliminates friction on the secondary driveshaft. Notice something odd about the transmission? Originally i wanted to use a 4 speed gearbox, but since so many people did it already, I decided to use something different. I came up with a fully working CVT gearbox which uses two 2x2 cones and a rubber band to seamlessly change gear ratios between 1:2 and 2:1. The following GIF shows how the shifting lever moves the rubber band sideways using a simple linkage with the drivline powered
  11. Hi to all, My last contest on Eurobricks was TC10 pneumatic contest so its been a lot of time! I saw the topic an I think participating is a good idea because I like motorcycle mocs. My main idea was a making a decent looking 2 wheel drive motorcycle moc. It's some sort of scrambler and dirtbike hybrid. Functions are obvious but; - Front suspension - Rear suspension - Flat4 fake engine - 2 speed gearbox with road (fast) and off-road(slow) modes. On road mode rear drive, on off-road mode 2 wheel drive. Gear ratios 1.14/1 and 1.90/1 I hope you like it. There aremany good mocs and it will be hard for me. Really goodbuilders in competition! Good luck to all Hybrid (2WD).io IMG_20210123_161902 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161738 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161803 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161452 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_162408 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161833 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_162539 by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  12. Final model photos: ============================= I read the announcement for TC19 when I was frantically finishing my motor grader entry for our local LUG contest (I hope to upload more pictures in a separate thread later). At that point, having no real experience building motorcycle models, I decided I would not participate. But during my short New Year vacation, I ended up in a small vintage vehicle museum where I saw, among other bikes, these two Soviet-period scooters: When I returned from my vacation, I realized that, contrary to my previous decision, I was considering how this scooter can be modeled with Technic. With my limited experience, I asked myself the question: what is the smallest scale I can use and still have steering, suspension, and engine, all while keeping the model at least semi-recognizable? There’s nothing in the rules limiting the size of the model, so I decided to have some small-scale fun. Turns out Corvette wheels do work. This is the prototype I came up with: The suspension turned out to be pleasantly soft. Steering and piston engine are there. The details are quite different from the original, but that’s what you get in this scale. I also put together a red body, I think it looks better: Tulitsa was a Soviet scooter from the 80s, there’s little information about it in English, but you can find lots of images by googling for “Тулица”.
  13. It is not model of something real. Yes, there are something similar, but this is not model os something real. Some week ago idea came to build something 2wd. Wen't trough lot of ideas with differrent wheels for front driven axle. Seems, that finally found something satifying, whit which I could continue. Everything else should be easyer (maybe). Maybe those specific beams are not necessary anymore, but with them it looks soomehow more proportional, also wheel connection is more stable. I used those beams with bigger tyre before, also on this rim, and on even bigger.
  14. Simple Technic Motorcycle (Building Instructions) Building Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - Simple Motorcycle I think this is a legitimate entry for contest, isn't it? Lego technic, bike, two wheels, and even two gears are used!
  15. Sidecars are a great way to enjoy a motorcycle. One can carry items safer than they could be compared to being on two wheels. + Steering + Differential and Locking + 2 Cylinders Engine + LED Light Camellia Café presents a particular designed Motorcycle with Sidecar model being controlled by Mini controller. One steering servo motor is used to steer. One DC motor is used to as power. Wi-Fi technology is used to control this model via the local wireless network. MQTT technology is used to control this model via a wide wireless network, then, you and your children could manipulate this model anywhere with iOS, Android or Windows Devices. Mini - Motorcycle Sidecar en.pdf Just in Camellia Café
  16. Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Thanks to Lego and EB for this review set - it's a new entry in the line of Creator licensed vehicles (Mini, VW Beetle, Mustang, etc) and I was excited to check it out. I've admired those sets but never owned any of them. More importantly, when it comes to this HD set, I had not seen any images online or had any ideas about it before it arrived - I literally only knew that it was a Harley in the Creator Expert line. Name: Harley-Davidson Set Number: 10269 Pieces: 1023 Price: unknown as of review date (July 9, 2019) but I'm guessing $100-ish (edit: confirmed to be $99.99 US, $139.99 CAD, 84.99 GBP) Minifigs: 0 Theme: Creator Expert The Box Front When I opened the shipping box and got my first look at this set, I couldn't do anything but think WOW. At a glance, this set could easily pass for a model rather than a Lego set. There's so much detail packed into this and it just looks right. The Real Thing Before we move on, here's the real 2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from their online gallery. Like I said, Lego appears to have nailed the design. The dual exhausts with their taper in the middle... the solid wheels... and of course the V of the engine. (and oddly, the photo Lego used inside the manual of the real bike isn't in the "Wicked Red" color. It's "Industrial Grey Denim" instead which looks too bland on the page IMHO.) The Box Back Wait a minute - this thing has functional pistons like a Technic set? I like! And it looks good from this side too. It feels a little more Lego-ish from this side for some reason, but it's still very good looking. The Scale This will be a pretty good-sized model. It's over a foot long. And apparently they liked the 107 logo for the 1:1 image, but were afraid people couldn't put that in context, so they added the engine as well. The New Parts The only new molds that I saw are for the wheels. The front tire is the existing "Racing Tread" motorcycle tire that's been used since 2010 in Technic, Hero Factory, and Ninjago sets. The wide rear tire is new though, as are the solid wheels. And in a clever design to save on mold costs, the read tire just uses 2 of the rims instead of needing another custom part. Molds are expensive, especially for large parts like these, and since these rims are such an iconic trademark of the Fat Boy bike, I suspect Lego won't be allowed to reuse them elsewhere. It is a bit of a cheat though. The real bike doesn't have a rear tire twice as wide as the front (they're 160mm wide fronts and 240mm wide rears), and the real rear rim has a deeper recess. The Age Designing a set takes a long time. Both new molds are copyrighted 2018, even though the set isn't being released until mid-2019. The Stickers The set has some printed pieces and one small sticker sheet. It's a very chrome sheet so that the "mirror" circles are reflective. The rest of the stickers have the usual Lego hidden meanings in them. 107 is the engine size (and really printed on the real bikes). WGDLN1990 stands for Willie G Davidson and Louie Netz, who designed the Fat Boy in 1990. 41 is the highway number that runs through Milwaukee, WI, where HD is headquartered. The 1974 on the odometer is the year that Bill Davis started designing the softail style frame. (thanks to the friendly people over at /r/harley for the help getting my facts right on these!) The Build, part 1 The parts for this set come in bags numbered 1-4. Stage 1 begins with building this frame that will become the bottom of the bike. They're already using some "advanced" build techniques - that black perpendicular connector (which, believe it or not, is a new color for that part!) is not connected to an axle like it's designed for. It's connected onto an arm so that it can swing outwards to become the kickstand. The Build, part 2 I'm not doing a ton of build photos - this set is a joy to assemble and I don't want to spoil too much. The build process is very modular. There's surprisingly little building directly onto the bike. It's mostly assembling a module and then attaching it as a chunk. Here is the engine. I paused partway through to show that yes, there are pistons inside there and they really do move. It's a fun piece of building, even though it's hidden completely in the finished model. The Build, part 3 At the end of bag 1 the finished engine mounts onto the frame. Thankfully, the two stickered discs are mounted onto pins, so they can be rotated freely to be level. There are also interesting part choices that make little sense. You can see the ends of blue 3L pins there. Below them are grey 3L pin with 1L axles... but why? There was no need. There are some locations where they chose the ones with axles because they didn't want blue showing, but there are other places where there was no need for the axle version. The set also has the 2 stud Technic axles in both red and black. There's nowhere that the red is needed visually. The Build, part 4 When you reach the end of bag 2, it now looks much more like a motorcycle. Perhaps the one tedious part of the build is connecting those 43 chain links. And then you have to feed them through the frame and around the gears. I found picking the whole thing up in the air and letting gravity do most of the work was the easiest method. Again though, there's a few odd part choices. I wonder if they are trying to model something on the real bike that isn't visible - for example, there is a spot on the side that uses a 1x1x1 corner panel that is completely hidden. It's the only one of that part in the whole set, and it could easily have been replaced by a standard 1x1 brick (which are already in the set) with no visible change. Likewise, the set has a couple white Technic 2/3L Pin Connectors, but they're buried inside. It already uses black and light grey ones, so why complicate the production process that way? The Build, part 5 At the end of bag 3, a lot more of the detail has been added. Be careful putting on the speedometer sticker - its disc is attached to an axle, so the angle is fixed. Mine will now forever be slightly crooked.... Also of note is the dark red of the gas tank. In real life it doesn't look as unevenly colored as this photo. The actual color is close, but the curved pieces are glossy while the slope in the middle is a matte texture. That difference stands out in certain lighting. The exhausts have a great part usage - they use aircraft engines to form both the taper between sizes and an attachment point to the body of the bike. On the other hand, you can see the most annoying piece of the set in this photo. Just behind the engine, there's a black cone with a 1x1 round grey tile on top (it represents the suspension adjustment knob on the real bike). I find that's right where my thumb hits when I pick the bike up from above, so I've knocked that cone off so many times making this review. And once the second exhaust pipe is in the way, it's a bit of pain to reinstall. The Build, part 6 And it's complete. Bag 4 adds the second exhaust and the front wheel and fork assembly (and a simple grey stand). I personally think the front fork is the one area that feels badly out of proportion. The real bike is beefy there, but not quite this thick. Unfortunately, Lego doesn't have any 1.5x1.5 round parts. I also think the front fender is a little too short. The Front IMHO, this is the weakest angle on the set. Granted, the headlight/fork/handlebar assembly is complex and difficult to recreate, but I still think the headlight is too big and the forks too thick. I wonder if a 3x3 dish would have made a better headlight. I'm betting they went with the 4x4 though because there's no 3x3 plate to put behind the dish. I do appreciate that the handlebars attach with clips, so they're simple to pop back off if you need to store the set in a box. The Comparison Here is the Harley next to 2010's Technic 8051 set (which uses the same tires as 10269's front tire, so it's theoretically around the same scale). I built it as the B model which is closer in proportions to the Fat Boy. 8051 was a $40 set with 467 pieces, and the B model uses only about 350 parts. You can clearly see what a difference 1000 vs 350 parts makes! The Big Brother I stopped by a large Harley Davidson dealer to get their thoughts. The staff there were blown away by how good the set looked and were amazed that it actually had functional pistons and chain drive (even though the real bike is a belt drive). They couldn't point out anything that looked wrong - sure, there's minor details (no side reflectors on the front fork or at the rear, the shallow dish of the rear wheel, etc) but overall they loved it. The number of little details are what caught their attention. For a small model, it has lights, hand controls, shift and brake pedals, etc. The Size Comparison The Lego set fits nicely on the footrest of a real 2019 Fat Boy. It does show the one visual drawback to the Lego version - its not all chromed . How long until we see some custom chromed versions showing up? I think they'd look fantastic! The End This is a well-designed set and truly a joy to build. I LOVED the build process on this. It blends Technic and System magnificently both visually and in build techniques. Mike Psiaki had a tough challenge, translating the angles and curves of a modern motorcycle into Lego, but he met it. Even the staff at an HD dealer said they were looking forward to picking the set up! If you don't have around twenty thousand bucks to drop on the real thing, get the Lego version for about half a percent of the price.
  17. rock raider

    MOC: Police Motorcycle

    Here's a project I made a while ago but never took the time to upload. I wasn't satisfied with the the pre-made Lego motorcycles so I decided to try my own Police Motorcycle by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Police Motorcycle by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr I ended up making two for my Sheriff's Department Police Motorcycle by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Thanks for looking. As always, constructive feedback is welcome.
  18. Hi to all, I like motorcycles so i made another one. Functions are, flat4 motor, simple 2 speed gearbox and of course suspension. IMG_20200302_162553 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162554 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162707 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162708 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162821 by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  19. Bricks Feeder

    [MOC] Lobo's Spacehog

    Hy Guys!! Today, I show you my simple MOC of the Lobo’s Spacehog from the DC COMICS Univers! I took ideas from the representation of the Spacehog in the Superman Animated Series and few pictures from comics. I hope you enjoy this small MOC! Let me know what you think about, if you want more information about or if you have advice ! The Showcase video is online on YouTube and the Building Instructions are available on Rebrickable !
  20. This model balances on two wheels and the driver leans to tip the bike over to steer.
  21. Hi! I'm glad to show you one of my recent MOCs - it is contest model Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V (Lego & Harley-Davidson contest "build the motorcycle of the future"). My motorcycle converts to the quadcopter: This Lego Technic model has many features: - working V8 piston engine - all-wheel drive - front and rear suspension - steering - transformation mechanism deploys the bike to the quadcopter - in flying mode all four wheels-propellers are driven by V8 engine - detailed dashboard, special all-side mirrors and turn signals for flying mode Unfortunately it was not enough even to reach top-20. To provide all these functions the model contains 74 gears, 17 cardan joints, 4 turntables and 2 small linear actuators. Mechanisms in action: Building instructions are available on rebrickable, also I plan to create red$white version: Part list in high resolution: Thanks for watching!
  22. sheo

    [MOC] Infinity

    Discover limitless possibilities with a new generation of electric motorcycles! Powered by a compact fusion cell, lightweight and durable, this motorcycle instantly adapts to your driving style and environment conditions, even if you are going where no one has gone before! Thank you for your attention!
  23. A futuristic Harley Davidson concept motorcycle I built for the "Build An Epic Ride For The Future" contest on LEGO Ideas. I thought I'd post it over here for fellows here to check out (Above): An over the top render of the motorcycle riding on the highway. It's capable of self-driving, hehe To stay somewhat fateful to the classic Harley Davidson designs, I maintained some details like the V-Twin engine (which is now oversized, and transparent), the exhausts (even though it's supposed to be emission free...), and the placement of the front suspension forks. Other than that, I guess it looks closer to a futuristic sports bike I also thought that elements such as the Large PF Linear Actuators and the Mindstorms IR Sensor (which I totally wrecked it's color), without considering their functions, provide plenty of free details in such a small space. I would certainly like to know what you think about this motorcycle Did I do Harley Davidson motorcycles justice? Thanks for viewing!
  24. Good Day. Got inspired to build this after an in-game motorcycle from Honkai impact 3rd Original idea was to use 2x XL motors, but it was boring af. Next obvious step were buggy motors - allowing an approximate speed of 10km/h. It could probably pick up a higher speed with BuWizz 2.0's Ludicrous mode, but fast mode of BW v1.0 is enough to topple the bike over when taking high-speed turns. Unfortunately it does require "training wheels" to ride straight, as it would lean on one side without those after taking a curve without those. The bike does feature rear axle suspension, and small wheels have shocks as well. "01" stickers reused from MPATEV, "police" from 42047. Design-wise it belong to the same "universe" as my spaceship and racers - an Axos Police bike used to patrol within city high-speed tunnels and surface operations. Video&photos, C&C very welcome and appreciated))) Cya later!
  25. I’ve been wondering for a while what on earth Creator Expert 10269 is going to be, and as I could find barely anything about it, I thought this thread would be the way to find out more. 10269 (Vehicle D2C Set) is described on Brickset simply as that, with absolutely nothing else to tell us what it is. Does anybody know anything about it at all, apart from ‘vehicle’ and ‘creator expert’? It could be a train, a car (though unlikely as the Ford Mustang has just been released), a plane, a ship, a shuttle or something completely new. The only thing I can possibly think of is an Emerald Night 10th anniversary rerelease, though I can’t see why they would do that. Please share your thoughts on this set below. UPDATE: LEGO has revealed the Creator Expert vehicles range, 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy! 1023 pieces US $99.99 – CA $139.99 – DE €89.99 – UK £84.99 – FR €94.99 – DK 799DKK – AUS $159.99 AUD Available on the 1st of August, with VIP early access from the 17th of July. Build and display your own Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle! Explore the finer details of iconic engineering with the LEGO Creator Expert 10269Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle. Developed in partnership with Harley-Davidson, this highly detailed LEGO motorcycle captures the magic of the real-life machine, from its solid-disc Lakester wheels with beefy tires to its teardrop fuel tank with printed logos and inbuilt speedometer. Other features include a Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons, dual exhaust pipes, handlebar steering, moveable gearshift pedal and brake levers, kickstand and a sturdy display stand. Finished with a dark red and black color scheme, this amazing display model makes a truly iconic centerpiece for the home or office. This advanced LEGO set provides an immersive and rewarding building experience. Features solid-disc Lakester wheels with beefy tires, teardrop fuel tank with Harley-Davidson logos and inbuilt speedometer, Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons, dual exhaust pipes, handlebar steering, moveable gear shift pedal and brake levers, kickstand and a sturdy display stand. Comes with an authentic dark red and black color scheme. This LEGO motorcycle makes an iconic centerpiece for the home or office. Spin the rear tire to see the Milwaukee-Eight engine pistons spring to life. New-for-July-2019 decorated elements include 2 dark red 2x4 tiles printed with the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy tank emblem. Special elements include a new-for-July-2019 rear rim with super-wide tire. Measures over 7” (20 cm) high, 7” (18 cm) wide and 12” (33 cm) long.