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Found 54 results

  1. THIS IS NOT MY MOC! Hello everybody, I found this on Lego Ideas a few days ago. It is a 4-Wheel Motorbike Lazareth LM 847 created by redera00. It is the most amazing motorcycle I have ever seen built out of Legos. And I think it's a shame not to be presented here for people to enjoy it, and to get some love. I asked the designer whether it will be presented here, but I didn't get a response. So I took it upon myself, and if the designer want's it gone, it will be. Here is the description by redera00: "4-Wheel Motorbike Lazareth LM 847 This extraordinary machine, presented in 2016, was created by the French specialist Ludovic Lazareth. It is conceptually a V8 Maserati engine suspended by 4 wheels. Like any other motorbike, it leans into the curves, and the complex suspension geometry has been recreated on this model, faithfully to the original, and is fully functional: each wheel has its own suspension, the rear and front swing arms are coupled and attached to a linkage to allow tilting, and the front wheels can, naturally, also be steered. The pistons are moving, but hidden by the cylinder heads. The overall length is 40cm long, and the motorbike can be presented on a stand with a specifications sheet." Now for the pictures (this are the pictures from Lego Ideas): Link to the creation one more time: By the way redera00 has some amazing projects on Lego Ideas, you should check them out. @Jim if you think that this need to be in a Technic forum, move it. I posted it here because it is so well done.
  2. Hey y'all! Here's a recent build of mine, inspired (pretty obviously!) by New Ninjago City and the recent biker gang season. I kind of went out of my comfort zone with this - at any rate, it was a completely new theme for me! And unedited pic for those interested: And a closeup, And figless shot: This was my first build for the ongoing ABS Season 2 Finale using the Silver Goblet of Destiny - for those interested, you can find my second one on EB here. Credit to these two bikes especially for inspiration and some techniques, and all credit goes to Kai NRG/Geneva for the awesome edits! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Hey everyone! Today I'm presenting my TC13 entry, which is a pullback motorcycle. I actually built it before Christmas but I was never in the mood to show it, except for the holiday version on my YT channel. I don't think it qualifies as a café racer or a dirt bike, so I'm just calling it a motorcycle. It was based off of this: I'm not a big motorcycle person, so I don't really know what type this is. Here are some pictures. As you can see, the motor is connected to the back wheel by gears. The front wheel steers, and both wheels have suspension. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think!
  4. sander1992

    MOC: Ghost Rider

    Hi everyone, I participated on a contest of LowLUG. The contest was to build something what has something to do with: in fire and flame. Maximum 16 x 16 studs and 20 bricks high. The first build was Ghost Rider. I created the motorcycle, which is a bit too big. The street and house was realized quick. Unfortunately I did not have the parts to create a better lamppost. For more pictures visit my Flickr album Ghost Rider. Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  5. travisridenour

    Motorcycle Shop MOC

    This is my newest moc. It is a fully detailed motorcycle shop. I made it to look like it was an old retro fitted building. Sorry for not having any pics, i suck at computers and cant figure out how to get the file small enough. But luckily i have video so enjoy.
  6. Motorcycle SportBike Lego Technic Greetings to all! By purchasing a set of 8051 the idea was born to do close to the full functionality of the motorcycle. Drive brakes, clutch and throttle by means of ropes of the yarn of Lego, you can try to use the line. Instruction: Review Engine: More Foto: Functions: 1. The front and Rear Brakes (Arm and leg) 2. Clutch (pen) 3. Modified Transmission of a set of 42048 Two Transmissions + Neutral 4. Drive Throttle Throttle 5. Steering Damper 6. Tripping 7. 3-Cylinder Engine to Simulate the timing (within two shafts) Subscribe to the Shannel: Review-1 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Review-2 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Motorcycle Sport-Bike Lego Technic by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr IMG_3216 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr IMG_3217 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr IMG_3218 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr IMG_3219 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr IMG_3220 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr IMG_3221 by Nikolay Zubov, on Flickr Subscribe to the Shannel:
  7. This is my mod of the super rare, special edition, Batpod. Only 1000 of these sets were made and could only be won via sweepstakes at the Lego stores in 2014. I've always wanted this set but it was always so expensive on ebay ($1000+) so I got the instructions and tried to build it myself. I had 75% of the parts and they were all pretty much the basic Lego parts. I was going to order the parts I didn't have but just the wheels alone cost $22 each! I just didn't have that money so I decided to make my own version, similar to the set but I exchanged some rare parts for more common ones. For example, I didn't have the real Batpod wheels so I used the wheels from my technic MK II crane and doubled them up which I found looked quite nice and was worth not paying an extra $45. There are maybe 10 other mods I added just becuse I didn't have the special parts but I still think it has that "Batman" feel to it. I hope you like it and will maybe even build one of your own. Thanks, MovieMocs
  8. What started as a basic color change of 42036 to red, quickly turned into me building my ultimate superbike. Something close to the 1299 Superleggera or Desmosedici RR. Just clean lines and simple functions, although I'd like to add a gearbox but space is tight - Single-sided swingarm - Drive chain moved to the inside - Front/rear fenders added - Dual-shock rear suspension - "Carbon" rims and brake discs w/ calipers - Radiator added
  9. Here in the UK we have a bank holiday coming up. In case you were looking for something to build, I have recently finished creating 4 C-models from sets 42026, 42046, 42011 & 42060. The first two were inspired by set 42010 (dirt racer), the second by the record breaker pull back and the pair of motorcycles by the double snap with hole which reminded me of the front forks of a motorcycle. As I've disassembled the models I've taken pictures so you can build them yourselves. Visual instructions are on bricksafe.
  10. So yet again, I have set myself up for disappointment by entering the 2017 Rebrick Technic challenge. My future BMW motor cycle is a streetfighter concept that has dual single sided swingarms with suspension, and steering on the front. Much more at Full picture album can be found on Flickr. com.
  11. This is my entry to the Rebrick BMW Motorrad competition. Its goal is to balance both performance and sustainability to show that high-performance vehicles have a future in a world concerned with emissions and fuel consumption. I used double wheels on both the front and rear in order to make this model driveable. The wheels are made from 36 chain links bent "the wrong way" - they are around 16cm (20 studs) in diameter. The whole model is about 55 studs long and 13 wide. The drivetrain consists of a PF Large motor geared 1:1 and a PF XL motor geared 5:3. They are hard coupled - yes, I know this is frowned upon but it provides a compact solution, and the load on the motors is no different to driving a car up a hill. The motors are mounted inside the rear wheels to save space and simplify the drivetrain. The motors are connected to an IR receiver which is mounted inside the main body. The battery pack is positioned at the very bottom to lower the center of gravity and increase stability. There is a shaft connecting a 4-cylinder piston engine to the wheels. This piston engine runs on E85 bioethanol which is derived from plants. This means it is renewable and carbon-neutral - the carbon dioxide released when burning it is compensated for by the plants used to make them photosynthesising. It also has a higher octane rating than gasoline, meaning it can actually provide better performance than the fuel it replaces. E85 biofuel engines already exist - all recent Koenigsegg vehicles are capable of running on both gasoline and E85, and these engines can produce up to 1 megawatt from a 5-litre V8. I believe biofuel is the future for high-performance vehicle manufacturers such as BMW. The front suspension uses a Duolever setup where the front fork is suspended on two parallel wishbones. The front wheel is able to move up and down and steer, while having the shock absorbers mounted on the wishbones rather than as part of the forks. A steering linkage allows a PF Medium motor to control the front wheel. The rear suspension uses a similar system called Paralever. It is essentially one half of a car independent suspension, complete with universal joints. It is sturdy and keeps the rear wheel's motion vertical when the suspension compresses. The front and rear wheel arches use the bucket wheel parts from 42055 as an internal structure. I used pneumatic hoses as part of the structure to give the flared appearance of the rear arch. Every part of the motorbike is designed with the BMW brand in mind (honest, it's nothing to do with the lack of turn signals ). The panelling (especially the side intake) is inspired by the BMW i8, a hybrid supercar by BMW. The suspension matches the types used on current BMW motorbikes, and inline-4 engines are commonly used on both their bikes and passenger cars. Here's a video showing the bike's drifting and burnout capabilities. Music is composed by me. Enjoy!
  12. Lego has a contest to create your own Futuristic LEGO Technic BMW motorcycle. Deadline is May 4th.
  13. Instructions I've been busy as of late and any time I have to build I've been working on a project for Brickworld 2017. I put this little thing together yesterday after I built, looked over, then parted the set.Hope you like it!
  14. This is my take on this iconic and all time classic scooter! Because of its very sturdy construction (a technic subframe support it underneath) and a great reception from my lego mates when I first introduce it to them, made me to take my chance and submit it on Lego Idea! Please support if you like it!
  15. Hello, I haven't made anything new for quite a long time, so I've decided to skip some too ambitious project and make something smaller. Trikes are bit rare vehicals in the street, and they aren't too often in LEGO, too. So I've made one. It isn't based on something real, it's just real custom built. Functions are steering, suspension(rear live axle), V4 engine connected to rear wheels via differential.
  16. jerryyao

    The Motor-Jet

    Hello, this is the 1st motorcycle MOC I made. Inspired by the color "Medium Azure", the major parts from the Simpsons House and the Technic set 42050 Dragster. The photos Front Side look Back look The detail and other picture can be found in the video introduction as below:
  17. [MOC] INSTRUCTION Motorcycle SportBike NZ Lego Technic Instruction: The first time I did the instructions of such complexity, I'm sorry if you find an error somewhere. sorry for the English. I use a translator) All Foto: Review Engine: Functions: 1. The front and Rear Brakes (Arm and leg) 2. Clutch (pen) 3. Modified Transmission of a set of 42048 Two Transmissions + Neutral 4. Drive Throttle Throttle 5. Steering Damper 6. Tripping 7. 3-Cylinder Engine to Simulate the timing (within two shafts) Subscribe to the Shannel YouTube:
  18. Good day ! Two days ago I finally got the 42036, but was dissapointed. The reasons were the enormous gaps in the bodywork, horrible looks without the stickers and missing details. So I decided to make it in white and fix it in general. After some hours of work I got this modded model. List of modifications: brakes levers and discs filled gaps in the body changed to white&black added chrome changed the yellow shock absorber part for a LBG one added a grille + some tubes rear lights numberplate decent seat tensor for the chain neon underlights Bricksafe Enjoy! LDD file coming soon LDD
  19. Jonsson

    [Moc] Wasteland Roamer

    My take on what I might ride hence I would survive the apocalypse.. =) Most of the time I try to create builds that are somewhat stylistically pure in its asthetics. I'm very fussy about the correct colors for all the parts as I dont want the wrong areas fo the bike(usually) to stand out and attract attention from the details I want to highlight. You may have noticed that I took another route this time...=) To be able to make the bike look a bit ragged I've put alot of effort to find parts in; old grey, dark grey and brown and mixing them up with the newer colors. Sand green happens to be one of my favourite colors and I think it goes well with the rest! When I saw the shoulder piece from the new Star Wars figures I immediately new that I would like to us it as a housing for the headlamp. Finding the right technique to get it in place wasn't easy though... The engine is a parallell-twin with turbo and intercooler. Somekind of injectible gas/liquid (what might it be in the post-apocalyptic world?) container is also added for increased performance when needed! (I noticed when editing the pictures that the relief valve is a bit twisted though - bummer!) An extra petrol tank could also come in handy - dont you think? In the lst pictures I've added some other bits and bobs for surviving in the wasteland.. See you on the other side...;) You can find all of the images on my Flickr:
  20. 42036 Street Motorcycle - recenzja + speed build Review comes from my blog. You can chec my FB, Youtube or Instagram. 42036 Street Motorcycle is a set that allows to build two motorcycles (two-wheelers geek I am more than a Lego :)) - "chaser" as the primary model and "naked" as an alternative. Motorcycles were repeatedly used by TLG. The first set is 857-1 Motorbike with Sidecar [/ url], 1979. Since then Lego has released 26 models of motorcycles. Closest to the vehicle being reviewed seems set from 2010, that is, 8051-1 Motorbike [/ url]. It seems that last year's model is much poorer than its older brother (I lean on the pictures, then I do not have that motorcycle). Series: Technic Released: 2015 Set: 42036 Pcs: 375 PPP: 0,05 € Model weight: 0,333 kg Set weight (box with bricks and instructions): 0,556 kg Alternative build: yes Price: £17,99 / $19,99 / 19,99€ / 159,99 zł Parts list: - Bricklink - Brickset The box The box has dimensions of 35 cm x 19 cm x 7 cm and weighs just over half a kilogram. As for the set consisting of 375 elements is quite a lot. The box is kept in a characteristic dark color. Front of cardboard includes a large photo of the main model against some road in the mountains. Furthermore, we can see the logos and Lego Technic series and information about the kit, you can build two vehicles. The back of the box is interesting. The greater part of the back of box is picture with a beautiful optional model (I am a fan of "naked" bikes) and two photos showing the functionality of the bike, which is moving the chain and the pistons in the engine. One of the long sides as usual, represents one of the elements in the scale of 1: 1. This time we can see Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 3 Smooth Small Long, Side A with 'LT1' Pattern. There is no name of model on the box. I'm writing about model built over a year ago and do not remember how many bags of elements was in the box. The content is: - Bricks - Two instructions (one for model A, the second for model B) - A sheet of stickers An instruction is the book measuring 21 cm x 16.5 cm and consists of 80 pages. Besides the construction guide consisting of 43 steps, there is a place for advertising Lego application, Technic website and three models in the series. Parts list is located in the manual model B. The set doesn't have new parts, only a few in a new color - Medium Blue. 87080 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side A - 2 pcs 87080 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side B - 2 pcs 64393 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 6 Long Smooth, Side B - 1 pc 64681 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 5 Long Smooth, Side A - 1 pc 32192 Medium Blue Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 - 135 degree - 2 pcs 64683 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 3 Small Smooth Long, Side A - 2 pcs 64391 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 4 Small Smooth Long, Side B - 2 pcs The build As I mentioned in the introduction construction is moderately complicated. During shooting video it took me a little over an hour, without shooting the video would go much faster. Building process in manual is clear and well described, so there is little room for error. [media] [/media]Traditionally, I ask ror youtube like and subscription. I have no spare elements, they lie somewhere in the drawers. BL indicates that the backup should be eight elements. Finished model Summary Kit 42036 is successful. In the box you will find two interesting models (I will separatly review model B), with an attractive design and colors. The motorcycle is very well designed - really gives the impression of a strong "chaser". The only flaw is a V engine, not seen in this type of motorcycles. Vehicles as a set for 20 euro have a lot of functionality: riding riding we have amortized both wheels, steering wheel, rear wheel driven four-cylinder engine, moving the kickstand allowing expose model on the shelf without worrying that falls over. In addition, the kit is the doner of many parts in interesting colors - blue panels, red liftarms, wheels, tires and the whole handful of Technic bricks. The model is also solidly built - dropping on the wheels, even from a height of half a meter has not caused any damage. Pros + Two nice bikes + Robust construction + A lot of parts in a new color + Doner of parts + A lot of functionalityi Cons - V-engine in "chaser" motorcycle but it's nothing, a half-minus If I made mistakes forgive me, my English isn't perfect.
  21. Finally! The motorcycle built using EV3! Using 2 motors on the rear wheel for maximum torque and the medium motor for optimum steering, this is the most powerful motorcycle you will ev3r see!By the way anyone spotted the easter egg... BTW...anybody can tell me how to make the video visible to everybody?
  22. lgerard31

    Vision of Hagakure

    I don't speack english so use google translator bien le bonjour voici un nouveau MOC LDD , peu etre un peu WIP Hagakure .... c'est le nom d'une moto manufacturée par Zero engineering qui m'avait bluffé à l’époque a l'origine un shovel harley épuré a l’extrême ! un hommage aux premiers racers HD cadre rigide , fourche rigide , pas de frein avant , un frein simple piston a l’arrière , pas de boite de vitesse !! le moteur est monté en prise direct et constante , seul un embrayage évite de caler a l’arrêt ou sert pour démarrer a la poussette les commandes de frein et d'embrayage se faisant au pied uniquement ! allumage par magnéto morris , huile moteur contenue dans le cadre un hommage lui a été rendu via un sporster/buell evo lui aussi épuré et très travaillé puisqu'il a été privé d'une partie de son carter moteur qui renfermait la boite le moteur est donc aussi en prise directe et constante la conduite est néanmoins civilisée via un frein avant qui facilite l’arrêt et les démarrages en cote et une commande d'embrayage manuelle (p'tit joueur) voici donc ma version Vision of Hagakure pour l'occasion , le moteur est entièrement neuf et fonctionnel a priori les pistons sont très longs (ils dépassent dans la culasse) pour favorisé un coulissement efficace (a voir avec des vraies pièces) les cylindres sont fixés aux carters de vilo (ce qui n’était pas le cas sur mes créas précédentes) , l'angle entre les cylindres est de 45.15° a comparer aux 45° d'un moteur HD j'aurais pu réduire cet angle en enlevant les "premières ailettes" des cylindres en bas car elles se touchent , mais bon .... 0.15° de différence par rapport a l'origine c'est honnête il est entraîné par 2 chaines il s'agit pour cette version d'un moteur shovel harley avec culasses équipées de cache culbus Pat Kennedy et de redécentes d'huile extérieures , http://www.jockeyjou...16&d=1277428654 de décompresseurs manuels a activer 1 a 1 en haut des culasses coté gauche comme sur ces culasses les culbuteurs sont dans des carters sépares , on peut voir une durite d'huile en haut a droite de chaque culasses pour relier les carters les tiges de culbus sont enfermées dans 2 carters comme sur la buell en lieu et places des 4 tiges habituelles la cartouche d'huile passe a gauche du moteur la commande d'embrayage se fait par le levier de droite (pas pratique et inusité de nos jours IRL mais comme le véhicule n'a pas a proprement parler de "vitesses") , la commande ne sert qu'en début et en fin de roulage le frein avant est commandé par le levier de gauche (comme sur les indians a l’époque) , on dira que c'est un simple disque avec étrier à commande par câble , alors que le frein arrière est hydraulique avec une commande a gauche comme sur une enfield l'allumages est distribué via une sorte de delco à la base des cylindres coté droit inspiré d'un mix de magneto morris (pour le coté transparent) et d'une magneto karata (pour la forme cylindrique mais plus courte) , l’étincelle étant produite par une paire de bobines accell et pour l’occasion des anti-patates racing l'ensemble contient 816 pièces et en teaser .....
  23. Hi, I'm new here, 33yo AFOL and looking for feedback on my very first MOC. It's finally at the point where I'm not considering adding much more :) The motorbike has hopefully realistic frame no rear suspension, straight drive shaft (no chain) instead, the seat is suspended (I'm looking for smaller springs) PF lights only work with the battery pack in the side car front mudguard allows wheel to rotate with shock absorbers fully compressed 2 pistons per side to mimic R12's really big pistons, couldn't find a way to make a single piston the right size (~3x3.5 studs) hopefully discrete knob wheel you haven't yet noticed, for the motorized sidecar to input drive kickstarter lever and some stuff to fill in the and lacks speed-o-meter, couldn't find a way to fit it in, even without the PF light license plates what else? The sidecar has 2 PF XL motors for drive 1 servo motor for steering 1 IR receiver AAA battery box openable trunk with spare wheel several pieces in the wrong color (i.e. not black) or with stickers (I'll get clean ones from BL or just remove the stickers) several pins that go into the motorbike frame, plus the steering link and a couple more points to secure it, all easy to detach and lacks mudguard, I'm not sure it'd improve appearance enough to be worth the extra weight (already funded 1) SBrick so that the spare wheel doesn't make me lose control of the thing so easily More photos in BS. Apologies for their poor quality, I only get to my MOC/s late in the night and don't even have a proper white backdrop yet. Thanks!
  24. Last weekend, I wanted to see how small of a RC motorcycle I could build. A day later and this came out. Its powered by the slow output of the buggy motor. The wheels are regular 56 x 26 balloon tires but squeeze to fit the inner ridges of the rim. This is the make the tire thinner and have a larger diameter. Here is a picture to show the size difference between the normal tire (left) and the thinner tire (right). As a battery, (purists look away) I used a 9 volt battery with a custom 9V connector to pf plug adapter that I made from a broken switch. The steering is very simple. The front wheel is free to turn from side to side and has a positive caster angle. The 9 volt battery is connected to the servo's output. This means as the motorcycle moves forwards, the wheel will recenter automatically but when the servo moves the battery, the bike will lean to one side. There are also small wheels to stabilize it during sharp turns. And of course the picture from below, but in this case, it isn't very interesting. A video will come shortly if the weather clears up.