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Found 163 results

  1. Hi everybody, recently I finished my "Friends Central Perk" MOC building and now I like to share some impressions with you. The building is completely modular and equipped with interior. It consists of the Central Perk cafe in the first floor, a bowling alley on the second floor, three floors of labs (two fictional and one realistic) and one apartment at the top. For more details you can have a look at my YouTube channel. I hope you like it :)
  2. Klaus-Dieter

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hello everybody! Since I couldn't find a topic about the 2020 Friends sets, here is what I found (set number + name + number of parts) on stonewars. If a topic / list already existy, please feel free Mods to merge it - thanks. 41390 Andrea's Car 240 41391 Heartlake City Hair Salon 235 41392 Nature Glamping 241 41393 Banking Competition 361 41394 Heartlake City Hospital 379 41395 Friendship Bus 778 41396 Puppy Playground (4+) 57 41397 Juice Truck (4+) 103 41398 Stephanies House (4+) ??? 41400 Andrea's Play Cube 49 41401 Stephanie's Play Cube 44 41402 Olivia's Play Cube 40 41403 Mia's Play Cube 36 41404 Emma's Play Cube 40 41405 Andrea's Shopping Play Cube 40 41406 Stephanie's Shopping Play Cube 44 41407 Olivia's Shopping Play Cube 47 41408 Mia's Shopping Play Cube 37 41409 Emma's Shopping Play Cube 49 41410 Andrea's Cube #3 ??? 41411 Stephanie's Cube #3 ??? 41412 Olivia's Cube #3 ??? 41413 Mia's Cube #3 ??? 41414 Emma's Cube #3 ??? 41415 Andrea's Cube #4 ??? 41416 Stephanie's Cube #4 ??? 41417 Olivia's Cube #4 ??? 41418 Mia's Cube #4 ??? 41419 Emma's Cube #4 ??? 41420 Adventskalender 2020 ??? 41421 Jungle's Baby Elephant ??? 41422 Jungle's Panda ??? 41423 Jungle's White Tiger ??? 41424 Jungle's Tree Top Sanctuary ??? 41425 Olivia's Flower Garden ??? 41426 ??? ??? 41427 Emma's Taylor Shop ??? 41428 Beach House ??? 41429 Airplane ??? 41430 Splash Park ??? 41431 Brick Box ???
  3. gabrielerava

    Sonic Building (MOC)

    Hi, this is my moc of the year: the Sonic building. Largely built on Friends' Central Perk Lego IDeas, I had to find someway to complete the building. And this is my final outcome. It was a slow process, as usual, brick by brick with no digital design, until I found my personal taste. The back is more detailed than usual, since at the beginning my intention was to place it in my city to be viewed from both sides. (Ironically, nowadays it stands with his back against an hill…) There is the possibility to shift the left building from orange palette to pink palette. Here you can see the arrangement of the ground floor. Finally here you see all the modules, floor by floor. Hope you like it! Wish you the best Rava edit: Sonic is on the side!
  4. Hello dear Lego fans, After having signed up here in the Eurobricks forums in 2011, I posted a new thread in the "Hello my name is..." section about my plans to create my own Lego City layout. Now almost 9 years later, I can finally show you some of the progress that has been made just at the beginning of the new decade :) Good things come to those who wait. Renovations on the attic are finally complete (apart from the lighting) and we now have around 110 m² to unleash our imagination. The current plans of the Lego city layout add up to around 60m² in size and they are, as you can see in the video, far from finished. However, I thought you might be interested in some of the things that my girlfriend and me were designing in the last couple of days. The name of the city is still unknown, but the overall design has started to take shape with a downtown area, which includes all the modulars, and shops, a residential area, an amusement park, a winter village, a train yard and a harbor/beach area. I would also like to add an airport to the city and some of the classic monorail tracks have been placed already. We are also getting into MOC a little bit and we will add our own creations to the layout as soon as they look nice! The commentary of the video is in German, but I am trying to add English subtitles into the system. Please let us know what you think here in the forums or in the comments section of YouTube. I will keep you posted on future updates if you like :) Note: All of the parts used in this layout are original Lego parts, except for some of the baseplates. I thought that lime green in the Hogwarts castle area might look cool, but I will probably exchange it for regular grass green baseplates in the near future. Thank you so much for taking a look! :) Christof
  5. redhandjane

    MOC: My Little Garden

    First time posting a MOC! I hope you all like it This is my entry to the flower show competition. Eurobricks Flower Show I used a lot of flowers... My inspiration was my Ideal Garden; somewhere to read in peace! Thanks for looking 😊
  6. Aldar-Beedo

    [WIP] Central Perk Modular

    Hey guys! :) I got the LEGO Friends Central Perk for chistmas last year and started to moc it into a modular building. I already finished ground level with the café and need some more Bricklink orders before I can start with the first floor. I attached some pictures of my progress so far, I hope you like it:
  7. My wife asked me to take apart set 40171 I gave her few years ago. When I did it I got idea to build something from it. And what is the best alternative model from any set? Helicopter! This one is even little bit special. It features opening windscreen, both rotors can freely spin and it still keeps appearence of original hedgehog - snout, thorns and four legs. So this is what you get when you crossbreed hedgehog and helicopter - Hedgecopter Building instructions are available at And this is original model: Any comments are welcomed.
  8. mechamike

    MOC: Archer Friends Army

    To meet the increased military threat from Fabuland, and with the situation in Lego City escalating quickly, Heartlake City has decided to purchase the Archer artillery system to increase the defence capability of the Friends Army forces. "Nothing smells victory like burning white phosphorus stuck on the plastic of the enemy" -General Emma Archer the next-generation self-propelled gun, with barell exended to shell out peace and democracy. The "heart" of the system is a fully automated 115mm/L52 gun howitzer and a remote M151 Protector controlled weapon station (for any close encounters #metoo). All mounted on a modified 6x6 chassis of the Volvoo A30D, all-terrain articualated hauler painted in your favourite colour, The hauler features big rear mirrors for those pesky parallel parking situations when you need to stop quick for a ice cold strawberry vanilla sparkle milkshake. (Warning: Burning cities in rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.) Archer with friends, A reloading vehicle to extend the fun and a M1 Abrams for company..
  9. Hi there! This is my new MOC - an alternative build of official set 21319: FRIENDS Central Perk. The inspiration behind is that displaying every set at home is so impossible for me (small flat i am living). When new sets come, old sets have to go. However, instead of putting the old sets back to their boxes, why not reducing it into an IKEA photo frame and then hang it on the wall! Then I can exhibit it with so minimal space and keep it free from dust too! I posted a short animated GIF in below link showing how to build it. I hope you will enjoy it :)
  10. A new start Dumbledore: 'Minerva from this time on we will be doing it all differently. You are now looking at the new and improved Dumbledore! Call me Hipsterdore! I even had the Fab 5 redo the staff room. We are going to work on being a professional learning environment for these kids.' McGonagall: 'Sure...' Flitwick: 'You both are aware that I am an actual teacher and not a house elf. There is no reason for me to be serving you.' Dumbledore: 'Shush, Dobby!'
  11. jlassen

    Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

    So I've always loved the Front facade and colors of Friends 41119. I wanted to work up a modular that maintained a front facing patio, but kept the back accessible, and added a staircase to the top floor. I haven't decided if I want to add the "Green Cross Medical Dispensary" up on the second story, or maybe just a party deck, and flip the staircase down into the patio.
  12. Hello everyone! If you need that "extra push" in your decision to buy the LEGO Friends boat set, take a look at the photo review i've made, just for fun! A photo-review is a kind of review that focus only on the toy photography aspect of a set, unleashing some creativity even for future MOCs! Let me know your thoughts!
  13. I recently got the Speed Champions Mini, and was surprised to learn that the mudguards also accomodate bigger wheels. After a lot of tinkering, I managed to fit a Friends figure and a steering wheel inside. (Friends cars often don't have steering wheels. This is unacceptable :p) There won't be any instructions, but hopefully this helps some people who want to build their own:
  14. I was at LEGOLAND Florida yesterday and they were selling another Friends flower. Polybag 30408 is two tulips in a pot with a brick built bee. I usually see some polybag in January that I have a hard time finding later in the year.
  15. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Friends sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please. Edit by Pandora to add High-Res pictures. 2018 LEGO Friends Sets 41327 Mia's Bedroom 41328 Stephanie's Bedroom 41329 Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom 41330 Stephanie's Soccer Practice 41332 Emma's Art Stand 41333 Olivia's Mission Vehicle 41334 Andrea's Park Performance 41335 Mia's Tree House 41336 Emma's Art Café 41338 Stephanie's Sports Arena 41339 Mia's Campervan 41340 Friendship House 41341 Andrea's Bedroom 41342 Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 41343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour 41344 Andrea's Accessories Store 41345 Heartlake City Pet Centre 41347 Heartlake City Resort 41348 Service and Care Truck 41349 Drifting Diner 41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash 41351 Creative Tuning Shop 41352 The Big Race Day 41353 Friends Advent Calendar No pictures yet. 41346 Friendship Box Friends Juniors Sets 10748 Emma's Pet Party 10749 Mia's Organic Food Market 10763 Stephanie's Lakeside House Polybags 30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat No pictures yet 30404 Friendship Flower 30405 Stephanie's Hockey Practice No pictures yet Pods 853774 Olivia's Satellite Pod 853775 Andrea's DJ Pod 853776 Emma's Photo Studio Pod 853777 Mia's Exploration Pod 853778 Stephanie's Pool Pod 5005236 Friends Clubhouse
  16. Old MOC in 2016.... The eighth addition to my amusement park. IMG_6250 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_3294 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_3289 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6267 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6257 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Video:
  17. Old MOC built in 2016. Hope you enjoy. IMG_6285 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6299 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6295 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6293 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_6281 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_3324 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_3322 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr Video:
  18. I wanted to created a Friends-themed diesel engine…. An early F7 style diesel locomotive that could be pulling a set of streamlined passenger coaches. There is plenty of commuter rail in the US still using old diesel workhorses like the fp40, so I figured a theoretical “Heartlake Express” Might be running something a bit older and more streamlined. I started off with Murdoch17’s EMD demonstrator (Here’s a link to version 3, but I modded an earlier version). I liked the 2 color livery design, and it seemed like it would be a pretty straightforward conversion to a “Heartlake Express” style livery. Given the existing parts and colors, Medium Lavender and white would be a good color scheme with some of the more functional bits (handgraps, vents on top and sides, etc. getting a light blue grey. I flirted with trying to make the trucks light blue grey, but I decided to keep them black so they would match a powered truck, as well as a custom unpowered one of the original design. I kept the 1x3 arch in the front nose Magenta, since the piece doesn’t exist in Lavender, and the extra splash of color at the nose feels fine. I could have made this piece white, but I wanted to break it up the white on the nose and continue the color from the sides...even if it was a different color. I Considered using Magenta for some other trim or accents… we will see. Maybe on the coaches. First thing I did was slightly redesign the nose. I wanted to hint at a streamline diesel design, rather than a heavy hauling switcher. I did keep the ability to light up the front headlight, from the original design by Murdock17…. There’s room to run a lego train light wire all the way to the powerbrick, undeneath the drivers compartment. Next Major thing I did was redisn the base plate so it had an opening for a powered truck cable. Given the placement of the wheels in the original design, I couldn’t use an existing train base plate, but given the double plate thickness of the original design, it wasn’t hard to keep it strong and functional. I also changed the color scheme on the undertanks below the center of the baseplate to match the rest of the “functional trim.” The cab windows were a challenge since there was no good window that looked good on the side of the cab in the correct color, so I built a frame and have open windows. Might be okay to ad a 1x1 Lavender brick and 1x1 see through brick, but I’ll leave em open for now. The ladder up between the hand grips didn’t have a 1x2x1 panel in the correct color, so I built out a slightly deeper solution for the lavender portion of the steps. Not perfect, but meh. I also think it's possible to build functional opening doors with the 1x4 swivel base, even though they don’t come in the right color, using tile plates… but that bit of detail along with the above “window” fix may be for the next version.. Since there aren’t any doors, I need to make this with a removable top to put the figures inside and to also allow easy access to the Power Brick. In order to do that, I had to move the side vents down 1 plate lower. I opted for a single removable top. With the new power functions receiver, it can be completely internal… No need for a line of sight IR transceiver. Just a 4x4x8 block internally. Next big thing was to create an interior driver’s compartment. I rejiggered some of the front interior, so I could simply place a built out cockpit block inside the body. This allows for replacing a mini-doll cockpit with a minfig cockpit. Most modern Lego city trains only have room for 1 operator, but I added a side facing control counsel, since there is so much room inside this. A bit out of spec for the prototype, as this driver area extends it back where the side venting is.. But again… I don’t care… It’s a nice balance between external visuals, and play value. I could add windows up there, and where the front top vent is, but that too is for a 2.0, I think. I could also then move the fans back to be above the theoretical placement of the diesel engines. With the driver’s compartment section and the power brick providing a bunch of stability, I removed all the crossbeams that ran through the interior of the original design, and created a base for the power brick that allows cables to run underneath it. If I was really being hardcore, I would make the front roof, and the back roof separately detachable. But all one piece probably provides a bit more stability. Also given the rear grab handles, I could possible make a visible Diesel engine in back section, but I’ll save that for version 2.0. There is probably an opportunity to use the fan hole as a place for the power on/power off switch. Again, something for 2.0, I think. I didn’t care for how the transparent dishes looked on the side of the original model, so I swapped them out form some round plates… The original prototype had windows under the vent, and that is what the dishes were modeling, but I decided for some external knobley/crunchy bits to break up the side panel. In real life these dieseals were constantly getting cutouts, and boxes welded onto the side, as engine and component upgrades demanded. I made the front round tile on the side a pre-printed piece from the lego elves set. This would be a nice spot for a custom printed Heart Lake Express logo…. A heart with Wings...
  19. Is it just me, or, now that I'm getting ready to set up my Winter Village stuff, does the Friends Snow Resort line look like they're only a few alterations (and a bit of stripping out the pink) away from fitting in nicely alongside the Winter Village sets? This is more pertinent to the Chalet and Ice Rink sets than the Ski Lift and Off-Roader. What does everyone think? EDIT: And the Hot Chocolate Van! I completely forgot the Van . . which is more of a take it or leave it set for Winter Village applications, depending on what time period you picture your Village in (and how much you like hit chocolate).
  20. LegoMyMamma

    [MOC] Julian's ~ A Downtown FroYo Shop

    Welcome to Julian's ~ A downtown FroYo Shop ReBuild of LEGO Friends 41320 -- using only those parts. Julian decided to move downtown when this sweet corner spot opened up. He got tired of cars parking in his drive-thru at the old location. This corner storefront has a glass tiled entry, bay window, room for a deck and roof expansion. As you can see on the table through the bay window, he lets customer add chocolate or strawberry sauce to their frozen yogurt. Julian is getting ready to open, so he checking the menu for the day, after checking the cold-counter up front that keeps his Strawberries and FroYo. Inside the one of the front curved window he displays the cherry danish and the chocolate bar rack is nearby. Getting ready for the day! After making sure he has cash, he knows he needs to check his refrigerator. Yep, a good supply of watermelon too! He keeps the cones handy by the frig. Julian is ready for customers after opening the back deck. Another reason he liked this spot downtown -- room in the back to expand. Oh, hey, there's a customer sitting on the deck ... or is it an 'old' Friend? Sure, it's Olivia! Julian is ringing up a vanilla for her. Olivia decided to wait for Julian in the alley break area that has a small canopy and Lemonade dispenser. Another reason he likes this spot. Julian also has a Festival booth, with so many downtown, such as the annual "Taste of Heartlake City" that he wouldn't want to miss. He preps his soft-serve equipment by getting Olivia a chocolate FroYo cone. She already bought his last Peppermint-chocolate cupcake. Here's an up-close of his equipment: Refrigerator, Menu, Rooftop Sign, and front Cooler Cabinet. The Frig's cold drawer slides out -- it's the clear shelf reversed onto the trans-blue windscreen which has bottom holes to clutch. I love the 2x3 grey brick with 4 studs on the side used for his menu! The rooftop sign is connected with a brown ink well element (same as nozzle on top of chocolate sauce container) that keeps a better fit for the purple dome piece than just with the white tile with stud. The cooler cabinet with Strawberries on display actually started out as Art/Signage above the front door like older shops in downtowns. Thanks for viewing!
  21. Article revision: 2018 May Before the main topic, here is a simple showcase of how the issue looks like: This thought was hidden in my mind when The LEGO Movie was announced early in 2013. As a person who grew up ith Belville after by dark age, I was very glad that LEGO shed more light and eventually reintroduce a minifigure-scale theme for girls. However, everything begins to turn out and show that LEGO's plan might not be what we really expected. Introduction to the "Minidolls" So before the discussion, I'd like to go back to the origin of Friends and their minidolls. Sorry to quote Pandora's comments about the interview with the LEGO Friends designers. Most of the controversies pointed their fingers at how TLC tried to differentiate girls from boys in their toys because some of the AFOLs believe that Lego is still acceptable to girls. But Lego is somewhat correct in their viewpoint of market---- the current Lego products have a limited effect of appealing younger girls, so they must do something to make up. The ultimate result is the birth of minidolls. So, if minidolls didn't appear alnog with Friends, what would have happened? The answer is the difference between Friends and our traditional City/Town sets, which are both based on our daily modern life. Many elements from Friends are actually what City sets seem to lack of: distinctive and colorful female citizens, indispensable buildings (school, family house). However, due to the fact that both themes don't share the same figures, it results in difficulty of visually mixing the two themes together due to police officers mainly being minifigures and teenagers mainly being minidolls. We regard the rise of Friends and minidolls as "inevitable" in order to give younger girls a choice . But is this the end of story? Perhaps no, because what the controversies worry about still continue: a market segmentation by gender. Friends have brought about some potential side effects of thoughts: Friends are for girls only, so traditional consumers, AFOLs and boys can't touch them. On the other hand, since girls have their Friends sets, they don't have to be interested in traditional Lego sets that include minifigures. Oh, TLC didn't say anything direclty, but so far many commercials and shows still often hint that traditional Lego sets and minifigures are the truth to Lego, while Friends and minidolls are just some marginal products that were "particularly" made in order to meet those critical needs from girls. Now the contradiction between minifigures and minidolls is, the former is a historical, iconic figure of Lego franchise, while the latter is a successful pioneer to the market where TLC had been never actually made it to. Minidolls and minifigures seem to become "competitors" even though their creators want both of them to cover the whole toy market peacefully. It becomes more tragic when TLC just tend to keep the light on only one of them. The cover catalogues seem to be one of the rare peaceful zones that can put friends and other themes together (unless TLC plan to publish an independent catalogue that only include Friends). There is no standard answer, obviously, but it should be an issue that TLC consider. I like Friends and minidolls as independent products, but they would create a problem if TLC want to have longterm plan with them along with traditional sets (and especially licensed themes). The best result should be a win-win: let girls love what TLC had brought, and let old consumers love what TLC will bring. Don't just think about how to draw attention from a limited range of customers. Look into other LEGO media advertisings: The other main topic we focus is, do minidolls successfully strike into public's eyes? And, do LEGO actively bring minidolls into public's eyes? Here are some of the LEGO media tools we've seen so far and let's see how they work this thing The LEGO Movie The very first LEGO theatrical film features an original story with all LEGO themes making guest appearances...... well, only some of them. Friends is one of the obviously missing member, which is a difficult guess cause it could be a huge letdown to girls who enter the theater and want to give cheers to the Friends girls. Anyway, I don't really think it bothers to give a Master Builder seat to Olivia. Some of the discussion suggest that if Finn's sister appears in the future sequel TLM2, could she bring the girls' theme topic into the movie as well? It's a possibility, but the worst chance could be that LEGO just introduce more girly / pink character like Uni-Kitty to "represent" girls' voice. LEGO Dimensions The new crossover game title between multple LEGO franchises is currently the number one topic among LEGO fans this year. Although there are some other iconic LEGO themes absent so far, Friends' absense could also mean that LEGO Dimensions loses a huge advantage ---- introducing their original female cast in order to balance the gender ration of current Fun Pack characters lineup. Some discussions indicate that this game would cater more to videogamer market or licensed fans, but somehow, I think LEGO Dimensions fail to label itself as "best family game" since they're unable to include any license or character that represents major girls. (Disney Princess is unfortunately one of the conflcit license, though) Would future expansions do a better job? I'm not sure about it. How LEGO view the figure systems, officially? The LEGO Movie did trigger a series of discussion about minidolls and their characters--- how would they really look like if they officially appear in The LEGO Movie world? THEORY 1: Minifigures co-exist with Minidolls and other figures Some of the official videos show such examples: Coincidentally this series of fun video also use the stop-motion technique similiar with LEGO's theatrical film series. And also regarding to the story setting of The LEGO Movie where the LEGO toy collection exist as realworld materials, as there's no restriction to include any specific figure type such as Duplo bricks, this could be what reall happens in the The LEGO Movie canon. Some of the suspection tell that perhaps Finn's father or sister might already owns the minidolls, so if LEGO wants to stick to the real thing setting, that means, it's very possible for the co-existence of minidoll-minifigure to become the real canon. The major defect is, just as stated above, there's still very little official souce encouraging FOLs to play and mix minidoll themes with minifigures. And if TLM2 wouldn't focus on this point as well, then this theory still doesn't help too much for the minidoll-minifigure issue. THEORY 2: Based on user's viewpoint: This theory is simply derived from the real figures we have on hand, since Disney and DC comics both happen to have minidoll and minifigure toys lineup: As we can see, a character can simlutaneously show his/her minidoll and minifigure form. We can enlarge this to actually assume that every LEGO character is supposed to have both minifigure and minidoll form, even if the phsyical toy lineup doesn't show that. This theory can of course apply to other known figure types such as Duplo figures and BrickHeadz. And actually, this is also an officially-proven theory comes from LEGO News Show which really shows the "transformation" between minifigures and minidolls: This may have a very good explanation about why certain characters, like The Flash and Wonder Woman, only show up as minifigures in crossover media but not minidolls---- because the media has set the viewpoint in a minifigure-only world. This theory would help decreasing confusion between themes and figure types, especially to those FOLs who don't adore minidolls that much.. But regarding to The LEGO Movie again---- as it strictly based on the real-world viewpoint where only physically made and existed LEGO toys can be represnted, not quite sure if the current minidoll-only characters can show up as minifigures. Conclusion There some plans I can come up with, which can be achieved together: Solution 1: Keep Friends and minidolls, but add more elements that girls like to regular sets and City theme. Girls can have more choices just like most boys can choose between Ninjago and Chima. We see that many girls are also obsessed with collectible minifigures, Ninjago and maybe the upcoming Lego Movie, which proves that there are still some potential to please girls in traditional regular sets. Don't make them think "girls should just go play Friends and leave the others alone". Solution 2: Let minifigures share spotlights with Friends and minidolls, at least some appearances in some advertising, TV shows or films. When minifigures and minidolls are able to stand together, there is no need to attack each other. Solution 2.2: Or physically include both minidolls and minifigures in the same set? Uh, it could be an uncceptably terrible, and more controversial idea, I can imagine. Maybe they can consider it if there are some licensed characters fit in that idea. Solution 3: Endow the "characters" from minidolls with alternate minifigures: we might be unhappy with the minidolls, but not actually with the original / licensed characters which the minidolls represent, because they're not born to be blamed. If we produce minifigures and minidolls together, this could allow consumers to exchange between them or combine City and Friends sets, and the themes can compensate each other. Regarding to the upcoming The LEGO Movie 2: the second part We know it's close, and as long as Friends has actually become one of the most popular LEGO theme as well as the second long-running franchise, also LEGO Elves, the second original minidoll theme is also doing a good job, would The LEGO Movie 2 eventually cast a positive light and bring these girls-targeted themes into the theater? What do you think?
  22. Alright, where should I start? I've been leaving this place for quite a time, so I lost track with some of the old posts. But anyway, I think it might rather be simpler to put all things together in one thread. So I choose to slowly restart in this post from now on. Thanks to the help with a new local print provider, the newer redesigns has a better chance to improve (my decal skill is still awful ). As a new start, I begin with the original franchise with the minidoll lineup Friends, which just began a series of reboot design in this year. LEGO Friends minifigures, Part 1 In group: LEGO Friends minifigures ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Emma Minifigure Emma ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Olivia Minifigure Olivia ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Mia Minifigure Mia ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Stephanie Minifigure Stephanie ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Andrea Minifigure Andrea ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han We've got heart! We've Got Heart by Dorayakic-han Oh and a bonus Livi, as I didn't plan to make her at first: Minifigure Livi ver.2016 by Dorayakic-han Updated Olivia Olivia update by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr LEGO Elves minifigures, Part 1 Ragana Minifigure Ragana by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Cronan Minifigure Cronan by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Rosalyn Minifigure Rosalyn by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Noctura Minifigure Noctura by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Minifigures Elves pt2 by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr LEGO Disney minifigures, Part 1 God Mother Minifigure Godmother by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Snow White Minifigure Snow White by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr
  23. dr_spock

    LEGO Boost Train

    A fellow LUG member loaned me a LEGO Boost motor hub, motor and color sensor to play around for a few days. I thought I do something silly and make a train with it. I programmed it to play train pong. I prefer my Arduino Power Function version. Unlike the Boost App, it doesn't need location services turned on or else it won't work. Why is that?
  24. notSaransh

    Friends TV Show Lego

    Hey guys. I have been working on a Lego set based off the TV Show Friends. If you want to support the project and get this set on shelfs, please check it out and support it here:
  25. Here is my first lego ideas project, i have created a new band of fruits characters. Hope you like it ! you can see the project here : friendly & fruity :D