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Found 181 results

  1. Here is my review on LEGO Friends 42620 Olly and Paisley's Family Houses: THE GOOD: Both houses look great with great colours. Two houses are separate, yes not connected but you can place next to it. Both houses has very nice exterior details. Paisley's house has the edge in terms of interior details and one of the most detailed dinning room. THE NOT SO GOOD: Paisley's dinner room despite being very details, it's very inaccessible due to the roof cannot be opened easily and very tight space. This is one of the 2 friends sets in this wave that caught my eyes when the wave was first announced. The modern mansion and this. With some luck, this set was on 25% discount so bought it without hesitation. And it's GOOD. It's looks very nice and even in LEGO city, you rarely get to see houses with such unique characters and looking great at the same time. I really love the colours on both. And don't let the product image deceive you, you actually get to build 2 separate houses. There are nothing to fix them side by side on default. Both houses looks great on the exterior but I like Paisley's one slightly more. Olly's one has some nice designs but overall lack the same level of both exterior and interior details of Paisley's. And the vanity in the toilet may be just a bit too high for any minifigures or minidolls. Paisley's house has much more details, I like the exterior texture of the chimney and Paisley's also has a very very detailed dinning room with stove, fridge and dinning table. Also featuring a LEGO child sit! Despite all the cool details, Paisley's house is very hard to access as the roof is not easily removable. So you pretty much left to place minifigures or minidolls from the opened back side. And there are no rooms to do this for the dinning room. I wonder why they even bother to make the fridge openable lol. It's also a welcome to have a new leaves element with very nice violet colour. With 6 minidolls, it a set pack with details and fun. I do wonder why Paisley's mother is missing. I'm also very tempted to buy another one to make a full enclosed house but have other priorities on my wish list. This is probably the 2nd best Friends set this year, given it's very hard to top the Andres's mansion. With a very accessible price and lovely looking houses that can easily fit into any LEGO city, it's definitely a set not to be missed out!
  2. Is Friends the new city? Is Friends now also for boys? New video on YT Youtube video
  3. For this mid-century modern styled model I took two pictures of half of 2024 Friends set 42620 - Olly and Paisley's Family Houses - and recreated / heavily modified it in LDD. I added a back half, changed the colors, put in a fireplace, and placed new furniture everywhere. I even put in a spot to park a car by the back door! The first floor separates from the second story, but to get at the inside of the upper floor it folds open on a hinge. The rear of the house with the chimney flue visible. It was quite a pain to install that with the roof made the way it is, but it was ultimately doable... although it's not exactly what I wanted it to look like when I started. A comfy chair, standing lamp, kitchen table + chair, fireplace and trash can inhabit the first floor. The second story has a bed and Hi-Fi stereo system hooked up to a record player. Judging from the stack of rock-n-roll albums, this person loves good music! I have priced the model out and according to Bricklink it costs about $60 (US) before shipping, vsersus the set's $100. Of course, the original set has 1,126 parts, while mine has barely over 500. (506 to be exact!) It remains to be seen if I will be building this model in real life, but if I do, I will be using another 2024 set (76424 - Flying Ford Anglia) as the car that goes with it, simply because it fits the era. Thoughts?
  4. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Friends; public park

    This public park is part of our LUG community-layout. The layout is a Friends city. I've built this public park. The park contains a pond with willow and several benches. pictures: 01_Public_park by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Public_park by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I hope you like it! :)
  5. Here is my review on LEGO Friends 41748 Heartlake City Community Center: THE GOOD: Looks great and it is actually very tall. While the building experience is not difficult but lots of small details with refreshing take. Some of the interior furnitures are great! (e.g. red couch, big gaming TV, sewing machine ... etc) Extra points for the big graffiti/artwork being printed. THE NOT SO GOOD: Without discount, this set is very expensive even the overall quality is above and beyond. Another excellent set from latest Friends wave. I had a blast building this. While the building experience is not difficult but there are lots of small details with some interesting ways to create the exterior design and lots of small furnitures. I'm also surprised the number of stickers is very low. So happy that big graffiti/artwork is printed. Each floor with distinctive colours and themes, I particularly like some of the interior furnitures. There are so many great chair builds in this, some of them won't fit normal minifigures but the look and overall building design are so good. I also like the big gaming TV. Due to its mordular designs, you don't necessarily need to have it set up with current arrangement. The minidolls are good even though I'm not a minidolls collectors but all of them come with great hair pieces which are minifigures compatible. The only down side of this set is its price. To be honest, if not because I managed to buy this 75% off (pricing glitch from a local shop and they honoured the price) I probably end up not buying this due to priorities and end up missing an excellent set. And this set is compatible with the community kitchen set released at the same time which would put the price up even further. But, inthe end, I still recommend this set as it is really great as long as you can afford this. I also regret that I didn't order more than 1 when the price was 75% off since I really want another one to build a full modular on this. May be need 3 or 4 XD
  6. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 41757 Botanical Garden

    Here is my review on LEGO Friends 41757 Botanical Garden: THE GOOD: Looks stunning, great shelf display. Despite being open back it has lots of depths and never a facade. All those plant mini builds are stunning and open your eyes on what elements can be used. lots of new cool parts (e.g. lime green saxophones, brown ducks ... etc) Very engaging building experience. Competitive pricing. Getting the new hair style from the BTS set without the need to buy the BTS set =P THE NOT SO GOOD: None to be honest. What A Set!? I can't believe how good this is. Looks beautiful, great depths considering it's an open back design, and a very rewarding building experience. Plus you get couple of great new parts. Major reviewers have been praising this already and it's the real deal. The exterior is really something else, but that's not the only thing. There are plenty of species of plants mini builds which works surprisingly well. I do question the idea of placing the corpse flower indoor, poor LEGO minifigure visiting this garden. It's also pretty big, taking up the area of 2/3 of a typical modular base plate. As a bonus, you get that new hairstyle previously introduced from the BTS set. What also make this set special is the pricing, it is actually a very good deal even without discount. Luckily for me, our local stores doing buy one get on half price, so I bought two. Really keen to make a more complete version but initial analysis show I might need a few extra parts of buy another one to make that happen. It's definitely a recommendation from me to any one, even for those who never into Friends theme, this is something you should check out.
  7. Quandale Dingle

    Lego Lore

    Hey guys, I want to know lore or hidden secrets in Lego sets from any theme (city, creator, dots, disney, duplo, friends, harry potter, icons, ideas, marvel, dc, minecraft, minifigures, monkie kid, ninjago, trains, xtra, star wars, sonic the hedgehog, studios, toy story, indiana jones, overwatch, lord of the rings, architecture, juniors, batman, cars, lego movie, lego batman movie, clikits, 4+, classic space, castle, modular buildings, dacta, dimensions, factory, discovery, exo force, elves, frozen, fabuland, fusion, galidor, ghostbusters, hidden side, hero factory, technic, island extreme stunts, jack stone, jurassic park, atlantis, juniors, chima, ninjago movie, mixels, monster fighters, nexo nights, powerpuff girls, pirates, roboriders, racers, scooby-doo, simpsons, brickheadz, spongebob, sports, stranger things, teenage mutant ninja turtles, thomas and friends, bob the builder, town, unikitty, vidiyo, trolls world tour, ultra agents, wild west, vikings, winnie the pooh, world city, world racers, bionicle, and znap)
  8. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 41742 Cat Hotel

    Here is my review on 2023 Friends 41742 Cat Hotel: THE GOOD: Good looking build with interesting building experiences filled with interior details. Another variant of the chonky/chubby cat. Some very interesting exterior designs, for example the use of wheel arch for windows. Speechless on the cat litter build XD THE NOT SO GOOD: Being a retailer exclusive makes it both hard to find and hard to get big discount. Originally there was no plans to buy this but the product photos on the box caught my eyes. It's actually a very good looking small set and a really fitting cat hotel. While it is small, there are lots of small parts to create many surprising details. The exterior looks great with some interesting builds and design. The use of wheel arch pieces to create the windows arch is great, the sleep cat sign is also great. I do wish the cat eyes were printed instead of stickers but the end results still great. Then the interior and the court yard also have plenty of space and detailed builds as well. The cat litter tray build caught me off guard and never expected LEGO put such detail in. Although i doubt any cats would like to expose their poop and pee as that's the whole point of cat litter. Minidolls wise, both comes with new 2023 hair pieces which is going to useful for minifigs. Obviously being a cat hotel will include some cats and it's great you get another variant of the chonky/chubby cat in a smallish set. I really don't have any negative on this set apart from this being hard to find due to the retailer exclusive nature, at $60 NZD it's not the cheapest, being an retailer exclusive means it's also hard to get a big discount too, At the end, I did did enjoy this set and like it so I found it worth my money. And definitely a recommendation from me. Now really tempted to get an extra one or two to make a modular cat hotel
  9. Here is my review on LEGO Friends 41714 Andrea's Theatre School: THE GOOD: Looks great and surpasses lots of other sets in other themes. Full to build and some very interesting techniques. Brilliant idea to allow switching the stage play. Some awesome action features like closing curtains, switching the stage play, able to display an great looking exterior. THE NOT SO GOOD: With it has a roof. The sequence of building this can be further improved but this is definitely a nip pick. I'm once again impressed by a friends set. This set just look great from the front and tons of cool features integrated. The fact that you can change the play of the stage is brilliant. On top of that there are some very interesting building techniques involved and overall good building experience. If you have enough extra pieces and time you can modify this to a very impressive modular to fit into any Lego city. The price is on the higher end but it's not that uncommon to get this with a discount, in fact I bought with 30% off. It is definitely a recommendation from me and I'm all in with Friends theme now =)
  10. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 41754 Leo's Room

    Here is my review on 2023 Friends 417454 Leo's room: THE GOOD: Olly's hair piece is great! This one has the best exterior out of all 4 sets, the sliding windows work very well. New chubby cat! LED light build is good. THE NOT SO GOOD: Compared to the other 3, this one probably has the simplest build. Not a bad thing but feels like something lacking. Finally completed all 4 rooms. Leo's room definitely the simplest one out of all 4. However it still has it merits. For example, the exterior looks the best out of all 4 with a balcony and well working sliding windows. Interior wise, it based on Leo's interests in baking, water activities and football. The baking area and cake could be a bit better with clear door for over and may be use the printed stove top piece from Queer Eyes set. The photo on the desk is quite interesting and you are given 2 versions, a picture with Olly or picture with Liann and Autumn. The LED light phone stand is really cool though. Other great stuff include the new chubby cat and Olly's new hair piece. And this is pretty much Leo's room, not bad but felt like there could be more. I still like the set thought and at $35 NZD (I bought at $29 with discount), you get some really cool new parts. On the positive notes, there are lots of space to place minifigures =). From the instruction, it's clear Olly, Autumn, Zac and Paisley all live in different locations (well there is a set for Autumn's house, hmmm) so we likely to get another wave of these and hope LEGO keeps the same standard.
  11. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 41740 ALIYA's Room

    Here is my review on 2023 Friends 41740 Aliya's room: THE GOOD: Again great details and interesting builds on those details. The twins bed is a great build and the action mechanism is nicely concealed. Love the projector which you can just slot a mobile phone in. Lovely coffee table. Great new hair piece and I can't wait to use it on minifigures =) THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't think of any specific to this set other than common LEGO things like stickers on round tiles difficult to align, etc. This is my second room out of the four, while it didn't strike me with the freshness I got in Nova's Room since this one with things you usually get from a Friends set, it's still a great small build packed with details. I especially enjoyed building all those small furnitures that nicely incorporated in the design. Highlight for me are the projector, the desk, the bed and the coffee table. The way the bed's action mechanism is concealed is great. Even simple build like the coffee table and the desk, a few small things just somehow made it better. I do question if the drink is really tea or beer lol. Then the projector, and wow, the mobile phone slotting mechanism works so well. Finally, the two minidolls come with new hair piece and I especially like Paisley's one, it is just so useful even outside friends. One again, I just couldn't find anything specific to this set I didn't enjoy. Round tile stickers hard to align is not really an issue for this as this is common challenge with all other LEGO sets. With a low end pricing, this is a good small set that I would recommend to anyone!
  12. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 41755 Nova's Room

    Here is my review on 2023 Friends 41755 Nova's Room: THE GOOD: Great details in depicting the theme of Nova's room. Love the gaming chair. Some cool action features like revealing a poster behind a shelf, items under the bed, the PC and related accessories. Not usually a fan of Friends's animal moulds but this dog is cute and wheelies will work. Very nice concept executed well, this is like small diorama. THE NOT SO GOOD: None I can think of. This is one of the four Rooms released this month. This one particularly caught my eyes with the overall theme on gaming and live stream and it does not disappoint. The overall details depicting the theme nicely and very appropriate colours as well. The fact that with such small set and packed with lots of details. The gaming chair is a highlight and it's a fun furniture build that you could certainly re-use in your own lego creation. Same applies to the bed. While usually not a fan of stickers, the graphic designs are nice and fit the theme very well. I especially like the PC set up, having the screen showing Nova live streaming gameplay with mic and LCD light are such nice details. You could say they should have a hairpiece with headset as well but that's probably asking too much in a set with this price point. On top of that, LEGO incorporated a few action features in the set which are nice. Especially the items underneath the bed is a very common thing for everyone =P. The exterior looks clear while it's not the focus, but it gives you an idea on how the house or apartment may look like. Finally, even you are not a fan of minidolls like me, they do both come 2 new hair pieces which are minifigure compatible. And a adorable sausage dog with workable wheelies. At a low price point, the pricing is very competitive considering you usually can get a discount of these. Overall, this is an excellent set and so far I;ve really enjoyed the Friends theme lately. This is definitely a recommendation to everyone and you can easily replace the dolls with minifigures depending on your preference. This is an excellent concept of small dioramas which I hope would apply in other LEGO themes too.
  13. Hello to the group. My daughter June complained about no trains in the Friends Series, so I tried to redesign the set 10219: Maersk Train (for me as a Noob in Trains one of the train sets I like the most) in LEGO Friends Style and Colors. The main structure of the objects remained the same, major changes were a) the interior of the locomotive cabine so that a friends figure fits in, b) the extension of 1 stud of the truck's cabine (a friends figure can also here sit in now), the front of the locomotive and the layout of the containers. All the parts exist in the corresponding colors, the light bluish grey train base plates are more or less the most "rare" parts. Maybe you like this mod of the 10219: Maersk Train. [MOC] June's Cargo Train by legolux1973, on Flickr Regards, legolux1973
  14. Hello everybody! According to Insta we'll get following Friends sets for the first half of 2022: 41695 4+ Vet Clinic 41697 Turtle Protection 41700 New Camping 41701 Street Food 41702 Houseboat 41703 Friendship Treehouse 41704 Apartment Building 41706 Mission Vehicle 2022 Power The Street Food set could be nice if the house would - in contrast to the 2021 Orangic Food Shop and Cinema - have sidewalls and a second floor; but honestly I doubt that. The Apartment Building sound interesting. I hope it actually will be a building with different apartments, with long enough sidewalls and no fantasy stuff like slides or so - the 2021 Hotel showed how great Friends buildings can be if they're designed this way. What do you think?
  15. Klaus-Dieter

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    Hello everybody! ? A list for the Winter 2021 Friends sets appeared on the usual place: 41444 Organic Cafe (30 dollars), 41447 Park (40 dollars), 41448 Cinema (50 dollars), 41449 Andrea's House (70 dollars) and 41450 Shopping Mall (100 dollars) could be interesting if the buildings were (minimum) two floors tall, had decent sidewalls and if the colors weren't too extremely girlish, don't you think?
  16. Here is my review on 10292 F.R.I.E.N.D.S The Apartments: THE GOOD: Spacious to place minifigures in different situation. Foosball table and some of the furnitures are great little build. Love both kitchens. Great new version of the characters in minifigure form. THE NOT SO GOOD: Building experience not as fresh as The Central Perks Cafe. Overall, it's really a set for the fans of the tv series. I personally not a fan but watched it on TV back in the days, so the experience during build and after building is quite different compare to let's say any MCU sets. I would have give it full marks if I did not own the Central Perks Cafe. There are lots of building techniques already been done, and I do feel the Central Perks one is a bit more complex and the end product is more lively. Having said that, I still has a good time and surprised with size of this. And considering Seinfields set is also on the way, we may able to build our own TV studios in LEGO. The minifigures are excellent and it's always good to get new version of any characters. (but sad LEGO cut corner for not wearable turkey XD) The highlights for me are definitely the foosball table and both kitchens, I feel there are not of great stuff being hidden there and only appreciate it when you actually built it. You will love this set if you are a fan of the series, but if you are like me, I will still recommend this set but will rate the Central Perks higher and the pricing of this one is also slightly on the higher end, especially in NZ =(
  17. LegoElvesFanatic


    Hi, my name is Josephine. I am creating Elevendale with all my Elves sets (I own them all) I would love to post images and you give me feedback and advice! Thanks. My family and I are moving house so my Lego is getting packed away . Over the next few weeks I am going to be buying pieces and sketching out designs for Elvendale. If you have any pieces that have helped you let me know what ones they are and I should be posting a base sketch in a few days
  18. Hi everybody, recently I finished my "Friends Central Perk" MOC building and now I like to share some impressions with you. The building is completely modular and equipped with interior. It consists of the Central Perk cafe in the first floor, a bowling alley on the second floor, three floors of labs (two fictional and one realistic) and one apartment at the top. For more details you can have a look at my YouTube channel. I hope you like it :)
  19. Klaus-Dieter

    Friends 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    Hello everybody! Since I couldn't find a topic about the 2020 Friends sets, here is what I found (set number + name + number of parts) on stonewars. If a topic / list already existy, please feel free Mods to merge it - thanks. 41390 Andrea's Car 240 41391 Heartlake City Hair Salon 235 41392 Nature Glamping 241 41393 Banking Competition 361 41394 Heartlake City Hospital 379 41395 Friendship Bus 778 41396 Puppy Playground (4+) 57 41397 Juice Truck (4+) 103 41398 Stephanies House (4+) ??? 41400 Andrea's Play Cube 49 41401 Stephanie's Play Cube 44 41402 Olivia's Play Cube 40 41403 Mia's Play Cube 36 41404 Emma's Play Cube 40 41405 Andrea's Shopping Play Cube 40 41406 Stephanie's Shopping Play Cube 44 41407 Olivia's Shopping Play Cube 47 41408 Mia's Shopping Play Cube 37 41409 Emma's Shopping Play Cube 49 41410 Andrea's Cube #3 ??? 41411 Stephanie's Cube #3 ??? 41412 Olivia's Cube #3 ??? 41413 Mia's Cube #3 ??? 41414 Emma's Cube #3 ??? 41415 Andrea's Cube #4 ??? 41416 Stephanie's Cube #4 ??? 41417 Olivia's Cube #4 ??? 41418 Mia's Cube #4 ??? 41419 Emma's Cube #4 ??? 41420 Adventskalender 2020 ??? 41421 Jungle's Baby Elephant ??? 41422 Jungle's Panda ??? 41423 Jungle's White Tiger ??? 41424 Jungle's Tree Top Sanctuary ??? 41425 Olivia's Flower Garden ??? 41426 ??? ??? 41427 Emma's Taylor Shop ??? 41428 Beach House ??? 41429 Airplane ??? 41430 Splash Park ??? 41431 Brick Box ???
  20. gabrielerava

    Sonic Building (MOC)

    Hi, this is my moc of the year: the Sonic building. Largely built on Friends' Central Perk Lego IDeas, I had to find someway to complete the building. And this is my final outcome. It was a slow process, as usual, brick by brick with no digital design, until I found my personal taste. The back is more detailed than usual, since at the beginning my intention was to place it in my city to be viewed from both sides. (Ironically, nowadays it stands with his back against an hill…) There is the possibility to shift the left building from orange palette to pink palette. Here you can see the arrangement of the ground floor. Finally here you see all the modules, floor by floor. Hope you like it! Wish you the best Rava edit: Sonic is on the side!
  21. Hello dear Lego fans, After having signed up here in the Eurobricks forums in 2011, I posted a new thread in the "Hello my name is..." section about my plans to create my own Lego City layout. Now almost 9 years later, I can finally show you some of the progress that has been made just at the beginning of the new decade :) Good things come to those who wait. Renovations on the attic are finally complete (apart from the lighting) and we now have around 110 m² to unleash our imagination. The current plans of the Lego city layout add up to around 60m² in size and they are, as you can see in the video, far from finished. However, I thought you might be interested in some of the things that my girlfriend and me were designing in the last couple of days. The name of the city is still unknown, but the overall design has started to take shape with a downtown area, which includes all the modulars, and shops, a residential area, an amusement park, a winter village, a train yard and a harbor/beach area. I would also like to add an airport to the city and some of the classic monorail tracks have been placed already. We are also getting into MOC a little bit and we will add our own creations to the layout as soon as they look nice! The commentary of the video is in German, but I am trying to add English subtitles into the system. Please let us know what you think here in the forums or in the comments section of YouTube. I will keep you posted on future updates if you like :) Note: All of the parts used in this layout are original Lego parts, except for some of the baseplates. I thought that lime green in the Hogwarts castle area might look cool, but I will probably exchange it for regular grass green baseplates in the near future. Thank you so much for taking a look! :) Christof
  22. redhandjane

    MOC: My Little Garden

    First time posting a MOC! I hope you all like it This is my entry to the flower show competition. Eurobricks Flower Show I used a lot of flowers... My inspiration was my Ideal Garden; somewhere to read in peace! Thanks for looking ?
  23. Aldar-Beedo

    [WIP] Central Perk Modular

    Hey guys! :) I got the LEGO Friends Central Perk for chistmas last year and started to moc it into a modular building. I already finished ground level with the café and need some more Bricklink orders before I can start with the first floor. I attached some pictures of my progress so far, I hope you like it:
  24. My wife asked me to take apart set 40171 I gave her few years ago. When I did it I got idea to build something from it. And what is the best alternative model from any set? Helicopter! This one is even little bit special. It features opening windscreen, both rotors can freely spin and it still keeps appearence of original hedgehog - snout, thorns and four legs. So this is what you get when you crossbreed hedgehog and helicopter - Hedgecopter Building instructions are available at And this is original model: Any comments are welcomed.