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Found 58 results

  1. Countless citizens of Kaliphlin lost their homes, belongings, and even loved ones during the drawn out war between the High Council, Desert King, and Ulandus. Many chose to take what little they had left and travel with makeshift caravans, to try and find a haven from the constant strife, whether within Kaliphlin or another guild: C&C welcome
  2. Tags: Exploration Kawashita Engineer's Log - AC - D04 Terrial Minor It's been 4 or 5 weeks since I was last in contact with the rest of the Kawashita fleet due to a malfunction with the GATE (Gravitational Anomaly Transport Engine) on my ship. We've now managed to reach Terrial Minor safely to continue with our work in the Andromeda System though. Unfortunately, there is still conflict with MANTIS who have also landed on Terrial Minor. Because of this, a few of us were intercepted by MANTIS pilots and drones while driving some trucks across the desert ( ). I've managed to get away, but lost my transport, so I'm now on foot trying to find my way towards somewhere useful before I encounter any other MANTIS agents or local wildlife. OoC: Not built anything for this for a month or so and I had a flash of inspiration yesterday to explain why as part of my characters story that I could build which resulted in the above. I've still not caught up with all the builds others have posted yet, but when I was uploading the image to Flickr, I thought I could tie my story in to soccerkid's build for this week to explain the basic scene I put together. I prefer to keep studs showing for rough surfaces like sand, but wanted to leave an obvious trail of footprints, so tiled this bit of desert.
  3. ​There is little to distinguish the Inn of the Wayward Knife from any of its brethren with the city. The heroes walk through the front door, across the common room and out of the back to the Walled Outdoor Pavilion. Their boots clack loudly on the bare cobbles beneath their feet. The night is deep, with only the barest hint of a moon to light one anthers faces as they await the arrival of the Caliph's agent. It would seem their eagerness for battle has brought them early, as the bell has not yet begun to chime the changing of the watch. THE PARTY Kelim the Cruel (played by Mencot) *Party Leader* Age 35, male human Level 5 Barbarian Power: 10 (5+5) Power Bonus: 0 Health: 12/12 SP: 0 Gold: 12 Equipment: Dwarven Orichalcum one handed battleaxe (WP: 5), wolf fur coat(Prop) Inventory: Consumables: Mead, x4 Potion, Grand Potion, Smoke Bom Artefacts: Order Imperial Longsword (WP: 5),Heroic Helm (Headwear, SP:2, Helm's SP doubles on free hits),Really Hard Helmet (SP: 2, Immunity to Rock) Misc: Shovel Calamity (played by Scubacarrot) 24 year old human Mage Level 1 Power: 4 (1 + 3) Health: 5/5 (5) Ether: 5/5 (5) Gold: 10 Equipment: Skull-Topped Staff (WP: 3, staff), Inventory: Potion, Amethyst (X2 against Holy/Luminous and Humanoids) Rethinal (played by Rconn0) 58 year old Were-Eagle cleric Level 1 Power: 4 (3+1) Health: 9/9 (9) Ether: 5/5 (5) Gold: 10 Equipment: Small hammer Inventory: Potion, Remedy Terry Yelnats (played by Endgame) Level 1 Mage HP: 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Power: 4 (+0 bonus) Gold: 10 Equipment: Cattle Prod Staff (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion, Sapphire (X2 against Flying and Vermin) Muradin Falstad (played by Cryos) 47 year old male dwarf Level 1 Barbarian Health: 8/8 Power: 4 Gold: 0 Equipment: Granite Hammer (WP:3), Inventory: Potion, Mead, Shovel Thank you to all of you who signed up for my first quest. I am very excited and I hope you enjoy the adventure I have planned for you. I will allow the characters to introduce themselves to one another and choose a party leader for themselves. Please check your stats and let me know of any last minute changes you might have made. To help me in the quest, and I hope this isn't rude, could everyone use the following format for posts? Actions written in Italics Character Speech written in a single color Decisions bolded so I see them easily. I know I have some experienced players in the group, if I screw something up please let me know so I don't form any bad habits. Good Luck and Let's have some fun.
  4. Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: Exploration My first sight of Guinevere was of its rolling sand dunes. There appears to be rock formations protruding out of the sand, I'll have to take a closer look at them. This was a fun build, getting the rocks to stick out of the sand at an angle was a bit of a challenge, but I think it turned out pretty well. C&C very welcome
  5. Location: G08 - Xerillian Tags: Exploration, Land/Water Vehicle --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver— -- 07 Junali 3815-- The landscape of Xerillian is, frankly, bleak. Sand and rocks as far as the eye can see. Due to the sandy surface, I left my jetpack on the Lone Hawk and grabbed one of Octan’s Jaguar 4x4s. These things are just about as much fun as a minifig can have on four wheels! I cruised around on Xerillian for a few days and noted mainly scorpion-like insects crawling through the sand. (Luckily I didn’t encounter any of the mantis creatures Bob of Quatrian noted in his report the other day!) These scorpions are freakishly fast though—they can almost keep pace with my Jaguar at half speed. I believe they are the same species Big Z sent to Dr. Long. Apparently most of the planet can support their life and they have appeared in two colorings—black (common) and dark red (rare). I wonder if Dr. Long has discovered anything useful about them yet? I took some shots at a few of them the other day with my rifle. They sure do have a tough shell on them. Eagle-Eye out. --End-- I'll post some standalone pics of the Jaguar next weekend. I'm pretty pleased with it! You can't really see it from the pics so far, but all four wheels have "independent" suspension. C&C appriciated!
  6. Location: G08 Tags: Spaceship, Vehicle, Building The deserts of Xerillian are a perfect spot to have some fun with Octan's latest little scout speeders! Inside the base, other Octan members go about their jobs: Octan's latest development, the RaizR, is perfectly designed for rapid scouting or spying, equipped with all the latest technology developed in Octan's outstanding labs! A closer shot of the bot: This was a very enjoyable build, I'm starting to like this sort of stuff! All the stickers are LEGO. They sorta spiffed things up a bit I thought, but I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on them as well!
  7. goatman461

    [O - G08] Live Bait

    Location: G08 - Xerillian Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration, Science Pilot and interim CEO John Hannibal barely escapes the "jaws" of one of the most dangerous denizens of Xerillian, G08. [G - 08] LIVE BAIT by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The pressure is on the would-be executive as he struggles to keep his corporation afloat. Where will he steer the Octan's scientists, chomping at the bit for more challenging pursuits, trusting Octan leadership to deliver a path to success? Hannibal has made his decision. Now he gathers a supply of the most ruthless, hungry beasts that Octan has faced thus far, risking his own life to lure this particular creature. As he flies low among the dunes, the giant worm is close behind him. Hannibal brings his speeder closer to the sand, sacrificing his speed and kicking up a large wake of sand. The worm speeds up and closes in. He's almost there. Almost there... The worm lunges at Hannibal as the speeder dives into LaRose's newly discovered cave. It is uncertain what stuns the giant worm more, bursting through the rock at full speed, or the disappearance of its would-be meal. An Octan cargo ship quickly pulls the beast out of the hole and into a secured container. Soon Hannibal will deliver his bounty of death to I06, the future home of a new training facility unsurpassed in its rigorous curriculum and exceptional faculty. The future of Octan is bright. Nothing can stand in its way.
  8. Hereby my entry to War Zone 9. If I win I5 is to be the next war zone. WZ 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane by Beorthan, on Flickr Shortly after having taken position in a small shelter along the important oil road, Sir William Drake finds his unit of heavy infantry attacked by a tribe of Cyclops berserkers supporting Ulandus. "Form a shield wall" Drake barks in a commanding voice. WZ 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane by Beorthan, on Flickr At the sound of the command, the remainder of the unit, two light infantrymen, rushes from the shelter where they had rested. With the shield wall formed, their bolts will wreak havoc amongst the berserkers, whose savage attack will not stand much of a chance against a well-disciplined unit. WZ 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane by Beorthan, on Flickr The build sans figs. Nothing too special, but I think it turned out reasonably well. C&C is more than welcome. I must admit 3 war zones with the same deadline is taking it's toll!
  9. The Oil Road The Battle for the Bloody Lane(WZ9:G7) For the Desert King! Mummy soldiers have been posted along the Oil Road to ensure the interests of the Desert King are preserved along its winding way. The mummies maintain order, and protect traders along the route from trouble rousers… such as these two Ulandians harassing an elderly merchant on the way to Mophet. “We are hungry and he carries pastries! We will not let some dead rags stop us from taking what we want! Aaarrgh!” The first Ulandian charges towards the mummy soldiers whilst the second was preparing to slink away. Hearing his comrade’s cry (and his own grumbling stomach), spurns him to action as well. Snick The first Ulandian’s head is sliced cleanly from his body, and the remaining soldier drops his spear. “I surrender – the Desert King is the best king ever! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” And here's just the road:
  10. My entry to Warzone 5, for the High Council. Aymeri and his men occupy a recently constructed outpost in the Deep Sands of Kaliphlin: If I win, I would like to pick D3 as the next warzone. Sorry about the bad pictures, it was getting late when I took them. You can see a few more here: Link All C&C appreciated
  11. Seeking Out Ancient Allies Battle of the Deep Sands (WZ5:I10) For the Desert King! Charged with seeking out some of the Desert King's ancient allies, Nimue and Dark travel to the heart of the Dune Sea to the den of the great Manticore, where he has been slumbering for several hundred years. Nimueh: "I was assured he is fiercely loyal to the ancient king and would not eat us... Let us hope he wakes from his lengthy rest in a good mood." A renewed alliance with the Manticore would ensure the region's fealty to the Desert King, and lend a powerful friend to fight in the battles to come. With this in mind, Nimueh and Dark approach the beast's lair. The whole build: Thanks for having a look All comments/critiques are always appreciated. Oh, and for the next warzone I'd pick E12...
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Dunehill Castle

    Hi Everyone, I would like to present a recent project: "Dunehill Castle". Dunehill Castle is located in the northwest of the Siccus desert in Kaliphlin. The castle's guards have sworn to protect caravan routes through the desert against rogues and robber bands. Major Sirius Artanc leads his men into battle (if need be). You can find Sirius on the fourth picture, on the right. The idea to "Dunehill Castle" was threefold: First to create a cubic castle (similar to Coltherstone Castle Keep by frumpy), secondly to avoid my usual light grey/dark grey slopes but to use tan/dark tan for the rocky bits, thirdly to try some decent glass windows. And fourthly I needed to add a monkey because many people have asked me where my "iconic figures" have disappeared. So, let us move to the glass windows: I don't know whether you are familiar with "La Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona. I saw it a few months ago and was overwhelmed by the colours and lights. So this is why I used a red/orange and a blue window for the castle. .. and I have used all light grey legs I could find I hope you like this and I am awaiting your feedback! Edit: I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture wall techniques advanced windows and window frames Landscape Design sand dunes Anthropology life in Kaliphlin
  13. Mark of Falworth

    Mountains and Men. (Moc)

    Mountains and Men. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr My latest scene in my Neo Pieria series! Story on Flickr! And minifigless shot on Facebook. Enjoy!
  14. Rconn0

    Fort Hemmekab

    A small but sturdy fort built to protect the settlements of the tribe of Ritzen. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr Overall view. Note the kaliphlin colors on the roof of the tower/ladder housing. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr View of the front gates. [url=][/url]Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr View of one side, part of the wall there is natural cliff, the short tower behind it has a ladder to get up. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr A guard relaxing in the crossbow nest. Untitled by mlarbconnor, on Flickr View of the ground level with a weapons stash and beds for off duty guards. Hope you like it, feedback is appreciated.
  15. CHARGE! Warzone 2: "Battle for the Reservoir", G12 The pumping stations of the Flagg Reservoir are of great strategic importance, and the High Council have made them a prioritized target. The Aquaduct by Beorthan, on Flickr While Beorthan is ambushing Desert King Troops in the Arkbri Valley, his friend sir William Drake has led the main force of the Trifork towards the Flagg Reservoir. Flee! by Beorthan, on Flickr Upon reaching one of the pumping stations, they come accross an occupying troop of Ulandian mercenaries. Unprepared and outnumbered, they are quickly routed as Drake orders the charge and the might of Trifork falls upon them. "For the Republic, the People, and Kaliphlin!" The Charge by Beorthan, on Flickr This pumping station is located in one of the streams supplying the Flagg Reservoir with water, and the steady flow of the stream drives a waterwheel, which in turn drives the pumping mechanism. The water is then pumped into the two-level aquaduct for close and distant destinations, respectively. _______________________________________________________________ My entry to warzone 2. This warzone has really spawned a great number of amazing builds! Keep up the good work! My entry to Warzone 2: Battle for the Reservoir in the Kaliphlin civil war. If I get a say in the matter by this build, I'd like D3 to be the next war zone.
  16. LittleJohn

    Desert Oasis

    A free build for Kaliplin, this was a lot of fun to build, and is quite possibly my favorite landscape of mine yet. The tree technique and angled water were some of my favorite parts. When Aymeri heard that his family, and their nomad tribe, were at an oasis just outside Katoren, he asked permission to visit them. He was granted permission, and set off immediately. Upon seeing him, his little brother, Asteri, and his mother and father, ran to meet him: More pics here: link All comments/constructive criticism greatly appreciated
  17. LittleJohn

    Desert Castle Siege

    This was my entry to the Castle Siege category of the CCC, over on Classic-Castle: More pictures here: link All comments/criticism welcome
  18. MassEditor

    Desert Oasis

    Life in the deserts of Kaliphlin isn't always easy, but at least the fruit grows year-round and the sun always shines. ----------------------------- Hey everyone! I needed to escape the dark and depressing Nocty atmosphere for a bit and finally got around to getting a Kaliphlin build done. Kinda like Kabel and his mead series, I've been anticipating warmer weather and thought the Kali desert would be a nice place to be right now. Obviously a lot of Kaliphlin builders influenced this one, but I thank Gideon in particular for his outstanding and inspiring builds. I felt a little lost trying to detail the landscape properly, so forgive me if a few spots look a little bare. Anyways, nothing particularly exciting going on in the scene above, just some Kali residents enjoying the lovely weather. Thanks for looking!
  19. Reekardoo


    My newest project on - Hope you like it! Hope you like it. Leave your feedback! Thanks!
  20. The one on the left hails from the town of Mediellan in the center of the White Dune Sea, near Onu-Koro. This matoran staunchly defends his hometown from violent rahi under the Makuta's influence. His name is Naiit. The other, Lelan, is a rug merchant in the iron and adobe landscape of the shoreside city of Dondo. Comments? Criticisms? I welcome all!
  21. soccerkid6

    Blue Palace

    I built this for the "Taste the Rainbow" contest on Classic-Castle, and figured it worked well for a Kaliphlin scene too. The idea of the contest is to build a castle mainly out of a bright color. I was originally going to build a red/dark bley or bley 'brick' castle. But decided that there had been plenty of those done before. So instead I used blue/tan and tried to capture more of a middle eastern feel. It was a bigger challenge than I expected, particularly because I'm not familiar with the pieces I have to use in blue and tan. I'm not that happy with how the castle turned out, but I do really like the landscape. As always there's a full interior. Credit for the cobble stone design goes to Wat_Tambor. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: life in Kaliphlin [Anthropology], and desert [Geology]= 2 credits Lord Nordan (Glorfindel's father) meets with a Kaliphlin noble to discuss a trade agreement... There are a few more pictures here: link C&C welcome
  22. In the Kaliphlin deserts, wearing heavy armor is usually not a good idea. Even if you manage to drink enough water to avoid dying from dehydration, swift light cavalry will harass you with arrows and spears regardless Here, a plundering force of drow loyalists have been intercepted and they are slowly meeting their fate in a rain of arrows as the dust stirred by the horses’ hooves is stinging their eyes. The heavy armor is mostly able to resist the shortbow arrows but the skilled mounted archers are finding weak spots and are slowly withering down the enemy force. Any infantryman trying to make a counterattack or escape is forced back into the fray by a sharp and lightning fast spear. University of Petraea credits claimed for this build: Battle Scene [Military Science] Desert [Geography] Tree (3/3) [Landscape Design]
  23. inquisitor88

    Black Emperor Scorpion

    Hi there! This MOC was made specially for Russian contest 16*16: Animals. Enjoy :) Other Photos here:
  24. Migalart

    Indiana Jones 5 by Migalart

    Indiana Jones 5 epizode 1 - (journey to the temple) Galeries: