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  1. Asphalt

    H20: Fantasy's Back on the Menu!

    I feel the same way. Life got heavy after Heroica.
  2. Asphalt

    H20: Fantasy's Back on the Menu!

    Sup guys?
  3. I enjoyed the game. Thanks for having me Bob. This was my third game back to back and there was so much new material here that it did not get old. Everyone being a PR was fun and threw lots of wrenches into the works. I didn't know recruitment was a thing so that was a great wrinkle. Suspecting Patrick early on to form an alliance and then have him be turned was a fun plot.
  4. Asphalt

    [MOC] 70827 - Alien Queen

    awesome, thank you.
  5. Asphalt

    [MOC] 70827 - Alien Queen

    I will need to check that out. Thanks.
  6. Asphalt

    [MOC] 70827 - Alien Queen

    This is fantastic. I love how it looks, almost like the old 16 bit Heat Vision. Any chance you would be willing to draft instructions?
  7. Asphalt

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Want me to mail you Vindscal for a photo shoot? Then you could have some non digibashed shots.
  8. That was a fun game guys. Absolutely nuts, but fun. I wasnt sure how I was going to play this one since I caught a lot of heat for roleplaying and "fluff" last game. With all of the agressive players I decided to go completely passive and just play along. this was my second game and it had a completely different feel. I like that about this game. One thing I am starting to figure out is that there really isn't too much that cant be sold as a "scummy" action with a little bit of word play. That became really apparent there at the end. Thanks for having me along for the ride. I'm looking forward to the next one. Just read the dead board, for the record The rules say no sharing PMs so I took that seriously and I googled LYLO. did I really come off that dumb? I kinda wish I had watched some 24 back in the day, I got absolutely none of the references and I think I screwed up KOTZs plan for my character.
  9. Asphalt

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Missed the pics. Love the pics.
  10. I don’t have any evidence against her. But today is a do or die moment and No one else is putting forth anyone for consideration. What good would a three four or seven way split do us. Though now with the pms coming to light I feel more confident in my vote. Anyone can send out a pm and claim anything they want now that there is no one left alive to confirm or deny it. That helps me believe that my vote is aimed at the correct mole.
  11. I can’t really defend my voting patterns other than I was attempting to go with what I THOUGHT were lynches being lead by loyal members of the CTU against who they thought were miles out to undermine our ranks. It was my bad luck to not have any strong suspicions of my own to go against them. The one part of your argument against me I can refute is that it was my second vote against Lewis that came at the end. During hour two I voted for Lewis very early because I didn’t feel right about the way he was bringing out pms in such a nearly quoted manner. The group convinced me that I didn’t have a legitimate reason to find that scummy so I backed off. I did vote for him again after his melt down because I didn’t see any reason to vote for someone else when Lewis obviously wanted out. I don’t have enough experience in the game to read much into patterns let alone the patterns of this ring of craziness. This game has been a wild ride. So at the moment the only two votes are for you and for me. I obviously cannot vote for myself. And we are in a lynch or lose situation. So I cast my vote. Vote Diane Green (fhomess)
  12. No I can't say that I have, but in my defense every person who has this game has been wrong. With all the weirdness and chaos of the game this go round I haven't been able to get a solid read on anyone. A few points have been made about players that I have sort of agreed with and then turned out to be nothing. And worse, made it more difficult for the town to get any traction in finding the mole. I'm starting to think Bob might have been onto something when he asked if there were any moles at all, or at least in wondering if there were way fewer than the customary 4 or 5. That is the standard in a game this size right? With night kills there has to be one, is there a chance that is all there is? I will own up to my not being a very aggressive player this time around, I just haven't been able to see any hints I could get behind with enough tenacity to bring anyone to my side of thinking. Still learning the ropes and it might get me hung out this time.
  13. Reveal what you would like Mr. Benson, but I'm more confused as ever as to why you and your investigator steered us towards a Lynch on a loyal member of the CTU? Senator Green was obviously not the mole, what reason would he have for giving you bad intel to pass on to us. You said it was just a feeling he had, but still. I assume that if you were manipulating his points he would have called you out on it, or at least had someone he had confirmed as CTU call you out on it. It makes no sense. But then again, nothing from the past few hours has made sense.
  14. I look forward to giving one a try.