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  1. I like how I was almost never mentioned in the scum chat. And I was a PR/
  2. I do need to ask, What is the benefit of the Miller?
  3. Thanks for the compliments guys, not sure if I deserve it or not, but thanks. Not gonna lie, this game takes some getting used to. I have been playing Heroica for the last 5 years which is a polar opposite to Mafia. The lack of Role Play element really threw me. I still dont really know what it means to look scummy. I did start to get into it after the first couple of nights and started to have fun. I look forward to playing another one of these and seeing how I did. Kint, you ran a great game as always, My Fellow Townies SWEET WE WON!!!! And in my first game too.
  4. Good point that. So let’s see if Superman joins us and clynches the Doc vote. If he is town he should choose to side with us against who we think is scum in our midst. If he is Scum he will stay where he is trying to get the two of you to lynch me.
  5. Revenge vote much doc? Excuse me for simply stating my observations without an endlessssssssssss stream of quotes. That has been grounds for calling scum MORE than once since this Con began. Why would dI do that?
  6. So I can clearly not drink the poison in front of me.
  7. Simpleton no, just new. Ok every voter but you. Maybe you are the successful serial killer here. And pretty sure I used the damned if you do sentiment when I was accused of being scum because I first spoke too little and then spoke too much. But all of this is probably too fluffy. So what do you think of her vote record? Strategy or coincidence?
  8. @Lady K I hold be wrong Doc, there is a block load of stuff to dig through, but your vote patterns seems to be vote early if we mistakenly Lynch a town member, vote last if the vote turns out to be for scum. Coincidence or strategy. I really don’t know. I don’t have enough experience with the game to tell.
  9. I thought I gave a good explanation for my vote yesterday. I was initially going to vote for either Superman or Barbosa, I thought one or both of them was scum, but I didn't have a clear enough read or a smoking gun *HAHAHAHAHA* reason for either of them, and after we lynched a Townie the night before I didn't want to make that mistake again. After it was pointed out that EVERY player who voted for Sattler had ended up DEAD in the passing nights. Good Catch on that by the way, I believed that was a solid enough reason to vote for her. Especially since the other two players who voted for her are ones I believe to be town. And with Barbosa being revealed as town I am glad I didn't vote for him. And with Superman joining us on the Sattler vote, my suspicions on him are set aside. *Turns his silk flower in the direction of the big blue box driver* That leaves only The Doc.
  10. I'm Voting Ellie Sattler (LegoMonorailfan) at least for the moment and here is why. The Day one vote deaths seem a little too coincidental for me. I still believe either Superman or Barbosa is scum, but I dont think they are both scum. I think there is a better chance of eliminating an enemy with Ellie at this point until more information on those two is made concrete. I also believe both Chell and Hero to be town. So I am throwing my vote in with theirs. I hope it doesnt backfire on us like the last one did.
  11. Still not sure why I am reading scum, but I would like to point out that I was the one who initiated the vote off of the only ACTUAL scum to be eliminated. Two days I voted for Mad-Eye. Sounds pretty clear cut Town to me. I only know for certain That Batgirl and I were Townies that voted for Karai yesterday, mistake that it was. 50% or more of the remain gin votes could be and probably are scum. I just don't know who. I am still trying to decide if you calling for my head if you making a mistake as a Townie, or trying to get the town to vote me out as Scum. That is a fairly scary coincidence at the very least.
  12. I admit that I got stuck in the bandwagon on that last vote. It was a busy week and I didnt realize voting was up until less than an hour prior. That is on me. But I was Dead on about Moody from the start. And I may be new, but doesn't calling me out to be a night kill sound like a scum move? A Town member wouldn't want a night kill nor be capable of it.
  13. And that is what I get for jumpin on the wagon. Wow townies are getting dropped left and right. So the question is do we have some very clever scum getting us to off ourselves while they spread their votes as a distraction or are three of the other voters in the lynch all scum?