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Found 62 results

  1. Donnie Bricko

    [M - F03] What am I?

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Science Experiment M.A.N.T.I.S hidden underground facility on Forring. Social testing in controlled envrionment. Big Sal recording... The subject today is Donnie Bricko, M.A.N.T.I.S Engineer level 6 clearance. ID number CLASSIFIED. Begin with subject... Hello Donnie Hello? Where am I? You are currently involved in a M.A.N.T.I.S. social testing experiment. This will be a test, you must answer one question in order to end the simulation. The question: What are you? That is a simple question, I am a M.A.N.T.I.S. Engineer. Yes you are, however that is not the correct answer to the question. You must take in your environment to determine the correct answer. Okay, so it's a riddle...I don't really see anything here except the ground. Am I a lonely Engineer? It is a riddle of sorts. No you are not a lonely Engineer. Let me give you a hint? Wait, what? Are those sticks?..they look like giant chop sticks! Huh? You are clever, how about another quick hint? Um, that's definately giant sushi...yuck! Yes, keep going. Well I'm on a giant plate of sushi, but what am I? Am I dinner? No, no...Think in more simple terms Im on a giant plate but I'm not food...what am I? What the hell am I? Hmm... Well I'm plastic and I'm on a plate. Wait, am I a minifig on a plate?? Yes, you are in fact a minifig on a plate...congratulations the simulation will now end! Wait, Sal...minfing on a plate doesn't usually score well... - D
  2. Donnie Bricko

    [M - A06] The Heart of the Lava Flows

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: Exploration, Engineering My first mission back I was dispatched to Guinevere. Objective, build a mobile research platform for our scientists and gather several samples from the heart of the lava. After several days I've amassed several samples but my scientist has yet to arrive. Well I keep climbing and gathering, grueling work but well worth it. - D
  3. Location: C10 Marden Tags: Engineering. Civil Building Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Underwater Segway Filing System Traveling in space can be a thirsty business. If you happen to go just past the last star in the system, come to the point where every sane man or alien from Alpha Centauri would turn back towards civilization, and then decide to go a few lightyears futher; you'll happen across a the popular Coffee Shop At the End of the Universe. There you'll find one of Kawashita's addicting inventions, the Nova Java. Members from all three corporations can be found drinking their favorite brew and munching on snacks while be served by clones named Larry. The rivalries between the corporations is set aside for a few moments, because good coffee is worth being seen with your enemies. "So you work for the Alien Defense Unit?" asked Valentine. "Isn't that a little ironic?" "No, no, no! I wanted a medium, decafe, flat white, not a medium decafe octanano!" "Pombe, why are you wearing clothes?" asked the old-timer. "Well I used to come in here without pants because their sign said 'No Shirt, No Socks, No Shoes: No Service. But now they added pants to that list so I bring a change of clothes to put on before I come in to get my coffee. But now worries! In the interest of making people comfortable, it all comes right back off when I leave!" said Pombe. "I finally got them to carry my newly enhanced Larva Friday Grub Worms!" exclaimed Sal. "Have you tried them yet?"
  4. Master_Data

    [M - E01] Lord Mantis' Secret Base

    Sector: E01 Tags: Military, Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle Begin Log: I've got him cornered! This could be it for Octan! All he has is one trooper. I can easily take them both. Master Data, this is Lord Mantis! Pause the simulation. We need you down here now! There's been a leak in one of the fuel cells. If it reaches the central power battery, this entire building will explode, crippling our operations in this sector. IR-wIN is taking care of it right now. IR-wIN: Already dispatched alien mechanic and rescue pod. How did that saw blade get stuck there in the first place? Don't ask! We need you to take out the new fighter to pick up some more power battery cells. The energy used to fix the fuel cell will probably deplete our last reserves. Alright, Howie, prime the fighter! End Log Well, I'm back (for now)! I wanted to come back with a bang, so I went to the extreme: 48x48. I also introduced IR-wIN and Lord Mantis. My studio couldn't hold the model, so my overhead shots aren't the best, but I hope you enjoy it!
  5. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] When Pigs Fly

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration, Military, Spaceship Previously: Part I Part II Part III Log of Agent G: Finding myself mysteriously stranded on Donwarr, my first order of business was to repair my com system, which was scrambled after my interplanetary journey. With me being in the middle of the forest, that proved to take a few days. Once that was repaired however, I was able to signal a M.A.N.T.I.S. M22-Persuader that was near Jurin II. It was able to land on Donwarr in a matter of hours. I took my new companion, the pig, who had stayed faithfully by my side the entire time. I have taken to calling him Herbert. He comes as a welcome relief from all the stuffy M.A.N.T.I.S. robots at home. ... Two days later ... Log of Agent G: After searching over M.A.N.T.I.S. records for hours as to what could have happened to me on the Octan spacecraft, I finally found something. Only a few instances of it have been found, but it seems like it is possible for humans to go through a GATE unaided by a spacecraft... The M22-Persuader is a heavy craft that packs a lot of firepower. Although it has a one seater cockpit, the rear has room for two people, or three, snugly. C&C much appreciated!
  6. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] Strawberry Fields

    Location: Donwarr Log of Agent G: After falling for what felt like many hours, it was suddenly over. A flash of purple light - and then...The vast entirety of the universe unfolded in my mind, brilliant lights flashing and twirling through the inky, everlasting darkness. Stars were birthed and died before me, brilliant fireworks in my minds eye. I floated through it, absent-mindedly reaching out to the planets and moons lightyears away. The shrunk underneath my gaze, or I became larger. They became so small, so insignificant, until it was just me, alone in the cosmos. I was the cosmos. It was... Marvelous... I was awoken by the wet nose of a pig, examining my armor. I lay in the grass and flowers for a long time, letting them wave around in the wind while I gazed at the sky, so bright now, and so large... (For those who wonder how Agent G got there, I'm going to be using the GATEs to explain that...) C&C much appreciated!
  7. SpacerSteve

    [M-A08] Robot Recon

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration -Explorer SpacerSteve is scouting the surface of Crentium in search of suitable locations for future MANTIS operations. - -There appears to be a large quantity of water below the rocky surface. The water seeps through the cracks seasonally. This location will be suitable for resource mining - -The beacon is in place. I had better recall the recon robot and head back to camp. - - - - - -Connecting to the robot's neural interface. I'll drive us back. - -This rock has different characteristics than the surrounding terrain. I'll take it back to camp. for further study Time for food. Hope they are serving "laser beans" for dinner tonight. - - Some more pics of the build. - - - Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. I'm always trying to build better so suggestions are always welcome.
  8. Andrew JN

    [M - H03] AWOL

    Location: Planet Kaalin, Sector H03 Tags: Land Vehicle Job: Special Forces Log_M_10: Ever since I obtained my latest ride, I have been what professionals call Absent Without Leave. I'm still surprised they haven't fired me by now, but hey, whatever. Whilst zooming around Domwarr, I received another mission: should I choose to accept it. The mission was simple, test a new land speeder. Since I was soooo satisfied with my previous speeder I tested, I was eager to try a bigger, better, and faster speeder! Who wouldn't! What's more, they said they had a new uniform waiting for me. Oh yeah! Unfortunately, when I arrived, I realized what a mistake I had made........ End_Log Log_M_10_1: Okay, maybe that wasn't so bad after all. However, I'll still say I was surprised it made it off the ground..... and that uniform though....... -|- Ace
  9. Location: B08 (Greater Direstan) Tags: N/A (Previously) Jex and Scorpio had driven their jeep over a cliff. Scorpio was knocked out cold, and Jex had no radio to call for help. Then she heard the sound of footsteps running toward her and, in horror, an eye staring straight at her through the grass… Then the creature emerged from the grass. He wasn’t frightening at all; if anything, he was kinda cute. “Hey there. Easy now, I’m not going to hurt you. What’s your name, little fella? Huh? Easy, good boy…” Suddenly a giant hand grabbed Jex and lifted her off the ground! “Who are you!? a terrible voice boomed. Jex turned and saw herself face to face with a horrifying monster. Jex screamed in terror. “Don’t eat me!” she cried. “Ha! I am not going to eat you. I know what you are; I have had your kind before and it gave me terrible indigestion.” Although still panicked, Jex’ terror subsided slightly. She turned her head in his hand to see him more clearly. It continued speaking. “I sense that you are not afraid of me. That is good. Foolish, but good.” Pausing, he turned his head to the side and looked at her again. “You are much the same as the others like you. You”—and at this, he slid one of his long bony fingers along the side of her head—“are more interested in your own good. You neglect others for your own benefit. You…want your friend there to still be alive…not because you care for him, but because you fear what your superiors will say if he dies from your carelessness.” Jex’ mouth dropped open. Embarrassed, she found herself unable to say anything. Her terror began to grow again. “Of course, Jessica—yes, I know your name. I now know much about you. Even more so, perhaps, than you do.” At this, he set her down and leaned himself against a tree in the river bend. “Of course, as a healer, I am honor-bound to do what I can.” At this, Jex was surprised to hear her own voice again. “Who are you?” She asked. The shaggy brown monster sat up and replied, “I am Curupa, shaman of the great Tupiga. I am a practitioner of magical healing and the sworn protector of this land.” Standing up, he continued, “Your species has been a scourge upon me since your arrival here. Although brothers, you war with each other for the right to rob from me and this land. You are all the same, seeking only your own. It sickens me, and every night I hear the trees and the hills sighing the sighs of death that they feel closing in on them. Even at its most barren, the earth is not safe from your pestilence, and you swarm like earwigs upon it.” Jex was rooted to the spot. A part of her felt guilty, the guilt that she knew Curupa was right. Once again, she was embarrassed. “You, however, while much the same…I feel a slight difference. I do not care for your species, especially when you care not even for yourselves. But perhaps there is still hope. I feel this same sentiment in you now. But alas, here I am yammering on when there is a soul in the balance. Come, let us see what we can do for your friend.” “You mean, even though you hate us humans, you will help bring Scorpio back?” Jex asked, mystified, as Curupa scooped her and Scorpio up in his hands. “It is my duty,” he answered. “But, I will make a condition. I do not demand payment normally, but if I have a chance to save more life by doing so, I will. After I heal him, you must take your people and go. Leave this world forever, and never turn back. I have done my duty to protect this land so far, but if I see another of your kind they will know my wrath and my revenge. Do you understand?” “I do,” Jex replied. “Besides, I think most of my kind is already gone from here and has been for weeks.” He stood up to his full height, while the curious green monster from before continued to sniff at Scorpio. “Down, Ophel,” Curupa called. ********** They soon arrived at a small clearing that looked a little more beaten down and lived in than the rest of the forest. Soon Curupa had built a small fire—small even by Jex’ standards, which surprised her given the monster-healer’s enormous size—and was brewing an awful-smelling green potion. “It seems your friend is somewhat accident prone?” Curupa asked. “Yes, he has had a few other mishaps,” Jex replied. “I can tell. Yet there is something else…I have never known anything like it. It is almost as if his soul is fractured. Like there is a part of him that is not a part of him, or has broken off. Perhaps it is floating out there in the void, or perhaps it was stolen from him, but he seems incomplete. On top of that, I feel that although I will save his life now, there is an omen upon him; he will not live much longer anyway. Death has put its claim on him, and it will come soon. It is the same as with the life here before the arrival of your kind; death is not here yet, but it approaches. Ophel, come.” Jex shuddered at Curupa's last words. Could it be so? Curupa leaned Scorpio’s body up against the creature’s long green trunk. “Take this, and spoon a little into his mouth and hair. I will have Ophel carry you back to your people before you go. He will revive consciousness within the next day or so.” “Why his hair?” Jex asked. “Because you probably won’t be able to get enough inside of him to do the whole trick, but the smell should get to him eventually and wake him the rest of the way up.” ********* MEANWHILE… Somewhere in Kawashita space, Commander Konami sat at his console. Suddenly, a message flashed on his screen and he accepted it. “Code secure, Agent Sega. What has happened? You had orders for strict radio silence until your scheduled report. Is your cover blown?” “No sir, but I have urgent news that requires immediate attention. Target Atari may be compromised, sir. I have received confirmation from M.A.N.T.I.S. accountancy personnel that suggests this.” “What do you mean, compromised? Her identity as a Kawa agent surely has not been revealed? I understood M.A.N.T.I.S. was still under the assumption she was an Octan agent? Especially when our own troops did not recognize her?” “Her identity is secure, however, she has agreed to talk. Security clearance SCORPIO, by the sounds of it. At least, that must be the code name.” “After all this time, M.A.N.T.I.S. intelligence still manages to perplex us. Well, if she is going to talk, we don’t know what she might say.” “What are your orders, sir?” “I will send an extraction team immediately. Find a way to release her, and we will rendezvous with you both in 14 hours. Use any force necessary, but only as a last resort. “What if extraction of Atari is impossible sir?” “Then terminate her and we’ll get you out. Better dead than dishonored. Understood?” “Understood, sir.” ********** “Agent Atari, step aside. I’m going to get you out of there.” “What?” “Kawashita extraction team will be here in less than 30 minutes, and we’re going to be on it. You’ve spent enough time in this M.A.N.T.I.S. cell already, and Fleet control is anxious to hear your report of both Octan and M.A.N.T.I.S. intelligence operations. Your honorable resilience under pressure will bring you rewards of glory in the halls of Orinishi. Come.” “I can’t. I can’t tell you why, but I must stay here.” “I understand you feel duty-bound to complete your mission, but it is over now. Konami himself has authorized your extraction, and with my cover blown now the time to act is this minute.” Agent Sega blasted the glass, turned to leave, and beckoned for Agent Atari to follow. “I said, I can’t.” “Then I have been given orders to not allow you to dishonor yourself by revealing your secrets to the enemy.” Sega aimed her weapon to fire, but Atari was too fast. She spun through the air and wrestled Sega to the ground, wrenching the weapon from her. “Relax, Sega. I do not want to kill you, but if you think you are going to terminate me then you can rest easy knowing your death will come honorably at the hand of your enemy…” TO BE CONTINUED… Builder’s notes: Judges! The only new build this week (besides Commander Konami’s console) is the monster-healer Curupa; all other builds are recycled and should not be counted for this week’s score! More notes under the spoiler:
  10. Tags: Spaceship, Spying Location: F03 - Forring Characters Agent Urtem and Da King have been sent spying on Forring. King, according to my data readout you're floating around above Forring. Why? Urtem left m' here. He Ain't nothing but a hound dog. Ok then. You haven't attracted any attention have you? Urtem is down on the planet. I've been belting out songs on the local comm channel. *facepalm* Why do I deal with this? Here comes a ship that looks like a tool the engineers use. Is that bad? Yes, and it certainly puts a wrench in our plans. To Be Sort Of Continued Thanks for bearing through my horrible pun. Here's another look at the Wrench Fighter.
  11. Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle Location: E01 Since i'm swamped in paperwork, I sent Agent Urtem to Donwarr. I have no idea why its still called paperwork, when everything is either digital or. *Deafening Bagpipe Screech* That also the last time I don't make a decision between the choices Bass gives me. Dubstep Bagpipes is worse than Polka Star Wars Week. Sargent, get me Urtem on the Comm. Right away, Sir. Can i reprogram Bass yet? No, we might lose some engineering skills. A little busy at the moment Captain! By the way that music is worse than Star Wars Polka Week. Tell me about it. Just get back here with your report. Can I just turn up my comm? This thing seems sensitive to sound. As long as I don't hear it. To be Sort of Continued...
  12. rodiziorobs

    [M - E11] Mine-ing asteroids

    *Title should be [M - E11] Location: E11 Tags: Science, Vehicle (Land Vehicle) Once again, Scorpio was summoned to Supervising Accountant Laszlowe’s office. This wasn’t going to be pleasant. (*I have used this scenario before but hadn’t finished building it, so although Scorpio has been here before this is the first we are seeing of it*) “Please, come in Mr. Starstriker. I have some pleasant news for you…” “Yeah, right,” Scorpio thought. “First, we are willing to overlook your brief unauthorized science excursion a few weeks ago, given that it was at the request of CEO Sal. Also, because we took some small satisfaction in his comment about your work...” “Which was?” Scorpio inquired. “Disappointing. He added that he almost made you walk home, but was too busy with yet another mishap to worry much about it.” Scorpio sighed. “The good news is that it appears that you have worked away your debt to M.A.N.T.I.S. at an alarming rate. At this point you would be off probation and back on to your regular duties, including Science and Spying.” “But…what’s the catch?” asked Scorpio. An evil smirk came over Supervising Accountant Laszlowe’s face. “You managed to log hours in so fast that we at Accounting find it hard to believe.” “You think I have been stealing hours?” Suddenly Supervising Accountant Laszlowe was standing on his desk. “YES! And we’re going to catch you you sneaky little thief! You were not even stealthy with that Spying Outfit we bought you! How did you expect to get away with this??!!!!” “Ahem,” he continued. “To ensure the accuracy of all M.A.N.T.I.S. records we are assigning you a Drone Of Really Irritating Supervision.” “You’re giving me a D.O.R.I.S.? Are you kidding me?!” “This D.O.R.I.S. will accompany you at all times to ensure your integrity. If it can affirm that you are indeed working as you say you are, then it will dismissed. Speaking of dismissed, it is time for you to leave.” “But…” Scorpio began. “NOW!” ************** Well, at least (once again) Scorpio was allowed to resume Science-ing duties. For the time being, at least. M.A.N.T.I.S. had pushed to the outer limit of Kawashita territory, and was about to enter Octan gate-space. A memo had been sent out to all personnel to engage in border protection as they began to fortify the southern M.A.N.T.I.S-Octan line. Scorpio was assigned to the Fascini Cluster in sector E11, a tight nexus of asteroids which Octan would have to pass through in order to enter M.A.N.T.I.S.-occupied space. In his lab aboard the Sal-class Science vessel, Scorpio designed a kind of mine that would communicate with approaching vessels. If they did not return the communication, it would trigger the mine and detonate the ship. This meant that any ship not returning M.A.N.T.I.S. communications would be targeted. Since Scorpio knew Octan had a fear of scorpions, he designed it with that shape in mind. Just then, his pilot Jex came in. Scorpio had worked with her previously, during the initial threat from the alien fleets at the center of Andromeda. “Scorpio, you ready? I hear we’re headed down to work on some asteroids.” “Yes,” Scorpio responded. “I have just finished the last of the Scorpio bombs, and…” “Scorpio bombs? How egocentric are you?” Jex interrupted. “Well, I see, they are shaped like scorpions…” “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let’s just get them loaded up. Is that D.O.R.I.S. yours? Oh man, that’s too funny! We’ll take the Panther, if that’s okay.” “Doesn’t that only have room for one?” Scorpio asked. “Yup.” Scorpio sighed. ************** Planting the mines went off without a hitch…except that because there was only room for one, Scorpio had to be tethered to the Panther, with his D.O.R.I.S. in tow. The Panther had four omni-directional thrusters for maximum maneuverability, but even in zero-G they only supplied just enough power to hop from one asteroid to the next. In order to keep a close-but-not-too close proximity to the asteroid surface, it was equipped with the same adjustable-gravity technology Scorpio had used in spy training. “That’s the last of them, Jex, let’s head back home. Any chance I could ride in the cargo area?” But Jex had already positioned the thrusters to set a slow burn back to the science vessel. He wondered if having him towed home from an asteroid had been Sal’s idea… A few more pictures of the lab and ‘scorpio bombs’ under the spoiler. C&C welcome!
  13. MysticModulus

    [M-C10] Special Delivery

    Location: Secret research facility on C10 - Marden. "Man I hate driving on these endless ice-wastes..." *static on radio* "Sergeant, what's the status on my delivery?" "Good sir I'll be there soon..." "Good my special guest has almost arrived... Over and out!" "Log 2.32. Our efforts to terraform this planet through extensive cultivation of algae and cyano bacteria is under way. Soon this planet will be a heaven for our corporation!" Another look at the base:
  14. rodiziorobs

    [M - A08] Ice Planet M.A.N.T.I.S.

    Location: A08 (Crentium) Tags: Science, Land Vehicle ***This entry takes place after Scorpio was rescued by SpacerSteve from Aeristus*** Back story for this week in the spoiler: Scorpio’s mission was not going to be fun, although considering he had just awoken from a month-long coma after being held prisoner by Octan, it didn’t really matter. Maybe some positive effect would come from it. He was being sent to Crentium, a relatively young planet. That was the problem, though; M.A.N.T.I.S. didn’t know how young. The more temperate regions of the planet were fairly stable, but the poles were extraordinarily volatile, being both bitter cold and occasionally volcanic. Scorpio was tired of volcanoes. But when he got to the south pole of the planet, there was not a volcano to be seen. In fact, there was nothing to be seen except a vast expanse of solid white. He was sent out to collect ice core samples, to help determine the age of the planet in its current state, and climate. Ah, good old science. Of course, he was also to keep an eye out to see if anything valuable could be found. The cold was so bitter that he was given special protective gear with thermal reactor, but of course his suit had a short in it, so it ranged from inoperative to blazing hot. Luckily the vehicle was more reliable, and chugged along the tundra at a respectable pace. He came to a place where some of the snow had melted somewhat, indicative of some underground volcanic activity. Here and there sinister looking trees popped out of a semi-solid ice floe. Scorpio had no idea how anything could survive out here, the cold was so intense. But, given the uniqueness of the locale, he should probably take another sample here, too. He climbed out of the vehicle, ambled over the back and down the ladder to operate the core drill, and soon had managed to extract a few samples. One of them seemed purplish in hue, could there be some trace amounts of awesomnium in the ice? More photos, including the landscape by itself This was a lot of fun to build. I really wanted to stray from the typical M.A.N.T.I.S. color scheme, and I think the polar look came out really well. I have been trying to get back to building Scorpio’s story up in order (the past couple weeks have been all jumbled), but finally had the chance today. Also, both car and trailer have working suspension on the skis. Here is a look at the mechanism inside: Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome!
  15. The Scorpion destroyer was commissioned in response to the arrival of the unknown menace. It is basically a ship built around a gun. The artefact of Duu-Ploo discovered on Guinevere by Spacer Steve, has been intergrated with this ship for it's power source. The artifact is thought to be some sort of terraforming device used by a mysterious ancient civilization. Since the intiial discovery several more have been discovered on different planets. Dating the device shows it's origin to be sometime between the ages 3-5. MANTIS scientist and engineers had found a way to crack into the power system and use it to power a large Prism Cannon capable of punching a hole clear through a Kawashita capital ship. - - - - - - - - - - - Thanks for looking C&C is appreciated.
  16. "Ah, some more water, soon my new breed of plants will yield secure data on..." *Static from radio* "Sir! I've found two potential spies snooping around inside the perimeter, I'll bring them to you". "Don't you move!" "What is that? What are you supposed to do, scream them to death with that megaphone?" "Sorry Sir!" *draws a gun* "Now put these prisoners in containment! We are ordered to join the fleet so they will have to await interrogations there!" "Locked up good Sir!" *Noise from a spaceship landing* "We're here to pick you up sir!" "We have to bring these prisoners as well!" "Okay We'll be back!" *1 hour later* "Bring the prisoners aboard!" "Maglocks in place, get a seat Sir we're about to go into orbit to dock!" *in orbit* And here are som more pictures of the Spotted Orchid: Note: I haven't built a MOC in this scale in 20 years but I'm happy with the result although I know that it is a plain classic design.
  17. Challenge 2 Category C **(This scene is not chronological with the rest of the story involving Scorpio, but actually happens much later)** Since initial probes had discovered some anomalous signals emanating from the center of Andromeda, M.A.N.T.I.S. had commissioned several new starfighters and other craft. Building these new ships meant lots of new parts to be inventoried and managed. Having been dismissed from both Spying and Science duties for the time being, Scorpio was stationed on one of M.A.N.T.I.S.' orbiting hangars where these ships were being finished and outfitted. He was put in charge of assigning micro-reactors and the refined awesomnium rods that would M.A.N.T.I.S. engineers had developed to power these new fleets. Scorpio didn't mind the task at all, since the micro-reactors had been designed around the 'isotopic mushroom goo he had discovered on Barnius a few months earlier. Andromeda's Gates Challenge 2 (Cat C) by rodiziorobs, on Flickr A few more photos, of more angles, without the' figs, and the armored exterior of the corridor (even though Cat C is just to show off the interior)
  18. MysticModulus

    [Challenge 2] [Cat C] The new recipe

    Location: Aboard the research vessel "Stellaria" Log 12 Well, back to the toils of the lab and the horticultures. We have been assigned to join the fleet and provide logistic support. A fleet needs food and we have developed a new special recipe to sustain the demands for larva-fridays. Using a new secret recipe that contains an assortment of prime quality plants our larvas will have a nice variety of food and in turn they will taste better than ever! Our brave men and women will have ample supply of top quality larvas thanks to our superior hydroculture system! "Hm, looks like we need a bit more water to sustain a sufficient amount of growth of these plants." "Ah! That's more like it!"
  19. Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov's recording for MANTelevision: "Er... good morning, though it's probably night for many of you, and, well, thanks for watching us. I'm Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov ad this is my assistant Zeni'ya. We're xenobiology experts and we'll join the crew of the Belafonte, documentarian Steve Anderson's research vessel on a mission to the core of Andromeda to register every information we can about this unknown menace everyone talks about. Stevesey?" 20150723_174801 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150726_195353 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Steve A.:"Don't call me like that! Oh well. Welcome to "The Life Galactic with Steve Anderson", M.A.N.T.I.S. official documentary on Andromeda's Galaxy." 20150726_195740 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Steve A.:"And here's Klaus Daimler XII, second-in command of the Belafonte. As you have seen, we'll have two guests who will offer their scientific advice on what we'll see in the Deep Core." 20150726_195933 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Steve A.:"Here they are, on the observation deck I had installed after being inspired by a..." Klaus D.:"A dream, we know! Do you really have to say that everytime?" 20150726_200011 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Steve A.:"Oh well. Here's the Belafonte's very heart, the GATE generator core..." 20150726_200032 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Steve A.:"...Which powers the center hyperthruster, essential for travelling through GATEs." 20150726_200055 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr 20150723_175030 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Steve A.:"Of course, radio signals only travel at lightspeed, so our antenna integrates a small GATE generator, allowing you all to watch us live. The Belafonte is also an exploration vessel, which means it must be adequately self-sufficient. A robotic arm enables us to make repairs in outer space. Either that works,or we go out in our space speedos and fix it by hand. That's all for now! See you on the next chapter of "The Life Galactic with Steve Anderson!" I'd like to thank the judges for this awesome contest EDIT: the pics I replaced the older ones with turned out to be of just a slightly better quality. Apologizes again.
  20. The M08-15 Talon gunship is used by the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet as an escort craft for it's larger vessels. This craft is used strictly for non-atmospheric missions. It lacks the aerodynamics of the smaller fighter craft. Although it looks bulky it can match the speed of the smaller fighters. There are two crew. One pilot and one navigator/gunner. The M08-15 has two weapon systems. On the prow it houses twin dark matter cannons and on the dorsal it houses rail-gun turret. The port side has a disruption array. This can be used to disable any missiles or torpedos that threaten the larger ships. Some shots of the interior. = Thanks for looking C&C welcome.
  21. rodiziorobs

    [M-A04] The Scarab

    Location: A04, Mynderis Tags: Land Vehicle (hovercraft) Sorry Bob to cut the deadline so close! **This build takes place before Scorpio's first spying mission, several months ago** Scorpio having recently been assigned a Spying Outfit, the Council of Five decided he had also better get a little bit of spy training in. His mission would be on A06, a hot, volcanic desert planet, So the Council wanted his training to take place in a similar environment. Luckily, the outer rim planet Mynderis had a similar climate and features, and was closer to Torresta. His task was to master stealth maneuvers driving a hypercraft (high-speed hovercraft). This craft was capable of very swift speeds using anti-grav thrusters, however it was utterly incapable of clearing more than a few inches from the surface. A lightweight, super-durable alloy was developed that shielded the bottom from the inevitable scrapes it would face. Luckily, the hull was also extraordinarily heat-proof, as if the burning lava flows along the planet's surface didn't torch the craft, the blazing dunes would. This hypercraft model was called "the Scarab", as it was perfect for desert travel. Scorpio thought it was also because it looked somewhat insect-like, but such was life at M.A.N.T.I.S. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Sorry for the links instead of embeds; Flickr is giving me a hard time on mobile right now. I'll try to update it later. Edit: Finally managed to wrangle Flickr into submission, here are the photos: rodiziorobs, on Flickr rodiziorobs, on Flickr rodiziorobs, on Flickr rodiziorobs, on Flickr
  22. MysticModulus

    [M-D04] Subject on the run

    Location: Terrial Minor - D04 Log 04 - Terrial Minor - D04. Since the relocation to this planet my research has taken great leaps. Yesterday I solved the problem of providing the subject X2 with a sufficent mix of water and helium to make it more mobile. Although the chip-device is not perfectl yet conclusive results are imminent. The subject shows great resilience against energy-weapons and hence I have aquired two ballistic weapons to be sure of absolute control. *Static* alarm goes off *more static* Oh, crap. It broke through the perimeter. The hunt is on.
  23. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] Searching For Biomass

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: MANTIS, Exploration, Ground Vehicle, spaceship interior SpaceSteve has been searching the barren surface of Terrial Minor for sources of water to be used for new MANTIS agricultural operations. - Eventually after a couple weeks of searching. He comes across a small oasis. It is teeming with life forms and plant life. He scans the oasis and sets the beacon for future MANTIS development. - - - Suddenly he get a call from the Sythe in orbit. KosmicKevan- Steve you had better get back up here we are heading through the gate ahead of schedule. We have been summoned by a very important individual in the **Classified** system. I have sent a dropship to your location. - Back on the Scythe KosmicKevan informs SpacerSteve about what he knows about the meeting. - SpacerSteve- Well this will should be interesting... KosmicKevan- He says he knows the location of **Classifed** we haven't seen him since we left Spyrius. KosmicKevan leaves and SpacerSteve watches Terrial Minor quickly disappear in the distance. - Some more shots of the hovercraft - - - Thanks for looking C&C welcome. I'm not satisfied with the rocks on the base. I also reused my Cat C build this week. I just had to use it once more before I tear it apart for parts for my Cat B.
  24. Location: Planet Terrial Minor, Sector D04 Tags: Piracy, Land Vehicle Job: Special Forces Log_M_9: After having successfully invaded Sector B06, I have been assigned to perform piratical acts on Kawashita troops stationed on the planet Terrial Minor. First assignment: Obtain biomass from a Kawashitan transport speeder. Thankfully, a fellow M.A.N.T.I.S. trooper has been busy "deactivating" multiple Kawashiatan radar stations, which means that my job will be easier, since they can't call for backup.... End_Log A New Ride, A New Mission by Andrew JN, on Flickr Log_M_9_1: Mission was a success. The transport speeder contained a large amount of Biomass. No casualties.. Well, at least on our side..... Oh, and the new MM_1 Speeder (MANTIS Mach_1 Speeder) was AWESOME! However, it only reached around 300 mph.... Still, can't wait to use it again. ~ AJ and Q (Ace Jagjit and Qubert)
  25. Master_Data

    [M - D04] Peaceful Negotiations?

    Location: D04 Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Begin Log: It seems like the desert never ends here on Terrial Minor. I've been rumbling along in my M.A.N.T.I.S. Mech Armor Unit for hours with no trace of any Biomass. The power source Dan created seems to be holding up. Vvvvvvmmmmmm............. What was that? Activating Battle Arms! It seems to be some sort of UFO, piloted by a space slug! It seems to be attracted to the slug shaped lower armor on my suit. No signs of any hostility. I'll have Big Sal analyze its methods of communication so we can come to some sort of agreement. It hasn't attacked me yet, so I'll take that as a sign of peace! End Log