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Found 4 results

  1. Allow me to introduce one of my favourite minifigs, Wilf. He started off life as a normal CMF explorer who I thought looked good with the Lego camel so I started taking the odd picture of him while out and about when I was living in Oman. While road tripping round Oman with my best friend Wilf soon developed a personality of his own as the classic late 19th/early 20th century eccentric British gentleman adventurer with a love for travel, exploring and above all gin. I have finally got round to starting an Instagram account to document Wilf's travels in Oman the United Arab Emirates and beyond. As well as outdoor photos I am hoping to make some MOCs of Wilf's life, adventures and the other characters in his life. Check him out at wilf_the_lego_explorer, I will try and update his travels here as well. That's enough from me, I will allow the great man to properly introduce himself. "Good evening people of Eurobricks, my name is Sir Wilfred Sutherland, 13th Lord of Strathbottom, late of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, please feel free to call my Wilf. I would also like to introduce you to my faithful camel Omar who is my constant companion as we travel the deserts of Arabia in search of the native people, a bit of excitement and wherever possible a good gin. I hope you will join my friends and I as we go about our adventures and maybe one day I will introduce you to my beloved wife Penelope and the great Highland estate of Strathbottom. I wish you all a pleasant evening and I shall bid you good night as I believe my manservant has found a nice refreshment for me." Wilf and Omar in the desert of Oman Wilf and Omar at Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman Wilf and Omar at the (Legoland Dubai) pyramids of Egypt
  2. Greetings all, After getting some really good feedback here on Eurobricks for my Brethren of the Brick Seas builds over in the pirates forum, I thought I'd post some of my recent builds for Lands of Roawia here as well. I have recently been experimenting with Middle East style desert scenes. It's not a genre I ever even really thought about before joining the online community, although after seeing works by Gideon and Blufiji (the tower in the last build is Blufiji's technique) amongst others, it's one I really wanted to try. Anyway without further ado here they are, any suggestions or feedback is very welcome. Thank you!
  3. Hello Everyone, Let me share with you my latest MOC. I could not find a better name than Market Street. I have purchased recently a couple of Prince of Persia sets, and really enjoyed the building. I figured I could use them to make a nice street. The whole street is made of three modular sections. My wife took the pictures. I have to admit that it was quite hard for her to get a nice view of the entire street. Market Street - All by Kinggregus, on Flickr Luckily, my wife took some close up pictures, here is the left wing: Market - West by Kinggregus, on Flickr Close up of the main gate: Front Gate by Kinggregus, on Flickr Close up of the right wing (unfortunately the fountain, which I am quite proud of, does not show really well): Market - East by Kinggregus, on Flickr And now, the back of the right wing. The library has a secret shelf that leads right into the treasure room: Library + Treasure Room by Kinggregus, on Flickr The back of the main gate, nothing exceptionnal: Front Gate - Back by Kinggregus, on Flickr The back of the left wing, it includes a cave, a stair and the armory room: Armory + Cave by Kinggregus, on Flickr Thanks for looking,
  4. Does anyone know if there is any kind of AFOL scene in the Middle East/GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) area? I guess the answer is no as there are less than 100 members in the Middle East (excluding Israel and Turkey) on Bricklink and most of them are zero feedback. Also I have found the prices to be crazy in Oman and Dubai (GBP price plus at least 50%) but thought I would ask anyway. Thanks, John