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Found 50 results

  1. The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1862 The Battle of Mechanicsville was one of the first major engagements of the Seven Days Battles, where the Army of Northern Virginia attempted to push the Army of the Potomac out of Virginia during the initial stages of the American Civil War. The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1861 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1861 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Battle of Mechanicsville, June 1861 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. Spader

    Ambush, 1863

    "Well, looks like we caught them boys red handed, as it were. Should have been more careful with your fire, but just as well. You won't live to pay for your laziness." Haven't posted on Eurobricks in forever............did you guys miss me? If so, let me know, and I'll post here more
  3. this is to replace the previous post for this title and not to be judged, also would like some feed back on the comic idea, trying a new program for it. Page_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr I am planning on wrapping up my story so I can get ready for AG2 Cheers Jody
  4. Jody Meyer

    [O-E03] aboard the medic frigate

    Title: Aboard the medic frigate planet: e03 Tags: Civil PANEL20 by Meyerj, on Flickr Sorry for the rush job, but off to board a plane... Cheers Jody
  5. Jody Meyer

    [O-E03] Listening post on Ertauq

    Title: Listening post on Ertauq Tags: Civil, Building, Land vehicle, Octan So some new recruits have been ordered to set up a listening post on E03 Ertauq, so.. 20170115_0035 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0039 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0042 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0040 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0041 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0044 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0045 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0046 by Meyerj, on Flickr Thanks for looking Comments always welcome good or bad Jody
  6. Jody Meyer

    [O-H04] Return to Crofter's ridge

    Title: Return to Crofter's ridge Tags: Civil, Building, vehicle, land vehicle So Illustria ended up to be nothing more then a giant fishing trip, with the engineering division starting to get new processes in place, it was time to get the mobile mining group together and moving. PANEL 20a by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL 20 by Meyerj, on Flickr Cheers Jody The picture in the spoiler leads you to a very small movie clip I was working on but ran out of time.
  7. Jody Meyer

    [O-F04] The Big Fish...

    Title: The Big Fish... Planet: F04 Tags: Civil, Building, vehicle, Submarine, exploration Well Hans and Bob have been shipped to Illustria to help out with an exploration rig in one of the many vast oceans... PANEL18 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL18a by Meyerj, on Flickr The Fish is from Atlantis set 8080. The smaller sub is a work in progress but started from set #6559 Platform also work in progress, started from set 4210 Cheers Jody
  8. Norseman

    [O - F04] Ride the Comet

    Log Entry Begin user://AdenCorso Water is sometimes tricky. Shipped in liquid form, it sloshes around and can throw even the most finely-tuned set of compensators into chaos. It takes up more volume than when frozen as well, which means your profits will be marginal. Getting liquid water from a planet's surface also means burning a brick-ton of fuel, which means those marginal profits are now minimal (if you even manage to break even). This is why most ice-mining takes place in any particular system's asteroid belt. Every ship and every station needs water to function - either for its crew to drink, or separated into its constituent parts of O2 and H, the one for breathing, the other for reaction mass. walk by Norseman, on Flickr Given that those same asteroids are often well-patrolled to stem off illegal mining operations by the system's parent Corp explains why I am currently riding a comet headed out-system at more than 40 kilometers per second, more than 3 AUs from Illustria's star. You see, this far from a sun, any water on a comet has frozen and is no longer billowing out in its telltale plume. Comet tails are formed when rising heat from nearing a star causes ice to evaporate, the resultant ejecta always pointing away from the sun. I should be safe this far out from any surprise geysers under my feet. At least I hope so. Although... Flyby by Norseman, on Flickr Apparently I'm not far enough to avoid every MANTIS patrol... Luckily it's an older ship, a Lycidae-class corvette. I've flown against them before, in the Milky Way. They were outdated even back then. Now they are positively antiquated. Their sensors rely mostly upon line-of-sight LADAR, but their resolution is poor and my thermal signature is small enough to hopefully pass without notice. With my ship hidden away in cold sleep mode deep in a fissure, all I need to do is tuck myself against this wall and... hide by Norseman, on Flickr All clear. searching by Norseman, on Flickr I have nothing against MANTIS. I run across them here on the fringe all the time. They run Illustria now, after all. But just because they tolerate my being here as an Octan contractor doesn't mean that I won't come across some loose-cannon, fly-boy captain who would rather shoot than take a bribe. As it lies, every bribe I need to pay cuts into my profits even more, and my profits on this already won't be anything to brag about. The penny-pinching administrators of Port Farhome will see to that... ice by Norseman, on Flickr Here we are. cutting by Norseman, on Flickr Now all I've got to do is do some clever carving... Don't want to bury myself in ice after all, or my popsicle corpse could be part of the comet's tail the next time it swings back in-system in another four hundred years or so. I'd much rather avoid that. spoils by Norseman, on Flickr Alright, two blocks down, only about twenty to go. This is going to take a while, I think. Luckily, I've nowhere else to go, nowhere else to be. Log Entry End This is my first entry, so I'm still a bit unsure of what tags I should include. Can I get a bit of help? Also, pardon the cat hair. It gets everywhere!
  9. Planet: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Fleet Bonus, Civil, H04, Octan It has been months since with last touch base with JS Smith and his engineering crew, in that time JS has been set on a task to find a vane of awesomnium to get a new minning out post set up for the company...but has not returned, and all communication has seemed to have vanished. A young engineer - Bruno has done some research and has hiked his way to a trial in a mountain trail on Crofter's Ridge in hopes of finding something... IMG_4514 by Meyerj, on Flickr IMG_4506 by Meyerj, on Flickr IMG_4505 by Meyerj, on Flickr IMG_4511 by Meyerj, on Flickr IMG_4510 by Meyerj, on Flickr IMG_4513 by Meyerj, on Flickr IMG_4518 by Meyerj, on Flickr And an orverall view IMG_4504 by Meyerj, on Flickr I have been away for awhile, Real life has been well you know...busy. this is a story arc of bringing back JS Smith..hope you enjoy, more photos on my flicker page, comments always welcome.
  10. Mesabi

    K-[B06] Extraction on Sorn

    Location: [b06] Sorn Tags: Military, Civil, Ship, Spying Captain Mesabi and crew have landed on Sorn for an important mission... Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "All I'm saying is, anyone who is that into Monsters of Andromeda has issues." Says Captain Mesabi "She's cool, alright." Replies trusty Engineer "Rusty" Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Ahem, 'Gentlemen' this dock is for Mantis only." A Mantis Agent tells them in a nasally voice. "Yup Yup," goes a guard. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Oh, I have a 'Mantis Pass' right here. Look okay to you?" Captain Mesabi says, smooth talking the Mantis. "Oh, of course. Have a nice stay." the Mantis Agent replies. "You'll share with me right?" Says the guard. "What? No." Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Come on Rusty, we have work to do." The two made there way down the Island. It was another beautiful day on Sorn, and Mantis grunts lounged in the sun. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "So, you ready to do this- Wait what are those?" Asks Captain Mesabi "Power Claws." Says Rusty. "Power Claws?" Power Claws." "Huh, let's get digging." Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "You hear that?" Zillo, a Zoid agent asks. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Shut up, we might be compromised." Hailey, a Rothillian Spy goes. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "Hello? I'm Captain Mesabi, I'm from Kawashita." "Password?" "Sierra Seven Sixer Brick." "Come in." Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr "We need to get you out of here, come on." Says Captain Mesabi. "Sounds good to us." Replies Holly, "We need to get to Onix, and fast..." FIN Hope you liked this weeks MOC, sorry for the bad photo quality, this weeks build was too big to take a photo of on my usual spot. please don't judge Icarus Returning as part of the build, below are extra photos for judging. Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr Extraction on sorn by North White, on Flickr
  11. LucByard

    [M - B05] The mark.

    Yseult Brenneux stood silently in a dim corner of a M.A.N.T.S garage on Marphacia looking at the shabby shell of some old hovercycle, getting angrier by the moment. She didn't try to calm herself down... She didn't want to be calm. That's the one... The hairy scientist, she thought as she noticed Big Sal leaving the compound in his transport. She followed from a distance, a gentle cruise for her pride and joy, a modified Skyblade hovercycle. Once a bright azure, she'd painted it murky reds and greens to blend in to the equally murky topography of the planet she'd ended up being stuck on. When the transport stopped, as she expected, the occupants got out, as expected and the hairy scientist began pointing around wildly trying to make everyone understand his newest experiment... as expected. Yseult had no idea what it was all about but after listening to the scientist jabber on about it in a café at a nearby trading post for half an hour, it sounded ridiculous... Something about laser beans. It wasn't beans she was interested in though, it was the transport's uplink back to the M.A.N.T.I.S. compound. She'd managed to convince the scientist that she could supply him a rare piece of equipment he'd been asking around for and was even willing to deliver it to his test site... for a price. The muscles in her arms tensed as she brought the cycle to a stop by the transport; only she knew the item in her back was a worthless piece of junk, but everything went to plan: the part looked convincing and he made the payment. That's when her plan activated. The remote hack in her pocket decrypted his remote login and piggybacked his authorisation through the uplink back to base. Once there, it transferred large amounts of credits out through various accounts to hidden locations. She just needed to keep the link open long enough for the program to return the locations to her. She felt nervously at her right pocket while the scientist enthusiastically inspected and began installing her delivery. Her left middle finger developed a nervous twitch as he began flicking switches in no particular order. It was just as he reached for the most unnecessarily large of the levers that the hack 'bonged'. She had the account details and bee-lined for her bike. Feeling the eyes of everyone present watching her every move, she tried to act casual. She put her helmet on; it felt tighter than usual. It's the nerves, she told herself. Stay calm, stay calm. She started the bike, took one look back at the scientist and for a moment that lasted far too long, they seemed to just stare at each other. Her journey back to the outpost was uneventful, that was until her front hover pad exploded. The next thing she knew, she was on the floor and her bike was in three or four pieces fifty metres down the road. She tried to get up but every bone hurt. Her vision was blurred. She saw shadows moving towards her. Five... Maybe six. One of them came really close. She woke up an a room, it was dark, or maybe just black. She was tied to a chair with the hairy scientist sat opposite her. "They'd like to execute you" he began, "Not me, of course, but, erm, we need the credits back". She stared at him silently. "Shame about your bike" he added in an annoyingly pleasant tone. "I'll buy a new one" she replied. He had an irritating smile as he shook his head. "No you won't. No shops here" he said, waving his arms around like he didn't know what to do with them. His look turned more serious, he wagged his finger. "You have a problem". She raised an eyebrow "You?" she replied but he didn't seem to get it. "I can help" he continued. He leant forward and looked her in the eye "Give us back he credits and you'll walk out of here with a vehicle credits can't buy". She wanted to be awkward and just say no, she wanted to fight her way out, she wanted anything except the answer she knew made sense. She leaned forward as best she could and looked him in the eye... Once the credits were all back, he took her to a dim corner of some garage in the compound. She couldn't believe the wreck that stood before her. "Don't see what it is now" he nervously prompted, "work for us, and with our resources... a-and my research. see what It could be", she wondered for a moment how it had all gone wrong. How did they know where I'd be to hit the... It suddenly dawned on her. The hairy scientist wasn't the mark in all this... she was. Yseult Brenneux stood silently in a dim corner of a M.A.N.T.S garage on Marphacia looking at the shabby shell of some old hovercycle, getting angrier by the moment. She didn't try to calm herself down... She didn't want to be calm. Note for judges. This is my first entry and more of an introduction to the character. I understand it doesn't really align to corporate activities. Here's an additional image of the 'beat up old bike' for your benefit.
  12. Ragnos

    [O-H08] Coffee Break

    Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building Meanwhile, on Sinden Station...... Computer, Supplement C0ff3 please. Hey Rag, Have you heard the news? I'm jealous, to be honest. What do you mean? What is going on? You've been chosen to work on the OCS Dilligence. Off this pit and into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, isn't it great. I bet my grandkids will be learning of the man who repaired the Warp Engines of the Dilligence! You being serious? Why would anyone want me on board their ship? John Ragnos O'Conner, Report to Docking Bay 76 Immediately. Your shuttle leaves in 10 minutes. If this is a joke I will have your hides! Footnote: I think I will need to update my sigfig, give him some hair and maybe render him a little bit. I decided I would string this MOC together because I haven't exactly got much time anytime soon and I want to move the story along a bit. It will be fun for the next mocs because I get to experiment with micro-builds and building spaceships which is something I've never really done much of. Although being a pilot would make more sense for the bonuses, it fits more in the story so I will stay as an engineer for now . The Whole Moc:
  13. Wedge09

    [K - G10] Purple Bar

    Location: G10 - Onix Tag: Building, Civil = = = = = = = = = In between missions, Alexander Vandangant's squad always find a moment to relax in a bar, be it on planets, space stations or like this time on a ship in flight over Onix. = = = = = = = = = Quick build of a friday evening. Enjoy!
  14. Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building "Just my luck, I get sent to work in Sinden's Run. It's like he knew I had a fear of space. Why did the man I accidentally spill coffee on have to be my supervisor? I need to fix the bugs in this extractor quickly or the boss will have my hide!" "The previous engineer who worked here was terrible, look at this mess!" "Who in there right mind puts that there? Oxygen is running low, I'll call the colony and get transport." A little footnote: Hello! This is my first MOC since I left the dark age and it is probably not very good. I felt I'd post it anyway as it was fun trying to build in LDD, the controls were a bit awkward so it took quite a while ! At the time of writing this I am not in the player index so I hope I am not being an inconvenience by posting this now. Sorry for how the pictures turned out, I need to read some more documentation. Didn't want to flood the thread with pics so there are more here.
  15. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Welcome back Triple H...

    Title: Welcome back Hans Tags: Civil building,Land vehicle, Engineering Bay (for tech bonus.) Planet: H06 Farmolis JS Smith has been sent back to Farmolois before heading out for the next mission to meet the new head of his engineering bay on Farmolis.... Cheers, thanks for looking, comments are always welcome. Jody
  16. goatman461

    [O - F03] Taking the Zoid Slaver

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Spaceship (Zoid Slaver), Land vehicle (Mech), Civil Building (Zoid Slaver Interior) "We got through but we need back up NOW!" "Mech and Emboian escort dropping in 5... 4... 3... 2... "1... He's down. Once those exterior guards are taken care of we'll get pressure back to the ship." "Better be quick, Callahan! We've yet to find those prisoners and they're letting the whole ship go to vacuum. DORA! Punch through as fast as you can and find them!" "On it, John!" ...later "Commander Hannibal... official count is up to 2,141 survivors... we lost a lot of brave Emboians, but John... this fleet is ours. Lots of repairs to do but it's ours..." "Thank you Admiral." "One more thing, Commander. You need to see what we found out about the Zoids' involvement with Kawashita..." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Octan Hull Splicing Mech. Typically used for hull repairs to capital ships around asteroid fields, but deployed against the Zoid fleet on F03 to secure safe passage for humanoid prisoners on board. Because Zoids can survive the vacuum of space, they are known to kill prisoners by exposure when attacked. [O - F03] Zoid Slaver Over Forring - Mech by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr C&C appreciated
  17. Isundir

    [K-E11] Meeting the Team P1

    Name: Meeting the Team P1 Location: E11 Tags: Civil, Spaceship After much discussion the Kawashita Main Branch has decided to send reinforcements to support the Andromeda Branch. Dispatching the Guardian of Desires, a new science-class research vessel by Kawashita's R&D subdivision Murakumo laden with new prototype tech to be field tested. Come in, ah yes the new security officer, Gattsu wasn't it? Aye sir, I was told to report by your office as soon as I arrived on the Guardian. Do excuse the mess, we had to leave a.s.a.p., well then I believe I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Kasshu Domon, Captain of the Guardian and second in command of Kawashita's subdivision Murakumo. I'll be assigning you to one of our R&D teams, Ypsilon, you'll provide security to the team both on this ship as well as when they're send out on field excursions and you'll be under direct command of the team leader Dr. Wei Fu. I'll also be signing you up for combat training, while I'm aware of your past as a Mercenary we do need to make sure your in top condition. Of course sir, I understand. Good, then head for Hangar bay 5 to meet your new co-workers, your dismissed. ... Sir permission to speak freely? Granted, what is it? Shouldn't he be informed on his real assignment as well as the true nature of Murakumo? Soon, when the time is right. Also did you manage to get access to his file yet? Yes sir, but... something is wrong, the majority of his file is scrambled. With the exception of his most recent venture as member of the Mercenary Unit, Taka no Dan, all other information is unreadable. Hmm, let me try my executive password *1L0v3H3ll0K1tty*, this is peculiar indeed only the Main Branch's board of directors could close of access for Murakumo executives. Why would they go out of their way to hide the majority of Gattsu's file. Full build and notes:
  18. Working hard in the workshop Location: H06 Tags: Building, Civil, Engineering, Land vehicle Working this past week has been brutal, I have been redesigning the new Mech. to be out fited for mining and prospecting but I just haven't gotten that far. I have managed to recruit on of my Octan robots and programed him for welding..nice to think that I do not have to supervise...right?..I mean what can go wrong?... and a short flick to see the welding clicking it will take you to my flicker page and run the movie Sorry for the pictures, flicker was having issues and I wanted to make the dead line. Cheers C & C are always welcome
  19. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F03] Peace in our Time

    Tags: Science, Spaceship Planet: F03, Foring The sun shined brightly in the field where the meeting was to be held. The Merchant Confederacy had decided a plantation on Foring (one belonging to a wealthy local client of theirs) as the place where the talks would be held. They had prepared a platform in the field. They had chosen a gains using the plantation itself as the facility was atmosphere controlled, and the air was not conducive to extended breathing by those with lungs... A bizarre ship descended from the heavens, carrying one of the two ambassadors of the Confederacy. Dr. Long and her colleagues has assembled before the platform, engaged in pre-meeting talks. Dr. Long: "the briefing mentioned extensively the refugee issue being faced by the Confederacy. I hope you aren't planning to offer free handouts to these people." John Hannibal: "They're not looking for Charity. We are here to discuss equitable trade arrangements. We are both looking for mutually beneficial arrangements. The refugees need somewhere to live and work... we need laborers on planets with atmospheres foreign to us, and colonists for our homesteads. I don't see that our goals are at odds." Dr. Long: "Very good. Another source of cheap Labor is always beneficial. I just want to ensure that these talks are productive." John Hannibal: "You don't have to babysit us. I am the CEO, after all." Dr. Long: "Of course, Mr. Hannibal." The final dignitary arrived, and the introductions began. John introduced the group to Callahan, with whom he'd been talking, and the new dignitary, a representative from the he plantation owner's company. Dr. Long found the new arrival most intriguing. "Fascinating" she stated, looking the man over, "I was lead to believe that the Merchant Confederacy is comprised solely of Humans... so that would make this specimen a human as well... the genetic modification is extensive... and perplexing. I wonder what purpose these appendages serve?" Dr. Long queried, gently lifting one of the dignitary's tentacles. John Hannibal: "Dr.Long, I don't see how this is appropriate. We are their guests. Well have time for medical examinations following the talks." Dr. Long: "Of course. This genetic modification technology is simply fascinating..." Dignitary: " performed by the Zoid to my people a hundred years or more ago. They desired an amphibious servitor of human stock. We were made to harvest the Awesomnium from the depths of Sorn, but We rebelled and joined the Confederacy, and now our proud traditions are practiced in freedom from the oppression of slavery." Wick Nole: "Greetings. Shall we begin?" Dignitary: "Yes, Let's" The talks continued for several hours as many important topics were brought to bare. Including the discussion of the refugees joining Octan as colonists, and Octan's inclusion in the confederacy, as well as the continued threat posed by the Zoid raiders. Callihan resolved that he wanted to inspect some of Octan's famous ships and to observe their pilots in action. When the meeting concluded, a fit 20 something year old with scruffy hair in a tight suit and brown kaki pants rushed to Dr. Long. Dr. Long: "What Is it?" She asked her secretary, Odus Dillberg. Odus: "Sorry to interrupt you Dr. Long!" Dr. Long: "What's done is done. What do you have for me?" Odus: "Well I just noticed you have a new meeting on your agenda for next week with HR on Farmolis!" Dr. Long: "I didn't schedule anyrhing... unless... Kevin." Odus: "Who?" Dr. Long: "A colleague. Sounds like I have to take a trip to Farmolis then..." Odus: "Alright! Roadtrip!" Dr. Long: "You can leave now." "Log date 440, This is Dr. Danielle Long, Recording from Foring. Diplomatic talks with the Merchant Confederacy have gone exceedingly well... I anticipate extensive collaboration in the futures. John Hannibal was right, their brand of Anarcho-Capitalism is quite compatible with Octan's practices. Furthermore, this time served as an excellent chance for one of my interns to gather flora samples. Time is money, after all. On another note... it may be prudent to take Zoid captives when next we encounter them... it sounds as though their gen-mod tech could be quite profitable should we be able to reverse engineer it... alright, that's it for now. Dr. Long out." Dr. Long has assigned an intern to gather specimens of local flora to be analyzed on the Axle! How industrious of her! Time is money, after all! The Science must get done! The ship is "The Flying Pig" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  20. LittleJohn

    [M-B09] MANTIS Outpost on Serium

    Location: B09 - Serium Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle Job: Explorer MANTIS sent me to Serium this week, to help construct a new communications base. I was glad for the opportunity to get a break from all the exploring I've been doing lately, and I even got to see my Old Friend, Massi Editoro. More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  21. My entry to Challenge 2, Cat. C. Just a quick little entry, though I'm pretty pleased with it. C&C welcome
  22. goatman461

    [O - E02] The Jin Homestead

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil After crash landing on Jurin II, Pilot John Hannibal left his medic/mechanic/explorer droid Dora to scout the area while he was away. As she gives him a tour of all of her favorite discoveries, John and Dora come across two new colonists, the Jins, retrieving their freshly delivered frontier pod. Ma' Jin very happy to see John, who has been the majority investor in their colonization bid with Octan, and John is excited to get such a good look at his eager, and not-so-shy colonist. [O - E02] Pod Drop 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Ma' - "John! So lovely to see you, and you too Miss Dora. How sweet of you to come check up on us. George! John's here! Climb your butt back up here and say hi!" Dora - "HI MA'!" Hannibal - "No need for that Mrs. Jin, I can see that he's busy..." George - "John!? I'll be right up." Hannibal - "Stay put for a minute George, I've got to come down there anyway, my droid is tracking something she saw a couple of weeks ago, it must be down a little lower." Ma' - "Oh, that's very likely John. These trees grow so fast whatever you're looking for is likely to have been consumed by now. And call me Ma' you turkey, you're every bit of our family, like it or not" Hannibal - "Yes Ma'. Very possible, about the growth that is..." Ma' - "What was it you were looking for?" Hannibal - "More M.A.N.T.I.S. personnel I'm afraid. Been finding remnants of their patrols all over the lower levels. Dora says this one is particularly interesting." Ma' - "Oh, yes... our little scarecrow. He was like that when we scouted this place out last week. The locals said they were having some fun..." Hannibal - "Locals?" Ma' - "Oh, yes, our little octopus friends... George was able to figure out how to communicate with them through colors! He can really only understand their general emotions about a subject, but they were quite tickled by their little stunt with the fella down below." Hannibal - "Hm, well if it's all the same to y'all, I'd like to move y'all's pod a bit further away to be safe; wouldn't want any kiddos catching something from that corpse. Also, don't report in about your new friends just yet. The company's latest "retrievals" of xenological specimens have not been very peaceful... "O.T.C, "Mercy Brandy" where's our closest pick-up" Mercy Brandy - "OS-461, picking up his droid, about an hour from your location... need pick-up expedited?" [O - E02] OS-461 - 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal - "Negative. Send Cantillon along, but an hour will be fine. We're going to move Colonists 81815 and 81915 and their pod to sector RTMP-136 when they get here." Mercy Brandy - "Confirmed, something wrong with our drop." Hannibal - "Negative. Y'all nailed your spot, just have some new factors to account for." Mercy Brandy - "Roger that, we'll adjust our orbit to give you more time on the ground." Dora - "OOOO, wait-wait-wait, does Captain Cantillon have Mabel with him! I can't wait to share!" Mercy Brandy - "He does, Dora, and she's anxious to share with you too. Mercy Brandy out." Ma' - "But John, we've been scouting this sector for weeks. It's just lovely." Hannibal - "Don't worry Ma', it's still yours. RTMP-136 is... was one of my sectors... it borders this one and now both belongs to you and George." Ma' - "Oh, John we just couldn't!" Hannibal - "Stop it. Now lets help George get that pod secured..." C&C welcome and appreciated
  23. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F08] Random Access Memories

    Planet: F08 (in Orbit) Tags: Science Guy 1: "I hear she sued a barista at Interstellarbucks for serving her lukewarm coffee." Guy 2: "I hear she fired her own mother." Guy 3: "I hear she drove a man insane." Guy 1: "I hear she's a corporate cyborg only capable of experiencing frustration and anger." Guy 2: "I hear Corporate loves her so much they commissioned a three story tall mecha suit in her image." Guy 3: "I hear she killed a guy for disobedience." Kodan: "I hear she's a strong self-reliant woman with a harsh exterior, but who truly cares for the safety and well-being of her employees, who is motivated by an ever-burning desire to know more about our universe, and to help those in need with her work!" Guy 1: "Where the blazes did you come from?" Kodan: "I've been here the whole time." Guy 2: "Oh crap! " "Log date 401, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the Axle in orbit over F08, where several surveillance missions are already underway. Octan shall establish its foothold on these inner-ring worlds before whatever is lurking in the Core comes out of hiding. As my well-restedness is of the utmost importance to Octan's interests, I have volunteered to partake in the final human trial of our labs' newest sleep-aid pill; "BonNuit". Tonight is my third night taking it, and so-far none of the adverse effects have been noticed. In earlier trials, some subjects noticed an increase of vivid dreaming, including reliving memories. Thusfar my sleep has been undisturbed by such. Alright, I'm nearly at my room. Dr. Long out for the night." ___________________________ "Look, I understand that they're booked! I'm just saying, there's no way I'm flying to Mars on anything other than 1st class!" "Explorien is holding their meeting regarding Branch executives of the Andromeda Galaxy mission next month? I need to be there, obviously. When is my meeting with the Axis' Engine design crew scheduled for?" "The shipment of these support beams is far overdue! This is the fifth delay this season! Time is money! We need them here yesterday!" "Well, If I reschedule my meeting with the Graviteers to the fifth, where does that leave me with the meteor detection specialist?" "This Quarter has been disastrous for us at Explorien. I need to be transferred to overseeing the Axis' budgeting, because currently, it looks like my wife, the Chief Engineer of the project, is being jerked around by a bunch of incompetent morons!" "Are you telling me they can't make time for their own boss? Tell them that I'll be seeing them on the twelfth and they'd better clear their agendas." "Yes, I am aware that Octan's been pursuing favorable Andromeda regulations with the Galaxy Squad. Explorien may not have the means to compete with Octan over legislation, but we can certainly beat them to the punch with Andromeda. Octan is a conservative corporation. Once The mega-project that is "the Axis" is unveiled, then we'll see who dominates this new galaxy we've gained access to." "爸妈! 看看! 我有这种鱼的肝!" ("bama! kan kan! Wo you zhe zhong yu de gan!") <<Dad and Mom! lookie! I have this fish's liver!>> "SHhhhhhhh!!!" _____________________ "Hey! So, you're my new roommate! I've been living here for a week before school starts up, so I kinda put my posters up all over the wall and stuff, but if you don't like any of them, I could take some down. You're Danielle, right? I'm Bob! Bob of Quatrian!" "You... Live like this?" "Hehe, yeah. It's pretty clean right now. I tidied up a bit 'cause I knew you'd be getting here soon." "Oh... This is definitely not going to work out." ______________________ "What right do you have to be here?" "She was my mother too, Abigail." "You... You abandoned us! You betrayed us! Why the hell are you showing your face now? Come to dance on her grave?" "Look. Mom and I may not have gotten along, but I am only here to pay my respects... nothing more." "You've got a lot to pay for, Danny. After your first semester at University, you didn't write, didn't call, didn't visit. You left us...." "I had to finance myself once Mom cut me off for pursuing science instead of Engineering." "And when Explorien was bought out by Octan, and Mom and Dad lost their jobs... Who was there to seize the Axis from us? What Mom and Dad worked so hard to build, and what ended up bankrupting the company? You! You even changed the blasted name!" "Octan vessels abide by certain naming conventions. "The Axle" performed much better in a customer survey than "The Axis." "What the blazes happened to you, Danny. Did you sign your soul off in your contract? Or did you charge top dollar for it!?" "I am the same as I have always been, Abigail." "I see that now." ________________ "Internal Mono-Log date 402, this is you. It would appear that I have suffered from the reported side-effects of Bonnuit. Tonight I experienced... memories... some good... some bad.... as I slept. I am quite groggy, but lack sufficient time to return to sleep. Might as well start the day early. If I receive a lukewarm coffee from the barista today, I swear someone's getting sued." _________________________ Extra pictures: And yes, Bob (and by introduction, Dr. Long) is a huge fan of the band "Space Police." Famous for hits such as "Roxanne, Don't turn on the Trans-neon-orange light," "Message in a Space Pod," and "Every little thing she does is Science-Fiction," It's a shame they split up, thought their lead singer, Celestial Sting, kept producing excellent music. Edit: worth noting that not all the rumours in the opening scene are true. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  24. Master_Data

    [M - D04] Peaceful Negotiations?

    Location: D04 Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Begin Log: It seems like the desert never ends here on Terrial Minor. I've been rumbling along in my M.A.N.T.I.S. Mech Armor Unit for hours with no trace of any Biomass. The power source Dan created seems to be holding up. Vvvvvvmmmmmm............. What was that? Activating Battle Arms! It seems to be some sort of UFO, piloted by a space slug! It seems to be attracted to the slug shaped lower armor on my suit. No signs of any hostility. I'll have Big Sal analyze its methods of communication so we can come to some sort of agreement. It hasn't attacked me yet, so I'll take that as a sign of peace! End Log
  25. Location: D04 (M.A.N.T.I.S. supply ship in orbit around D04, Maxximus Cor's office) Tags: Civil … … … … … Mr Cor- *sigh* Your impatience… troubles me. However, we should get down to business. Uh- The Council of Five has sent Lady Kianna on a secret mission of the utmost importance. So- She will no longer be able to act as CEO. Who- As per standard protocol in these situations, the Council consulted the Personnel Promotion Matrix to choose her successor. You can imagine our… consternation… when it suggested you. Me? Yes. The program appears to be suffering from the bugs that are afflicting all our Octansoft software currently. However, at such a… sensitive... time for M.A.N.T.I.S. we can hardly flout established protocols to appoint a more suitable candidate. So- Effective immediately, you are the CEO of M.A.N.T.I.S. I’m- Honoured, yes. But make no mistake, your primary role is still to continue work on Project Lambda. Do not allow your new title to go to your head. All decisions you make as CEO will be subject to review before execution. Who- The Council does not have time for such matters. Your decisions will be reviewed by Chief Accountant Long. WHAT? That's- You’re dismissed Sal. ---- Apparently my Lego room is actually "our guest room", and so I haven't been able to get to my bricks or spare much time this week . Hopefully I'll get chance to rebuild this in actual bricks in the future sometime, but for now it will have to do! Unrendered version in the spoiler.