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Found 3 results

  1. Having build a watch tower directly on the oil road, brave Desert King soldiers were able to defeat a non-surprise attack by Ulandus troops: Oil kept flowing throughout the skirmish... And the overview showing where the tower was built on the road: Thanks for looking! If I should win, I chose H6.
  2. The Oil Road The Battle for the Bloody Lane(WZ9:G7) For the Desert King! Mummy soldiers have been posted along the Oil Road to ensure the interests of the Desert King are preserved along its winding way. The mummies maintain order, and protect traders along the route from trouble rousers… such as these two Ulandians harassing an elderly merchant on the way to Mophet. “We are hungry and he carries pastries! We will not let some dead rags stop us from taking what we want! Aaarrgh!” The first Ulandian charges towards the mummy soldiers whilst the second was preparing to slink away. Hearing his comrade’s cry (and his own grumbling stomach), spurns him to action as well. Snick The first Ulandian’s head is sliced cleanly from his body, and the remaining soldier drops his spear. “I surrender – the Desert King is the best king ever! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” And here's just the road:
  3. SkaForHire

    Defending the Oil Road.

    Well, we were throwing around the "show me your army" posts, so in response to this new threat, I posted an army - not the army, but an army. Stay out of my woods! ---------------- DSC_1929 by skaforhire, on Flickr When our scouts reported that there was an allied army moving into Kaliphlin, one attempting to sever Eastgate and its protectorates from the rest of Kaliphlin, we had to act quickly. Second Lord of Eastgate Petera MacLean dispatched a raven to Barqa where he had Deregar the Bull gathering supplies and recruiting to join Dugal's army protecting Queenscross. Deregar was ordered with his personal guard, Abu'dun (Just returned from a meeting of the Great Generals) and a squad of Kaliphlin Guardsmen to meet the incoming threat. Most were given fresh mounts from the famed horse breeder of Barqa - Ime'r Koln, his precious white steeds are coveted by any lancer. DSC_1925 by skaforhire, on Flickr We find it odd that in a time when Revolword's troops ravage the countryside and prepare for assaults on various guild capitals, a force from Avalonia would march into Kaliphlin and attempt to stop our commerce and troop movements. Still, Abu'dun, the great diplomat, has come with a message of peace. His message to the leader of Zakon Goldblade's eternal warriors: From the hand of Petera Maclean, Second Lord of Eastgate: "We have heard of your unit's presence on Kaliphlin soil, and that you have begun to turn back merchants. We disagree with your actions, but we wish no bloodshed today. Our armies would be better served attacking together at the armies that threaten Queenscross and Albion, then attacking one another. I ask you to cancel your decree and to let commerce in this stressed time commence as in the previous few years. Please send your eternal guards where they are needed, the war against the elemental threat. My men under my cousin, Deregar, will escort you to the border of Kaliphlin, shall you wish. However, your army will pass no further than the point you meet this vanguard. The Wither Woods have long been under the protection of Eastgate, and GEAR Company's vested interests in the economic industries of the region is paramount to the economies of Eastgate, Kaliphlin, and parts of Avalonia. Further commerce should commence immediately, and the region should be spared warfare if at all possible in these troubled times. I hope that we can see peace today, but know that the sword of Kaliphlin is strong, and we as a people will resist foreign invasion if necessary. -Peace, and good day. Petera MacLean." DSC_1919 by skaforhire, on Flickr Deregar the Bull in the middle of his troops. DSC_1921 by skaforhire, on Flickr A unit of Kaliphlin Guardsmen DSC_1915 by skaforhire, on Flickr A scout watches their flank. DSC_1914 by skaforhire, on Flickr The whole MOC. more here