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  1. Historic themes have their own lovely thread all about sharing cool parts and sets that can be adopted and adapted to fit their theme. So here we are with our own thread. Ready to supply any budding adventurer! This thread is for sharing about parts, prints and sets that are currently available from 2021 onwards. (Of course if the thread lasts a long time, some sets and parts/prints might be retired in future). Any and all themes can be the source of useful parts and even sets that supply our thirst for Adventure! Build a Minifig, Pick a Brick and Bricks and Pieces tips are welcome. Remember: Adventure is out there!
  2. Are you confused by who is who in LEGO Adventurers? Why were the heroes' names changed between 1998 and 2003? And is the bad guy Baron von Barron, or Slyboots, or Lord Sam Sinister? Then this is the video for you! Join the LEGO Detective as we solve the infamous Sam Sinister Switcheroo! Adventurers has been my personal favorite LEGO theme ever since I started collecting the Dino Island sets back in 2000 and got infected with incurable LEGO mania. But it wasn't until I played LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge in 2004 and wondered "Hey, why is Sam Sinister called 'Mr. Hates' here?" that I first experienced the series's long and confusing history of naming characters differently in various markets and publications. Originally inspired by the popular Adventurers fan site on Geocities from 1999-2008 and kickstarted by the release of 10273 Haunted House in 2020, I began researching and compiling every alternate name and source I could find so I could one day present it all in an easily-accessible guide for fellow LEGO fans. This video is the finished culmination of the past four years of research. In this video, I make sure to cite and show every source I could find, but there are a few missing sources that remain unidentified. Note that one uncited name, Ulrich Unhold, has already been very quickly identified by viewers within a day of the video's release: it's in the German instructions for the Orient Expedition board game, which is the only language that changes Lord Sam Sinister's name (honestly, I'm not sure how I missed that!). So I'm hoping that someone here on Eurobricks may be able to help me track down the remaining names. The first is what I believe to be a Swedish print ad from 1998, which I saw once on Brickshelf but I can't find it again. This would name the characters Hjälten, Rita Reporter, Professor Påläst, Lars Looping, General Galning, Knock-out Berra, and Faraoh Hotep. As shown in the video, here is a rough mockup of what I remember it looking like: The second is a publication (presumably a catalog, but could have been a magazine or a print ad) from the Netherlands in 2000, described by on Lugnet. This refers to the villains as Alex Gluipstra and Alexis Gluipstra. I believe that this may also be the same as the third missing source, described on the aforementioned Geocities page, which refers to Mr. Cunningham as Sluwe Jacques. If you're able to identify (and better yet, provide scans of) these unknown sources, or if you know of any other alternative names that I missed in this video, please let me know!
  3. This house was digitally built in 2018, really built in 2019, then languished in a WIP state for several years before being finished last month. Enjoy the pictures - this model has been a long rough ride since the beginning, but it was worth it! I was inspired to create this model from the 2018 Jurassic World set 75930, Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, with some design cues from set 10228, Haunted House. The dollhouse-style model was built from the set pictures, with the play features removed and opening rear sections added to match the front half. The house folds apart, doll house style, with the rear section opening in quarters up to 90 degrees. (Technic pins hold the model shut for transport and ease of handling) The modular building compatible base is able to be removed from the building to facilitate access to the inside details. The rear of the mansion features a back door (perfect for escapes when the locals get feisty about the scientist playing god again!) and the chimney flue. Moving inside, The bottom floor features the living room and dining rooms, while the second floor is the bedroom, study and pipe organ rooms. The third floor features the laboratory for the study of time travel. The rear door to the outside is in the right rear section, while the safe containing the house's title and family paper work is directly above on the second level. This area also has stairs from first to second floors and what appears to be Frankenstein's monster on the third floor's operating table! The left rear quarter features the fireplace and telephone on the first floor and a bed for the second floor's master bedroom. The stairs to the third floor are also on this side. It seems the time stone from the Marvel Universe is also here... I wonder what the Doctor plans on doing with it? I built the roadster model by heavily stretching set 40532 - Vintage Taxi by about seven studs. This allowed for me to add in mechanical details. I added a covered spare tire at the rear of the car, and blacked out the back windscreen to give the impression of a fabric convertible top. As an added bonus, the car still seats two figures with room in the trunk for luggage. (Any and all resemblance in the mad doctor to moderators, living, dead, or otherwise, is totally coincidental. It is totally not @Professor Thaum in his younger years. ) The rear of the MOC. Inside view of the car, with seating for two and room for baggage. ...and that's all I've got. Thoughts, comments, complaints and suggestions welcome!
  4. Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure Category C 5968 The Cursed Race (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “Not again! Another mummy chasing us” – Johnny Thunder “Well at least this one isn’t making any jokes” – Gail Storm 5968 The Cursed Race is the second chapter in the new journey on the Classic LEGO Adventurers theme. Shortly after Baron acquired the map it lifted the curse of Pharaoh Yuy. Our heroes still managed to get the map from Baron and Sinister but must now race against Pharaoh Huy. The only way our Adventurers can break the curse is to find the missing Jem of Anut. Features: - 292 pcs/pzs - Playfull Vehicles - 4x Minifigures (Johnny Thunder, Gail Storm, Dr. Charles Lighting and Pharaoh Yuy) Behind the Adventure Chapter II What kind of an Adventure would it be without cool vehicles and a mystical mummy? In this concept I wanted to bring vehicles that haven’t been made into a set previously. For example, a car capable of sitting all three main characters and an Egyptian chariot. The car is heavily inspired by the classic Excalibur cars. It was around two years ago, in a summer classics expo, when I saw an Excalibour car and when I saw it in real life I told myself if one day I was ever to do an Adventurers project this would be the heroes car. No more, no less. The model, the colors and the design just felt visually right and of course I added some small variations to fit the LEGO System. In the process I left my favourite part for last… The Mummy! Since I was a kid I always had a soft spot for villains, I don’t know why but they have always looked cooler than the heroes, always had the best musical scores and the best quotes, it’s just my opinion. In my draft story I wrote a new character, Pharaoh Yuy, a distant relative to Pharaoh Imoteh. He would be this cursed spooky ghost and for that I would use the Yellowish Green and Transparent Bright Green color pallet to that effect. The music themes of Ra from Stargate and The Mummy from composers David Arnold and Jerry Goldsmith inspired the design. I also found pressure in making this concept because it featured the minifigures of the heroes. Each to their own with their unique look and dressing. I maintained the color scheme and focused on refreshing with little drawing notes from my visual memory and movie culture inspirations and on top of that I adopted nowadays guidelines for minifigure design. Here is a detailed look at the graphic design of the characters and as well a closer look at the printed/stickers elements. And that concludes, for now, my take on Adventurers :D I hope you enjoyed my work, thank you for viewing it. Feel free to comment or add any ideas of what you would like to see in another chapter of Adventurers. Until the next project 😉
  5. On the desert outskirts of the city where Johnny Thunder lives, there is an old airstrip where Johnny's old friend Harry Cane lives. In his little rundown hangar, the ace pilot maintains his biplane and prepares for the gang's next adventure. The old tin roof has patches of rust on it. The doors can be opened and closed as seen in this animation. On one side of the hangar there is a pile of crates, Harry's motorcycle, and a palm tree. On the other side of the hangar there is an old power generator. The steam powered generator chugs along, providing electricity to the building. Let's take a closer look inside the hangar. The roof can easily be removed to access the interior. This is where Harry's office desk is located. It is cluttered with a radio, maps, bills, booze, and navigation equipment. Next to it is a filing cabinet with a fan and a little easter egg. There's also a pile of cargo crates with adventuring gear, a brass fire extinguisher (the old kind which has a little rubber hose dangling from the top and which you simply tilt upside down to use), and a wall telephone. On this side there is a pinboard with a picture of Harry's friends Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy, and various maps, including ones from the 2 previous adventures that Harry accompanied Johnny on. There is also Harry's workbench and tanks of oil and gas. Here is a closer look at Harry's biplane which he used during the war. The rudder can be adjusted. A small car that Harry uses to get to and from the hangar. It is designed in the style of the little impulse sets and polybags that were common for the Adventurers theme. It has a small baggage area in the back and the classic license plate with his initials. I hope you like this entry. I will leave you with a photo of Harry in front of his plane.
  6. Welcome to Lord Sinister's office. Our villainous four sometimes get away with the loot, which should belong to a museum. You can find many lost artifacts on the shelves. From the Desert to the Orient Expedition. just look around! And even more! Hope, this little guest won't end up here...
  7. Adventurers. The theme that brought us the man, myth, minifig Johnny Thunder and his fellow explorers and treasure seekers; friend and foe alike, has reached is 25th year. A Silver Jubilee. To celebrate this cornerstone theme of Action and Adventure a major contest has arrived. There are three exciting categories to this contest and you can enter all three right up until the closing date on the 18th of August at midnight GMT, members who have joined even minutes ahead of the deadline are welcome to enter. Category A - Great Adventure: Build an adventure on a maximum 48x48 footprint. This can be an epic rebuild of an old set, a new location in a past adventure or a whole new challenge for Johnny Thunder and friends. Treasures, rivals, monsters and ruins; even after 25 years, the Adventurers are ready! While original figures or the obvious callback minifigs from more recent themes are not necessary, the figures at least have to be recognisable as Johnny Thunder and co. The prize up for Grabs is 150 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop. Category B - From the office of...: On a maximum footprint of 32x32 create the home work environment of the classic Johnny Thunder characters. From Doctor Charles Lightning's study to the Library at Sinister Mansion, everyone has a space to prepare for future adventure. As with the main category, the figures have to be recognisable as the Adventurer characters as best as possible. The prize up for Grabs is 100 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop. Category C - Ride to Adventure: Some form of vehicle for an adventurer. From All terrain truck to Dog Sled, an adventurer has to get to their goal. This one allows for Digital Entries and figures that don't have to be Adventurer theme characters. The prize up for Grabs is 50 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop Rules - No clone brands but custom figure parts/prints are acceptable. Digital entries are only accepted for the Ride to Adventure category. This must be a new MOC or otherwise significantly different to previously posted builds- For example, a nice statue build already shared can form an element of the new MOC, likewise a desk/bookshelf design. As long as it is not the main or largest part of the contest entry, recycling is allowed within reason. If a vehicle is present as part of the larger categories, it cannot be entered into the Ride to Adventure category. The Great Adventure and From the Office of builds do not have to be assembled onto a baseplate, but must demonstrably be within the stipulated footprint. A scale shot has to be included extra to the entry photos that shows the footprint (ruler, plates, outline. Anything that can be used to prove the MOC sits within the required footprint for the category). Reasonable overhang is limited to incidental points no more than 4 studs over the boundary. A tree branch, flagpole or other small features. Hight limit can be defined if it must, but for now it simply has to be a stable build that does not topple. Entries are to be posted in their own thread with up to three photos to showcase the MOC, not inclusive of the scale photo if required. Further photos can be shared in the MOC thread, indicated to be extra to the chosen entry pictures. A link for the thread must then be shared in the respective Category threads in order to be considered for the contest. Entries posted until 0:00 on 18/08/2023 will be eligible to enter. Any further questions can be asked in this thread and if pertinent will be added below this line. Category A Entry Thread Category B Entry Thread Category C Entry Thread
  8. From the Office of Dr. Charles "Lightning" Kilroy, Researcher at the Museum of History and Adventurer: Dear Johnny, It hasn't been long since our last adventure together, but I have come across a map during my latest research that I believe could lead to an extraordinary discovery! I don't want to say much more here in case this message gets intercepted by that fiendish Sam Sinister. I think we might have another adventure on our hands, old friend, so pack your things and meet me at the museum! And please hurry - I have seen Sinister's goon Slyboots lurking outside of the museum. Your friend, Dr. Kilroy PS: I have been hearing eerie noises coming from Pharaoh Hotep's sarcophagus down in the exhibit. Probably just my imagination though... This is the exterior of the museum where Dr. Kilroy works. Some say that the building resembles Dr. Kilroy with its black, white, and green color scheme and pith helmet-like dome. In front of the museum, the evil Slyboots is up to no good while a paperboy is selling a newspaper with Pippin Reed's latest article on her adventures with Johnny Thunder. I imagine this to be located in England, so I added a British mailbox in front. Dr. Kilroy's office is above the Ancient Egypt exhibit at the Museum of History. Dr. Kilroy is currently hard at work studying an old treasure map he found. His desk is filled with a typewriter, a pencil holder, a lamp, and letters that have piled up while he was away on his last adventure. His signature pith helmet hangs on a hat rack behind him next to a safe with important documents. In the left corner of his office, he has a pile of adventuring gear which he usually doesn't bother to unpack because when your best friend is Johnny Thunder, the next adventure is always just around the corner! There is also a small stand with his brand new telephone device, a full suit of medieval armor, and a terrarium with his pet Cobra Cleapatra who Dr. Kilroy picked up during one of his excavations and who likes to roam the museum and sometimes stowaway in the doctor's backpack, much to Johnny's dismay. A framed picture of Dr. Kilroy and Johnny Thunder that Pippin Reed took hangs on the wall. The right corner of the office is filled with books, a globe, a telescope, and various historical artifacts from past LEGO themes. There is even the papyrus that set the Adventurers off on their Egypt adventure. Down in the Ancient Egypt exhibit, Pharaoh Hotep stirs from his slumber to retrieve his Re-Gou ruby that is proudly displayed in the center of the hall..There is also an obelisk, a slab with hieroglyphics, and other treasures from the pharaoh's tomb. The other side of the exhibit features a large Anubis statue, a display with the Pharaoh's staffs, and more hieroglyphics. I hope you like this entry. I built it in the same half modular style as the Diagon Alley shops. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and keep on adventuring!
  9. Dr. Kilroy retreats to his personal library to record his adventures and plan for new expeditions. Two huge bookshelves brimming with knowledge help him research the flora, fauna, customs, and cultures of any country in the known world. Copies of the maps used in his original adventures hang on the walls of the library, and a large globe helps him plan trips to new destinations. Today, Dr. Kilroy is researching the potential origins of an artifact found on a remote island. Dr. Kilroy's library includes a large desk, a lamp, a comfortable armchair, a large globe, bookshelves with a ladder on a curved rail, and of course, plenty of books. EXTRA PHOTO: Thanks for viewing!
  10. Celebrating 25 Years of Adventure Category C 5926 Desert Secrets (Product Concept) By Rui Miguel “At last Sinister! The lost treasures of Princess Anut are in our grasp!” – Baron Von Barron 5926 Desert Secrets is the first chapter of a new journey on the Classic LEGO Adventurers theme. Our favorite villain duo: Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister have located the mystic shrine statue which is believed to unveil a secret map with the locations of Princess Anut's treasures. These artifacts can bring fantastic power to those who acquire, but be careful with what you discover, Adventurer… Some artifacts come with a terrible curse. Features: - 172 pcs/pzs - Interactive Puzzle Model Build - 2x Minifigures (Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister) - Playable Ural Motorcycle Behind the Adventure Chapter I I surely can’t be the only one who misses the Adventurers theme. I can’t tell you the number of times I played with my Johnny Thunder sets back in the day and still do sometimes. When I was a kid I always played with Johnny as mix between Indiana Jones meets Rick O'Connell meets "Crocodile" Dundee. When I saw the contest with the guidelines and the design process I do with my MOCs, I felt this could be a great opportunity to explore the simple, yet complex idea of: What if the Adventurers theme came back, what could that look like? It's not only celebrating 25 years of Adventure, but also 25 years of MOCs in the making by so many fellow AFOLs and TFOLs so for me to make this concept right I also needed to have in mind that I would not only be designing my vision of Johnny Thunder, but also make sure to get, as much as possible, everyone’s vision in that process too. I wrote down a small crazy draft of a story, in which later served as my blueprint for this set and my other entry. I was very careful reinventing the characters' design; I wanted them feel new and yet respecting and preserving what made their look iconic. Below I show in more detail the physical prototype I built before doing the digital color test. View here 5926 Prototype action in hand Here is a detailed look at the graphic design on the characters Baron Von Barron and Sam Sinister as well a closer look at the printed/stickers elements. And that’s all for this chapter! :D I put a lot of heart into this project, hope you enjoyed my work, thank you for viewing it. Feel free to comment or add any ideas of what you would like to see in a new chapter of Adventurers. If you haven't already, go visit my other Adventurers concept: The Cursed Race which is a follow-up to this story.
  11. Not every adventure has to contain something supernatural. No curse of the ancient pharaohs, no forgotten ape-man, or man-tiger. No living, nonextinct dinosaur. Only ancient history, which is waiting to be discovered. You can find all of our heroes! Johnny Thunder is giving an interview to Miss Gail Storm. Mike is hunting for butterflies. Dr. Chares Lightning making new discoveries! But with every adventure, greed comes with it. Lord Sam Sinister is plotting again. What is in Baron von Barron's tent? Mr. Cunningham and Alexis Sanister stealing eggs. More Pictures Here: 25 Years of Adventure Cat. A
  12. 25 Years of Adventure Category A The Oasis Ambush A rebuild of one of my favorite Adventurers sets: 5938: Oasis Ambush. Despite being a small set, 5938 has almost everything a kid could ask for: A good guy, a bad guy, hidden treasure for them to find, danger to overcome, and a working function of some kind! Plus, the original model itself is unique, recognizable, and lends itself well to re-imaginings. Not only does my re-imagining include the tomb, the palm tree, the mummy, the scorpion, OG Sam Sinister / Slyboots, and (of course) Johnny Thunder, but it also includes an oasis and ... Well, an ambush. Actually, two ambushes of sorts. Johnny Thunder, blissfully unaware, bathes in the oasis after wandering the desert for days in search of the tomb. He brought his trusty comb and hand-mirror to help him stay clean, but in the corner of the mirror he catches a glimpse of something ... Slyboots! Or is it Sam Sinister? Anyway, Slyboots has managed to ambush Johnny Thunder. He has swiped the Golden Spear, and clearly has the upper hand. However, grabbing the Spear has awakened ... (EXTRA PHOTO) ... The Mummy, eyes glowing red, out to punish the one who dislodged the Golden Spear! The impetus for making Johnny Thunder get ambushed while bathing stemmed from the fact that his only expression is a smiling one. If he was ambushed by someone, and that someone was in plain view, he probably wouldn't be smiling. A chain was almost connected to the spear and to the lid of the tomb. Although pulling the chain is easy to do with the original set (5938), this would probably take considerable force for a Minifigure to do, so Slyboots probably wouldn't be able to casually pull the chain while aiming a pistol at Johnny. Instead, I settled on a magical explanation for the tomb's opening. A few creatures were scattered throughout the build to give life to the oasis. See if you can find them! Thanks for viewing!
  13. My favorite sub-theme in the Adventurers series was Dino Island. Yeah, which twelve-year-old kid doesn't like dinosaurs? For that Christmas, I wished for the 5955 All Terrain Trapper set, and I was a good boy and got it. It was a really good set, with a triceratops and a stegosaurus, and the net-throwing vehicle For this entry, I recreated the vehicle, with some upgrades. As you can see, I still have the original minifigs from this set. Just needed a little more: Search Light, More chains, more equipment, A better engine, a more boat-like shape, a better net gun. I hope you like it! And if you really liked it, check out more pictures here!
  14. This wall painting depicts a scene based on this youtube video. Anyone who has a feline companion may have observed the knocking-down-cups-from-the-table syndrome many cats seem to be showing. And while there is probably extended scientific literature around to explain this behaviour, the general consensus seems to be that cats are monsters but we still love them. I reckon the ancient Egyptians knew this long before we did so I thought it to be a funny Idea to make a painted wall fragment displaying precisely that. At the same time I grabbed this opportunity to do an extensive SNOT study. I wasn’t able to include this in my Egyptian temple, it is too big and the yellow background doesn’t match the rest of the temple (some constructions required a specific part that is not available in tan). I did like working in this scale, it allowed me to put in some more details such as the golden anklet, the striped hair and belt on the female figure. Incase anyone would wonder, the hieroglyphs are printed tiles originating from the very first Star Wars Naboo Fighter. Building instructions available at Rebrickable!
  15. The Adventurers are exploring Dino Island, searching for the Ankylosaurus. They found the Ankylosaurus....and a hidden treasure. Pictures: 01_Adventurers_Search_For_The_Ankylosaurus by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Adventurers_Search_For_The_Ankylosaurus by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 04_Adventurers_Search_For_The_Ankylosaurus by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 08_Adventurers_Search_For_The_Ankylosaurus by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Hidden treasure. This crystal has been investigated at the Dino Research Compound (set 5987). More pictures at Flickr:
  16. Coming soon! A contest to celebrate 25 years of Adventurers is on its way. Get out the maps, prepare the gear and stock up on supplies, the expedition starts in ten days. While I won't give away the whole contest rules and requirements I can answer a few queries for folks. On a side note, do you like the Action and Adventure themed Eurobricks logo?
  17. Johnny Thunder's offroader. A powerfull offroader to discover Dino island. 01_Adventurers_Dino_Island__Offroader by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Adventurers_Dino_Island__Offroader by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Detachable cargo crate: 03_Adventurers_Dino_Island__Offroader by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr:
  18. Greetings, adventurers! This is my entry for the 60th Anniversary of the Brick contest on Brickset, a microscale version of the classic Adventurers set 5988 The Temple of Anubis. Here is a picture of the original set for comparison: Here is a closer look at some of the more detailed parts of the set such as one of the Anubis statues, the truck, and the hot air balloon. I hope you like it and keep on adventuring!
  19. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    5935 Island Hopper Redux

    Hello everyone! I'm here on the Action and Adventure forum today to share with you my latest creation: 5935 Island Hopper Redux! 5935 Island Hopper redux by Joshua, on Flickr 5935 Island Hopper redux flying by Joshua, on Flickr 5935 Island Hopper redux wheels down by Joshua, on Flickr 5935 Island Hopper redux interior by Joshua, on Flickr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5935 Island Hopper was one of my favorite sets TLG ever put out. I have many happy memories from my youth of long hours spent lost in the world of Johnny Thunder, and this set was always my favorite to play with, and somehow always made it into every adventure, no matter what environment it was taking place in. Sadly I no longer have the original set still complete, but recently I came across the instructions, and decided it was time for this to be reborn with new parts and techniques. All the play features from the original set are there, such as folding wings, and removable roof, but I also added a few of my own, namely retractable landing gear, opening rear hatch,full interior, and working vertical and horizontal stabilizers. Worth noting is that many of the pieces from the original set were used in the new model. Hope you all like it! Long Live Johnny Thunder! Cheers, Joshua
  20. Here are my two revamped Adventurers vehicles: the tan Scorpion Tracker owned by Johnny Thunder, and the red Island Racer purchased by Lord Sam Sinister. ISLAND RACER I took another look at 2020 set 40409 (Hot Rod) and, after tinkering with it a bit, was reminded of the 2000 set 5920 (Island Racer) from Adventurers. I thought about how the styles could merge into one car, and this is the result. The grille, headlights, and bonnet have all been changed, and the color swapped from blue to red. I also used the longer red wheel arches to go around the short red arches extreme scarcity. (I actually like this change better, honestly.) SCORPION TRACKER This car was heavily modified from a model by BricksAA and these free MOC instructions over on Rebrickable. The car is named the Scorpion Tracker, named after set 5918 (Scorpion Tracker) but styled after set 2995. (Adventurers car and skeleton) The car also features a spare tire hanging at the back of the vehicle. This vehicle can seat three figures total, which usually means Johnny at the wheel, Pippin Reed riding shotgun beside him and Dr. Kilroy seated in the back. Thoughts? EDIT: 3/4/23: real world photos added!
  21. Hello there everybody, a quick little project I wanted to share: Inspired by Adventurers, Indiana Jones and even Pharao's Quest, I built a little expedition truck... hope you enjoy it!
  22. I made a kinetic sculpture of an exploration car challenging rough road conditions. (Find it on LEGO Ideas) The video says it all really. The vehicle is attached to the landscape on the starboard side, keeping it in place. I hope you like it, don't forget to comment and support . Thank you!
  23. A quick built: Johnny Thunder’s Desert Tracker. The Adventurers use this small car for exploring the desert of Egypt. It has a small cargo box for transporting tools and other stuff. 01_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Adventurers_Desert_Tracker by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures are also at Flickr:
  24. I would like to introduce Patric O'Leary, an Irish friend of Johnny Thunder, whom he met during WW I at the Palestinian front (torso with yellow hands and head; I think the sunglasses are very helpful in the bright sun of the desert). Patric studies a map of the Holy Land - only he knows what his quest goes for ...
  25. I came across these German audio dramas and am wondering if anyone can translate them and post the dialogue in English. Thanks everyone and enjoy. LEGO SYSTEM adventure: The hunt for the Pharaoh LEGO Orient Expedition