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  1. Lighting + color choices = very nice.
  2. mrcp6d

    Mophet training ground

    Sweet MOC. Your minifig posing and head selection really brings it to life.
  3. mrcp6d

    [AoM House Phase I] Goatherd's Hut

    NPU with the energy effect part.
  4. I don't think it has an end date, and hope it doesn't. I'm hoping to get a build out in the next month or so that would fit its intent.
  5. mrcp6d

    [MOC] boat spaceship

    Great use of one of the harder pieces to use as not intended! Also, sweet color scheme; we definitely don't see much tan in space vehicles.
  6. mrcp6d

    Finding a profession, first try

    Nice vignette! Solid NPU for the wand elements as knitting needles, that technique for flooring ALWAYS looks good--nice variation on it with the unevenness, and the collection of thread/yarn spools in the corner is a nice detail. 2 things I think that could be improved are filling the technic pin with something (ex: either the wavy flame or the new candle flame are most obvious, but there's some good examples of other solutions for candle flame out there as well: black bar/cut tubing/string coming out of cut white tubing/screwdriver for a wick) and covering up the anti-studs in the chair back with something/flipping the structure around somehow. Overall, very nice bit of backstory for your character.
  7. Excellent use of the patronus deer. The pine tree is great too, loving the pine cones.
  8. mrcp6d

    Aithaz Hold

    Really awesome work again Ecc!
  9. mrcp6d

    Challenge III - Category B: Palisade

    I agree with kahir88 that a few more pales on the left side being a plate higher/lower than the rest would have added some additional visual interest. Also, some more variation in the ground cross-section itself such that the dark tan isn't a constant 2 plate thick barrier at a constant height would lend some realism perhaps. I do think that the minifig choices and posing is perfect however.
  10. Beautiful all LEGO ally scene!
  11. The pavilion in the background is really awesome, but for me those tents steal the show; they're perfectly executed.
  12. This is great Josh. Round is hard enough, but you also built in a lovely subtle taper to the structure--really nice. Many thanks for the how-to picture of the roof!
  13. mrcp6d

    Challenge III: Category A: A Chilling Truth?

    Colors are lovely here, especially with those light blue arms on the minifigs.
  14. mrcp6d

    Loads of Apples

    Nice landscaping SK. The pond is my favorite part and I'll echo Kai's comment about the lily pad. Seeing the grey horse reminds me how nice it would be to have more than 3 colors of the modern horses!
  15. Saw this on flickr the other day and spent some time looking over all the details. Awesome MOC!