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  1. mrcp6d

    St. Joseph [Varlyrio, HSS]

    The repetitive arches are cool, interior is great with the rafters/arches & benches, and for some reason I really like the cups under the dome--absolutely no idea why.
  2. mrcp6d

    Khaor Guard Tower [Varlyrio, HSS]

    Very nice architecture and detailing--particularly, I like the tile floors that you're incorporating in this series. If I could complain about the presentation for a moment though.... I feel like some illusion of water would make quite an improvement, even if it's the silly pile o' trans-blue 1x1s.
  3. Nice little shop. I like the porch/deck on top, we don't see that very often, and as others have noted the colors are sweet.
  4. mrcp6d

    GoH Book III

    Heck yeah! Welcome! You spelled Mitgardian wrong. Fixed it for you.
  5. mrcp6d

    Aurora of Avalonia

    I really like this ship de Gothia! Nice example of a LEGO carrack. But only 2 pictures?
  6. mrcp6d

    The Busy Streets of Ostia

    This is a fantastic MOC. I really like how compact it is--shows what can be achieved without a giant collection! Great attention to detail throughout and the angled section in the back forming a walkway adds a lot of visual depth. I think the hardest thing about building in Varlyrio is going to be keeping the building styles as medieval-ish as possible. A squad of redcoats wouldn't look out of place in this MOC at all, I think it's probably the blue building that really gives off almost an age of sail feeling.
  7. mrcp6d

    Avalonian Windmill

    Perfectly executed DC-style technique with the structures, but what I think makes this MOC really work, is the few-bricks-tall hill you set them on. That and the camera angle really balance out the build I think.
  8. Going with all-studs and cacti certainly inspire thoughts of the American deserts rather than African or Arabian to my eye, even before I read the posts above related to the subject. Looking forward to where the quest leads!
  9. This is simply a perfect Mitgardian house in the summertime. Glad to have you in the Guilds and especially here in the North!
  10. mrcp6d

    Prelude: An Avalonian Council

    The windows are great, and as others have mentioned, the lighting is perfect; however, my favorite details are the large but not overpowering fireplace and especially the firewood stack. Somebody needs to trim that lavender-leafed tree back a bit though. I'm sure the lord and lady don't want any more broken windows!
  11. mrcp6d

    Varlyrian Olive Farm

    Solid build. The tree is a great representation of the real thing and the low rock wall is perfect!
  12. mrcp6d

    The Island of El Harraz

    Lovely MOC John! You've got so much going with the colors and architecture, and I think you added the perfect amount of plant life to the build--just enough, not too much. I do think you could have gone further to sell the island concept though.
  13. mrcp6d

    Tradesmeet - Varlyrian Port

    Impressive in both scale and detail!
  14. Looking forward to a year of snow-and-ice MOCs! I've updated Mikkel Winter-Stone's wardrobe a bit; and, because everyone's fig pieces have been asked before, here's the BrickLink links: Feather Hat Head Scarf Torso Green Arms Hands Legs
  15. mrcp6d

    GoH Book III

    Mikkel Winter-Stone will be back for Book III in Mitgardia! Looking forward to another year in Historica.