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  1. [MOC] Woodsford Hold

    Strong MOC! The keep itself is fantastic, but the little vignettes & details you packed in are really what makes this shine for me.
  2. Double Trouble on Staor Mountain

    Solid build SK. My favorite bit is that little table!
  3. Anybody know what the LEGO shop looks like in Billund? Do you have to get a Legoland ticket to get in? Other attractions? I guess you can't just walk into the factory and get a tour () but I could have enough time while on travel to wander over to Lego Mecca if it's worth it...
  4. (MOC) Rivendell

    Freaking nuts SK, freaking nuts. Architecture is insane with all those different types of columns and I'm really surprised at how well all the colors in the landscaping pull together.
  5. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Great build! Heavy Derfel influence always looks good, especially in Avalonia; but I really enjoy how you restrained it a bit and went with a little cleaner look. Being able to see through the windows to the backdrop is driving me nuts though. Got to either build more than half the building for real or wall it up with black bricks!
  6. Sea Haven

    The two+ brick thick base adds a lot of heft and color that I really like! Another great build.
  7. A journey to Mitgardia

    Awesome all around!
  8. [MOC] The New Shogunate

    Really stunning work here. This MOC is so full of character and emotion. Well done!
  9. [AoM]:popcorn, anyone?

    Fun use of those corn pieces!
  10. Foyodran Tower, The Void Valley

    I really like the tower itself and the landscaping at its base, but the diving board is all sorts of weird. Pretty awesome example of what you can do with all of three colors.
  11. Fun figs! A great expansion of the Guilds.
  12. Barnaby's Escapade

    Great gatehouse! I really like that the two towers aren't the same height, nice variety.
  13. Book II Challenge V Voting

    Henjin_Quilones TitusV kahir88
  14. Katoren Monastery

    Your texture choices here are on point. Studs/no studs & bricks/1x1 round plates are perfection for both landscaping contrast and decorative flair. Love it.
  15. Bjarn-dar Keep

    This is fantastic SK! The round tower is seamlessly integrated, which is impressive with the stonework texture you went with, and of course we're treated with the standard awesome interior in your MOCs. My favorite detail is the cheese and tile arches. That said, I've got two little issues: no flag on the turret, and, the landscaping is a bit unremarkable. Solid MOC, one of the best small castles I've seen in a while.