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  1. [MOC] Old 20's Vehicles

    These are all awesome!
  2. Shinmizu Village

    This is a really lovely MOC guys! The buildings are great, the water is fantastic, and the cliffs are well executed.
  3. [MOC] Best Brewery of Empire

    I really enjoy the whimsy about this MOC!
  4. A Bargain of Mead

    Finally the Crusaders had enough of the Forestmen waylaying carriages, high jacking barges, and poaching the king’s deer. The king ordered a wagon loaded with his finest mead and dispatched under white flags to one of the occupied crumbling watchtowers near the edge of the forest as a peace offering in hopes of starting negotiations to end the Forestmen’s harassing activities. This was one of my entries to the CCCXV. For some reason, I never got around to posting it here! Some more pics here. C&C appreciated.
  5. The Streets of Daydelon

    For me, probably the most impressive thing here is the roofs. Pretty dang awesome, though I can't figure out why you hid those lovely dormer windows in the back! Great MOC again SK!
  6. Twilight Hovel

    Really great little building and a solid fall color scheme. The boulders are a fun touch too. Sweet MOC!
  7. Death in the Rafters

    Thanks narbilu! I've been wanting to use CMF base plates as shingles for a long time, didn't think I'd be using them upside down! Yes, the rafters are holding up the roof, if only due to the friction created by 2 clip connections. Thanks gedren_y! Ha! Here's to the next chapter re-invigorating the guilds! Thanks John, I've got a bunch of those ingots that I hope to put to good use in the future. Thanks Garmadon! Thanks TitusV - I've always wanted to use the turntable bases for windows. Thanks Isaac, Maestro, and Henjin! The thickness is a byproduct of the SNOT to make the window work and the cover-up to hide it. However, I was thinking the same as you about the heft the thickness implies after finishing the build. I guess accidental goodness is still goodness!
  8. [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Really nice work for your first MOC published here! This looks like it could come straight out of a Disney movie--great shaping overall!
  9. Eryos Castle

    Heck of an introduction! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have for us here in GoH!
  10. A Risky Endeavor

    Really great MOC Isaac. Your angled rock technique works incredibly well here!
  11. [MOC] A Short Rest...

    Amazing build here! I'm super impressed with how you wrapped the rockwork around the curve.
  12. I think these leaf parts are unnecessary clutter. They bring in a jungle vibe that's not good here. Better without them probably?
  13. Agree 100%! Successfully scratching out out minifig combos is both the most frustrating & enjoyable part of these CMF challenges.
  14. This is a great wrap up guys. I for one am good with the story!