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  1. [MOC] A Short Rest...

    Amazing build here! I'm super impressed with how you wrapped the rockwork around the curve.
  2. I think these leaf parts are unnecessary clutter. They bring in a jungle vibe that's not good here. Better without them probably?
  3. Agree 100%! Successfully scratching out out minifig combos is both the most frustrating & enjoyable part of these CMF challenges.
  4. This is a great wrap up guys. I for one am good with the story!
  5. Death in the Rafters

    As a journeyman Dragonslayer walks through the halls of Drakken Keep, another hunter stalks her prey... I submitted this as a CCC entry this year, and used my Safe Haven assassin and a Dragonslayer "armor off" concept that didn't make the cut. It;s good to actually build something! Are we still doing Doctorate of Historica? If so, I request UoP credit for Windows & Window Frames if there are any Kaliphlinites still on the forum. C&C Appreciated!
  6. Safe Haven Cat A "Mesozoic"

    Man oh man, really awesome concept and execution! The multiple tiers of activity here really draw the eye around and of course the forced perspective gets an A+. Great, fun MOC!
  7. As always, I appreciate when studs are used by builders intentionally for texture, function, etc.! The plates on the roof certainly evoke a shingled structure, and work very well here I think. I do think the flower stems as grass/weeds sort of clutter an otherwise clean MOC though. I think either having the grassy areas either pretty much completely covered by them or using fewer of them would have been better. Also, non-LEGO related comment: I'm really liking that you're guiding us through Yureishima via the maps at the beginning of each of these builds!
  8. Thanks all! @mccoyed & @Henjin_Quilones - Yeah, I get it; I think there's generally two "issues" that of we're dealing with at this point in our Guilds. One: I think is that there's so much to the Guilds already! Mitgardia and Avalonia have locks on stereotypical early through late medieval stuff in general. Varylyria has the Renaissance covered. Kaliphlin takes us to Crusader castles, Moorish architecture, Arabia and more. There were some Asian-styled builds in Kaliphlin during Book I and a lot of the Ulandan forces used samurai armor. Cold-weather peoples obviously reside in Mitgardia. Lion-people are established residents of Kaliphlin. Bird-people are established residents of Nocturnus. Drow in both Nocty and Avalonia. Dwarves all over. Orcs in Nocty. Etc. With all the story lines and builders, there's not many places left to go--heck, there's even mummies walking around here. Two: Take a look at what I'll call the "diversity fig parts" prices on Bricklink. Not cool. All colors of flesh are coming from sets that are already priced up due to licensing which should absolutely get passed along in the 2nd market. There's quite the collectors' market for superhero movie and Tolkien minifigs that creates a supply/demand problem. Plus, there's just fewer sets in the history of LEGO with "diversity fig parts". The monetary issue is one that I, as still mostly anti-fleshy, generally just can't justify. It's not just a fleshy problem either, if you want elvish ears for regular yellow minifigs, you've got only 3 options I think; and all are CMF elf parts which takes us back to the pocketbook issue. If you move the focus from "diversity fig parts" to "monster fig parts", the same problem is present save for a lot of the Chima line (I was really surprised at how not cheap some of the snake minifig parts from Ninjago are!). It sucks that even throwing together some minifigures raises the same money/collection contents issues that CCC's large miscellaneous category has.
  9. Henjin, these are fantastic. (It looks like you and I were riding the same brainwave with dragons ) I really like how you've taken what LEGO has given us for "pointy ears" and created some unique and wonderful figs! The modern compound bow for Winda is killing me though--really jarring.
  10. Challenge: "A safe haven"- ENTRIES!

    Category A: Category B: Drakkenhiem Category C:
  11. Drakkenhiem is a rocky volcanic archipelago far west of Mitgardia. Warm winds from the south keep the waters free of ice year round but also fuel a fierce storm season that batters the coastal areas every year. The geography of Drakkenhiem is mostly rugged mountains and jagged shores formed over the millennia by volcanic and seismic activity, but there also are many lush forested areas and small valleys of flat plains for productive crops and livestock due to the extremely rich volcanic soil around dead or dormant volcanoes. The fertile soils support large and often dangerous native wildlife--dragons have long been seen in Drakkenhiem and of course give the archipelago its name. The aquatic landscape is equally varied with the shallows between islands rich grounds for school fish and clams while the seafloor on ocean-facing shores often drops quickly into deep, cold waters containing large sea creatures and migratory ocean fauna. Most people live in the few coastal cities or their supporting inland farming villages which form trade networks moving crops and lumber towards the sea and fish and foreign goods inland. Humans are the dominant race, having discovered, settled, and named Drakkenhiem hundreds of years ago but dwarves and elves are welcome pieces of the islands' society. This was fun! C&C always appreciated.
  12. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Awesome tranquil feeling to this. Love the leaves piled up as grass/moss and the bridge is just beautiful. Thanks for the WIP pictures too!
  13. [MOC] Woodsford Hold

    Strong MOC! The keep itself is fantastic, but the little vignettes & details you packed in are really what makes this shine for me.
  14. Double Trouble on Staor Mountain

    Solid build SK. My favorite bit is that little table!
  15. Anybody know what the LEGO shop looks like in Billund? Do you have to get a Legoland ticket to get in? Other attractions? I guess you can't just walk into the factory and get a tour () but I could have enough time while on travel to wander over to Lego Mecca if it's worth it...