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  1. mrcp6d

    [MOC] Gold Mine Hide-out - Western

    This is a great interpretation! I had 6761 as a kid and I loved it, this update preserves the feel of the set for sure. As for techniques, the embedded wooden supports are a highlight for me and the way you crafted the wheel ruts is just fantastic.
  2. mrcp6d

    Markets of Black Knight's Square

    Thanks jtooker! Thanks BrickzAndBrezn! The silver frog market is pretty hot, be prepared for bidding wars! Oddly enough, I had one sitting on the build table when I was putting this together, but ended up not finding any real estate that made sense to work it in. Thanks Niku! Thanks Brickwolf!
  3. mrcp6d

    [Freebuild] Quietude

    Great micro build here Louis!
  4. The ingot tiles as books work really well, I'm filing that technique away for future use!
  5. While most citizens have visited the stalls around the Black Knight's Statue, few are aware of the hidden economy in the sewers below. My entry to the 12x12 vignette category of the 2021 Summer Joust. Go Wolfpack!
  6. mrcp6d

    Free Build: Petraean Alley

    Dude, that mirror at an angle is just incredible. Well played sir, well played indeed.
  7. mrcp6d

    The hardest choice

    Those ballot boxes are perfect. Brilliant idea really. And I'm not even shopping for votes!
  8. mrcp6d

    [MOC] It's a mine to behold

    Really great sense of movement packed into this small footprint!
  9. mrcp6d

    [WIP] [MOC] The Black Serpent

    This is so dang cool! Brings back some childhood memories of playing with my brother's 6057 Sea Serpent. I'm seriously considering purchasing your instructions for this beauty.
  10. mrcp6d

    [MOC] The secret passage of Lonsere

    Beautiful vig here!
  11. mrcp6d

    Witch's Windship remake

    I only ever got a couple of the polybag sets for Fright Knights in my youth and I also stared at the catalogues probably way too much back then, so I totally understand your yearning here! Thus, I absolutely love this upsized revamp! Really cool how you maintained the same forward cant to the fore and aft roofs, in addition to all the other complicated angles here. And, of course, the dragon is spectacular!
  12. mrcp6d

    Mushroom House

    This is a fun build Niku! The fall colors obviously pop out of the screen but I also really like all the lived-in details you crammed into the MOCs footprint.
  13. mrcp6d

    Brewery at PrenmĂ´r

    Awesome interior! Really like how you crafted all the equipment and squeezed it all into the build. If I had one criticism, it's that the interior walls are very bare in some of the pictures. Some racks with tools, couple more lamps, pictures or shields or something to bring some life to the interior might have helped. Great build!
  14. mrcp6d

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tale

    Louis of Nutwood: 1 point Henjin_Quilones: 1 point
  15. mrcp6d

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tower

    Ayrlego: 1 point Gideon: 1 point