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  1. mrcp6d

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    I like this a lot! The castle overall has some nice shaping, particularly I like the central tall tower rising from the rest of the structure. Good integration of the raised baseplate too.
  2. This was a cool challenge! Very unique story requirement for both categories. I'd never participated in any of the team challenges, so major thanks to @W Navarre, @KevinyWu, and@ZlatanXVIGustaf for all the comments on WIPs, etc.!
  3. mrcp6d

    Viking Village Collaboration

  4. mrcp6d

    [Moc] Guarded Inn

    Lovely build. You can definitely see the classic castle inspiration here.
  5. mrcp6d

    Fa-Nad'iq Hotel

    This is sweet. I love the color choices, the detailing, and how you're maintaining the stylistic consistency from build to build.
  6. mrcp6d

    Mophet armory - Al-Asliha

    As others have mentioned, the trees are great here! I also really like the detailing and shape of the two spires at the top. You sure are cranking out the MOCs!
  7. mrcp6d

    [MOC] Sannhetens Fjell - The Mountain of Truth

    Ah, that's pretty slick. Thanks!
  8. mrcp6d

    Another Normal Day for Nikou the Thief

    Nice background for this "action scene". It's crazy just how much work does into framing the minifigs in a story-driven build sometimes! I also like the comic-esc presentation here.
  9. mrcp6d

    [MOC] Sannhetens Fjell - The Mountain of Truth

    The color transition as your eye moves up/down this spire is sweet. Clouds wrapping around are simply lovely! How is the neck constructed in the dragon? I can't make that out from the picture.
  10. mrcp6d

    Defend the Food!

    Like I said on Flickr, those trees are so cool! Rockwork as well as the snow shaping on top are really nicely done too.
  11. mrcp6d

    [MOC] Frøstdjur, The Frozen Beast

    Everything legs & forward is ace--awesome in fact, but I think the lack of beefiness in the tail unbalances everything visually. That said, the head is (again) awesome and in particular the unique shaping you achieved in the nose area!
  12. mrcp6d

    Duel at the Bamboo Shrine

    Thanks! Thank you! And I didn't know that channel existed, so thanks for pointing me to that also!
  13. mrcp6d

    Duel at the Bamboo Shrine

    Thanks ExeSandbox! Thanks Niku! Yeah, same here, though Ninjago gets a pass from me. Glad you like the angles! One of my goals for this build was to get non-orthogonal with the torii gate and the roof. Thanks!
  14. Two samurai from rival shogunates meet unexpectedly at the Shrine of the Bamboo Forest. My entry for the Tri-Color category of the 2020 Summer Joust. Photography was really fighting me on this, but I really like the build itself. Doing this requires an obscene amount of 1x1 round bricks and 1x1 bamboo pieces but after more Bricklink orders than expected, I barely got 3 angles of 100% LEGO! More here.
  15. mrcp6d

    [DoM] Yngvi's New Dwelling

    This is great! Really like the low roof, and using dark bley provides some extra contrast than the usual light bley gives.