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Found 12 results

  1. Another Kaliphlin free build, and also the start of a story line I'm working on about Katoren. I'd like to claim UoP credits for: Advanced windows and window frames History "I'm glad you were all able to come to this meeting," Aymeri greeted the three men before him. "As we all know, the Desert King has controlled Katoren for too long, and it is time we did something about it." Arioch, the oldest of the group, gave a quick nod in reply. While Tierri replied, "He won't rule Katoren much longer!" Tierri had been a strong supporter of the High Council during the Kaliphlin civil war, and was known to be quite a capable warrior, though often a bit brash. Aaqil looked solemnly from under his turban at each of the others in the room. He knew well how much it meant to all of them to reclaim Katoren, but also understood that it would be a difficult task. "But what is our plan to overcome the Desert King's rule," queried Arioch. "It will take time, and careful planning to break his reign in Katoren." "An open war is out of the question, we have neither the manpower or weaponry," responded Aymeri, "but a small force of highly trained men could make things very difficult for our enemies. And with our contacts inside the city, such a force could be especially effective." Arioch nodded slowly, thinking over Aymeri's words. "You can count me in, I'd love to see some action against those moronic mummies again," interjected Tierri. "Which brings me to the reason I asked for the three of you to meet with me. My soldiers remain loyal to me, but would need further training in the illusive combat methods we must use." "Indeed they will, but where could we train?" asked Tierri. "There are too many supporters of that false king to risk training in the city." Aaqil spoke up, "I may have a solution. There's a ruined fortress west of the city that I've often traveled by with my merchant caravan. Though its walls are crumbling and overgrown, you could easily conceal a good number of men inside." "One moment," Aymeri said and moved to grab a scroll off a nearby shelf. Spreading it on the table, the others saw it was a map of Katoren and some of the surrounding countryside. "There, pointed Aymeri, "Aaqqil is right, this old castle would make an ideal spot for our training grounds!" “But how will we get the men,and a supply of food and weapons there un-noticed?” asked Tierri. “You can’t just be constantly going in and out through the city gates, or the Desert King forces will become suspicious.” “If we alternate who delivers supplies, and try to mix in with regular caravans, we should be able to manage well enough,” Aymeri replied. “I can sneak my men out over the next fortnight and begin training. And remember, secrecy is of the utmost importance. If we’re found out, Katoren is lost.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An overview of the build: More pictures on Brickbuilt: Link Thanks for looking, C&C welcome!
  2. LittleJohn

    Setting Up Camp

    I actually built this a month or two ago, but just realized I hadn't posted it here yet. Aymeri grew up as a desert nomad, traveling the deserts of Kaliphlin with his parents, Darrid, and Auriol. Their tribe often stopped at different oasis' to resupply their water and take care of the animals. The men stand guard, and set up camp while children help water the livestock, and the women tend to the babies. Aymeri: Lots more pics here: Link C&C welcome
  3. LittleJohn

    Trekking Across the Desert

    I've had this built for a while now, but keep forgetting to post it. Aymeri and his men trek across the desert back to Katoren. C&C welcome
  4. LittleJohn

    Katoren Gardens

    My last module for a large collab with soccerkid6. The Katoren Gardens are well known throughout Kaliphlin, and have many different kinds of flowers. Sir Glorfindel is currently staying at the guesthouse there: More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C much appreciated
  5. Warzone 14: The Battle For Qarkyr (or The Battle of the Partisans) Location: F14 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and Desert King (Unless HC wins Warzone 13) Terrain: Qarkyr, the gateway to the Rakath, the Eastern Emerald, The Protector of the Ocean Gate, and former Capital of the short lived Dwarven Empire of Varnforge, is the fourth largest city in Kaliphlin after Petraea, Barqa and Queenscross. It sits in the Rakath Moutains, within the Qar-Akhen River Valley. A wall stretches across the valley to stop movement East and West without paying the tolls at Qarkyr first. Long a defensive position, the city has magnificent walls. The architecture is a mixture of Eastern Kaliphlin, and Far Eastern Kaliphlin, the two cultures merged along the most common pathway through the Rakath Mountains that separated them. The Far Eastern Kaliphlin architecture relies heavily on pagodas, hip and gable roofing, enclosures within large buildings, and wood is the main building material. The classic Kaliphlin architecture of East Kaliphlin (the land between the escarpment and the Rakath Mountains) is also prevalent here with domes, arches, towers, stone and mud buildings. The town is somewhat divided between the two cultures, with “The Ocean District” representing a large concentration of people of Far Eastern culture, and the much larger “Trader’s Quarter” which is distinctly Eastern Kaliphlin traders, mostly from Petraea. The rest of the city is pretty much equally divided. There is not a water shortage in the city, and it is famous for its lush gardens and parks throughout the city. History: Despite having a great wall to funnel in all travelers east and west, Qarkyr is as porous as a net. The corruption within its walls is ancient, dating back to when the Dwarven King Archbeard claimed the city as his own a thousand years ago. It was under his rule that the modern blueprint for Qaekyr’s orderly streets and plazas was laid down. The city’s walls were built first by the dwarf engineers, and they have never been penetrated since. Unfortunately, the trader section of the city, humans who had sworn allegiance to Archbeard, made the walls unnecessary. Archbeard’s nemesis, the Sea Goddess Calif – or at least someone claiming to be her – had a mighty eastern seaborne empire growing on the Eastern coast of Kaliphlin. She wanted the Qar-Akhen River valley as a gateway into greater Kaliphlin in order to continue her conquest. When her armies came to the walls of the city, her spies found easy access by bribing the merchants. They betrayed their new king, and he was murdered in his bed by assassins. Calif’s army slipped in soon after and took the dwarves by surprise. They fought to the last man, and not one dwarf survived that night. Calif rewarded the traders by giving them a quarter of the city – the same quarter known as “The Trader’s Quarter” today. However, Calif would not go on to take over the middle of Kaliphlin, as she too was betrayed. One of her new supporters, a trader named Mors’Qo brought her an emerald from one of the nearby mines within the Rakath Mountains. It was the largest emerald anyone in the region had ever seen. It was placed in a necklace for her, but when she put it on she was instantly transformed into a emerald statue. Mors’Qo had bought the enchanted emerald from a dwarf and had intended to kill the Sea Goddess to avenge Archbeard. His plan worked but her supporters through him into the deepest well they could find and sealed it. Her army was stopped, and many settled in Qarkyr, creating a bicultural dynamic that exists today. More recently treachery has played a part in Qarkyr’s history. It has only recently become known how the mighty city fell into the hands of the Desert King early in the Civil War. Its representative to the High Council, Ageven Deraim, Lord of Auner, is a staunch supporter of Ulandus. Likely many of the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites living in the city would have supported their representatives loyalties, but the Traders took quick action at the beginning of the war. Ageven had been preparing defenses back in Auner, when the trade faction opened the gates for a small Desert King force led by Regi Bar’nol. Regi became Lord of the city, and by the time Ageven made it back, there was nothing he could do with his small force against the mighty walls of Qarkyr. Mini-challenge: Ageven and Ulandus were not going to give up the city without a fight. The porous walls would help them as well. He began by bribing Desert King supporters to let his spies within the walls of the city. His spies made contact with the Ocean District, and began to put together a strike force. Soon hundreds of fighters had been smuggled into the city, and finally Lord Regi had caught on. The war in the streets had begun. The challenge here is to build a scene where the two cultures collide – in fighting and in scenery. MOCs should show both types of cultures within the city, as these battles are all happening between the walls of Qarkyr. MOCs should also show the distinctly different peoples of both sides brawling in some manner. There are very few regular troops in this battle – perhaps just commanders and a few footmen. Once side should be winning clearly in your depiction. Supporters of DK should be depicting the rich traders of East Kaliphlin as their allies, while Ulandians have the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites as their allies in this battle. Story and Challenge Addendum if HC wins Warzone 13: Now with Aymeri’s breakout complete, the HC forces have turned their sights on Qarkyr. Knowing that they cannot get their army into the city in masse, Aymeri turned to the tried tactic of bribery to get some of his men into the city. Being the latecomer to the battle, it was easy to see the people most neglected in this war of neighborhoods were the poor and underclasses. The High Council spies noticed something interesting about the lower masses, they had started to pick up on the High Council rhetoric “Viva la Republic!” Although this chant was created by the more privileged lords of Kaliphlin, it has become the chant of the masses. High Councilor Aymeri saw this as an opportunity, albeit dangerous in a time of lords and kings, he would give these people democracy, and thus bring them into the High Council fold – after all, his advisor noted, it works in Queenscross. The High council builders in this challenge take the rabble as their soldiers. They should depict a similar scene as the mini-challenge details, their MOC should show both cultures, but also show the poor High Council supporters doing battle with one or both of the other factions. Special Category: Best Urban Trap! Although builders do not have to create a MOC that has a specific “trap” in it, the MOCer with the best trap will win the title “Trickster of Qarkyr” The trap should be evident just by looking at the MOC, but the story can definitely help explain it. Restrictions: 32x32, with limited overhang. Due Date: May 10th Special Consequences: If High Council Wins WZ 13 and WZ 14, they achieve “March to the Sea” Victory condition, where they are awarded Zone F15 and G15. If Ulandus Wins, they secure G14 as well. If Desert King wins, they secure G13, as Ulandus has overstepped in its attack on Qarkyr, and the counter attack was brutal enough that they lost a zone.
  6. My entry to WarZone 13. If I should win, I pick D3 as the next warzone. This was a fun little build, the mobile fort was a little challenging to make but I think it turned out pretty well. Aymeri and his men send some desert king soldiers packing: More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C much appreciated
  7. Warzone 13: Katoren Break Out Location: F13 Who Can Participate: Everyone Terrain: The Road to Qarkyr is not without its perils, but as the desert gives way to mountains, travelers find relief in this region. Water sources are not as scarce, small hamlets dot the roadside, and the foliage, soil of different hues, and wildlife can be quite pretty in the high desert that stretches towards the Rakath Mountains. History / story: Not much happens in this region, it is mostly known as the road between Qarkyr and Katoren. There were no major battles, no notable citizens, nor nothing of value found in the soil, besides the spare small oil pocket. Mostly, the region has been used to travel through. Until now. Aymeri, Lord of Katoren, is one of the last lords holding out for the High Council, in and increasingly Desert King friendly region of the map. The Desert King has cut his supplies lines, and now Katoren risks losing the ability to feed its people. Although a small town, they are a proud people and will not give up without a fight. Which led Aymeri to his plan – the breakout. The easiest way to supply the city would be to quickly advance his forces along a swath of land to the nearest High Council held territory. However, the map is not his friend in this plan. His advisors devised a way that Katoren troops could take and hold a pathway to the sea, but it would require taking Qarkyr too. Lord Aymeri has confidence in High Council support if he can just get to Qarkyr… and there lies the problem. The land in zone F13 must be crossed. The DK and Ulandus spies have already sniffed a whiff of this plan, and since they cannot use their larger armies within the walls of Qarkyr, they have both turned them on this stretch of land to the west of the city. It is here that Aymeri and his allies must first defeat two armies, and then set their sights on Qarkyr and beyond that, the sea. Mini-challenge: Although it began a forced march for the High Council troops, it soon became a pitched battle between three armies. But Aymeri knew this was coming. Before leaving Katoren, he had many of the houses disassembled for building materials and had his engineers, led by the famed Kaliphlin master engineer Sergio Jarrett(who just so happened to be in the area when the war broke out), craft movable fortifications. This would give the High Council an upper hand over the two other armies who were closing in on them. He also split his forces into stronger light platoons assigned to each of the moving fortresses. He confiscated every ox and horse within his land and assigned each to a team. High Council Builders should depict a scene where these mobile defensive fortifications are used in combat to repel enemies from one or both of the other two sides. Ulandus and Desert King should depict their soldiers overtaking one of these mobile defenses. Special Category: Best high desert foliage (covered in blood…) As this battle happens in the sparse high desert, there should not be any structures besides the mobile defenses. The foliage, rocks, differing hard dirt and sand patterns should be the real star of the show… but there happens to be a battle upon them currently, so they should be splattered in blood and gore, but still retain their natural beauty somehow… The voters will choose the best depiction of High Desert Foliage with combat stains… (you can depict foliage without stains on it too, just need at least some that has been tainted by battle. The winner of this category will be crowned “Enricher of the Soil” of Kaliphlin. Best Transformer: It is not required that your MOC can actually transform from mobile to a stationary defense platform by natural movement – but if it doesn’t, you can enter this category (no taking apart more than a few pieces and putting it back together in a different formation.) You may also submit additional pictures / video of the MOC in your thread. Judges of the entire zone will be asked NOT to judge the results of the zone on the ability of MOCs to transform, but to judge this as an entirely different category. Winner of this category becomes the current“The Historican Master of Transforms,” and will keep that title until another transformer challenge comes up in the future (there won’t be another in this challenge at least. ) Restrictions: 32x16, with limited overhang. Must have an irregular base. Due Date: April 26th
  8. My entry to Warzone 5, for the High Council. Aymeri and his men occupy a recently constructed outpost in the Deep Sands of Kaliphlin: If I win, I would like to pick D3 as the next warzone. Sorry about the bad pictures, it was getting late when I took them. You can see a few more here: Link All C&C appreciated
  9. My entry to warzone 2. Aymeri and his men fortify a filling station, along the Qar Ahken River: An overview of the entire build: More pictures here: Link C&C appreciated
  10. Aymeri and his men take back the supplies, that were stolen by the Ulandian advance guards: Figless: More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  11. For the Challenge IV Faction Mini Challenge, for the High Council. Aymeri and his men escort a lower council member on his way to Petraea. On the way an assassin attempts to kill the councilmen, but Aymeri tackles him out of the way, taking the arrow in the arm: Figless: More pictures here: Link Any C&C appreciated
  12. LittleJohn

    Desert Oasis

    A free build for Kaliplin, this was a lot of fun to build, and is quite possibly my favorite landscape of mine yet. The tree technique and angled water were some of my favorite parts. When Aymeri heard that his family, and their nomad tribe, were at an oasis just outside Katoren, he asked permission to visit them. He was granted permission, and set off immediately. Upon seeing him, his little brother, Asteri, and his mother and father, ran to meet him: More pics here: link All comments/constructive criticism greatly appreciated