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Found 8 results

  1. So here is my latest MOC based on the Robin Hood classic which was a favorite of mine as a child and now for my 6 year old son. The build stands over 4 feet tall in a 13x4 baseplate layout and took around 9 months to finish. I added some LED lights throughout and made it modular for my local Children's Museum and Brickworld Chicago coming up in June. I also posted several of the medieval village buildings on the Ideas page in case you're interested in voting we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for viewing... LEGO Robin Hood Moc by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Robin Hood Moc by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Robin Hood Moc by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Sherwood Forest-Robin Hood Moc by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Sherwood Forest-Robin Hood by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Robin Hood Diorama by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Robin Hood by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Shop by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Medieval Blacksmith Shop Idea Medieval Windmill Idea Medieval Cottage Idea More High Res Pics: Robin Hood Diorama Video:
  2. BrickCurve

    Robin Hood & Little John

    Just a quick entry for a contest over on MOCpages.
  3. LittleJohn

    [M - D04] Exploring the Desert

    Location: Terrial Minor Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer Just a quick little build this week. C&C welcome
  4. LittleJohn

    [M - D04] Exploring Terrial Minor

    Location: Terrial Minor Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer This week I was sent to Terrial Minor, with a really cool little spaceship. It's perfect for scouting out the arid desert here, as you get a nice breeze. The spaceship: More pics here: Link Another quick build for this week. C&C welcome
  5. LittleJohn

    [M - B06] MANTIS HQ

    Location: B06-Sorn Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer This week, I was sent to a MANTIS HQ on Sorn, to explore under the surface. It was teeming with wildlife and plants, some of which I took samples of. There was a boat load of supplies being unloaded too: Lots more pictures here: Link I really like how this build turned out, especially the underwater section. C&C welcome
  6. I just finished my second MOC revolving around Robin Hood, about Little John. This set includes a variety of Robin Hood-esque features and accessories, and 8 minifigs. Any feedback is much appreciated. This set is also a project on Lego Ideas, where you can read more details about the MOC: I also figured this MOC could bring up some interesting discussions about BURPs and raised baseplates :) I have posted a few pics below. You can see these and other pics in higher res on Flickr:
  7. LittleJohn

    [M - A04] An Explosive Encounter

    Location: A04-Mynderis Tags: Exploration Job: Explorer The more I explored Mynderis, the quicker I wanted to leave; lava and rocks were the main terrain, with the occasion small volcano. It seemed that most of these weren't active however, and I didn't pay too much attention to them. That is, until one of them erupted directly in front of me... Needless to say, I was rather startled, and hot tailed out of there as fast as my jet-packs would take me. More pics here: Link Just a really quick little build for this week. C&C welcome
  8. LittleJohn

    [M - D03] A Cold Welcome

    Location: D03-Terrial Major Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer I set up camp by a small pond on Terrial Major, my teeth chattering because of the cold. At least I'll have fish for dinner, I thought. I went over to my new Rocket Sled and grabbed a flame thrower. Who in their right minds would use a pick axe to make a hole in the ice, when there's these things called flame throwers? Ah, that looks about big enough. Now to wait for a bite. Woah, I think I got one! Whoof, look at the size of this thing! Too bad nobody else is here to see it. I'll just put my pole away and then cook you up, you'll make a delicious meal! Hmm... I don't have a fire to cook you over... Well, guess I'll just have to use my flame thrower. Ahh, delicious. Hehe, I bet an animal would just love to have this... Hey, what was that?... Uh-oh... AAAAHHH! I've gotta get to my MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©! Come on, where is it?!?! Aha! Here it is! Stand back, beastie! Alright then, take this! Haha, you're no match for the MANTIS™ Death Ray Blaster©! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The beast was only momentarily stunned by the blast, so I went to plan B: drive like the dickens! The hatch on the rocket sled actually opens, though I forgot to take a picture. C&C welcome