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Found 39 results

  1. I just wanted to do a small scene in Nova Terreli again. A colourful house, a nice balcony, and covered in vines all the way... As MCTC needs to raise some more troops... they just happen to be walking in front of this house in Nova Terreli. As a result: No more story about this MOC. Just some MCTC soldiers marching through Nova Terreli, before being deployed to their destination. Inspiration taken from:
  2. Settlement Name: Montario Settlement Size: Hamlet Ownership: Eslandola Location: Nellisa (middle of northern coast) Mayor: Román Esteban Fontonajo - @Elostirion (interim) Who can own property in Montario: Anyone, from any faction. (Please stick with the style of the city) Who can freebuild in Montario: Anyone, from any faction. (Please stick with the style of the city) Fortifications: Within the protection radius of the Royal Fortress of Nova Terreli Description: Founded in 616 AE by Román Fontonajo as the seat of the government of Nellisa, an Eslandolan colony, Montario has always been a settlement dedicated to the wealthy and powerful people of colonial Eslandola. With Fontonajo's Governor's Palace at the edge of town, both wealthy merchants or businessmen and influential or aspiring politicians have come to the town. Many of them only own a secondary house in Montario, which they visit whenever it's neccessary. However many people have moved to the town permanently. Houses are generally high-class, as are all other establishments. There is little industry in the town, however there is an extraordinary focus on things like art, culture or education. Commerce takes place not only in warehouses but also in gardens, parks or on town squares. Montario is neither crowded nor hectic - it's a level-headed city of the successful people of Nellisa and colonial Eslandola in general. Current Properties: Total Freebuilds: 5 Residence: 3 pts. (1x Viceroy's Palace, 1x Medium) Commerce: 2 pts. (1x Large) Plantation: 1 pt. (1x Medium) Total license points: 6 pts. Properties owned by Montario: Fir Tree Plantation (medium plantation), buyback-right for Elostirion Total: 15 DBs monthly revenue Loans: 40 DBs from Elostirion, in December 616 AE, 10% monthly interest rate, not paid back yet Total: 40 DBs borrowed, 4 DBs monthly interest Also see the Montario Index. Please post any free-builds that take place in Montario in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Montario , you must post in this thread and fill out the web form. Note that if you are not Eslandian, your property is subject to confiscation by the Eslandolan government should a dire emergency arise. Map of Nellisa: Residence: - Royal: Governor's Palace, with Guesthouse (part of the palace) - Medium: Merchant's House (Medium Residence) Commerce: - Large: Warehouse (Large Commerce) Plantation: - Medium: Fir Tree Plantation
  3. Stud-Count: 12.126 / 10.000 Valid submissions: 7 / 16 details: Elostirion: 22x24 and 1.310 (total 1.838) Bregir: 32x64 and 32x32 (total 3.072) Captain Braunsfeld: 48x81 (total 3.888) dr_spock: 32x32 (total 1.024) SilentWolf: 32x32 (total 1.024) CaptWolf: 32x40 (total: 1.280) Winners: Bregir Bregir Elostirion Shareholders (19 shares in total): Captain Braunsfeld: 2 shares (buying-right for 5 total) -> 60 DBs / month Bregir: 6 shares -> 180 DBs / month Eslandola: 4 shares -> 120 DBs / month (were: Elostirion 120 DBs / month till October 617 AE) Capt Wolf: 2 shares -> 60 DBs / month dr_spock: 1 share -> 30 DBs / month SilentWolf: 1 share -> 30 DBs / month Ownership: Eslandola (was: Elostirion till 617 AE) handled by @Capt Wolf Payment status: December 616 AE: yield received, payments to Bregir, CaptWolf, Silent Wolf done (all payments) January 617 AE: yield received, all payments done February 617 AE: yield received, all payments done March 617 AE: yield received, all payments done April 617 AE: yield received, all payments done May 617 AE: yield received, all payments done June 617 AE: yield received, all payments done July 617 AE: yield received, all payments done August 617 AE: yield received, all payments done September 617 AE: yield received, all payments done October 617 AE: yield received, all payments done
  4. Montario, on the island of Nellisa. Home of the rich and important on Nellisa, centre of education, art and culture in the Eslandolan Colonies. Home to the Lion Hall, an assembly hall for the Colonial Council of Eslandola. The estate is protected by a small gatehouse, from which a driveway climbs the small hill, ending in a circle around a fountain in front of the stairs to the gates of the Council Hall. The hall itself shows architectural intricacies, most iconic of all the lionheads engraved into the wall, giving the hall its name. The roof is shaped in the typical Montario-style. A golden ridge crowns the roof, and green and yellow flags wave in the wind, displaying the pride of Eslandola. A broad stair leads up towards the gates, flanked by two statues: The Warrior and The Explorer, both in golden colour, displaying what has made Eslandola great in the colonies: Fortitude, Exploration and Mercantilism. The large windows make sure the Council Hall is flooded with light, for long council sessions. The large Lion Hall provides space for all potential 25 members of the Colonial Council, arranged in rows of three each, with a small podium for the Admius Legistrad, leading the sessions. The gatehouse is always guarded by two guards from "The Eagles of Nellisa", one of Román Fontonajo's private troops. At the end of the driveway a small fountain adds some motion to the silent estate. A small look ahead in time, towards the evening before the first session of the Colonial Council on Nellisa: Román Esteban Fontonajo, build-owner of the Lion Hall, and current Admius Legistrad, has just finished some work in preparations for tomorrow's session and is enjoying a rare sip of fine Oleander red wine, while outside his loyal bodyguard Betito watches the entrance, and a carriage stands ready and waiting. ... General Samu from the Prio Seas: "We must not relent enforcing our naval and armed forces! War is always at hand!" Farrucio Paraja from MAESTRO: "I fully agree, as you know, but as I have stated numerous time: Quality before quantity. We must cease to build ships of lesser excellence." ... ... Aaron van der Meede: "I cannot, and will not, change my opinion on this matter, dear Senor Fontonajo, with all the appropriate respect towards your well thought-out arguments." Raphael Fontonajo: "At some point, young man, at some point in the future you will realise. There is more to being right than the exact wording of the law." George da Pontelli just made a quick gesture, throwing his banana away. Aaron van der Meede: "So true, George, so very true indeed..." ... Will be licensed as "Royal Art & Culture" in Montario on Nellisa. Studcount ~12.000. More pictures can be found in the flickr album. If you want to see a close-up of something else please just let me know. Finally This one is for you @Capt Wolf
  5. All entries for voting (in cooperation with @Captain Braunsfeld )
  6. Marijn Aiden Matheesen. You should remember this young man's name. Because soon he might be among the richest men on Nellisa. Aiden, his middle name which his friends use, came to the colonies at the age of 16, looking for his fortune. He had boarded a ship in the old world, and when he finally arrived in Nova Terreli he was amazed by the city's sheer beauty. But he didn't take long to start looking for opportunities. He had had enough money left to survive for a few weeks without working. So he took his time and searched for the things the people on Nellisa really needed. It was around merrynight, and he started wondering why people made such an effort about recreating fir-trees in the most obscure ways. He soon found out that these didn't grow on the island of Nellisa naturally. And so his idea was born: Plant them on Nellisa, and sell them. All he needed was a business partner for his venture. He soon found the Fontonajo family, and managed to convince Juan Alfonso, the heir of the family, to assist him. Aiden was a bit sceptical when Juan took him out of Nova Terreli to a place which he called "Montario" - which four years ago only existed in theory and by the first construction workers arriving. However Aiden trusted Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, that this was the best spot on the island to start his fir tree plantation. His trust was proven right. Fontonajo ordered enough fir tree seeds, provided the tools, some wood, and a small hut for Aiden to sleep and live in. And food and clothes and all the young man needed to survive the the next four years. With dedication Marijn Aiden Matheesen, who knew little of plants or being a gardener, grew his fir trees on Nellisa. While not all prospered, most did. This year the first three fir trees that were grown on the island of Nellisa itself were sold at the massive price of 60 Dubloons each (Fontonajo had suggested to limit the amount, and was once again right about it). More than enough to buy some houses in Nova Terreli, even after paying Fontonajo his share in the profits (because that's Fontonajo's approach: A big investment at the start, with a share in profits for many years). Aiden already knew that he would reinvest most of his profits in his plantation: Expand the size, hire some workers, plant even more fir trees. And become richer. And maybe one day be able to fund young entrepreneurs himself.
  7. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "We really need to sharpen our diplomatic relationships", Román Fontonajo told the crowd, standing around him at the quays of Pontelli, two hours after his big speech. "What do you mean by that, governor Fontonajo?", a merchant asked him. "Are Corrington or Oleon our friends, our allies? Or just neighbours who we happen to have some singular good relations with? Is Mardier really our enemy, are we really at war with them? The fact that you don't know the answers any better than I do, at least I assume - and who could blame any of us? - is proof enough that our relationships aren't clear enough." "And how do you plan on changing that, governor?" "Talking, much talking. With them, I mean. Paired with mutual understanding. And mutual benefit. No agreement will work that only brings benefit to one of the parties, and only harm to the other. There always has to be something in it for both sides. And then we need to maintain it all in written words, a treaty. We should have many of those, clearly stating what all involved parties will do in the future.", Román explained. "Any example?", a guy from the crowd asked. "Sure. I can imagine some of the trading nations - like us, Oleon, Corrington, Garvey - agreeing on a treaty that we will always leave our ports open to each other. It's not so much about changing things, more about solidifying the current status. Like I said: Sharpen it." A wealthy cloth merchant, who had long business relations with Fontonajo, took the word: "Román, earlier in your inspiring speech you told us that you intend to make the seas safer again, especially in regards to pirates taking our trading ships. As you know I have only recently lost two of my trading ships, so I am more than curious, my friend, to hear your ideas on how to handle the pirates. Another Purge maybe?" Román didn't need any time for consideration, but had his answer ready: "The Purge was a great initiative, and I think may well be continued. But there sure have to be other options as well. When I think about the Sea Rats for example - anarchistic though they often are - most of them are far from being pirates. Some have been both your and my trading partners for many years. Others have helped us against Mardier. Many just look for profit, and due to lack of their own trading goods try to profit from other people's goods, like ours. Why not just offer them better profit? Many of them are fierce warriors at sea - why shouldn't we hire them to protect our convoys? Give it a moment of thought." Román turned his head and continued watching the launching of the "Colonia", one of the fastest ships that have been built in the new world so far. She was a true beauty. His true beauty. His fast beauty. "Governor?", one of the men around him interrupted his thoughts. "Where do you plan to take the Colonia for her maiden voyage and continue your campaign?" "Elysabethtown. And then to Salida Este on Ferro Azure.", Román told the people, making one of the most fatal mistakes of his life. Because little did he know that not all ears who listened to him were friendly.
  8. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "... First I will strengthen our economy. The treasuries of Eslandola are filled. Now is the time to invest our money and fund further ventures in all of the colonies. We should support all pioneers who set up new structures in Colonial Eslandola. We always have to look beyond, my friends. The more we invest today the more we will all benefit tomorrow. In the three months of my period I plan to invest at least 5.000 DBs from our national treasury, to increase our fixed monthly income by at least 1.000 DBs." Too much content? Too much math? Clarissa had not been sure, but Román knew he also had to get the intellectual, the merchants, the landlords. And the shipwrights, captains and sailors. "While our land based economy has no match in the colonies, our naval forces still lack. We MUST put an end to this. Eslandola will have to massively fund ships, both for private ownership - which includes Trading Companies or even towns - as well as for national usage. During my period I plan to invest at least 3.000 DBs in our naval forces. By the end of my period we need to have at least another 10 ships of a rating of 4 or higher. No Eslandolan captain or sailor should have to stay in port ever again - unless you want to enjoy yourself in one of my great taverns, of course!" Laughter from the crowd. Happiness of the people is key. "I have already talked a lot about my 'Safe Harbour Plan'. No need to bore you with that again, is there?" Of course he had not talked about it at all in public, but neglecting such truths was the power of speeches. Román knew how to use it. "We live in times of prosperty, of peace." An indignant shout from the back rows of his audience interrupted him. "Ahh, I hear you, back there. Yes, you, the grim warrior with the green bandana. You have recently fought the Mardierians at sea, I assume? Thanks for your service to our country, good sir! Your drinks tonight are on me!" The man shouted "Fontonajo", and the crowd started cheering. So cheap... But time to continue with business. "And while you are right that at sea our war with Mardier is still ragjng day and night, we will yet have to see a city being raided by them, don't we? I haven't seen their troops in our lands, either, have you? But beware, I say! We need to look beyond today. Pirates have recently started to gather and coordinate attacks, and Mardier is not the only potential foe out there. We need to further fortify our towns, the pillars of our colonial magnitude! Do you know how many forts Salida Este has? Well, I don't! Nor do I know for most other settlements. If we want to start thinking beyond, knowledge needs to be the first step. For every settlement I will list the current forts, and the maximum amount of forts each town could afford. Based on these facts we will craft a plan on the next forts that need to be built. And hear me, people of Pontelli, I ask you to go ahead and inform the best stonemasons, because the rewards will be plentiful! For Eslandolan Fortitude, beyond tomorrow!" More cheering. Good, they liked the idea. And Eslandola was in dire need of that initiative! But now the next step. Flatter them, and open their eyes at the same time. Not an easy ask. "And now to you, my dear people of Pontelli! Each and everyone of you is a true pioneer of Eslandola! Together in the past years we have all gone beyond what anyone thought was possible! Together we have shaped this new world! Colonial Eslandola! Who would have dreamt that we would get this far? Enjoy that moment, because it's for you!" He gave them a quick pause to see themselves in the middle, recipient of honour, for once. "But we won't be pioneers forever! Think beyond today! Pontelli needs you, you cannot all colonize new islands - but someone has to! We have to acquire new pioneers for our missions. We need to make Colonial Eslandola more attractive to new members. More financial rewards, more free properties in the new world. Maybe even a small ship to start with for every new pioneer of Colonial Eslandola? The attraction of new members will not go without effort, but together we can do it!" ... And thus Román Esteban Fontonajo continued telling the crowd in front of his warehouse in Pontelli about his plans. ... "Eslandola is strong, prosperous, magnificent! But I for one will not rest. I will continue to do what I have always done. Like every single one of you, I will continue to think beyond tomorrow, to plan beyond today, and will do it. And I tell each and everyone of you as well. Let's do it together, let us all GO BEYOND!" Another look at Fontonajo holding a speech in front of his warehous in Pontelli (I tried to match the city-style from Captain Braunsfeld):
  9. Elostirion

    The Candidate

    Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "I remember as if it was yesterday, when in this city and all over the island, we declared our independence from Fernando Augusto, who many of us have called The Mad King. And right we were!" Román Esteban Fontonajo gave the crowd a while to cheer. Hating on the king was always a good opener. Now came the critical part. "But even a mad man can become reasonable. Sure, it was our glorious Trade Companies, people like de Chauncourtois, Wyndzon or Guilder, who, while not courageous as we Nellisans from the very get-go, made him reasonable in his very dormatory - a fantastic coup I say - " Cheering, again. Román Fontonajo gave them their time. "So Fernando Augusto came to reason, and the Magna Charta was signed, granting us in the New World, the Glorious New World I say!" - this time he didn't let the cheers interrupt him - "GRANTING US the rights to officially decide our own fate. Like we have always done! But now we will elect an official council, and order will be restored! And no king shall ever rule us again!" Another echo of cheers erupted from the crowd. "Many brilliant minds have worked on our new constitution. I have had many long night discussions with Wyndzon, the Governors Damaximus, Guilder and Servadac, with de Chauncourtois, Monezterell and others. As usual I have given my input - no pardon me - our input from Nellisa even before Fernando Augusto was surprised in his nightsuit." He really had to stop with these king-jokes now. "But there is one slight problem." He paused, giving the crowd a brief moment, long enough to consider, but not long enough to conclude. """We Nellisans have not yet officially accepted the constitution. But - We will change this. TODAY! NOW! I hereby declare Nellisa to be an official part of Colonial Eslandola. I hereby declare that we accept the glorious constitution of Glorious Colonial Eslandola.""" Some cheered, others were slightly puzzled, trying to figure out what had just happened, trying to make up their own minds. Now was the moment to strike, to win them. "And to make sure that we, the inhabitants of Nellisa, the most brilliant and most colourful pearl of New Terra, will be heard I will represent us in the Colonial Council myself! - Román Esteban Fontonajo, as representative of the Sea of Thieves? Now YOU tell me! WHO DO YOU WANT?!" Now the cheers bulged, erupted, clashed. "FONTONAJO!", they shouted, uncoordinated at first, but soon in unison. "FONTONAJO, FONTONAJO, FONTONAJO!" Juan Alfonso Fontonajo stood there, silent as usual. Once again he admired the brilliance of his father. He still had a long way to go. They both had to. But the first step was made. Finally.
  10. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "My dear friend Willem... no, that is weird.", Román said. "Keep it simple. Just dear Willem?", Clarissa suggested. "Dear Willem, today I want to inform you about a delicate matter.... no, that's crap.", he said. "plans? like 'inform you about my plans'?", she brought up. "Great! Dear Willem, today I want to inform you about my plans. My most secret plans. The thing that I call 'The Safe Harbour Plan' in my speeches. Something noone else knows,yet. And you are one of the chosen Eslandolans that I want to inform about it.", Román continued. "Stop being so dramatic. You have a great plan and want to inform your friend, not convince him with some overexaggerated speech about good and evil... No need to be such a dramaqueen.", she said, punching him slightly. "Gosh, I love you, my beauty." "Sure you do.", Clarissa smiled at him, her face expressing deep love. After a pause and some moments of thought Román started writing and murmured: "Dear Willem, today I want to inform you about the Safe Harbour Plan for Eslandola, as part of my campaign for... - ok, I will do that later. Let's talk about my slogan for now." "Making our Harbours safe again?", she said, laughing. He looked at her, smiling. "suuuuuure..." "But really, are you sure that Safe Harbour initiative is the right thing? I mean, not the idea, the idea is right, but... like putting it in your campaign, without being able to say a word about it? That does not seem to make much sense?" "Welcome to the world of dramaqueen, baby! No really, I think it gives the whole thing a special mysterious appeal. Some kind of elitism, which is one of the main unique selling points that we have left in a world where the general public votes, and can even candidate, don't you think?", explained Román. She took a brief pause to consider before she replied: "I guess. ... But you evade, my love. Your slogan?" "Juan suggested that "make great again" slogan. I don't like it. I mean, I like it, but everyone seems to use it already. So... mainstream, you know?" "Then it's not the right thing for you. I mean, after all, if you don't stand behind it?" "True that", Román said, "... but what else do we have?" Clarissa Raltessa Fontonajo deeply looked her husband in the eyes when she asked him: "What do you think really differentiates you... from the rest of the world? I mean like... What is that very essence that makes you... be more?" And in that moment Román knew his slogan. "Beyond", he said, nodding his head, smiling at his wife in full happiness. In the new world arranged marriage was considered a bad thing. But Clarissa was the best that had ever happened to him, arranged though their marriage had been, slightly awkward at first, but grown over time. And the love he felt for her went deep. And for the next hours on their trip to Pontelli noone said a word. Because noone had to.
  11. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad Even on Nellisa wintertime can sometimes be cold. And even in the colourful city at the northwestern coast of the island, the pearl of the "Sea of Thieves" region, not everyone prospers. There are beggars and homeless people, living in the streets. Less hungry, usually, and less miserable in general than the poorest in the old world, yet still miserable. When Román Fontonajo walked through the Riverport-district, he saw one of these people, leaning to a wall, an apple in his hand and an empty frying pan besides him (was that one meant for collecting money or for cooking?). Compassion flooded him, and the richest man of New Terra took off his cloak, bowed down and handed it to the beggar, along with the bread he had just bought for lunch. "Tank you, mylord.", the homeless man said, showing his non-existing front-teeth. "We aren't lords here in the new world. We represent the people.", replied Fontonajo. "But you gonna represent da Sea of Thieves region in that Council thing, ain't ya?", the man said. Fontonajo, slightly puzzled by the man's knowledge of recent political changes, set up a smile: "You think I should?" "Who else, mylor... mymaster? You are da one!" "Remember then, that your vote counts as much as mine.", Fontonajo stated, smiled, and continued his path. He knew many eyes had seen him, and sure it had been great publicity. But that was not the reason - his generous deed had been honest. He knew he had to do more for the people once elections had gone through.
  12. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "So what do you think?", Román Fontonajo asked his son. Juan Alfonso replied: "You are right, father. You are the only one. But I am not sure about myself." "You have handled much of our business as well as Nova Terreli on your own already, Juan. You are the commander-in-chief of the Castillo. And you knew that day would come. You of all people in this new world are the only one who does not have to doubt, my son. And you know it as well as I do.", Román stated. "Thank you, dad.", he said and hugged his father. "Now go and make Eslandola great again!", said Juan, with a cheeky smile. "I am not sure about that slogan yet...", Román murmured, leaving the room. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo was left alone in his personal study near the harbour of Nova Terreli. The city where he would soon be mayor.
  13. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad Román Esteban Fontonajo had just reached the highest spot on the island of Nellisa. On top of the Terreli Hills stood a small tower, that Fontonajo's men had built years ago. Not only was it a great watchtower to protect the roads and farms from outlaws. It was also the best spot to think about his strategic plans on the island. Román came here whenever he needed time to think. Now that he stood on top of his tower, the suggestion from Willem Guilder and Guy K. Wyndzon circled through Fontonajo's mind. In his early years in the colonies he had not been an active member of Eslandolan politics. But that had changed, especially over the past year. He had become mayor of Nova Terreli and had taken the Viceroy's fortress in a military coup. He was the first to openly oppose King Fernando, even before the latter had attacked Oleon. And he had declared independence for Nellisa, and had become the de-facto-governor of the island. Nellisa had not yet officially accepted the constitution, nor had he. But that was about to change. All was about to change.
  14. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad From his tower Román Fontonajo looked west. Down the hills, across the many cotton fields, along the road, passing some other farmland, or small forests, or the palmtrees on the coastline, his eyes took sight of the colourful city - Nova Terreli, standing proudly at the Nellisan coast. The second largest city in the new world, some said. It was about time for it to become larger than Breshaun. He looked further, to the harbour and beyond, and there he saw all the ships from all the nations entering and leaving the port, carrying goods and riches, bringing wealth to both the old and new world. Oh Glorious New World, he thought. One day this will all be one, and every single person will live in prosperity. But who was capable of the task ahead? He stood there for hours like this, thinking actively. He weighed strategies and options, considered one future or the other, outcomes, scenarios, inventions, everything. But the more he thought about it the more he realised that he had long made his mind. Following his intuition he turned, climbing down the tower, mounting his horse. Guilder and Wyndzon were right. He had to. He would be back to Nova Terreli within an hour.
  15. On the Grand Road of Nellisa, near Nova Terreli, is a small roadside tavern. Today is delivery day, and the tavern owner and his family are happy to see the brewer's cart arrive. The tavern owner's handyman rolls the kegs of beer into the tavern... ...and the brewer's workman loads the empty kegs onto his cart to take back to the brewery. The road is still muddy in places from a recent rain, but the old draft horse doesn't mind. It's better than a hard, dusty road, and the trip back to the brewery will be much lighter pulling empties instead of full kegs. *************************************************** This build is 1280 studs (32x40). I'm submitting it for consideration in categories A (Action on the Road) and M1 (Nova Terreli: Merchants). All C&C welcome!
  16. On its way, the Strada Maxima intersects with multiple smaller roads. These crossings naturally become centres of activity, and often taverns, stables, or small shops shoot up. At this particular junction in the middle of an agricultural area, something out of the ordinary is under construction. While most Eslandians worship nothing but profits, there are those who still maintain a degree of piety. And on top of that, many foreigners visiting Nellisa will be searching for a place of worship. Therefore, an unknown organisation rumoured to be of Olean origin is financing the construction of a temple at this intersection of the Strada Maxima and a smaller rural north-south road. It is right in the middle of the famous cotton fields of Nellisa, and the farmers are typically more pious than the city-dwellers. Already, light is on in the finished ground floor, where a priest is hosting the first ceremony, while workmen are hard at work erecting the towers that will lead weary travellers to this sanctuary. On the road this morning, we see an Eslandian official rushing past in his small carriage towards some surely very important rendezvous, a group of soldiers escorting a prisoner, a native woman with her child, and a trader, who earlier that day suffered an accident with a broken wheel. Besides the road, apart from the construction site, a young boy is rustling chickens, while a farmer tends his cotton. ___________________________________ Another entry for the Strada Maxima mini-challenge. Wanted to try out a small construction site for the subchallenge. I couldn't seem to get the light right, but on the upside, it looks a bit like sunset. C&C welcome.
  17. The grand road of Nellisa also leads through the swampy lands in the northeast of the island, between Montario and Pontelli. While the marshlands aren't considered very deadly, they are still annoying to all travellers. To avoid the road from being muddy all the time a small dike has been constructed to lead the road in a small arch around the marshlands. But there is also a wooden path right through the swamp, only for pedestrians, who do not fear the depressing flair of the marshes and seek to fast-track their journey. Studcount: 1.310 Location:
  18. A guesthouse in direct vicinity to the Governor's Palace in Montario on the island of Nellisa. Here Fontonajo's guests can reside during their stay. The finest food is served, providing a great foundation for some business the next day. With this MOC I fulfill the size requirements for a Governor's Palace (also called "Viceroy's Palace", rank 4 residence).
  19. Due to horrific lighting conditions the pictures suck. I will make new ones and upload them next weekend. Because it's the end of the month I will post them now already, so I can license them. Please address all your complaints about photography directly to the EGS. Many wealthy Eslandolan merchants have a secondary domicile in Montario. Being close to governor Román Esteban Fontonajo never hurts, and much of the island's real business is already being made in Montario. Also it's location right between Nova Terreli and Pontelli makes it an even more important stop on every journey.
  20. Due to horrific lighting conditions the pictures suck. I will make new ones and upload them next weekend. Because it's the end of the month I will post them now already, so I can license them. Please address all your complaints about photography to the EGS. In his warehouse in Montario Román Fontonajo stores only those things that are needed in a town of wealth such as Montario. Especially food, but also some jewellery and fine clothes, and of course wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks. Most of the owners of the local food stores or restaurants come to his warehouse to buy their supplies. Like the young lady, who owns a small restaurant "Annetta", where you can enjoy the finest taste of Corrington's kitchens. Of course Román is negotiating prices with her.
  21. Explanations: * MOC and storyline are to be considered 100% IC * The MOC shows Don Isaac Montoya from Corrington (Bregir) visiting Román Esteban Fontonajo from Eslandola (Elostirion) in his new palace on Nellisa * The conversation below has been developed together from Bregir and myself. HUGE THANKS to Bregir for your massive help! Bregir's part in dark red, mine in dark green. * I have requested a charter for the grand residence ("Viceroy's Palace"), Eslandolan leadership is discussing it * Montario is a rather new settlement, between Nova Terreli and Pontelli, at the north of the island, few miles from the coast "My warmest words of welcome, Don Montoya. Welcome to the Fontonajo residence here in Montario, on Nellisa, the pride of Eslandola in Terra Nova. Such a pleasure to finally meet you in person." Montoya bowed deeply before his host, while swinging off his hat in a respectful greeting. "Don Fontonajo, I assure you, the pleasure is all on my side! I was honoured and humbled when I received your most gracious invitation. Who would have figured that one of the most influential people of New Terra would wish to invite a simple naturalist like myself to visit his very home, here, in the Jewel of the Prio Sea." "There is much which I wish to discuss with you, but first, tell me what prompted you to bestow me with the honour of an invitation." A slight smile played around Fontonajo's lips when he replied. "Aren't we all simple men, in our own way? Isn't influence only what other people see in us, what trust they give us? With that in mind I am quite confident, my dear Don Montoya, that I am currently talking to one of the most influential men in Corrington. Maybe that's why you have come here, maybe it's not. You've had safe travels on your journey here?" Montoya waved his hands before him as if protesting the compliment. "I am less off a marine animal than you might suspect, and the seas were rather stormy, but apart from a slight seasickness, I have made it in one piece. And I even laid eyes on the pelican! What a marvellous bird!" Recollecting himself, he continued: "But I forget myself. You have not asked me here to talk of birds, and neither is that why I came..." "We heard rumours of a Military coup here, although they were unconfirmed. I trust you came through unscathed?" Pausing a second, eyeing Fontonajo, he asked the question most on his mind. "My sources suggested you were in fact the very man behind the coup?.." Fontonajo thought for some seconds before he replied: "Let me ask you a question, before I answer yours: What do you assume will happen to a colony without any type of leadership?" Raising a brow, Montoya replied. "I believe that men must be allowed to govern themselves, without being subject to the rule of force. But of course, I am no anarchist, and believe in the rule of law..." "I suppose we go inside and continue our conversation while I lead you around the place?" Fontonajo waved his hand, inviting Montoya to join him. "Belief in the rule of law, you say... And I agree with you. The palace of the old world is far away. That's why Fernando Augusto established a viceroy in the first place. The viceroy however... Yes, I do appreciate Renato, a lot to be honest, but he was not the man up to the task of governing the colonies. I assume his thirst for adventure got the upper hand of him once more." Fontonajo sighed. "After he had left the city I was the only one to uphold Eslandolan values and order in Nova Terreli. People looked up to me, they even expected me to rule. Like it was a natural thing. We did in fact witness a slight increase in crimes in the city, on the island as a whole actually. But my measures were take to prevent worse things from happening. I was afraid the colonies might fall into anarchy, and thus I decided to act early. I showed the people that this is still an Eslandolan colony, that there is still order in here, and that Nellisa is still being rightfully ruled by Eslandola." Fontonajo made a brief pause before he continued. "So... Were I the man behind the actions? Sure I was! Did I profit from it in the end? Sure I did! Did I do it for the profit? No, I didn't! Do I agree it was military coup? No, I won't!" Listening carefully, Montoya pondered for a moment, following Fontonajo's directions. "The line between a coup to gain power and an intervention to prevent anarchy and chaos is a thin and wavy one, and hard to navigate for even the best of men. But judging by what I have seen in this colony, what I have learned of the situation, and what you have told me, I believe you have done so successfully. I can only offer the humble advice that you must keep this balance close at heart, not to let the corruption of power get to you..." Sending a respectful nod and smiling, he looked around and changed the subject. "A most marvellous palace, fit for a governor, if not a viceroy! Surely, Nellisa must be the pride of the Empire!" "I hope so. It's our only colony with more than one major settlement. But believe me, I have plans!" Honest enthusiasm played around Fontonajo's eyes as he continued. "Nellisa must be more than those two towns to be what it is supposed to be: The backbone of New Eslandola. As governor I plan for the island as a whole. First I will support the growth of the smaller villages all around. Nova Terreli and Pontelli are places of commerce, but all the sailors, merchants and of course the people working in town need to eat something. And I plan on expanding the infrastructure. The road from Nova Terreli to Pontelli really needs some improvements, as you might have noticed. And the jungle in the middle of the island is still mostly unknown to us. I will change that. My uncle is already eager to write down every little secret the Nelissan forest holds, make this knowledge accessible to the world. Improving the world is our responsibility, after all, I am sure you agree? Ah, and you would be so welcome to join our efforts exploring the jungle when time's right. And of course there is Montario, right here, my seat as governor. Yes, Montario will definitely become a jewel of New Terra, a center of diplomacy, also of art and culture, of science and knowledge." "Fascinating, my dear sir. I am quite convinced my old friend, Captain Jonathan Cooke, would be most interested in discussing the planning aspects of the colony with you! He is himself the military governor of the Southern Isles, and has many plans for its development. Somewhat obsessed with creating the "ideal city" I think you will find his views on urban planning, defence, and governance quite fascinating! I shall suggest him to seek your acquaintance when I next see him, if you would like." Turning to the next subject, his eyes lid up. "Your uncle is a naturalist? I should very much like to meet him, and perhaps invite him to speak for the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy! Unfortunately, the quest for knowledge is often foregone in the quest for military, political and economic power... I do agree that it is our charge to expand our understanding of the world, and further, to ensure that that knowledge is distributed widely amongst our peers. And I very much applaud your vision for Nellisa in general, and Montario in particular. Too many of the colonies of New Terra are devoid of the finer arts. Should you allow us, I am certain the Royal Society will be interested in adding our humble vision to yours." After a short pause, he interjected. "I only worry that such a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment will be exclusive, reserving the finer arts for the aristocracy. I believe in the education of all..." "You do have a point here. Education should indeed be for all. Maybe my motivation is a bit more... monetarily driven. But you are quite right. And I am confident that there have to be solutions. Why not have a school for talented kids from all over the island, where they can live and learn, whether they are poor or rich? Or have some large carriages bringing people to Montario for a day, just so that they can gain knowledge. Or bring the scholars to the cities? There will surely be ways, and I am happy to invite Royal Society o help me with that massive task!" The two men entered Fontonajo's newly built palace. In the entry hall two guards were waiting, and a the receptionist had a heaty discussion with a boy. "My nephew. Spoiled kid", he whispered, when they turned right and started their tour around the house. Montoya smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "I must applaud you for your ingenuity! It is initiatives like those that leads to progress for all, and might I add, to prosperity too! I see no reason to expect that the next Galilego or Archimebricks is necessarily born to inherited privilege, so equality in knowledge is a prerequisite to tap into the intellectual potential of our nations," he said with great conviction. "Hence, the Royal Society works towards free universal education, and access to higher learning based on skills and efforts, rather than birth." Chuckling inwardly, he added: "In those young mischievous troublemakers lie the future of our world! Does he attend his schooling? I know it can be hard here in the colonies..." "Yes, that's not the problem. His father believes that children will at some point learn what is right and wrong by their own experience, so we won't have to tell them. But this does not work out." As Fontonajo showed Montoya around the sleeping rooms of his mother, his uncle and the two boys (his nephew and his own youngest son) in the lower floor of the right wing of the palace, he continued with another topic. "When I heard news about the distribution of the new islands, I quickly realised that Corrington had claimed Celestia and Cascadia, the two largest islands. May I have the audacity to ask you about the reasoning of your nation? I couldn't hinder but notice those two were by far the largest islands in the archipalego. Was it sheer size that directed your decisions? Oh, and before you ask: Yes, I did indeed start a small campaign, unsucessful though I have to admit, for Eslandola to claim the Island of Flowers." Much impressed by the grandeur of the palace, Montoya followed closely, listening attentively to his host. "Well, señor, I cannot speak for my peers, for as you know, the Crown of Corrington is advised by a Royal Parliament, and all are heard in these matters. However, I assure you, size is unimportant in this decision. For my part, these islands are mainly chosen for their scientific interest. The marvellous jungles of Cascadia, and its large felines; Celestia and its orchids and medicinal plants, not to mention its vanilla; and lastly Garma's Key, with its crabs and coral reefs. Certainly, the opportunity for a concentrated, defensible and well-organised colony has surely been a consideration for the more tacticly minded of my peers." Smiling, he added: "I too found the rumours of the Island of Flowers most intriguing, and hope to visit it in a scientific capacity..." "But I let my mind wander, and that in the company of such an important man," he said with a bow. "Pardon me for moving on... What news of the treasure fleet? I have myself just departed a vessel that retook one of the treasure galleons... it seems its secrets were sadly public?" While they just left the rooms of the upper floor of the right wing, where Fontonajo's brother Rialto and his wife had obviously just woken up, anger appeared on his face for a second. He regained control soon after, as they went downstairs again. "Yes, I have heard about that. Thanks for your gesture of loyalty towards Eslandola, my friend. I couldn't hinder but notice that our joint venture, the Justicia, had some great success on the seas in the past weeks. As the by far more famous naval commander I'd like to hear your opinion on how you think we should proceed?" Arching a brow, Montoya took mental note of Fontonajo's evasion of topics, and said with a chuckle: "Oh nay, you misunderstand. I am by no means a naval commander, and most certainly not a famous one. But I am lucky enough to be associated with one who appears to be the very image of the ideal of the Royal Navy. On the waves, I am but a lowly surgeon, but Cooke... When he steps onto his quarterdeck, he appears to take up a perfectly herculean appearance! And he has been singularly successful in sinking, burning and taking anything flying the flags of our enemies." Recalling the recent events, he continued: "In this recent battle, he led the horrible old Ironsides in between a much larger privateering frigate and its galleon prize in a stroke of what I am told was absolute naval genius, taking the privateers aback and making them surrender almost by his pure presence alone. Although I have come to understand that some gunfire was involved, the more experienced sea dogs ensure me that that was of little consequence compared to the bravery of our captain and crew!" "As to business, I let my man of business manage my estate, as I have little mind for it, but I do understand that McLeod too has proven a capable and effective commander in the Justitia." Montoya dismissed this subject with a wave of his hand. "But I am much more concerned with the ease of which the information of your treasure fleet was spilled... It almost led me to lose a good friend in Major Allcock, a fellow of the Royal Society!" "I am so sorry to hear that! What happened? I hope he is all well again?" They had followed a girl, carrying a teapot into another room. A saxophone could be heard, but stopped as the door opened. "Come on in, my dear, join us", they heard an old man's voice. Fontonajo invited Montoya into the room. In one corner an exotic young girl, quite obviously one of New Terra's natives, played music. On the other side sat an old man, drinking some tea, inviting the small girl with the teapot to join the two. "Oh quite, and well on his way to a medal for bravery, I believe! Yet it was still a risk imposed by a lack of discretion on the part of your Empire..." "Sorry to interrupt you, my loved ones. May I introduce to you Don Isaac Montoya, our most noble guest from Corrington? And here are my uncle Raphael", Fontonajo waved his hand at the old man, who replied with a warmhearted smile. "And over there, playing the most lovely music, is my, hopefully soon-to-be daughter in law, Poca from the Ténotclaxcan. And this is my daughter Isabelle Elisa, maybe the most inquisitive person you will ever meet." For the first time since they had started their conversation there was a completely untroubled smile on Fontonajo's face. Bowing deeply, Montoya accepted the presentations with a charming smile. "A most enchanting family, I am sure." Turning back to Fontonajo, his brow furrowed as he returned to more serious matters. "I am most concerned with the relations between our great nations. As you probably know, we approached you with the intent to sign an alliance, solidifying our historic friendship in a formal agreement, but Eslandola refused. Even a purely defensive alliance was dismissed, on he grounds that it might not be opportune to help in the case of conflict! Opportune!" "I conducted these negotiations myself, with your Secretary of State, Guy Wyndzon, and was frankly shocked at the utter lack of commitment on Eslandola's part to our common cause..." Montoya shaked his head in disarray. For the fraction of a second Fontonajo looked utterly puzzled, but quickly smiled again. "I have full trust in my good friend Guy to handle all matters of Eslandolan diplomacy in the best way possible, and I do not want to doubt his reasoning. Please do not dismiss the thought that sometimes we are not the masters of our own decisions, and forced by others to conduct arrangements we do not even agree with. I cannot speak for Guy, but can only imagine how his situation must have been like, over those past months, directly serving... Well, as for my personal opinion on this delicate matter I am quite confident you know that I and my familiy have always not only respected but also cooperated with our friends from Corrington in various circumstances. I feel like an alliance of our two glorious nations might be the first step in solidifying this new world as the place of peace, order and wealth it is supposed to be. I am also positive that most of my fellow Eslandolans would think alike." They took a quick glimpse into the general working room where Fontonajo's elder nephew was about to write a letter, before they continued their way to the upper floor in the left wing. "Regarding our continued struggles with Mardier and the most unlawful actions of their privateers at sea I see even more reason for us to keep our friends even closer and solidify our mutual bonds." "Hrmph!" Montoya exclaimed. "It was my clear impression that this was a decision driven by the trade companies, not by your King, or anyone else. It is a sad collection of powerful men that will not take ownership over the decisions they take, no matter the circumstances!" Recollecting himself, Montoya forced a smile. "Pardon me for falling out so, and i beg you not to take it as a reflection upon your person. Nothing could be farther from the truth! But your King aside, it is our impression that the rivalry between the Trading Companies are threatening to tear your nation apart. And you must admit, Eslandola has done very little this last year to make any friends amongst its neighbours... To that I might well interject, that several individuals have done great services to the citizens of Corrington, but as a nation, you have made it very hard to cooperate... Take for instance the unfortunate issue of Isla de Victoria. Had it only been handled better, it would have seemed less like aggressive expansionism, and more like an effort against the oppression and influence of Mardier. I will let you know that our reaction hung in the balance between escalation, perhaps eventually war, and assistance! Some voiced serious concern of Eslandola thus shifting the balance of power to your own advantage." Sending Fontonajo a concerned and troubled look, he continued. "And I fear that for the time being, an alliance is entirely out of the question, for reasons you know as well as I. If only things had been different, our fleets could have assisted in escorting your treasure fleet, bringing it home safe despite the negligence of your intelligence services!" They had visited all bedrooms and were now sitting in Románs office. "Am I right in hearing some bitterness, if not even anger, from your words? Understandable, but my dear Montoya! Let me assure you, that while our Eslandolan nature always inspires us towards further expansion of our businesses, we have no interest in shifting the power of Terra towards us. How would that even be benefical, from a mere economic point of view?" Fontonajo had a stern look, but his voice sounded rather exhausted as he continued. "You were right in observing tendencies of strong dissent between our trading companies. But isn't that exactly what urges us to strive for improvement in the first place? While the dissents between our trading companies gave me more than one sleepless night, a fact I cannot deny, I think those inner conflicts made us even stronger in the end. And challenging Mardier for Isla de Victoria, or KMA as we now call it, solved most of our issues. Nothing unifies you better than a common foe, wouldn't you agree? But sure, you most probably ask yourself: what was our reasoning behind it? I am quite sure you know as well as I do the agreement that was made about the distribution of new islands to the glorious nations of Eslandola, Corrington and Oleon and even the group of privateers calling themselves the Sea Rats. Mardier, as we are both aware, had no right at all to even claim an island in the first place. I totally agree with you that assistance from your side would have been the right call to uphold the treaties and order of Terra Nova. The Eslandolan Trade Companies however did act, and believe me it was the Trade Companies' initiative. We started our effort to drive Mardier from Isla de Victoria, because their claim was totally unlawful from the very get-go. Please be reassured that our invasion of the island is not at all an act of increasing our territories or our influence. It's merely about clearing the island from the unjust invaders and restoring the natural order of things. The thoughtful person of Isaac Montoya that I have gotten to know is still aware of how the war with Mardier started, at least I assume so? Mardierian privateers exerted their continuous aggresion on our trading fleets, neither any cause given, nor any decleration of war from the Mardierian site. As their government repeatedly rejected our calls for peace and negotiations, we had no choice but to declare war ourselves, so we could even start protecting our trading fleets. But back to Isla de Victoria - I can assure you that I, and also all other members of all MCTC, ETWC and MAESTRO would warmheartedly welcome you and your brothers, as well as all Oleanders and Sea Rats, to join our efforts on Isla de Victoria. We would love to once again struggle alongside you to restore order in Terra Nova!" Fontonajo took a deep breath. Montoya sent Fontonajo an apologetic glance and sighed. "I must admit, those negotiations did leave me bitter, but more so, disappointed. My Queen offered her unconditional friendship in the form of an alliance, an offer we thought attractive to you, and it was rejected due to narrow concerns of profit? And more so, as Wyndzon, no doubt an honourable gentleman, seemed unable to fathom how your unwillingness to commit to even a defensive alliance could only be interpreted as a lack of commitment to our friendship. I was told that Eslandola might consider intervening, if it was in your own interest..." Montoya shaked his head with a sigh, dismissing the subject. "I am well aware of Mardier's transgressions, and their fleets have targeted us too. In fact, I will tell you that we too are considering a declaration of war... And that you may find your invitation to Victory Island unnecessary. I cannot give you any specifics, but as we speak, events are in motion that cannot be stopped. I would have wished many things different, but most of all, that this incursion on Isla de Victoria had been coordinated with us. Had not the doves amongst us acted voices of reason, we could have met as enemies at war. I myself called for an aggressive response." Sighing deeply, obviously full of regret, he continued. "You must understand, I was not motivated by any ill-will against your nation, but by the need to ensure that force does not become the ruling principle in New Terra. I see now that such a reaction would have been excessive... But I was not alone, and there is still unresolved tension. I only hope our response will help lowering the tensions between our nations. I would so loathe to be forced to consider you my enemy." Bowing respectfully, he added. "But now your King is at it again... This claim... Is he quite in his right mind?" Almost furious Fontonajo immediately took the subject, and obviously driven by emotion responded. "Dont't you ever call him that again! The Mad Man has no right to call himself anything close to royal, least of all 'king'. I will not respect that person anymore, nor accept him as my leader. And many Eslandolan's in the colonies think alike - that he is ruining us all. Let alone that he is ignoring all rights of humanity. This cannot be tolerated anymore!" Calming down a bit, Román Fontonajo continued. "His claim on the Oleander throne... was weird, to say the least, but an understandable - yet utterly dumb - attempt to increase his influence. This however was the first true sign of warning to me, that he had indeed understood nothing, nor was able to adapt his priorities to the requirements of a rapidly changing world. The colonies are the place where every leader's focus should lie those days. If it weren't for the Trading Companies Eslandola would already be irrelevant in Terra Nova." With a deep sigh he brought up the topic he had evaded through all the conversation with Montoya. "If only the Mad Man had let us alone. But then he came up with his ingeniously stupid plan to sabotage his own treasure fleet. I see it so clear now, how he had planned it all along..." Full of expectation he looked at Montoya. Raising his brow in surprise, and leaning back a bit, Montoya eyed Fontonajo for a moment. "You may of course count on my full discretion, my friend, but you must realise that these are dangerous words, marking you as nothing less than a republican, nothing less than a revolutionary. It could cost you your neck..." Realising the implication of Fontonajo's last words, Montoya fell back in his chair in shock. "Sabotage? But surely, this cannot be substantiated!" "Just think of it! Why does he need the money right now? Surely to finance his invasion on Oleon! There is no other reason, don't you agree? And how did he set up the treasure fleet? He gave order to many, many men who should contribute to the treasure fleet. We did not know of each other, thus he split up the treasure fleet. But he also made it inevitable that someone would leak something, with so many people involved. And most surely he himself made sure to leak a detail here and there! Yet still with the treasure fleet so separated into many small entities, he could be absolutely sure that most of the money would arrive in Terreli to fill his coffers of war! Now imagine a single Oleander would have attacked a single ship from the fleet or even only done any other harm to the whole enterprise?! Wouldn't that have justified all of the mad man's actions against Oleon? Wouldn't that have justified even war? And wouldn't that have united all the Eslandolan colonies against Oleon as well, seeing their hard-earned wealth being stolen? If it had not been for the discipline and loyalty of all Oleanders in the colonies, which I most deeply admire, the mad man's plan might even have worked out! Do I have proof? Most unfortunately I don't. But you have to admit that it's most obvious? But before we speak of him again... I have heard some rumours of redcoats on Isla de Victoria? And maybe even bluecoats? I am most certain you can share some knowledge in that regard?" "I would suggest caution. Such accusations based only on speculation are dangerous and may lead you directly to the gallows. And the evidence is nothing but circumstantial. As you suggest yourself, it was in factan ingenious way to ensure at least most of the treasure returned to Terreli, which may be the sole reasoning. Of course, an Olean attack would have been... convenient, given his further plans, and he might have considered this... But to go so far as to have hoped for it..." Montoya was obviously still shocked, and somewhat confused. "As to your rumours of troops... As I said, wheels are turning, and there is no going back now. But we have decided to aid you in denying Mardier their unlawful claim. And I cannot deny that the fact that it also limits Eslandian control of the island might have been part of the considerations. I know not the details of the intervention, but expect our troops to set up some degree of permanent encampment. And that Oleon may do so too. Afterall, Mardier have long preyed on the shipping and commerce of all our nations!" "That leaves me full of hope that there is a chance our three nations could become reunited at least here in the colonies again. Thank you for your trust, my friend." Fontonajo slightly bowed his head and hand as a gesture of respect. "But as you said, the wheels are turning already, and things have been set in motion now that cannot be stopped. Right as we talk my heralds are setting up all over Nellisa - in Nova Terreli, in Pontelli and in all the other settlements as well. And when by tomorrow I will step out of my palace and proclaim the independence of Nellisa from the Crown, the same words will be heard all over the island. Thousands will follow my call, and we will finally be freed of Fernando Augusto's chains. The Eslandolan Republic of Nellisa does no longer bow to a king." Fontonajo set up a massive smile, when he looked at Montoya. "I am totally aware of the gallows waiting at the wrong end of the road that I am taking. But only those who dare may also succeed. Fernando Augusto's reign in the colonies is over. It is about time we take matters into our own hands." "An independent republic of Nellisa? A bold move, I must say, and quite unexpected! Is this independence to stand, even if the King is... removed, or will you rejoin a united Eslandola under new rule? Do you expect other colonies to follow in your footstep? Is Eslandola to become a federation, or even confederation, of independent colonies? And what of your homeland in Halos? Pardon me, but your plans raise numerous questions!" Considering for a moment, he then added. "Is that the true reason you called me here? To ensure good relations with Corrington once you stand alone? And how will this republic be governed? I suppose there will be elections... a constitution... courts..." "I am fully convinced that the concept of a monarch is completely outdated. There may be royals like your very Queen Annetta, who are actually worth looking up to. But some day, maybe in ten years and maybe in two hundred, even Corrington's ruler will be falling under the pressure of the crown." Fontonajo took a deep breath. "I fully believe in Eslandola and all of its values, though. Nellisa should not be a nation of its own, but rather belong to an Eslandolan Union. Whether that can include the Halosian territories or not, I am not sure. I am definitely hoping for Colonial Eslandola to not fall apart. I am on very good terms with many of the other rulers, like Governor Guilder for instance. But someone has to take the first step..." Sitting in silence for a while, he continued: "As far as the government is concerned I am afraid that I myself am currently the only one capable of being governor of the Eslandolan Republic of Nellisa. As such we have already set up a constitution. When time has come, I will make room for others, that is certain. The least thing I am interested in is a new monarchy here in Terra Nova. But only time can tell how things will continue..." "And be assured that most certainly, good relationships with Corrington and Oleon, most of them all, are among my very prime ambitions, Isaac." And so they spoke until the late into the night, closely debating every possible angle on the current situation, both aware that the coming months would be defining for the future of New Terra. Full Album on Flickr
  22. Previous Builds: Concerns in the Ministries In the Dark of Night Lighting up the Diplomatic Furnace Blue Rooster Inn March of the Grenadiers After having arrived at Nellisa, Montoya had had his plate full. New Terra had experienced large scale privateering, naval invasions, hostile claims on the Olean throne, and heavy build-ups of naval forces by competing powers, and of course, Corrington could not stand idle and had landed troops on Victoria Island. Further, a secret, yet well-established Mardierian Colony on the same island had been unveiled, leading the major powers to reconsider their positions. Much of this had fallen on his plate, and therefore, he had retreated to a study in Nova Terreli owned by the Royal Society. As a member, this was a privilege he often took advantage off, as not even the most hospitable of hosts (amongst which Fontonajo was certainly to be counted) could offer the complete discretion and tranquillity needed for scientific or diplomatic work. Having just finished a report on the recent declaration of independence of Nellisa, he returned with a frown to the recent directives from the Ministry of Finance. Being narrowly concerned with finances and profits almost to the degree of an Eslandian, the temporary minister of Finance, Lord Pennington, had continuously thwarted Montoya's efforts to serve Corlander interests in New Terra. Pennington was a man of the old world, and Montoya had come to suspect that he was more concerned with his own career than the good of the country. During the recent events on Victoria Island, Pennington had almost succeeded in rendering all Montoya's efforts useless, damaging foreign relations and eventually throwing Montoya into disrepute with the Crown. Whether this was part of a Brickiavellian plot to throw Montoya out of favour, side-effects of Pennington's ambitions, or blatant incompetence, Montoya was not sure, but would do his best to find out. Leaning back, he smiled as he heard the newspaper boy exclaim the latest headline. At least Pennington hadn't been able to thwart this... Meanwhile, outside the study: "Special Report! Corrington announces armed neutrality! Buy the Pontelli Gazette to get the full story!" The newspaper boy shouted to the assembled crowds. "Following King Fernando Augusto's renewed claims on the Olean throne, the Crown of Corrington has issued a statement that Corlander neutrality will be enforced with force. Forces of King Fernando Augusto found to be trespassing on Corlander soil or territorial waters, whether for offensive or defensive manoeuvres, will be met with the full extent of her Majesty's armed forces." While a few soldiers were worried by these news, most of the populace seemed happy to find Fernando Augusto's plans frustrated. ____________________________ Just a little build to propel our story, set of a few rumours of (IC) disconcert in Corlander circles of power, and most of all, to proclaim our armed neutrality.
  23. Please consider that this post is 100% IC, thank you. What is this guy telling the crowd near that warehouse in Nova Terreli? What does it say on his scroll? Why did he bring Fontonajo guards? And why is Montoya listening so carefully? Find out either here: or here:
  24. 2016-10-15_10-40-37 by Phadeout, on Flickr As Nacho and Roldolfo walked down one of the many newer upmarket streets they pass a gentlemen of Oleon leaving one of the houses, suddenly our heroes feel the atmosphere change, as the gentleman in question walks towards a groups of Eslandian citizens who seem agitated as well as inebriated. 2016-10-15_10-40-16 by Phadeout, on Flickr "You're not welcome here, get back where you come from you megabloking megabloker" "Pardon! I am but a humble man here to trade with you. Whatever these rumours of war we are all civilised men, there is no need to argue when it is a beautiful day and there is money to be made!" "Are you making fun of us - there is more to Eslandola than money you know!" "But yes, of course I meant no disrespect, kindly allow me past and I will trouble you no more" "Not so fast - maybe you need to learn a little lesson about life in the New World" Nacho stepped forward and raises his voice over the growing murmurs of aggression. 2016-10-15_10-40-00 by Phadeout, on Flickr "I know you - you run the barrel making business near the docks, surely you know that the goods sent in those barrels as often as not ends up in Oleon hands, after we have traded with them as close friends. Why would you try to bite the hand that feeds you?" "But we are going to war with them! They are our enemy now." "We will not be going to war with Oleon, the madman with the crown in Terreli will not be allowed to wage this fool's war, the great houses and Trade Companies will not allow it, and we will not allow it, here in the new world - we will refuse his rule. Our mayor has already set wheels in motion that will protect us from Fernando and his madness - a new enlightened age beckons, a republic of Nellisa is dawning. There is no benefit to war with Oleon whilst the Mardier wolves circle and the Fontonajo understand this, they will bring a new level of prosperity to us and shield us from harm." 2016-10-15_10-39-05 by Phadeout, on Flickr "Trust me, this is the future, the New World is ours to shape, leave the past behind in the hands of the small-minded and weak, long live the republic!! Extra image for Capt Wolf