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Found 15 results

  1. Mitsman

    (MOC) Evil Rising

    "So you are brave my young ones, aren't you? Have you heard of the times that the Lord of Evil himself rose from the seven Hells upon his black monolith, blacker than darkness, and spread terror to the lands? So many brave souls were lost at those times... So many friends and soulmates! Heroes are not made like they used to, stern and strong, full of courage and honour! Where it for Mephistopheles to rise again, would you pick up the arms and magic to face him? Would you sacrifice your soul even to fight on the side good! Would you my little ones?" So this is a dungeon for the mini campaign "Evil Rising", in Heroica scale for my f2p dungeon crawler game (more info in here). Not much like the other mocs around here but it is all mine... Hope you like the theme! Mitsman
  2. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Horned Dragon Tail

    Aron the knight has found another dragon to hunt, the 'Horned Dragon Tail'. Little did he know, it is a monster who lures or scares prey with a long tail shaped like a small dragon. The Horned Dragon Tail by Ids, on Flickr Build for the Creating an Atmosphere category Summer Joust 2021. - No photo editing was used, the only light is from 3, 12V lightning bricks and a camera on a tripod. First time building a brick build monster, the monster is somewhat inspired by an angler fish, only using a small dragon like tail instead of a light, let me know what you think. Thanks for looking (can you spot all the animals/monsters?).
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Bounty

    Chapter 9.1 - Bounty I didn’t know what I was hoping to find, but I went through each cell, each little room, one by one, growing more anxious at each rusty old door. But it didn’t matter. They were all empty, anyway. To the end of the hallway, only one cell stood remaining. Unlocked. On the inside was a pile of straw that served as a bed and a bucket on the side. Nothing. Except for a little mouse that looked at me startled and wrinkled. Poor mice. Even them are as thin as twigs. The mouse squeaked and ran through the straw bed, pinching a hole in the middle of the pile. Is he hiding? I kicked the pile away, and amid the falling spread straw, a trap door leading to a lower level was revealed. I pulled the wooden door open. The hole on the floor revealed a ladder that disappeared into the darkness. From an endless dark pit, a rusty breath puffed to my face and an empty sound echoed. The mist was thick and made it hard to discern what was ahead. The walls got tighter after each descending step until a point where it felt impossible to squeeze through. Then, the walls closing around me disappeared. It felt like a clearing as the echo of my breathing vibrated loudly in that open space. The weak light of my torch reflected on what appeared to be stars shining on a black canvas, blinking with the flame, just to realize those stars were just what I was looking for. Golden coins. Every corner of the room was filled with sacks, barrels, containers and crates pilled at each other. All of them filled with pieces of silver, golden jewelry, precious gemstones, trinkets and fine ornaments that should have been collected for years. Loot. Taxation. Years of bribery and extortion. Work of the same men who swore to protect the realm but, instead, were corrupted by greed and the illusion of power over. I emptied my lungs. Finally. I reached for a bag filled with golden coins - I could swear they were all smiling back at me. A paralyzing shock struck me from within. My throat shut and my arms weakened. What am I doing? I told myself the same story over and over. These coins will return to the folk. They were stolen and I’m bringing them back. But something about the weight of that sack made my guts turn upside down. A scream suddenly echoed and exploded in my ears, bringing me back to my senses, and I realized whose it was. Hob. I hurried and filled my bag. This should be more than enough, I thought running back to the corridor, as all those golden stars faded away. __________ Louis of Nutwood. This was posted a few weeks back on my Flickr. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the build and specially on the story. Make sure to check the previous chapters, too, if you like what you read so far. Cheers!
  4. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Payback

    Chapter 9.2 - Payback I ran up the stairs as fast as my legs would go, leaning on the stone walls. The closer I got to the upper floor, more I could hear the mumbling of voices, but I could not tell whose. The arched doorway appeared over the stone steps, as I reached the upper floor. Leaning closer, I focused, trying to recognize the chatting, and heard a muffled dripping sound below me. Tap, tap, tap. A viscous red liquid was dripping from the steps, drifting through the stone and tainting a burgundy trail behind it. Whose blood is this? I gripped the pommel of my sword once more, praying I would not have to use it. The red pool grew larger as I walked my way into the room. Glowing on the dim candlelight, I saw the general splattered on the floor. His once red and white vests were now only red. From what little I could see in that ill lit room, his face was pale and purple from the cold. I sighed. The room turned even colder than before. The smell was wet and rotten. Atop of the lifeless body of the Lion guard, stood a man covered in furs, with a red blade in his hand, and a goatee beard, soaked in sweat. His breathing was long and paused. - Thank the gods, you are alive. – I greeted Hob with relief. - Where in hell were you, kid?! - Hob shouted and the walls appeared to lean with the echo. I lifted my bag and the sound of clinking metal washed his blood covered face, making him smile. But I couldn’t take my eyes from the red pool forming underneath our feet. __________ Louis of Nutwood. Hope you all like it. My story has been growing week by week and I'd love to hear what you think of it. Make sure to check the previous chapters. (I'll add the links as soon as I learn how).
  5. RyszardBosiak

    [MOC] Wizard's House

    Wizard's House Adventurer wizard just received salary for last dangerous quest and bought new house. He doesn't know that there is a one extra floor in this property. Merchant told him only about living room with entresol, nothing more. He took the money and went away laughting. New adventure is closer than our hero thinks. The question is, what about old dweller from dungeon, which is hidden in the dark? All set is modular, so there are a lot of possibilites to use. For example living room and roof, or you can change the basement to something else, maybe treasury or laboratory? What do you think? There is a hidden door to the lowest level, hiding in the rock. Enjoy! :) Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wizard's House by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  6. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Keeper

    Chapter 09. The Keeper. As fast as I could, I ran down the narrow steps of the spiraling stairs. Jumping every two sets, I had to lean my body against the wall, cautious not to trick or fall. The small corridor leading to the dungeons was only lit by erratic torches nailed to the walls and the irregular stonework on the steps would not allow me to go any faster. I felt my stomach pressing against my throat and had to reduce my pace and recover my breath just before reaching the lowest level of the keep. The dungeons. To the flickering light of the torches, the golden lion seal in a white and red vest was highlighted once again before my eyes. Not again, I though. But this time, it wasn’t a bearded battler or a savage soldier that stood in front of me. To my surprise, a thin and fragile young man, who was no older than myself, stood tall in between the cell doors. He held a rusty old sword with undeniable difficulty. His vestments were torn, a number or two larger than the ideal, and held loose against his malnourished body. His prominent cheekbones and lean forearms showed he had little to eat for days. His red and weary eyes widened over his darkened eye bags and his breath fastened, forcing the air in and out. I reached for the grip of my sword. He looked at me, motionless as a statue, as I unsheathed my blade. His mouth trembled and his eyes filled from within, turning smaller and smaller with every breath. His sight moved away from me and stopped starring through the thick air that separated us, and into the cold ground, as if his sight could no longer deduct what was right in front of him, lost in his own thoughts. It seemed as if his soul had flown away from his body. Somehow, he seemed even smaller and weaker. He’s just a frightened boy. The dead silence of the room was broken when his sword fell from his hand and hit the stoned floor, emitting a loud clanging sound. He kneeled, put his hand over his face and sobbed, while struggling to contain his tears from falling. From a pitch-black shadow, two silhouettes, each in its own cell, approached the bars and into the light. Two cavernous men arose from the dark. Their arms stretched away from the black and materialized from between the iron bars, as if coming out of a painting, and I felt their invisible eyes still covered in the shadows, staring at me. I shook and took a step back. The cell doors opened in a shrieking sound. The two men walked away from their cells, looked at each other for a moment and headed to the stairs leading to the armory. As they walked me by, the prisoner with black hair and a ponytail stopped and stared at the young soldier kneeling in the dark. He then looked at me and touched my shoulder, noticing I still had my sword in hand. - You will take care of him, right? It hit me. I could not give him a straight answer. Before I could say anything, he left behind his companion through the spiraling stairs. Kill him? I turned to the boy and tightened my fingers around the grip of my sword, trying to contain my arms from trembling. I felt drops of sweat dripping down my forehead. His head sank between his legs. Below him was a small pool of water, which I could not and would not describe if it was tears or his own piss. I felt weak, as if something was pulling me to the ground. The sound of metal scratching against stone echoed through the room as I walked to him, dragging my blade beside me, feeling its burdensome weight, perhaps for the first time. - Get up – I said in a feeble voice. He did not. If anything, he clinched even more. I then, grabbed the bunch of keys and open the cell door behind him. - Get in. I will not ask again. He turned himself facing down and crawled inside the cell. He took a deep and long breath, as if he realized it would be his last, and stood up, facing the dark stone wall in the back of the room. His knees stiffened and his back straightened, when he held the air inside his lungs. The sound of metal echoed again through the emptied dungeons as the door to the cell closed. I turned the keys, locking the boy inside that cold and wet cell. Moving away from the bars, the weeping, the darkness of that damp dungeon, I couldn’t help but wonder if by leaving, was I keeping that boy's life or making his death more long-lasting and painful. I tossed the keys aside. ___________________ Louis of Nutwood Chapter 09. The Keeper
  7. This time an unusual project. Four different builders, including me, built one story. Everyone built one scene and photographed it like a movie frame. Read more » 1. Red Orcs raided the church - Hero takes quest from the priest to kill Orcs in the dungeon (by Liwnik) 2. Hero slays his way to dungeon's entry (by jetboy) 3. Killing Orcs in the dungeon (by Kalais, that's me ;) ) 4. Quest complete - Hero taking rewards (by BHs) Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Collaborative Quest WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  8. Built on top of an old mine, this castley structure hides a dark dungeon beneath and behind the steps over flowing waters. Combo/ReBuild: Built using only parts from Goblin King's Fortress #41188 and Crystal Mine #41177. Water flows from the old mine cave under the Keep's steps -- with remnants of its past crystal days. From his throne room, Cronan activates the dark portal below to capture an arch enemy into his Dungeon. Who was sucked into the Dungeon through the portal? It's Farran - the earth Elf! The portal's power also pulled the baby earth dragon Floria into this dark underground hole. Farran is strapped onto a stretching rack -- all Cronan has to do is turn the crank with the grey knob and ... "aarrrghh!" He had a secret passage behind the fireplace built-in, so he could escape with coin and jewels. His faithful Shadow bird can use magic to see objects moving on the map near the Keep ... nothing gets by without notice. We can see the baby dragon is chained too!! Poor Farran has been stretched and still doesn't know what secrets Cronan wants! The entrance gate is kept locked. Can anyone help free Farran before the crazy knob cranks the chains even more?
  9. LegoAcklay

    [MOC] Four-Towered Castle

    After finishing it and creating minifigures I uploaded it to LEGO Ideas which you can find here: Four-Towered Castle It contains some extra information such as piece counts. Feel free to leave a support on the LEGO Ideas site if you like it. 3D Model view here on Sketchfab: Four-Towered Castle The Full Inside view. Note that the castle is made in a "L" shaped layout. The left/West Entrance. Notice the flaps that would allow archers/crossbowmen to fire through and take cover. The inside side of the West entrance. Entrance to the hall from the courtyard/bailey. The alchemy room. With a green substance in a flask and a chandelier below the tall ceiling. The certainly need a ladder here. A tower with a wooden hoarding around it. Crossbows are stored here. The armoury. Along with the stacked sword it has a bed for a soldier here as well. View above the towers. Better view of the catapult and the winch for raising the portcullis. Inside the shack extension. The Great Hall. Turnable fire in the great hall's fireplace. Winch which you can rotate the fire and exterior of the hall. Drawbridge Outside. Gate Inside. Chest room. Stone Sigil. Walkway. Romans with a catapult & Celtic Warriors. Upper view.
  10. My 11th entry into the CCC XIV, for the ‘Pit of Dispair’ category. Inspired by Marcel's excellent dungeon scene for last years CCC. The floor design was inspired by LL. The one eyed Wolfpack gang had several members captured recently by the Blue Dragons, so Rolf led a breakout. The dungeon sentries were caught off guard and quickly overpowered. Rolf admired some new loot for a moment, and then set his compatriots free. More picture on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  11. Hello everyone, I'm sharing a little short I did to get back to animating. On this occasion I decided to make one of my favourite scenes from the first Harry Potter movie into LEGO stop motion : the mountain Troll in the girls bathroom! ---CAST---- Eve Karpf as Minerva McGonnagal Harper Marshall as Hermione Granger Geertos13 as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Professor Quirrel Mountain Troll as the Mountain Troll ;) ___________________________________ Be sure to follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook...519954/?fref=ts C&C appreciated as always :)
  12. "Good news!!" "The King has reviewed your case, and he's cutting your sentence in half!" From a joke in an Algebra book I went through several years ago, and haven't forgot about! Built for the Medieval Dungeons category of CCCXIII. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  13. This is my first entry for the Colossal Castle Contest under the Medieval Dungeon category.
  14. Hey Eurobrickers! It's been a while since I posted any of my creations here (besides my SPC entry), so I thought I post a bunch of 'em here for all of you who don't follow me on flickr to enjoy! First up, one I built last fall Aquam de Petra: Next, my CCC entries: Toil in the Soil and A Delicious Distraction This creation shows an unhappy nobleman, who'd really like to get some sleep: Noisy Neighbors A young boy stumbles upon some mysterious ruins in this scene: Unexpected Discovery And my most recently posted castle MOC: The Carpenter Check out my flickr stream for additional pictures and descriptions of all these builds and more: I have another castle MOC waiting to be photographed that I will hopefully get posted here within the next couple days. Hope you enjoyed this look back on my last few creations! I plan on posting here more regularly in the future, so stay tuned. ;) Soli Deo Gloria! -Digger
  15. Deep inside the Kelra Labyrinths, Lord of Lava is fighting his way through an ancient dungeon filled with iron golems. Rumor has that a legendary craftsman, whose name has long been forgotten, hid his masterpiece, the Seven Golden Golems in the last room of this endless dungeon. Lord of Lava finally found the room where the golden golems are hidden. But a large stone golem is standing in between him and the fearless soldiers that his after. Lord of Lava quickly turned the stone golem back into a piece of lifeless rock. He thoroughly searched the guardian and obtained the master key, which controls the golden golems. Now those pesky black spire rebels will tremble under the might of these daunting warriors! The whole MOC For more pics http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=537838