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  1. I have finally finished my ship (ok, that actually was three weeks ago) and taken photos (that was today). Just will have to select the best ones and do some minor editing before uploading.
  2. By leadership in the ESL A-MRCA:
  3. Elostirion

    [COR - FB] Nathaniel Goodwin introduction

    Very nice character introduction - looking forwrad to your MOCs and the continuation of your story!
  4. Good thing that @Capt Wolf is taking care of the ESL A-MRCA paperwork. :-D
  5. Elostirion

    Captain Nordau's Rowboat

    You never fail to deliver both: fantastic MOCing techniques with flawless execution AND a great presentation.
  6. My only concern is that those rule changes come too suddenly, with too little time to prepare. For more than 2.5 years now noone had to be afraid for his money, neither in raids nor in transfers (as you suggest). I 100% approve both changes, but you should definitely leave players with some time to prepare for this. And 2 weeks definitely is not enough, neither for fort-building nor to properly prepare for potential transport-interferences. I personally wouldn't cry if the money is robbed anyway, I just think that sudden rule changes (for the player base) are not the way to go. @Drunknok: I have not adressed any MOCs from other players, but only talked about my personal MOC quality. However if you yourself feel that you need to improve your MOC quality, I will not stand in your way.
  7. Quick reasoning for the Montario and Nova Terreli loans: The announcement for the next MRCA was given 14 days ago. With an A-MRCA MOC that I had to build in this short timeframe, I did not have any time left to work on fortresses or extensive troop MOCs. However fortresses (or at least large troops) are mandatory to cope with the new raiding rules. Sure, I could have pumped out quick shit-MOCs, just for the sake of the EGS, but I will not contribute to ruining BoBS with lack of quality. If leadership decides my actions are illegal, so be it, and feel free to reverse all transactions. However I see no rule forbidding what I just did, and loans have been made in the past already. If at all new rules should be future-oriented in my opinion, and if my actions give the case to clarify things, that would be ok.
  8. Public Announcement: The city of Nova Terreli has made a loan towards the Eslandolan Grand Ambassador Román Fontonajo. Loan sum is 3.000 DBs, the monthly interest rate is 2%. The loan will be repaid at the latest in January 619 AE, or earlier. All taxes will be paid with the return of the loan.
  9. Elostirion

    Settlement: Montario, Nellisa, Eslandola

    Public Announcement: The town of Montario has made a loan towards the Eslandolan Grand Ambassador Román Fontonajo. Loan sum is 500 DBs, the monthly interest rate is 2%. The loan will be repaid at the latest in January 619 AE, or earlier. All taxes will be paid with the return of the loan.
  10. Elostirion

    Mortar emplacement at Lavalette

    The mortars and the round tower are amazing, stunning work here!
  11. Elostirion

    [SR-FB1] - Aug '618 - Marvel

    Beautiful vessel, great work!
  12. Elostirion

    Sistershipping the Long Beard

    Very nice little scene.
  13. Meanwhile the craftsmen were busy creating the Eslandolan embassy... Grand Ambassador Román Fontonajo had decided it was best to acquire a house with some history - Terraversan history - and make it the permanent embassy Eslandola needed. On the northeastern outskirts of Kings Port, elevated on a minor hillplateau, stand a couple of older mansions. They call it "Old Port", despite it being almost a mile away from shore, but it was where the first wealthy merchants had settled during the founding days more than a hundred years ago. The large cellars had served as storage for years, until warehouses at the actual port were acquired, and the mansion became a place solely for living. Fontonajo had acquired one of these, the Bolchiano Mansion. When the Mardierian Civil War began in 595 AE and Terraversa started to fight for their independence, tradelord Marceo Bolchiano, the fourth owner of the house, made the mansion a secret refuge for rebels who were fighting against Mardier, and who were prosecuted by the Mardierian royal forces. Bolchiano himself had long started transferring all his valuable goods to the Terraversan war coffers - in 613 AE he was betrayed, and his house taken by the King's Guard of Mardier in violent force, leading to Bolchiano's death. With his last dying breath he had defied arrest by his foes. Only hours after his courage and loyalty had become known all over Terraversa and bound the rebellion. Mardierian General Tiro Pereta had led the King's Guard's assault and then claimed possession of the mansion. He had put all the rebels, who were hiding in the vast basement, under arrest. Two elite soldiers of the King's Guard were guarding the basement day and night. Pereta had always had the reputation of being a cold-hearted, even brutal commander. However it was widow Bolchiano who talked to Pereta from the cell she had been put in, and warmed his frozen heart, and opened his mind, until Pereta finally decided that it was about time for Terraversa to become independent. With his own hands he erased his two personal guards in 615 AE, entered the basement, opened the cell doors and freed all rebels. He met with Terraversan leader Oldis a few days later and joined the ranks of the rebellion. When in March 617 the Mardierian King's Guard entered Terraversa for the very last time, in an attempt to regain control of the island, Tito Pereta rode alongside Oldis and the other generals, fighting their former lords. Widow Bolchiano who had since stayed in the mansion alone, seeing the King's Guard reach "Old Port", climbed to the roof of the mansion's belltower and put a huge Terraversan flag on top of the mansion, and started ringing the bell like crazy. By the time the King's Guard arrived and shot her dead, all other mansions in "Old Port" had hoisted their Terraversan flags and set up for their last stand. After all, the King's Guard of Mardier was repelled, and Terraversa had become an independent nation. That was the history of the Bolchiano Mansion that Román Fontonajo had come to know, and the reason why he decided to buy it. General Tiro Pereta had returned to the mansion after the war, but had never felt at home. For him it was time to move where he belonged: To the barracks, where he would train the Terraversan armies. Fontonajo had hired a group of craftsmen to refurbish the mansion: Fettle the facade, and paint it in proper Eslandolan colours. The gardeners would come soon after, to remove the heavy undergrowth, and make it a representational Eslandolan embassy. And potentially the future home of his son Joaquin and his wife. Surely the interior would have to be upgraded as well for them to live there with their child. All that, however, would be based on the outcome of the conversations in the following months. Painting the front door in Eslandolan green, and the walls in white Fettling the facade, and painting the window grids in yellow General Tiro Pereta standing between the dormer windows to say goodbye Top half: Done. Bottom half: Still worn down. Final Remarks: I will license the MOC as medium Art & Culture under the name of Román Fontonajo within the next few minutes. @Bregir Part of the MOC is a design copy from Ayrlego's challenge winning entry. @Ayrlego Looking forward to feedback on our MOCs.
  14. Really well executed dead minifigure and the statue with the action is great, too. You really hit the nail of this challenge.
  15. Wonderful scene. Great architecture and those Eslandolan soldiers are some of the best I have seen so far, especially for the old world. Superb.