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  1. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo seems to have found some stairs on Celestia. Stay tuned to find out more. Celestia has some of the clearest water in its mountainous jungles. The heat makes forces even the largest cats to take a drink from time to time...
  2. [OL-FB] The Pearl of Loyalty

    Great ship. That high priest is magnificent! Really, really cool work here.
  3. Very nice scene, great work! The curving and the cannons of the ship look great to me. And what a poor shark this is. :-) And really no reason not to reuse this wonderful background!
  4. Great little scenes, very good job here Maxim so far! Looking forward to see your journey continue.
  5. What a fantastic series of microbuilds, along with some great story. Superb work! I really love the contrast between Port Woodhouse (rather friendly) and Mesabi Landing (rather harsh in appearance) as displayed between first and last scene. Similar shots, yet different flair. Great. The fish market is really cool, the studs for the horizontal brown plates are a bit disturbing and I think tiles would have worked better, but really that's all I can criticize. Great use of the sail, that irregular base is superbly smooth, the fish and palmtrees work great. Nice scene.
  6. Restoring Order, Mesabi Landing

    Just realised I haven't commented yet and told you that it's a really nice MOC! Only thing I miss are one or two more minifigs. The cobbles integrated into the mud, with a mix of both plates and tiles for dark tan, looks fantatstic! The bones and olive green sparse flowers add to the general atmosphere and vibe. Great work.
  7. Native Huntsmen, Celestia

    @Drunknok: hairpiece Head 1 Head 2 Body 1 Didn't find the brown body-torso, might be from a LOTR-orc indeed. Legs @Bregir: Thanks for the kind feedback. :-)
  8. Very well MOCed little ship scene. I think you might have used tiles on top of the deck, but that's about it. Great to have you active again!
  9. Native Huntsmen, Celestia

    Thank you! Glad the dynamic of the scene worked out so well. Bricklink. I think the legs are from some CMF, and the torsos and heads might be from pirates of the caribbean, but really not sure. If you are interested I might scan my orders for some links or part ids. Thanks for the kind words about the MOC. Thank you - but here is the next question: Who will help me answer the first one? :-) Yeah, let's go for the natives! Thanks for the great words, and get yourself some olive green, they are well worth it. Thank you, setting a colour-scheme and introducing the natives-minifigs was the whole point of this scene. :-) Thank you, a dynamic minifig posing was important, happy it turned out so well! :-)
  10. [ESL] Blood Diamond

    The Eslandolan sails do wonders, and the ship is very well-built all around!
  11. It's All in the Hairdo

    I'd definitely say this is one of the best orchids we have seen in the whole challenge. Wonderful work. The whole MOC is fantastic, the ruins, the flowers around, the water, the canoe and your group are splendid. As is the story (and yes, I did read it - and it gave me quite a few chuckles actually). I am quite sad you did not make the deadline, but with great MOCs that may often be the case.
  12. [ESL - MRCA] Detaining vessels

    Really cool storyline and a great MOC with good shots to present it. Great work here!
  13. [Cocovia Wagonway] Majestic Gulch

    Such a splendid scene - lovely work. You really have found your very unique signature style for these MOCs. Fantastic.