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  1. Captain Whiffo's Duel...

    By the way: That's Guy K Wyndzon sitting lonely at his table, right?
  2. The Cocovia Wagonway: Wooden Bridge

    Thanks! Always add some fun. Originally I was thinking about some workers on a boat in the river, but the casual fishermen just happened. Thanks, glad you like it! Hmm, that might actually be an idea. The MOC is not yet dismantled, so I might finish the bridge... Thanks, I am most certain it will hold for hundreds of years... well maybe not.
  3. Captain Whiffo's Duel...

    Brilliant colourscheme. The semi-arched window-thing is just fantastic. Great chairs, tables, staircases, and so much well-placed stuff lying around. The shots of it being a 100%-Lego-scene are amazing. I'd love to see a shot of the whole MOC. :-) Amazing work, your efforts were well worth it.
  4. Can we PLEASE have this thread pinned? It's not even linked in the master index...
  5. BEAUTIFUL! Especially the first one with the gentle green slopes and all those flowers. Just lovely. That small pond, the slicing of the leaves, chopping of the tree, those flowers, those orange flowers - so cool!
  6. I definitely have a different goal in mind. I do not want to increase the overall inflow of money (if anything let's go the other direction), hence my suggestion to reward and punish. BUT a port where 20 ships sail should definitely earn more than a port where only 2 ships sail, that only feels natural and right.
  7. I think that would be the best way to do (e.g. taverns' or commercial properties' yield in general could be entirely based on the amount of visitors, e.g. 1 DB per 50 people visiting per month, and every visitor will visit three taverns, and each tavern has a capacity based on its size, etc.), but that would actually require the whole system to be revised. A cotton plantation will only give profit if there is a textile factory to process the cotton, and the textile factory will only be working if there is a shop, and the shop will only be working if there are people buying it. Actually you would then have to think in units instead of DBs (e.g. a medium cotton plantation produces 20 units of cotton per month, and one unit of cotton is sufficient for 0.3 units of textile, and a large textile factory can process 80 units of cotton per month, resulting in 24 units of textile). Now if there are five medium cotton plantations and one large textile factory, cotton prices will suffer as 100 units of cotton will be produced and the textile factory will only be able to process 80 units, so 20 units will be left unused (or have to be sold cheaply somewhere else, e.g. to a warehouse). Now if a second textile factory opens up suddenly there will be an undersupply, and more cotton plantations will be required. And in such a setting it makes sense that town income is not based on the amount of properties, but actually their income (e.g. towns could earn 10% of property income as "tax" or sth.) And wow we would suddenly have a superbly complex economic strategy game, requiring months to understand. While I kind of love the thought of it I'd say "just no". (Though it would provide benefits: It would naturally limit the amount of MOCs of the same type, e.g. cotton plantations, and also require mayors to actually work on their towns in order to increase inhabitants' income and thus increase town income). For now I'd say: Let's keep it simple and just have towns earn money "from trade" based on the amount of ships / visitors / shiplevels etc. The only thing I could potentially think of is a rule like: Commercial properties only give 50% of their yield by default. This yield increases based on the number of ship levels visiting the town each month divided by the amount of commercial properties in town, up to a maximum of 150%. The calculation is: TOTAL YIELD = 50% + (Sum of ship levels) / (sum of commercial levels) * 50%. (commercial levels would be 1 for small, 2 for med, 3 for large, 5 for royal). For example let's assume there are 5xsmall, 5xmed, 5xlarge and 1x royal commercial properties in Nova Terreli -> 35 commercial levels. Now during the MRCA the following ships visit the port: 2xclass1, 4xclass2, 1xclass3, 2xclass4, 3xclass5, 1xclass7 => total of 43 levels. YIELD = 50% + 43/35*50% = 111,4% for commercial properties. A large commercial property thus yields 16,71 DBs (=17 DBs) instead of 15 DBs, and 20,05 DBs (=20 DBs) for Eslandolans (instead of 18 DBs). The next month three more medium commercial properties have been licensed => 41 commercial levels. The ships that will come are: 5xclass2, 3xclass3, 5xclass5, 1xclass8 = 52. YIELD = 50% + 52/41*50% = 113,4%. Now if we look at a smaller town, e.g. Puerto Alijo. Let's assume there is one small and one medium commercial property in there = 3 levels. Now let's assume the following ships come visit: 1xclass3, 1xclass5, total of 8. YIELD = 50% + 8/3*50% = 183% => capped at 150%. Yield for medium commercial property will be 15 DBs instead of 10 DBs (18 instead of 12 for ESL). Now a clever Eslandolan decides to build a royal commercial property there, increasing the commercial levels to 8. However in the next month only 1xclass2 will visit the port. YIELD = 50% + 2/8*50% = 62,5%. The commercial property will only yield 312,5=313 DBs (or 375 DBs in his case as he is Eslandolan, instead of 600 DBs). The next month clever traders will visit Puerto Alijo, because the Royal Property has increased the trade value of the town and last month there has been an undersupply of ships, promising great MRCA profits. Thus 3xclass3, 1xclass4, 2xclass5 will come and visit the port, total levels of 23. YIELD = 50% + 23/8*50% = 194% => capped at 150% => 900 DBs yield instead of 600 DBs for the Royal Eslandolan Comemrcial property. The month after the government enforces a trade tax of 30% for all visiting ships. Only 1xclass1 will visit the port => YIELD = 50% + 1/8*50% = 56%. The royal ESL commerce property will only yield 338 DBs (instead of 600 DBs). Numbers will surely have to be tweaked. Also this same formula might be used for all other properties to a lesser extent, e.g. with YIELD = 80% + X/Y*20% (capped at 120%). If that is too complex a similar formula might just be applied to the town bank in general, e.g. TOWN INCOME = 50% + [square root](sum of ship levels) * 10%. It would not even have to be capped like this. Small towns who have 9 ship levels would end up at 80%, and large towns with 64 ship levels would end up at 130%, and even with 300 ship levels (cannot imagine this to ever, ever happen) they would only end up at 220%. TL;DR: Basing general property income on the amount of town visitors would require a complex economic system to do properly. Rather create a general formula for either properties or for towns. Make that property in a way that it punishes for few ships and rewards for many.
  8. Looking at @Maxim I's recent MRCA map (great work btw!) I realised: Hey, there is a crapload of ships in Nova Terreli, and the town does not benefit in the slightest from it. Nor do the nations. The only option is a state-provided tax, but that is not realistic. Local economy does benefit a lot. More ships = more foreigners in town = more money spent = more wealth in town = more money towards the town coffers. My suggestion would be that per ship entering a town's port during an MRCA this town earns some DBs, e.g. 2 DBs per ship level, or maybe based on crew and/or trade stats of the ship. Whatever. It just should be more rewarding when there are 20 ships in your port instead of only 2 ships. And I am not saying that as mayor of Nova Terreli, but just as a general suggestion. (Also this would be some counterbalance towards imposing taxes. The higher the taxes the more income you generate via them, but also the less likely that ships come visit, so you earn less money through "natural" trade. You will always have to balance it). I'd like to hear some opinions and suggest towards leadership to discuss this topic and make a decision. Thank you. :-) #####################################################################
  9. [Sistershipping] Where are the plans?!

    Nice one, and your typical style. Looking great once again!
  10. Very neat little scene, I like it!
  11. Bridge Constructions near the village of Poi Poi. Size: 4 plates of 16x16, so a total of 1.024 studs, not counting the river, which is a 32x32 plate, of which approximately 20x32 studs are visible.
  12. "I am really not too certain this will work", said Jake Forks, an experienced Corrish craftsman. "Oh I did the calculations, and it will. See the timber over there, holding the horizontal weight?", insisted Luca do Figino. "Sure, not it holds... yet still... how would it carry an ox or a horse, let alone a waggon filled with iron?", Jake asked further. "It will. See how the wood is attached down there at the rocks? It does not shake at all, not in the slightest. We did some great work down there. Now if we distribute the weight of the other planks properly, balance it further.", Luca replied. "Maybe in your country that will work...", mumbled Jake and turned away. He had never liked the idea that a young Terraversan would lead the construction for their small group near the village of Poi Poi. He had to admit though, that the construction of the rails had worked out flawlessly so far, even in difficult terrain. But constructing that bridge was the hard part. At least the natives had not disrupted them yet. But those two fisherman who had their hut closely just seemed to make fun of the workers all day. No, Jake really was in no good mood. "But as you wish, young Lord." "I am no lord", Luca replied. "And now let us get back to work. See over there? Fresh supply of wood is coming. The day is still young." And Luca do Figino from Terraversa smiled, as if Jake had just made a nice compliment. An ox wagon bringing fresh wooden supplies and looking at what will be the wooden bridge some day. The wooden bridge during its construction. The local fishermen really do seem to enjoy their sight of the workers struggles. On the other side of the bridge nature is still untouched. That beautiful wild cocoa plant will most certainly have to make way for the rails, though. #################################################################################### Thanks @Brickwolf for the great minichallenge! I tried to stick to the island style as suggested previously by mainly @Puvel and @Ayrlego. The wooden bridge is based on an original design by Villard d'Honnecourt. And finally the full layout visible in one shot:
  13. Trade Companies provide some way of intercultural and multinational understanding and love as well - so why not? I added them, though with a lower reward (50 DBs).
  14. MOC Elven Village

    LOVELY! So beautiful!
  15. [SR - FB 3 Nov 2017] It's all about expertise

    WOW! You are getting better and better, another great LDD creation. Love it!