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  1. Lumberjacks doing their work outside Salida Este to build La Reya Venenosa III.
  2. After La Reya Venenosa II was sunk in an intense battle at sea against those nasty pirates, only two ships returned to port. However as the Eslandian efforts to fight for free trade across all the Brick Seas had once more come to fruition, the local authorities at Salida Este, on behalf of the Colonial Council, decided to immediately build a sistership of the sunk man'o'war, Lay Reya Venenosa III. Lumberjacks went into the woods a bit landinwards and did their best to find strong trees, while ropemakers and sewers were already doing their best in town. The Eslandolan fleet would soon be able to welcome La Reya Venenosa III, and continue to fight for freedom. La Reya Venenosa III will be licensed by Eslandola. I did some experimentation with tree design, to create volume. While I am really happy with the treetops and the scene overall, I am not so happy with the treetrunks... But well, those will be better next time.
  3. I just wanted to praise this great MOC. Really well executed, great idea and I love how you display the whole production process. And great to see that Oleanders are in fact not looking for violence but are just here to build some infrastructure for Terraversa. ;-)
  4. A merchant's house in the newly founded Eslandolan settlement of Ceniza Bajo on Luther Islands (which are actually called "Eileanne neh Luithhr", the newly claimed island #9 in the New Haven Sea). The volcanic nature of the islands is reflected in the materials used to pave the streets and build the houses. The architecture displays a mixture of colonial style, wealth, but also solidity and practicality - because life in a trading town is not about displaying luxury, but about getting the work done, and living a good life. The settlement is new, less than a year of age, and the houses show little to no signs of erosion yet. Ceniza Bajo is built on the ruins of an ancient native civilization, that once used to live where the Eslandolans have now settled. The remainders of the natives have been recycled and integrated into the town - that's why quite a few gardens are home to a totem or some other random weird sculpture. Will probably license this as a medium residence.
  5. That ist just so good. Your very clear and recognisable style is fantastic, yet you never stop to amaze and always bring in some new elements (I love that small olive green plant behind the big barrel). And great to see some love for TER.
  6. Elostirion

    Account Summary

    Seems like I am still quite damn rich...
  7. @evancelt: This is a really cool intro-MOC already. I am looking forward to seeing more from you. Welcome to BoBS! :-)
  8. My first entry for Terraversa Some questions: - What is the effect of those MOCs submitted? - Does MOC-quality count for the outcome, and if so: how? - Will the effect of the MOCs on the calculations be made public? - I assume it's fine to build two MOCs, one for each side? And: Fantastic little troop-depiction, @Ayrlego - you are so good at this. Just wow.
  9. Impossible I'd say. It just isn't stable at all, the net always slipped out. For large terrains I'd assume you would have to use this technique, which I will have to give a try some time soon...
  10. They are a militia, after all. Some peasants, villagers... What else do they have? Thanks :-) Thanks, and I am waiting for what the cour will have worked out then. As Capt wolf pointed out, the flag is well established for Terraversa. But after all, both nations are fighting for the same value: Freedom from the chains of established nations... Thanks! But believe me... it was a horrible pain to build. Thank you, glad you appreciate the result and the details. Thank you for those kind words. Maybe I will do some more for TER in the future. Will see... And for all who are interested: Round 1x1 plates go under the fishnets, but believe me, I won't do that again. Really painful to build.
  11. Elostirion

    [OL Troop Raising] Letter from Breshaun

    An impressive army! It's all around really well done. A very well-built house, good terrain, just the right amount of vegetation. Those tents really add a lot of depth and realism to the MOC, great idea. And the army is just really cool. The perfect choice of hats, and man that's a lot of those hats, and those bluecoats. Love it.
  12. Oleon has attacked Terraversa! But the rural population of Terraversa has already started forming militias, traversing the heathland and marching towards battle. I have no idea if there is any way to use this MOC for Terraversa and against Oleon, but if there is I want to stand up against those nasty imperalists, those bluecoats, the fear of all freedom loving people... Honestly, I like Oleon's invasion, and take my chance to MOC against it. :-)
  13. @Capt Wolf: Thanks for the grite article. Was a lot of fun to read. :-)
  14. Elostirion

    BoBs Discussion : Fleshie or Yellow heads?

    Fleshies all the way. For me they are just way more realistic, and I aim for maximum realism in my MOCs. However it may never be a rule and should always be a matter of preference of each individual builder. It's about having fun, after all. :-) Objectively I have experienced pros and cons for both: Fleshies: - more realistic colour-palette, supports realistic MOCs - best facial impressions / better "prints" on the faces, more human - you can vary skin colours: brown for southern islanders, copper for sunburnt explorers, yellow for natives, tan for your standard Eslandolan/Corrie/Oleander, ... - easier to use yellow in your MOCs, e.g. minifig in front of a yellow house wall etc. - work with all kinds of hair (some of the brighter hairs look weird with yellow) Yellows: - classical appearance, support classic-style or more playful MOCs - a lot more faces to chose from, wider variety, most minifigs come with yellow, cheaper in purchase - faces are generic, they are not your Legolas, Harry Potter or Gandalf - many torsos have yellow elements for skin, e.g. a pirate vest; you cannot use those with fleshies - more arms in yellow, more hands in yellow; those are rare in flesh Ater all, it still stays preference. Just do what you like. :-)