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  1. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    You have grown from being a decent builder to being one of the best around here over the last two years. It's simply amazing to see your MOCs now!
  2. Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

    So few comments? Just stopping by to tell you this MOC is amazing and deserves more attention. Probably the best waterfall I have ever seen in Lego. Wonderful work!
  3. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    Have I already said that this is another great MOC of yours? I haven't? Shame on me! Great idea, and lovely execution. So fitting for this world. I guess Román Fontonajo might want to buy some of those.
  4. [COR - Aug FB] Leaving Nova Malto

    That is really beautiful, once more. Especially the plants add a lot!
  5. Next MCRA - Infos, Dates and Maps

    Your tone is absolutely disrespectful and inappropriate. Please take a minute to consider what you are writing here, and what that might do to those you address. The leadership-team invests their free-time to create and manage a game for people like you and me to consume and enjoy. Sure, not all decisions are right and the best, and I am always fine with discussing plain out wrong decisions and unfairness. But this is far from being the case here - it's just that things take their time, and probably not all members of leadership do have 10 hours per week available (remember: free time). Sure, it would have been better to keep the old system running until the new one is ready, but hindsight is always more clever than our past selves. But please keep it fact-based and don't become personal.
  6. Gin House, New Haven

    Very cool, just cool! Those roof-windows are looking fantastic. Amazing colour-scheme as well.
  7. Not really sure if this is going the intended direction, but hey... EDIT: Wups, didn't realize that was the Corrington thread and thought it was General Discussion instead... Sorry Corries, this one aint for you. :-)
  8. Beautiful! White backgrounds for white houses do have some drawbacks, but aside from that nothing to criticize. The tree creates the most wonderful atmosphere.
  9. Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    That is beyond spectacular. So impressive, just wow!
  10. Great barracks. The fact that it is of such little height really creates a appropriate atmosphere. Nice wall technique, and those small arches above the windows are really nice. And a nice palmtree. And nice soldiers. BoBS definitely is flooded with industry-MOCs, great to see some more military presented.
  11. The cleanness of the execution adds a lot to the build. A funny contrast to the process of rotting, but it makes so much sense. Great use of those masonry bricks all around the MOC. And I love that roof, definitely a benchmark for factories. As you say: Really nothing fancy, but as usual - very good execution in every aspect.
  12. @Khorne: That is really cool! :-)
  13. [MOC] Thane Rori Dulgisson from Karak Zorn

    So impressive! Really, really cool.
  14. Micro Shipyard

    Pretty cool. Like... really cool! :-)
  15. The Temple of the Feline Gods, will be licensed as large Art & Culture.