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  1. Though Román Esteban Fontonajo had not been seen or hard of for years, his son maintained his activities as Eslandolan Ambassador on Terraversa. The response came with a slight delay, but it was To the Consul of Corrington, Don Isaac Montoya, it is not only commonly known but also true that Colonial Eslandola has always pursued independence and peace - maybe more than any other nation. We believe that the freedom of choice by the people is much more powerful than acts enforced by the armpower of a selfish warmonger. All strategic decisions are to be made by the Colonial Council, which I have immediately informed about your noble request. I am most certain, though, that Eslandola will not let all its past efforts for Terraversa go to waste, and that securing free trade will stay the highest priority of our foreign efforts. Be assured that we will stand besides our true friends once more. A copy of this letter has been sent to the Colonial Council alongside your original message. It was a pleasure hearing from you, Fontonajo, Eslandolan Ambassador @Bregir
  2. In Terraversa... Archduke Miro Oldis was watching the Eslandolan ships sail into the sunset. Earlier today Román Fontonajo had visited him, thanking for the warm welcome and their time, announcing the departure of the Eslandolan envoys. The mutual trade agreement would immediately come to full effect, including the official acknowledgement of Terraversan independence. That was more than they had hoped for some months ago. And despite the recent unrest and the letdown of the Eslandolan departure instead of help, Oldis enjoyed the warm evening breeze playing through his beard. However it was the note that Román Fontonajo had handed him right before the departure of the Eslandolans, that had left him slightly confused: "Remember your true friends." He would have to pay young Joaquin Fontonajo, who had stayed in Terraversa, a visit at some point. But that would be for another time and another adventure... Meanwhile aboard the ship... "Are you sure this was the right decision, my dear?" "Only time will tell. Not that I think it will matter much..." "But what will matter, Román?" "Our next move will. It may decide everything." "So you are determined to do it?" "They must not get away with it, my love. Never." "Then be it." "We are the fire to enlighten this shattered world." "Or to extinguish and disappear forever." "Maybe."
  3. Román Fontonajo might be really pissed about the decision and might be looking for some friends out there to do exactly that. ;-)
  4. Really? I thought the voting was about income tax?
  5. Some random shouts came from the ranks: "Just do it like thos filthy rich Fotonajos in Terreli and earn harbour taxes in all ports!" > 5 DBs harbour fee per ship level, regardless of your purpose > 20% taxation on your cargo value > Eslandolan vessels will not have to pay any harbour fee, but the cargo-taxation "Those nasty TCs should definitely pay for their own forts!" > All forts in TC owned settlements will have to be paid for by the TCs. "Towns must pay for some of their security!" > 15% of fortification costs have to be covered by the town. > When ESL troops are stationed in a specific town, the town has to pay 50% of their upkeep (food, housing, ...) > Mayors from towns in bad financial shape may ask the council to temporarily pass on these payments. "Income taxes are the way to go!" > 1% taxation on all monthly income regardless of source (MRCA, properties, ship sales, ...) "Just dissolve this useless council!" "No, make them pay for their laziness!" > Councilmembers who do not respond nor make any suggestions will be fined. > Continuously. > The rules for this exist from the original foundation of the council. "The council must own some factories now. We must all help. Just take the shovel and dig, or bring some bricks and build a wall." "Sure.. as if those filthy rich bastards would help." "Just make them pay instead, right, right?" > Within the next three months every member must contribute a MOC of at least 1.024 studs (32x32) which ESL can license. ESL dictates the theme. > Alternatively: A ship MOC of class 3 upwards > ESL will license all these MOCs (e.g. as a royal collaboration) to generate a revenue stream > Members who do not provide a MOC will have to make a one-time-payment of 150 DBs.
  6. Elostirion

    [GOC] Patroling at the beach

    Wow - your MOCs are really quite amazing. I am very happy you decided to join this game. Please keep your MOCs coming. This beach scene is lovely. If I may make two small suggestions: 1) This plant on top of the rocks looks very interesting. Some small backstory, maybe even only a name for it, could have added to the depth of the overall scene. 2) Your pictures: While your general photo-setup seems to be really, really good, I feel they do lack a bit of post production. What I would suggest, especially for the first picture: Tune up brightness and contrast, and also remove the large white borders of the image (especially top and bottom). And post at least your "hero image" in larger resolution. Below is an example of how it might end up. But again: Your Lego scene is just wonderful! :-)
  7. A small preview to the next scene, right outside of Salida Este's town wall.
  8. While I am not a Corrie (though my MOCs from 2018 might suggest this...), I am happy to help/translate into German. Feel free to add me to a conversation.
  9. Elostirion

    [MCTC Salida Este] Tea Shop

    We've built quite a few cool MOCs for new Salida Este already, but this one is more than outstanding. Surely one of the best LEGO-MOCs I have ever seen here. The NPU for glasses, fences and paint rolls (wow!). The marvellous colour scheme. The rooooof!! The architectural perfection of the mix of eastern and colonial, just 100% what was intended with our new SE. Oh, and did I mention all the hundreds of minor details. And the brilliant interiors. There is not a single thing to improve here anymore. Thank you for this MOC. Nothing more to say than WOW!
  10. Port Taxes generated by Nova Terreli this turn: 204 DBs for ESLandola.
  11. Elostirion

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Logging Camp

    Really nice scene with lots of cool details. Well done!
  12. Just to make it clear: - I was asked in advance if I am fine with my royals going away: I said I don't like it but it's ok and I will accept. Easy. - I was given the choice who to give them to. - Compensation was never a topic before that. Neither did I ask for it, nor was it offered. - I earned more than I paid with all my royal properties. - I am not complaining, nor do I ask for compensation. My point is just: The richest players were already hit the hardest by the recent changes. I didn't complain, nor ask for anything. Being the one hit the hardest by national taxation again - now that would feel unfair. But enough about that. I am all fine and the Council will decide on whatever. :-)
  13. Regarding my position: 1) OOC it's already unfair enough. I have paid for my royal properties and now I just had to give them away with even the slightest compensation (no money, nothing). I couldn't even license them as large properties (or four large properties) instead. And didn't get my original investment back either. Just gone. Which I am fine with. But now having the kind of taxation that is the worst one for me - on top of that - would feel too unfair. 2) IC: Fontonajo surely wants to protect his wealth. And while in som regards he is a philantropist and loves Eslandola, in other regards he is just a greedy selfish as**ole. :-) 3) IC & OOC: I meant what I wrote regarding the freedom of choice. For me that is the most important part of ESLandolan national identity. Taking that away would just be bad, both from Román Fontonajo's perspective as well as from mine. Also I found some of the earlier arguments really convincing (don't know if it was Maxim or Kai or so. else): State-owned properties are not the solution either. They do not fit into ESL as a free nation, where the power lies in the actions and wealth of its people and trading companies, not in state-owned properties. Freedom of choice, once again. However OOC I will definitely be okay with any results to come. Only a game after all, and then let it be unfair. :-D IC however might be a different story... Not sure how Román would react towards a 5% wealth tax.
  14. Elostirion

    [ESL-FB] A letter to the Colonial Council

    It's this brick, apparently from the Batcave. I ordered it a while back via bricklink (not the cave, just some of those bricks) and never had a chance to really use it since. :-)
  15. Dear Eslandola, word has reached my ears, even here in Terraversa, about the most concerning recent financial reports. Be assured, my dear friends of the Colonial Council, that you do not stand alone in this struggle. The Fontonajo family is with you in these difficult times.  I am certain you all realise any taxation of wealth is not an option? After all, the freedom of choice is what has made our nation great, and most certainly you will not dispossess your citizens of this freedom! I have always been in favour of further taxation - port taxes, taxation of new investments (properties), even taxes for living in the most luxourious towns, taxations for larger fleets, for titles, for offices - just about for everything that leaves us with a choice to decide against it, and thus against the taxes. While taxes on regular income might be a grey area, taxing our possessions leaves us with no choice to take another path - which is essentially the demise of freedom and thus the doom of our Empire. To express my support with more than just words I hereby transfer some of my most valuable possessions. While I give the Cotton Island near Salida Este to the Merchants Colonial Trading Company, which should be netting the MCTC around 150 Dubloons in monthly revenue, the Colonial Council Hall in Montario is hereby transferred to our nation. I entrust you, my friends in the Colonial Council, to use the money wisely. Also as of today, all port taxes acquired by Nova Terreli shall go directly to the treasury of our great Colonial Eslandolan Empire. My utmost respect to the work all of you are dedicating to our nations in those hard times. My finest regards  Román Esteban Fontonajo, Colonial Grand Ambassador