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  1. Elostirion

    Armour foundry

    Your depiction of the whole process is fantastic. The selection of minifigures, especially the facial expressions, is flawless. Super cool!
  2. Elostirion

    On a deserted island

    Montoya's Diary, Day 48 Absolutely fascinating. The island we have been exploring for the past weeks is actually Celestia! That explains it all - the felines, the native cults, the temple ruins. They all make sense now, like pieces of a puzzle coming together. I hope to intensify our explorations in due time. For now we will return to civilization. Loyal young Baker hsa proven his worth as an explorer. /Montoya Baker's Diary, Day 49 We have been found! Finally. We were wandering Celestia all the time. Fontonajo's son and his expedition were looking for gems, when we ran into them. There will be a lot to write down once we are back. Also looking forward to a warm bath. /Baker Diary of Juan Alfonso Fontonajo's, Day 36 Insance Naturalists! We have been looking for gems and minerals in a small cave - we found another one of these feline heads chiseled in the stone - when suddenly out of nowhere two men appeared. Neither did they know where they were, nor could they understand that we valued gemstones over the beauty of some brushes. The two turned out to be Corlander Don Isaac Montoya and another random guy by his side, who had been stranded somewhere on the Celestian coast 48 days ago and had since then wandered aimlessly around the island. Guess they will join us on our way back to civilization. I have no clue why father values Montoya this highly. Still I should try to find out if he has discovered anything of value. This diary will have to be burnt. J
  3. Elostirion

    [Cor Nov FB1] Sugar Press, Jameston

    Clever idea, and really well built. The minor elevations on the ground, and the design of both the walking path and the circle of the horse, with the grass just being slightly elevated, is fantastically done!
  4. Elostirion

    [W - OKT ] Weelond's Hops garden

    That is just another wonderful depiction from you. Superb. I would love to see (or try myself) these plants in real bricks at some point.
  5. Elostirion

    [COR-FB] Gun barge no. 1

    Superb idea, well executed and just a lovely and inspiring addition to the world of BoBS!
  6. A medium fortification for the settlement of Montario on the island of Nellisa. A little outside the harbour in the rather shallow waters leading inside the bay of Montario, on top of a small rocky elevation, the Fontonajos have setup this small gem of a fortress, protecting the rich in their houses in Montario. The design of the fortress reflects the riches of the town and its inhabitants, who surely would not the look of blank stone. No further story for this one... :-)
  7. What an impressive way to MOC forced perspective. Wonderful!
  8. I have finally finished my ship (ok, that actually was three weeks ago) and taken photos (that was today). Just will have to select the best ones and do some minor editing before uploading.
  9. By leadership in the ESL A-MRCA:
  10. Elostirion

    [COR - FB] Nathaniel Goodwin introduction

    Very nice character introduction - looking forwrad to your MOCs and the continuation of your story!
  11. Good thing that @Capt Wolf is taking care of the ESL A-MRCA paperwork. :-D
  12. Elostirion

    Captain Nordau's Rowboat

    You never fail to deliver both: fantastic MOCing techniques with flawless execution AND a great presentation.
  13. My only concern is that those rule changes come too suddenly, with too little time to prepare. For more than 2.5 years now noone had to be afraid for his money, neither in raids nor in transfers (as you suggest). I 100% approve both changes, but you should definitely leave players with some time to prepare for this. And 2 weeks definitely is not enough, neither for fort-building nor to properly prepare for potential transport-interferences. I personally wouldn't cry if the money is robbed anyway, I just think that sudden rule changes (for the player base) are not the way to go. @Drunknok: I have not adressed any MOCs from other players, but only talked about my personal MOC quality. However if you yourself feel that you need to improve your MOC quality, I will not stand in your way.
  14. Quick reasoning for the Montario and Nova Terreli loans: The announcement for the next MRCA was given 14 days ago. With an A-MRCA MOC that I had to build in this short timeframe, I did not have any time left to work on fortresses or extensive troop MOCs. However fortresses (or at least large troops) are mandatory to cope with the new raiding rules. Sure, I could have pumped out quick shit-MOCs, just for the sake of the EGS, but I will not contribute to ruining BoBS with lack of quality. If leadership decides my actions are illegal, so be it, and feel free to reverse all transactions. However I see no rule forbidding what I just did, and loans have been made in the past already. If at all new rules should be future-oriented in my opinion, and if my actions give the case to clarify things, that would be ok.