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Found 45 results

  1. A surprising port extension Since the Terraversa troubles, the Shipyards in Elysabethtown had to fullfill a huge amount of commands. One of them being the confection of the Frigate The Applecid for Felipe de la Manzana in a record time ! It was necessary to extend the port but the shores are mainly unexplored and some sort of huge palm trees are growing in the area. Felipe decided to take advantage of suche trees... He ordered to convert an old smuggler cache situated in one of those trees into a thriving warehouse. A great place to protect fragile goods in the tree shanties. And a good spot to thread ropes and to prepare rigging and sails for the incoming vessels. Some artisans quickly regrouped around this surprising port extension to make it live. Now ropes and sails are ready to be sent to their ships. The development of Elysabethtown Felipe wanted is well engaged now ! Here is a fun build I have prepared for some time now. I will license it as a Large Artisan for Elysabethtown. I really enjoyed to transform the original tree into a huge palm tree full of life !
  2. The Ténotlaxcan hat maker It is well known the Ténotlaxcans are fans of bright tribal headdress. This is making some of their Artisans the best hat makers of the Colonial territory of Eslandola. Strong of this, Felipe de la Manzana invested in a Ténotlaxcan Hat Maker in Elysabethtown and formed him to the modern Eslandolan Millinery industry techniques. Thanks to that formation, now our Ténotlaxcan friend is also serving classic Eslandolan customers in addition to his native usual ones. Here is a little build I wanted to do a long time ago but didn't have the opportunity to do. Will be licensed as a small artisan for Elysabethtown.
  3. The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 2 : Diner at Edwina's In case you've missed the first part of this story : Here it is. Felipe de la Manzana had to be involved in the Terraversa matters since he was back from his quest. The chase for the Golden Apple would wait ! Coordination and orders had to be given and there were only one man to do it in here in Elysabethtown : Felipe himself ! He was joined by Basil at Edwina's, the new tavern in town Edwina is a brave girl from the MAESTRO tradition ! She can cook an apple pie fastest than her shadow and is able to serve dozens of cider bocks without spilling a drop ! Felipe welcome Basil and invited him to sit : - Have you had a proper diner my friend ? No ? Come... Come... have a seat. - I am bringing you bad news Felipe said sadly Basil. Our friend the Archduke Oldis flew from Kings Port and is now retreating towards the north in Pamu. Lady Condora is over there helping the wounded but I am not sure they could hold a siege ! You have to intervene ! - Arrrh ! Yes ! You're right ! It is a difficult situation... Felipe paused and after a thought continued : - I will have to need all the support I can engage ! Basil ! Tell me ! Are our Ténotlaxcan friends ready to use firearms ? - Yes Felipe ! We taught them well ! They are ready ! But they don't want to wear our uniforms; they are arguing the best outfit for battle is their primitive one ! I don't understand why they are so stubborn on that ! - Don't argue with them ! We have no time for that ! Hire them with any outfit they want I don't care as they can raise fire weapons ! - Alright ! I'll hire them... And what about their special forces ? - Special forces ? asked Felipe intrigued. - Yes the special weapon Zumo de Kapaya showed you in Zum'heria... - Aaaaah ! Those special forces ! Yes ! Yes ! Bring them too ! And Basil left Felipe finishing his diner at Edwina's following the mysterious order of the mysterious apple leader... How the Ténotlaxcans could help ? And who are those special forces ? Let's hope the war in Terraversa will find an issue before it gets worse ! The tavern will be licensed in Elysabethtown as a large Commerce. Thank you for reading !
  4. Adventure MRCA : The second part of the map Adventure Introduction : It is now well known that Felipe de la Manzana is looking for the Golden Apple. It is well known that this treasure has been hidden by the Gods and can provide Knowledge to the one who bites it. It is well known that Felipe and his faithfull First Officier encountered Native tribes that helped them to find an incomplete map that could lead to this treasure. Well, if this treasure is real... The Adventure begins : For now, Felipe de la Manzana is more than sure the Golden Apple is at his reach and he is just lacking the second half of the map he managed to collect in the Lost Golden City. He sent over many ships (and even, a phlogisphere...) to finally have a lead to where to look at... He is now sure the Pirates brotherhood called the Old Beard Caliquot Gang, in Low Town, Charlatan Bay, has the second half of "HIS" map ! It's not tolerable ! He has to act ! So, he sent his most trustfull man, his First Officer, Basil, to a secret meeting in a tavern in Charlatan Bay. - Nice to meet you, Tezclatipoca. Said Basil sitting at the table of the native. - Heyrr ! snarled the cannibal swallowing an apple and a glass of rum. - I am here today to talk to you about an opportunity ! A great one ! You'll never lack anything to eat ! The last sentence hit the glouttonous native strait to the stomac. - Never lack food ? Ever ?! he spit with some projections from the previously eaten apple. - Yes ! I assure you that my boss will provide you all the food you'll desire at any time and any cost... Added Basil, strong of the intel he's got about the greed of the cannibal. - And what d'ya want in exchange ? Carefully asked Tezclatipoca now curious and with an empty plate. - Let's get inside, and I'll explain you all our plan in front of a good meal I am offering you ! - Ok ! Hope yar wallet is well rounded... And the native followed the lead of Basil. Once downstairs, on the main room of the tavern, the cannibal ordered a Pantagruelish feast ! The kitchen of this little inn of the Low Town suffered of the glouttonery of Tezclatipoca while Basil extracted from him and its lack of attention the main information he was sent to collect. - So, my dear friend, Now I bought you this promising meal, can we discuss... - Yar ! Shurre ! Spit out the native engulfing the pies, apples, chicken legs and other delicious food he had at his hand. - I would like to know something... Something your captain may know... Something about a map... - Arh ! The half map of our captain ! It's not a secret ! Ahah ! You paid me such a meal for that ! Laughed the cannibal. - Yes, because I don't want to know where he is hiding it, but I'd like to know where it leads... And I'd like to know the secret he is hiding with his first officer. I know the actual first officer of your captain was not the first Dreadfull Bill but I'd like to know who was the first. - Arhh... that's an intel ! Yelled the native cannibal. Ok, so, with your garranty of having all the food I want and, not being armed during your raid, I can tell it to you. - You have my and my boss words on those two points. I can garranty this to you. Ensured Basil. - Ok, it is rummoured that the old first First Officer of the Captain was an ancient Eslandolan guy named Juan de Hespérida. He would had been cast away by the captain because of the map you're searching... So be careful ! We arrrh supposed to sail towards Eslandolan coast around Nellisa to catch nice preys this run... But I didn't tell ya ! - Juan de ... Basil spit out all his cider hearing this name. It is the outcast Felipe and I... Oh ! That's astonishing ! Once back to The Brickwall Frigate, Basil explained the conditions and the course of the Old beard caliquot Gang to Felipe de la Manzana. - Well, my dear Basil, it is simple ! We need to catch that pirate ship ! Steal the map and, if possible, save the native who sold you the intel. Strange that we found the former first officer of this pirate crew as an outcast at the beginning of our journey... The gods have strange moves sometimes... Let's set sail north west ! So this is my run for the Adventure MRCA ! Summary : * Participating ship : The Brickwall * Locations : heading from Charlatan Bay towards Nellisa. * Departure port : Charlatan Bay, Inferno Pordejon * Arriving port : Nova Terrelli, Nellisa * Goal : Chase and intercept, with the Brickwall frigate, the pirate vessel called the Red Nose Deer lead by captain Old Beard Caliquot. Board it and rob the map to the Pirates. If, possible, the side quest would be to save Tezclatipoca from the pirates to hire him. * Characters : Felipe de la Manzana, Leading the Brickwall and the mission. Basil de Eslandola, First Officier on the Brickwall. Captain Old Beard Caliquot, Pirate captain, captain of the Red Nose Deer, a pirate predatoring vessel. Tezclatipoca, the glouttonous cannibal, sailor on board of the Red Nose Deer, betrayed Old Beard Caliquot.
  5. The Golden Bugle Freshly out of the MAESTRO Shipyards, The Golden Bugle is doing its Maiden course. The light fast vessel has proven to be very well seaworthing and can achieve fast travels through the Colonies in order to bring cargo and of course news ! It was clear its first purpose was to deliver official mail towards the colonies like Lady Condora wanted initially. This ship will be added to my fleet and I intend to license it as a class 3 vessel. I wanted it ready for the last contest but I didn't managed to finish it at time, so I'm keeping it for my fleet. C&C's are always welcome.
  6. Buying A new Ship Licence Felipe de la Manazana being absent during his Pirate chase to obtain the second half of his treasure map, It was the captain of the Lady Hawk, el Senor Oliveira Da Manzao, who was commissioned by the fleet to buy more space for new ships. El Senor Oliveira Da Manzao used his stop by Elisabethtown to get an appointment in the Shipyards office. - Hello my dear Senor. Welcomed the shipyard master. - Hello, I am here to buy you a new spot to licence The Messenger and our next ships for felipe de la Manzana's fleet. - Alright, my dear senor,it will cost you 250 Dbs. - Here there are. And Oliveira Da Manzao paid the officer. - OK, Thank you ! Let's do this paperwork then... Here is just a little build in order to open me more ship space. Hope you'll like it.
  7. The Messenger The Elisabethtown shipyards worked out very well and built a fast vessel for Felipe de la Manzana to open trade on more destinations. The ship is quite fast with its cutter style rigging and is also used for delivering mail, news and orders to the MAESTRO settlements so the ship has been baptised "The Messenger". Here it is on its first trade mission : A new vessel from me initially built for Brickmania Antwerpen in order to add a sloop of war to the bluecoat fleet at this event. I converted it into a nice fast trading vessel for my personnal fleet after the event. It will be licensed as a Class 3 vessel as it is really close to the HMS Otter (the class 3 vessel of reference) in shape and rigging. Name Class Cost Stats Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Total The Messenger 3 200 15 3 4 2 1 4 1 15 Any comment or criticism is welcome.
  8. The Lady Hawk To explore further to the Brick Seas, Felipe de la Manzana purchased a rapid Brig of War on the Elisabethtown Shipyards. In this new Era of Sailing and exploration a brand new -and well armed- vessel is welcome to protect Felipe's and MAESTRO's interests, in particular with its line of heavy carronades. The vessel is mainly designed to rapid recon missions and to escorts smaller merchant vessels. With this new ship, Felipe is hoping the old Raennette II will be well protected. Hi guys ! I am back with MRCAs in this new Era II to try out the new rules ! Adventures seem so attractive ! I cannot resist... Well, the Lady Hawk will not run on adventures, I will send The Brickwall Frigate instead. And I am keeping my old free Raenette ship in this new Era. I am keeping the Crowned Pigglet in dock this time, and will probably not license it for the moment. I hope it doesn't bother anyone and that my ships will have better luck than in Era I So the ship will be licensed as a class 3 Brig of War : Name Class Cost Stats Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Total The Lady Hawk 3 200 15 3 3 4 2 0 3 15 If you look closely to the Lady Hawk, you'll notice it is a strongly Eslandolanised Armada Flagship. I made the rigging simplier than my previous ships, to stay on the old feeling vibe. I added some length and equiped it with a motor ! Yes ! A MOTOR ! I decided to mount this ship on old blue train tracks and to make it run around an island at BMA this year in Belgium ! The ship is here, ready to run, and functilonal ! On the other hand, the island is not totally ready. You'll see it when ready ! Hope you'll like it ! C&Cs are welcome !
  9. The Golden Apple Chase, Part I, Chapter 3 : A new map to understand If you missed the previous episodes : Introduction : Where Felipe de la Manzana is learning the existence of the Golden Apple. Part I Chapter 1 : Where Felipe is studying the Ténotclaxcans to learn more of the Apple. Part I Chapter 2 : Where Felipe is finding an incomplete map that could help him find the Apple. Strong of his new map and ready to search for the Golden Apple, Felipe de la Manzana used all its ressources to send in every corner of the Brick Sea an exploration team. He even used the new scientific progress the recent Phlogisphere opened and sent an adventurer alone on board of one of this magnificent (but costly...) balloon ! The young man on board seemed enchanted to fly on his device but, unfortunately, even with the map carefully read, he didn't succeed in finding the location of the island where the Golden Apple could be... Every ship Felipe could afford him, being his new Frigate, the Brickwall, or being this new little sloop, the Crowned Pigglet, he bought near Turtuga to some turtle eggs smugglers, never found the damn location so strongly desired... It appeared he missed something... Something that could be the key... "Hey ! The Key ! Yes ! The Golden Priest said that ! It's only a half map ! I need the second half !" realised Felipe. But Who is in possession of this half map ? This is something we will discover on the Second Part of the story ! With this Chapter I am closing my first part of the Golden Apple chase to be synchronized with the new change of rules and begin my second part of the story with the new "Era". I hope it was not too chaotic to follow as I changed a little bit my writing while progressing in the game. Some comments on the builds I've made : The Phlogisphere was a build I made for FanaBriques in Strasbourg, France to stick to the theme of the Event : "Flying vehicles". And the little ship, the Crowned Pigglet, is obviously not my best, but It's entirely made from exclusively the pieces of the Angry Bird set 75825 Piggy Pirate Ship which I reworked to fit in a more conventional sloop aspect, only the minifigs are out of this set, the sails, and even the rope are from the original set ! I hope you'll like it ! Thank you for reading and, of course, every C&Cs are welcome !
  10. A Doctor for the refugees in Puerto Desafio Since the end of the Eslando-Mardieran war on Isla de Victoria, many refugees from the ancient Mardieran colonies went to find help in the controled areas of Eslandola new territory. Eslandola is welcoming all the war victims what ever be their past. Even the former soldiers of the Mardieran Army are welcome to settle in the new Puerto Desafio colony ! And to provide the basic first aid and health support for all this growing population, a Doctor was needed ! It is Doctor Ayuda, graduated in the Great Medical University of Nova Terrelli, who decided to answer to this need. He managed to save an ancient mardieran house from destruction near the quays of Puerto Desafio to open a Hospital in order to welcome the refugees. This build will be licensed as a Medium Artisan in Puerto Desafio in order to use my reward in the Challenge V. Of course C&Cs are welcome.
  11. BOBS Brief Stories : The Brickwall to the rescue ! Since the Malto situation became an epinous problem for the Eslandolan diplomacy, it appeared to Felipe de la Manzana he should do something to help his new friends in Mehit and to support his country effort for peace. He decided to disarmed his brand new Frigate, The Parango of Sacrifice, he renamed the Brickwall after Murion Brickwall sacrifice at the battle of the Bridge of Arbol. He just left the two bow chasers with a soldier on board in defense purpose, but all the eighteen 12 pounders normally on board have been disembarked to leave the place to a full load of food and tools for the Maltians. The fast vessel took full wind and set sail quickly to the shallow waters of the Malto area. Due to the sand banks and poor port condition, Malto doesn't have the capacity of hosting such a vessel, so Felipe droped anchor at a resonable distance and hired his new Mehuãtajir friends services to unload the cargo for Malto. It is with such a total humanitarian with a neutral delivery that the peace can be preserved now as it seems the Corrington troops would never stop food and tools delivery without any armed escort ! Felipe de la Manzan is sure his friends from Corrington will finally keep reason and will allow Eslandola administrate this area as it is by law (after a war treaty, that cannot be contested !) the Eslandolan Sovereign Territory. Thank you for reading. Of course, all the description and story are IC thoughts and reactions ! Felipe de la Manzana is an Eslandolan Citizen and wants the best for his country. He doesn't want to be more involved, so, he just sent humanitarian help without unboarding from his Frigate. OOC : I don't really understand everything around all the Malto affair, and I am leaving the Gamemasters solve this. This was the opportunity to show you some builds I was working on for a veeeeery long time now, and to show you the main MOCs I will expose to the Fanabriques Event in France this Week End. Of course, every comments or criticisms are welcome !
  12. Challenge V Cat E : The El Dorado ritual The Doctor Gellibrand, who is studying the Ténotclaxcans, reported to Felipe de la Manzana a strange story the Tribe told him : It is said the Ténotclaxcans were rich It is said the Ténotclaxcans are not alone. It is said the Ténotclaxcans are from the far east. . What The Doctor understood from that is the tribe is probably issued from a more distant land far east with many treasures ! The analysis of The Doctor went further away when Pinya (the shaman's daughter, always ready to help Felipe and his loyal first officer Basil) described him a ritual called the El Dorado ritual which is now forbidden in the tribe : It is said their ancestors, in order to calm the fire god, had to throw gold directly to his mouth ! The ritual consisted in wearing gold, being tainted in gold and throwing an amount of gold into the rock in fusion of a volcano. If the god was satisfied, he would not erupt, otherwise, he would destroy the entire island. It is said some advised navigators of the tribe decided to flee away, out of range of this cruel volcano god to stop worshipping him. They could have been the first Ténotclaxcans ! Well, according to The Doctor's analysis, the Ténotclaxcans are clearly issued from this eastern tribe, and this tribe is possibly still existing, and can have a huge stock of gold ! Pinya confirmed to Felipe that the Golden tribe is probably real, and she is adding that their Golden Priest, the one who is doing the El Dorado ritual, could bring to Felipe some precious informations on the Golden Apple he is searching ! After months of recon and many scouting teams sent out to the sea to encounter those golden natives, it appeared the Bumbel Tuna Company from Mardier knew where to find a gold city, full of golden people ready to "finance" their project of death on all Eslandola... The Ténotclaxcans scouts managed to discover the tribe position through the Mardier Company in Maldria, one of the New Haven Sea major islands. What they saw was amazing and alarming at the same time ! First, the El Dorado ritual is still common for the Doratclaxcans, as they want to be named : But the Ténotclaxcans scouts saw that Mardier and the Bumbel Tuna Company were ready to take over the gold by any means ! They saw the yellow soldiers attack the Golden Priest and his suite to catch him alive just to exchange his life against a good amount of gold from the Doratclaxcans ! Of course, the Ténotclaxcans identified the Mardieran camp position, near the wall of the Golden City, and it was rapidly decided to send to the Priest a rescue team ! It was obviously Felipe and Basil who lead the operation on the island of the Doratclaxcans. They attacked by surprise the little mardieran oupost built upon the cave the Priest was imprisoned. The battle was quick and the Mardieran soldiers surrender at the death of their commander. Felipe freed the Golden Priest and to thank the Eslandian and their Ténotclaxcans allied he offered more than a good golden treasure ! He told an essential information to Felipe about how to find the Golden Apple : - The map is the key ! Like this, it is incomplete ! You must find the second half ! The maps are the keys ! These were the words of the Golden Priest of the Doratclaxcans. Will Felipe and Basil find that second half of map and who's got it ? who can tell... At least Mardier has lost a treasure and is broke, a good news for the Eslandolan Crown ! Thank you for reading ! C&Cs are welcome !
  13. The Golden Apple Chase, Part I : The Ténotclaxcans, Chapter 01 : The Doctor's mission Previously : Felipe de la Manzana is an Eslandian citizen who drove crazy exploring the deep jungle of Nellisa island. This adventure lead him to thought that Apple orchards could be less dangerous than the jungle. He brought his first mate and friend, Basil, to this insane idea and together, they developed orchards and apple industry inside the MAESTRO young trade company. By chance, they encountered a castaway in a Nellisa beach while exploring. The man, named Juan de Hespérida, told them he stole a first half of a map showing the location of a Mythic Golden Apple, which can bring knowledge if eaten. Felipe tryed to follow the map but the coordinates are not clear and it is said that the island where the apple grows is never at the same place on the sea. During such a research expedition,his first vessel, The Appleseed, sunk to the ocean and Felipe was the only one to survive, Juan was lost at sea. Basil was safe, because he did not took part at this trip. He had too much to do with the Natives they encountered in the new island of Berelli : The Ténotclaxcans ! Those natives told the 2 adventurers that they knew some strange stories about apples and about monkeys and turtles too. To make clear of this mix of legend and frighting stories, Felipe asked the help of a Corrington scientist, The Doctor Gellibrand. Now, after being disturbed by some political changes in Eslandola, the 2 men are ready to follow their Quest. Felipe managed to keep safe a copy of Juan de Hespérida map and the doctor settle a crew to live with the Ténotclaxcans. Everything is ready to begin the Golden Apple Chase ! So, I am back to my story full of apples ! I made this little introduction to remind my old builds and to keep it as an intro to the real chase. The quest is really begining here ! The Doctor was quite happy this morning. His preparations have been done and one of his companions, miss Donna was already inside the camp they made along the Ténotclaxcan village. So, the troop he selected was in march and passed through the market of elisabethtown. Pinya lead the march through the busy activity of the morning. The covered market was already full of food supplies and the merchants where already at work ! Then they passed along the houses along the road : some nice commercial slot have been made for some rich Eslandolans. Here there where a cloth seller : And there, a free fortune teller : The Doctor remind the mission to Clara (Who tryed to avoid the pigs passing near her horse) : - Be clear with our mission my dear. We are mainly observer here, we don't have to interfere with the Ténotclaxcans legends ! We must be attentive to their stories and after that we must try to scientifically rely them to something real. We could find the real position of the island Felipe is looking for. It is our top priority ! - Yes, Doctor, I know. I Know this is the first rule of your ethic moral : not to interfere with the natives. You already told me that. And they got out of the buzzing city to join their companion into the jungle of Berelli. This MOC is the Main Market Place of Elisabethtown and was a part of my participation at the Brickmania event in Antwerp. I am letting MAESTRO using this build to be part of the Royal Commerce license they want to buy. it's a 64*64 studs modular build in 4 parts. Thank you for reading ! Here are more pictures of the build istself :
  14. They knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort... The Eslandian authorities, well aware of the leak of their intel concerning the Golden Fleet, had decided to keep more or less the same route, as it was considered the fastest and probably the safest (if we were not counting the numerous pirates that would try to plunder the fleet). So, they decided to recruit some new vessels to create a good escort. This is where the brand new vessel of Felipe de la Manzana had been sent for her maiden trip... Captain Log, end of September 616 : The Galleon we are in charge is peacefully setting sail to our next stop where we will resupply with fresh water, but I am not sure we will not see another pirate flag before. It was exhausting for my crew to protect this Golden Fleet... Every corner of every rock or sand bank from Nellisa to Terelli is welcoming a vessel ready to attack us. Bl...dy officials who are not capable of keeping this fleet a secret. I just left this log away a few minutes and we are already seeing a black sail... It has become a routine now, my sailors are well trained and my artillery crew has became more accurate. Finally, this escort will be a good training for them... Well, I am back to my log, just to report that we effectively intercepted a pirate ship trying to plunder the fleet. The Galleon had been touched but suffered no real damage. My crew managed to cut the road of the pirates apparently quite surprised to discover a heavy armed frigate to stop them. Apparently they knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort. This is the official log Felipe de la Manzana left at the Terelli port officer when he arrived safely. After that run, he returned with his brand new Frigate to Elisabethtown to join Basil. He did not knew he would receive urgent orders from the crown just at his arrival... But this is another story... This is, finally, my challenge 4B entry. I hope you will like it ! I really wanted to try some micro ships based on LEGO canot hull. Garmadon made already one and it was so amazing that I couldn't pass on that technique. This challenge was the best opportunity for me to try several ship designs. Your comments and criticisms are very welcome !
  15. An old cook made butcher. When Felipe and Basil arrived at Fuerte Unido with their new vessel, they brang with them a crew of value. And one of those capable men was the board cook... He was a strong man burnt by the sun and a capable sailor in addition to be a great cook ! At the arrival to Fuerte Unido, he took on himself to develop a butcher shop and asked to Felipe to stay in Fuerte Unido to feed the soldiers. Felipe simply could not refuse. So he let his best cook at land to be a butcher. Now the butcher shop is newly open ! The pork gardian, a poor boy, too young to be a good mousse, is already bringing some piggies from the fortified farm built among the rocks. Inside the shop our former sailor is serving some clients. This is a small commerce built in Fuerte Unido for the Operation KMA. C & Cs are welcome.
  16. Applying the new orders. Felipe de la Manzana and Basil landed in time in Isla de Victoria, also known as Skaford heighs. Felipe immediately sent a team to gather the ressources needed to develop an armed settlement. He explained Basil the contents of the new orders he received before : - Did you understand well our new orders, Basil ? - Yes, Sir ! Of course. We received an important message from the Crown relayed by the 3 Trade Companies that's giving power to Jerome Monezterell and to el Capitan Alonzo to Kapture Mardier's Assets and Kill Mardier's Army in the island we are claiming as Isla de Victoria. We have been asked to support the war effort by providing supplies of all kind in the camp named Fuerte Unido and develop it to a strong settlement. - Yes, Basil, you got it. But I thought KMA meant Kick Mardier's... Assets. Well, the name of this operation is not important. The top priority of our teams is to gather wood and food. - Our team...S... ? - Yes ! I sent the Pineapple revenge from Prio to this island to find food and try to contact the natives we heard rumors of. - Oh ! I see, Senor de la Manzana, you involved many of our troops in here. - Yes ! I hope this natives could help me to progress on my Quest, and cutting down some jungle is always a pleasure... Saying that Felipe and Basil started to supervise the lumberjack team near Fuerte Unido. The team was already at work and many trees have been cut down to provide the camp the necessary wood to build. The carts were doing deliveries at regular speed and the first buildings were already up. Some Ténotclaxcan men were now well integrated in the crew and were helping the team. Of course, there is always some lazy guys that prefer to sit and eat some delicious apple instead of working... This build is part of the KMA project lead by the Eslandola team. This is the continuation of the official war we declare to Mardier. More to come soon... Of course, C & Cs are welcome.
  17. Meeting the natives of Isla de Victoria : Like Felipe de la Manzana explained to Basil, The Pineapple Revenge, under the order of a new captain, El Capitan Jonagold, have been sent to Isla de Victoria to find food to provide to the troops. When they arrived, they noticed there were some little fishing sail pirogues all around and el Capitan Jonagold decided to follow one returning to its port. What they discovered was a nice little fishing shag inhabited by apparently pacific native fishermen. The natives were surprised to encounter new men in this area. "A good sign", thought El Capitan, Mardier is not really present in here... The natives were happy to find new customers ready to buy some fish. They really well welcomed Jonagold and his crew. They are ready to help to develop Fuerte Unido and will send fish to the new settlement ! Another build for the Operation KMA. It is a small commerce built in Fuerte Unido. C & Cs are welcome.
  18. A new house which comes with new orders... Life was quiet in Elisabethtown those days. The citizens were developping the new settlement at a constant speed and the shipyards were providing some nice ships of all kind, from the massive trader clippers of the Monezterell shipyards to the modest light armed sloops of Felipe's shipyard. Speaking of those shipyards, Felipe was there to prepare something linked to his Golden Apple Quest. So, Basil took this free time to visit his new residence in town with her lovely companion, Pinya, The young Ténotclaxcan priestess he met. They have became closer during the prepartion of the Hall Quest and helping the Doctor... Doctor Who it was ? , Ah ! Yes ! Doctor Gellibrand... to settle a camp to study the Ténotclaxcans. The house was one of the first made of stone in this brand new town and respected the Eslandian Style better than the other ones. The blue paint applied to it made her shine in the tropical sun of Berelli and the garden was already growing in front of the facade. Pinya appreciated it : - It's nice to see you kept a little space for the plants ! Good thing ! You know, it's hard for us to see you destroying our jungle and not replacing it by other trees... - I know. Answered Basil. But you know Felipe and I lost in an awful jungle, and since this event, we are not fond of, to call this... "un-disciplined foliage". - Sure ! So it's good to see you "dicipline" those plants ! When they entered, Basil immediately offered Pinya to have a drink at the kitchen. They where enjoying a good Cider and some apples when the door suddenly opened. It was Felipe de la Manzana rushing into the hall without a care either at the nice floor design nor to the owner tranquility (Basil, for instance...) - Basil ! He clamed. We received a important letter ! Read it ! We have some new orders now ! Is our new vessel is ready ? We need to leave as soon as possible ! Assemble the crew now and prepare your stuff ! To be continued... in : Operation KMA : Applying the new orders Here are some bonus pictures of the house : I hope you enjoyed ! C&Cs are always welcome.
  19. The Ténotclaxcans scouts : Thanks to the Doctor Gellibrand, Felipe de la Manzana managed to persuade King Azuma to send him his best jungle scouts. The team is lead by a masked chieftain, helped in his task by 2 priests, here a man and a woman. The team is now equiped by swords from Elysabethtown armory but the natives kept their spears too. The throwing weapons are still the silencious bow and the poisonous dart blower. The Ténotclaxcans found them so effective they did not accept bearing flintlock pistols. I am developping the lore of the Ténotclaxcans by creating some troops. Hope you'll enjoy this build.
  20. Father Tholeau and the Midas curse During the exploration to find the fountain of youth, Felipe de la Manzana and his team found a strange book near the floating rocks. Here is what they learned reading it : "I am cursed... I will probably die soon, so here is my last words. If I don't find the Fountain of youth, I will never be able to cure me from the terrible curse Hades priests cast upon me. I had to flee from the ship I was because the crew began to be worry as the first symptoms of the curse appeared. First, it was just pain in my right arm, then my hand became solid gold and became un usable. I had to flee... I landed in a desert island and it appeared it was not the good one. I thought I was closer to the island of the Fountain... After crafting me a small fortune skiff, I managed to reach the next island. It wasn't so far, finally... It appeared I was wrong again, this island was mangrove and swamps. I had to escape from alligators' attacks. At last, I think I found it ! This is probably the good island. Those strange rocks seemed to protect the access to the Fountain ! Let's hope I can reach it... Now, all my right side is contamined by the curse. I have to walk with an help... I am cursed... This is the Midas curse, and the only way to cure it is to drink the Fountain waters. Father Tholeau." This was probably the last words of Father Tholeau. Hope you enjoyed it. I made many little fun builds for this Challenge. As always, C&Cs are welcome.
  21. The Discovery of the Fountain of Youth : Through the dense jungle of a lost island and through the dangerous rock formations of this land, Felipe de la Manzana reached an unknown place where the rocks are literally floating in the air, just sustained by tree roots and thin rock lines that have not broken yet. It is here, in this hellish place, where Father Tholeau is situating the Fountain of Youth. Felipe's exploration team was fighting the jungle from days by now and no sign of this damned fountain... Suddenly, the Ténotclaxcan scout yelled to the group to come closer ! He had found a more strange rock formation, all black with dark bluish reflections runing on it and it seemed this mineral formation was probably the center point of a floating rock ! Felipe, intrigued by the idea, tryed to climb on the floating rocks jumping from a root to a liana and reached the top of the formation. What was his surprise when he finally saw the fountain at the top of the highest floating rock ! Rapidly, the team deployed a security perimeter and Basil managed to join Felipe to the fountain. Felipe drank the blessed water but he did not became younger ! No, the fountain is not so strong ! The water just healed him from all these hard days of exploration ! He also noticed that all the scratches and little bruises he had gathered through the jungle were gone... Thank you for reading. It was a hard Challenge, but I tryed all my best to better my skills on this build. I hope you'll enjoy it ! C&C are welcome !
  22. The MAESTRO Quest Hall ! or The MAESTRO Adventure Parties (MAP) Hello to everyone ! Felipe de la Manzana and MAESTRO are proud to launch this new idea : The MAESTRO Adventure Parties ! or MAP if you prefer. This idea is the way the MAESTRO trade Company will explore the New World ! Our scientists, helped by The Doctor, from Corrington, and with the assistance of the Ténotclaxcans, developed a way to chartered new areas uknown until now ! With those new maps, MAESTRO is opening to all the players of any Faction a new in-Land action. This action will be known as the MAESTRO Adventure Party (MAP). One Party will be launch for a time determined by the Party leader (by now, just MAESTRO members) and be parted in 3 Acts (like in theater plays). Every player who wants to try the adventure has to conform to some rules : - A Party is something near a build-off or a mini challenge. The players will have to build a MOC for each Act. Each Act is scenarised by the Party Leader, for now, only MAESTRO members can be Party Leaders (Please, PM me if you want to try) - Every participant has to suscribe to a determined Party. He can do this by PM me or just suscribe in this thread. - A Party is a competitive action and each contestant needs to suscribe to a specific Party before participating. There are no possibility for team action for now. - Suscribing to a Party engage to spend Dbs to win a clue to solve the story. The amount and the clues are Party leader decision. Players should be awared that Parties can be lost and will lead to a loss of Dbs ! - Once you suscribed to a Party you're suppose to go to the end. - MAP is only engaging MAESTRO and is not a new official action. It's not a MRCA action. The first party will be open in the 15th of July. It will be lead by myself and be about the Ténotclaxcans pearl divers. So every player who want to try the adventure is free to PM me or suscribe in this thread. Thank you !
  23. The MAESTRO Apple cider brewery Felipe de la Manzana opened his first factory in Elysabethtown, Berelli. The factory is mainly based on an Hacienda but deserved a noble purpose... Brewing apples in order to transform them into a delicious Apple Cider ! During the big opening Felipe wrote a letter to the crown of Eslandola with a bottle of his famoust cider : "To our Noble King, I am presenting you the results of the first trade we, in MAESTRO, are proud to lead in New Terra : Apples and Cider. I would be honoured if His Majesty, if He likes the products we made, could grant MAESTRO trade company with the benefic advantage of being leader in Apples with a Monopoly in apples. I am sure you will do in Eslandola best interest. Long Live the King. For Eslandola, for Doubloons, and for Apples. Felipe de la Manzana, MAESTRO member." This was the first move of Felipe in order to obtain an apple monopoly. He hoped the King will love his cider and his apples. Of course, a monopoly is not easily granted, so Felipe returned to work immediately and signed a big contract with a rich merchant from Garvey. He made him taste some samples to him and his wife when they visited the Brewery. Felipe explained to the Garveyans the principles of brewing cider. First apples need to be crushed. Here Felipe chose a Horse tracted grinder he placed on the courtyard of the Hacienda. Then, the crushed apples need to be contained few hours in a barrel. After that, the crushed apples are prepared and sent into the press. "The engineer is working on it, now and will better the juice production." Precised Felipe to the Merchant. So after being pressed, the pure juice of apple is barreled and put in fermentation. Once the fermentation is ready, the upper part (the brown one, on top of the barrel) is destroyed, the future cider is filtered and sent on a barrel to be bottled, and the third part (the one remaining down on the fermentation barrel) is thrown out. This is the major part of cider brewing.The chemists have to work with care here ! They have to filter and obtain the final product at its best ! Once bottled, the cider is drinkable but can be stored some years ! The Garveyan trader and his wife enjoyed the tour and bought Felipe's cider with enthousiasm. Thank you for watching. This is the first factory in Elysabethtown. I tryed to keep an Hacienda form, but I had to change many little things in my initial plans to respect the brewing proceeds. I know it's not perfect but I try to show the Cider brewing correctly. Of course, C&Cs are welcome.
  24. The Troups of the Apple Felipe de la Manzana received a letter from Captain Santiago asking him help in Duke Prio's name. It was about helping the Duke in his fight for independance against Mardier. Felipe being no good friend of Mardier, as a proud Eslandian, decided to recruit some men to send to Prio. Here is the first troups he hired : the 4th MAESTRO platoon of infantry also known as the troups of the Apple. Thank you for reading.
  25. The Jungle (is) Mine : After being a while in Berelli, Felipe de la Manzana and his first officer Basil noticed that the jungle was very hard to replace by Apple Orchards. It is during one of this attempt to cut down some palm trees, the Eslandian team noticed some shiny metal reflections in the rock formations that forming the bed of the Dragon River. So Felipe sent out there a prospecting team to analyse the minerals. "So, What do you think of this minerals Professor ?" Asked the young Geologist Assistant. "Mmmmh... It could be some gold, or perhaps a sort of copper, or even maybe some ferrous mineral... I am not sure yet. We will need more analysis." Mysteriously answered the Geologist hired by Felipe. Nothing very special in this build, but I tryed to MOC a prospecting action in the wild to settle a mine near Elysabethtown in Berelli. Hoping to find Gold ! C&Cs are welcome.