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Found 5 results

  1. Here's a quick graph showing how the top 10 settlements have grown since the start of BoBS! Growth of Top 10 BoBS Settlements by North White, on Flickr I'm proud to say Mesabi Landing is Fourth on the list. Coming for you Weelond!
  2. I've done some math on the troop capacities of various vessels. I've found that carrying troops is actually pretty easy, IF you have a specific troop carrying ship, with a high cargo stat. Here's a Graph Troop Capacity Graph by North White, on Flickr Raw Data Thoughts?
  3. Hi everyone, I did a map drawing out all the trade routes people used. Trade Map by North White, on Flickr Red is Corrington Green is Eslandola Blue is Oleon Gray is Sea Rats Yellow is Mardier Black is other This shows a basic idea of how ships move in BoBS. The map does not show which direction the ships were going, however, and this is a rough estimate. For example, a ship traveling between Weelond and Nova Terrelli could pass through zone 10 or 12. So, the trade routes could be comepletely different. Also, I only recorded ships that had their location registered in two KPAs, so the FTA fleet is not in this analysis. Additionally, if a ship left from a port and returned to it, I have no idea where it went, so it was not added to the map. Let me know what you guys think, and I hope this helps people out.
  4. Arlinsport AdvisorThe Economic Guide to the SeasIssue 1, Vol 2 Wealth on the Brick Seas Wealth on the Brick Seas has long been measured by the standardized unit of Doubloons. (replacing the antiquated term of piece of eight) But how is wealth distributed on the Brick Seas. Read along to find out! Notes: This analysis does not factor in everything. It does not include players who make extra income as mayors, and does not include any MCRA funds being added. Only assured funds are added to the counts in this analysis. Sea Rats The Sea Rats have long been known for their squalor and abject poverty. They have little and often resort to piracy and breaking agreements to make ends meet. Just last month, after agreeing to return a ship in return for some property creation, Captain Silas Pike ordered the ship scrapped to fill his own coffers. Fortunately, these wretches are poor, as empires are far better than a bunch of loners building small settlements. The Sea Rats Currently make the following: Sea Rats Summary Account Holdings Income Sea Rats 5,503 36 Settlements 2,613 292 Players 20308 770 Corporations 323 20 As one can see, most income generated by the Sea Rats comes from it's players. However, this has left their leadership poor and feeble. Making them easy pickings if there ever was a war... But the Arlinsport Adviser would not be a quality magazine if it did not include graphics! Sea Rat Pie by North White, on Flickr Oleon Oleon's selfish nature may soon be their downfall, as they have concentrated much of their earnings in their central government. Almost half of Oleon's total income is generated by Oleon itself, not factoring out taxes or fees, something that was not counted in this review. Their holdings are far better distributed, but with their taxes, their players may soon begin to suffer. Perhaps their faith will lead to their downfall... Oleon Summary Account Holdings Income Oleon 23,375 2016 Settlements 4584 456 Players 47536 1620 Corporations 810 133 Little to none of Oleon's holdings are in their corporations, and citizen's income makes up only 80% of what the crown makes. But here's a friendly graphic! Oleon Pie by North White, on Flickr Corrington Long known as the greatest most orderly most scientific nation of the world. Corrington's efforts to help the Mardian people alone should be something to stand back in awe for. However, Corrington herself has not kept up the process of keeping one's coffers full. Despite being great, projects have lagged behind, including the Cocovia wagonway, which still needs to be completed. However, here is an overview of Corrington Corrington Summary Account Holdings Income Corrington 14059 660 Settlements 5110 810 Players 49858 2003 Corporations 16,923 1193 As can be seen, most of Corrington's wealth is generated by her citizens. But these numbers, while impressive, will seem inadequate compared to Eslandola. Corrington Pie by North White, on Flickr Eslandola Eslandolans are well known for their ability to rub two coins together and produce a third. They are money grubbing folks who make a ton of money and manage to hang onto a ton of money even though they were at war with the Mardians. Anyways, they have money. Eslandola Summary Account Holdings Income Eslandola 23,829 1446 Settlements 5660 791 Players 94986 3618 Corporations 15,216 2256 Most of the Esladolans earnings and income comes from their citizens. They also have a very healthy private sector, and public sector. Anyways, their filthy rich. Eslandola Pie by North White, on Flickr Overview But the Eslandolans true power can be seen when all of the nations are compared at once. Nation Total Income Corrington 85950 4,761 Eslandola 139,691 8146 Oleon 76,287 4225 Sea Rats 28,747 1128 Making almost twice what Corrington and Oleon produce, the Eslandolans are poised to take the Brick Seas with their money. BoBS Bars by North White, on Flickr (Blue is holdings and red is income) So, things will get interesting on the Brick Seas, as the gap between the nations continues to grow. Giving us a lot of things to fear... Advertisements Are you Hungry for Horses? Horse meat is the new in on the Brick Seas. So we'd like to ask you, are you hungry for Horses? WTC: Your solution to Chaos! The Wayfarer Trading Company is proud to announce the opening of at least 5 factories over the past month. Can your Trade Corporation say that? OOC: Thanks for viewing this analysis. Yes, I know the MCRA is a major source of income. No, I'm not going to argue about it, as it's unpredictable, and hard to measure. C&C welcomed
  5. Hi Ya'll, Mesabi here. So one of the things I really enjoy about BoBS is exploration. But how much of the world have we even touched? I decided to compare our world with the real one. Comparison map silhouette by North White, on Flickr Assuming the maps are the same type of projection, and the BoBS world is the same size as ours, this is what the size of the known world compared to ours. I made a few assumptions, as I don't know the actual latitude and longitude of the BoBS world. Maybe @SkaForHire can help clear it up for me otherwise, just a quick overview, for your consideration.