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Found 15 results

  1. Built for the "Old but Gold" category! It is a (very loose) update on this MOC of mine from 2019! I rethought the concept over the years, and I thought a chariot might be even better for a centaur-human duo than simple riding. I understand that it's quite the aesthetic departure. Even if it gets disqualified on those grounds, I still had a lot of fun bringing this concept to life! 700 years ago, The Akmaddian Empire sprawled central Historica. With its formidable cavalry's lightning tactics, it was able to conquer a massive area ranging from the cool steppe of southern Avalonia to the arid scrublands of northern Kaliphlin. Among the many races that fell under its domain was a large population of centaurs. Military cooperation between centaurs on non-centaurs (referred "two-legs" by the former) was historically limited. There rare instances of archers sitting on the backs of centaurs to operate as "tail-gunners", but these were rare. The Akmaddians implemented a new role for their centaur soldiers: drawing chariots. A centaur didn't need to be controlled by whoever was in the chariot, allowing those inside to focus on the battle. Passengers could include archers or pike men. Usually fighting in duos, these teams were trained for years to master their craft, something which would pay off as they blazed a path across the continent. The Akmaddian God-Emperor would eventually fall in battle, and the empire would fracture as his children battled for the throne. Though the empire only lasted 20 years, its effect on "central Historican culture" and ingenious tactics are still studied by military strategists to this day... The original MOC:
  2. Corporal Jenkins was glad to get out of the fort. Their company had been stationed there for the past four months and life was becoming monotonous. When Colonel Herrod had tapped him to come along for some target practice, he had jumped at the chance. "Excellent shot, sir!", he called out as the colonel blasted an empty bottle resting on the barrel. They heard hoofbeats approaching - it was a rider from the fort. As they came within earshot, Private George called out that Black Bart had been spotted to the north near the foothills of the Blocky Mountains. They saddled up to head back to the fort. Black Bart's days were numbered.
  3. As they crossed over a small stream, the lead scout pointed out a bluff just up ahead to the officer in charge of the company. The gang of horse rustlers was camped a small distance up a wash that they would enter from the base of the bluff. ----------------- Roughly based on @Ayrlego's Onondaga Scouts, in another time period
  4. Not to be outshone by their northern ursine cavalry brethren, the elves of the Dragon Clan in the Enchanted Forest in Avalonia had long maintained their fleet footed stag cavalry. Or, if you like, the generic stag unit.
  5. TomSkippy

    The Book on Cuirassiers

    I've always been bothered by Lego Cuirassiers... Simply put, I couldn't find a satisfactory set of armor/weaponry for them. I finally settled on using a backwards Lego Roman Centurion helmet which does a decent impression of the French cuirassier helm, chrome silver breastplate, and a cavalry sabre from brickarms. Finally satisfied, here's the 'book' on Napoleonic Cuirassiers CUIRASSIER Cuirassiers were heavy cavalry equipped with cuirass armour and firearms, first appearing in late 15th-century Europe. In the later 17th century, the cuirassier lost his limb armour and subsequently employed only the cuirass and sometimes a helmet. By this time, the sword or sabre had become their primary weapon, pistols being relegated to a secondary function. Cuirassiers achieved increased prominence during the Napoleonic Wars and were last fielded in the opening stages of World War I. Though the armour could not protect against contemporary flintlock musket fire, it could deflect shots fired from long-range, stop ricochets and offer protection from all but very close range pistol fire. More importantly, in an age which saw cavalry used in large numbers, the armour provided excellent protection against the swords and lances of opposing cavalry and against infantry bayonets. It also had some psychological effect for the wearer and the enemy, while it also added weight to a charge, especially in cavalry versus cavalry actions. Napoleonic French cuirasses were originally intended to be proof against three musket shots at close range; however, this was never achieved in practice. The regulations eventually recognised this, and cuirasses were subsequently only expected to be proof against one shot at long range Thanks! You can find a couple more pictures on my flickr
  6. The cavalry trainees are on the obstacle course, leading their charges over the low rail and practicing their cutlass skills by slicing pineapples. A small build for licensing a battalion of cavalry in Weelond.
  7. Hello and welcome! Here's my latest MOC, in which I experimented with colours currently somewhat defunct in LDD that I attempted to restore. The Axen Octet is a congregation of eight spirits sent forth upon Earth by Sepulchure. The group never parts and accomplishes tasks jointly, materialising out of thin air and disappearing just as swiftly. The characteristic trait shared by all axenocts is a single unblinking eye, roughly level with the shoulders. The Octet always moves in complete silence, communicating through means not known to man. Upon appearance, each spirit takes physical form with is retained until retreat - the form has been reported to consist of metal-like material on the outside, as reported by those lucky enough to overhear or survive a battle. Each axenoct is entrusted with the task of observation, but on specific occasions they bear instructions of carnage and destruction, which is when their axes come to prominent use. The carnages are exactly the reason the Octet - and their axes that brought about the name - are so dreaded by those who know anything about these spirits. Some have linked the instances of their appearance to the passing of the Emissary of Sepulchure, however these rumours remain unconfirmed. The Knight Well-armoured, fast and bearing a heavy axe, this axenoct posesses ram-like capabilities and is often seen at the forefront of an attack formation heading for a fortified target. With a shield to deflect attacks and a pair of bells hanging off its shoulder, the forewarning sound of which alone is enough to intimidate most, the Knight is a force to be reckoned with. The Duke This moderately-armoured axenoct towers above all in height and handles a halberd-like axe that gives it a great range in combat. Another tactical advantage to the Octet stems from the Duke's ability to self-illuminate and effectively blind the enemies, overall making this axenoct an important strategic asset during assaults. Its calm nature also makes it a good observer and, possibly, strategist. The Demon The fiercest of the bunch, this blank-eyed axenoct carries the fearsome double-bladed axe with a handle shaped like a trident, neither of which the Demon is shy to employ. If that was not enough, it carries out its assaults with intense rage, spitting forth bursts of flame and soon turning the area into a towering inferno. The Imp While not as intimidating as its elder "brother", this axenoct bears no good news. Possessing no special abilities and welding only a basic axe, this minion is often sent on mundane tasks to act as support and to carry out minor carnage. Despite its lack of fire mastery, the Imp can occasionally - albeit uncontrollably - release a ball of fire, which on many occasions has been sufficient to start serious fires. The Magus The smallest member of the Octet is not to be overlooked. Although neither its figure, nor its axe suggest the ability to wreak havoc, it is the other end of the axe that is used in deploying energies known and not-so-known to man. A rumour has it that the artifact on this axenoct's right arm has something to do with its abilities, and that it is indeed the Magus who facilitates the sudden appearances and vanishing of the Octet. The Teitan This axenoct's slow speed and somewhat humorous appearance are swiftly wiped out of the enemies' minds with the heaviest of axes dropping on their houses, heads and other kinds of property. Extremely heavy armour and an immeasurably heavy axe that doubles as a shield - and the ability to handle the aforementioned gear - have reaped the Teitan the reputation of a true titan. A lethal opponent in both attack and defense. The Spectre This ghastly axenoct sports a ghost-like appearance, and to the demise of its targets handles the most dreadful weapon among the Octet members - the spectral axe, capable of severing and entrapping living souls. Physical damage can also be dealt with it, albeit to a lesser extent, but its main capability is what makes the targets tremble and run as far as possible before giving the Spectre a chance to hit them. Which is where the chains come in handy... The Wraith This axenoct is the true dread machine that both looks and functions the part. Being of spooky appearance, with the habit of camouflaging itself and then jumping the victim, the Wraith is also the fastest of all axenocts. Before the threat is even realised, the deadly long-hilt axe is sent swinging in every direction faster than an eye can follow, truly making it the perfect device for intimidation and spreading panic. The entire Axen Octet. A rare sight best avoided altogether... Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoyed your stay!
  8. The defence of a Corlander naval base on a largely uncharted island cannot be left to green troops. Thus, a troop of Her Majesty's Winged Cuirassiers has been assigned to King's Harbour. Outside the settlement, a barracks and stable has been erected, fortified against minor threats. Here, we see three cuirassiers riding out of the main gate, likely going on another patrol to map and survey the surrounding areas. The Winged Cuirassiers derive their name from the winged banners they carry atop their long battle-lances, and the breastplates (cuirasses) they carry on their chest against small arms fire and lances. Each section of four Cuirassiers is lead by a bannerman, who, instead of the wing, carries the banner of her Majesty, Queen Anetta. They are elite, shock-troops, and have often been known to turn the tide of battle with their largely unstoppable charge. Armed with a battle-lance, a long-sword, and a cavalry carbine, they are versatile and highly trained troops. Recruited from the universities, and offered good pay and overall conditions, they often transition into important positions in the colonies as their tour of duty ends. ___________________________________________________________ Sometimes, you just need to figbarf and build some troops. C&C welcome. The build will be licensed as a small residence.
  9. cullmancreations

    Return to the west

    I know TLG has made Lego the lone ranger but what happened to classic Western or pirates. Do you think Lego will bring back western in a non Disney theme and make it more like its classic mid 1990's counterpart. If they Bring western back will we see flat foot thompson or a new cast of villains and sheriffs. What do you think. When do you think they might bring it back. If you don't think they'll bring it back why. Sincerley CullmanCreations
  10. Gary The Procrastinator

    Battle of Waterloo: "Steady lads!"

    Well, Michael Ozzie beat me to it today with his outstanding La Belle Alliance, but here is my build celebrating the 200th Anniversary of this major event. Click on the picture for more detail: 200 years ago today, a truly epic and historical battle raged between three armies on sodden fields near the Belgian hamlet of Waterloo. The conflict determined the fate of Napoleon Bonaparte once and for all, and changed Europe forever as Great Britain became the dominant power over France, and Germany's power began to rise in the world as well. To commemorate this historic anniversary and pay tribute to the brave souls who fought and perished there, here is a quick build of that iconic Napoleonic Era infantry formation, the Regimental Square (or putting it more accurately, a corner of one...) Brave French Cuirassiers (Heavy Cavalry) charge this indomitable formation, the British Square, to no avail; in spite of all their courage, armor and powerful mounts, they never break through that long day as every British Square which had time to form never broke (though some units such as the Kings German Legion (KGL) 8th Line Battalion were caught mid-formation by the French cavalry and were decimated). British officers on horseback called for the rank and file to remain steady, and in general they did, allowing the Duke of Wellington's multi-national army to survive long enough for the arrival of the third army, the Prussians, to tip the balance. There should be bayonets on the end of those muskets, which is why it was so hard for cavalry to charge into a RS like this one. The LEGO musket barrel shape prevents anything but 2nd-party elements from working well, and being a bit of a purist (apart from that flag from Cape Madness) I won't use those non-LEGO parts. JBIronworks and I are currently working on a massive build of the key farmhouse in the center of the British line at Waterloo, La Haye Sainte, defended by the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion of the KGL; we should have it done in a few weeks so keep an eye out for it. Originally I had wanted to post La Haye Sainte today but we ran out of time. We will certainl finish it and it will be posted here in a month or so. Cheers!
  11. WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Custom fabric removable horse barding and caparisons now on sale to the public for the first time ever! First major foray into the world of customisable products so please forgive my excitement. I'd love to know what people think... (as I'm always looking to improve everything I do) but I'd prefer if they went to the store and bought some! *wink* Much love D
  12. A caparison is a cloth covering laid over a horse or other animal for protection and decoration. In modern times, they are used mainly in parades and for historical reenactments. A similar term is horse-trapper. The word is derived from the Latin caparo, meaning a cape. I will post some pictures but 1) am excited and 2) will shocase some of these on the long awaited and much promised Elf Chariot... but it's been a long day and thought I'd show here (as not everyone hits the MCW) Much love (and will be back soon) D
  13. Here we go: Kaliphinite heavy cavalry charges a group of Desert King mummies. Given the hard-packed sand along the Oil Road, the infantry were easily routed by the speed and force of the mounted units. More on Flickr, C&C appreciated!
  14. Redhead1982

    Review 79106 Cavalry Building Set

    I was never a fan of licensed sets. They have flesh minifigs that represent specific characters, which can limit the figures' use in MOCs, plus they generally tend to be more expensive. However, lately I got a few licensed sets, and I have to say they're not bad at all. Cavalry Building Set was one of them, and I have to admit that after opening the box, building the little scenes, and positioning minifigs in different poses, my opinion of the set is... (if you want to know, read through this review or skip to the end). Basic info of the set Set no.: 79106 Name: Cavalry Building Set Theme: The Lone Ranger Year: 2013 Pieces: 51 Minifigs: 4 Age group: 6-14 (or more) Price: £11.99 / US$12.99 / 14.99 EUR Links: Brickset, Bricklink, LEGO S@H (there's nothing on Peeron yet) The box The box is the smallest in the Lone Ranger series, measuring approx. 15.5 x 14 x 4.3 cm. The top part has a Disney's logo and a profile shot of Lone Ranger from the film on a yellow background, making it easily distinguishable from all the other Lego sets on the shelves. The front of the box reveals all there is in the set, a shooting cannon, a chicken wing on the camp fire, Lone Ranger on a white horse with moveable hind legs, and assortment of different weapons. Actually, there's not much left to reveal at the back of the box. An interesting feature is how to load the cannon and shoot round bricks, in case you're not familiar with this design. One side of the box has a warning sign about the choking hazard with small parts, which is definitely informative, but at the age of 6 everyone should know about the dangers of small parts (and sharing them with their younger siblings). The booklets Being a very small set, there's only one thin booklet. It's slightly curved from the packaging, and follows the design of the box with a yellow line characteristic of The Lone Ranger series. The Pieces Inside the box we find 2 polybags, the instruction booklet, and the horse I was actually buying the set for. In polybag number one, we can find larger parts, including soldiers' and Lone Ranger's torsos and legs. In general, the contents of this bag are not very impressive, apart from the few plates and bricks, other parts are more or less specialized. None of the parts found in this polybag are exclusive to the set, except for soldiers torsos which are discussed in more detail later. On the other hand, bag number two holds much larger number of parts, and is more interesting to look at. Most of the parts are common, some bricks, plates and specialized parts. The highlights of this bag are various accessories discussed in more detail later. As I feel more at home in the Town sub-forum, the greatest potential I saw in this set was in its various accessories. Both the blue cavalry hats and the white cowboy hat can be easily seen as part of the street fashion in any Town layout, as well as the backpack and tan messenger bag. The flat silver frying pan and the battery/torch (actually, it's supposed to be a telescope) are a nice addition in any house in Town as well. The Minifigs There's 4 of them in the set, a surprisingly large number for such a small set. On one side, there are 3 soldiers in uniforms. What I'm missing, is some sort of variation in the design of the uniforms to reveal different ranks of the soldiers. Other than that, I can't point out any flaws. Considering the same rank of the soldiers, it's nice to have different faces to distinguish between them. The back of the soldiers reveals printed torsos. The creases on the jackets and the pouch on the belt are nice details. The fourth figure in the set is one of the protagonists of the Lone Ranger series, the Lone Ranger himself. His torso is much more detailed than the soldiers' and the print continuous on the legs, however it's harder to use in Town, except maybe as a sheriff costume. Similar to the soldiers, the back of his jacket has some creases, and no other prints. The Build The build is simple and straight forward. I was actually surprised to see a label 6-12 years, as the build is almost too basic. It starts with a small camp fire. I actually like the simple design of it, with a couple of trans-orange flames used instead of round plates as it's common in themes I'm more familiar with (such as Creator). The second mini build in the set is the cannon. I'm not an expert on cannons, so I don't feel qualified to criticise its design. What I like about it, is the black wheels (I haven't had those in black before) and a rammer. Having a rammer in the set definitely adds another play feature. The amount of ammunition is not large, however, I'm pretty sure everyone can find extras in their LEGO collection. The third build is a small barricade, again a very simple build. It works as a defence line for the soldiers, and can be positioned in different set-ups varying the angle (thanks to the hinge). The flag on the pole is a sign of the occupants of this mini barricade. The Finished Product The end product doesn't look so small, as the mini builds would imply. Considering this is the smallest set in the series, and actually has only 3 mini builds, the scene looks full and offers different options to play with. The barricade can be positioned differently, so one can find himself either behind or in front of the barricade, enjoying a chicken wing or preparing a cannon. The Final Verdict Design: 8/10 I have mixed feelings about the design. It's obvious (even from the set's name) that the set was intended as an army building set. It's great to see a small set with 4 minifigs. Minifigs' torsos have nice printed designs on both sides. However it'd be great to have slightly different uniforms to reflect soldiers' ranks. Parts: 8/10 Similarly to the design, the parts in the set don't stand out in general, yet there are quite a few interesting accessories (the blue hats, the white cowboy hat, the backpack and the messenger bag) that can be used in other themes, as well as the highlight of the set - a white horse with movable hind legs. This is actually the smallest of the (only) three sets in which the horse appears, so this is a plus. In addition, the black wheels appeared in only three sets so far, and are thus a nice addition to every MOCer's collection. Build: 6/10 It's a simple and straight forward build with no special or advanced techniques. Considering the age limit (6-14), I was a bit surprised to see such simple builds. Despite being the smallest set in the series, and having three simple mini builds, the set looks much larger when all the builds are displayed as a scene. Playability: 9/10 Playability is definitely the most important feature of this set. Offering three soldiers on one side, and Lone Ranger on the other, there's plenty of characters to choose from for role play. There's a lot to do as well, enjoying a warm meal, preparing a cannon, or being on a watch. In addition, positioning the horse in different poses can be a lot of fun. In my opinion, playability is the strongest feature of this set. Minifigs: 8/10 The selection of minifigs is very nice for a small set, and the amount of minifig accessories is definitely in favour of the set. Lone Ranger is the star of the series, and it's always nice to be able to get the main character in a budget friendly set. Price: 7/10 It's a small set, the cheapest in the series, and it offers a lot for the price, so it's hard to complain about it. Finding the set on a sale is even better for the budget, yet as it is, it's budget friendly enough to build a large army, get different accessories and a white horse. Overall: 46/60 (77%) The set is not outstanding due to simple builds, but it is for sure above average considering its design and what it has to offer. Whether you're getting the set for the white horse, the soldiers or various accessories, it's a nice addition to every LEGO collection. I got the set for the horse alone, and I found much more in it than I expected.
  15. I do not normally get to post in this forum although I do look in from time to time. I have to say that I was unsure if this fitted into History of Sci-fi or Where? I have been building an army over the last few months using the Cavalry Builder sets for the most part, but also Bricklink. It is based on the concept of a Wild West army and although from a licensed range I have 'yellow'ised' the soldiers. I have posted photos on my flickr account along with descriptions of each unit. There are of course cavalry, but also cannons, limber and Caissons as well as Infantry platoons mounted in wagons. I have kept this for the most part as I read up on them, for example each limber & Caisson or limber and cannon being pulled by teams of four horses. Then I have added a little something to give it a Sci-fi taste and something which to be honest has taken the most time to build. That is four steam tanks. There are the twin Class A tanks with weapons fitted to broadside positions, then the Class B which with a nod to naval advancements has a better engine and main weapons mounted in a rotating turret. The final one is a primitive form of Infantry fighting vehicle with a frontal assault ramp and two forward facing cannons in side sponsons. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures. At time of writing the army is 104 men strong which includes the two Indian scouts. I know my photography is not that good but I am trying to improve. I think I just do not have that good an eye for it though.