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  1. While sailing to Jameston an altercation had taken place in the open waters between a Sea Rat convoy and a Romantica (Prio) convoy. When the Sea Rat convoy reached port they had a ship in tow repairs being made as they berthed. Captian Larvey of The Drunken Monkey Purchased two slips from the Harbor Master The Log read as follows: Capt. Larvey [SR] The Drunken Monkey [monkey figurehead] 4 days paid Capt. Larvey [SR] The Palmetto [golden figurehead] 4 days paid Later that day the Prio convoy reached Jameston with heavy battle damage. Capitaine La'Douche sought out the authorities. Knowing the Corrish stance on Piracy he hopped to see them all swinging from the gallows before he left port. In the Jameston Constables office: La'Douche: (Bursts though the door) Constable I would like to report a crime! Sergeant: Just what is it you would claim Sir? La'Douche: An act of out and out Piracy! Sergeant: Where did this act take place? La'Douche: East of Trador on way to this Port. La'Douche: Pirates fell upon my ships and over took us ... We barely made it out alive. Then they forced me and my crew into a single long boat and made off with my vessel. Sergeant: They showed quarter? Thats odd th..... La'Douche:(cutting the Sergeant off) Sir I have it on good faith that they have arrived in this very port! What do you intend to do! Sergeant: Its late Im sure they will be good and drunk tonight being first night in port. I will speak with the harbor master tomorrow to see if any ships have made berth fitting your description. La'Douche: I want them hanged! Sergeant: If the description matches and you can identify them then I will Arrest them and im sure they will be found guilty in court. If it is how you say. Even later that night: Hearing a little bird whisper in his ear that the Corrish Authorities planned to seize his ships and Imprison him and his crew. Also knowing Corringtons' reputation for hanging Pirates even if there was no more evidence other than here say . . . Capitan Larvey decided they had out lived their welcome in Jameston. Back at the docks: Capitan Larvey: Machete me boy! Machete: Aye Capitan? Larvey: We sail at first light, have the dry stores and rations secure and stowed! We need ALL ships in the fleet ready to make way. Machete: Aye Sir but why we just made port tis morn? Larvey: The Prio Capitan is claiming we attacked them ... Machete: (interrupting) Tis a LIE Sir out and out fallacy! Larvey: Aye be that as it may, it matters none, they intend to seize our ships and lock us all up. Machete: We can fight this Sir they were the aggressors sailing right through or floatila with no regard ... You were right to fire that warning shot. Larvey: Aye but how do we prove they opened fire and we simply responded ... Nay they see us as pirates ... And I be quite fond of me neck remaining unbroken! We sail at first light, those to drunk to sail will be left behind. Those too drunk to fulfill his duties will be thrown over. I need me crews hearty me boy we have Four ships to sneak out of here. Machete: Aye Sir I'll pass the word around to snuff the rum early. Larvey: Aye make it so. The Sea Rat crews worked feverishly through the night and by the time first light broke the Sea Rat fleet was twelve miles out singing "What will we do with a drunken sailor what will we do ..." Meanwhile back in town: Capitaine La'Douche met up with the Sergeant first thing accompanied and him and two privates to the Docks. La'Douche: Harbormaster! Have you had any ships that fit the description of a C2 with a monkey figurehead towing a C3 with a golden idol figurehead with a broken mast? Harbormaster: (reading log) ahh yes here they are a Capitan Larvey paid four days up front ... slip nine and ten ... Right this way La'Douche: These slips are empty! Harbormaster: I swear they were here when I made rounds last night ... (looking at log) slips nine and ten ... Sergeant: Harbormaster if you aided these pirates in any way I'll see you hang. 1st private: (to second private) so we don't get to arrest anyone? Sergeant: Not today boys ... Not today. ------- Just a little story to explain how the Palmetto came to be in my possession ... Special thanks to @kaiju, @Ayrlego,and @Bregir for allowing this story to happen. Comments are more than welcome ... I'm sorry for some of the pictures being fuzzy that's my poor quality mobile.
  2. Willem Guilder, Admius Legistrad of Eslandola’s Colonial Council, could not believe that he was still in King’s Harbour, months after the Grand Ball. Living in a rented manor house, he now found himself working out of a room that had previously been a small chapel. Perhaps he should pray to return home, he mused to himself. Guilder had read through the latest news on the Prio situation. When all this had started a few months ago, it appeared to be a routine case of some pirates making off with the small Prio trade ship Palmetto. But then Prio had retaliated, sinking one of the pirates and capturing another. Bastion then detained two Prio ships in their port, claiming unpaid bar expenses by the crews. And now another Prio ship had been captured, this time the Prince Alex, flagship of the Duchy’s trade fleet. Eslandola naval reports advised traders to avoid the South Prio Sea if at all possible, and prominent Eslandola citizens were throwing fuel on the fire in both directions. As the director of a trade company, Guilder knew this sort of stuff was bad for business. Piracy is always part of the equation when sailing the seas, but an escalation wouldn’t help anyone. And while Lord Prio may have the right to feel aggrieved, he is not without blame and risks a fight that could send his fledgling nation into ruin. Balance needed to be restored. So Guilder sat down at his desk – a table, really – in his makeshift office in this rented manor house on a Corrish island miles from his Eslandolan home, and penned two identical letters: To Lord Alexander Prio, Grand Duke of Isle Romantica and Authorities of the Settlement of Bastion, and the Happy Bastion Barfly Club Dear Sirs, I have watched with much dismay these past months as your disputes at sea have inflamed passions throughout the region. I write to you in the hope that, as a third party outside the particulars of your encounters, I may offer mediation service to restore the Brick Seas to the status quo of some months earlier. As such, here are the details of my proposal: - The Prio ships currently detained in Bastion, the Peacock and Pearl, be allowed to leave port and return home. - The ship Palmetto be recognized as a legal prize, now property of the Sea Rats. - The status of the trade ship Prince Alex, as well as the status of funds owed in Bastion for actions of the Prio crews, be determined in a hearing to be held in a neutral location, judged by a panel of both Sea Rats and others. I offer this as a means of bringing hostilities to an end, while allowing both parties to plead their case and be heard. I anxiously await your replies. Humbly yours, Willem Guilder --- When finished, Guilder summoned one his personal guard into the makeshift office. “Sir?” inquired the Eslandolan swordsman. “I have letters here of the utmost importance. See to it that these go out on the fastest ships available heading to Alexport and Bastion.” “Bastion, sir? I’m not aware of any ships in port headed there.” “Yes, of course, you’re right. Well, then, I’ll have to charter one. Take this letter for Alexport and get it on its way. I’ll make arrangements for the Bastion letter myself.” “Very good, sir,” and the guard was off on his task. As Guilder got up from the desk, he thought to himself, “Maybe I’ll charter myself a ship back to Weelond while I’m at it…” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OOC: Leadership and the Sea Rats have agreed to resolve the Prio conflict with a good old-fashioned BoBS Build-Off! We’ll need builders for each side, exact number and subject of the builds still to be determined. Among the issues that will be decided are how much, if any, of the “bar tab” should be paid, and whether the Prince Alex should be awarded to the Sea Rats as a legal prize or returned to Prio. Details for the build-off will be posted as soon as they are finalized.
  3. In response to the question posted by @Capt Wolf here . A young man had climbed the gallows platform on the square in Bastion, it had been a while it had been used, but the body of the last one to use the rope was never claimed. Ugh, ugh, My name is Rodebrick of the Independent Layers of Sovereignity Et Reclemations. In short I.L.O.S.E.R. Rodebrick The passing days several creditors have found my office and I have sought out some others. The collective claim to free both the Peacock and the Pearl flying the flag of the Grand Dutchy of Prio has rissen to 750 doubloons. This figure is made up of the Bar tab 160 doubloons, losses of two ships flying SeaRat colours 294 doubloons and 84 doubloons, detainment costs 75 doubloons, occupying the harbour while not trading 110 doubloons, damages sustained by ships flying SeaRat colours 20 doubloons and administration costs 7 doubloons. The collective of creditors expects a swift payment, if no such payment is made, the Peacock and the Pearl will be seized indefinitely, the crew send home and the SeaRat colours hoisted from their mast trunks. The difference in the value of the Peacock and the Pearl and the demanded sum may be taken elsewhere. And when finishing those words Rodebrick claimed down and the crowd that gathered started to disperse, Rodebrick made his way to the ships to deliver the papers in person to the captains.
  4. Index: Participating teams Gameplay Schedule Matchday 1 + results Ranking after Matchday 1 Matchday 2 + results Ranking after Matchday 2 Matchday 3 + results Ranking after Matchday 3 Play-offs + list of teams 1/4 finals 1/4 final 1/2 final final Aftermath After the recent war at Isla de la many names and the events around Malto, Lord Maximilian Damaximus wanted to bring the factions back together. When he saw playing some MAESTRO soldiers soccer at their camp in Malto, he had the genius idea to organise: The New Terra Soccer Cup, the first soccer tournament in the new world! Soccer is a very popular sport for soldiers who had to kill time while on duty and many of those soldiers are starting to mis the little competitions they held. Lord Maximilian Damaximus started building a playing field just outside the walls of Trador, accompanied with a small tribune. Everyone is welcome! Every settlement, captain, organisation, militia, crew, ... can send a squad to Trador to participate in this wonderfull Soccer tournament! --- Gamerules & information --- Feel free to ask if there are more questions or remarks! Here you got some paintings of a friendly match between MAESTRO Soldiers and RNTC Soldiers Will be licenced as medium artisan (considering the field are just plates) Participating teams Group 1 Buffed Shirtless Athletes (SR - Dr_Spock - NTSC - small commerce) Eltina Squad (OL - Bodi - Training Day - small art & culture) HMS Royal Oak Team (COR - Ayrlego - Beer Garden - small artisan) MAESTRO Soldiers (ESL - Maxim I - medium artisan build - see pictures above) Group 2 Onondaga Leather Ball Team (Onondaga - Silentwolf - Onondaga - small residence) Prancing Pontelli Platfeet (ESL - Captain Braunsfeld - TPPP - small art & culture) Prio Guards (Prio - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation) WTC Marines (COR - Mesabi - Invasion - small commerce) Group 3 Team O (OL - Blackdeathgr - Fun at the Park - small art & culture) Uniformed Sea Rats (SR - MKJoshA - Raiding Uniforms - small artisan) Terraversa Rebels (Terraversa - Faladrin - Training - Large Commerce) Trador Regiment (ESL - Maxim I - medium artisan build - see pictures above) Group 4 Tenotclaxcan Hunters (Tenotclaxcan - Faladrin - Training - Large Commerce) Weelond Regiment (ESL - Capt Wolf - About pineapples - small artisan) WETEC Team (COR - SilentWolf - School - small education) Royal Garvey Engineers (Garvey - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation) Reserve Teams arrived at Trador MAESTRO Engineers (ESL - Maxim I - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation)
  5. Trador is not only known for its applecider, it has also some of the best wines of New Terra: the Casa De Flores, famous for its unique aroma. The vineyard is a very popular attraction in Trador as visitors can follow a guide around the vineyard and drink some wine afterwards. Today, the soccer Teams of Prio, Royal Garvey Engineers and MAESTRO Engineers are visiting the vineyard. Meanwhile Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife taste the latest production of the wine. --- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome :) Will be licenced as a Large plantation This module is to be placed behind the Trador Merchant Quay (pictures of this somewhere in the future :p )
  6. The devastation Mardier left behind did not only leave the remaining citizens without housing and infrastructure. They even burned most of the crops. There were always fish and lemons, but in order to feed everyone it was dire need of some potatoes and a sprig of parsley. The WGO (White Glove Order) took this important task head on and restored one of burnt out war factories Mardier left behind. It should serve a new role. To bring the people knowledge of the earth and how to make the most nutritious fruits and vegetables. As a result The Instituto de Superior Agronomia (Agriculture School - small cultural microbuild license) was founded in Puerto Desafio. Isla de Victoria would not only become self sufficient, it would be an important resupply haven in the Prio Seas
  7. After losing his big flagship, Captain Rijsk adapted to a new plan. Some small fishing vessels who were easily manouvrable. The Mardierians came once a day in the afternoon with a bigger vessel to exchange the Tuna for instant cash. So after some succesfull hours catching fish, he was very happy to see the Tuna King on the horizon. He gave orders to his second vessel to put the caught tuna in the baskets of his vessel and he waited till the Tuna King arrived. Once the captain of the Tuna King examined the Tuna and all that delicious fish was transferred, Captain Rijsk dared to ask for his money. "De Money? Ofcourse! My soldiers will bring de money to u! Guards!" The excitement of Captain Rijsk quickly ebbed away when he noticed the purple uniforms of Prio Soldiers, green uniforms of Eslandola soldiers and red uniforms of the Garvey soldiers. The well-trained guards quickly surrounded everyone, forcing them to swim back home. It is said that Captain Rijsk, after loosing his second hand in the previous encounter, lost his second leg in this encounter. Still he was eager to buy a new vessel to keep fishing. What a hero/idiot! The Tuna King, a captured Mardier vessel that belongs to MAESTRO and which was lent out to a Garvey Privateer, returned back to Trador to sell their wares. The first steps of the Trador Tuna Imperium was taken :) Some overal pictures are forgotten, I'll take some in one hour and post it here. I already removed the waves and water as it is part of a Pirate lay-out at Brickmania Wetteren :)
  8. Due to the recent raids of Mardier, the completion of the Merchant Quay has been a really stressfull thingy for Governor Maximilian Damaximus. But since the last days, the amount of activity has been booming in Trador. To secure safety of the traders, MAESTRO sent a full regiment to La Sombra. The Trade Quarters are a big success, many nations, trade companies and important families were almost fighting to get one. Every Trade Quarter was build accordingly to the owner, A Trade Quarter exists of a store room with direct access to the boats and a residence above it. . Garvey Emporium Consortium ( @CelesAurivern ) Prio Pierre d'Oleon ( to be revealed somewhere in the future ) Montoya Estate ( @Bregir ) Merchant Gate ( MAESTRO / Medium fort) WETEC ( @SilentWolf ) Sebeus Estate ( @Sebeus I ) White Glove Order ( @Sir Stig ) Quinsville ( @Tomsche ) Fontonajo Estate ( @Elostirion ) my nametag ^^ The Dancing Ember arriving at the Quays (ship build by Sebeus) General Whisximus (Terraversa Sea) and General Samu (Prio Sea) watching over the arrival of troops A WETEC sloop unpacking An Oleon soldier being distracted Corrie traders inspecting trade wares Officers from Eslandola, Corrington and Oleon chitchatting Merchant Gate MAESTRO Naval Soldiers watching over the unloading Sir Ethiximus and Governor Damaximus meeting with the King of Garvey behind is Trade Quarter. Guards are protecting them. Mardier Assassin hanged to death Troops assembling in front of Merchant Gate A Corrie soldier hunting a strange red bird. Hope the bird doesn't get angry... Update: detailpics of the residences and the nametages and more pictures can be found further in this topic. ---------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!!! C&C welcome! Some remarks: due to circumstances, I have no access to my bag of blue round plates. I know it is a big difference and I am sorry the water is now plain base plate other circumstances are the reason I am missing the name bricks for the different houses. This should be solved in two weeks. Same goes for the coat of arms that will be placed next to the storerooms. Total of 11750 studs. Will be licenced as a royal commerce (10k studs needed) and a medium fort (900 studs needed) -
  9. Lord Alexander Prio had sent out a call for mercenaries to come and aid him in fighting a native uprising on the island. The WETEC decided to dispatch The Alexander with extra troops to aid Lord Prio. The mercenaries were paid for their work, and the WETEC received a plot of land upon which they could construct a residence. The Lord Prio soon after declared independence from his king and set up his own nation, The Grand Duchy of Prio. The WETEC decided to stay on the island and aid in the battle for independence as long as they were paid for their services. It also gave them an opportunity to test and refine the troops they were training on the island of Lacryma. Though they did not expect that the war would enter such a stalemate. The WETEC's commanders on the island are discussing options to hurry the war, as now two of the company's ships are tied up on the island and the Flying Colt is leaving soon. Commander Henry Austin, has called together the his commanders of the infantry, cavalry, and scouts to discuss future plans. The cavalry commander is just now arriving, and the other two are already in the secure Green Room. Prio Residence M by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Prio Residence M3 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Prio Residence M4 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Edit: I realized I had doubled one photo so I have replaced it with the correct photo.
  10. After Jan Zwartbaard set-up a miningspot on Isla Philip, he travelled back to Prio. This time with 2 platoons of MAESTRO Elite Soldiers with him. And also MAESTRO General Samu, aka "The Dragon" came along. They did not went to Prio to start a campfire and sing some happy hippie peacefull songs, but to prepare for the upcomming war against Mardier. This was the first batch of hundreds of soldiers MAESTRO will send in order to help the cause of the Duke of Prio. Their camp will be the beautifful white mansion Jan Zwartbaard received as a gift from the Duke. It was not located in the city of Alexport, but somewhere strategically outside the capital. Hereby I present to you, General "The Dragon" Samu. A military genius, ready to lead the MAESTRO troops and its mercenaries to a gloryfull victory. For MAESTRO, For the Duchy of Prio!