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Found 21 results

  1. Finding the best place to sell your apples is hard sometimes. Mr. Smith thought he had the best place in town to sell his granny's apples, he thought many people would pass this gate. He didn't thought about the sun though, meanwhile all the customers would gather at the vendor behind him. Who is selling his own delicious apples where the crowd did gather. An apple vendor rivalry by Ids de Jong, on Flickr -- Build for the Summer Joust 2023 Light & Shadow category, which has this description:
  2. Hello! This time other fraction, Wolfpack. This is one of my favourite nation of Lego Castle. Maybe that gatehouse will be a part of something bigger :) I want to build big fortress based on modular elements, which could be useable in other models. But I’m not sure that my computer has enough power, we will see ;) Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  3. As they toured the island, Makny and his father would stop in many towns and villages, making sure that local affairs were in order and speaking on behalf of the Lord of Førstlys when needed. One of the stops on their journey was to Sorgheim, an ancient village that stood at the base of the mountains where could be found many of the tombs, crypts, and barrows that gave the Burial Isle its name. In recent years Nocturnian raiders had begun to frequent the shores of the island, occasionally making their way deep inland. Thus, the people of Sorgheim, like so many others, had bolstered the defenses around their town. The gatehouse at the center of their palisade made use of an ancient, crumbling arch, which they had cleaned and rebuilt to an extent, and which the Jarl's men now patrolled. I've been sitting on this for a while because I wanted to post it as part of a larger assembly, but with the guilds being so quiet lately I figured I might as well post it now. I'll probably clean it up a bit more before I post the whole scene, but for now C&C are welcome!
  4. LegoAcklay

    [MOC] Four-Towered Castle

    After finishing it and creating minifigures I uploaded it to LEGO Ideas which you can find here: Four-Towered Castle It contains some extra information such as piece counts. Feel free to leave a support on the LEGO Ideas site if you like it. 3D Model view here on Sketchfab: Four-Towered Castle The Full Inside view. Note that the castle is made in a "L" shaped layout. The left/West Entrance. Notice the flaps that would allow archers/crossbowmen to fire through and take cover. The inside side of the West entrance. Entrance to the hall from the courtyard/bailey. The alchemy room. With a green substance in a flask and a chandelier below the tall ceiling. The certainly need a ladder here. A tower with a wooden hoarding around it. Crossbows are stored here. The armoury. Along with the stacked sword it has a bed for a soldier here as well. View above the towers. Better view of the catapult and the winch for raising the portcullis. Inside the shack extension. The Great Hall. Turnable fire in the great hall's fireplace. Winch which you can rotate the fire and exterior of the hall. Drawbridge Outside. Gate Inside. Chest room. Stone Sigil. Walkway. Romans with a catapult & Celtic Warriors. Upper view.
  5. This build splits apart into 4 modules, each of which is a prize in the Castle Collaboration category of this year's Summer Joust. Faerdham is a large fortress housing a whole town inside its massive walls. More pictures available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  6. LittleJohn

    Alqalea Manor

    This was a collab build with Isaac, again made for the Ye Old Merry Battleground display at BrickFair Virginia. We took a lot of inspiration from Mark of Falworth’s castles, particularly Falworth Castle. The castle split in half for transport, and the portcullis actually works via the crank at the top. I would like to claim UoP credit for the following: Architecture: SNOTted tile stonework Alqalea Manor is a lovely castle that serves as the home of Lord Alnabil. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome
  7. soccerkid6

    Nordheim Farmhouse

    The fourth module in my large collab with John. See the others, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. As you might guess, this module will connect with the Paddock module, and the previous gatehouse. All of the buildings have full interiors and working doors. The farmhouse itself was inspired by Derfel Cadarn. Nordheim farms often include a small stone cottage. And the main gatehouse sees plenty of traffic as people travel to and from the city, and merchants deliver their wares. See more pictures on brickbuilt. C&C welcome
  8. soccerkid6

    Land of Raur: Castle

    This is the last of 4 micros I built as prizes for the Guild Creation category of the Summer Joust. These 4 builds were meant to fit the category, so I focused on different aspects of the same civilization: castle, town, farm, and landscape. I chose to name it the Land of Rauor, as Rauor is the Norse word for red and I used red roofs to help tie all the models together. All 4 together: You can see more pictures on brickbuilt Thanks for looking, comments always appreciated
  9. soccerkid6

    Land of Rauor: City

    This is the second of 4 micros I built as prizes for the Guild Creation category of the Summer Joust. This particular model was focused on a city of Rauor. You can see the first build, here. Rauor is just a fictional land I made up, and tried to develop the culture and setting of with these 4 micro builds, the rest of which will be posted soon. Comments always appreciated
  10. Here's my build for the second Gatehouse phase. I used a similar ground texture to what I did in my previous build, “Start of a Journey,” and tried a different stone wall design for the gatehouse. The warrior returns to Nordheim’s welcoming gate after a long journey through the clan lands of Mitgardia. More pictures are available on my website: link Thanks for looking!
  11. Here's my build for the third Gatehouse Phase, it is an 'old' build, in that I built it late last year, but I thought it was worth saving it to use as the final gatehouse phase, as I'm really proud of it. This is my first Castle model entirely based off of a real castle: Bodiam Castle in England. I built only the front wall, and it isn’t scaled perfectly, but I think it’s close enough to be quite recognizeable. Also I changed the bridge layout, because of space limitations. See a picture of the real Bodiam castle here: Link There’s no interior this time, though the portcullis and main doors are functional. Fun fact(s): this build weighed over 17 pounds, and used more bley tiles than any of my previous MOCs. Bodiam castle rests on a lake in southern Mitgardia, and is well known for its impressive round towers, and large gatehouse: See more pictures, here. Thanks for looking
  12. Many sinister rumors had been heard throughout Mitgardia, concerning a new foe from the North, but there were few reliable reports of what exactly was happening. Official messengers had been dispatched to various cities and villages across Mitgardia to inform them of the little that was known for sure: strange white warriors were attacking, and Mitgardia would need to stand united to withstand them. A new fortress, Rekkrfell, was being constructed as a bastion against the frozen folk, and all able Mitgardian warriors were called to rally to it. A messenger warns the watchmen at Nordheim's gate: Video showing construction: C&C welcome, it was good to build in Mitgardia again
  13. soccerkid6

    Katoren Gatehouse

    This is my first module for my collab with LittleJohn. It was an interesting change to try a middle eastern style gatehouse, and I'm quite pleased with the result. The gates actually work and there's a full interior. Katoren's main gatehouse receives much traffic from vendors, nobles, and visitors heading into the city. Gates closed: There are more pictures here: link C&C welcome, and there's more of Katoren to come
  14. LittleJohn

    Aymeri of Kaliphlin

    I've been following GoH for a while, and now I'm very excited to be joining Kaliphlin. Here's my character intro: Aymeri had grown up a desert nomad, but had always dreamed of being a knight. So when he was of age, he enlisted as a soldier in Katoren, hoping to one day win his spurs. He had been promoted quickly and now commanded a small group of soldiers. One of his missions was to capture two thieves that had been on a robbing spree in and around Katoren. Aymeri and his men managed to catch up with the two criminals as they attempted to rob a small farm outside the city: After capturing the crooks, Aymeri and his men started back to Katoren: After an hour's march, they reached a side gate of the city: Just inside the gate, several prominent members of Kaliphlin can be seen: Aymeri then continued to the the thieves' final destination: the Katoren jail. Next door is a cartographer's: Thanks for looking, any C&C welcome
  15. Kerntechniker

    HSS REQ-Military Burrium Aqua

    The strong and important city Burrium Aqua has always been the most important city of Greater-Burrium. Therefore, the City Council has the defenses continued to expand as soon as money was available. This lead to the impressive main gatehouse the city has today.
  16. Hello, folks! I built this MOC for Expo LUG Brasil 2013 and only now I’m sharing the pictures on Eurobricks. This project was a dream that come true when I got all the bricks to do that. Of course it’s my version of just one part of the all magical castle, specially the choice to use the white color on back wall (the original is bright yellow), but I liked the final effect to the Gatehouse. During the Expo, with the help of others AFOLs, we created a scene to complete the layout around the castle. There are more pictures on my flickr for others scenes. Enjoy! Neuschwanstein Castle - Gatehouse 1 por Adolfo LUG Brasil, no Flickr Neuschwanstein Castle - Gatehouse 5 por Adolfo LUG Brasil, no Flickr Neuschwanstein Castle - Gatehouse - Expo LUG Brasil 2013 village por Adolfo LUG Brasil, no Flickr Neuschwanstein Castle - Gatehouse - Expo LUG Brasil 2013 back view por Adolfo LUG Brasil, no Flickr
  17. This is the gatehouse of Nordana Castle, sometimes also called Nordana Hall. The castle is located in Avalonia and is the ancient seat of the earls of Norshire, from which Sir Gideon the half-elf has his human blood through his mother (as described in my character intro). The gatehouse also forms the western tower of the castle. The portcullis can be raised and lowered, as well as the drawbridge. Other modules: South tower North tower Great hall The teeth sink into holes in the floor (credit to my fellow Swebrick member jesperallen for the idea!) Together with the south tower: For this build (or the combination of the two) I'd like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: - Military Science: Fortifications - General Building (Other Techniques): Movement-enabled C&C welcome! Second module for my Swebrick Medieval community build castle, adapted for the Guilds of Historica setting. Edit: Picture of the whole castle finally uploaded to flickr!
  18. My younger brother, age 11, built this for the LEGO Castle Contest. The contest was to build something to help the crown knights defend their gatehouse against the attacking dragon knights. So he built a fake sea serpent for the crown knights' moat that scares off the attacking dragon knights: He would appreciate any C&C
  19. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Gatehouse

    Another build showing some of the great Dwarven city of Hradcanny. This particular build shows one of the gates into the underground sections of the city. Jayan is originally from Hradcanny so he and Joktan have come to try and gather some dwarves willing to help fight the Hand outside of their city: More pictures showing the interior here: Any C&C appreciated
  20. soccerkid6

    Valholl's Southern Gate

    Much of this build was inspired by Ecclesiastes' builds. There is a full interior in the gatehouse (even murder holes), the portcullis works as do the doors and there is a full interior. The cooper's house also has a full interior. Story: The southern gatehouse of Valholl is also a lighthouse, as most supplies are delived to Valholl via the river. Sir Glorfindel was the first to greet Sir Edwyn as he arrived at Valholl's harbor. "Welcome Sir Edwyn, I've heard much about you. I am Sir Glorfindel, officer of Valholl and I am to accompany you on your mission." "Thank you Glorfindel, but my orders did not specify why I was to come to Valholl." "Oh, well we can remedy that soon enough, Elon Chorian will give us the mission specifics at our meeting. Come, he is waiting at the citadel." Portcullis down: Doors closed: Warehouse: Cooper's: More pictures here: I used a new backdrop for these pictures and I like it a lot. All comments/criticism appreciated