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Found 42 results

  1. In these times of war, settlements across the kingdom are exercising their defences, including the garrison at King's Harbour on Cocovia. Although distant from the Lotus War in the Far East, the recent conflict on Terraversa did stir up the troops considerably, leading commanders to step up training and preparing defences at an accelerated rate. While many soldiers find this tiresome, the 45th Royal Artillery Regiment in King's Harbour gunners have taken great delight in exercising their howitzers from prepared positions around the city. This is likely due to the joy of being allowed to fire their field howitzers in earnest, tempered by the knowledge that all the hard work of setting up the embankments have been done by engineers and infantry. ____ An entry to the GoC challenge, Redcoats Rule. C&C welcome. (Unfortunately, these are old pictures from before my photo lamp, and the light is... horrible.)
  2. (Crest courtesy of @Kolonialbeamter) This thread encompasses all builds within King's Harbour and on the island of Cocovia (unless in another settlement) Military Governor's Office Outstanding contracts: - Class 1F w/ station: 40 db - Lumbermill: 25db - Coming soon: Quarry, Lumbermill, brick- and tileyard Outstanding offers: - The King's Harbour Foundation Name: King's Harbour Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Cocovia Mayor: Military Governor, J. Cooke Trade Value: see accounts summary Town bank: see accounts summary Who can own property in King's Harbour: Any honourable Corlander. Further, foreigners are allowed property rights after agreement with the Governor/mayor. Who can freebuild in King's Harbour: Anyone. Maps: Location: City Map: Will be published soon. Description: King's Harbour is first and foremost a naval base, and most activity is geared towards the repair, provisioning, maintenance, and outfitting of naval and merchant vessels. Obviously, the many sailors passing through, as well as the craftsmen and workers living there, is likely to give rise to a number of secondary and tertiary services over time, as the naval base expands. Located in an excellent, defensible natural harbour, it is the perfect place for ships to refit, provision, and repair, or to take refuge from storms or enemies. The surrounding forests offers a reasonable source of cordage and timber for these purposes, as well as plenty of fruits, vegetables, and animals for provisions. Fresh water can be procured from multiple springs, or from the river flowing into the bay. The settlement is founded near a native settlement, and co-exists in close cooperation with the natives, the cultures of Corrington and the natives spilling over between them. The harbour is protected by two peninsulae, the northern arm being tall, overgrown, and rocky, and the southern more flat and accessible. Builds in King's Harbour: (Please help me out by posting a link to your King's Harbour builds in this thread.) Properties: Needed to grow to large city: 6 artisans, 1 commerce, 3 factories, (146/101) Fortress: 4 Fortress and Lighthouse, Chase Point, BrickOn, License status: Small fortress Colonial Half-battery, Mark I, Southern Arm, King's Harbour (Bregir), License status: Small fortress Modified half-battery, Northern Arm, King's Harbour (Ayrlego), License status: Medium fortress Residence: 68 Native riverside hut, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Small residence Cpt. Wolfson's Residence, King's Harbour, Brickwolf, License status: Small residence Lighthouse, Northern Arm, Puvel, License status: Medium residence Her Majesty's Winged Cuirassiers, King's Harbour, King's Harbour (Bregir), License status: Small residence Lawliet's house, King's Harbour, Flavius Gratian, License status: Small residence House by the River, King's Harbour, Elostirion, License status: not yet licensed Residential Neighbourhood, King's Harbour, Elostirion, License status: not yet licensed A resolution to the Prio / Sea Rats conflict?, King's Harbour, Capt Wolf, License status: Small residence Cooke's Country Residence, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Medium residence The Trial of Sinbad Part 4, King's Harbour, MKJoshA, License status: Small residence Plantation: 4 Cocoa Plantation, Hinterland, Ayrlego, License status: Small plantation Pig Farm, Hinterland, Puvel, License status: Small plantation Vineyard, Hinterland, Spud the Viking, License status: Small plantation Commerce: 17 Military Governor's Office, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Small Commerce Station for communication and Logistics vessel(s), King's Harbour, Bregir (via Kolonialbeamtr), License status: Medium commerce ETTC Warehouse, King's Harbour, ETTC (Bregir), License status: Medium commerce King's Harbour Dockside, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Large commerce Hiring Crews, King's Harbour, King's Harbour (via Bregir), License status: Small commerce King's Harbour Port, King's Harbour, LM71 Blackbird, License status: Large commerce Smoking Room, King's Harbour, FTA (Via Professor Thaum), License status: Small commerce Government Office, King's Harbour, Ayrlego, License status: unlicensed Dockside, King's Harbour, Gedren_Y, License status: Small commerce Notary, King's Harbour, MKJoshA, License status: Small commerce Rodsh Derr gets a letter, King's Harbour, Bart, License status: Medium commerce Education: 8 The Proceedings, King's Harbour, Royal Society of Nat. Phil. (Bregir), License status: Small education The Cutty Shark, King's Harbour, Royal Society of Nat. Phil. (Professor Thaum), License status: Small education The Royal Society School, King's Harbour, Royal Society of Nat. Phil. (Bregir), License status: Large education Agricultural Research Station, King's Harbour, ETTC (Ayrlego), License status: Large education Artisan: 14 Butcher's Shop, King's Harbour, Puvel, License status: Small artisan Department of Time, King's Harbour, Captain Dee, License status: Large artisan Physician's Office, King's Harbour, Puvel, License status:Small artisan King's Harbour Boat Sheds, King's Harbour, King's Harbour (via Bregir), License status: Medium artisan Cannon Foundry, King's Harbour, King's Harbour (via Captain Dee), License status: Medium artisan Clockmaker, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Small artisan Chocolatier, King's Harbour, Corrington (via Ayrlego), License status: Small artisan Workshop, King's Harbour, Captain Genaro, License status: Medium artisan Masting Sheer, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: ?part of a Royal? not yet licensed Factory: 13 Slipway, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Medium factory ETTC Royal Cocoa Factory, King's Harbour, ETTC (via Collaboration), License status: Royal factory ETTC Cocoa Drying Plant, King's Harbour, ETTC (via Puvel), License status: Large factory Dee Wheelworks of King's Harbour, King's Harbour, King's Harbour (Captain Dee), License status: Large factory Art and Culture: 17 The Majestic Gardens of King's Harbour, King's Harbour, BoC (via Captain Dee), License status: Royal art and culture Government House, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Medium art and culture Temple of Poseidon, King's Harbour, Bregir, License status: Medium art and culture Courthouse, King's Harbour, MKJoshA, License status: Medium art and culture Government Office, King's Harbour, Mesabi, License status: Small art and culture A Shrine in the Sunshine, King's Harbour, Gedren_Y, License status: small art and culture Government Bureau, King's Harbour, Drunknok, License status: small art and culture Another Government Bureau, King's Harbour, Drunknok, License status: small art and culture Government Courtyard, King's Harbour, Ayrlego, License status: unlicensed Courthouse, King's Harbour, Flavius Gratian, License status: Medium art and culture Mine: Fontonajo's Rock Quarry, Hinterland, Elostirion, License status: Rock Quarry Vessels stationed here: Colonial Gunboat, Mark I, Class 1 A, Bregir, License status: Unlicensed Ferret, Class 1F, Bregir (KB), License status: Unlicensed Rowboat, Class 0, Bregir (KB), License status: Unlicensed Other related builds: Letters from home, Freebuild, Bregir A morning swim, Freebuild, Bregir Elena Arrives and An Invitation, Freebuild, BrickOn Prospecting on Cocovia, Freebuild, Bregir
  3. Location: King's Harbour Type: Non-property Freebuild A few months ago.... Yellowing fliers and newspapers flapped in the wind near the Cocovia Railway. Once this had been a stately manor, but the crown had ordered it demolished, as it sat directly in the path of the rails. The Crown, however, refused to let a good cellar go to waste. And thus, KH safehouse #3 sat directly under the railway. Here, the Count had been directed to go by a rather mysterious letter.... "The Crown couldn't risk our adversaries seeing us meet at the Ministry headquarters." said the Ministry of State Operative. "But we need you. The empire needs a hammer. You, unfortunately, are a hammer." "I'm going to take that statement to mean that I can't be prosecuted for any crimes committed in this venture, including but not limited too..." replied the Count. The Cellar by North White, on Flickr The operative quickly interjected. "No! Just capture the settlement! The instructions are clearly laid out in this envelope." He grabbed a small, sealed envelope from the table. "Oleon cannot be allowed to hold Terraversa. You're going to make them rethink their priorities. The crown is readying a declaration of war." The Cellar by North White, on Flickr "Ah yes, I can't wait to see what needlessly verbose statement Comrade Montana prepares." Replied the Count. "As if anyone ever needed a reason to go to war. My proposal was we just tie a note saying 'Terraversa? Not You're's! War!!!!! >:(' to a brick and toss it through the king of Oleon's window." "That would be a complete breach of decorum and etiquette!" replied the Operative. "That reminds me, I think I'm like 23rd in line to the crown." said the Count. "All I really need is for a bunch of Nobles to lose their lives, and/or their heirs to either conflict, strife, or disease, and then I could probably take a larger role in government. Unfortunately for myself, it's not like there's a major source of this at the moment. What were we talking about again?" Asked the Count. The operative's face drained a bit of colour. "Just... take the envelope" He passed the Count the Envelope. "I think I would rework the diplomacy system to be more centered around 'brick-throwing'." Said the Count. He turned, and began to exit. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I won't be licensing this (although I figure I could!). It could be a commerce, or governmental, but that feels flimsy in my head, so I feel like I will leave this as a non licensed free build. No harm intended to @bregir per his declaration of war, writing or anything, but I thought I'd give a small poke in his direction. As for line of succession to the Corrish throne, take anything the Count says with a grain of Salt. Or maybe a pillar! C&C appreciated!
  4. Chapter 1: New appointments "I believe now is the time - the diplomatic landscape is moving rapidly" Fletcher remarked with a firm nod. "But are we certain Montoya is up for the task?" "I can hardly say, sir. All I got was this hastily scribbled note, and though I am flush with joy of my friends resurfacing in good heath, I know nothing of Montoya's state of mind." Cooke answered. "I see. Perhaps it would be wise not to burden him too much, although his experience would come in handy..." Fletcher pondered for a moment. "There is the young mr. Barlow..." Cooke interjected. "Ah, indeed! I shall appoint him Junior Attaché and put him in charge of getting the expedition formed. I believe I will soon have some ships made available too!" "The Amiable is launched and outfitted, and ready for service." Fletcher nodded. "Ah, and here we have mr. Farley" who was waving at them. "I trust we are not running late?" "Not at all, sirs" the seemingly always confused young gentleman said and bit them into his mansion.
  5. As other settlements are celebrating the Queen's Birthday with a parade, so is King's Harbour. Most of the citizens have turned out for the parade, proudly watching their brave soldiers walk by. Several different branches of the Royal armed forces are represented in the capital of the Southern Isles. Leading the column, halberdiers of the local garrison showcase their ancient, but still effective equipment. They typically do not operate alone, but augment regiments of the line, taking positions at the flanks, or corners of infantry formations to safeguard against cavalry assaults. In many battles, they have proven the long pike and halberds worth over a bayonet when facing charging cavalry, and they are well known for their stalwartness in the face of a charge. They are followed by men of the 12th Grenadier Regiment. The grenadiers are handpicked amongst the strongest, largest and most capable men of the line companies, and excel in the assault, brushing away resistance by their sheer force and strength. They carry grenadoes, heavy muskets and heavy shortswords well suited for close quarter fighting. For any modern army, the regiments of the line are the backbone of any battle. They stand bravely against the enemy onslaught, returning fire at breakneck pace, never relenting, never surrendering. On the open battlefield, they are the heroes, and Corlander line regiments are famous for their unwavering discipline. No army can stand without cavalry, and in King's Harbour, a contingent of the Winged Cuirassiers make their home. The Winged Cuirassiers are the shock troops of the Corlander armies. While hussars and similar light cavalry excel in the harassment of the enemy, his supply lines and communications, the heavy cavalrymen of the Winged Cuirassiers have one sole purpose: Breaking enemy formations. Their thunderous charge on large destriers, outfitted in heavy breastplates and with a multitude of heavy weaponry at their disposal (including the long handled heavy winged war axe that gives them their name), is a sight feared by many an enemy. The men are typically recruited from Corlander universities, and scientific education is continued in the regiments, from which many a civil servant has come. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ My entry into the Queen's birthday parade collab and to GoC redcoats challenge. C&C welcome.
  6. Greetings Eurobricks! It is my pleasure to finally present to you The Majestic Gardens of King's Harbour, Cocovia. This is a collection of formal garden arrangements and was largely inspired by the large gardens at the Palace of Versailles and Chateau Villandry (both in France) and other similar layouts. I've wanted to build a formal garden in LEGO form for quite some time, and the world of BoBS gave me a good opportunity to do this. Due to the large number of photos, I am posting a single overview pic of each build for organizational purposes first, which is followed by the story and the rest of the photos. Enjoy! Her Majesty's personal garden in Belson, Corrington: The Entry Garden: The Garden of Love: The King's Garden: The Parterre Garden: The Monument Fountain: The Gazebos: The Hedge Tunnel: And now for the story... Her Majesty Annetta, Queen of Corrington, walked slowly through her small private garden, just outside her personal chambers. It was a square arrangement, symmetrical front to back, side to side, and along the diagonals. In the center stood an elaborate gold-domed gazebo decorated with various golden elements. In the center of the gazebo stood a tall column topped with a large pink glass heart - installed by her command as the reigning "Queen of Hearts." Surrounding the base were clusters of red and pink and purple and lavender flowers. A simple path of raked gravel lead from the center of each side of the square to each side of the gazebo. Along the paths were rows of red and pink flowers. Each of the four corners of the arrangement contained two round fountains positioned along the diagonals of the square. The fountains nearest the central gazebo were large and ornate, with a central nozzle spraying upward and a collection of smaller frog-shaped nozzles spraying in; while those nearest the outer corners were smaller tiered fountains that bubbled quietly. In each corner stood a tall floral arrangement, which was flanked on both sides by simple hedgerows running toward the central pathways. Large shrubs occupied the remaining space in either side of each corner. The outer boundary of the full arrangement was established by a decorated gold-colored fence. Portion of Her Majesty's personal garden in Belson, Corrington [50x50 / 2500 studs surface area]: The news of the latest colonial developments had recently reached Her Majesty, and an idea had been forming in her mind ever since. She knew well of the plans to develop a naval base in King's Harbour on the island of Cocovia - and she was concerned that this military establishment might dominate the settlement. She naturally thought of the women, of the wives and children, and this was the basis of her growing idea: the settlement should have a large garden, possibly larger than the Royal Gardens in Belson, for the benefit of the local inhabitants. While the men were on duty or at sea, the garden would provide their wives a reprieve from the lonely toil of everyday life, where they might enjoy the beauty of a structured nature and engage one another socially. And whenever the men were off duty, the whole family might visit to bask in the botanical splendor. It would be the cultural gem of the New World. And so Her Majesty arranged to meet with one Sir David Bricksalot, a renowned garden architect who had worked on renovating the Royal Gardens in the past. On the appointed day and time, he arrived with his lovely wife Rita, and along with Her Majesty they ventured into Queen Annetta's garden to discuss the particulars. She explained her basic idea and provided many specifics, and even gave Sir David several sketches she had completed for possible arrangements. Sir David rapidly took notes in his typical efficient manner and offered his own expert input whenever necessary. Some time later, when all parties were satisfied with the discussion and it was understood that he would have significant creative liberty, they departed, and Sir Bricksalot began the task of planning their voyage to Cocovia. [Below is the build that sparked this entire project: the central gazebo. As you can see, it grew substantially from there!] And so it was that a few months later Sir Bricksalot and his wife sailed into King's Harbour on a fleet assembled by Sir Dee, with several hundred willing workers from Dee Enterprises accompanying them. They wasted no time in establishing a suitable location for the gardens. The land was leveled and cleared, trees and shrubs were transplanted, the hedgerows were formed and vast numbers of flowers were planted. Native plants were used as much as possible. Multiple gazebos were constructed and a large number of fountains were installed. Walkways were laid out. Through it all Sir Bricksalot maintained a look of quiet satisfaction. Her Majesty would surely be proud to see her idea turning into reality. After several months of non-stop activity, the project was completed and preparations were made for the Grand Opening. It would be attended by the two men who had first settled the harbor: Military Governor of the island, Jonathan Cooke; and his close friend and naturalist, Don Isaac Montoya [both characters belong to @Bregir ]. Montoya had travelled extensively beyond Cocovia but hade made a return to the island to attend the event. A couple of Admirals and their families who were in port and several other high-ranking officers were also invited to attend. The other attendees of the Grand Opening were invited from among the inhabitants of King's Harbour, and assembled at the towering entryway early in the morning. The general opening would be available to the public later in the day. The Entry Garden [128x80 / 10240 studs surface area] featured a gleaming gold-domed arched tower structure fronted with a row of gold-colored columns supporting a series of arches that grew increasingly taller moving from the outsides in. Along both sides of the main pathway was a series of small fountains with one large fountain in the center of each side. To either side of this was identical hedge and flower arrangements, laid out in squares with elaborate curving flower beds in the centers and sculpted shrubs in the corners. Leading in on each of the outer edges was another series of decorative arched columns, styled to look somewhat like a castle. Immediately behind these was a row of small palm trees which had been transplanted from the nearby jungle. More shrubs occupied the space between columns on the main front, and behind these columns on each side a raised bed was planted with various flowers and a row of towering palm trees which had also been transplanted. Behind all this, the back of each side of the entryway was enclosed with a hedgerow that grew increasingly taller from the outside in, mirroring the arched columns in the front; and each of the sides were closed in with a polished gold-colored fence that was fronted by a row of cylindrical topiary shrubs. Just behind the central tower a pair of spiral stone columns, each topped with a pair of red flags, stood along either side of the main pathway. Altogether it was a magnificent sight deserving of the name that Her Majesty had chosen. Left to right: Sir Dee, Don Isaac Montoya, Military Governor Jonathan Cooke After taking in the splendor of the entry garden, the assembled crowd moved along to the first of the interior garden arrangements: The Garden of Love [112x112 / 12544 studs surface area]. This symmetric square garden featured a large central geometric hedge and clusters of flowers, with decorated double pathways leading in from the center of each side to form a giant cross. Between the double paths were two hedgerows with a row of neatly-trimmed round shrubs between them. Each of the four corners contained three heart-shaped raised beds planted in grass, which had given the overall arrangement its name; plus a cross-shaped collection of flowers pointing toward the center. The outside boundary of each corner was formed by short hedgerows and the point of each corner featured a cluster of topiary shrubs in a white-edged raised bed. Her Majesty had drawn the basic arrangement, and Sir Bricksalot had liked it well enough to construct it with only minor changes. An Admiral, his wife, and four daughters: What's a Garden of Love without an occasional kiss... The next arrangement was named the King's Garden [80x80 / 6400 studs surface area], after Her Majesty's late father, King Arlin. It was another symmetrical square garden featuring a large central fountain, double-path entries divided by hedgerows, and elaborate flower beds in each of the four corners. The hedges were carefully trimmed to gently slope inward from their high point on the outer edges, directing the viewers' eyes toward the central fountain and surrounding flowers. The white-edged corner flower beds were curved cross shapes with geometric hedges in the centers which were surrounded by rows of flowers on the inside and various shrubs and flowering plants on the outside. The Admiral and his family again: The Parterre Garden [80x80 / 6400 studs surface area] was next. It was another symmetric square with a central fountain and double-path walkways divided by hedges, but the defining characteristic was the parterres: symmetric raised beds with walkways in between. Rows of vibrant red flowers were planted around the hedges, and the central fountain was surrounded by a geometric hedge and several neatly-trimmed shrubs. The raised beds of the parterres consisted of octagons, circles, semi-circles and quarter circles, each housing flowers or shrubs or some kind of flowering plants. Instead of the usual grass base, the four corners of the arrangement consisted of a raked gravel surface to accommodate foot traffic, and the main entry paths were planted in grass with the walkways installed over the top to provide a visual contrast. The Admiral and his family again, lower left; Montoya, Cooke, and Dee, upper right: The architect, Sir David Bricksalot, and his wife Rita: The centerpiece by itself: A corner, closed in all the way around (unlike the full scene, which is enclosed only on the outside edges): The next arrangement was the Monument Fountain [88x88 / 7744 studs surface area]. Once again, it was a symmetric square, but it was quite unique among the various arrangements. Tall hedges lined with flowering plants formed the outer boundary, and high arches formed into the center of these hedges marked each of the four entry points into the garden. Low hedgerows angled in from the corners toward the center and also lined each side, parallel to the sides of the square, between the diagonals. Tall palm trees marked each of the four corners and various flowering plants were positioned throughout. A series of small raised flower beds were aligned with the arched entries. Rather than the typical paths leading straight to the center, a loop path ran all the way around the perimeter, just inside the tall outer hedges; and accessing the center was accomplished by following the diagonal hedgerows inward. A large decorated square pool circled the base of the gilded fountain, which rose to a significant height to form the massive pedestal for the monument. The monument was a towering golden spire rising into the sky from the center of the fountain, built in honor of the mythical City of Gold that had been fruitlessly sought after for centuries by bold explorers. The spire was easily visible throughout the Majestic Gardens complex. The distinguished guests enter left: ...and right: Sir Dee, center; Sir Bricksalot and his wife, on the right: Ever the gentleman, Cooke stoops to smell the flowers, while Sir Dee and Montoya chat. The Admiral, his wife, and daughters somehow managed to get into yet another photo... One of Sir Bricksalot's associates, Sir Bradley and his wife stand inside the entry. The men out front tending the flowers are two of the resident gardeners: Left to right: Sir Dee, Military Governor Jonathan Cooke, and Don Isaac Montoya The Gazebos [112x112 / 12544 studs surface area] was the next garden arrangement, and continued the grand architectural theme from the Entry Garden. This magnificent collection of gold-domed structures was one of the most visually striking in the Majestic Gardens. The basic layout was a symmetric square with divided double-path entries, and featured the most elaborate overall design of all the garden arrangements. A gleaming gold-colored fence enclosed the entire square, save only the entryways, and inside the fence large hedgerows gently sloped inward from their high points in the corners. The elongated oval-shaped strips of grass dividing the paths featured alternating clusters of flowering plants and tiered fountains, and the outer edges of the paths were lined with red flowers and neatly-trimmed round shrubs. Each of the four corners of the layout featured a central gazebo with a gold-domed top and various other decorative elements, all of which were based on the central gazebo in Her Majesty's personal garden in Belson, Corrington. Flowers and shrubs surrounded the base of each gazebo, and rows of flowering plants marked the inner perimeter of each corner, just inside the outer hedges. Each of the square corner arrangements featured small tiered fountains on raised beds in the three outer corners, and a large flowering shrub mounted on a gleaming pedestal in the innermost corner, near the center of the full garden. In the center of the full garden was an enormous gazebo with a three-tier gold roof. The lower and outermost level consisted of four half-dome structures atop decorated arches and columns, aligned with the diagonals of the square base and the four smaller corner gazebos, and enclosed on the outside by decorated gold fencing. Immediately inside this was four more half-dome structures atop towering arches which were aligned with the entry paths to allow easy access to the gazebo. The square-base top tier was perched directly atop the second level but turned to align with the lowest level, and featured a full dome with a short spire on the top. The upper portion of the structure contained a sizeable bell that would be rung on special occasions, and the ground level featured a large tiered fountain that flowed quietly. This gazebo was a fitting centerpiece of the grand arrangement. The center plate with large gazebo as a standalone piece: Sir David Bricksalot and his wife Rita admire his handiwork: The Admiral, his wife, and daughters yet again: Cooke and Montoya: Eventually the Gardens would be a favorite meeting place for the King's Harbour chapter of the Queen's Club Ladies Society, as evidenced by this crowd of well-dressed women: Her Majesty makes a cameo appearance: The last of the garden arrangements completed for the Grand Opening was the Hedge Tunnel [50x50 / 2500 studs surface area]. It was the smallest of the various garden layouts but would eventually prove to be very popular with visitors. It was a simple arrangement, but beautiful nonetheless: a large tunnel formed from growing hedges was aligned diagonally on a square base, with a dome-topped gazebo sitting in the middle of the tunnel. A row of shrubs and flowers lined each side of the tunnel, and the ends were flanked by a pair of curved raised flower beds. The four corners featured small fountains ringed with flowers and decorative red glass; the two larger fountains were aligned with the tunnel and were visible end-to-end. The corners opposite the tunnel featured a cluster of palm trees, perfect for shading the benches beneath them, as well as a decorated curved bed of neatly trimmed shrubs. [Overview pics rotate counterclockwise] And that concludes the tour! Thanks for watching! For your convenience here is the King's Harbour Settlement Topic. Notes: Total build area is 60,872 studs. (Technically speaking "only" 58,372 studs counts as a colonial new-world build, since the first 2500 are in Corrington.) This will be collectively licensed by Corrington members as a Royal Art & Culture property (with leadership approval). I never really planned to build all this. I completed the first gazebo, intending to build a medium or large property, and it just started growing. And growing! The use of the gold round tiles for the walkways was done out of necessity rather than preference. I don't have anywhere near enough of them in light bluish grey which would've been my first choice. But the gold color grew on me, and does look somewhat "Majestic," especially over a tan base. I prefer more realistic development of a settlement (in this case, Bregir's King's Harbour) but I knew I had to complete this while I was still interested. I like all the builds, but the Hedge Tunnel is probably my favorite, followed by either the King's Garden or the Gazebos. The Garden of Love, and specifically the heart-shaped elements, was inspired by the beautiful gardens of the same name at Chateau Villandry in France. My favorite size among these builds is 80x80. It's easy to do using standard 32-stud-wide baseplates and standard 16-stud-wide plates. It's big enough to allow room for considerable detail elements without being huge and unwieldy. In comparison, the two 112x112 builds were a pain to move around for photographic purposes (but they looked great in person!) The characters of Sir David Bricksalot and his wife Rita are based on one of my uncles and aunts. Like me, he is a farmer - and he also operates a large landscaping business that has completed innumerable projects in the region. Sir Bradley is based on one of Dave's longest-serving employees and fellow pranksters... There are exactly 250 ladies in printed dresses in the Gazebos scenes. Some of them aren't visible due to the 5 gazebos blocking them, but they're there. I have about 15 more... somewhere. I really like those well-dressed historic ladies, just in case it isn't obvious. Posting this from my phone was a big pain in the wazoo... No copy-pasting image codes... Unfortunately I have no other option... I appreciate your input. I hope you enjoyed the show. I enjoyed building it!
  7. Near the center of King's Harbour, a small admiralty office is located. In here, rear-admiral Fletcher is dictating official dispatches to a clerk after having read this season's reports from the fleet. "And next... To Lieutenant Lavendwood, HMS Intrepid" he says, waiting for the clerk to catch up on his notes. "Based on your recent efforts in bringing down the piratical fleets of the notorious Bluebeard, and your long time achievements in command of the King's Harbour gunboats, it is my pleasure and duty to promote you commander in her Majesty's Royal Navy effective 1st of January, 619 AE. In leiu of a suitable command (as none are currently available on this station), it is decided to rerate the HMS Intrepid to sloop of war. This may seem merely a formality, but until such a time that a suitable command becomes available, at least it will afford you the comfort of a sloop of war being allotted one additional lieutenant aboard to stand watches etc." After pausing to let the clerk catch up, he continues: "I give you joy of your promotion and shall keep you informed, should a suitable command become available." @Flavius Gratian "That will be all sir?" the clerk asks. "Not at all! Inform Captain Cooke to make all available warships ready for sail at a moments notice, should they be ordered to Mesabi Landing. And have extra contingents of marines prepare to board" "To teach those Oleanders a lesson, should they take matters into their own hands against the WTC!?" beams the clerk with a martial smile upon his face. Shooting lighting from under his bushy brows, Fletcher growls: "Have your wits about you, man! No, to take care of any piratical leanings on account of the WTC and set the settlements to rights, should they have no satisfactory explanation! WTC crews have endangered peace with Oleon and committed acts of piracy!" Sighing, the rear-admiral mumbles to himself: "At least Montoya has returned. It would seem his services might be very much needed shortly..." Flethcher's comments to the recent MRCA results. Good cop/bad cop in one and the same person! :)
  8. Things were returning to normal after the great ball that had turned King's Harbour upside down in preparation and anticipation of the event. The local commerce had benefited from the guests, although it had not brought the activity and investments in the settlement hoped by the Colonial Governor. However, with sir Michael Farley appointed colonial administrator to King's Harbour, Cooke now had more time on his hands to handle governor's business and his Royal Navy commitments. He had even found the time to retreat to his country residence just outside King's Harbour from time to time, enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside on beautiful Cocovia. Today, though, rear-admiral Fletcher had come to visit to discuss the newest developments in the colonies, the establishment of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery, and its grand expedition. "Mr. Epper II. showed his abilities in constructing the wagon way here on Cocovia, and he seems a competent fellow..." Cooke pondered "...but this new Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery and their 'grand expedition' is quite the undertaking. He will have every chance to prove his meddle... or to fail miserably..." "I know only little of the man, but I am assured he is competent. And he has some good seconds in that Clutchington fellow and Captain Blackwood." "Formerly of the Royal Marines, I believe?.." Cooke interjected. "Indeed - although there was some talk of... amourous missteps... I have never heard any reproof against his tactical skills." the rear-admiral said with something that was almost a chuckle. "But there are some rumours of extravagance and overspending. I am told that an initial Royal grant of 1000 dbs was deemed insufficient, and it was to be doubled...." "Doubled!" Cooke said raising a brow. "2000 dbs to outfit an expedition?" "Indeed - and it seems mr. Epper II. are lobbying for even more funds." Fletcher said. Cooke seemed somewhat shocked. "Imagine what the Royal Navy could do with an extra grant of 2000 dbs... That would be three brand new frigates with money to spare!" "And a possible end to many a pirate, yes." "I have a feeling the activities of the Society will be watched carefully by her Majesty and the ministry..." Cooke said. "And by every political opponent to the Society vying for funding..." Fletcher brooded. A house I build some while back but which was missing a story. Happily, the RSND came along for a little commentary by Cooke and Fletcher. :) C&C on my efforts towards a tuscan style country home for the Governor.
  9. Captain's log, 12th of June, 618 AE, Cocovia Today, I have been inspecting another part of the growing naval base. While the actual installations of today's tour, Quay no. 3, was relatively unimpressive, the vessels docked there were highly interesting. The quay is nothing but a place for vessels under refit to dock, awaiting masts, rigging, supplies, armament, or similar, but one cannot underestimate the importance of space. Ships that would otherwise occupy a critical element like a dry dock can now be placed out of the way, while minor tasks are being carried out. It was a busy day at the quay, where the Montoya Estate had just finished outfitting a new schooner, the Amethyst, to compensate for capacity lost by two of the Estate's vessels being held ransom by Oleon. I had the pleasure of inspecting the ETTC Minotaur, which had just gotten her masts in at the masting sheer, and was now undergoing preparations for her final outfit, dockyard workers over her. She is the largest vessel yet to be constructed at the King's Harbour shipyards, and will bring a whole new level of capacity to the ETTC. I had the pleasure of inspecting her together with industrial magnate Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee), who has a particular interest in ship building. This Terraman has a deep hold, five gunports a side for 18 pounders, and spacious cabins for guests and officers alike, and will certainly be a great asset to the ETTC. Fletcher later told me al'Sayeed was voicing some very troubling complaints about Corlander ships being detained under a threat of violence. This could risk leading to diplomatic incident, but at least the Montoya crews has been instructed to remain passive and make no attempts at escaping. Hopefully, this issue can be recolved peacefully - I have had high hopes for relations to Oleon. In many ways, they are more similar to us than the greenies and all their trade and profits... /Cooke _______________________ Another part of the KH port. C&C welcome. Both ships will be shown separately later. :)
  10. The ageing under-secretary had reviewed the candidates of which there were several qualified applicants. The RSND would need the right people for the job if the ministry's plans were ever to come to fruition. It was an ambitious plan, but it could shape the future of Corrington in Terra Nova. And now was the time to make the first offer. "A mr. Epper II here to see you, sir." his butler called. "Send him in" Before him stood the Royal Conductor of Corrington, of wagonway fame. Sir Lachlan Campbell watched the man carefully. He gave the impression of confidence and competence, and while Sir Lachlan was an inborn sceptic, he thought to himself that this man might actually be able to do it. "Mr. Epper II, I have appointed you here to call upon your duty to her Majesty." A offer for the Chairmanship by Ayrlego, on Flickr Epper II bowed politely, but said nothing, pondering what duty that might be. "After reviewing your application, you have been found the most eligible candidate. And while you applied for a subordinate position of VP, the ministry hopes you will heed the call of duty and take the position of chairman of the Royal society of Navigation and Discovery." Eyeing him a moment, Sir Lachlan continued. "You know of the responsibilities connected with such a position? If not, now is the time to ask. So what do you say, young man? Can her Majesty and her people count on you?" @Drunknok
  11. Today in King's Harbour the newest of the Crahaish neh Triuri ships, the Valiant Phoenix, is offloading a shipment of rolls of high quality parchment. From this dockside view we can see that the offload isn't going so smoothly. "Gaah!" cries crewman MacFee, "I don't have it! Hold on!" "Blunderbuss #@$%@!" grumbles crewman Ferguson, who is glad that he had spent the last year training for the caber toss in the Truachesh Games. "Idjits," crewman Poll groused. Amelia Rosen, the woman responsible for the financial records of the Valiant Phoenix, winces at her crewmates' public display of unprofessionalism. If they drop that roll in the harbor, the cost will come out of the crew share. Bo'sun Hofer is a bit annoyed that he has to stand as security for the offload today. If he had known this he wouldn't be wearing his Sunday best. He did so intending to call upon a certain wealthy Corrie widow. Andrew duFreign, craftsman of fine journals and logbooks, is the recipient of the parchment rolls. He stands before his warehouse, hoping none of his order gets damaged. Andrew keeps a selection of his finished products in the warehouse on the chance that a visiting captain would like to make a quick purchase. The warehouse is floored in cork to minimize potential water damage. If you're interested, here's a seagull's eye view of the warehouse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here we can see First Mate Garston in his finest, making a personal delivery of a ceremonial sword to the Governor. He is being escorted by these fine Corrie soldiers. They have their arms at the ready because, while it is ceremonial, the sword is a weapon that will be in close proximity to the Governor. Better safe than sorry. Here we can finally see Captain Ambrose MacMathain. He seems to be in private conference with someone who looks a bit familiar. I believe they are discussing the next port of call for the Valiant Phoenix. Another look at the Valiant Phoenix, particularly the abstract sculpture that represents her name. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you've enjoyed my little story. If you wish to examine the build in more detail, check the links below. Pics on Flickr: VP 10 VP 11 VP 12 VP 13 VP 14 VP 15 VP 16 VP 17 VP 18 VP 19 .lxf file on Brickshelf (public soon): Valiant Phoenix CCC please!
  12. Northeast of the town of King's Harbour the Crahaish neh Triuri have built upon a grassy knoll a petitioner's shrine. Here the Triuri faithful can beseech the Goddess herself for all manner of things. Wandering Acolyte Isobel the Hearthfriend has come to ask the Triuri to protect a young sailor whom she had recently bedded as he has sailed off into dangerous waters. Here is the wealthy widow Geraldine LaFluer, and her pampered son, Julian. They are on their way to another one of the courtly balls being held in King's Harbour these days. Julian hadn't wanted to go, so Geraldine bribed him with a shiny new short sword. Earlier in the day Julian had been playing in the street, battling an imaginary opponent with a wooden sword, when he bumped into Isobel. She praised him for his courage, and blessed his wooden sword. Now that he has a real blade he has insisted that "the Triuri lady" bless it too. Here you can see the focus of the shrine. Petitioners grasp one of the bolts of cloth hanging from the holy relic as they kneel in silent prayer. The three colors represent the three aspects of the Triuri, (from lightest to darkest) Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Which color a petitioner grasps depends on that aspect which presides over what is being asked for. Isobel's petition, when she gets to make it, will be made to the Maiden. Some petitioners leave offerings as well. Here are a goblet of strawberry wine, some custardy dessert dish, and a carved representation of the Consort. (full image) Here's another look at the shrine, from the west, so that you can see the rest of the pretty, pretty wildflowers that are encouraged to grow here.
  13. King's Harbour, nowadays, a new wing was added to the Royal Society School. Doctor Thaum : A few weeks ago, I had the great honor to receive an invitation from the well known Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, about my work with Celestia flora (especially marsh vegetation). I think that the drawings of my young apprentice who is pretty skilled with a pencil, played their part. You can see here on the tableboard some of his drawings : a kind of giant Arum on your right side... And this particular one on your left side : the Hungarius Uncontrollibus Drosera from which I succeed making a cutting... ... That I'm proud to introduce yourself ! Baby Hungarius Uncontrolibus Drosera : gggrrroooOOOAAaaar Doctor Thaum : This one is still an early seedling and its interest as ornamental plant is still debatable, but for a ship, it's a must have we don't suffer any vermin trouble coming from Celestia... Let me show you... Callaghan please, free the rat... Callaghan : Aye aye Doctor Thaum : this seedling is called Cutty Shark. Cutty, because it comes from a cutting, and Shark because... Cutty Shark : GNAAAP !!! Doctor Thaum : As you can see this plant use snap trap to ensure its prey...and it is very quick, isn't it ! Fine Callaghan, you can get the rat's corpse back. This seedling will digest such a meat in about 3 hours, and we have no time for the whole process. Callaghan : gosh !!!!! Cutty Shark : GNAAAAP !!! Callaghan : help !!! Doctor Thaum : My cutting !!! You're a bonehead Callaghan !! You are damaging my precious cutting !!! Errr... cough cough Dear members I will ordering a garden full of wonderfull plants just next to this classroom, that I offer to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy You're a bonehead Callaghan, take your leg off my cutting !!! Will be licenced as a small educationnal by the RSNP, or by myself The full built and the blue sky + cloud background C&C welcome @Bregir and @Ayrlego this is my initiation lecture to the RSNP
  14. NB: Many pictures and long post Invitations had been sent out liberally, but Cooke had far from anticipated the amount of interest a ball, the first of its kind in Terra Nova, would garner. People from Eslandola, Oleon, and Corrington, as well as a number of Sea Rats, had flocked to King's Harbour the last few weeks to participate in the festivities and now the night had finally come. Everyone was gathered in the great hall of the new government palace (in the only wing anything close to finished) and the clock struck the hour, marking the beginning of the event. Cooke called the crowds to attention from the library balcony with a young smiling man at his side. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the first great ball of Terra Nova. It pleases me to see so many faces, new and familiar, and trust we shall have a... well... ball!" The crowd laughed merrily. Cooke wasn't exactly known for his humour and wit, but he had his moments. "Allow me to present to you all sir Michael Farley, the new Colonial Administrator for the Southern Isles. He will henceforth take over civilian administration of King's Harbour and acts as my second in all civilian matters. I trust you will welcome him - tonight is as much his party as it is mine." Cooke stepped back, and Farley held a short, somewhat nervous, but good-hearted speech, before retreating with a sweaty brow and a sigh of relief, calling out: "Let the festivities commence!" The orchestra started playing and the crowd dispersed, many the quadrilles of the lanciers. The dancing took up most of the floor, although some found room for conversation and a glass of sparkling wine. Rear-admiral Fletcher and Constable de Tourment found common ground, figuring they might have fought against each other on more than one occasion, sharing war memories and some recent events. @blackdeathgr Nearby, Mordo of the WTC, Richard Brickford, and Uncle was discussing trade companies, mr. Brickford listening attentively to his more experienced fellows... @Kai NRG, @Drunknok, @LM71Blackbird ...while Micah of Wolfhaven is discussing Montoya's disappearance with Ibn al'Sayeed, as well as strategies for the ETTC. @SilentWolf Sir Aidan Coyle and Cooke himself, both colonial governors to Her Majesty, took the chance to catch up on the military and political situation of the pirate-ridden Brick Seas. @Mike S On the balcony, Willem Guilder, Admius Legistrad to Eslandola, discussed cooperation and trade with the mayor of Mooreton Bay, James Hume. @Capt Wolf, @Ayrlego For those with a taste for more quiet surroundings, the upstairs library and downstairs smoking room were popular. Captain Anthony Genaro was seen talking to Lieutenant Thierry LaGaufre of the Royal Musketeers, perhaps lobbying for access to his Majesty's ear for a command? Rumour had it Genaro had long been on half pay. Downstairs, Hadvice Goshawk and Sir Mowgli were deep in conversation, as Sir Mowgli told an engaging, touching, and almost unbelieveable story of his missing cat, a large black panther last seen on a raft in the middle of the ocean. @Professor Thaum, @Roadmonkeytj Amongst the books, Wilbur Epper II, Royal Conductor of Corrington, was discussing new and innovative means of transportation with Alberto de Pontelli of the Royal Society. Epper maintained the effectiveness and punctuality of the wagonways, while Alberto told of his recent invention of flight and its principles. @Drunknok, @Captain Braunsfeld It was a lovely afternoon, and many retired to the gardens for fresh air or a refreshment in the guest house placed there. The bar was serving the finest wines and rum, and fresh fruits ensured the well-being of the guests. Outside, in the gardens, many found peace for conversation. Sergeant Major DeLeau and Captain Cookie debated swordsman's techniques... @gedren_y, @Captain Braunsfeld ...while Frederick Spud and Colonel Brickinson had an enthusiastic discussion about the merits of apples versus potatoes. @Spud The Viking, @Captain Braunsfeld Young Lieutenant Lavendwood was taken quite aback as a heavy hand landed upon his shoulder, and no less so as he realised it was the hand of a rear-admiral, as near as a god as any man can be to a young naval officer. "Relax, young man." the god-like creature said in a deep, booming voice "I merely wish to express my satisfaction with your recent dispatches. Cooke has praised you no insignificant amount, and should you keep up your initiative, I have no doubt you will one day raise your flag. Corrington needs men like you and your colleagues." @Flavius Gratian Many passed by the gardens that evening, discussing matters of personal interest, including Jerome Monezterrel and Captain Tristan Rimbaud... @Legostone, @Keymonus ...Rodsh Derr and Major Romain.... @blackdeathgr, @Bart ...Brickinson and Thierry LaGaufre... @Captain Braunsfeld, @blackdeathgr ...and Elise and Kathy, who discussed the fine Olean wine and rum delivered by Elise herself. @KotZ, @Bart The new colonial administrator also took his chance to meet some of the important people of the Brick Seas, amongst these Lord Frederick Spud, head of clan Spud from the north-most corners of Corrington. @Spud The Viking "I am sorry my invitation should have taken you such by surprise, Captain Genaro." Cooke interjected upon hearing the story. "I had thought my name would have been familiar to you?" "You will forgive me, will you not? I fear I..." "Most certainly" Cooke said with a rare smile. "You helped me once in a time of need. A matter of secrecy - I sent you a few letters...? Genaro's face lit up in recollection, before looking over his should carefully. "Indeed - I remember now. Some matter of political delicacy... Are your situation still... troubled?" "Less so, less so, although you never know when politics are involved! You did me a great service, and I hope I shall one day be allowed to repay you. If not in kind, then in friendship." Genaro patted Cooke's shoulder jovially. "I have no doubt, my friend, I have no doubt." and they walked down the path, sharing stories of the sea in good humour. @Captain Genaro Back in the ballroom, people mingled happily, making new acquaintances or revelling in old. Captains Tristan Rimbaud, Miles Bowditch, and Rodsh Derr found a common interest in the myths of the Brick Seas.... While young Keenan Reid was in exquisite female company with Lady Villeneuve, and mademoiselle de Tourment. @TheCubbScout, @Capt Wolf, @blackdeathgr Nearby, Aidan Coyle and Jerome Monezterrell shared their concerns with the piratical activity stifling trade and communications, not to mention the safety of sailors in general. @Mike S, @Legostone Captain Whiffo was in high spirits, conversing with Lady Norrington. @Capt Wolf, @Garmadon Ibn al'Sayeed inquired industrial magnate Sir Dee, and Mordo of the WTC, for insights into the foundry business, in which both were heavily involved... ...while Captain Nathaniel Brickford was sharing romantic and military exploits with his naval colleagues, Lieutenants Lavendwood and Ferguson. @LM71Blackbird, @Flavius Gratian, @Asgon Agnes Mesabi and Uncle were in complete agreement that "back in the good old times", balls were larger, the spirits stronger, and the young people less noisy. @Mesabi, @Kai NRG "No news whatsoever, I fear." Cooke said with a furrowed brow. The Fontonajos looked concerned, Roman being an old friend of Montoya. "I certainly hope he will reappear. He always has." "Indeed." Cooke changed the subject. "While I wish not to reflect badly upon Guilder, for whom I have the utmost respect, there are many in Corrington, present company included, who were sad to see you retire as Admius Legistrad..." Pausing for a moment, he continued. "You are regarded a friend of Corrington, and you shall ever be welcome in my halls. Montoya have said only positive things of you and what you have achieved in terms of governance and city planning..." @Elostirion And so the party went on into the night, people discussing subjects large and small, in general enjoyment. Hopefully new friendships were made, and perhaps a trade deal or two struck? Only time will reveal what came of the great ball of King's Harbour! ___________________________________________________________________ This was a lot of fun building, writing and photographing, and I hope I have managed to include (almost) all, and that no characters have been grossly misrepresented. It was great fun collecting all these sig figs, and I hope to have a chance to use them all again some day. C&C welcome!
  15. Away from the King's Harbour ball, gentlemen also met in the classy smoking rooms of Cocovia's capital. The place to be to appreciate finest tobacco and alcohol from the Brick seas when discussing about important subjects : Trade route, navigation, astronomy, scientific expeditions... This is the right place to set a trade agreement with another gentleman respresenting a fair trading company. Will be licenced as a small commerce C&C welcome
  16. Clarissa Fontonajo: "You really like him, don't you?" Román Fontonajo: "Who?" "Cooke." "He is... honest, straightforward. And knows his business." "That's not what I meant." "I know." "Then why are you afraid to admit?" "Because... I don't know... old habits maybe? Affection makes us vulnerable, after all." "And also human." "I know..." "Then stay in touch with him. Become friends." "I might..." Román and Clarissa sat in their house by the river in King's Harbour, enjoying a sip of wine, the night after the Great Ball. What an event it had been! "You think the kids are doing alright?" "Clarissa... they are hardly kids anymore. Even Isabella has turned 18 a few months ago." "I know... but still... she..." "You keep underestimating her. Marja once told me that Isabella is the most dangerous of all our kids." "Juan is your heir, both in age and skill, and you know it." "I do... yet they are all our heirs, in one way or another. Joaquin will be a father, soon." "Half Fontonajo, half Tenotaxclan. I'm curious what the little one will look like." "We will be grandparents, Clarissa." "Yes, we will. Soon enough. Like an old couple." "You know what I like most about not being Admius Legistrad anymore?" "That you finally have some time for yourself?" "No, my dear. That you and I have more time." She took a pause and looked at him. "Never before have I asked you this, Román. But do you love me? I mean, not in the way that our parents decided to marry us, and we do have our children together and share our lives. No, I mean in the way that you really love me for who I am..." He took a moment to think. He had never told her before. "I have loved you since the night we got married. I am glad my father chose you. I could not have been more lucky. I have always loved you, and always will. And we both know that I would be nothing without you. Nothing but a lost soul, sitting lonely in his tower, waiting for the world to keep turning. But you and I, we have already changed the world, and will continue. I love you, Clarissa. More than you could ever imagine or believe." Silently he took her hand, and so they just sat there and enjoyed the water stream towards the ocean. "You see those ducks down there?" "Those are ducks? I mean... they have silver wings? Isn't that rather odd? Not that I knew too much of it?" "Montoya once wrote me about them. The Royal Society found them to be a special species of ducks. That was not too long ago. Actually it might even have been the last letter I got from him. I don't know if he has ever named the ducks..." "You miss him..." "I do..." "What a curious friendship. The philanthropic scientist and the ruthless tradelord." "Politicians, both... If only our shipyards were doing their duty..." "It does take its time. You will find him. Just wait some more." "I cannot. It has been too long." "Then Román, we will leave tomorrow." "But you still wanted to go to -" "It doesn't matter, Román. We will leave tomorrow morning, we will make sure those ships are built, and then you can go ahead and search for Montoya." And he looked her in the eyes, and he felt his undying love for her. And so they sat, by the river in King's Harbour. (the mentioned people from the Fontonajo family can be found here: Fontonajo family) (Colourscheme inspired by Bregir's Colonial House)
  17. This is a build I made to explain what Genaro was doing in King's Harbour prior to arriving at the ball Bregir hosted. Comments and criticisms are welcome. I would also like to thank Bodi for his assistance with the French. Previously: Lavalette Inn An Offer Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr King’s Harbour was hardly the type of settlement a Oleander could feel at ease in. Though a Corrie might disagree, any Oleander could tell you immediately that the culture, if you could call it that, was lacking at best, architecture placing utility over beauty, and no Oleander would consider the settlement’s shrines to be a substitute for a proper temple to the gods. The culture, if you could call it that, was lacking at best, the architecture was focused on utility over beauty, and they didn’t even have a decent temple for mariners to thank Poseidon after a safe journey. But by far the most uncomfortable part was the lack of respect the Corries held for one’s rank. Oh, it isn’t as bad as those republican greenies, but Corries have some truly disturbing ideas about equality and fair treatment. Despite these shortcomings, Captain Anthony Genaro wasn’t too disappointed at being in the settlement. After all, the Corries were decent scientists and he was anxious to see the latest chronometers. Perhaps if he was lucky, Anthony would manage to find a few good books on history and archeology. But all that would have to wait for now since Captain Genaro was presently escorting a RNTC lieutenant-directeur to the workshop of Thomas Brickcomen. There really wasn’t any reason for Anthony to be there other than the fact that he was a naval officer and Capitaine de Frégate, and the RNTC official thought it would impress the Corries. Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony and the official approached the workshop and were quickly greeted by Thomas Brickcomen at the door. After a proper introduction and some pleasantries, they entered the workshop and went to a table buried under plans and papers. The official pulled some papers out of his coat and began opening them on the table while Anthony simply starred at the meaningless diagrams. Despite his best efforts to appear interested, Thomas quickly realized that Anthony wasn’t overly concerned by the discussion. Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Captain, I don’t believe we’ll be needing your assistance for some time, sir,” said Thomas, the RNTC official nodding in agreement. “Perhaps you would prefer to step outside? I always find the fresh air to be much-needed relief from the air in here.” “I certainly have no desire to be in your way, gentlemen,” Anthony replied a little too eagerly. “And I would be most interested in seeing that contraption in front.” Anthony stepped outside, relieved to be free from that dull technical chatter and smoked, filled air. He looked towards the strange contraption that the assistants were working on, and while Anthony couldn’t make out the words, he could tell that the men were struggling to get the device to work. Perhaps the idea was simply impossible or perhaps the fates decided the time was not yet right for such a machine, but before Anthony could ascertain the cause for the men’s frustration a Corrish officer rode up, dismounted, and headed directly for Anthony. Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Monsieur Capitán Anthony Genaro?” the officer inquired. Anthony paused for a brief moment, contemplating how to respond. "Et bien, monsieur, je m'appelle Anthony Genaro, je suis un capitaine de frégate, mais je ne vois pas pourquoi vous vous tenez à m’insulter, sashez que je ne suis pas un simple lieutenant. Peut être dans votre langage, ‘capitaine’ est un titre approprié, mais dans le mien, il serait plutôt ‘commandant’,” replied Anthony knowing full well that it was unlikely the Corrish officer would understand half of it. And although he was supposed to behave, Anthony simply couldn’t resist the urge to bedevil the Corrie. “Vou set Anthony Genaro, oui?” the Corrie replied hesitantly. “Oui.” “Si vous pley, Monsieur Capitán, eh, jay un lettre pour you de,” the officer said, stumbling and becoming more frustrated as he went on. “Perhaps, mister officer, you would allow me to practice my Corrish?” Anthony interrupted in a compassionate tone. He had his fun with the poor officer and couldn’t help but feeling a little sorry for the young man. But more importantly he had no idea what the man was attempting to say. A quick look of relief flashed across the Corrie’s face. “Yes, sir. Certainly, sir. If you please, sir, I am here to deliver a letter to you from Colonial Governor Johnathan Cooke.” Reaching King's Harbour by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony was surprised to hear this. He worked with Corries in the past, most recently while he commanded a joint anti-piracy squadron, but the name Cooke was unfamiliar to him. “Have I done something wrong, committed some offense?” he asked while he took the letter. “I do not know, sir.” Anthony took a quick look at the fine yet unfamiliar seal before opening the letter, the lieutenant standing at attention the whole time. Reading the letter, Anthony only became more confused and looked at the envelope to confirm that he was in fact the correct recipient. “But I do not even know your Governor-Captain. Are you quite certain this is correct?” Anthony asked the lieutenant. “Forgive me, sir, but I was simply ordered to deliver this letter to Captain Anthony Genaro of His Most Sacred Majesty’s Hired Ship Espirit Stephanique. I know nothing of the contents, but I would certainly convey any message you may have to my superiors, sir.” “No, no, that will not be necessary,” Anthony replied, looking at the letter once again. “I shall be most happy to attend.” “Yes, sir,” the lieutenant replied, remaining at attention. Anthony was about to return his gaze to the mechanical contraption when he realized the lieutenant was still standing there. “Is there something more, mister officer?” Anthony inquired. “No, sir.” Anthony looked at the officer with a quizzical expression before the officer continued. “Am I dismissed, sir?” “Ah, oui, of course, go, go mister officer.” The lieutenant gave a sharp salute that Anthony returned by slightly lifting the brim of his hat. After this, the lieutenant crisply turned, and remounted his horse before riding off. Oh well, Anthony thought to himself. This whole event was most confusing, but at least there was some comfort in the fact that at least one Corrie had a proper understanding of rank. Here are a few more pictures showing details of the build.
  18. To all noteworthy citizens of the Brick Seas, King's Harbour has recently received Royal Recognition as a city of the Empire, and to celebrate this, Colonial Governor Jtno. Cooke, Captain, RN, wishes to invite dignitaries of all nations to a ball in the soon to be opened Governor's House (See spolier). One of the first events of its kind in Terra Nova, the Governor hopes that socialites from all over the Brick Seas will make their way to King's Harbour to join in the festivities, the banquet, and the following ball. (Dancing optional) Should you be interested in attending, please send your card to King's Harbour so the event can be planned accordingly. Your host, Captain Jno. Cooke, RN Colonial Governor, The Southern Isles OOC: Why not celebrate? I am building a ballroom and thought I might as well populate it. I hope to see many sig figs or their representatives making their way to King's Harbour, and will try to recreate everyone who attends to the best of my abilities. Fleshies might be "yellowfied" and I might need a little help in identifying proper parts, but I will do my best. I will of course highly encourage a few story builds leading up to the ball getting your characters to King's Harbour, and you are welcome to build here while you are at it, but it is not a requirement. Only the most obvious plotholes will be denied. (eg. if your character is known to be far way to the south. But then you can always send someone else). If anyone wants to interact specifically with some of the other guests, I will do my best to show that in the build. Just let me know - it may be a good opportunity to talk to a friend, prospective business partner, or strike secret political deals. I can't make any promises as to timing, but my best guess is in about a month. I think this will be fun :) Edit: All credit for the coat of arms goes to @Kolonialbeamter
  19. "You did WHAT?!?" Fletcher bellowed in his best quarterdeck voice, more suited to convey orders to the foretop of a 74 than for inter-office communication. Passers-by benefited from this due to an open window, but no one seemed inclined to mention it to the rear-admiral. The clerk to which the "question" was addressed hesitated for a moment, unsure if the question was rhetorical, prompting Fletcher to interject "Answer me, man!" "I... I... erhm... processed the WTC's application for a trade company charter..." he stuttered. "And then?" "...and then I sent it to Countess Mesabi of the WTC, and despatched a copy for the Royal Archives.... making it.... official... policy..." he answered, seeming to grow smaller and smaller under the gaze of the admiral. Those deep, commanding eyes under the thick bushy brows had subdued many a post-captain in his day, and a flimsy bureaucrat posed little challenge for them. "Should I... recall it? It will be complicated... and, erhm..." he continued. "Did you see the report from Mesabi Landing? It seems the WTC has managed to attract enough settlers to grow Mesabi Landing to a city." "Yes, yes, I know! Quite impressive, I must admit..." Fletcher said dismissively. "We shall do nothing about the charter. For now! But should they be caught plundering and looting again, I want that charter revoked faster than you can spell 'Corrington'. Am I making myself clear, mr. Grant?" "Yes sir, very much, sir." To himself he muttered "I sure hope you can spell..." _____________________________________________ A little build to acknowledge Mesabi Landing becoming a city and granting the WTC a charter. Will license it as a small cultural build. C&C welcome.
  20. Location: King's Harbour Type: Small Cultural (Government office) Governor Cooke sat in his office reading his mail. There was a knock on his door, and a soldier entered. The request by North White, on Flickr "There's a Lady Mesabi here to see you sir." the soldier said. "Curious, send her in." He replied. Countess Mesabi entered holding an envelope. The request by North White, on Flickr "Good afternoon, Governor Cooke. As acting Chair of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, I'd like to formally present to you our request." She said cautiously, and handed him the envelope. "Very well, Madam." he said, equally cautious. The request by North White, on Flickr He opened the Envelope, and began to read. The request by North White, on Flickr "So, Governor Cooke, What say you?" She asked. FIN Just a small build requesting the licensing status for the WTC. Sorry @Bregir, I had like none of the parts you showed me for Cooke. King's Harbour is free to license this, I'll be concentrating my efforts in Mesabi Landing this month. C&C appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you @Bregir as to the WTC's Status!
  21. King's Harbour port KH 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After a safe and uneventful journey to King's Harbour, the trio of Richard Brickford, Ralph Clutchington, and Elijah Plates all arrived safely aboard the brig "Swift". KH 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Nathaniel was waiting on the dock for them to arrive. "Hello father! How have you and mother been?" inquired Nathaniel. "We've both been doing very fine". "Well, I managed to track down Sabastian for you father." "Splendid! Then let us go and start talking!" KH 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr "How's it going my old friend, what money making scheme have you cooked up this time!" Sabastian exclaimed. "Well, I struck upon the idea of forming a trading company in the islands and I'd like the four of us as well as Elijah to found it." replied Richard. "That's a wonderful idea Richard! Why wouldn't you tell me that on the boat ride over?" questioned Ralph. "Because it was neater for a big, elaborate reveal." "Oh..." "What will it be called father?" asked Nathaniel. "It will be branded Brickford & Brickford Trading Company!" Replied Richard excitedly. "It will take at least a month or two to get all the necessary paperwork and required permits sir." Ralph interjected. "Not a problem!" exclaimed Sabastian. "In the mean time I heard from one of my guinea pi-, I mean one of my customers that a grand ball is being held by the Colonial Governor! You would certainly want to meet him before finalizing any of your plans, I hear is a very agreeable fellow." "Then we have our course of action that we will follow." Decided Richard. " But first, lets find an inn that we can stay at and get more organized." (OOC) I hope you enjoyed reading my character backstories! They certainly were fun to write! I decided to make a dock MOC to show all my characters converging in King's Harbour. Also, I didn't notice a large commerce like this in the King's Harbour thread, so I figured it would be a nice addition to the city. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for checking it out! Read part one here: For those of you not familiar with my backstory, please refer to these posts:
  22. For more than a year, ship building had been a stable part of the King's Harbour industry. Until recently, this had mostly been done on slipways on the beach on the Eastern coast of the bay. While still a thriving industry, the slipways leaves the hulls (and workmen) susceptible to the weather of the tropics. Hence, piers and quays have started being built radiating out from the settlement itself, into what will probably become an entire shipyard complex in time. On these quays, local boat wrights have erected boat sheds with internal slipways in which they can work unaffected by wind and rain, which has led to the boats built being of significantly higher quality. These boats are being used for both local trade and fishing, and for the Royal Navy. Will be licensed as a medium artisan. Thanks for looking - C&C welcome. This was a fun build - nothing special, but I like how it turned out and continues the narrative of King's Harbour as a centre of naval construction.
  23. Captain's log, December 16th, 617 AE HMS Ironsides, moored in King's Harbour Admiral Fletcher has recently sent me a young officer, formerly first of the HMS Redoubtable. Seemed a decent enough chap. Some of these young officers have a tendency to feeling entitled, thinking that a plum is their birthright, and will scoff at anything less. Back in my day, anything copper-bottomed was a regular god send. Independent command was all one of her Majesty's officers would ever dare dream of, even if it was the lowliest transport afloat. Hopefully young Lieutenant Lavendwood ( @Flavius Gratian ) is nothing of that sort. His service record appears commendable, but he is very young to have reached 1st Lieutenant, and, being the son of an Earl, one could fear some influence of favouritism. However, with the service lacking in ships, and more so officers, I shall soon find out! He carried out the outfitting of Gun Sloop No. 1 expertly, but now is the time to see if he can lead. I have put him in command of the two gunboats, which should be ample chance to prove himself. Today, I shall be drilling the gun boats in gunnery. Although I expect no miracles, after such a short while, we will see whether the young man has been able to make the men follow him. Time will show if they will respect him too. Captain Cooke is, in the HMS Ironsides' jolly boat, dropping empty casks as targets for the gunboats. Golden watch in hand and spyglass at the ready, he will carefully gauge the accuracy of the gunners, and the time between shots. Aiming a gunboat's guns is more complicated that those of a regular man of war, as the whole boat must be turned to train the guns. ___________________ A quick little story build including raising the shiplimits (to 75) for Corrington. As always, C&C is welcome. I am quite happy with how the blurred out background works, and all lego shots have always fascinated me.
  24. From the onset, King's Harbour was established with the very purpose of establishing a base for the Royal Terra Novan Navy. Until now, this purpose has been well served by the natural harbour, a few batteries, and quays where ships can be resupplied from the rich resources of the island. However, with Corlander naval presence increasing and following a number of skirmishes with pirates of different sorts, more organised naval facilities are required, and King's Harbour has started a process to expand its abilities to service larger vessels and more advanced repairs and refits. The first step in the build up is a masting sheer, a crane specifically designed to lift masts into larger ships. The lower masts of larger vessels have to be lowered vertically into the hull, as they cannot be raised by a simple process of pulleys and ropes. While not able to lift great weights, the new masting sheer at the King's Harbour Naval Base can handle the masts of even the largest ships of the Brick Seas, and lifts high enough to be able to handle even topmasts and topgallants for smaller vessels. Quickly after its inauguration, the masting sheer had its first task, shifting the topmasts of the schooner Blazer, just in from Jameston on the Paradise Islands. Captain Norman Monroe is drilling his crew and preparing them for the heavy task of getting the guns back on board. He has been considering the option of mounting 18 pounders, but the original 4 pounders are easier to handle for the merchantman's limited crew. The inside of the masting sheer is empty, and the stone structure is only there to support the crane on the top. It only houses the pulleys and a set of stairs to allow maintenance of the top of the crane. The crane is operated by a large capstan normally manned by 4 sailors. In case of heavy lifting, up to 12 men can be stationed at the bars. ____________________________________________ This build has been ready for some time, but I have simply been too busy posting it. While I am quite happy with the build, the pictures didn't come out as well as I wished for. I think the light settings on my camera has been off, as I did take the pics on a sunny day with plenty of light. As always, C&C is welcome. This is largely inspired by the masting sheer on Holmen Naval Base in Copenhagen, and is the first part of what I expect to, over time, become a royal artisan for King's Harbour. I am not in a rush, though, so we will see how long time it takes! Also, not that I here show the Blazer with all her sails furled - remember I promised that earlier? Well, now I actually did it! ;)
  25. The Royal Cocovian Wagonway brings goods and raw materials from the interior to the trade hubs in King's Harbour, Poi-Poi, and Quinnsville, and ensures trade between the three settlements. However, Cocovia is far from flat and the wagons are ill-suite for anything but a very slight incline. Hence, in strategic locations, elevation stations are erected, lifting or lowering the railcarts and their goods by different mechanisms. Elevation Station No. 3 is one of the simplest, and the elevation is simply provided by a large hand operated winch.