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Found 56 results

  1. Caribbean Fort

    Hi, This is a combination of the 1989 Eldorado Fortress and the 1992 Imperial Trading Post. The right half of the MOC is loosely based off the Imperial trading Post with the exemption of the tower which is my own version of the tower from the 2009 Soldier's Fort. The left half of the MOC is a modded Eldorado Fortress. I docked my trading ship on the right side to add a little zing to the MOC. Any feedback is welcome and the are more pictures on my Flickr. IMG_3952 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3955 IMG_3958
  2. As a result of winning 2nd place on Challenge V, the Sea Rats receive 2 free large forts that don't count against the fort minimum. We have chosen to place one of those forts in Bastion. This is the required micro-build:
  3. Lt. Billsby left the small rowboat and met up with the fort commander in Argentia, Major Mason. Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "So, you're the new guy eh? Well, welcome to hades." Said Major Mason "Excuse me?" Asked Lt. Billsby Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "The role of this fort is to keep the WTC from doing anything that endangers the empire." Answered Mason "And that makes this hades because?" Asked Billsby Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "Wait why does the fort not have front doors?" Asked Billsby "The WTC stole them, because quote: 'Build more ships or something' apparently" Answered Mason Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "Let's go to my office." Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "So, this is my office. And bedroom. And kitchen. And dining room. I hate it here. Did I mention that?" "It can't be all bad." Said Billsby Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "Here's a book of emergency procedures to follow in event the WTC does something stupid and or bad. Let me read you a snippet." Said Mason "Okay?" "Code 403. If the WTC is to summon a deity, extradimensional demon, spooky ghost, or the kraken, you are to destroy Mesabi Landing and it's inhabitants." "Wait how on would they even..." "Code 404, huh this is missing. Okay 405, if the WTC is to cause Eslandola to go to war with Corrington, you are to destroy Mesabi Landing and it's inhabitants." "Wait how are we even supposed to do that?" "I'm glad you asked..." Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "Recent developments in military science have allowed us to create new more powerful weapons, things that can really, really, do some damage." Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "Meet Betty. 400 lbs of Solid murderosity. We figure she should be able to destroy Mesabi Landing from here in less than 10 shots." Suddenly, a Drunken Horse stumbled out down the road. Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr The soldiers all gathered to watch as it collapsed. Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr Fort Agravia by North White, on Flickr "Don't worry guys, I've got this, yelled a WTC marine, armed with a pike. FIN Thanks for viewing this installment. C&C appreciated everyone, let me know if this story is to ridiculous or anything, I kinda think it's pushing it so I might rewrite it.
  4. Island Outpost

    This model was inspired by a LUG challenge focused around the Pirates theme. While I usually only make a few Pirates builds each year, it has always been one of my favorite genres. The one limit for the challenge was that your entry had to be no bigger than the largest official Pirates set. I have always been more attracted to the islands, forts, and land settings than ships themselves, so I settled on building a small fort on an island. A single 32×32 baseplate served as the foundation for the model. For once a peaceful day with no pirates, or enemy ships in sight of the small Imperial outpost. Which makes it a fitting time to restock with some fresh supplies. More pictures are available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  5. [MOC] Four-Towered Castle

    After finishing it and creating minifigures I uploaded it to LEGO Ideas which you can find here: Four-Towered Castle It contains some extra information such as piece counts. Feel free to leave a support on the LEGO Ideas site if you like it. 3D Model view here on Sketchfab: Four-Towered Castle The Full Inside view. Note that the castle is made in a "L" shaped layout. The left/West Entrance. Notice the flaps that would allow archers/crossbowmen to fire through and take cover. The inside side of the West entrance. Entrance to the hall from the courtyard/bailey. The alchemy room. With a green substance in a flask and a chandelier below the tall ceiling. The certainly need a ladder here. A tower with a wooden hoarding around it. Crossbows are stored here. The armoury. Along with the stacked sword it has a bed for a soldier here as well. View above the towers. Better view of the catapult and the winch for raising the portcullis. Inside the shack extension. The Great Hall. Turnable fire in the great hall's fireplace. Winch which you can rotate the fire and exterior of the hall. Drawbridge Outside. Gate Inside. Chest room. Stone Sigil. Walkway. Romans with a catapult & Celtic Warriors. Upper view.
  6. The destructive war between Mardier, Eslandola and Garvey has come to an end with the complete withdrawal of Marderian troops from the island, however before leaving, Mardierian troops conducted a scorched earth policy, determined to leave nothing of value behind for the victorious Eslandolans. Left behind however, were the poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable and the most exploited. They turned to Corrington for help and happy to oblige Corrington was, the refugees have left their homes with all their belongings now set course for New Haven, located on the island of Alicentia. However during this journey they are vulnerable to those who would see them harmed and pirates, The Corlander authorities knowing the perils of traversing the seas authorised the construction of a fort in a New Haven, the burden of overseeing the construction of this fort in such a short period of time fell to Army Captain Augustus Fernsby. The fort has been named Fort Montoya in honour of the man who secured freedom for the Marderian refugees. However Captain Fernsby will not be able to stay to see that the refugees arrive safely for he has since been recalled to lead an Expedition to the Mokolei Empire ___________________________________________________________________________________ Will be licensed as a Medium Fort Thanks
  7. The shipwreck bay is a small portion of rockier coastline on the nothern shore of Sea Turtle Island. Many an unfortunate ship ran aground, not seeingthe deadly riff by flow. The falling tide reveals what's left of the once proud vessels. Nonetheless the Sea Rats found good use for them, refitting some of the shipwrecks for hideouts. Shipwreck Bay by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Shipwreck Bay by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr This will be licenced as a medium fort in Tortuga.
  8. Settlement Name: La Puebloto Ownership: Eslandola Crown Location: Isla de Victoria Mayor: TBD Trade Value: 0 Who can own property in La Puebloto: Anyone. Who can freebuild in La Puebloto: Anyone. Fortifications: One small fort. Please post any free-builds that take place in La Puebloto in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in La Puebloto, post in this thread and fill out the web form. Location of La Puebloto:
  9. The war between Mardier and Eslandola had devastated the Mardierian city of La Puebloto. Much of the fighting happened in and around the city. As such, civilians fled to other settlements on the island, mainly the former Terra Fin Tin, long ago. Now the city is in ruins, and there is no one here. However, lest anyone think Eslandola has overlooked any needy refugees, Eslandolan troops have rebuilt a small Mardiedrian watchtower on an abnormally rocky (for this bay) piece of the coast. It probably served more as a warning to sailors to stay clear of the hazard than anything else, but Eslandolan troops now man the tower and make sure no refugees are overlooked in La Puebloto. Eventually they hope to rebuild the city. --- A quick build to address the current situation on Isla de Victoria. It will be licensed as a small fort. The tower began life as a Kingdoms set, but has been greatly modified. All C&C welcome.
  10. Fort Philip 1 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Fort Philip 2 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr While Dragonstone continues to be built, Brandon ventured south with a small force of soldiers and some workers. He built Fort Philip, a fortified trading post named after the king at the edge of Oleander territory in Blueton. While the trading post's main goal is to open up trade with the natives and Corrington, it is also fortified, to act as a guard for the border, in case either the natives or Corrington turn hostile. While Oleander soldiers initially had some trouble with the forest, they were able to clear the forest and get the fort finished. As for now, neither the natives nor Corringtonians have been seen, so the fort is still a fort and not a trading post.
  11. This is my creation for Brickstory 2017 contest, for the "Age of Piracy" category. This is my biggest creation so far.. and it came with a theme that I love.. Pirates!! This inspiration came from one of my favorites series.. Black sails!!! :D And because i didn't like the end of Vane.. I decide to change it a little bit!! And the story starts..: Year: 1715 Place: Nassau Mission: Free Vane and burn Nassau to the ground! Vane is shuttled to the town square of Nassau where he will be executed. Bones and those loyal to him join the crowd, intent on a desperate rescue attempt. However, Vane makes eye contact with Billy and gives him a silent order to stand down.. But Captain Flint has a different opinion than the movie series.. Free Vane and kill them all!!! Nassau it's ours again!!! I hoped you like my creation! C&C are welcome!! :D
  12. Royal Battery by Brandon Stark, on Flickr A new colony always needs a fort, to protect itself from any enemies. Thus, on a small island that stands at the entrance to Dragonstone Bay, Brandon Lantell, the mayor of Dragonstone, ordered the construction of the Royal Battery. The battery is located on high ground, meaning it is hard to storm, or to be hit by cannon fire, but can also fire down onto any ship trying to force its way into the bay. Though the royal architect in the New World instead headed to Stephanique to build a fort for Lavalette, Brandon was able to request another architect from Breshaun, who was able to make plans for a fort for Dragonstone. Construction began almost as soon as the first settlers began to arrive, and was finished quickly. The fort's construction comes just as war looms between Eslandola and Mardier.
  13. Bálkr Fort

    My 9th entry into the CCC XIV, for the ‘Ice Castle’ category. Credit for the tree design goes to Legopard. I didn’t really think I was going to do an entry for the castle category this year, but after looking at several wooden castles from various people, I decided to give it a try. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. The story continues one that Isaac started here. One of the first visits Glorfindel made was to the nearby village of Balkr. Since it was nearby, and the jarl, Torkild, was good friends with Karsten it seemed like a logical starting point. Also for these reasons, Karsten allowed the twins to go with Glorfindel and Dedan. Danni and Elise were enjoying the little excursion, and Glorfindel was glad to have a chance to spend some time with his nephew and niece. Upon arriving at Balkr, Glorfindel and Dedan were welcomed by jarl Torkild and went into the long house to discuss their news. "Feel free to explore the village, but stay close by, we shouldn't be long," Glorfindel said to the twins. They soon found several village children and a shortly after a vigorous snowball fight was underway. As they had expected, Torkild was quite willing to keep a close eye on the Nocturnus border. In fact, from the look of things in the village, he already had been strengthening the town watch. Upon exiting the hall, Glorfindel was almost hit by a snowball! Laughing, he glanced at the playful kids and saw that one of the village children had just been clobbered by a large snowball. "Sorry to break up the party, but I'm afraid we need to head back to Harburg now." "Alright Uncle Fin," Danni answered reluctantly, "thanks for playing Toke and Stefan!" More build pictures: And as usual, you can find more on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  14. After ten months of renovations, Fort Arlin was once again on the verge of being fully staffed and gunned. With rumors that the Queen would be visiting the colony islands, Aiden Coyle payed a visit to the fort to make sure the fort was prepared for a royal visit.
  15. Port Jamaica Blueprints

    Here is a rough draft of what I like to call Port Jamaica. I only have the sketch and an LDD design, but so far it looks quite swell! It is based off of historical Port Royale before it sunk, and Havana from Assassain's Creed IV. It includes sets 6267, 6274, 6265, and 6259. Custom buildings are some towers, and storehouse, and a little tavern. Any comments or criticism is acceptable! What do you guys think? Temple or no temple?
  16. At the most northern point of Windfall Island stands a small fort... Saber_Fort_1 One of the first constructions at the Eye of the Bay. Windfall is now able to accommodate troops. Saber_Fort_5 Saber_Fort_3 Saber_Fort_2 This is only a temporary construction though. I intend to completely revise the northern cliff of the Island (I want it to be a cliff, not the low plateau that it is now).
  17. With the initial settlement of Fuerte Unido secure, Capitan Alonzo now had to look at the long term defense of the settlement. Although the south bay was the best anchorage of Isla de Victoria, the settlement was positioned at the narrowest part of the island (less than 30 miles across!). As such, Fuerte Unido was susceptible to an attack from the north if Mardier were to land troops on the northern shore. So, Capitan Alonzo sent out Sargento Felipe and the troops on construction duty once more, to build a small fort on the coast directly north. Imagine Felipe's shock when, after he crossed the ridge that forms the southern backbone of the island and followed a river to the northern coast, that there was already a settlement there! Mardier had made more than a claim to the island; it already had a settlement! And from the looks of it, it had been there for awhile. This was an unexpected development! Felipe sent one of his men back to Fuerte Unido to report this urgent information, but he did not abandon his mission. Sargento Felipe and his men backtracked up-river and found a good location for the blockhouse, on a hill at a bend in the river, perhaps 15 miles from both Fuerte Unido and the Mardier settlement. This would still protect Fuerte Unido's northern flank, and could cut-off any supplies the Marderians might send to or receive from the interior of the island. It took much less time to build than Fuerto Unido (which included a blockhouse at one corner). But this blockhouse could better stand alone, with musket slits on the lower level, and gunports for 3 cannons. Additionally, Fortaleza Victoria had a watch tower built into the roof. Capitan Alonzo would be pleased with the job, thought Felipe. Perhaps he would even be promoted to have a command of his own, here at Fortaleza Victoria. Edit: Please note that the text above has been revised to note the discovery of the Marderian settlement and subsequent corrected location of Fortaleza Victoria.
  18. With all the tensions in Isla de Victoria, it was necessary to fortify La Sombra. As the island is surrounded by pointy rocks and cliffs, MAESTRO decided to build a fort on one of those cliffs. Sergeant Wilhelmus was appointed choosing the perfect location. After some exploring, he found a spot with some cococonuttrees closeby. Awesome! ^ A very primitive try to catch coconuts without letting them fall into the sea... ^ On the lookout. The fort is equipped with some long range guns. ^ Sergeant Wilhelmus being proud of the first coconut of many --- As the first fort was set up, the first ships with settlers could arrive safely. So began the foundation of the settlement of Trador. --- The fort is build on a Ninjago set C&C ofcourse welcome!
  19. The first phase of Operation KMA was coming to an end, and it had been a complete success. Eslandolan forces had established a strong presence on Isla de Victoria, preventing Mardier from occupying the island first. The settlement of Fuerte Unido had settlers from all three trade companies and was already a sizable town. And now Capitan Alonzo could relax, if just for a moment, and recognize the job of his troops in finishing so quickly the construction of the actual fort that gives Fuerte Unido its name. They had started with the barracks, but were able to quickly build a fully enclosed compound, with a sizable blockhouse at one end and two small round bastions at the corners flanking the entrance to the fort. Yes, the fort was triangular, the three sides representing Eslandola's three trade companies. The men were already falling into the routine of life in the fort. Wall sentries watched intently for any Mardier incursion. Alonzo and Felipe, his second in command, reviewed one of the platoons. With the fort functional and the town protected, Operation KMA could now move on to its next phase. * * * Additional pics: As always, all C & C welcome!
  20. Operation KMA was going well. Eslandolan forces landed on Isla de Victoria with no resistance, and Capitan Alonzo and his men had found an excellent location on the large bay on the south side of the island. Construction of a fort commenced in earnest on a flat hilltop overlooking the bay. “This will be a strong gun position” thought Alonzo, “and should protect the settlement and anchorage and command the bay.” Alonzo's second-in-command had nothing but good news in his afternoon report. Troops were cutting down trees all over the place, even still clearing the land for the fort. One palisade wall was up, and the troops were already busy digging the holes for the next wall. Work had not yet begun on the corner bastion, but the cannon was still useful in its current position. The men would be happy that the barracks were finally finished (just finishing up with a coat of whitewash), so his men would not have to camp in tents tonight. Things were progressing quickly, and morale was high. Capitan Alonzo was certain the fort would be completed in record time.
  21. Blimey, who the heck MOC us on this boring barren rock? I don't recall signing up for this call of duty. Matey, bring me another bottle of rum, BURP. Sea Rats Play Fort by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  22. Granoleon state prison

    Hello people! This is an adaptation of a medieval MOC i created a couple of days earlier. It was a Crusaders vs Falcons siege but i couldn't miss the opportunity of an Oleon free build (and the 10 DBs that come along), so i adapted it accordingly and now you can see a State prison located in Mainland, Granoleon. Note that in my LEGO life, i have always regarded blueco...eeeehrm, Oleon Empire as a spiritual successor to the Falcons faction . As always, thanks for watching!
  23. Old school siege

    Hello medieval fans! Here is my first semi-serious attempt to a castle wall and a tribute to my childhood castle era. Crusaders are assaulting a Falcons bastion. Inspired by many of your awesome medieval MOCs that have hopefully made me a better builder than i was before (although i must seriously improve my landscaping). C&C always welcome of course! Thanks for watching!
  24. A conversation overheard in Bastion... "Let me get this right. They found a random rock sticking up..." "Yup." "And built a fort around it..." "Fort might be a strong word for it. It's a coastal battery. Barely more than a wall and a hut." "And someone volunteered to run this... wall?" "Which is why she gets the hut."
  25. Shiver me timbers! Pirates building forts? Whoever heard of such a crazy idea? I thought all pirates wanted to feel the sea under their legs and gold running through their fingers! What's that you say? There's gold to be had in fort building? Well why didn't you say so in the first place! Rules: 1) Build a fort that fits the small property category (16x16 is the general range, though larger is certainly allowed!). 2) Post your entry in the BoBS forum just like you would any other build and then link your entry in this thread. 3) Voting will take place amongst the Sea Rat leaders. The top five forts will have their license paid for by the Sea Rat Faction. First place will also be awarded 25DBs, second place will receive 20DBs, third will receive 15DBs, and forth and fifth will earn 5DBs. All prizes will be paid out by the Sea Rat Faction. 4) The builders of the winning forts must allow the Sea Rat Faction to chose the placement of these forts, but the builder will get to register their builds as freebuilds and the license will be under the builders name allowing them to earn monthly income from it. 5) The contest runs from Aug 1st to Aug 31st Sept 30th. As long as it is still Aug 31st Sept 30th somewhere in the world you can enter. 6) This contest is only open to Sea Rat members.